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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 5)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 5)

Posted April 3rd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 5: Locke


“Nah, I think we’re good,” Fumard said, a cigarette in his mouth as he inhaled the smoke.

In front of him, taking a seat, was this beautiful woman who was making a deal with him. I stood by since I was his bodyguard. This was how I stayed hidden. If I was out in the public, the EFAI would be able to find me. But Fumard lived in the shadows, making deals and trades with all sorts of people. So far I’ve seen businessman, criminals, and bounty hunters too. He told me he stayed off the radar of the public eye, meaning he didn’t go out in public too much. Said people would know more about him. Also that the police were after him.

I’ve also stopped a few bounty hunters from trying to capture him. He was a wanted man, but I made a deal with him to stay with him so that the EFAI wouldn’t find me.

Luckily, my appearance meant most people didn’t see me as a threat until I actually showed them my power.

“You don’t want it?” The lady asked.

“Don’t want it. You keep it.” Fumard exhaled some smoke.

“Alright then, if you say so…” The lady then left. She had offered him alcohol, but Fumard denied it. Yeah, we were in another nightclub.

“Alcohol’s bad fer ya, kid,” Fumard then said to me. “Normal people get drunk and when they drunk, they do all sorts of things. Bad things at most, and they regret it later. Better not to drink any of that poison. Makes ya unable to think.” He inhaled some of his cigarette. “Takes ya smarts away, and I get scammed real good, kiddo. That’s why I don’t drink.”

“I believe that’s due to its compounds deactivating certain important decision making functions of the brain,” I replied as I kept an eye on our surroundings. Making sure I was ready to stop anyone or any projectiles from hitting us.

“Exactly, kiddo.” Fumard laughed.

“So do you have any other clients or can we leave? I’ve never liked the moral air of these places,” I said.

“Yep, kids shouldn’t be here,” Fumard replied, exhaling some smoke.

He was right. I was a hundred percent sure I was younger than anyone here by at least five years. I looked very out of place. Granted, most of the people in this club didn’t look ‘normal’ either. They all looked like bandits, crooks, people who hid away due to their actions. They weren’t exactly very modest either.

“If I had an ultim for everytime someone glared at me in this dang club, I’d have enough to rent an apartment for four months,” I commented as yet another person walking by glared at me skeptically. I did the same.

“Of course, yer out of place here,” Fumard said. “Happens every time, kiddo.”

I simply shrugged before looking back at him. “You never did answer my question about whether or not you had another client tonight.”

“I do. Meetin’ with ‘em soon,” Fumard said.

“What do they look like?” I asked.

“They got a mask on, a red metal mask,” Fumard replied. “They’re not exactly friendly, so I’d prepare for a fight.”

“Right,” I said as I made my eyes glow a soft purple and scanned the crowds around us. Tensed up and on guard, I scanned the people in the club. No one matched Fumard’s description.

Then Fumard’s phone rang. “Oh, it’s them.” He picked up. “Eyyyy, how’s ya doin’? What, we’re meetin’ out in the back? Will do, I’ll be right there.” He hung up and got up. “We’re leavin’ now.”

“Right,” I said, I was able to hear some of the call so I knew to still stay on guard as we exited the building.

Fumard looked around, and then walked over behind the building. I followed. Then we spotted the guy with the red metal mask. He was armed, but didn’t draw his weapon. From looking at what he had I could identify some sort of pistol, made out of the same red metal of his mask.

“Heyyy there.” Fumard walked up to him, exhaling smoke in the process. “I got what ya wanted. Ya have the money on ya?”

“Yes,” The masked guy replied. His voice was deep and rusty, it sounded like there was something in his mask that made his voice sound kind of robotic. He reached into his pocket and pulled out cash, wrapped together. It was a lot of money. It was a few inches thick.

Fumard reached into his pocket and pulled out a small container, that was only an inch thick.

I tried to see what was inside before he would give it to the red masked guy. But they exchanged their items with each other and I didn’t get to see.

“Pleasure doin’ business with ya,” Fumard said, counting the money.

“We’re not done yet,” the red masked guy said. “There’s a pretty good bounty on your head. Sorry to do this, but I need the money.” He reached for his pistols and pulled them out quickly.

