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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 12)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 12)

Posted April 18th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 12: Teleyon


I checked in on the cameras on my laptop. There were a lot of cameras and the space station was huge. But I knew where everyone was. I was just going to check in on them.

I opened up a camera and saw Hamshere. He was dashing through the hallways, looked like he was outrunning a mutant. I couldn’t get a good look at who the mutant was because he went by so fast. But it looked like he was doing fine.

I switched cameras and looked at another one. The one of the hall that had Dr. Mousha’s lab. It looked like Rando was fighting against a mutant. Huh, so he could be useful although he was random. Mehrunes was there as well, fighting against a mutant who looked like he was made of ice. Everything looked fine in here.

I switched cameras again and found… Wait, there was a guy in a red mask running down the hallways. Who was this? A mutant? No, it was probably backup. I remember Locke contacted Mehrunes and he informed us of who the backup team was. Gave us descriptions of how they looked too. So hopefully the guys in there know that they’re backup and are not the enemy.

I switched the cameras again, and spotted Hematite. He was fighting… Oh huh? He was fighting Broshi. So Broshi is back here and is working with the EFAI again. Oh well, he’s fighting Hematite. So we won’t have to worry about him causing any trouble.

I switched the cameras again, and spotted an empty hallway. Cripes, tracking down everyone else would be hard since they weren’t necessarily on the same side of the Space Station as we were.

I then tried to access the camera inside Dr. Mousha’s office… But it was blocked. Alright, time to hack into it… Connecting my laptop to the special blackmarket hacking hard drive that had the software I needed for hacking, I typed in a few codes and then ran them.

Bypassing the security system of the EFAI, I then gained access to the camera inside Dr. Mousha’s office. I looked and saw Listy in there, with Corpse. And… there was a mutant there too…

Okay, they need backup. I need to contact Quartz and tell him to bring Draco over to help Corpse and Listy. He knows to open a portal up for Draco to come once Draco gives off enough energy for him to sense. So I had to tell Draco to give off a lot of energy.

So I called him.

“Hey Tech, whats up? Did something go wrong already?” Draco asked, picking up the call immediately as if he was waiting for it but he sounded surprised.

“Yeah, there’s a mutant inside the office. Corpse is a bounty hunter who has no powers, and Listy is the only Ultimate there… You understand the struggle,” I said to Draco through my phone.

“Ah, I see. So you want me to release some energy then?” Draco asked.

“Yes, do release it. Quartz’ll open a portal and you’ll appear in the spaceship. You’ll have to run to the office. Except Mehrunes and Rando are busy fighting mutants right in front of the office door. You’ll need another way in.”

“Alright then,” Draco said. “I’mma hang up now so I can release energy. See ya in a second.”

He then hung up.

? Quartz ?

I dodged an attack from the mutant, and then tossed him aside as I dodged the attack of a different mutant. I was outnumbered but they were failed experiments, just as Dr. Saurashido said. So they weren’t doing so well either way.

After I smashed the floor with another mutant, I felt Draco’s energy coming from far away, on the Light Planet. That was the signal to bring him to where Teleyon is. I focused for a second, creating the portals in the right places. Portals were dangerous to use when you use them incorrectly.

After I sensed Draco’s energy being much closer, I waited a moment before making the portals disappear. There. Now I could go back to fighting these mutants.

? Draco ?

After hanging up on Tech, Fucia and I took a last minute check over our supplies before I would go Grade One.

“I think we’ve got everything,” Fucia said as we each put a backpack on our backs.

“Alright then let’s get moving,” I said as I activated Grade One before Fucia stood next to me and put her hand on my shoulder, the two of us waiting for the portal to appear.

The portal then appeared in front of us, in the exact location it appeared in before. We both then leaped through it to head to the other side. We then appeared in a spaceship, and Teleyon was sitting at a table, on his laptop.

“There you are,” Teleyon said. “Can you teleport? Cuz if so, you could teleport to Mehrunes and then just find a way inside the office from there.”

