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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 2)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 2)

Posted March 25th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 2: Draco


“What are your interests, Draco?” Yasach questioned.

It was the next morning.

I was in Eyujin’s office along with Fucia, and we were sitting down on chairs. Eyujin went to grab us some food to eat, and we met Yasach, Eyujin’s officemate. He was sitting at his desk working on something as Fucia and I were resting and waiting for Eyujin to return.

“Well I mean, I guess besides eating and fighting new and unique opponents, I mostly just like to hang out with people I like and improve myself. Just kinda live a slow burning adventure I guess,” I said.

“You don’t intend on going to school?” Yasach asked.

“Well, back where I used to live I would also read a lot of books. Most of them got blown up though. But I still have this one,” I said, before reaching into my backpack and pulling out the giant book Meh had given me about dragons so I’d be able to take care of Zephyr.

“Oh, a book about Dragons huh? If you’re interested, you could apply to university when you’re older and study Dragonology. Eyujin and I both study it,” Yasach said, typing something on his computer.

“Well I mean, ever since I got Zephyr, which is why one of my friends gave me this book, I’ve always liked Dragons. Course, I don’t know where Zephyr is at the moment. But who knows, you guys may find him an interesting specimen if I ever do find him,” I said.

“If you ever do find him?” Yasach asked.

“Well, you see… Judging from what some of my friends have told me… He MIGHT have been captured by the EFAI a few days ago. Which is pretty bad,” I said.

Yasach gave me a weird look, like I was out of my mind.

“It’s a long story,” I said. “I could tell you later.”

“Seems so.” Yasach went back to his computer.

We all just sat there quietly for a bit. It felt a tad awkward. Fucia seemed like she was trying to sleep even though we were sitting in just chairs.

“So, your dragon is named Zephyr, right?” Yasach then asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“The last spot it was at, where was it?” Yasach questioned.

“A remote complex on Ertin. It was made by two elemental masters that two of my friends train under,” I said.

“Ertin huh? And it disappeared.” Yasach clicked around on his computer.

“Well, judging from what my friend told me, they just kinda left him there before the group of people living there including them just kinda all ran off to different places. None of them could take Zephyr because his presence in a town or city would cause a lot of problems,” I said. “Fucia and I were off planet at the time so we couldn’t do anything.”

“Well, I don’t need to know about that. But I’ve found some information online. Someone has spotted a dragon on Ertin,” Yasach said.

“Really? What kind?” I asked.

“Looking at it, I’d guess it’s an Electric Dragon,” Yasach said.

“Hmmm, Zephyr is part electric…” I said. “What colors are it?”

“Doesn’t say. It was moving too fast, that’s why I assume it’s an Electric Dragon. There was thunder at the site too, which is why I assumed electric and not light.”

“Hmmm… Where on Ertin did this happen?” I asked.

“It was private property,” Yasach said.

“Sounds like it could be Zephyr…” I said. “Dragons aren’t native to Ertin afterall.”

“There are some that are, but they never come out into the public,” Yasach replied.

“Of course since it’s a lightning dragon we don’t know where it could have traveled in the time it took for that report to get out,” I commented.

“Seems like it didn’t travel on it’s own,” Yasach said.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“From the report,” Yasach replied. “There was no evidence that showed the EFAI being involved, so I don’t know about that. But the dragon was injured and then disappeared.”

Well of course the EFAI wouldn’t be mentioned. They seemed to have a way of hiding their activities out of public eye.

“The culprit was a man named Vindict Shooru, it says. He was not found. The dragon may have killed him,” Yasach said. “But his men have been found and have been imprisoned. That criminal won’t be committing crimes anymore.” He looked over at me. “So that’s who injured your dragon. However, it’s whereabouts are unknown. But the EFAI was not involved here, so you are mistaken about that. Or so, your friend is mistaken.”

I thought back on the information Ich gave me to see if it anything matched up.

“Either way, your dragon may have ran off, but with it’s injuries that’s unlikely. It may either be dead, having disintegrated from the attack, or it’s been… captured as you said. The reporters and inspectors didn’t find any dragon on the site, or any sort of evidence that showed it was alive,” Yasach said.

