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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 13)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 13)

Posted April 21st, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 13: Locke


Guy, Lil’ Timmy, and I walked through the hallways, following Malum. He was sniffing the air, trying to find the location of Folly.

“So how is this Folly guy gonna help us exactly?” I asked as we went along.

“Not exactly gonna help us,” Guy said, as Lil’ Timmy nodded. “He was the one who freed us. So we have to repay him by freeing him.”

“Okay but like, what are we even gonna do with him anyway?” I asked.

“Take him with us?” Guy said. “We haven’t really thought about it. We’re just helping out an old friend.”

“If I remember correctly, I don’t think Broshi’s brother is very fond of him. So keep him away from him at least. And away from Broshi too because they WILL try to murder each other,” I said as we approached a room.

“Okay…” Guy nodded.

Malum stopped in front of a room. The door was open so we walked on inside. Inside… was some sort of jail cell. Inside the jail cell was a boy with white hair and pale skin, dressed in rags.

“Is that him?” I asked.

“Yes!” Guy exclaimed. “Folly!” He called to him.

But Folly didn’t respond, and he seemed to be asleep.

Seeing this, I decided to psychically take control of his hands to poke him in the face repeatedly until he would wake up.

Folly mumbled something that was inaudible, but was still asleep.

“Folly! Wake up! We're here to save you!” Tim shouted.

Except Folly was still asleep. Guy sighed. “We should just free him anyway. Mal.” He turned to face Malum.

Malum nodded, and then his fist grew large before he smashed the jail cell. Then Malum made sure to destroy the chains that were holding Folly. Some static electricity shocked Malum but he continued. After Folly was free, he had woken up due to all the noise it took to free him.

Opening his eyes, I saw they were blue. Folly was silent as he looked around himself, slowly figuring out what had just happened.

“What… what the frick is going on?” Folly asked.

“We're here to save you. We also are attacking the EFAI, so you can help us out with that,” Guy said.

Folly stood up to his feet. “Yes. Let's fight those idiots and beat their bones out of their bodies!”

“Well he certainly has conviction,” I remarked.

Folly looked over at me. “Who're you?”

“Name’s Locke,” I responded.

“Locke?” Folly inspected me. “Okay then, Locke. So you're with us?”

“Yeah, he's with us,” Guy said to him. “Let's go now! We have some other mutants to fight!”

“Frick yeah!” Folly exclaimed.

We then all exited the room, returning to the large hallways. But then, as we were running, we spotted someone walking through the hallway.

We got close and then could get a good look at him. It was a guy with yellow hair that was in a Mohawk, and he had a leather jacket on.

“Ah ah ah! Stop right there!” The guy with the Mohawk said.

“Thomes!” Folly shouted. He seemed to know this person.

“That's Thomes Cinery to you, Folly,” Thomes said. “Whatcha doing huh?”

“I'm about to beat you up is what I'm doing.” Black wings with spikes came out from Folly's back and he fired spikes at Thomes.

I wouldn’t intervene until I see what this guy’s powers are.

“Woah woah woah, you know I don't like to fight!” Thomes dodged the spikes. “But at least I know that you've decided to be a traitor. I'll call in Kiara.”

“No! I’m going to fight you right here, right now!” Folly yelled as he dashed towards Thomes to attack.

Thomes dashed backwards, running away from Folly. He then smirked and waved before he suddenly disappeared.

“Coward…” Folly muttered.

“Eh, who cares. Who’s Kiara? They sound more important,” I said.

“She’s a member of the EFAI army,” Folly said, looking back at me. “And she can fight real good. Not everyone in the EFAI army is a fighter, but they are all insanely powerful.” Folly chuckled. “Including myself, but I was kicked out of the army when I helped you guys escape.”

“Yeah and now we’re--” Guy was saying. But he was interrupted by Malum, who zipped past Folly and made his hands into a wall that blocked the hallway. “What is it, Malum!?”