“Good idea,” I said as I then powered down to only Draco Eye. I put my hand on Fucia shoulder before searching for Meh’s energy. I found it not too far away. He was probably using that Full Star form of his. It’s energy was kinda impressive.

“Found him,” I said. “See ya Tech.”

“Good luck!” Teleyon said, before we teleported.

Fucia and I appeared in a hallway filled with ice. I powered down to base and as I looked around, a glowing fist of energy suddenly hit me in the face, and I went flying into what looked like a guy made of ice.

Reacting quickly, I used a sphere of burst plasma to slow me down (as well as cause an explosion in the ice guys face) and landed on the ground.

“Ah. That stung a bit. Wasn’t expecting that,” I commented as I rubbed my cheek.

“Another intruder?” The ice guy said, as I saw he was surrounded in an icy blue aura.

“Although I would expect you to put more effort into punches Meh,” I commented, basically ignoring the ice man and facing Meh. “For cripes sake that only stung a bit and I’m only in my base form.”

Mehrunes shrugged. He was in his Full Star form, and he couldn’t talk. Cuz he was basically just made out of energy.

“Anyway we’re supposed to help Corpse, should I assume you can take the walking ice cube yourself?” I asked.

Mehrunes shrugged, and pointed at a door in the hallway.

“Alright, cool man. Try not to get frozen while we’re gone,” I said as I picked up Fucia and activated Dragon’s Agility before running towards the room at high speed.

Noticing the floor was slippery, since I almost fell, I decided to use a burst from my feet to make me temporarily airborne. Basically launching me and Fucia at the door.

“Bad idea,” I commented, stopping our momentum with another burst of plasma.

We then simply opened the door and walked inside, closing the door behind us. Inside I spotted giant boulders all over the room.

“Listy! More cover!” I then heard the voice of a man yell.

More giant boulders appeared and fell, and I saw a man run with a gun in his arms and take cover behind the boulder.

“I think we found ‘em,” Fucia commented.

Bullets shot, and I looked over and saw who was being shot. It was a guy with brown hair wearing plain white clothes. Pretty boring looking honestly.

Fucia and I then walked over next to the guy with a gun.

“So, you seem to be in a pickle here, Corpse,” I said.

Corpse looked over at us. “Backup? Took you long enough!”

“It’s only been like, half a minute since we were contact- whatever. What can the guy over there do?” I asked.

“Well he almost killed me when he appeared!” Corpse said, “he deflected all of my bullets. He’s tough.”

“To be fair. That doesn’t give too much of a description,” I said. “But whatever. May as well do what I was called for.”

“He can also smash rocks. He can do a lot. Try and distract him, I have the files, I need to get out of here,” Corpse replied.

“OR, I could just teleport you to the ship,” I said.

“Teleport?! Yes, teleport me out of here! Take Listy to the ship too!” Corpse exclaimed. The boulder we were taking cover with suddenly exploded. “Ugh!” Corpse jumped out of the way, turned and fired bullets at the enemy.

The bullets froze in front of the enemy and fell to the ground this time.

“Alright, teleporting time,” I said as I activated Agility again and grabbed Listy and Corpse before searching quickly for Tech’s energy.

His energy was low, but traceable. He was still in the ship.

“Alright Fucia, be right back,” I said before teleporting Corpse and Listy to the ship and dropping them off before teleporting back to Fucia’s energy signature.

Now it was just Fucia and me versus this enemy.

“Oh. The files got away,” The enemy said as he noticed what had happened.

“I know, right?” I asked as I scanned the guy’s energy and physical stance to get some info on him.

His energy level was just like any normal Ultimates, and he was just standing there casually. Regardless I was gonna take him seriously. But first I needed to gauge his abilities and level with it accordingly.

“Can you identify yourself for me?” The enemy asked.

“In what way? Genetic? Place of birth? Fingerprint? Last time I ate a sandwich?”

