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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 8) {No Dialogue For Malum Part}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 8) {No Dialogue For Malum Part}

Posted April 12th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 8: Malum


Guy ran off with the young boy. I didn’t catch his name. He didn’t tell anyone. But the young boy… I recognized him. He felt familiar. He felt like someone I knew.

Was it him? I did have a younger brother… We were split up when we were young since it was dangerous for us to be in a prison cell. And I had overheard the scientists talking and they had said that they were to conduct different tests on him… I remembered when they took him away. I also overheard them saying that he was going to get the better DNA then the last one… whatever that meant. I didn’t understand a lot of the words they used, I was young. That was years ago, when they had separated me from my younger brother.

I was in a cell alone most of the time, but eventually they transferred me over to a new cell. It was much better because it was just a large cell room with a bunch of other mutants. That’s where I met everyone else. Guy, Lil’ Timmy, Bob Brown… There were a few other guys in there but they were taken away because they tried to escape. Well, they did escape. But they were found immediately and were taken back. Either that or they were killed. No matter what happened, I doubt I would see any of them again.

The Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction… The EFAI… I despised them for what they did. They took me and my younger brother away from our parents just when we were toddlers… They also wanted us to go out there and kidnap innocent people and bring them in to be mutated. I of course declined. They just shrugged it off since I apparently ‘couldn’t fight’ either way. Oh, and Guy was the one with the DNA of a Chimæra of Darkness apparently. They didn’t train him to fight on purpose because they were afraid he would use the power to escape. So they left him in the dust. I remember Guy’s true face… He had a human head, but one day he just woke up and his head was a bird’s head. That’s when I realized he was a Chimæra. I overheard the scientists talking about Chimæra’s and identified them as creatures that could shape shift. That explained Guy’s new form. He had feathers on his arms too.

He can’t control it either. So he was convinced that that bird form of his was his true form… that he had the DNA of some bird. I told him the truth, that he was actually mutated from a shapeshifting legendary creature. He understood why the EFAI was after him then.

Vivofit and Vulgon were kind enough to help us. They exposed themselves to danger for our benefit. The EFAI was after them, but we just kept on running and running.

And at the very moment, the mutant of fire, Reekai, was after us. His fire was hotter than usual. It burned down a metal spaceship… The owner of that spaceship was now quite mad and was to help me fight Reekai. Guy had already gotten away to Vivo’s spaceship with the young boy. I kept Reekai busy so that he wouldn’t catch them.

My arms were back to normal. My DNA allowed me to change shape of my body. My muscle could shift into a different form of muscle. My muscle was also harder than usual. Knives and anything that was sharp can’t make me bleed… I could probably do more than just that, but I didn’t know what else I could do yet. I’m limited to just this.

Vulgon had taught me some basics of fighting so I was able to fight… But Reekai was much more experienced. It would be difficult for me to win alone. So I was glad that the owner of the burnt spaceship was helping me. I wanted to ask his name but he did not know sign language. I did ask his name in sign language but he said he didn’t know what I was saying. So I just pointed at Reekai, telling the owner of the spaceship that we should fight now.

Reekai was waiting patiently. He was letting Guy and everyone else escape. I wondered why. Would he just find us again? Because he kept on finding us over and over again no matter how far we went. No matter, I should defeat him anyway. If I defeat him, he won’t be able to get up and find us.

The owner of the spaceship attacked Reekai. He had two red guns that let out a chain and a blade. He also had a red metal helmet on that covered his face. I’ll call him Red for now until I learn his name.

Red swung his chain at Reekai. His speed was impressive. Reekai dodged the chain and charged forward towards Red. He shot a blast of fire, but Red jumped over the blast, and hit Reekai on the head with the chain.

I shouldn’t be standing here. I should join the fight… So I moved forward towards Reekai, enlarging my fist. Good thing my muscle was also fireproof. It was quite durable.

I punched Reekai with the giant fist, knocking him back. Red’s chain caught him though, and he was slammed into the ground. Reekai then seemed to grow sick of this and released flames all over. He said that he grew sick of it right after (so I was right) and that he would defeat us easily.