I continued thinking it over. Ich hadn’t given me a lot of detail what all had happened… He just said there was an attack and that the complex got destroyed. But he did say it was EFAI related, they had appeared after the attack and then Ich and the others all fled, leaving Zephyr behind. Of course I can’t just argue that the EFAI is behind it without any evidence. So I still have no clue where Zephyr is. Great. All that’s really left to do is wait for Eyujin to come back with breakfast.

I put the dragon book back in my backpack.

“I’m back!” Eyujin then appeared at the door of the office with two bags in his hands. “And I’ve brought food! You’ll probably like it, it’s a healthy and nutritious breakfast sandwich.” He set the bags down at his desk and took out two sandwiches. They were wrapped up in some sort of paper. He handed the sandwiches to me.

It was then by this point that I finally realized I hadn’t eaten for like, a day. After nudging Fucia awake we both began to eat the sandwiches.

They didn’t taste that bad. Pretty good actually.

“Hey Eyujin, did you know that Draco has a pet dragon?” Yasach then said.

“He does?” Eyujin looked over at me.

“Yeah, his name was Zephyr. He lived back on a private Ertin complex with me and my friends. But he’s gone missing after it got attacked. So far Yasach has concluded he’s either dead, or captured. Regardless, we don’t know where he is,” I replied, taking another bite out my sandwich.

Eyujin was looking at Yasach’s computer screen, looking at the report from what I could assume.

“Seems so,” Eyujin then said. “That dragon disappeared. Probably either dead or captured. Yet there is no trace of evidence stating it was captured. It just flat out disappeared.”

“Well there’s not gonna be any evidence of it being captured since it’s likely Zephyr didn’t struggle or anything if it’s completely clear of that. He was probably unconscious. Plus it’s not like they’re gonna leave evidence of capturing stuff. That would raise suspicion. Heck, who says they even used tools in the first place?” I said, mostly to myself.

“Draco says it was the EFAI that was behind all this,” Yasach told Eyujin.

“That’s unlikely, the EFAI is a professional company that does research on human DNA and other creatures DNA,” Eyujin said, shaking his head. “And Dr. He is their leader, and he’s well respected among scientists.”

“I guess you could describe it like that, even if it’s leaving out a lot of stuff,” I said. “Also Dr. He doesn’t work there anymore. He left a long while ago.”

“Oh, did he?” Yasach asked.

“Indeed. I would know. On a mission that me and two of my friend were tasked with by Elemental Master Elec, we were tasked with retrieving Dr. He from some sort of mountain fortress that he was captured in. We ran into people who were also seeking him out. Neither team was able to capture him, because he was able to escape. And it's hard to find him if you don’t know him because of all the clones he has across the galaxy,” I said.

“Hmm… this is a difficult topic. If we want to know more we’d have to contact the EFAI,” Eyujin said, scratching his chin.

“Oh trust me they aren’t gonna give you much. Heck they might just blow it off like they do a lot of things. Like what they did to some people I’ve met recently. Including my twin brother,” I said.

“We could contact Dr. He’s other company,” Yasach suggested.

“What company is that?” I asked.

“It’s his personal company, Dr. He’s Laboratory. He runs it on his own, with only his close friends and workers assisting him,” Yasach said.

“Okay,” I said.

“Yeah. But we shouldn’t worry about Dr. He and the EFAI since it’s none of our business. Finish your breakfast because we’re going to train again, Draco!” Eyujin exclaimed.

We could always approach the situation later anyway.

“Right!” I said before finishing my sandwich in two bites.

By this point Fucia had finished as well and she looked more awake than before. We both stood up from our chairs, both of us doing some basic arm and leg stretches stretches.

“We’re not going to train here,” Eyujin said.

“Where are we gonna train this time?” I asked.

“Well, we lost Broshi, but I have an idea for warming up,” Eyujin said. “We’ll go down to the training chamber like last time.”

“Oh okay,” I said.

“Let’s go then, shall we?” Eyujin headed for the door.

Fucia and I nodded and followed after him. I wondered what training we’d be doing today. It could be all sorts of things for all I know, plasma could seemingly do a lot.

