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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 9)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 9)

Posted April 14th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 9: Draco


“Okay I think I’ve got it down,” I said to Eyujin and Fucia as I deactivated Dragon’s Scales. “Or at least the basic idea.”

“You’ve grown a lot since we first started,” Eyujin said with a smile. “Now let’s do a final test… Have another spar with Fucia, using everything you’ve learned.”

“Right.” I nodded. “But first.”

I walked over to Fucia and reactivated Dragon Scales and tapped her on the top of the head and she was surrounded in the same forcefield I had. It was a defense technique I could pass on to others for a brief amount of time. This way it’d be fair for Fucia.

“Ready?” I asked her.

“Yeah.” She nodded. She unleashed her power as I hopped to the other side of the training room. I felt perfectly fine in the training suit. I had gotten used to its weight so well I could hold it in base now. We had both gotten a lot stronger over this time spent with Eyujin.

We both got into fighting stances. Then, we started with the two of us countering eachothers blast of plasma as we ran towards each other.

As we neared ten meters of each other, Fucia suddenly froze the ground, almost causing me to lose my footing before using the Boost Style I had come up with to leap over the ground, aiming a kick at her. Except she dodged it by ducking as I flew over her head at high speed.

“Not bad,” I commented with a grin as I landed against the wall before leaping off of it towards her. I aimed a kick at her torso.

As my attack hit her, she also managed to hit me in the gut. So it was about even so far.

“I think you two should pick up the pace. Eyujin looks bored,” My Ultimate Crystal Plasmus commented.

“Well then let’s fix that,” I said as I activated Double Draco eye, shaking the ground a bit.

Fucia unleashed more of her power, she was covered in a large sparking aura of blue fire and lightning.

We then threw hundreds of attack at each other, mostly countering eachothers attacks with the occasional hit.

I then activated Wrath and pushed her away with a blast of burst plasma before following up with a barrage of plasma spheres. They had done some damage, but Fucia just looked a bit hurt. It’s not like we were aiming to kill or anything so it didn’t matter. The force field was just insurance more than anything.

“Hey Draco, how about you show Eyujin how long you can hold the form for?” Fucia suggested.

“Hmmm, I don’t see why I can’t try.” I shrugged before reverting to my normal state and began to charge energy.

After a few seconds I reached Draco Eye, then Double a few seconds later. Then after a minute I reached Grade One. My hair turned blue and was glowing a cyan hue. The energy felt so calm and controllable. I had really toughened up so quickly. Gotten better at most things really.

“Alright! Here goes!” I exclaimed.

I then focused intensely and charged up even more energy, lighting bolts shooting out from my body and the ground shook more then ever.

Almost there.

My hair began to spike upwards and became wild. Electricity sparking all across my body.

It was here.

“GRRRAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I screamed as I unleashed my power and attained Full Ascended. It felt a lot more controllable than before. Especially compared to the first time I tried it back at what used to be the training facility.

“How does that look, Eyujin?” Fucia asked, clearly talking about me.

“PHEW… Still a rush to activate it. Quite a bit straining still as well. Getting more used to it though,” I said as I looked at my hands, feeling all of the power coursing through me.

“If one thing’s for sure, you sure are recognizable with your hair like that. Oh and the fact you're surging with a lot of energy. That too,” Plasmus commented.

By now I had gotten the transformation and holding the form down. I just had to master it. Like I did with my previous ones. We had also done some practice with the Sparking Spirit, mainly having me endure times fifty in my base form for extended periods of time to get used to the pressure. So far I could maintain up to times fifteen with no strain. Before I could only withstand times ten without negative effects. Mastering Sparking Spirit seemed to be much more difficult than Ascended would be.

“Hey Draco, you know you don’t have to wear that suit any more right? Didn’t you say you’ve acclimated to it?” Fucia asked as I returned to my base form.

“Well yeah, it’s just that I’ve gotten so used to wearing it, I forget it’s there,” I said with a laugh. “I really should take it off though.”

Eyujin walked up to me. “Do take it off. You’ve trained enough for today, you can take a break and enjoy the rest of the day. That’s your prize for accomplishing a lot!”

