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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 14) {Big OOF for Draco}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 14) {Big OOF for Draco}

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Chapter 14: Teleyon


“I got them! I got the files!” Corpse exclaimed when he and Listy appeared.

“Great! Put them in here!” I opened up my briefcase and handed it to Corpse. He quickly put in a folder of files into the briefcase.

“Awesome! Let’s get out of here now!” I exclaimed, as I zipped over to the pilot room where Paulo was.

“No.” Paulo was sitting at the pilot seat and he shook his head.

“What? Why not?” I said. “We got the files! We should get out of here!”

“Not everyone here. Rando and Hamshere gotta come to ship first,” Paulo said, looking back at me.

“Yeah… we have a thing where we can’t leave anyone in the crew behind,” Corpse said, leaning on the wall.

“Oh… Well, then… Call them all to come back!” I said. “We have the files, we should get out of here before they find us!”

“Right.” Corpse tapped the earpiece in his ear. “Hamshere, Rando, it’s time to come back! We got what we came for!” He paused as he listened to what was being told to him. Then he released the earpiece. “Alright, Teleyon, Ham is on his way. But Rando isn’t responding.”

“Not responding? What happened to him?” I asked him.

“Who knows. It’s Rando. Maybe he just turned off, or he passed out. You never know with him because he’s random.” Corpse shrugged. “Contact Mehrunes, see how he’s doing.”

I took out my phone and tried to do that. I gave him a call. But he didn’t answer. “Seems he’s busy.” I looked up at Corpse.

“Then we’ll have to wait,” Corpse said.

“I can contact him.” Listy walked into the pilot room.

“Do so then,” I told her. “I’ll contact Hematite and Corpse.” I then gave Hematite a call. And he picked up. “Hey Hematite! We got what we came for! Come back to the ship! Tell Quartz too!”

“Oh? Okay! But hold on, Draco seems to be in trouble. I’ll tell Quartz to come back though. But I won’t be back yet. Still things I wanna do,” Hematite responded through the phone.

“Okay. Be sure to come back though,” I said before I hung up.

? Quartz ?

“Yo Quartz, we got the files in the ship. You can return to the ship. I’ll be there eventually, but it’ll be awhile,” Hematite said in my mind.

I dodged the attack of the last mutant before I kicked him into the wall, knocking him out unconscious. Now that all the mutants here were taken care of, I can return to the ship.

“Alright, I’ll head back.” I told Hematite. I looked around the room at all the unconscious mutants. Dr. Saurashido ran off, I wonder where he went. Oh well, it didn’t matter. We got what we came for.

I then made a portal in front of me and stepped through, appearing in the bounty hunter’s spaceship. I spotted Teleyon, Corpse, Listy, Mehrunes, and Rando. Also some other girl that I didn’t recognize, but she was with Draco before.

“Hey Quartz, we’re just waiting on Hamshere now,” Corpse said.

“Oh alright,” I replied. “What about everyone else? Hematite and Draco?”

“Well. We can’t wait for everyone,” Teleyon said. “Just the bounty hunter Hamshere. So when he gets here.”

“Woah, we can’t leave Draco,” Mehrunes said.

“He’s with Hematite. He’ll be fine,” Teleyon said.

“Plus he can teleport so he can catch up with us later,” Corpse added.

“Okay, who is he gonna lock on to?” Mehrunes asked.

“Lock on to?” Corpse asked.

“He has to lock on to some sort of energy signature to teleport to it. Otherwise he can’t teleport,” I informed him.

“Oh…” Corpse thought for a bit. “Well then, we’re stuck.”

“I got an idea. I’ll stay behind,” I said. “I can make portals so we can catch up with you guys later. Go ahead and leave.”

“There! Good enough solution!” Corpse exclaimed.

“Alright.” I made a portal to Hematite. “Once Hamshere arrives, just get out of here.”

“Got it.” Corpse gave me a thumbs up.

I then jumped into my portal.

? Hamshere ?

“Oh frick!” I jumped to take cover quickly as a blast of energy shot from behind me. This weird mutant was chasing me. Corpse contacted me and told me to head back to the ship, since we already got the files. But this frickin mutant is making it take longer!

I can’t have him follow me to the ship! I needed to lose him first or else he will cause problems for the gang!

“Come out, intruder.” I heard the voice of the mutant.