Fumard looked up at him and saw him with his weapons, and frowned with his cigarette in his mouth.

I looked at him to see if he would give the signal for me to step in. But Fumard didn’t give any signal, he just looked at the red masked guy with a frown. Like a friend finding out one of their friends ate their leftovers without their permission. Which is odd considering he’s at gunpoint right now.

“*SIGH*” Fumard then sighed, and put away the money. “Fine then.” He looked at me and gave me the signal.

I took in a deep breath and exhaled, giving me a soft glowing purple aura as I walked in front of Fumard and stood between him and the red masked man. I looked up at him, giving him a warning look.

“A kid, huh?” The red masked guy fired his guns. But bullets didn’t come out. One of his guns let out a tall blade, and the other let out a chain with a sharp edge at the end of it. He spun the chain above him as he positioned himself with the blade.

Seeing this, I grabbed Fumard and teleported him back inside the club before teleporting back out to the back. Best to get him out of harm’s way. I examined the red masked guy’s weapons.

The blade was around five feet long, and the chain was around ten. So he would be pretty dangerous at long range. But that chain can’t really help him if I’m too close to let him be able to hit me with it at full force. Same with the blade.

“What’s a kid doing here out of all places?” The red masked guy questioned, spinning the chain above his head, prepared to attack.

“Ensuring their survival,” I said coldly as my purple aura got more intense and I began to float a bit off the ground, my absorbed crystal aiding my power as well.

“Oh yes, survival.” The red masked guy looked up at me, still prepared. “If you want to survive, you shouldn’t try and fight me then.”

From what I could tell he didn’t have much of a high energy level. His most dangerous attribute at this point would be that he’s armed with long range melee weapons.

“I’d say the same to you,” I said to the masked man.

“You’re dealing with the bounty hunter Red Rampage. I wouldn’t say that,” he retorted.

“Buddy, if you don’t turn away now, while you will still be red, you’ll be too broken to rampage,” I said in a menacing tone. This was his last chance to get out of here unharmed.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of myself if I were you,” Red Rampage replied.

I simply sighed before looking at him, my face saying I was done with his attitude. “Then show me why I shouldn’t.”

Red Rampage then swung the chain at my head. Seeing this, I dodged it quickly, making sure to keep out of the range of his sword. The chain came around again to hit me.

I dodged it again. So it is more then just a flail. By this point the chain was around twenty feet long. It must have some sort of special function or enchantment. It’s too long to be used like a regular whip or flail at its current length.

Suddenly, the chain wrapped around my leg, and I was pulled towards Red Rampage. He then quickly stabbed me in the gut with his blade, before he tossed me at the wall with his chain. Even though his energy was low, his skills and instincts were advanced. Of course, at this point I was just using regular fighting tactics without my powers.

I got back up, seeing that I was bleeding from the hole in my gut. Red Rampage stood a few feet away, swinging his chain above his head. It also had shrunk back to ten feet. There was blood on his blade too.

The wound in my gut hurt quite a bit. But it was nowhere near crippling. It just really hurt. It wouldn’t kill me at all, Red Rampage wasn’t trying to kill me. He only harmed me to show me that he could do stuff.

“Now you should run off,” Red Rampage said, spinning his chain. “We don’t have to go any further than this.”

I used psychic energy to cover the wound so I wouldn’t lose any more blood. Red Rampage remained in his spot, prepared to attack again if needed be.

“Well?” Red Rampage asked.

Silently, I focused on his weapons, to see if I could use my psychic powers on them in some form. Red Rampage seemed to have caught on to what I was doing, and the chain slashed me across the face, making a line of blood, diagonally streaking across my face. Luckily, he didn't hit either of my eyes but the blade definitely scratched near my left. Maybe he wasn’t aiming for them. But now isn’t the time for assumptions. He broke my focus before I could do anything to his weapons so I can’t just stand here and disarm him.

“You should run along, kid,” Red Rampage then said, his chain and blade returning inside the pistols. He put away his weapons.

I ran my hand along my forehead, feeling a sting where he cut it and saw it had already bled a lot. There were red streaks going down my face.

Granted, I don’t really need to beat him. I just need to get Fumard and I away from him.

Red Rampage stood there as he looked at me. “What are you doing with Fumard, anyway?”

