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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 7)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 7)

Posted April 8th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 7: Mehrunes


After a few hours, Corpse finally woke up. With that one mutant, Anarchy, gone, we were able to finally hear Tele’s plan to infiltrate the EFAI’s base and get some evidence.

Currently I was sitting at the spaceship’s kitchen table with Hamshere, Corpse, Teleyon, and Listy. Paulo was the pilot so he was driving the ship.

“Okay…” Teleyon then said. He pressed a button on his laptop and printed out a sheet of paper. He set it in the middle of the table for all of us to see. “So, I printed their base… This is the main one that I figured out. Dr. Mousha, their leader… His office is right here.” He pointed at a large room on the paper. “It has security though. There will most likely be a lot of mutants that’ll stop us. So we need people who can fight. Otherwise we just have to go into his office and take some files and then get out.”

“We can always call Hem,” I said.

“Hem?” Hamshere looked at me.

“Yeah. Hematite. Hematite Shiny,” I replied.

“Hematite huh… He could be useful. We may as well contact him and ask for his help,” Corpse said.

“Sure thing man, I’ll call him,” I replied, taking out my phone.

“But if he wants a payment, then that would mean less money for us,” Hamshere said. “We can’t have too much help, or the money will be split even more!”

“We’ll make a deal with him once he gets here,” Corpse assured Hamshere.

I scrolled down to Hematite on the contacts and called him. It took a few moments and then he picked up.

“Hello?” Hematite’s voice was heard from the phone.

“Hey it’s me Meh again, if your interested me and some friends who are bounty hunters are gonna raid an EFAI base for info to expose them, there will most definitely be powerful mutants there you can fight,” I said.

“Powerful?” Hematite replied through the phone. “How powerful?”

“They’ll probably be mutated from legendary creatures with cheatsy gimmicks. And once we’re found they could send some of their mutants from the army they apparently have. So probably mutants stronger than you,” I replied, knowing who Hematite likes to fight. They probably had mutants stronger than Hematite, but under an assumption.

“STRONGER THAN ME? THEN HECK YES I’M INTERESTED!” Hematite exclaimed. Hamshere kind of jumped back due to Hem’s shouting.

“Awesome! Glad to have you Hem,” I said.

“When’re we doing this?” Hematite asked through the phone.

I looked up at Corpse. “He asked when we’re doing it.”

“Soon,” Corpse responded. “Once we got the plan figured out, we’ll take action immediately.”

“When we get our plan together, then we’ll do it immediately. So soon,” I told Hematite.

“Well I gotta know the plan, so I’ll come over to you. Where are you?” Hematite questioned.

I looked back up at Corpse. “Well we’re somewhere in space, but I don’t know where,” I told Hematite, while looking at Corpse.

“No worries, I can still get to you,” Hematite replied. “Just give off a lot of energy, I’ll trace it and come.”

“Alright gimme a sec,” I replied, putting the phone down. “Can we like, stop or something so Hem can come?”

“Stop by someplace?” Corpse asked.

“Yeah, so I can put off energy and he can trace it to come here,” I replied.

“Do we have to stop somewhere, like at a space station? Or can we just stop in the middle of space?” Hamshere asked. “Cuz if he’s gonna teleport, we could just stop anywhere.”

“Yeah, we can probably stop wherever. I just don’t wanna do anything in your ship,” I replied.

“Alright.” Corpse nodded. “Hey Paulo! Stop for a second! We have someone coming!” The spaceship then stopped moving.

I stood up and walked to the back of the spaceship and opened it. There was a barrier that prevented the oxygen in the ship from getting sucked up by the vacuum of space. I leaped through the barrier and activated Full Star.

Then a portal appeared in front of me, and Hematite jumped out.

“Oh?” He then realized he was in space. “I appear to be in space…”

I pointed at the ship.

“Ah!” Hematite nodded and then launched himself forward towards the spaceship. He entered through and then looked back towards me, waiting for me to get back.

I flew back in and deactivated Full Star, before closing the door.

“So…” Hematite then said. “Where’s the powerful mutants?”

“My guy we’re not there yet,” I replied.

“So where’s the bounty hunters?” Hematite asked, looking around. The door was in a different room, and everyone else was at the kitchen table.

“In the kitchen,” I replied, walking towards the kitchen. “This way.”

Hematite followed me to the kitchen, where we found Listy, Teleyon, Corpse, and Hamshere. Rando was also there, but he was sitting on the couch sucking his toe.