I clenched my pistols tightly. They were no use against the mutant. But I didn’t want to use my Ultimate Crystal either. I had to come up with an alternative…

I decided to use a smoke bomb. So I took one off my belt and threw it in the hallway where the mutant was.

“Smoke?” The mutant questioned. I then dashed through the hallway, heading towards the ship.

But the smoke suddenly disappeared, as the mutant moved it right out of the way. Frickin frick! It backfired!

“There you are,” The mutant walked over to attack me.

But all of a sudden, something hit the mutant. I jumped out of the way, catching a small glimpse of what happened. It was the mutant from before, that was with him earlier. He came flying through the hallway, hitting the mutant that was attacking me. The two of them kept on flying through the hallway, breaking the walls that blocked them.

Regardless, that was good for me. Now I could escape. I dashed through the halls again, and made it to the space station port where our ship was. The doors were closed, so I tapped my earpiece.

“Corpse! I’m here! Open the ship!” I then said.

As a response, the door of the spaceship opened and I hopped on inside, before the door closed behind me. Heck yeah.

“Alright, Paulo! Everyone’s here! Drive!” I spotted Corpse giving instructions to Paulo.

Our spaceship then left the EFAI Space Station. We made it.

“You got the files, right?” I then asked Corpse.

He looked back at me. “Yeah, it’s with Teleyon. In the briefcase.”

“Sweet.” I grinned. “Let’s head to the Light Planet and consult the Ultimate Council directly!”

“That’s what we’re doing,” Teleyon said, sitting at the table with his laptop.

“That went well, despite everything,” Mehrunes commented.

“Oh, yeah it did,” I said. “I expected things to become a freaking mess.”

“I’m pretty surprised we only needed a little backup. I’ll call Vivo to let him know he’s not needed as backup,” Mehrunes said, as he took out his phone.

“Well the backup wasn’t needed necessarily to get the files. It helped a lot though because it created more distractions. Hematite and Quartz did awesome at it. We were lucky,” Teleyon commented.

“Yeah. We’re lucky Rando was as useful as long as he was,” Listy commented as well.

“Oh yeah, that’s rare.” I looked over at Rando who was just napping on the couch. “He usually messes everything up.”

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day,” Listy replied, as Meh was talking on the phone.

“Yep.” I nodded.

“Hold up, so who have we left behind?” Teleyon then said, “gotta make sure we know who we left.”

“Well, there’s Draco and Hematite. Quartz also went back,” Corpse pointed out. “Otherwise… No one. Just them three.”

“What about the backup we called?” Teleyon looked over at Mehrunes. “Does Vivo have everyone?”

Mehrunes shook his head. “No he says none of the backup’s coming back out. In other words, he already left. Also that some of them got captured. Since, you know, they’re originally EFAI mutants.”

“Oh. Hmm… Can anyone contact Quartz and tell him to help out? Cuz we’re out of this game now,” Teleyon said.

“I can give Hematite a call,” Mehrunes suggested.

“Yeah. Do that,” Teleyon said. “And tell him to help the others.”

? Hematite ?

As I ran through the halls to get to Draco, Quartz suddenly appeared in front of me, coming out from a portal. I stopped running.

“Huh, why are you back, bro?” I asked him.

“Helping out the rest,” Quartz replied. “The ship already left. And Draco is still here. So I came back because I have a way to get off of this place.”

“Oh right!” I exclaimed. “Well, I’m heading to where Draco is right now. Follow me!” I dashed through the halls again, and Quartz followed close behind. After running for awhile, my phone buzzed. I took it out of my pocket, wondering who was calling me. It was Mehrunes.

I picked up. “Yo Mehrunes!”

“Hey! So, our other backup ship left, and so the other guys are still in the facility. If you could, do you think you could get them out as well?” Mehrunes said from his side of the phone.

“Yeah, sure, no problem. How do we identify them though?” I asked.

“Well I can tell you that one of them, his name is Locke, uses like, telekinesis and stuff and is pretty sarcastic, he has blonde hair and I think he was wearing a purple vest or something. He’s probably with the rest of them. That’s about the only person I know, though.”

“Alright. We’ll ask about the rest once we see him,” I responded.

“Alright, thanks man.”

“No problem.” I then hung up and put my phone away.

Quartz looked at me, questioning what the call was.

“We gotta help the other backup team,” I told him.

“Oh alright. You want me to do that while you help Draco?” Quartz asked.

