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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 15)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 15)

Posted April 24th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 15: Locke


“Are Guy and Malum okay?” Lil’ Timmy asked in a worried voice.

I was running down hallways, teleporting past walls, doing everything I can to distance me and Tim as far away as possible from the enemy.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine Tim. Guy said he could handle it didn’t he?” I said reassuringly.

“Right… When will we get back with him?” Tim asked, holding on tightly on my back.

“I’m… not a hundred percent sure, but I bet it can’t be too long before they’re back!” I said.

“Okay… where are we going?” Tim asked.

“……Away,” I said simply, as I myself was unsure of where we were supposed to go now.

Then I spotted someone walking through the hallways. It was a guy with white hair who wore a silver jacket and black pants.

“Who’s that?” I asked as I hid the two of us behind a corner.

The guy walked past us but then stopped. He looked back and over at us, finding us. Uh oh…

“Are you… Locke?” The guy then asked.

I looked at him suspiciously, my body glowing a bright purple color. “Why do you ask?”

“I’m Quartz. I’m with the bounty hunters that came here to get the files. They got the files though and are long gone. I’m here to help the backup team get away. Which is you, and the other guys,” The guy said.

I then scanned his mind with my powers. Everything he said, my powers agreed with.

“Alright, well the other guys are way off this way,” I said pointing the direction Timmy and I came from.

“I sense some strange energy coming from there,” Quartz said, looking down the hallway.

“That’s probably Guy,” I said.

“Yeah… it’s odd. You were running away from that?” Quartz asked.

“Well, more rather the person he was about to fight,” I said. “A mutant who can change the sizes of things at their will. Named Kiara.”

“Oh. Well, let’s go back,” Quartz said, beginning to walk.

“You think you can handle it?” I asked, unsure.

“Sure. I can handle almost anything. As long as it’s not large scale or a too experienced Ultimate,” Quartz said. “I am Quartz Shiny after all.”

“I… don’t know what your name has to do with it but if you're certain then I guess we can follow you. What do you think Tim?” I asked him.

“Sure…” Tim nodded.

“If you’re unsure I could try and see if we can get you to the hunters ship,” I said to him.

“They left already. Though, I could make a portal to their ship,” Quartz said.

“That could work. What do you think Tim? Wanna go wait on the ship for the two of us?” I asked him calmly.

“But I don’t know anyone in the ship…” Tim muttered.

“Well Vivo and Vulgon said Mehrunes was someone they knew right? I’m sure he’s not working with anyone too scary. It’ll be fine Tim. I promise,” I said.

“Okay…” Tim nodded.

I then carefully set him down before looking at Quartz. Quartz opened a portal in front of us.

“When you’re ready. It’ll take you to the ship,” Quartz said, pointing at the portal with his hand.

“You ready Tim?” I asked him.

Tim nodded nervously and then walked into the portal. The portal disappeared after he went in.

“Alright. Let’s go find everyone else,” Quartz then said to me, as he began walking down the hallway towards the direction that Guy and Kiara were in.

I followed behind him.

“Oh, and you were wondering what my name has to do with my abilities, yes?” Quartz said, turning his head back to me.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Well, it has a lot to do with it. You haven’t heard of the Shiny Family, but they’re a big famous family from the Rock Planet. Our bloodline is pretty powerful, and our power has doubled over generations every single time since way back in ancient times,” Quartz said. “Which is a couple million years ago.”

“Okay?” I said as we kept moving.

“So if you do the math, that means I’m millions of times stronger than my ancestors. And they were the most powerful people at that time,” Quartz said. “In other words, we’ll be fine.”

“Alright,” I said.

? Guy ?

Kiara dodged my shadow ball attack, and I charged another one to throw at her. She was good at dodging. She just moved so easily, bouncing off walls and the ceiling.

Thanks to Lil’ Timmy, my power and attacks were much higher than usual. I was able to push Kiara back down the hallway.

“Mreow!” Kiara dodged another one of my shadow attacks. “You’re good.”

I ignored her compliment and continued to push her back down the hallway. She began to look a bit annoyed because she couldn’t get past me. This system continued to happen for quite a long time. I kept moving Kiara back down the hallway, and every time she tried to get past me, I pushed her back again.

“Okay, you’ve had your fun!” Kiara then stopped jumping around and stood in the middle of the hallway. Suddenly, she stuck her hand out and she got bigger…!

Or… No… I got smaller!

I looked up at Kiara, and she towered over me. Her feet alone were taller than me.

“My turn!” She smiled.

Uh oh.

Immediately, my instincts act and I find myself running, being chased by the giant Kiara. I was not getting away either, because now that I’m small… I’m slower. I then find myself captured in her hands, and I am picked up.

“Mreoww.” Kiara meowed like a cat. Was she mutated with the genetics of a cat? Because she had a tail and ears…

More importantly, I need to get out of this mess. I focused my power, looking down at Kiara’s shadow. Then I disappeared from her hands, entering the shadow, becoming one with the darkness.