“So this is Corpse, Hamshere and Rando, Paulo is driving the ship,” I introduced Hematite to everyone. “And this is Hematite Shiny.”

“Sup.” Hamshere waved at him.

“Hey!” Hematite waved back. “So what’s the plan?”

“Well,” Teleyon said, pointing at the paper. “We really just have to get into Dr. Mousha’s office. He most likely is hiding the important files that would expose them in there. But there’s a lot of security there and mutants will appear to stop us. So we need to distract them all and have them go away from the door so that we could sneak in there and take some of the files.”

Hematite looked at the map. “Oh. I see, alright.”

“We might need backup,” Teleyon said. “Before we assign each other roles, we should get more people to fight. Just in case.”

“Oh, I got you covered,” Hematite said. “I can always bring my brother over.”

“Do that,” Corpse said. “The more, the merrier. We should be very well organized so we can succeed.”

“Alright, I’ll call him over,” Hematite said. After a few moments, a portal opened up beside him and out came a guy. He was a bit shorter than Hematite, wore a silver jacket and black pants, had white hair and silver eyes. “This is my brother Quartz Shiny!”

Quartz looked up at everyone. “Hello. You guys wanted help?”

“Yeah, it’s a planned attack on the EFAI base to get some files from their leader’s office. Though, it has security and strong mutants that would try and stop us. So we need power and people who can fight to keep those mutants occupied as one of us would go get the files. Roles haven’t been assigned yet. We’re still planning,” Hematite explained to his brother.

“So we’re breaking into their space station facility…” Quartz said, looking at the map on the table. “And taking files. What’re we gonna do with the files once we have them?”

“Get out of there, of course. Then we’d go to the Ultimate Council to show them the files, which would be evidence of the wrong things the EFAI did. We’d get a lot of money out of it too,” Corpse said. “We could split the money…”

“I don’t care about the money, I just want to fight some strong guys,” Hematite said. He looked over at Quartz. “You want the money?”

Quartz shrugged. “Might as well take it since I’m helping.”

“Then we’re good!” Hematite slammed his right fist into his left palm, excited to fight some powerful mutants. “Oh, by the way, that’s Corpse, Mehrunes, Listy, Rando, and Hamshere. The pilot is Paulo.”

Quartz nodded as he looked at everyone. “Well, what can we all do? We should make a plan and put people in positions based on their abilities.”

“I’m just a tech guy. I can’t fight. I’ll help from here, by taking down some security and stuff like that,” Teleyon said. “Hamshere and Corpse are bounty hunters. They have all sorts of guns.”

“Alright…” Quartz looked over at Rando. “What can he do?”

“Grape…POTATOOOOO!” Rando exclaimed. Quartz just stared at him blankly.

“He’s random,” I informed him.

“Random?” Quartz said. “He can be a distraction then. What about you and Listy?” He asked me.

“I have space powers. Listy uses ground ‘n stuff,” I replied.

“Meh can also teleport,” Teleyon pointed out. “So I think he should be the one to grab the files.”

“But he seems to be the only one that can control Rando,” Hamshere said. “I think he should be with Rando, wherever Rando will be.”

“Well, take a look at the map.” Teleyon pointed. “The office is here, and there’s only one entrance, this hallway. At the end of the hallways, from both sides, there are other hallways. We could have Hematite fight on one side, and Quartz on the other. Rando will be a distraction, and Meh will be with him then… To control him so he doesn’t go too crazy.”

“Hamshere and I can be here.” Corpse pointed at the front door of the office. “We should also all carry fake files. So the real one can get away. Who’s the weakest person here?”

“I dunno.” Teleyon shrugged. “Though we could have Listy go into the office and grab the files, and then hand it off to Corpse, who’ll hand it off to Hamshere, who’ll get into Paulo’s ship and get away.”

“Hold on, this is confusing, draw it out,” Quartz said.

“Alright…” Teleyon took out another paper and pen and drew a quick sketch.

“I dunno, I got it,” I said.

“Well there are some other rooms we could take the fights to…” Teleyon said as he sketched something out on paper. “But this is what we got for now.”

Teleyon showed us all the sketch he drew. “So we’d be pretty close by and we can help each other get the files and get out of there. I’ll be in the ship taking down defences and security. Quartz and Hematite would be fighting the mutants, keeping them busy. It’d be good if you give off a lot of energy and power to bring them to you so that they identify you as the main enemy. Then Listy can go into the office and get the files while Mehrunes and Rando distract whoever tries to stop her… Though we also don’t know who’d be in the office. Corpse would go with Listy, and Hamshere would make sure the path to the ship is clear.”