Malum turned his head back and made two extra arms that he used to speak with, in sign language.

“Malum says he can smell something bad coming. Is it Kiara?” Guy asked Folly.

“Most likely,” Folly said. “We should get ready for a fight. Kiara is very strong.”

“Well what can they do exactly?” I questioned.

“She can change the size of anything…” Folly said.

“Do you know to what limitations?” I asked.

“Well… I’ve heard rumors saying she could make something grow to the size of a planet! And that she could shrink something down to the size of a particle!” Folly exclaimed. “She’s also very acrobatic and is great at dodging… She’s way beyond us.”

“Well, before we think of a way to get around her showing up, does she have to touch you in order to change the size of something or can she do it mentally without needing contact?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen her fight,” Folly replied.

“Great.” I sighed. “Well, we may as well move to a different hall, should buy us maybe a minute or two.”

“I don’t think we have time to do that…” Folly said. “She’s here.”

Malum suddenly grunted as something hit the other side of the wall he made with his hands.

“Riveting,” I grumbled.

“Push back, Mal! Push back!” Guy yelled.

Malum kept his position, holding the wall steady. It seemed to be holding whoever was pushing it back. We waited awhile to see if anything happened.

“Hey, here’s a bright idea,” Folly then said. “How about we run away while Malum here holds her off?”

“If you mean leave him behind then I’m not sure that’s gonna be a popular opinion,” I commented.

“It’s either he gets beat up alone or we all get beat up!” Folly yelled. “Which sounds better, hm!?”

“Personally I like the plan where I poke all of you on the shoulder then teleport all of us somewhere else on the station,” I replied calmly.

“What station?” Folly asked grumpily.

“The station that we’re on. Someone I know should be here so I can just locate them and teleport all of us there,” I replied. “All I need to do first is touch all of you once so you’ll be linked to teleport along with me.”

“Then do that already!” Folly yelled.

“There’s no need to be so loud,” I said, rolling my eyes as I patted his side before doing the same with the others, each of them being surrounded in a purple glow.

“C’MON GET US OUT OF HERE, SHE’S LITERALLY RIGHT THERE!” Folly yelled again, ignoring what I said as he pointed at the wall that Malum made.

“Yeah yeah I’m almost done calm down,” I replied as I was searching for Mehrunes’ energy.

“HURRY UP!” Folly shouted.

“Your insistent screaming makes it harder for me to concentrate. So shut your trap volleyball,” I said angrily as his yelling was making it harder for me to concentrate.

“Dimwit,” Folly retorted. “It’s not that hard. At the rate you’re at, Kiara will shrink the wall and catch us before we even move!”

“Have you ever teleported multiple people before at once?! Now shut your dang mouth before I crush you myself and save her the trouble!” I yelled.

“Like a pipsqueak such as yourself could do such things!” Folly remarked, growling.

I then picked him up with my mind and slammed him into the wall, hard. Making a loud banging sound.

“Guys! We’re on the same team!” Guy then shouted, standing in between us. “Stop fighting each other!”

“WELL IF ANY OF US WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE THEN HE NEEDS TO LET ME CONCENTRATE!” I shouted as I angrily searched for Mehrunes’ energy before Folly could make me even angrier.

“Uh… guys…” Lil’ Timmy then pointed over at the wall.

The wall had disappeared, and Malum was gone along with it.

“Oh great they must’ve shrunk him,” I growled.

“See, you were too slow,” Folly said.

“I swear before I die I will grind you to a bloody paste volleyball,” I growled at him. It was his fault I couldn’t concentrate.

“I’d like to see you try, pipsqueak,” Folly growled right back.

“It’s bold of you,” I said as Folly was floated into the air, I made him unable to move. One more action and he would be a tiny bead of crushed blood, muscles and bones. “To judge someone’s strength by their size.”

I then was suddenly hit on the head. I turned and spotted Guy. He was the one who hit me.

