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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 6)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 6)

Posted April 5th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6: Broshi


“So we’re going to look for Locke now?” I asked Kobat. He led me through the hallways of the EFAI space station. We hadn’t yet and I wasn’t sure if we were or not.

“You’re not completely trained yet,” Kobat said. “I told Sadvak to help you out. Give him a few moments.”

“Help me?” I questioned. “He already did, I’m sure. I learned more about my dark vines and how they function.”

“You don’t know enough techniques. Sadvak is getting ready. We’re giving you a shortcut,” Kobat said, his face expressionless.

Wait, hold on, what? “A shortcut?”

“Yes. Sadvak is experienced and is powerful. He’ll pass on some of it to you. If you didn’t know, Iyatsru have the ability to pass down some of its abilities. The rapid regeneration can be passed down, though it has a limit, and the tails can be as well,” Kobat said. “What I’m getting at is that Sadvak will hand down some experience to you.”

Pass down experience? What’s that supposed to mean? I had trouble grasping on what that was supposed to be.

“Sadvak.” Kobat then looked up at the hallway.

I looked over, expecting to see Sadvak since Kobat said his name. And Sadvak was certainly there, standing tall as he looked down at Kobat and me.

“Broshi,” Sadvak said, motioning his hand towards me.

“What?” I asked, confused by what he wanted.

“Lend me a hand, will you?” He cocked his head to the right.

“Uhh okay,” I replied. I stuck my hand out towards him like I was gonna shake his hand.

Sadvak took my hand, and shook it. He shook it so hard that my finger bones broke. I screeched to myself silently.

“Heal,” Sadvak said. Kobat was watching from next to him.

I took in a sharp breath, focusing on healing. My hand then fixed itself like brand new. Sadvak nodded in approvement.

“He’s ready,” Sadvak said to Kobat. “It’ll be alright for him.”

I was confused on what happened… Did he pass experience or…? What just happened? Kobat nodded and then motioned for me to follow him.

I nodded and walked over to him.

“Good luck, Broshi. I’ll see you later,” Sadvak said.

“Alright. I’ll train more,” I replied.

Then Kobat led me to one of the EFAI pods and we hopped on inside. Kobat set the destination to Ertin for some reason. Was Locke still on Ertin? Who knows? How would Kobat know that?

“Locke’s on Ertin?” I decided to ask.

“The last sight he was at, I remember, was Ertin. You know it too, don’t you? He’s there,” Kobat said. “I went to the crime scene. The buildings are all gone. But the smell of you and Locke was there.”

Smell? Wait… he had an enhanced sense of smell from his DNA? Well I can’t hide anymore then… He knew I was there. But I was back with the EFAI and I’m in the army now… I had to capture Locke. It was my duty.

“Just follow me,” Kobat said. “I’ll take you to him, and then you’ll capture him.”

“Got it.”

? Locke ?

“Hey Locke, I have to go grab something, I’ll be back,” Red Rampage said to me.

“Okay,” I replied. She then put on her helmet and walked out the spaceship doors. I wondered what she was gonna grab. Oh well, no biggie. She’ll be back and I’ll see what it was.

For the time being, I was in her home all alone. Oh yeah, we also landed. We’re on the Tech Planet now, that’s what Red Rampage said. There wasn’t much to do. Granted I didn’t really want to do anything anyway. Really most of my time had been spent healing the potential scar on my face. Which mostly consisted of doing nothing but sitting. At least I could still somewhat improve myself physically as I did nothing. Mainly using my powers to sense my area around me beyond my five senses.

And I did sense something rather unusual… It was an alarming familiar presence… I couldn’t quite grasp what it was. But it did put me on edge. I sensed for its energy to see how far away it was.

And it seemed to be coming from space. Like, it was coming from space pretty fast. It seemed that the spaceship was about to crash nearby.

“Were there any other residences nearby? I didn’t really ask about that.” I thought to myself.

I decided to walk out of the room cautiously I was in to try and find a window to see where I was exactly. Finding a window, I looked out and saw the spaceship was parked on the metal hard ground right next to a bunch of other spaceships. It was a parking lot for spaceships.

I scanned the spaceships in the area to see what colors and materials they were made of. They were all made of different materials of different kinds, all unique. Except for some, there were some of the same brands of spaceships that were probably made by the same company…

One thing was for sure though. I still was cautious.

I heard the sound of an explosion that went off nearby. The familiar energy came from it. In fact, it was more vivid after the explosion and I was almost certain that I knew the person giving off this energy.

It was probably… Wait, no… The energy didn’t feel the same… I wasn’t sure who it was anymore now that it was close.

I focused on amplifying the sensing field around me. Then I did feel an energy that meant danger. The EFAI. A strong powerful energy that felt like the EFAI.