“Yes sir!” I said with a bow as Fucia and I completely powered down to our normal state and the force field I put around her wore off. I then began to unzip the suit so I could take it off. It was hard to believe how I got used to this thing in only a few days. It used to be near impossible to even stand with it on but now it just feels like nothing.

I handed the suit to Eyujin, who then put it back into the closet.

“Well?” Eyujin then asked me. “How do you feel now without it on?”

“Hmmm…” I stretched my arms and legs, taking in the freedom I had gained with the suit off. I felt lighter than before. More nimble. Yet physically felt rock solid. “Feel great honestly.”

“Yeah! You can move around freely in battles now. That’s the benefit of these suits,” Eyujin said. “They increase your agility.”

“I do feel a lot more nimble and quick now. Really just feel like all of me has improved,” I said as I did a back stretch. “And that’s not even including the stuff we unlocked with my techniques and the improvements to my forms and Sparking Spirit. As well as some of the new moves I learned along the way.”

“Yep. Now, what do you want for lunch?” Eyujin asked.

“Good question,” I said as Fucia and I thought to ourselves. “Chinese food maybe?” I asked, Fucia nodded.

“Anything specific?” Eyujin questioned, pulling out his phone to order the food.

“I’ll have beef and broccoli with shrimp fried rice,” I said.

“I’ll have generals chicken with white rice please,” Fucia said.

Eyujin then dialed a number and brought his phone to his ear. “Hello? Yes, I’d like to order. One beef broccoli and shrimp fried rice, generals chicken with white rice… And I’ll take Sesame Chicken with a side of an egg roll. Yes have it delivered to my office. Thank you!” Then he put away the phone. “It’ll be here in five minutes.”

“Huh, speedy,” I said as the three of us left the training room.

We walked through the hallways, heading towards the stairs since Eyujin’s office was on the second level.

Another thing we had done during our training was basically teaching me to run on a lot less food. Was probably better for budgets anyway. I mean, it didn’t affect me too much and I could still eat a lot of food if I wanted to. But eating more than necessary was a waste of money.

Fucia and I simply smiled at each other as we approached Eyujin’s office. When we got in, we spotted Yasach at his desk. He saw us come in, and he held up a bag.

“Your lunch arrived,” He said. Wow delivery was fast.

“Oh thanks Yasach,” I said as Eyujin took the bag. He took out three boxes, handing us the ones we ordered.

“Thank you Mr. Mida,” Fucia said as we opened our boxes.

“Yeah it’s nice of you to order us food and all of the others stuff you’ve done for us,” I said as I took a fork and began to eat my food. It was delicious…

“You’re very welcome! It’s good to be generous.” Eyujin sat at his desk and ate his food.

“That’s not wrong,” Fucia commented as we ate our food. She and I had gotten closer over the past few days. Nothing crazy though. It’s good to take things slow for a change. Better than always stressing about tournaments/dimensions of torture/ancient beasts summoning/potential extinction of a friends race stuff. Oh and terrorism and mutated armies. Those too. It’s nice to be able to spend more than a day without something blowing up that wasn’t supposed to. It’s nice just being here training with Eyujin and spending time with Fucia. Although there is still the fact that Fireball is missing and that Zephyr is dead/captured. Not to mention I’m pretty sure my little sister hates me for some unexplained reason that Jasper was trying to pin on me. That and I don’t even know where Broshi is. Now that I think about it, if it weren’t for Fucia and this training I’d probably be a lot more stressed than I already am.

Then I remembered something, right before the whole torture realm thing. That thing that Dakrus and Dakres did. Fusion right? It made them unbelievingly strong. That reminded me of something I wanted to ask Eyujin about.

“Hey Eyujin?” I asked, having stopped eating my food halfway. “I wanted to know about something I forgot to ask about until now, maybe learn it.”

“Yes?” Eyujin asked.

“Do you know anything about a Fusion technique?” I asked.

“Fusion? There are many techniques that go by that name… Are you referring to the one that fuses two Ultimates together into one body? That’s called Ultimate Crystal Fusion,” Eyujin answered.

“Yeah that one. I ran into it before, before I entered a realm thing where I met Fucia. I wanted to know if I could learn it somehow. It seemed to be pretty useful in a pinch if someone else is will to go along with it.” I nodded.

“It is useful. It’s a very common technique as well and really doesn’t require any effort. You’re not doing anything. It’s the Ultimate Crystals that do everything,” Eyujin said.

