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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Prologue)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Prologue)

Posted March 19th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here's it be





“Dr. Mousha, come look at this,” a man wearing a white lab coat called for the leader of the EFAI. Dr. Mousha walked forward into the chamber. He looked in front of him at the two new subjects they captured. “That one was a furry beast that had shadow-like features, but it turned into a human. The other one is not a human.”

“Interesting.” Dr. Mousha scratched his chin. In front of him were two girls that were different ages and sizes. “What did they call themselves?”

“Sokanon and Aurallia.” The other man standing next to Dr. Mousha looked over at him. “Aurallia is the one with wolf features. Sokanon is the one with shadow.”

“I question where they came from. Would you try and trace that?” Dr. Mousha asked.

“Yes. I can.” The man nodded. He looked back at Sokanon and Aurallia, who were inside a special cell used for observation procedures. There was glass separating them.

“Good work, Dr. Saurashido,” Dr. Mousha said. “Continue with your procedures.”

Dr. Mousha then left the room, leaving Dr. Saurashido alone with the two new subjects. Then Dr. Saurashido noticed that Sokanon had woken up. Dr. Saurashido watched her carefully, as she looked around, questioning where she was.

“Hm?” Dr. Saurashido noticed a faint shadow coming off of Sokanon’s eye. “My my, what is that?” He decided to study it further. “Very interesting indeed. Perhaps we should take this DNA and test it…”

? Mehrunes ?

“So, how have you guys been?” Hamshere questioned.

Listy and I had come over to Rando’s bounty hunting crew as part of my plan to throw the EFAI off by pretending to be a bounty hunter. We also brought Saio with us, who according to Corpse was in a coma and won’t wake up for a while for some reason.

But I was currently sitting at a table here in the Bounty Canteen for bounty hunters on Ertin near a space station since that’s where they usually were. Hamshere sat across from me next to Rando. Corpse was this man who was pretty much these bounty hunter’s leader. It was Corpse as leader, and then Hamshere, Paulo, and Rando as part of Corpse’s crew.

I told them about my plan and what was going on with the EFAI, and they seemed to accept it quite easily. They let Listy, Saio and I stick around. Corpse wasn’t around right now. It was just me, Listy, Rando, and Hamshere.

“It’s been like, a year right? Quite a long time,” Hamshere said.

“Yeah it’s been a while,” I replied.

“Anything cool happen recently?” Hamshere asked.

“Tacos,” Rando said from next to him.

“Shut up, Rando,” Hamshere said.

“Yeah a lot has happened,” I replied.

“Flagpoles,” Rando said.

“Like our whole home getting destroyed by a late nobody.”

“Right, criminals are being paid to capture subjects from this organization. And you said someone from the organization is following you, right?” Hamshere questioned.

“Yeah, probably,” I replied.

“We’ll keep an eye out,” Hamshere said with a nod.

“Fish relativity,” Rando said.

“You sure you two don’t want anything to drink?” Hamshere asked, referring to me and Listy. “I got some cash, I can buy you drinks.” He looked over at the sleeping Saio that was lying unconscious in the booth right next to Listy. “And we might want to do something with her.”

“Yeah we probably should,” Listy agreed.

“And we don’t need drinks, although thanks for offering,” I replied.

“No problem.” Hamshere smiled. “And for the girl Saio, we could just put her in our ship. Away from public.”

“That’s probably a good idea,” I replied. “Better than letting her lay there suspiciously.”

“Yeah.” Hamshere pressed a button on his earpiece that was in his ear. “Hey Paulo, come over and lend us a hand please.” Then he let go. “Paulo’ll take her.”

“Potaaatooooo,” Rando said.

“Alright,” I completely ignored Rando.

Then, a large man with an orange beard came into view, it was Paulo. He looked over at Saio.

“Girl no awake?” Paulo asked. I could see he still couldn’t speak properly. “What wrong?”

“She’s out cold still. An explosion, I hear,” Hamshere answered him.

“Ah.” Paulo leaned over and picked Saio up. “Be in ship.”

“You do that,” I replied.

Paulo then left with Saio.

Hamshere sighed. “We’re just waiting on another mission now. It’s been pretty quiet in this canteen, we might get moving again. Depends on what Corpse says.”

“Good to know,” I said.

“I suggest we figure out who may be following you in the meantime,” Hamshere said, resting his arms on the table in front of him.

“Good idea. How?” I asked.

“Well, if they’re going to try anything, they’d do it when you’re alone. If they’re smart, that is. And if they really are part of a big organization such as the EFAI, then they will play it smart. Are they just watching you? Or are they trying to capture you?” Hamshere asked.

“No clue,” I replied with a shrug.

“Hmmm…” Hamshere thought to himself.