How’d they know? Did they know? I was so confused. I could hear a lot of chaos going on outside.

I was unsure of what to do. Should I check it out? Should I stay inside? Maybe I could take a little peek outside and see what was going on…

Nah that’s a stupid idea. If it were really the EFAI they could recognize me and capture me on the spot. It’s not a good idea to go outside. I should just try to wait it out.

Suddenly, I fell over as something crashed into the spaceship. Great. Now the ship had been hit. There was another explosion, and the ship caught on fire. Red Rampage wouldn’t be too happy about this damage.

Oh, and now with the ship on fire, it wasn’t safe inside for me. I had to get out or else I’d get more injuries.

So now I had two options. Go outside and risk getting captured and tortured/killed. OR… stay inside and get roasted and blown to bits. So basically my choices are either to torture myself to death now, or have the EFAI do it later.


The worst part of this situation was probably the fact that the cooking in a ship option and dying in half an hour seemed more appealing than getting to live for a few extra hours to a day.

I could hear more chaos going on outside, and the spaceship was falling apart. A big chunk of red metal suddenly fell onto my leg. I grunted in pain and then realized I was stuck. Well, better to die here alone instead of die by the hands of the EFAI.

I was about to collapse as a big chunk of flaming metal was about to crush the rest of my body. I watched as the metal fell towards my head. This was it, I told myself.

But the metal didn’t kill me, it stopped. The metal that was on my leg was removed. “What just happened?” I thought.

I look up at a strange energy and find a guy with a head of a bird, engulfed with an aura of darkness. He picked me up and I suddenly find myself out of the spaceship. Looking back at Red Rampage’s spaceship, it was in flames and was burning down slowly. How could metal catch on fire?

“You okay?” The guy with the head of a bird asked me.

“I mean, my leg hurts but, yeah. What's with your head?” I asked, floating myself so I didn’t use my wounded leg.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s just like this.”

“Wait. Are you from the EFAI?!” I asked suspiciously as I activated some of my power.

“Well, yes,” the guy responded, stepping back from me. He was still emitting a dark aura. “I’m an escaped subject and they’re trying to catch me. You were gonna die in there, Reekai would’ve burned you along with the ship.”

Suddenly a fire exploded and a flaming guy appeared from Red Rampage’s spaceship. The guy with the bird head turned to face him, striking a fighting pose.

“He’s the EFAI guy. Part of their army, I hear,” the guy with the bird head said. I noticed he had little feather wings on his arms too.

“Is that so?” I asked as I released a bit more of my power and leered at the flaming guy. I glowed a deep purple color. My hair hadn’t changed yet though.

“I’m Guy, by the way. That’s my name,” The guy with the bird head said. “The flame EFAI person is Reekai.”

“Good to know,” I said as we watched Reekai.

Reekai jumped down from the spaceship and landed a few meters away from us. He was ignited in flames. He had orange eyes that also seemed to be on fire. It was different from the kind that Broshi and his brother had though, this one was legit fire as Broshi’s was more like a fiery aura. This one… felt different. Regardless, he was still dangerous for all I could assume.

Then, a figure appeared out of nowhere, jumping towards Reekai. I looked over quickly and inspected the figure, it was a boy with black hair and red eyes. His hand was… odd. It grew out into this dark blackish brown big fist. The big fist hit Reekai, and Reekai went flying.

“Malum!” Guy then exclaimed to the person.

“So can he like shape shift or something?” I asked Guy.

“Pretty much. That’s all I’ve seen him do at least,” Guy replied.

Malum then landed in front of Guy, looking back at him for a second. His face was pretty pale, and his eyes were still red. His hand turned back to normal and he made a fist. His name, Malum, was familiar and he felt familiar. But something was off about him.

“Malum! Where’s Lil’ Timmy?! Is he safe?!” Guy exclaimed.

Malum nodded silently.

“He’s with Vivo and Vulgon? Okay, good…” Guy calmed down as he then turned to face the flaming figure that approached.

“Tsk.” Reekai appeared, surrounded in flames. “You’re all a pain. I’ll get you some time.”

“Are you gonna give up or are you gonna try again?” Guy asked, as he and Malum got into fighting stances.

“I’m not gonna give up, obviously. I’ll keep on coming until you’re too tired,” Reekai said, walking towards them.

“We should really get out of this lot though,” Guy said. “Can we do this somewhere else?”

“You're practically begging for the authorities to show up,” I commented.

“Yeah, the police will get us all in trouble,” Guy said.

“You misunderstand, I have to catch you. You’re the mutant that has the DNA of a legendary creature,” Reekai said.

“Which is more of a reason why I can’t let you capture me,” Guy replied. Looking at him, he looked really tired and was sweating. I wondered why he was so exhausted.