Red then went out on a rampage on him, attacking Reekai with full force with the blade and chain. Reekai was bleeding immediately after the attack was over, and Red was behind him. I then jumped up, extended my arm and made a hammer. With the hammer, I smashed Reekai like I was playing whack a mole. Except I overdid it and the metal ground got dented.

I landed across from Reekai, and returned my arm to its previous state. When I turned around, Red was attacking Reekai again. I could tell he was holding back, since no other spaceships caught on fire. If he didn’t hold back, it would attract a lot of attention. He was holding back for that specific reason, or so I assume.

But wow, Red sure is giving him a beating. Reekai was getting annihilated by Red, the chain and blade were everywhere. Eventually, Reekai knocked Red away and made distance between them. I got ready to attack him again, but lost focus when I heard the sound of someone yelling. I looked around and noticed that some people had returned to their ships. Afterall, we were in a spaceship parking lot. And Reekai was causing trouble.

Reekai then floated up in the air, ready to take off. I noticed someone was calling the police on him. That explained why he was fleeing.

A few people were yelling at Reekai, telling him he was crazy and that he shouldn’t have fought here. But Reekai ignored them and then flew off. Red apologized to them afterwards. I just stood there silently for a few moments. Then Red came over to me and asked me to take him with me to the others. I told him in sign language, asking him the reason he wanted to come.

He didn’t know what I was saying so I had to sign it differently. I made a question mark with my hands, literally the shape of a question mark since I could change the form of my muscle due to my DNA. After the question mark, I made the shape of the spaceship with Vivo, Vulgon, Tim, Guy, and the young boy. Then I made the shape of Red with us, with a question mark above his head.  

Red then seemed to understand and informed me that he wanted to learn about the EFAI and to help that young boy out. I accepted that answer since Vivofit and Vulgon were already helping us. Having someone else that was strong help out would be greatly appreciated.

Red then asked me if I was deaf or something. I shook my head, since I could hear just fine. Sometimes I could hear even better than usual because my DNA works weirdly. I just went on with telling Red I was mute, that I didn’t talk. I told him that by signing with my hand zipping my mouth shut. Red understood what I meant and nodded.

Red asked if we were going to go, and I nodded. I motioned for them to grab onto me so that I would use Reaper Teleportation, that I learned when I went to that Reaper Planet with Styreix and Bob, and teleport to Guy and the others. Red put away his weapons before grabbing my shoulder. Then I teleported, leaving behind black particles of dust where we used to be.

? Locke ?

Malum suddenly appeared with Red Rampage in the spaceship, and there were black particles surrounding them that faded with time. Odd.

“Malum!” Guy exclaimed. “What happened?”

“Reekai ran off once someone called the cops,” Red Rampage explained. “He’d probably be back though.” Malum nodded in agreement.

“Well at least everyone got back,” I said.

“Yeah… though we got some new information,” Vulgon said, “The reason why Reekai keeps finding us… All the EFAI subjects have trackers, and that’s their own blood!”

Malum looked a little shocked but was silent. He motioned his hands in a certain pattern, sign language.

Vulgon nodded and seemed to understand sign language. Just like Guy did. “Yeah, we do need to get that fixed. But we’re going to have to somehow replace all of the blood. But you’d die if all your blood gets out of your body.”

“Well, yeah, that happens. Unless they use special machinery or something,” I said. “When I got my tracker blood removed I was put in stasis until it was replaced fully.”

“Do you remember the process?” Guy asked me.

“I was in stasis for a while. Felt like a nap, was actually out for almost a year. Didn’t see anything of the procedure,” I replied.

“Then… we can’t do it. We can’t get rid of it,” Vulgon sighed.

“Well not unless we run across Dr. He,” I said.

“And the chances of us running into him… they’re very low,” Guy commented. “We kind of are stuck.”

“True,” I agreed.

“T-then what are we going to do?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“Honestly, we’ll just have to keep running.” Guy ruffled Lil’ Timmy’s hair. “Like we’ve been doing.” Lil’ Timmy looked a little down.

“Until the EFAI gets shut down at least,” I said.

“Shut down? An organization as big as the EFAI… we can’t just… shut it down,” Guy said.

“Not us. A group of people I know are working on exposing them to the council,” I explained.