“Not being in the public,” I said as I was waiting for a moment to teleport.

“Is there something wrong being in the public? Cuz you’re a kid, and you’re at a nightclub. Seems wrong to me,” Red Rampage said.

“Oh trust me. I’d be worse off in public than at a shady nightclub,” I said as I detected for Fumards energy so I would be right next to him once I teleported away, making it easier for me to get him.

But for some reason, I sensed Fumard’s energy nearby. I then spotted him standing with a cigarette in his mouth, with his hands in his pocket. He also had shades on.

I squinted at him as blood from the cut on my face messed up my sight a bit.

“Fumard, what are you doing with this kid?” Red Rampage questioned him.

“He’s my bodyguard,” Fumard replied, exhaling smoke. “Just as he said, he’s supposed to stay out of the public.”

“That’s not right for children,” Red Rampage said. “I’ve decided I don’t want to capture you anymore. So you’re safe.”

“You wouldn’t be able to catch me anyway,” Fumard replied with a grin.

Red Rampage looked over at me. “I’m interested in this child. He wasn’t afraid of me even though I was armed.”

I spat on the ground before looking at him.

“Please, I’ve seen people a lot scarier than a masked man with a chain and a sword,” I said as I wiped the blood out of my eyes.

“Like?” Red Rampage questioned.

“Horrible people,” I said coldly.

“Horrible people aren’t scary,” Red Rampage said.

“They are. And don’t bother asking. You're an adult. From what I can tell you haven’t been through something like what I have,” I said.

“He’s a mutant,” Fumard said, holding his cigarette between two of his fingers as he exhaled smoke. “He escaped from the scientists that mutated him, and they tryna’ get him back. That’s why he’s hidin’ with me.”

“I see,” Red Rampage said. He looked down at me. “What’s your name, little guy?”

“For as long as I’ve known, I’ve been called Locke,” I said.

“Locke.” Red Rampage nodded. “Sorry about your injuries. I can treat them for you.”

“Go ahead if you want,” I said as I wiped blood off my face, leaving it a red tinge.

Red Rampage then took out a small med-kit, and began treating my wounds. After awhile, my wounds were all covered up. A piece of cloth wrapped around my torso covering the wound in my gut, and I had a bandage on my face. It was basically a white line going diagonally from left to right down my face.

“Thanks,” I said as I could feel the wounds sting a bit from the germ killing stuff put on em.  I probably looked silly with the bandage making my head look like a reverse percentage sign.

“No problem.” Red Rampage put away the med-kit. “Fumard, you gotta do something else with this kid. How could you make him your bodyguard?”

Fumard shrugged. “He is capable.”

“No he’s not, he wouldn’t have lasted a minute against me,” Red Rampage said to him.

“He chose to serve me. If he wanted to hide from the scientists, I told ‘em he had to give me something in exchange.” Fumard took his cigarette and tossed it aside. I noticed he was being cautious and didn’t mention the EFAI. He only said scientists.

“Sure I’m not the strongest out there right now. But it’s not like there’s many other places for me to go. Most people wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through even if I did tell them. I’m trapped inside the equivalent of a tight wooden box. I can’t move until something breaks.”

“Fumard isn’t safe to be around,” Red Rampage said. “You haven’t gone everywhere with him yet, since you’re still here.” He looked over at Fumard. “I’ll take him. You’re fine on your own.”

“What’ll you give me in exchange?” Fumard asked, pulling out a package of cigarettes and taking one out. He used a lighter to light it up and then inhaled some of it.

“I’ll give you something later,” Red Rampage said. “Or let’s see, in exchange I won’t capture you for bounty.”

Fumard chuckled. “You good with that, kid?”

“As long as I’m not getting sent back to those scientists or am going to be in the public a lot. I’m fine with it,” I said.

“You’ll be fine then,” Fumard exhaled some smoke. “Kay, Red, you can take ‘em. Be careful, Locke.”

“As if that’s anything different from what I’ve normally done,” I commented.

Fumard chuckled. “See ya later!” He then walked off, leaving me with Red Rampage.

“Let’s go, Locke,” Red Rampage said.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Home,” Red Rampage replied. “My home.”

“What are we gonna do anyway?” I asked.

“Rest. Eat. Relax. I’m not going on another mission yet,” Red Rampage replied.