We all looked at the sketch Teleyon made.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” Teleyon then took out a red marker. “There are security doors that’ll appear. I marked them as red. They appear here.”

“I won’t be able to open them because they’re set to activate once and then they won’t deactivate. So it’s best not to activate the alarm. I can deactivate the security and the cameras… But if someone sees you they can activate the doors manually,” Teleyon said.

“So we just have to be sneaky,” Quartz said. “We can convince them that it’s just me and Hematite. So they’ll be attacking us and we’d be busy with them…”

“Then that gives everyone else the chance to get into the office and get the files!” Hematite exclaimed.

“I like it,” I said, nodding in approval.

“I think that’ll be the best choice,” Teleyon said. “That means Quartz and Hematite will go in first and cause a lot of trouble… Then every mutant will go after them and everyone else will collect the files. Alright! We’ve got a plan! Let’s carry it out!”

“Yeah!” Hamshere exclaimed.

“I’ll send Paulo the location of the facility…” Teleyon typed on his laptop. “We’ll initiate our plan now and get it over with.”

“Lovely,” I commented.

? Broshi ?

Kobat looked around the terrain. We were standing in front of what Kobat had called a nightclub. He followed Locke’s stench and it brought us here. I could hear loud music coming from the building and I thought to myself… why was Locke here?

“He’s gone off the planet,” Kobat then said. “We’re stuck.”

I sighed. “Can you call me when you find him, because I should be training right now.”

“I don’t see why not.” Kobat shrugged. “But Sadvak is busy meeting with boss Mousha, so he can’t train you right now.”

“Meeting? About what?” I asked.

“That doesn’t concern you. You’re not to be trusted yet, you haven’t proven yourself. That’s why you haven’t met many of the army members.” Kobat glared at me.

I shivered.

“But… Since you want training, I’ll give you some training,” Kobat said. “Let us have a quick spar.”

“Alright!” I got into a fighting position. Kobat looked over at me, watching my movements as he stood still. I didn’t know what his abilities were… other than he had infinite memory.

“Let’s go.” Kobat charged at me, and I noticed he was really fast.

As he attacked me, I released my dark vines and blocked the attack. He continued moving around, attacking from every direction. I had blocked the attacks quite easily. Easier than usual… It felt like I had full control of the dark vines. Is this what Kobat and Sadvak meant… that Sadvak’s experience was passed down to me?

I then sent a dark vine at Kobat, attempting to pierce him. But he dodged it, moving under it. He was fast. Fast enough that it was difficult to hit him.

Since he was fast, I put some distance between us, as I then charged up a blast of plasma. He charged at me and I shot the plasma at him. But he spun around and dodged it before charging towards me again. I released more dark vines and shot them towards Kobat, making no space for him to dodge.

Kobat jumped over them and waved his hand at them, moving them aside. Then he landed behind me and tapped me on the forehead just as I turned around.

Then I was suddenly unable to move.

“I’ve paralyzed you,” Kobat then said. “You’re not too bad.”

I realized I was unable to speak. His paralyzation prevents me from moving at all! But somehow I was standing?

Suddenly, I was able to move again.

“I don’t know what else you have to work on. I think you’re good enough. Let’s go find Locke,” Kobat said.

“Alright.” I nodded as I moved my hands around a bit.

Suddenly, lightning bolts appeared and in front of us appeared a person. Kobat looked over curiously, we both were wondering who it was that came in our way.

And I recognized the person. It was that Ocrus guy!

“Hey, Broshi!” Ocrus exclaimed.

“What do you want?” I growled.

“Well, I got my DNA and all. It’s pretty lit… But I want you to tell me where your brother Draco is. I have business to do with him,” Ocrus said with a dumb grin.

“Phht, yeah right.” I looked over at Kobat. “You can go on ahead of me. Look for Locke’s scent. I’ll catch up.”

Kobat nodded, somehow understanding my intentions. What were my intentions? I wanted a rematch with Ocrus. I won last time only using my shrieking attack where I made a loud sound that made my opponent unable to move. Kobat disappeared, looking for Locke.

That left me alone with Ocrus.

“What do you want with my brother?” I asked him.