“Oh. Then yeah, if we can prove to the council what the EFAI did, then we could be free…” Guy thought about this. “Wait, the council?”

“Yeah, the Ultimate Council.” I nodded.

“The Ultimate Council runs the galaxy,” Vulgon informed Guy. “They have full authority and could easily shut down the EFAI. We just have to give them evidence. Expose the EFAI.” Vulgon looked over at me. “Did the group of people accomplish anything yet?”

“From what I know they’re currently looking into retrieving evidence of the EFAI’s deeds. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them though,” I replied.

“Can you contact them?” Vulgon questioned.

“It’s not like I have a phone.” I shrugged.

“Oh, then we’re out of luck…” Vulgon said.

“I mean I could try using my telepathy or something, I’d have to guess which direction they’re in though. So it could take a few minutes.”

“Give it a try!” Vulgon exclaimed. “Lil’ Timmy can help you out. He can boost abilities apparently.”

“Can he now?” I asked.

“Hey Tim, help Locke contact someone, will you?” Vulgon said, looking over at Lil’ Timmy.

“O-okay…” Lil’ Timmy walked over to me and reached out with his hand. Like a handshake. “Just grab my hand mister… Then you can do things easierly…”

“The ‘ly’ is unnecessary, Tim,” I corrected his grammar. He was a kid so he didn’t know either way, and being in the EFAI prison and all, he never had education. “But sure.” Grabbing his hand, I focused on my telepathy, searching for a familiar cerebral signature of one of the group members I mentioned. I felt Mehrunes quite far away, but I could sense him as if he were next to me. Although, his signature seemed… muddled. Crowded. Weird. But whatever.

“You’ve got a lot going on in here dude. It's like you have four different brains at the same time,” I said in his mind. “Didn’t know a conscious could feel so… stuffy.”

“Gah! Locke I- wait… you… notice them?” Mehrunes responded telepathically.

“Uh… Yeah…? This kid named Tim enhanced my ability so I can see more of your mind and stuff as I was trying to contact you,” I replied. “It’s hard to miss so much… stuff. Like murder plans. And fantasies about potato tacos covered in... grape gravy? Oh and the one that looks like just frenzied static. Then there’s your normal mind.”

“You tell no one about this, okay?”

“Okay…? Anyway how’s the shut down EFAI thing going?”

“We’re headed to their base right now. We got a plan set up and everything.”

“Oh, cool. Hope it goes well for ya.”

“Yeah I would assume so, with your literally running away from them thing.”

“It is a constant,” I said calmly. “How many people are you taking with?”

“Uhh… like eight.”

“M’kay. Well I’m with some people, some of which are also subjects of the EFAI. There are these two guys, Vivofit and Vulgon I think are their names. We’re just kinda floating around right now,” I said.

“I know Vivo and Vulgon. And good for you, I thought you were sitting with some black market guy.”

“I was originally. But then I switched over to this bounty hunter named Red Rampage. And now them and I are with the V siblings and their group,” I said.

“So… did you just wanna pop in to ask about that, or was there something else?”

“Well, all of the people I’m with wanted to know your progress as they of course don’t like being tracked by the EFAI all the time ya know?” I said.

“Makes sense to me.”

“Anyway, Unless you have any info for me I’ll just hang up and leave you to your… this,” I said, hinting to his brain’s weird activity.

“I dunno, is there anything you wanna hear?”

“I dunno, how long it might take you to get there and get it done? I dunno man.” I mentally shrugged.

A few moments later, Mehrunes got back to me. “About 15 minutes, assuming nothing goes wrong. If something does go wrong, probably an hour. Hey question, are the other subjects your with powerful?”

“I mean, maybe? They beat an EFAI Subject with the help of Red Rampage. Granted I didn’t fight them myself. So I’m not a hundred percent sure on how strong they are.”

“Well I’ve been told we may need backup and I’m just checking your availability and overall power. I’m assuming you’re available.”

“I have done nothing but sit in spaceships for the past day so that's a fair assumption. Who all have you contacted?”

“Nobody. It’s a one by one thing, my guy, and you’ve contacted me first.”

“Okay then. Well I’ll discuss it with the people I’m around and then try to get back to you,” I said.

“You do that.”

“How’s it going?” Vulgon then asked.