“Common, huh? Must be so among higher level Ultimates either that or I’ve somehow only ran into it once. So how does it work?” I asked.

The main reason I was asking this was because I had a feeling that where our group was heading would be dangerous and we might need a power up that is greater than anything we currently have to my knowledge. This technique seems like a good solution. The question is how hard it is. If it’s easy then I should be able to tell Ich and Satu how to do it in case we need it.

“Well,” Eyujin started to explain. “Two Ultimates must unabsorb their Ultimate Crystals, and then they have to let the crystals touch, while the Ultimate still is touching his crystal. Then they just have to want to fuse, and the Crystals will then fuse into one crystal. Because there cannot be two crystals in one body, that body would explode or cause a black hole. Basically it would cause destruction. So the crystals have to be fused first.”

“Is that all?” I asked. That really only left me with two questions. And those questions weren’t very important, at least not as important as the actual move.

“After the crystals are fused, then the bodies can fuse. The appearance of the fused body varies… It gets complicated if the two fusers are of opposite gender, while it is possible to fuse, the outcome would be complicated. If the two fusers are the same gender, then the new fused body will share traits of how they originally looked. Such as clothes, hair, etc. It’ll even combine the two original fusers personality traits into a blend of the two. The new body would have a higher limit, since it combines all the fusers’ max power. It is a powerful technique,” Eyujin explained. “Though the clothing part, your crystals would decide on clothing. Since they kind of disappear when you fuse.”

“Huh. Alright.” I nodded. Before a third, actually important question crossed my mind. “What if three people or more wanted to fuse?” I asked.

“They could fuse, using the same method. All the crystals have to be touching. Of course then the outcome would be very powerful,” Eyujin responded. “There is no limit to fusion. If someone wanted to, they could fuse with a million people. Of course it would take a lot of time.”

“Yeah but they’d be like… Able to break a planet with a flick though, wouldn’t they, if they were made up of a million and one ultimates, right?” I asked, surprised by this info.

“Of course. There are even some Ultimates who can do that in their original state,” Eyujin chuckled.

“Man… the worst I could probably do without being hyped up on adrenaline is maybe destroy a mountain range or two…” I said a bit awkwardly. “But thanks, Eyujin sir.”

“Of course. Do you have any other questions?” Eyujin asked.

“Just one. Still on the fusion topic,” I said. “So there is a way for the fusers to separate right?”

“Oh yes.” Eyujin nodded. “The new fused body just has to decide to unfuse and the fused Ultimate Crystal will separate the bodies, and then seperate into the singular crystals again.”

“Oh, cool. One more thing, so does all of the experience and powers of the separate fusers get carried over to the fusion? Do they like, combine them or something?” This was important because if that were the case then that means it’d be possible to do stuff like combining Satu’s new transformation with Ascended or something cool like that. Oh! Or combining Ich’s wind control with my ability to make plasma in order to make giant plasma tornados and stuff!

“Yes, everything passes onto the fused body. Personality, strategies, powers, etc. It just creates a new being entirely,” Eyujin responded.

“Woah,” Fucia commented.

“So basically it's just an improvement on the sum of its parts? In like, every degree?” I asked. “No wonder you said it was so useful…”

“Indeed!” Eyujin chuckled.

Imagine everything it could do. All of the combinations. It felt like discovering a trump card. The only prerequisite really was needing two people with crystals willing to fuse. That and it’s probably helpful if they were both at an equal or higher level. That and it’d be really easy to explain to the others.

I then continued to eat my food as I was done asking questions.

“It can also be used to fuse with anyone else. For example, an Ultimate can fuse with a non-Ultimate without needing to do Crystal fusion first since there’s only one crystal in the body,” Eyujin added. “And if you yourself master the fusion, you can forcefully fuse other Ultimates against their will.”

“That sounds… Creepy,” I commented.

“Well it’s been done. Watch out,” Eyujin said. He finished his food so he tossed the box in the trash.

Fucia had also finished so she threw her box away too. I was almost done.

As I was finishing the last few bites, I felt my phone vibrate. I took it out of my pocket and looked at the screen. It was a call from Meh. I answered it and put it up to my ear.

“Whats up dude?” I asked as I chewed my food.