“Anyway, we’re still going to work on making your body stronger. You can’t really learn more advanced plasma techniques without a powerful body, you know?” Eyujin said as we walked.

“Yeah, it’s been a limitation I’ve had for a while.” I nodded.

“And I haven’t really ever had much training so I couldn’t really do much more than I currently can,” Fucia added as we approached the chamber.

“Well, you’ll still do basics Fucia. You’ll be Draco’s sparring partner today.”

“But I can’t deal with his transformations past Double,” Fucia said, confused by Eyujin’s idea.

We entered the training chamber, and Eyujin went into the storage room. He came out with some sort of suit. “Draco, put this on.”

“What is it?” I asked as I took off my jacket and set it by the door along with my backpack and fingerless gloves that I still have yet to use before reaching to the suit.

“It’s a handicap. It’s very heavy, and will limit your ability, so you can fight against Fucia without harming her too much,” Eyujin explained. “When you get used to it, your body will become stronger than before. It’s basic but very efficient.”

I then took the suit from his hands. He then let go of it and I almost crashed to the floor by just holding it with my hands! It was crazy how heavy it was!

“See?” Eyujin smirked. “After this, you’ll be much stronger.”

“No kidding!” I grunted as I slowly maneuvered the suit until I finally got it on and zipped it up.

My legs were trembling. I could hardly balance myself.

“How much does this thing even weigh?” I asked as I struggled to stand upright.

“It changes weight depending on what you can take. I got you a heavy one to start with though,” Eyujin said.

“So it adapts to your limits?” I said, finally able to stand straight, whacking the suit. It was durable that's for sure. “Interesting!”

“Yes, that’s exactly what it does.” Eyujin nodded. “Now, you can go ahead and spar with Fucia.”

I then took a step forward, it took about five full seconds to do so.

“So what’s stopping him from just using his transformations or techniques to bypass it?” Fucia questioned. She had a point. I tried to activate Double Draco Eye by charging energy, but nothing was happening.

“Everything is harder to do. You have to surpass your limits to use any of your techniques. Draco’s already struggling to move! Let alone fight!” Eyujin exclaimed.

“At this rate I won’t even be able to even jog without training with this thing. Let alone sprint!” I grunted as I took two more steps forward. I felt even weaker than when we first trained with Glare. And that was certainly impressive in terms of how encumbering this suit was.

Speaking of which, I could barely move my arms in this thing. It’d be a feat and a half to get up if I happened to fall over.

“Can you even make plasma in that thing?” Fucia asked.

“I can barely charge any energy at all. So no, I probably can’t make plasma any bigger than a pin prick,” I said as I started walking in a circle with a one two rhythm to try and adapt to the weight. It was getting microscopically easier to deal with. Still took five seconds to take a single step though. Do people at this university really use these? Man, they must be incredibly strong!

“Alright, but before you two spar…” Eyujin said, walking forward. “Warmup! Let’s go, Draco, drop down and give me a hundred and fifty pushups!”

“A HUNDRED AND FIFTY?!” I exclaimed.

“C’mon, I did say this was gonna be difficult, and you signed up for it,” Eyujin said, pushing me onto my stomach. I felt like a turtle on its back. “Now get your pushups done!”

“What should I do, Mida sir?” Fucia asked as I tried to push myself up.

“You do push ups too. You have to work on your strength as well,” Eyujin said with a smile to her.

“Right!” She said before she started to to do push ups. By the time she had done ten of them, slowly, I was barely half way through one.

“Grrr…” I grunted as I pushed myself up.

“Alright, thats one, a hundred and forty nine to go, making good time Draco!” Eyujin said with a laugh as I nearly collapsed to the ground before trying to do a second push up.

“T…Two,” I said as I did the push up incrementally faster than the first before dropping down and starting the third one.

After what felt like two hours I had finally reached number ten. By this point, Fucia was nearing her hundredth push up.

This was indeed a challenge. My body felt like it was burning.

“E… Eleven,” I grunted as I completed another push-up.

My arms felt like they were gonna collapse into bloody stumps of mush.

After what felt like two more hours I had nearly breached the thirties while Fucia was nearing three hundred.