“Sure thing! Look for this blond haired guy with a purple vest or something. That’s the description I got. He uses telekinesis powers. He’s a mutant too, the other backup team is made up of mutants anyway,” I explained.

“Okay! I’ll search for them.” Quartz made a portal and disappeared.

I continued my way to finding Draco. But as I ran, I sensed Draco’s energy moving. He wasn’t in the same spot as before. Huh… I wonder what happened. His energy was also less than before.

But I still knew where he was. But he seemed to be in more trouble so I sped up my running pace.

? Draco ?

Raemon grabbed me by the head and tossed me across the room.

“Great. Well that plan didn’t work,” I thought as I landed on my feet. Raemon dashed forward to attack me again, he was serious about fighting now.

I watched him carefully, looking for his attack. Prepared to dodge. He sent a punch at me, aiming for my stomach.

I quickly jumped upwards, over his fist.

“At the very least, I’m distracting him. The others have probably gotten to the ship by now.” I thought as I watched Raemon to see if he’d try to attack me with a follow up now that I had dodged his first attack.

Raemon jumped back, doing flips over me (as I was already in the air), and before he landed onto the ground he grabbed my head again and punched me, giving me a bloody nose. He was holding me though so I didn’t go flying.

I also had lowered my energy a bit to Grade One so he couldn’t grab my hair easier. But it was still a problem.

“Gonna come with me now?” Raemon then asked. “Or still no?”

I tried to pry his hands open so he would no longer be grabbing my head. But he must’ve used his powers to stop it somehow. It’s like he had become an unmovable object.

“Not gonna talk?” Raemon then threw me at the ground, as he then landed in front of me.

I simply grinned as I stood back up and wiped the blood off my face.

“If you don’t have anything to say then you don’t have an argument,” Raemon said. “So we’ll be going then.”

I got into a defensive stance. My Dragon Scales technique activating. At this point really I could just buy time. I had none of the abilities necessary to deal with this guy’s powers. So I’ll just make it harder for him to get me to move.

“Let’s go, Saurashido,” Raemon said, walking towards me.

I simply focused on boosting the effectiveness of this techniques abilities as he approached me. To make myself as dense and durable as possible. The force field around me became thicker and glowed brighter.

“I’ll just pick you up like a child and take you with me,” Raemon said as he was now standing in front of me.

Now to just be a delay for him. Raemon reached over at me, but he wasn’t attacking me. He was picking me up. He then picked me up on his shoulder like a wrestler and headed towards the door. Guess I hadn’t made myself heavy enough. Or he just took away the energy. Probably that one. Wait… so could he also manipulate gravity, since that was kind of energy? Kinda? I mean gravity is needed to determine the amount of energy certain things have, like kinetic or momentum. Hmmm…

We were then out of the room and were in the hallway. The ice guy and some other guy with blue pointy hair were in the hall.

“They escaped,” The ice guy said.

“Let them escape. Sadvak will deal with them,” Raemon said to the ice guy.

“Sadvak? He must be really important,” I thought.

“What are you doing with this one?” The blue pointy haired guy asked, referring to me.

“He resembles Dr. Saurashido. I’m taking him to him,” Raemon replied. “You two can draw back, go back with the rest of the army. Or you can go capture the subjects that returned to us.”

“Alright, we’ll do that.” They nodded and then disappeared in the hallways. Raemon walked the opposite direction, holding me firm over his shoulder. He was only a bit taller than me, around Hematite’s size. “Hang on, Saurashido, we’ll be going for a ride.”

Suddenly, Raemon jumped and sped up, phasing through the walls of the Space Station. He continued to hold me firm so I didn’t go off flying though. But he said he was taking me to see my Dad… Hmmm… I wondered how that would go.

Then Raemon suddenly stopped moving, coming to a stop in the middle of a different hallway that was much farther away.

Then he dropped me.

As I began to get up I glanced around to see if something was important about this area for us to stop. And in front of Raemon, standing tall, was Hematite. He had a grin on his face and was surrounded in a gray aura.

“Get intercepted, yo!” Hematite said with a grin. “Where you taking Draco to?”

Raemon looked at Hematite with a frown. “That doesn’t concern you, Hematite Shiny.”

“Well it won’t matter anyway since I’m stopping you right here!” Hematite pounced forward and punched Raemon right in the face. But nothing happened. “Woah! Sick!” Hematite seemed happy about this.

