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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 16)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 16)

Posted April 28th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 16: Mehrunes


“Okay, okay, it’s too crowded here!” Teleyon said. “Malum, Guy, Timmy, and Locke! Go sit over there in the other room.”

The four of them nodded and went into a different room, away from the kitchen were Listy, Rando, Teleyon, and I were sitting in. Corpse and Hamshere were with Paulo in the piloting room.

“Sheesh… I can’t do important stuff on my computer with too many people around…” Teleyon muttered.

“What are you even doing?” I asked.

“The smart thing. I’m copying the files and putting it into my private digital database so even if we lose the physical copy, we have the backup one digitally. Which can be printed easily,” Teleyon answered.

“That makes sense,” I replied. “Buuuut… what if we lose the paper copies AND they like… kill you. Or kidnap you.”

“That’s the only problem. I wouldn’t be able to get the files to the council, but someone else can and the EFAI will still shut down,” Teleyon responded, typing on his laptop.

“It’s a private database how would we get in?” I asked.

“You guys can’t get in, but my bud can. He’ll get the files to the Ultimate Council if we can’t,” Teleyon replied.

“Right. Well. I’m gonna see if I can call Ich. Let him know what we’re up to in case we mysteriously disappear,” I said.

“Alright.” Teleyon nodded, not taking his eyes off his screen.

I took out my phone and swiped down to Ich, so I could call him and possibly gloat. I dialed his number.

“Hello?” It wasn’t Ich’s voice that spoke. It sounded like a girl. I assumed it was Ichoo’s fiancée, Achikara.

“Heyo. It’s Mehrunes,” I said. “Do ya think I could talk to Ich?”

“O-oh. Mehrunes?” Achikara asked over the line.

“Yes. That is what I said,” I replied. “Something wrong there?”

“N-no! Nothing’s wrong…” Achikara responded. “Ich is busy right now is all…”

“Sorry but you sound nervous constantly and I usually assume the worse. Say, what is Ich busy doing right now, this is kinda important,” I replied. “Like this is probably more important than most things he could be doing.”

“H-he’s not done yet! He’ll come out soon…!” Achikara said.

“Wh-” I said. “No really, what is Ich doing. You’ve peaked my interest.”

“U-uhh…” Achikara was nervous. “H-he’s doing something. He’ll be finished soon…”

“Mate, that’s not an answer,” I replied.

“Y-yes it is!” She responded. “H-he’ll be done soon. R-really soon.”

“Well I mean, I guess it’s an answer, but it’s not an answer to the question of what the frick frack Ich is doing, but if you insist on being overly difficult and avoiding the question, I’ll wait for Ich,” I replied.

“O-okay, just h-hold on for a few minutes,” Achikara said.

“What am I holding on to?” I asked jokingly.

“O-onto your phone!” She replied, before saying quietly. “What else…?”

“I have no idea how to even begin to talk to you. So instead I’ll just wait for those few minutes you mentioned,” I replied.

“H-he’ll give you a call when he’s done. B-bye!” She then hung up.

“Strangest call of my life,” I commented. “Like actually. That was only super suspicious.”

“What?” Teleyon asked, typing on his laptop at the kitchen table.

“Well instead of Ich, it was Achi and because she’s shy beyond all reason she wouldn't tell me anything about what Ich was busy doing and so it just ended up sounding like she had something to hide,” I explained.

“Ooooooh, herrrrrrr.” Teleyon looked over at me. “Yeah, only Ich can really talk to her normally. She’s shy around anyone else.”

I slow clapped. Like really slow. Like, I clapped each word slow. My sarcasm was crystal clear. “Good job you figured it out, Sherlock. How did you do it!?”

“Because when I tried to communicate with her, she didn’t talk well?” Teleyon looked at me, raising an eyebrow in confusion. “I’m just saying what she does. Because you said that she ‘sounded like she had something to hide’. She’s only shy. She isn’t hiding anything. It’s about time you figure that out, Sherlock.” He shook his head and looked back at his screen, clearly not appreciative for my sarcasm.

“Clearly you haven’t known me for all that long or else you know I automatically assume EVERYONE has something to hide. Because a minute amount of people can live life without having any secrets. Clearly you're not Sherlock, sorry for insulting the name,” I replied back.

“It’s none of your business to look for secrets dude. So give them privacy,” Teleyon said, his eyes glued to his screen again.

I pretended to think about this before I responded, in actuality it was a bit. “No.”

“That’s your problem then. You could endanger yourself by doing that.” Teleyon shrugged, as he typed on his laptop.

“I will,” I replied nonchalantly.

“Anyway, can you check with Paulo and the bounty hunters?” Teleyon asked. “See how much time is left before we arrive at the Light Planet?”

“Sure man,” I replied, getting up and walking to the poileting room.

Paulo was in the pilots seat, driving the ship. Corpse was sitting beside him, while Hamshere was sitting behind Corpse.

“Telyon is impatient and wants to know how long till we get to the Light Planet,” I said.

“Soon,” Paulo said. “Asteroid belt slowing down.” Looking out of the window, I could see Paulo was driving pretty slowly and cautiously as there were asteroids all over.

“Alrighty then,” I replied, walking back to Teleyon.

“We’re in an asteroid belt and Paulo is driving slow. So we’ll be there soon,” I informed Teleyon.

“Okay good to know,” Teleyon said, typing more stuff on his laptop.

Then I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. So naturally, because I’m not Vivofit, I took it out and answered it. It was Ich.

“Hey Mehrunes, what do ya need?” Ich asked through the phone.

“Hey, so me and my bounty hunter friends and Teleyon and Hematite and his brother Quartz and Draco and some other people just raided the EFAI space station and got incriminating evidence against them and are bringing it to the council. So yeah,” I told Ich.