Now the pain was going all the way down to my bones. It felt like they were gonna break. I can’t see how I’d be able to do a hundred and fifty pushups on the first go. I’d be lucky to get to forty before my arms shatter.

“Th-thirty two…” I said, my arms shaking as I pushed myself up before lowering back to the ground. “Thirty… three…”

My arms were close to giving out, I swear I heard one make a clicking noise.

“I don’t think that’s supposed to sound like that,” Fucia said to Eyujin, concerned as by now she had stopped doing push ups due to being tired.

“Th-thirty… four,” I said as I finished another push-up before starting again. “Thirty… five… *CRACK!*”

I collapsed to the floor the moment the sound rang out, my left arm throbbing with pain. I couldn’t move.

“Ugh… ARGH!” I yelled in pain as I struggled on the floor.

“Well, you failed,” Eyujin said. “Get back up and keep going. You’re restarting now. Give me a hundred and fifty from the beginning now.”

“I think his left arm is broken,” Fucia said.

“Doesn’t matter. Do it with a broken arm, or do it with one arm,” Eyujin said, smirking evilly.

I struggled, trying to put my right arm under me. I had to start over somehow. But I can’t support this suit with just one arm.

“Grr… RARGH!” I yelled as I felt a little bit of my wrath technique activate with the small amount of energy I had charged. And I winced in pain as it's healing factor slowly pieced my left arm back together. By the end of the process, my left arm was shaking due to the pain of it being fixed and healed by brute force after being snapped in half.

“One…” I said as I did a push up, faster than before. But still slow. “Two…”

I was getting fractions faster with each push up. It was hard to tell.

“Three… Four…” I said through my gritted teeth as my arms still ached. But I couldn’t just stop. I’d be stuck in this thing if I did. “Five… Six… Seven… Eight…”

I kept on going. Getting faster each time.

“Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twelve!” I said.

“See, nothing to worry about,” Eyujin said to Fucia. “This is how we all learn. Through hardship.”

“THIRTEEN! FOURTEEN! FIFTEEN! SIXTEEN!” I yelled as now I was almost doing pushups as fast as a normal human.

“Keep it up, Draco.”


This went on for a long time, I pushed past forty, fifty, sixty, seventy. I didn’t know what had gotten into me. Fucia couldn’t seem to tell either.

Eighty, ninety, a hundred. Hundred ten, hundred twenty, hundred thirty. I was almost there.

Before I knew it I was nearing the end of the hundred forties.


Upon hitting that number I used all my strength to jump back onto my feet. The amount of strain I was feeling was so unbearable I couldn’t help but just scream for about two minutes upon standing straight up.


“You all warmed up, Draco?” Eyujin then asked.

“You could say that…” I said as I took in sharp inhales of air as I felt the adrenaline dial down in my body.

“You ready to spar with Fucia, then?” Eyujin asked.

“I’m ready if he is,” Fucia said.

“Well I am,” I grunted as I got into a pose that sort’ve looked like my normal fighting stance, only it wasn’t as rigid due to the strain my arms were feeling. I noticed they were still shaking slightly from the pain.

Fucia also got into a fighting stance.

From my experience, her at full power was a bit higher than my Draco Eye form. So combining that with my sore and weakened arms and this suit, I’m clearly at a disadvantage. Plus, the end of my feet ached due to the exercise, so kicks will be harder to do as well… let alone with the added weight.

I tried to crete as much power and energy in order to slightly boost my power. It gave me a weak faint blue aura. Meanwhile, Fucia surrounded herself in a much more impressive looking aura of blue fire and electricity.

We looked at each other from across the chamber with determined yet tired eyes. Even if we are in a relationship, we would still have to give our best.

“Go!” Eyujin exclaimed.

Fucia then shot a beam of electricity at me. I initially rolled out of the way, barely doding it due to my slowed down self.

But by the time I got upright, I suddenly was slammed with a rushing glacier of ice, slamming me into the wall. Luckily I was able to use the small amount of energy I had to activate Dragon Scales to minimize the damage.

I then used another piece of the small energy pool to make a plasma blast to bore through the ice and get out.

It was a good thing I did, because a split second after I got out, Fucia engulfed the glacier I used to be in completely in blue flames.