“Ooou, hard question let’s see…” Meh began.

“Well good to see YOU haven’t changed,” I said coldly, rolling my eyes.

“What’s with the cold response, there’s no need to give me the cold shoulder. It’s just a lot has happened. Chill my man,” Meh retorted.

“Eh, six out of ten,” I said with a shrug as I swallowed my food before taking another bite.

“Either way, to answer your question, Bounty Hunters and EFAI to cut it short. If you want the long answer, me and the bounty hunter crew with Rando, I assume you remember, are staging a raid on the EFAI space station to get evidence and cash by exposing them to the council and I want to know your availability as backup in case everything goes wrong,” Meh said.

“Well considering I’ve done little else then train under a master with my girlfriend… I’m pretty sure I can fit fixing your screw ups into my schedule if the need arises,” I replied. “Though I’ll need to know where you're going and how I’m supposed to get there.”

“Okay well, A, it’s a space station somewhere and I’ll text you when I’m actually told where that is, cough… Corpse he wanted to know where the station is.” Meh seemed to be talking to someone else, who I assumed was one of the bounty hunters. “Okay, well, Corpse said the station is moving, you’ll probably need a ship to get to it.”

“So then I’ll have to ask/pay for a ride then,” I said, eating more of my chinese food.

“That or you could teleport/ask Hematite’s brother to make a portal for you,” Meh responded.

“That sounds easier, let’s do that one,” I said, chewing my food.

“There were two options, could you be any more vague.”

“And can you not use basic deduction and reasoning?” I retorted. It’s not like it was impossible to assume that my more approving response of the second option meant it was the one I prefered. Come on man. “Just tell Hematite to ask his brother if that’s okay with him.”

“He said it’d be okay, but he’d need to know your energy so he knows where you are. Meaning you’ll have to give off a lot of energy,” Meh replied after a few moments.

“Like how much? Cuz I can pump out a lot,” I said.

“Well assuming if we’re calling you in it’s for backup… go ham, I really don’t care,” Meh replied. “Oh, he also says that you should give off your energy right now so he can find it and be familiar with it. So he can do it later.”

“Well I’m pretty sure it’s not okay to be shooting off a load of energy in an office building. Not saying it would bring it down, but it’d cause a mess,” I said.

“Can’t you just like, I dunno, make an aura?” Meh asked.

“Sure man whatever,” I said. I then activated Ascended Grade one, the good thing about this form is that it was the calmest of my transformations, my aura was poetent but wouldn’t knock anything over or anything like that. Maybe just blow away a few papers. “Anything yet?”

“Hold it for a bit, he’s searchin,” Meh replied.

“Oh please, have him take his time, I can hold this form all day,” I said.

After a few moments, a portal suddenly appeared in the office. Out of the portal came a head of a guy with white hair and silver eyes.

“I have many questions,” Fucia said, who just seemed confused by what was happening. Eyujin and Yasach, who seemed to have figured out what was going on, looked at the guy.

“You Draco?” The guy asked, looking at me.

“I am Draco Saurashido, yes.” I nodded.

“Alright I got your energy,” the guy said. “I’ll make a portal like this when we need back up. You won’t move from here, right?”

“Most likely not. Right Eyujin?” I asked.

“We’re not gonna do any more training today, no,” Eyujin replied. “So he’s free.”

“Got it. Cya in like, twenty minutes or so. We’re almost at the base,” The guy said as his head went back through the portal.

“Alright.” I nodded.

The portal then disappeared. I then realized I was still in a call with Meh.

“Right so… yeah that’s about it,” Meh said.

“Kay man. See you then unless you do it right,” I said. “Bye.”

I hung up.

“So… What’s going on?” Fucia asked.

“Well you see, Mehrunes and some of his bounty hunter buddies are going somewhere. And they may or may not need my help with something. What just happened was the brother of this guy named Hematite sensing and remembering my energy so he can teleport me if they need me,” I explained to her.

“Oh. Okay… I suppose,” Fucia said. “If they really need help, I could come help too.”

“Well I’m sure it won’t be too bad. They’ve got Hematite and his brother. I’m sure they’ll be fine,” I said reassuringly.

“I’ll still help,” She said.

“Alright. If you say so.” I smiled.




to be continued in the next chapter...

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