“Huh? Where did you go?” Kiara looked around for me but couldn’t find me. Because I was in her shadow.

Then, all of a sudden, Kiara was knocked into the wall. I spotted Malum, back to normal size, standing there, his eyes focused on Kiara. There were veins that were visible on his head where his eyes were.

“Ack!” Kiara got back up onto her feet, her cat tail swinging behind her. “Where did you come from?”

Malum didn’t respond, obviously, and stayed silent as usual. But now that I look at him… He looked different. His whole body was made out of that brownish gray muscle that his DNA gave him. Did he… yes! He grew himself to be bigger with the muscle!

Malum made his fist big and attacked Kiara. Though she dodged it swiftly, and knocked Malum back into the wall. Malum grunted as he then made his arm into a blade and shot it at Kiara.

She dodged the blade, appearing in front of Malum and shoving him into the wall. Malum then made his arms and hands bigger and was able to catch Kiara, since there was nowhere to go for her to dodge. He then clapped his giant hands together quickly, crushing her.

“Mreow!” But then I spotted her running up Malum’s arms, having shrunken herself (since I was in her shadow, I moved with her). She then grew back to her normal size, kicking Malum down the hallway.

I then decided to attack her since she was distracted. I came out of her shadow, which to my surprise, returned me to my normal size. I then charged up a blast of darkness, infused with energy. Meanwhile, Kiara was running up to attack Malum down in the hallway.

After my attack was charged, I shot it forward at her. At the same time, she was jumping to attack Malum. She didn’t see my attack coming. Perfect.

Sooner than later, my blast of darkness infused with energy collided with Kiara. She shrieked like a cat and was all the way across the hallway. Malum looked over at me.

He also returned back to normal. Maybe the shrinking effect had wore off.

Malum turned to me and said in sign language. “She’s coming back.”

“Alright.” I positioned myself next to Malum, preparing for her return. But instead of Kiara, two different people appeared. It was Locke, and with him was some other guy with white hair. “Locke! Where’s Lil’ Timmy!?”

“On a spaceship with the people who wanted us for backup,” Locke replied. “Also this guy is called Quartz by the way.”

“Yes, I am here to help you guys get out of here,” Quartz said. “Timmy is in the ship so… You guys can come to the ship too. If you’re finished here.”

“Well, we are,” I said with a nod. “Ready to go everyone?”

Malum and Locke nodded.

“Alright, go in when you’re ready,” Quartz said, as he turned around. “That person you were fighting before is coming back.”

Behind us, there was a portal. Malum and Locke jumped into it, and I followed behind. We find ourselves in a spaceship with a bunch of people.

“There they are!” Lil’ Timmy pointed at us. “That’s Guy, Malum, and Locke!”

I looked around and there were a lot of people that I didn’t know. But nevertheless, they were the team we were backing up and we were now escaping with them.

? Hematite ?

I clashed fists with Raemon. The energy from my powerful punches just disappeared every time I got close to hitting him. He was powerful because he made my attacks into nothing. His energy manipulation was annoying, but at the same time very amusing! This was fun!

“Is that all you got?” I asked as I landed onto the ground. Raemon landed a few meters away from me. “You just can block my attacks, but not attack yourself?”

“I can but that is unneeded,” Raemon replied, in his defensive stance.

“Unneeded!? Nah man, it’s needed! Come on! Attack me!” I exclaimed.

I pounced forward to attack him, but I suddenly was unable to move and fell to the floor. He took away my energy. Grinning, I waited for him to make a move. Which, he did. I was knocked through a wall, entering a larger room. I also got my energy back, so I stood up.

Raemon came through the hole in the wall. He had an aura around his body. Looks like he was releasing some energy now… Meaning he was gonna fight. Sweet.

Raemon then pounced forward to attack, punching me in the face. I fell back, but kicked off a wall, slamming my fist into his stomach. But it did nothing. Aw dang it, he just made the energy of my attack disappear.

He hit me again and I went flying towards the ceiling. I kicked off of the ceiling, landing in front of him. I thought about a way to fight him… Since he takes away the energy of my attacks, I can’t really hit him. But how fast is he? If I could attack him with great speed, he won’t have any time to react thus meaning he can’t take away the energy of the attacks.

Worth a shot. I released my aura, focusing on speed and power. Raemon stood in the middle of the room, ready to take my energy. I then shot forward, sending a punch at him. Then I quickly maneuvered before the punch hit, and sent a kick at his back, before sending another punch right to his face. Many attacks all at once.

Raemon then flared his aura brightly, trying to knock me away. But I took his heat right on, and successfully slammed him into the ground, breaking through and appearing in another room.

“Ugh!” Raemon grunted and phased through me, distancing himself from me. I looked back at him with a smirk, he had bruises from my attacks.

Looks like my speed tactic worked. With many attacks that had my full power in them, he couldn’t nullify all of the energy. It was just too much energy to nullify, especially when it was coming from all around him.