So far my main downside has been my inability to charge enough energy while still being able to dodge attacks. I needed to think of something.

“Draco, you can’t just strategize standing still all the time you know,” Eyujin called out, snapping me out of my concentration. I then realized Fucia was floating above me, about to throw down a volley of lightning bolts.

Thinking quickly, I shot out a burst of plasma at my feet, controlling it's output so it would just blow me away rather than deal damage and detonated it, making me avoid the bolts by a slim margin.

That gave me an idea.

Eyujin said we could use any part of our body to shoot plasma, right? Even though the hands are most effective.

I was running around the chamber, trying my best to dodge Fucia’s attacks.

What if I were to channel plasma to my arms, legs and feet? Maybe I could use the burst plasma to boost my mobility by detonating it to change my speed.

I then focused and made plasma energy spread throughout my body, focusing it in my arms, legs and feet along with my hands. I felt them begin to tingle and sting like they had a current running through them as I saw my arms and legs get wrapped in a veil of blue fire. I could see small streaks of electricity zip across me as well.

“Let’s see what I can do now,” I thought before stretching my arms out to each side of me and leaning one of my legs forward.

“GO!” I then detonated a burst of plasma from next to my elbows and the backs of my calves.

I rocketed forward, dodging a fireball attack Fucia must’ve shot at me. It felt a bit unwieldy trying to keep my footing and keeping my arms in the right position though.

“Why do you have your arms like that? What are you trying to be, a plane?” Fucia asked, confused by what I was doing.

“Kinda I guess,” I replied before boosting forward again. Only this time, I was controlling the output to be a bit more manageable.

“Well then, plane boy, let’s see if you can fly!” Fucia said before suddenly the ground underneath me shot into the air, it’s momentum taking me with it.

I used the bursts to stabilize myself before using them to shoot me towards one of the chamber walls.

As I zipped towards it I used the bursts to change my positioning so I would land against the wall with my palms and soles facing it. As I landed against the wall, I then shot out a large burst from each of my feet, shooting me at high speed.

As I slowed down I realized I was above Fucia.

Thinking quickly, I used the plasma in my legs to cover them in even more blue fire before axe kicking her in the back causing her to fall to the ground.

Of course doing so made me lose some of my momentum so I had to use bursts to allow me to land.

“Huh, that one stung a bit,” Fucia commented as she got up, seemingly fine before looking at Eyujin. “He’s doing better then I thought he would. He’s going pretty fast with the whole fiery leg and arm thing.”

“His body is slowly adapting to his handicap. You’d better watch out,” Eyujin remarked with a smile.

As he was speaking I used my new method to do another wall jump. I was starting to get the hang of this! I could try to explain it but it’s just a lot of aerodynamics and math. Besides, it’s just a simple idea of using knockback to control my speed as well as granting me more control in the air.

I could also slowly feel some more energy return to me. I could probably use my three stat techniques more reliably now.

“Alright, I’ll put more effort into it,” Fucia said as she then began shooting blue fire and electricity at a more rapid rate.

“You should put all of your effort Fucia. We’re going to test Draco’s limits,” Eyujin said to her.

“Alright,” She said before she was engulfed in an electrified blue fire of an aura shooting attacks everywhere.

I activated Agility and used the bursts to allow me to dodge the barrage of bolts and fireballs.

Suddenly, as I was about to land against a wall for a jump, Fucia made a sheet of ice all across the walls of the chamber causing me to slide down in a funnel like motion towards her in the middle.

“Can’t use the same old trick, Draco,” Eyujin said as I could feel more energy charging up inside me as I slid along.

I looked up to see Fucia charging a giant beam of electricity and fire.

But I could feel a lot more energy coursing through me. Surely I had enough.

“Well then, let’s see how this old trick works!” I exclaimed as Fucia prepared to fire the beam as I was underneath her.

I the harnessed the energy and unleashed my Draco Eye before countering her beam with a small Novanihilator, the most I could dish out in Draco Eye.

This caused a giant explosion of light to fill the room, evaporating the ice and launching both me and Fucia against opposing walls of the chamber, while Eyujin just stood in his spot with a grin.