He then jumped back, before charging a kick and sending it right at Raemon. Raemon blocked it, and it did nothing. He just removed all the energy in the attack. It’s what made him so powerful.

“What the heck!? Dang!” Hematite was still happy about it. “Hold on, wait… What if I punched you as hard as I could?!” He then, with a bright smile, charged up a punch and sent it right at Raemon’s chest. Raemon stayed still and the punch didn’t do anything. “Wholey 2% no fat milk! How?!”

“I can manipulate any form of energy,” Raemon said. “This is where you lose, Hematite.”

“Lose? That word doesn’t exist in my dictionary.” Hematite stood back, in a fighting position. “Bring it on!” But before he did anything else, he noticed I was still there.

He then appeared behind me, grabbed me, and tossed me across the hallway. I went flying through the hallway at a intense speed that I could hardly see due to the air pushing against my eyeballs.

“Be free, Draco!” He exclaimed as he tossed me. At least that got me away from Raemon. Problem was… I couldn’t slow down.

I crashed through a wall, and kept on flying through the hallways. But then I could hear a sound… It sounded like someone familiar.

“FRICK, FRICK, FRICKING FRICK!” That’s when I suddenly crashed into someone who seemed to be flying through the halls as well.

I hit my head against the wall, but wasn’t too injured due to my Dragon Scales technique. I got up onto my feet. In front of me was Broshi! And next to him, a black haired guy with black lines going down from the top of his eye to the bottom of his eye.

“Ugh…” Broshi said as he got up. “Sorry about that, Kobat.”

“It’s… fine,” The mutant next to him, Kobat, said. They both then noticed me.

“Wait, what?!” Broshi exclaimed. “DRACO!? WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE!?”


“I’m part of the EFAI! That’s what I’m doing here!” Broshi exclaimed right back. “But you’re not! So I’m the one who’s supposed to ask that!”

“OKAY SURE BUT WHY WERE YOU TWO FLYING THROUGH WALLS?!” I exclaimed back at him. “Speaking of which who is that?”

“This is Kobat.” Broshi pointed at the guy with him. “Kobat, this is my twin brother Draco.” Kobat nodded at me silently.

Broshi then looked back at me. “Anyway, what are you doing here bro?”

“Oh you know, stuff and things,” I replied.

“Can you be a little more specific?” Broshi asked. “That literally tells me nothing.”

“Exactly,” I said, making finger guns at him with a smirk. “Because that’s all I can tell you without getting in trouble. Granted I’m already in trouble but I don’t want to be in even more trouble.”

“Why? Are you siding with the intruders?” Broshi asked.

“Do you think I’d side with father and the company?” I asked, like the answer was clear.

“Yeah, cuz then you’d be siding with me,” Broshi replied.

“And if I was siding with you then you’d know why I’m here,” I said, seeing if I could help him connect dots.

“I know you’re with the intruders, but now I’m telling you to join our side,” Broshi said, narrowing his eyes as he looked at me.

“Hmmmmmm. Why,” I stated.

“Because. If you’re not gonna be with us, then you’d be against us. Then we’d have to fight you. Kobat here is part of the EFAI army, and it won’t be fun fighting him. Let alone there’s me. You’d be outnumbered. Think about it,” Broshi said.

“And lemme guess, the only reasons you're still helping them is A. You don’t really have a choice. And B. They’ll help you get stronger,” I said. “Besides, you're treating me like as if I haven’t changed a gram since we fought almost two years ago.”

“It really doesn’t matter if you changed or didn’t change. Join us,” Broshi said.

“Hmmmm. Maybe this will set your mind,” I said before suddenly I changed into Grade One again with Wrath, combining it with Scales and knocked Broshi into the wall, hard.

“Hey. That’s not cool,” Broshi said. I saw that his dark vines had gotten bigger and were being used as a protective shield wrapped around him.

“Nor are you for seeking strength simply cause you want it,” I retorted.

“You’re doing the same thing!” Broshi remarked.

“Pfft. Shows what you know about me then,” I scoffed.

“You know nothing about me, so you’re one to talk,” Broshi said.

“You said it first,” I replied.

“What do you mean I said it first?!” Broshi exclaimed. “Dude, all I’m asking is for you to join me!”

“As if I would give two fricks about this stupid organization! IT’S DONE NOTHING FOR ME! HECK, IT TORE MY CHILDHOOD APART BEFORE I COULD EVEN HAVE ONE!” I yelled as I managed to get my hands around one of his tightly bound vines and grabbing it firmly before throwing and slamming him into the opposing wall.