Malum suddenly stepped up in front of Guy, standing between him and Reekai, the flaming guy. He turned around to Guy and did movements with his hands. It looked like sign language. I didn’t know what it meant though because I don’t know sign language.

“You sure?” Guy then responded to Malum. It seemed he understood sign language.

Malum nodded. Guy took in a sharp breath.

“Alright.” Guy then turned to me. “Do you want to come along? If you’re an EFAI subject like us… you should stick with us. The bigger the team, the better.”

“I mean, Red Rampage might be upset, but I guess I don’t really have any other options.” I shrugged.

“Red Rampage? Who?” Guy asked.

“The person I’ve been staying with since yesterday,” I said. “They’re a bounty hunter.”

“Well, you can give them a note or something?” Guy asked. Just as he did, Red Rampage fell from the sky, landing smoothly near us. She had her mask on and her pistols out. “Is that them? The mask is red, so, it’d make sense.” Guy pointed at her.

Before I could answer, Red Rampage spoke. Her voice was changed due to the mask so she sounded like a dude with a deep voice. “Locke! Who is responsible for the damage?” She had her pistols wielded and ready.

“An EFAI person,” I said. “They like, completely destroyed your ship as you can see.”

“It was him.” Guy pointed at Reekai as Malum inspected Red Rampage quietly. “Though I apologize for the damage, it was unavoidable.”

“Also I got my leg cut in the damage too. So there’s that,” I said, pointing at my wounded leg.

Red Rampage looked over at Reekai who was just standing there, his body on fire.

“You have insurance?” Red Rampage questioned.

Reekai groaned. “I don’t care about your property, that’s the least of my worries right now.”

“Actually I think it should be a big worry of yours,” I commented.

“You wouldn’t know, kid,” Reekai responded.

I simply rolled my eyes before looking over at Red Rampage. She had her pistols put away, shaking her head.

“How did it even catch fire? It’s made of durable metal,” Red Rampage said. “This is a catastrophe.”

“He’s powerful,” Guy said. “Malum, you still want to carry out the plan?”

Malum nodded.

“Sir, you can help Malum and then have Reekai arrested,” Guy said to Red Rampage. “Again, we’re sorry about your ship. But may I take this young boy here?”

Red Rampage looked down at me. “I’m not finished with him yet. There’s information I still seek.”

Guy patted my head.

“Well what should I do?” I questioned.

“What’s the information he seeks?” Guy asked me.

“Could be a lot of things. Most likely EFAI stuff,” I said.

“Well,” Guy looked back at Red Rampage. “We’re EFAI subjects that escaped too. You can get information from us afer, when you come back with Malum.”

“Kay,” Red Rampage replied. “That sounds good to me. You can take Locke.”

“Alright, let’s go Locke,” Guy said to me. “Malum! Now!”

Suddenly, Malum’s fists grew into the blackish brown muscle. He attacked Reekai, jumping towards him. Reekai was distracted so we would be able to escape.

As Guy pointed over in the distance at something, Red Rampage released her blade and chain from her pistols and joined in the fight with Malum. Guy sped up, sprinting towards something as he slowly got ahead of me. I flew after him as fast as I could.

Soon we reached a spaceship, and I spotted three people there.

“There’s Guy!” They were all males. One was a young child, while the two were older. They all had brown hair but were dressed differently. One of them had a white suit on and goggles while the other just had a black sweatshirt on.

The one with goggles was repairing a spaceship.

“Is she repaired?” Guy asked.

“Yeah. Almost,” The guy with the goggles replied.

He did a few things to the spaceship before exclaiming, “okay fixed! Everyone get in!”

“Let’s roll!” The black sweatshirt guy added, as he and the young child entered the spaceship. None of them stopped to acknowledge me, and Guy dragged me into the spaceship which then quickly took off as the guy with the goggles hopped into the pilots seat. I just sorta rolled with it.

“Is Malum coming?” The young child then asked.

“He will after giving us a head start,” Guy replied. “It’s weird, the EFAI always finds us no matter how far we get!”

“Well have you guys removed your trackers yet?” I asked.

The all looked at me like I was crazy.

“Trackers?!” The child exclaimed in question.

“Yes, trackers. You guys clearly must not have gotten yours removed yet if you're looking at me like that,” I said, pointing at them.

“Well that would make sense how they keep finding us…” The guy with the black sweatshirt said, scratching his chin. “But we had them scanned and there was no tracker in them!”

“Well where did you scan?” I asked.

“Their whole body!” He exclaimed.

“Including their bloodstream?” I asked.

“Well, that’s in their body. We scanned it all and there was no tracker at all!”

“Well from my experience they use trackers in a subjects blood to track them or more rather put some sort of material in the stream that they can pick up on radar. It may not necessarily be mechanical. Could just be something scanners see as natural,” I explained.