“I will personally beat you all down to dust if you don’t work together right now and fight the real enemy,” Guy said, sounding a lot meaner than he usually sounded.

I simply rolled my eyes before ‘letting Folly go’ by throwing him into a wall but doing nothing else.

“I’m not even tryin’ against you, pipsqueak. You’re not worth fightin’,” Folly chuckled as his wings spread out behind him.

“Sure man, whatever makes you feel better after I took control of your whole nervous and skeletal system,” I said.

Folly then shot out spikes down the hallway. None of the spikes hit the enemy, as the enemy deflected them all. I turned to look at the enemy.

It was a girl dressed in a black suit. She had brown hair and… ears? She had cat like ears on her head and had a tail. I saw that her eyes were light brown as she smiled.

“Hehehe…” Folly then smirked. “Hey there, Kiara. Been awhile, hasn’t it?”

“Mhm, it sure has!” Kiara responded, her voice sounding very feminine. “But what’s this? Are you going against us again?” Kiara spotted Guy and Lil’ Timmy who were behind Folly. “Oh, the guys who you freed payed you back I see! How nice of them!”

“Don’t take me lightly,” Folly growled. “I’m going to fight you right here and now!” Folly then suddenly grew larger and his skin turned darker. He spread his wings out further.

Then with a battle cry, he dashed towards Kiara. The two of them fought, attacks going everywhere. Folly then pointed his arm at Kiara and shot out a giant beam of energy. But Kiara ducked under it and kicked Folly’s jaw, knocking him back.

“Oh c’mon Folly! You know you can’t beat me! Why bother trying?” Kiara asked, beaming.

Folly grunted, dodging Kiara’s kick. “Because I can’t stand the fact that I keep getting beaten by you!”

“Then use your other form!” Kiara said, dodging the spikes Folly shot out at her.

“NO!” Folly refused. “I will not stand beating you using that! I will beat you like this!”

Kiara then sighed, and kicked Folly into the wall. Folly collapsed and then disappeared. Kiara dusted off her hands as she then looked over at the rest of us.

“What a pain he is,” she said. “Oh hi! I’m Kiara. You guys must be… Oh, Guy! The Chimæra mutant!”

Guy looked nervous. “Yeah… Can I not be used for the EFAI? I don’t agree with their ways…”

“Aw… It’s unfortunate you were the one that came out successful…” Kiara said. She then looked over at Lil’ Timmy and me. I realized Lil’ Timmy was scared and was hiding behind me. I patted him on the head softly as I looked at Kiara.

Kiara beamed. “Oh! It’s the other successful ones! It’s unfortunate you kiddos also came out right.”

I got into a defensive stance in front of Timmy as we watched Kiara.

“Chimæra’s are very powerful, isn’t that right?” Guy then asked Kiara.

“Hm? Oh, yeah they are.” Kiara nodded, a smile on her face.

“Then that makes me very powerful. I’ll fight and make sure you don’t get past me.” Guy then surrounded himself in a dark aura. “Locke! Timmy! Run away!”

“You sure?” I asked as I glanced back at Timmy to see his view on the situation. He still looked scared.

“Timmy! Give me a quick boost!” Guy then said. Tim nodded and pointed his hand at Guy. Then Guy’s aura flared up, giving off a lot of energy. “Oh yes… perfect. Run now!”

I processed the scenario a bit more before turning to Timmy. “Tim, get on my back. Quickly.”

Tim nodded and climbed onto my back, in the position of a piggy back ride.

“Ready?” I asked both him and Guy.

“Go already!” Guy dashed towards Kiara and knocked her all the way down the hallway. Woah, looked like Tim’s boost worked.

I then simply nodded, “hold on Tim!” I exclaimed before doing multiple ‘lunge teleports’. Which was teleportation involving a leap before teleporting forward, sending you a medium length distance that can also be used to bypass walls and defenses, allowing me and Tim to get away at a fast pace.