He caught himself with his other dark vines, and chopped off the one that I had grabbed. He looked over at Kobat.

“Hey Kobat, you run along and find the other intruders. I’ll take care of this one,” Broshi then said, “since he made a wrong decision. You won’t be needed in defeating him. I’ll simply do.”

“Sure, whatever.” Kobat then disappeared into the hallway.

Broshi watched him disappear before he then brought his dark vines back into his back.

“C’mon man, join me,” he then said. “I’m not fully with the EFAI. They won’t let me in on it since I’m suspicious. I have my own plan to take the EFAI down. When I say join me, I mean me. Not the EFAI.”

I simply glared at him as I stood up tall. “And what exactly is your plan?”

“Get close to the leader and kill him. But we have to prove that we’re trustworthy first. It’ll take a bit but it will get the job done,” Broshi replied.

“Okay that doesn’t sound too bad but at the moment I’m more worried on making sure all of my teammates make it out of this okay,” I said, wondering how Hematite was doing against Raemon. To be fair his brother Quartz could always teleport him back but that could be risky. “We came here in the first place to get the organization shut down. The only real part left is making sure we get to the Council in time.”

“Oh. Well then, if that fails, we always have my plan,” Broshi said.

“Yeah but if it does fail, won’t I be seen as suspicious? Besides, I don’t even have modified DNA. I’m already suspicious,” I pointed out.

“Valid point…” Broshi muttered. “Well, we’ll figure something out.”

That’s when an idea hit me.

“Well. There might be someway we can get you and I around without me being suspicious,” I said as I thought back to what I talked to Eyujin about. “Just needs the two of us to do a simple procedure first with our crystals.”

“What?” Broshi sounded confused. “What is it?”

“Pretty simple really. The way we can hide me, is by making it that you and I are the same person,” I said, starting to explain before Broshi asked a question.

“Hold on, same person?” He questioned.

“Yes, same person.” I nodded. “Or at least, technically we’ll be the same and a new being at the same time. But that’s semantics.”

“Explain.” Broshi was now listening.

“It’s a technique I learned about from Eyujin. It’s called Ultimate Crystal Fusion. Two people (Or more) fuse their Ultimate Crystals together and combine from that bridging point into a new and more powerful being. Like addition sort’ve,” I explained. “The Crystal combines the physical features of the people being fused and creates new clothes as well for the being. It even erges personalities from the original hosts into a new one! Although, considering we’re twins in appearance, the result could be less drastic then if two different people combined.”

Broshi seemed to be going through all the info I had told him. So I waited for him to finish thinking.

“So… if we do it… Then we can get past as being me, which hides you… And since we’re twins we’d look the same so it’s believable!” Broshi said.

“That and as a bonus, we’d unlock a new reservoir of power with both of our powers being added, from base to Ascended. Along with our own experiences and strategies. As well as techniques and abilities,” I said. “To be honest, while we will currently be calling ourselves by your name, if I were to actually give our combined form a name of it’s own I’d call it… Dracoshi.”

“Why is your name first?” Broshi asked.

“Because it rolls off the tongue easier then if yours was. Besides, we both get half of the name. ‘Drac’ from mine. And ‘Oshi’ from yours,” I said. “Besides, who says that after we’ve taken down the EFAI, that we’ll even keep ourselves fused together? I just think Dracoshi would be a good name for the fusion.”

“Alright, I think it sounds pretty cool.” Broshi nodded in approval.

“Well then. Let’s do it,” I said as I then powered down to base and unabsorbed my Ultimate Crystal Plasmus, took him off my necklace and held them in my hand and looked at Broshi. “The fusion works by making the hosts Ultimate Crystals touch each other and the users to wish to fuse together. Then the crystals to the rest. They have to touch, because if we tried fusing without doing that step, then the two crystals existing separately yet being bound to the same host would cause… ‘undesirable’ results. Like exploding. Or turning into a black hole. So now we just need your crystal to touch mine and we both need to have the mentality of wanting to fuse together.”

“Okay. So then what exactly would we do after we fuse?” Broshi asked.

“Well then we can essentially do your plan. Since we’ll be referring to ourselves under your name anyway.  Although, we will have to think of a reason for why we might look a tad different.” I replied.