“So… their blood itself is the tracker?!” The guy in the black sweatshirt exclaimed.

“Ding ding,” I said. “They only way to get rid of it then, is to completely switch out ALL of the blood in your body. Which isn’t gonna be easy to find people willing to just do that.”

“Yeah no kidding…” The pilot said. “This just got more difficult.”

“Hold on, where did you even come from?” The guy with the black sweatshirt asked me.

“I’m a subject from the EFAI as well. I escaped on my own a while ago. Figured out the whole blood thing a few weeks later when a scientist helped me and this other subject get it removed and replaced,” I said. “And if you were wondering, my name is Locke.”

“Oh, Locke,” The guy with the black sweatshirt said. “I’m Vulgon, the pilot is Vivofit, the bird is Guy and the kid is Lil’ Timmy. Vivo and I aren’t subjects though. We’re just helping.”

“Good to know,” I said.

“You know how to fight?” Vulgon asked me.

“I can rip someone to pieces with my mind if that works as an answer for you,” I replied.

“Good enough. Cuz Mal and Guy didn’t know how to so I had to teach them,” Vulgon said. “If you can fight that saves us all time.”

“I know how to do a lot of things. So there’s that to help you,” I informed him. I touched the bandage that was still wrapped around my head, seeing if the wound had stopped hurting or not. It stung a bit but didn’t hurt as much as before. An hour or two more and I could probably take it off.

“Are you hurt, mister?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“You could say that,” I said, pulling the bandage up a bit to show them the long dark red/purple diagonal cut on my face before putting it back on, causing it to sting a bit.

“Do you want me to heal it for you, mister?” Lil’ Timmy asked in his high pitched voice.

“I’ll be fine. Not like it did anything fatal or anything, still have both of my eyes,” I said, declining his offer.

“But you should still get it healed!” He whined.

“I’ve taken a lot worse than this. The only difference is that this one will remain after it's healed up naturally,” I said nonchalantly.

“But I wanna practice healing so I can get better!” Lil’ Timmy said. “Please?” Guy patted his head.

“Well if you wanna practice healing then heal this, this is a lot more important than some face cut,” I said, showing him my injured leg.

“Okay!” Lil’ Timmy pointed his hands at my injured leg, focusing on healing it. His hand emitted a dull white light and my leg started to heal as the pain was disappearing slowly.

The cut was also beginning to close slowly as well.

“You're not too bad at this,” I commented.

“DNA can be useful,” Guy commented with a smile. Somehow, smiling with that beak of his. Does he even have teeth? How can he even speak normally without lips? He was an anomaly.

I also felt the cuts on my face getting healed. Of course at an even slower rate. Looking down at Lil’ Timmy, he was focusing on my leg.

After a few moments, my leg was fully healed.

“There!” Lil’ Timmy exclaimed.

“Good job,” I said. My face still stung a bit but that didn’t matter. My leg was back to normal now.

I then took off the bandages on my face since they only stung a tiny bit now and started taking off the ones on my stomach as they felt the same as the cut on my face.

“Oh, you’ve got scars,” Vulgon commented.

“Indeed,” I said, lightly running my hand along the scars on my stomach and face.

“When’s Malum gonna come back?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“After he’s finished dealing with Reekai,” Guy answered him. “Though, with our blood being the tracker, they’ll just find us again.”

“Unless we can somehow find someone willing to replace all three of you guy’s blood,” I said.

“We can take a look around…” Vulgon said.

“Well you’ll have to be careful. It’s likely the EFAI might have you two in a database for harboring escaped subjects,” I said to Vulgon and Vivofit.

“They do,” Vivofit commented. “Reekai said he was after us too because of that.”

“But we don’t care. We’ll just live with it until they give up,” Vulgon added. “We’ve been on the run for quite a while now. Another subject, Bob Brown, used to be with us but he was captured.”

Suddenly the spaceship shook a little.

“Ugh, hang in there, Keiko…” Vivofit muttered.

“Oh, if you’re wondering, Keiko is the spaceship’s name,” Vulgon informed me. “She’s durable but rusty right now.”

“I assumed. To be honest, I’ve been unconsciously reading your minds for all I know, my DNA does a lot.” I stated.

“Oh, that’s useful!” Vulgon commented.

“For example, I already know you two have a sort of brother relationship,” I said, pointing at Vivo and Vulgon.

“Dang, he really can read minds. How much can you read?” Vulgon asked. “Can you tell what our last name is?”

I tried looking into their mind. “No… I’m not very good at it yet. Still practicing. Most information just comes and goes.”

“Oh, that’s still lit,” Vulgon replied. “I wonder when Malum’s gonna get here… Hopefully he’s alright.”



to be continued in the next chapter...

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