? Hematite ?

I slammed Broshi into the wall, and all he did was get right back up using those weird dark vines coming from his back. He distanced himself from me, realizing that I used physical attacks from up close.

He wiped blood off of his mouth. “Ugh…”

“You good? Can you still keep going?” I asked him.

“Of course I can!” Broshi sent his dark vines at me, and I dodged them before grabbing one. I then used it to flip Broshi over.

“Gah!” Broshi slammed and broke a desk.

He was pretty powerful but not very powerful. Or I was just too powerful… One or the other. Broshi got back up though, every time I sent him to the ground.

Broshi then pounced forward to attack again, and I dodged the attack with a spin before hitting him in the back of his neck. He went flying into the wall. And he got back up again.

“I… I won’t give up!” Broshi said as he turned to face me. “I’ll keep going!”

“That’s the spirit,” I said with a grin.

Broshi’s other eye then flared. Both of his eyes now were giving off a fiery red aura. He got into a fighting position. He then pounced forward, using all of his dark vines to attack. I just punched him, which knocked him right back into the wall.

But he got right back up again. He then yelled as his hair changed color, turning red and becoming spikeir as he became surrounded in lightning bolts. His dark vines turned red too.

“I won’t give up!” He then exclaimed.

“That’s good!” I replied.

He jumped forward to attack again, and when I tried to punch him this time, he pushed the ground with his vines, dodging as he jumped right over me. He landed behind me and struck me with a dark vine, knocking me back a bit. I turned around to punch him again, but he grabbed my leg with his dark vine and tripped me.

Then I was hit with a big blast of plasma and made a Hematite sized hole in the wall. I got back up after I landed in the other room (which was also an office). Broshi’s attacks were better and were more coordinated now, but they didn’t hurt. My defense was pretty high.

“You’re doing better man!” I said to Broshi as he stepped into the room.

I then noticed streaks of black hair in his red spiky hair.

“I know I am,” Broshi replied. He then made one of his dark vines bigger and swung it forward to attack. I jumped over it, moving towards Broshi to attack. But giant dark vines blocked my way, and another one grabbed my leg and I was thrown into a wall.

I got up, cracking my knuckles. “You’ve gotten better for real! Time to take things up a notch!”

I then grabbed one of his oversized dark vines, and spun him around before throwing him at the wall. He broke through the wall, entering a new room. Or wait, actually, he was in the hallway now.

I jumped through the hole, and Broshi got back up as his dark vines surrounded him in a defensive way. I landed in front of him. We were in the hallway, and it was pretty big. Like, seven meters wide.

“Anyway, I’m not gonna hold back anymore,” I said to Broshi. I then punched him. And he went flying through the hallway, and soon disappeared from my sight. Oops, I punched too hard.

I waited for a moment to see if he returned but he didn’t. I guess I punched way too hard. He could be at the other side of the Space Station by now. I then wondered if anyone needed backup. I searched for energy throughout the whole station… And I felt a familiar energy. But it was a bit more unusual.

It felt like Draco’s energy but it was more powerful than I remembered. I wondered what he was up to…

I then dashed through the hallways, heading towards Draco’s energy.

? Mehrunes ?

“We have the files in the ship. Finish up what you’re doing and come back,” I heard Listy’s voice in my head.

“Got it,” I replied to her.

I dodged an ice beam coming from Hirosta, and I suddenly heard loud rock music coming from Rando’s side. I turned to look and saw that Rando had passed out. Looks like his usefulness has run out…

Anarchy then appeared behind me. I had to fight both of them at the same time? I had a feeling that wouldn’t go too well.

But then, Fucia suddenly appeared next to me. Listy said that they got the files so I really don’t need to be here anymore. So I grabbed Rando quickly, and Fucia, and then quickly teleported to the ship. Without saying a word to Hirosta and Anarchy cuz screw them.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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