“…wait what?” Ich asked.

“I said… Me and my bounty hunter friends and Teleyon and Hematite and his brother Quartz and Draco and some other people just raided the EFAI space station and got incriminating evidence against them and are bringing it to the council. I said that, I thought it was pretty clear,” I replied.

“So is the EFAI down now? Can I take Saturn and Phoenix out of the realm?” Ich questioned.

“Nope, because we haven’t made it to the council and I have a sneaking suspicion we’re gonna be attacked,” I replied.

“You probably will be. Where are you right now?” Ich asked. “I’ll come to help you guys.”

I walked into the piloting room.

“So what planet are we next to?” I asked.

“Oh, the closest planet is uh…” Corpse looked at the spaceship’s radar. “Some dwarf planet in this asteroid belt. Forgot what its called. Isn’t in the system either.” He flicked the radar.

“Kay,” I said, walking out again to talk to Ich. “We’re out system, but I can release some energy and you can follow that.”

“Alright do that. I’ll search for it,” Ich replied.

I made a little ball of plasma in my hand that wasn't holding my phone, hoping that would be enough.

“Did you do it?” Ich asked.

“Give me a second,” I replied, putting my phone down and walking over to the door that Me and Hem came in last time. I opened it and left the ship, activating Full Star. Who knows how much longer I could activate this but I could assume it would be fine.

I then spotted Ich in front of me, floating in space on a cloud.

“Found you,” He said with a smile. “My real body will come here soon.” It was his projection thing.

I nodded, and flew back into the ship, obviously deactivating Full Star. And I walked back to my phone.

“Right, so I’m on my way. I’ll hang up now, okay?” Ich said, still on the phone.

“You do that,” I replied.

“And uhh, I was just training earlier. If you were curious,” Ich added.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Alright, see ya later!” He then hung up.

“And there’s that,” I said to myself.

“Uh huh. How much longer? Why are we even taking this path… with the asteroid belt?” Teleyon questioned from the kitchen table.

“I don’t know and I don’t care,” I replied bluntly.

“Well, can you check with them again?” Teleyon asked.

“The time probably hasn't changed from THREE MINUTES AGO when they said SOON, Tely,” I replied. “Keep your cool my guy. There’s no need to be impatient.”

“But we could possibly be attacked at any time! They wouldn’t just let us take the files, they would give us a fight,” Teleyon said. “Just check if they’re attacking yet.”

“I did when I left the ship so Ich could find us, and I’m about three seconds away from bloodying your nose,” I replied.

“Just check again, will you?” Teleyon retorted.

Before I could reply, the spaceship suddenly shook violently, which caused Rando to fall face first to the floor.

“Nevermind. That question has been answered.” Teleyon quickly packed his laptop and ran off to the pilot room.

I just rolled my eyes, and, not really caring for that mess, instead walked to where the ‘backup team’ was to see if any of them could help. But as I was walking towards the room, the ship shook again.

Whatever. Screw it.

I teleported there because time and I instantly started talking to Locke, Guy, Malum, and Lil Timmy.

“So can any of you make shields that can block this garbage?” I asked. “Wait, I’m dumb. Locke, block that will you?”

“What do you think I’ve been doing? I already made a barrier around the ship,” Locke replied. “Something is hitting the barrier.”

Malum did something with his hands, which looked like sign language.

“Malum says they’re here, and are attacking,” Guy translated, as Lil’ Timmy hid behind him like a scaredy cat baby.

“Yeah I got that much,” I replied.

“Do you know who is attacking?” Guy asked Malum.

Malum spoke in sign language once again, moving quicker this time. The spaceship suddenly shook again.

“Oh no,” Guy then said. “He says it’s Sadvak. The commander of the EFAI army…”

Malum continued his sign language rapidly, saying a lot at the same time.

“Okay I’ll bite, what’s his mutation?” I asked.

“None of us know what DNA he has…” Guy said as he tried to read what Malum was saying. Malum looked worried. “Slow down, Mal! I can’t understand you!”

Malum slowed down. Guy looked worried then.

“The leader of the EFAI himself is out there too…” Guy then said. “We’re not going to get past this alive…”

The spaceship shook once more, this time very violently as everyone went flying, hitting walls.

“Ugh! The barrier broke!” Locke exclaimed.

“Well, I don’t know about WE’RE not getting out of this alive, cuz I can totally just leave any time I want,” I replied.

“How would you leave?” Guy asked. “Teleportation? It probably won’t work since they really don’t want us to leave.”

“Just like fly away,” I shrugged. “I can in like so many ways. I dunno. I haven’t really thought about it very hard because I’m not a COWARD,”

“That’s not smart! Going out there while we’re atta--” Guy was saying but was interrupted. The spaceship suddenly shook again, and an explosion happened somewhere in the ship. An alarm went off, red lights flashed all over the ship. “What is going on out there?!”

Malum ran out of the room, and Guy, Locke, and Timmy joined him. I sighed and followed them. The alarm continued to ring as we entered the piloting room. Everyone was inside, including Fucia who I just noticed now. Outside the window, I saw a monster of some sort, with giant vines coming out of his back, throwing asteroids and causing all sorts of destruction for us.

“Crud, fricking crud…” Corpse muttered. “Can you get us out of this Paulo?!”

“Ship can’t move!” Paulo grunted.

“Well then, frick,” Corpse said. The monster grew closer to the ship, riding on an asteroid. It then let out this loud sound, and the glass of the ship suddenly shattered, opening up the vacuum of space.

I heard yelling and screaming as the monster suddenly made its way into the ship, giant dark vines coming out of it’s back. Frick….


To Be Continued…

yeah, to be continued in the next book...

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