“Hold on, what would happen to our eye color? Cuz mine are reddish brown but yours are just brown,” Broshi said.

“Maroon I guess?” I shrugged. “Wouldn’t be too noticeable. Could always just say it’s always looked like that.”

“But Kobat has infinite memory, he remembers my eyes being red,” Broshi said, sounding a bit nervous.

“Wait, I got it! We can just use Double to cover it up! We can sustain it without strain anyway. Or at least I can. So we’ll be fine,” I said.

“Or that it's a new thing that appeared due to my DNA,” Broshi suggested.

“Or that.” I shrugged before motioning my crystal towards him. “Now are we doing it or what?”

“Yeah, sure.” Broshi unabsorbed his Ultimate Crystal. “But first, how do we unfuse? Cuz I know it's not permanent.”

“We just have to think of not being fused anymore. Pretty simple,” I said.

“Oh. Alright.” Broshi nodded.

“Oh, hello there boys.” We then heard a voice say.

Broshi and I both turned and spotted a brown haired man in a white lab coat… who looked a bit like us except older. It was our Dad. There was a name tag on his coat that said ‘Dr. Saurashido’.

“Oh hi father,” I said, clearly I wasn’t overjoyed he was here.

“Hello there my sons, Broshi, Draco.” He smiled at us. “Funny seeing you two together. Last time I’ve seen that happen was when you two were born.”

“And who’s fault is that?” Broshi asked him.

“Of course, it was mine. I chose to experiment with you two,” Father replied.

“Oh yes, because ruining my diet and education is a great ‘experiment’,” I said scornfully.

“It may not be a great one, but it was a successful one,” Father said, looking at me. “You may believe that you were weak as a child, but you were not. You were indeed powerful. You were born into the Saurashido family after all. The experiment was a psychological experiment, to test one’s power after all the negativity they’ve been faced with. Which was the experiment I did on you.”

“Well here I am,” I said.

Father then looked over at Broshi. “Meanwhile, I sacrificed Broshi to the EFAI, mutating him with unstable DNA to make him more powerful. It was risky, but it was worth the risk. The outcome was tremendous.”

“Wait, it was risky?” Broshi asked.

“Oh yes. We have hundreds of subjects injected with the unstable DNA. Most of them die, but you’ve survived,” Father said. “I am not exactly sided with the EFAI. I conduct research on my own. But the EFAI has a lot of valuable data, so here I am.”

“Okay… so then…” Broshi had absorbed his crystal and was now thinking about something.

“If you’re wondering, I overheard your conversation. Your plan will not work,” Father then said. “Dr. Mousha has sacrificed himself with unstable DNA as well. He has the DNA of a Chimæra of Darkness.”

“Oh of course he’d give himself the most powerful one!” Broshi shouted, he just sounded frustrated.

“It was risky. That DNA killed millions of our subjects,” Father said. “Anyway, I’m here to get you out of here. Now that the files have been stolen by those bounty hunters, I will have nothing to do with this as I will escape. And you two, as my children, will come with me.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. He smiled.

“Come now, my children. We’re going home,” Father then said.

“Okay, Dad. But what exactly are we gonna do at home?” Broshi asked. He didn’t seem to have a problem with Father as much as I did. Granted, he liked his power and Father was the reason why he had it.

I just stood where I was as Broshi walked over to Father.

“Cuz last I remember, Aerth is boring. And you live on a farm. A farm,” Broshi said.

“People would probably try to fight you. Knowing you you’d probably kill them,” I said to Broshi.

“Yes.” Father nodded. “Anyhow, you can figure that out later. Let’s go boys.” He turned around and began to walk down the hallway, Broshi following behind him.

I remained where I was.

“Draco, come on,” Father said, turning his head back at me.

I simply scowled at him.

“Don’t be like that, Draco. I raised you and provided you food. I know you hate me because of the experiment, but I was really curious,” Father said.

“Heheh… ‘Food’. I guess you can call leftover table scraps that,” I said as an angry smile began to appear on my face.

“As I said, part of the experiment,” Father remarked. Broshi was watching curiously.

“Just like how kicking me out of the house and locking me in a closet was part of an experiment? What about the times you let Alex boss me around? You just sat there with that dumb smile on your face,” I said, glaring at him, my body shaking a tiny bit.

“If you found out it was an experiment, then the experiment would have failed. We had to all act accordingly,” Father replied. “Your older brother felt bad but agreed to it. It took great effort for all of us to act the way we did. It wasn’t easy. But it was the past. There is no more experiment, and you’d live a normal life from now on.”