“Hehe.” I cracked my knuckles as I walked towards him.

Raemon flared his aura again, releasing a lot of energy. By a lot I mean a LOT. It was very impressive. Did he store all of that energy? Either way, it was a lot. And I was going to take it head on.  

Flaring my aura, I dashed forward to use my speed technique again. I sent punches and kicks all over. But then I got knocked back.

“Sweet,” I commented.

“The same attack won’t work twice,” Raemon said. He then dashed forward to attack, shooting out energy right at me. I stood where I was, spread my arms out, and took it head on. Which, didn’t hurt me, but my shirt got destroyed, vaporized.  

I smirked at Raemon then, waiting for him to attack again. He just stood there, looking quite surprised that I took his attack right on.

“That should have killed you…” He said.

“Well, it only killed my shirt. Which is made out of good material… that stuff isn’t cheap you know,” I said to him. “But yeah. My body is much more durable than my clothes. I’m just glad you didn’t aim for my pants.”

Raemon clenched his fist as he started to look angry. He walked forward to attack, and then began sprinting towards me.

But then, all of a sudden, I sensed some energy from pretty far away. It felt like Draco’s energy. But no, that doesn’t seem right. Draco didn’t have that much power yet. This was too much for his body right now. Just what is he doing?

I then realized that Raemon punched me in the face while I was distracted by Draco’s energy. I looked over at Raemon.  His fist did nothing, I was still standing in my spot, unharmed, my gray aura surrounding me. Oh, woops. I didn’t mean to increase my defense that much.

Raemon grunted. “That’s it.” Then my aura faded and I lost my energy once more. I fell to the ground, unable to move. Heh, seems I made him salty and now he just took away all of my energy.

“I’m going to remove all of the energy in your cells. You’ll die but, I don’t care.” Raemon’s eyes then glowed, filled with energy.

Well, whoops. I’m not dying today, sorry Raemon. Wait, hold on I have no energy, I can’t speak. My mind is still functioning though, for the time being. And I’d like to keep it functioning, thank you very much.

“Hey Ferric, it’s time,” I then said.


I then absorbed my Ultimate Crystal, powering my body back on for a brief moment. I punched Raemon in the gut, maybe a little too hard though. Because after I punched him, he went flying into the ceiling, crashed through it, and kept on going until he broke through the space station. It let the air escape into the vacuum of space until it was blocked by a pink barrier. That stopped the air from escaping… Also Raemon was floating around in space now.

“Uhh, Hematite, you kind of overdid it there,” My Ultimate Crystal, Ferric, said. His full name is Ferric Oxide. That’s what I decided to call him when I was five and it kind of just stuck.

“Oof yeah, you’re right. My bad,” I chuckled.

“But dude, it’s been so long since you called me. You’ve left me at home for… months,” Ferric said.

“Yeah well, I didn’t need you. Now I did, cuz, I couldn’t move,” I replied. “So, like, I needed you.”


I grinned. I wondered if there were any stronger mutants around…

“Ahem. Are you going to check up on Draco? I’m pretty sure something happened to him,” Ferric then said.

“Oh yeah. Hold on.” I looked around the station for Draco’s energy. But it wasn’t there. “Can’t seem to find him.”

“Oh, he’s gone. You were too late.”

“Yeah. Well, they got the files. So we’re pretty much done here,” I said. “We could go home and eat.”

“Dude. I don’t eat. I’m an Ultimate Crystal.”

“Exactly. So you’ll feel jealous as I munch on Ruby’s delicious cooking.” I grinned.

“Oh shut up!”

I chuckled.

“Hey Hematite.” Quartz then appeared in front of me, coming out a portal. “How’s it coming along? I see you used your crystal, for once.”

“Yeah, I finally needed him,” I replied. “But we’re done here, aren’t we? We can go home now?”

“I mean, I guess. But I think we should stick with them until they get to the Ultimate Council. In case, you know. They get attacked,” Quartz said.

“True. That means stronger mutants…” I smiled.

“Have fun.” Quartz patted my shoulder.

“But before we follow them,” I said.


I unabsorbed my Ultimate Crystal.

“Make a portal back home, I’m returning Ferric,” I said to Quartz.

“OH COME ON!” Ferric complained.

Quartz nodded and opened up a portal, which I then used to put Ferric back in his place. I tossed him into the portal, which closed shortly after.

I then looked over at Quartz. “We gonna go to their ship?”

“It’s kind of crowded. I took the backup team there too. Let’s use your ship instead,” Quartz said.

“Will do.” I took out my spaceship from my pocket, and enlarged it to it’s usual size. “Oh wait, we should probably do that in the garage. Where we can actually get somewhere.”

“Genius idea.” Quartz clapped his hands like he was impressed. Except he was being sarcastic.

“Oh shut it you,” I said to him. I then shook my head with a smile, and moved to head to the garage of the space station. “Let’s go.”



to be continued in the next chapter...

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