Fucia and I both fell to the floor as the light faded away.

“Ugh… my head. How fast did I hit that wall? Mach three?” I groaned as I slowly stood up. Fucia did the same.

The suit felt a bit less obscenely heavy. Granted, that may be because of the Draco Eye. But I had adapted to it a little bit.

“I didn’t expect a burst Novanihilator like that to have so much force behind it,” Fucia said with a bit of a smile as she walked over to me.

“Probably was thanks to spur of the moment adrenaline. But I’m surprised how well that alternate style I came up with worked,” I said, rubbing the back of my head.

“Yeah, it was a surprise that’s for sure,” Fucia said. “It could help sometime.”

“Yeah. I think I’ll call it something like… Boost Style. Yeah, I like the sound of that,” I said with a nod and a smile. “Also I was finally able to transform. Still don’t have enough stored up energy for it plus Wrath or Sparking Spirit or anything like that. Let alone Double.”

I then noticed Eyujin approaching the two of us. Maybe he thought we’d keep sparring. But we had gotten pretty bruised from that last attack. We had a few cuts too. Fucia would probably have to heal us when we were finished.

“Well, not bad,” Eyujin said with a grin. “Keep that suit on, Draco. If you get used to the strain, you can use other techniques of yours without struggle.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

“Do I just keep doing basic training for now?” Fucia asked.

“Yes, and you should still consider choosing a few elements to work with. You won’t get any better if you don’t practice, and practicing them all is very difficult,” Eyujin said to her.

“Hmmm… I think I’ve settled on three,” She said. “Healing, Plasmafire and Ice.”

“Ah, good! Healing is not too difficult. You’ll find difficulty if you try to heal fatal wounds. Those are very hard, because if you mess up you could end up killing the person you’re trying to heal. Of course, it all depends on the method of healing,” Eyujin said.

“Okay,” She said as she was now healing our cuts and bruises. It also helped ease the aching in my arms.

“So what else will we do today? Same as before?” I asked as Fucia finished and I just felt a bit sore in my arms. She was pretty good at healing small injuries.

“Well you get a break to rest for now. I’ll let you know what we’ll do after,” Eyujin replied.

“Oh okay sir,” I said, doing a little bow, being careful not to fall over. Fucia and I then walked over next to my things and sat against the wall.

While we were there I decided to put on the fingerless gloves I had gotten from Glare. I never had used them before now. They had some padding on them, probably to minimize shocks absorbed into my hands. And if I clenched my fist and pushed on a small soft button on the palm it made these green spikes come out above the knuckles of the glove. They seemed to have electric sparks running along them. Maybe to stun or boost the power of my attacks. Like the apparatus in my jacket, I hadn’t used it much or at all. Although the energy and heat management vents on the jacket and the pants could’ve helped with things. Maybe I just saw it as a unfair advantage, didn’t use em at the tournament. Granted people brought armor and summoned weapons inside the arena anyway, so maybe I took the rule a bit too literally. Doubt it would’ve changed anything against Jasper though. Maybe make me last a few more seconds against his heat wave attack, but that would be about it. Might’ve made sparking spirit a bit less of a burden. Granted Glare didn’t know about that move anyway. Course there’s also the fact that he probably wouldn’t make something to completely nullify my downsides. What would be the point in improving? Either I’d just get stronger with my best attributes while the clothes nullified them or I’d just request better specs once they got overwhelmed. Didn’t seem like the best training motivator. Kinda like the armor I found that Jasper also destroyed. I had depended on it for a while. Once most of it got shattered I had to focus more on dodging rather than parrying attacks. The same could be said about my transformations too. After I unlocked Draco Eye, I trained in my base off and on. After Double became a thing I basically only used Draco Eye most of the time. Combine all of this reliance on multipliers and outside tools with a lack of a master. Maybe that’s why in terms of base form alone I’ve fallen so far behind Ich, Satu and Meh. They unlocked their stuff later and when their bases were stronger. Heck, Ich doesn’t even have a transformation for all I knew and he’s the strongest of all of us. I should focus on training my base form to be stronger. At least before I master Full Ascended. That way the multipliers would have more of an effect.



to be continued in the next chapter... 

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