“You really think just saying sorry is gonna cut it?!” I asked angrily as I stomped forward, shaking the ground.

“Of course not. I will apologize with actions,” Father replied.

“Actions like what?” I questioned.

“By being your real father from now on,” Father replied. “I was planning on doing so once you’ve grown up, but you left before that could have happened. And now that you’ve returned to me, I won’t let you out of my sight again.”

“I’ve gotten by fine without you,” I said. “I don’t need you. I have friends. People I love. People I care about. But you… You are not any of those,” I said menacingly as I took another step forward, electricity beginning to spark across my body as I reabsorbed Plasmus.

“Even so, you are not 18 yet. You are a minor and I am legally responsible for you,” Father said.

“And I have a master named Eyujin. And before him there was Elec and Ichoo’s Dad’s complex and before them was Glare. I’ve always had guardians in some shape or form,” I said.

“None of them were legal. They only took care of you for the time being. I have forms signed. I am your legal guardian,” Father replied.

“Well I’d rather live with them than live with a man I despise,” I growled.

“You have no choice, Draco. You’re not an adult yet,” Father said. “You can’t make the decisions here. You don’t get to choose. I do.”

“You don’t get it. The only reason I even kept striving to get better was to prove you and people like you wrong. If I were to just accept you then that’d be going back on my goal,” I said.

“I am not wrong, however. I know you are powerful. I’ve always known,” Father said. Broshi was silent and was just watching what was going on curiously. He didn’t know anything about this so it was all new for him. “I made you feel weak. You were only weak because you lacked training. I trained your older brother, but did not train you, because then the experiment would not work. You were always strong. You are a Saurashido afterall.”

I was furious. Yet there was seemingly nothing I could do in reality. Reality hit me hard, like a spaceship moving in light speed.

My mind spiraled into a war zone of arguments.

‘He treated us like garbage’. ‘But there’s nothing we can do’. ‘We don’t need him’. ‘We’d be disobeying the law’. ‘He’s scum’. ‘We don’t have a choice’.

Then, seemingly all at once, one question hit me.

‘How will your friends react?’

My mind went blank, like it couldn’t find an answer. Or at least not an answer it liked. On the outside it probably looked like I was hyperventilating, like I was going insane.

‘This is all wrong, this is all wrong, THIS IS ALL WRONG, THIS IS ALL WRONG!!!!

It’s like my mind was screaming. It felt like everything’s around me was crumbling.

“Let’s go son,” Father then said, as Broshi just stood there silently with a expression written on his face that I could not describe.

That one sentence cut through my brains yelling like a knife. But just as it did, I could feel something welling up inside me, a burning feeling.

I gritted my teeth as my eyes lit on fire and my hair began to stand on end and spike up, flashing blue. The ground shook ferociously as the burning feeling grew hotter and hotter and my power continued to grow.

“Son, you can’t do that in here. I will have to force you to stop if you don’t. You’ll destroy the sector. You’ll kill people,” Father said, a fiery blue aura surrounding his body.

I simply replied with some distorted other worldly roar as I then was engulfed in a red aura. Most likely from my rage filled body using Wrath to boost its power even more. Broshi looked shocked and he stepped back, while Father stepped forward, taking off his lab coat.

“Last warning, son,” Father warned.

I then stomped on the ground as my body shot a plasma blast into the air beaded reaching towards it.

“No… it wouldn’t,” I thought. But it was too late.

“SPARKING SPIRIT! TIMES TWENTY!” I yelled as the plasma shot came down and was absorbed into my body, my power must’ve been awe inspiring. And terrifying. Father saw it too and acted quickly, dashing forward towards me.

But I seemed to notice him finally. I then was also surrounded in a foreceild and my feet were engulfed in flames. Scales and Agility had also been assimilated into whatever this form was.

“That’s too much son,” Father then said. Then something weird happened in my body, and I started to have a headache. “Your body can’t handle that much power yet.”

I felt my heart throbbing rapidly but I was so mad it felt like I couldn’t even stop myself. Father was standing right in front of me, a hand on my shoulder.

“Goodnight son.” I then felt a powerful force hit me in the neck, and I knew I was out. But even as I was collapsing to the floor I could still feel that burning feeling throughout my entire body.




to be continued in the next chapter...

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