“Well not really him… I have business with the girl that was with him. Fucia was her name,” Ocrus said. “We were old friends.”

“And I care why?” I responded.

“Look man I just want you to tell me where they are so I can go to them!” Ocrus said.

“Heck no. I won’t tell you,” I said. “Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you fight me again and win.” I grinned.

Ocrus took a moment and then realized the deal I was making. He laughed a bit. “Are you sure? I mean, the DNA I just got is from a plasma electric dragon. Your plasma powers won’t work on me.”

“Who said I was using plasma?” I asked. My dark vines appeared behind me, pointing at Ocrus. “Now come on, weakling.”

“Weakling? I am not a weakling,” Ocrus said, charging himself with electricity.

Activating my Broshi Eye, I charged at Ocrus. I sent my dark vines at him. He was able to dodge because he was fast. Just like Kobat… I guess it made sense, he had electricity powers now.

Ocrus suddenly punched me in the face, knocking me back.

I growled as I sent dark vines in his direction again. He shot plasma at them to deflect them and then zipped towards me, punching me again. I was starting to get annoyed by his speed. It was ticking me off.

“C’mon Broshi, the new DNA I just got was from a plasma electric dragon. And not only is it a dragon, but it also has traces of electricity from the legendary Chimæra of Electricity!” Ocrus bragged.

“Shut up!” I snapped at him. “You being stronger than me is just more of a reason for me to beat you up!”

“Good luck with that!” Ocrus replied with a stupid grin.

I then activated Double Broshi Eye, surrounding my body in a red aura. There was also a red aura around my dark vines. I glared at Ocrus, charging up energy.

Then I charged towards Ocrus, sending a barrage of attacks right at him. He tried to block them but couldn’t block them all. There were many dark vines attacking him.

I then, with all my energy, released a bigger dark vine that I used to impale Ocrus right in the chest. The dark vine went through and out his torso.

Ocrus then fell to the ground, with a giant hole in his chest.

“T-too far man…” Ocrus grunted.

With heavy breathes, I activated the Grade One Ascended form, turning my hair red as it spiked up. I didn’t use the true Ascended form since that put strain on me. And I didn’t need that much power to take out this weakling.

I then realized Ocrus was trying to heal himself, but the hole in his chest seemed to be too big to heal.

“I don’t care what business you have with Fucia…” I said to him, irritated by his attitude. I just hated Ocrus… Not because he was stronger, no. He wasn’t stronger. I had just beaten him. “But you aren’t stronger than me!”

Ocrus coughed as he then looked up at me. I glared down at him.

“You disgust me.” I spat at him. “I’m going to kill you.” I released a dark vine, that wasn't dark anymore. I realized that when I used Ascended, they turned red instead of black. “You don’t deserve the DNA. They gave it to you just to test it out. And now they will know from my message, that you’re a failed experiment!” I made the dark vine sharp as I got ready to attack Ocrus.

“W-wait… I have to tell Fucia…” Ocrus barely said.

“Tell her what?” I barked at him. “I’ll tell her you’re dead. She didn’t say anything back when you were there, so she doesn’t remember you!”

Ocrus tried to stand but I stomped on his hand, causing him to fall to the floor. He was so weak compared to me. He tried to talk but I smacked him.

“I’ve had it with you. You’re not worthy to fight me, or worthy to be in the EFAI army.” I pointed my dark vine at him. “Die.”

Then I swung my dark vine at him, chopping him up into pieces. I killed him. I killed him because he annoyed me. I killed… someone with the DNA of a legendary Electric Chimæra!

I’m powerful… I… I killed someone with the DNA… of a powerful being… I… I am… I AM POWERFUL!

“HAHAHA!” I started laughing as I charged up a blast of plasma to get rid of Ocrus entirely. I then shot out the blast, disintegrating all of Ocrus’s remains. I did it…

I then turned back to normal, my hair changing back to dark brown instead of red. My dark vines became dark again instead of red. I looked back at my dark vines, and there was blood on it. Ocrus’s blood. The blood of a mutant with the DNA of a legendary creature.

I am worthy of being in the army… I am powerful! Yes! I am powerful! I could beat anyone that stands in my way!

“Looks like you finished with him.” I then spotted Kobat, who appeared in front of me. “He was a failure anyway.”

“Hehe yeah…” I muttered.

“You are strong. Perhaps I underestimated you,” Kobat said, and he smiled for the first time. “Now let’s find Locke.”




to be continued in the next chapter... 

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