“Your name will do,” The enemy replied. “I just need to know your name.”

“Saur then,” I said.

“Saur… Very well, Saur. You realize what you’re doing, right? You’re on the EFAI’s wanted list now,” The enemy said.

“You mean I wasn’t already?” I questioned as I got into my normal fighting stance.

“When you decided to come to the station and cause trouble… that’s when you became wanted.” The enemy stretched his arm. “I’m Raemon. I’ll be fighting you, Saur. I suppose.”

“Looks like it,” I said. Knowing the EFAI, this guy probably has some sort of gimmick or special ability. Wonder what his is.

“You won’t be getting out of here alive,” Raemon said, as he began walking towards me. “You’ve trespassed and helped important classified information get away.”

Well considering he’s walking right at me, he’s either got a really good defensive ability and/or a plan.

Testing my guess I shot a sphere of plasma at him while he was still a good distance away. The plasma just flat out disappeared once it got close to him. Like the energy it had was just gone.

“So he can nullify things?” I thought. “Sounds kinda broken if he can do what I think he can.”

Raemon then got close enough that I could see he had blue eyes. He inspected me carefully.

“Saur?” He then said.

“What?” I asked.

“You look like… Saurashido,” Raemon said.

“How observant you are,” I commented. Since he knew my last name, and Broshi told me that our Dad worked with the EFAI… I’m gathering he knew my Dad.

“So you’re a descendant of Dr. Saurashido,” Raemon said. “Why are you going against us then?”

“Pftt. Having a reason to go with him is probably a better question,” I said.

“Oh well. If that’s the case, then he wouldn’t mind you being dead.” Raemon then raised his arm.

“Trust me, he wouldn’t,” I remarked as I watched his movements carefully.

Raemon then made a fist but didn’t do anything. He was looking at Fucia.

“Oh. I forgot about you. Identify yourself as well, please,” Raemon said to her.

“Indigo,” She replied.

“Indigo, you are also on the wanted list,” Raemon said.

As he was talking I decided to get more info about his abilities by trying to roundhouse kick his face. The kick hit, but didn’t do anything at all. It felt like I didn’t put any effort into it somehow. Strange. Raemon looked over at me, somewhat surprised that I attacked him.

“So the fight begins?” Raemon questioned as he grabbed my leg with his hand.

“You could say that,” I said, reflecting on info I had gathered. “Hmm… so he can’t just nullify blast attacks. He can stop physical attacks as well. What kind of ability would allow him to do this? What do those two kinds of attacks share? And what kind of attacks doesn’t share that?”

Raemon then gripped my leg, and picked me up into the air. He then threw me at the wall.

I activated Scales before I hit the wall to minimize the damage. Then I landed on my feet, looking back at Raemon. I noticed Fucia being tossed at me. I managed to catch her in time though.

“Nothing seems to work,” She commented.

“What do blasts and melee hits share in common… Hmmm... think…” I thought to myself while watching Raemon’s moves. He was just walking over to us.

“You wonder what my ability is?” Raemon then said. “I can manipulate energy.”

“So that’s it. That makes sense. But that means most forms of attacks, or really anything can’t hit him as long as he has good reaction time, unless it’s like a field around him. So does that mean you’d need to attack with something that doesn’t have energy in order to beat him? But is that even a thing? It’s basic physics that in order to move, shoot or do really anything besides doing nothing requires energy in some form,” I thought, trying to think of a plan.

“Heh.” Raemon chuckled. “You seem to be struggling.”

I thought over the different types of powers. Fire? No. Plasma? Definitely not. Electricity? That’s like… only energy. And the other powers required energy in order to be fired or moved.

Fucia and I just watched as Raemon got closer as I hurried to try and think of a plan.