“It’s going alright, they have a plan and are preparing to go execute it. Right now they checking with the rest of the group to see if anyone is available to help. I gave him a solid maybe on my part since they can’t use their tracker finder on me. Don’t know about you guys though. You guys can decide what you want to do,” I told them.

“We should help them,” Red Rampage said. “I’ll help them, at least.”

“Alright.” I nodded. “What about the rest of you? You don’t have to come with. We aren’t forcing you.”

“Well…” Guy thought about it. Malum said something in sign language. “Malum says he’ll help. And they’re gonna need a lot of help to actually take the EFAI down. It’s risky though. If we fail, we could be captured again.”

“Yeah. But in all honesty. I really don’t have anything else to lose. Or to do besides this for that matter,” I said. “You all discuss it a bit more. When you all have a choice decided then I’ll give Meh our answers.”

“Tell Meh- Wait, that’s Mehrunes Meh right?” Vulgon asked.

“Yeah…?” I replied.

“Sweet, alright, tell him that we’ll be his backup. So he should call Vivofit when they need backup and we’ll be there,” Vulgon said.

“Alright.” I nodded before ‘picking up’ the mind phone. “Most of them want to help from what I can tell. You’ll have to call Vivofit if you need our help.”


“He has my number, right?” Vivofit asked. He was driving the spaceship this whole time and wasn’t very engaged in our conversation as much.

“He asked if you have his number.”

“Yes. I have his number. I just don’t call him because he NEVER PICKS UP.”

“He does have your number. But he claims you never pick up. So make sure to do that this time,” I said to Vivofit.

“Hahahaha…” Vivofit laughed awkwardly. “Yeah, I’ll make sure to pick up this time. Since it’s important.”

“Kay,” I said. “I think that’s about it.”

“So we’re done here?”

“With our little troupe, yeah.” I mentally nodded.

“Lovely. Now I just have to get ahold of other people because having a small army for backup is better than having a smaller army, yaknow?”

“Not really… but good luck with that,” I thought. “I think I’mma hang up now though.”

“Yeah, get outta my head.”

“Gladly. It’s so crowded in here anyway. Bye Meh,” I thought, ready to shut off the mental connection.

“See ya when we fail!”

I just snickered a bit before hanging up.

“Alright Tim you can let go now,” I said.

Tim nodded and let go of my hand.

“So we’re backup for them?” Guy asked.

“That seems to be the plan. Mehrunes is probably gonna contact some other people as well. Like those wind and electric guys and Broshi’s brother Draco,” I said.

“Broshi!?” Guy exclaimed.

“What, do ya know him?” I asked.

“Yeah we’ve heard about him from another subject named Folly,” Guy replied.

“Oh hey Broshi talked about wanting to kill that guy one time,” I commented.

“Yeah… we don’t like that guy.”

“Which one Broshi or Folly? Or do you mean both?” I asked.

“No, no, Folly is nice. He’s the reason we were able to escape. Broshi though, he did bad stuff to Folly,” Guy replied.

“Probably because Broshi killed something important to him from my assumptions. He has a habit of mainly wanting to eviscerate things,” I said. “Anyway, Meh is most likely gonna call Broshi’s brother. The not as murdery one of the two from my experience with him.”

“I’m pretty sure he has a name and it’s Draco,” Vulgon commented. “We know Draco too.”

“Oh right, I forget his name half the time. Only saw him for like, an hour,” I said. “Anyway, he’ll probably be helpful.”

“Yeah. Now we’ll just wait until they contact us for backup,” Vulgon said. “Otherwise, Vivo change course and head to their base.”

“What do you think I’m doing?” Vivofit retorted. “I just hope Keiko holds up fine…”

“Wait, you guys know which one they're talking about?” I asked, confused.

“We’ve crashed into their base once on accident and rescued Mehrunes from becoming a subject,” Vulgon said with a grin. “He doesn’t know that though.”

“I doubt that. Anyway, how long till we get there?” I asked.

“Long enough that if they request backup, we’ll be able to act.” Vivofit responded.

“That’s a very vague answer but whatever good enough.” I shrugged.

“We’re good and are on track,” Vulgon added. “We just gotta wait now.”



to be continued in the next chapter...

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