Those three words just sounded a bit weird to me. “Is that all?”

“You said you don’t want to go in the public. I go out quite a bit,” Red Rampage replied.

“Fair enough,” I said.

He led me past the nightclub building to a red spaceship made out of the same metal as his mask. The doors of the spaceship opened as we approached, and Red Rampage headed on in, and I followed. The doors closed behind us.

Inside was a neat tidy area that looked like a living room, and there were a few other rooms inside. This was a spaceship and a house.

“I live here alone,” Red Rampage said. “So if anyone comes, they’re not invited.”

I looked over at Red Rampage, and inspected how he looked a bit more closely. He wore a black suit, and had black helmet on, and there was that red metal covering his face. He had a belt that had his weapons, the two pistols and a few other items that I had no clue what they were.

But I could always find that out later. Right now I’m more focused on how long it’s gonna take this cut on my face to heal.

“Are your injuries bothering you?” Red Rampage then asked, as he headed into the kitchen.

“Probably isn’t an injury if it doesn’t,” I said as I lied against a chair.

“Well, I don’t have any healing drugs or something that would help. I’ve got painkillers if you want.”

“It’s alright, it mostly stings due to my mutations. Luckily all you hit wasn’t my eyes or anything,” I said.

“Yeah, I was holding back so I didn’t harm you too much,” Red Rampage replied. “Well, we’re gonna lift off.” He lifted his arm and I saw he had black gauntlets of some sort. There was a screen on his right one. He tapped something on it and the spaceship took off into the air.

Red Rampage then grabbed his helmet to take it off. He took off the helmet then, and long orange hair fell downwards. I then realized… Red Rampage was actually a woman! She was a beautiful woman with long orange hair and blue eyes. Most men would probably fall for her charms.

“Huh. Guess you had a voice modulator or something? Or did your voice always sound like that?” I asked, a considerable amount surprised by this revelation. I certainly did not expect this.

“It is a modulator,” she said. Her real voice did sound way less deeper, she sounded like a woman. “Usually people are surprised when I take off the helmet.” She set the helmet on the kitchen table.

“Well I mean, I am. But I guess not as much as you expected,” I said.

“Well you are a child.” She smiled. She took a seat at the table. “Tell me your story, if you’d be kind enough to do so.”

“Hmmm…” I was skeptical. “How do I know I can tell you all the details and not notify the scientists or something?”

“They’re just scientists, aren’t they? It’s a big galaxy, they can’t find you that easily,” Red Rampage said.

“I mean, they could if I wasn’t hidden. They’ve got a lot of resources,” I said.

“Just who is it you’re dealing with here?” Red Rampage asked.

“I bet you won’t believe me… but it’s the EFAI,” I said, prepared to hear her say that's not possible and stuff.

But she was quiet.

“The EFAI?” She then asked.

“Yeah…” I nodded.

“Who’re they?” She asked. Huh, I did not expect that as a response.

“Wait, have you never heard of them?” I asked.

“I might’ve, but I don’t pay attention to things that don’t involve me.” Red Rampage shrugged.

“Oh well, they’re the Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction and they used to be known for research done by Dr. He for improving the lives of others and studying the DNA of animals. But at some point, he left the company and they started capturing and genetically modifying people against their will with the DNA of other creatures. Which is what happened to me,” I explained.

“And you’re a subject that escaped them?” Red Rampage questioned.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Recently I found out they’ve been hiring people like bounty hunters and mob bosses to capture run away subjects. That’s why I’m so cautious. Especially of you at first.”

“I see,” Red Rampage said. “Makes sense. For a kid, you’re pretty intelligent.” She got up and drank some water from the sink. “Would you like some water?”

“That’d be nice,” I said.

She handed me a glass of water. I watched her actions as I drank from the glass. She was very calm as she took out weapons from her belt and did something with them. Looked like she was recharging them or something.

“Well, you can rest in that room,” Red Rampage then said, pointing towards a door.

“Oh, thanks.” I nodded as I finished the glass of water and handed it back to her before heading to the room.

The room was pretty small and had a bed in the corner. There was a mirror and a drawer right next to the bed. That’s all there was in the room. It’s not like I had seen much rooms that were better. This would do just fine for me.


to be continued in the next chapter...

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