“If he can nullify energy and stuff then that means Sparking Spirit won’t work. He also could nullify Wrath and Agility as well as one radiates heat and the other uses electricity to boost speed. Scales is the only one that can work. The new stuff I learned also wouldn't work. Boost Style also can’t work. C’mon there has to be something. Nature can’t just make a creature that's THAT unbeatable. That's not how nature works. There has to be a flaw. Somewhere, that can be used to beat him.”

“Well?” Raemon said, as he was now standing right in front of us.

“Flora, water, earth, rock, light, dark, space nothing seems like it’d work. What can get around this? Something that doesn’t need energy, or somehow take away energy. C’mon, think about the science books you read… There has to be something. What lacks energy? Let’s see, the most common appearance of energy is heat right? That’s how most energy is released. So what happens when that’s gone. When all energy is gone from a space? Wait… I got it!”

Putting my idea into action I looked at Raemon and smiled a bit.

“Finally got something?” Raemon said.

“I do,” I said. I then began emitting a cold aura, freezing air all around us, filling the whole room. If it weren’t for our training on the ice planet I’d probably be shivering.

“Ah.” Raemon nodded. Despite the cold, he looked normal.

I then did the next step and sealed off all of the vent in the room with ice, so no heat could get in. Raemon nodded in approval.

“Alright. I like where this is going,” He said, as he then floated up in the air, putting himself in the middle of the room.

“He must have a contingency plan for something like this. Good thing I have a guess about one of his limitations,” I thought as I then amplified the temperature of the air, making the room even colder, beginning to cover every surface in a thick sheet of ice from the air alone.

Raemon yawned as he stretched. He looked like he had just woken up.

I then made a large glacier like body of ice across the room at him. It stopped moving when it got close to him though.

I continued to ‘push’ it however. Then Raemon raised an arm and energy came out of his hand, melting the ice.

Thinking quickly, I simply ramped up the speed I was creating cold air at. Raemon raised his other arm and pointed it at the ceiling.

“Now what’s he planning?” I asked.

Energy came out of his arm, and it spread throughout the room, melting all of the ice.

I then ramped up the freezing process even more, activated Draco Eye to do so, although, instead of making a flame like it usually does instead my left eye just kinda froze over some of my face. Now I was pumping out cold air nearly twice as fast as before. I had to see if my idea would work.

“If you think ice will work, it won’t,” Raemon said.

“I’m doing more then just making ice.” I smiled.

“Good. Then you have a chance,” Raemon replied.

I then increased the rate of freezing again, nearing the level of transforming into Double but not quite. Raemon stopped floating and landed on the ground in the middle of the room.

Fucia and I watched him as I continued producing even colder air. Raemon was just waiting for my attack, it seemed. Which is weird, cause that means he’s technically waiting for nothing.

I slowed down the rate I produced cold air as I had to wait for the right opportunity to use my plan. I could see my breath as I continued making cold air.

We both simply waited for him to do something as he waited for me to use an attack I didn’t have.

“You done yet?” Raemon then asked.

“Not quite, although heaven if I know what you're waiting there for,” I replied.

“Waiting for you to do something. I’m just not gonna let you leave and you’re not leaving so, saves me the effort,” Raemon said, his breath was also visible as he talked.

“I could assume that,” I said. “To be fair though, I’ve been waiting for you to do something as well. We can stay as long as we want until one of us decides to do something if you wish.”

“I don’t need to fight you. I just need to make sure you don’t leave,” Raemon replied.

“Nor do I,” I replied.

“So then, would you just come with me?” Raemon asked.

“Nah,” I said as Fucia shook her head in response to his request.

“Ah. There we go, a reason to fight,” Raemon then said. “You’re coming with me.”

“Well then I guess we’ll just have to see how much energy we can dish out/take away at once before one of us breaks down,” I said I then teleported Fucia out of the room to Mehrunes before I focused deeply and went past Double and Grade One. The rate of cold air being produced skyrocketed immensely in the process. I was going into a Frozen Full Ascended form so to speak.

to be continued in the next chapter... 

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