“Would you like anything to order?” Suddenly a guy appeared out of nowhere, with a paper pad and a pen. I looked over at him, and he had blue pointy hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a worker outfit of this canteen.

“No thanks, sir,” Hamshere said, waving him off. “We’re good.”

The guy nodded and walked away. Hamshere eyed him suspiciously.

“It’s him,” he said. “That’s the guy following you.”

“Never be sure about anything,” I replied.

“Why else would he come and try to serve us? People don’t get served in Bounty Canteens like they do in restaurants. If anyone wants something, they go up to the bar to order. This stalker doesn’t know how canteens work. He gave himself away. Idiot, heh.” Hamshere laughed.

“What if he’s new?” I commented. “It’s like a bad detective movie.”

“Possibly.” Hamshere thought about it. “Though I come here very often since I live on Ertin, and all the new workers know what to do. Still is suspicious to me. I think he’s the guy following you.”

“Everyone is suspicious to me. All the time. It’s a better state of mind,” I replied. “I agree though. It’s very possible.”

“Yeah. See, he even disappeared.” Hamshere looked around the half full canteen. “He realized that he fudged up and is trying to hide.”

“Good for him. If we want to find him, it’s not gonna be that hard,” I replied nonshalontly.

“Yeah.” Hamshere nodded. “How long are you gonna stay with us?”

“You remember Ich right? Well he and his dad are looking into it and I have a feeling this whole situation is gonna come to a head here soon. It all depends,” I replied.

“Hmm… Seems dangerous. From what I heard about the EFAI, they mess around with DNA,” Hamshere said. “But are they really as bad as you said?”

I shrugged. “Maybe. They’re not exactly nice.”

“Well, if we take them down we could get rich off of them! No one knows about their bad side, and if we expose their true selves… We can make a lot of money! This is a great opportunity!” Hamshere exclaimed.

“Who’s gonna believe us without proper evidence?” I asked.

“No one would. That’s why we would break into one of their facilities and get evidence,” Hamshere replied.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“It’s worth a shot. Though, I’d have to ask Corpse.” Hamshere shrugged. “We’d also need a skilled hacker to take down some of their security and stuff. Which we don’t have.”

“Lies and slander!” Rando exclaimed, pointing at me. “REEEEEEE!”

“I actually know a guy…” I replied.

“Oh you do? Contact him then! I’ll tell Corpse too!” Hamshere exclaimed.

“Aight,” I replied, taking out my phone to text Teleyon. Hamshere got up to look for Corpse as I began texting him.


Mehrunes: Yo Tele you Remember Corpse’s squad? The Bounty Hunters?


I then waited for him to respond. Tele would usually have his phone on him 24/7, so he was known for texting back immediately. And he did, I saw that he texted back right away.


Teleyon: Yeah? You’ve told me about them once.

Mehrunes: Yeah well, if you’re interested, they’re about to get evidence against the EFAI to get a load of cash, and they need a hacker *Cough Cough*.

Teleyon: Im available. I got a new hard drive and everything.

Mehrunes: Alright neat.

Teleyon: I’ll come over to your location in a bit. Just gotta check up on some stuff.

Mehrunes: So much for laying low I guess. See you in a bit, and don’t talk to random people, I’m being watched.

Teleyon: Got it.


I put my phone away, and realized Hamshere was back with Corpse. Corpse had grown out his facial hair, I could see. Last time I saw him he had none.

“A mission to take out the EFAI, huh?” Corpse said, standing tall as Hamshere stood next to him.

“More like an excursion,” I replied.

“Taco fish,” Rando commented.

“I see… Well, Ham’s right about it paying well. We may as well do it,” Corpse said. “You contacted a hacker, Mehrunes? Cuz we’ll need one.”

“Yeah he’ll be comin, he’s got stuff to do,” I replied.

“He’s coming to us here, in this specific location?” Corpse asked.

I shrugged. “Probably.”

“Then we’ll have to stick around and wait for him.” Corpse nodded. “Let me know when he gets here, I gotta go buy some ammo.” He then turned and left to get his ammo.

“He buys ammo,” I commented to myself quietly.

Hamshere seemed to have heard me. “Guns can be effective against people. Especially when they’re specific types. Ertin has bad quality ones, but out there… there’s a lot of good ones.” He took out two pistols from his belt. “Like these babies.” He smirked at his weapons.

“It’s not the gun’s I have the problem with,” I replied.

“It’s the limited amount of ammo, correct?” He put away his pistols.

“Nope.” I kept it vague.

“Oh. Well, I don’t know what you have a problem with,” Hamshere replied.

“That’s the idea.” I smirked.

That’s really mean!

Shut up.



Since when do you care?


Alright shut up now.

What about me! I’m here now!

There’s no-


No it’s some random nobody.

I’m here too! Hehehehehahahahahaha!

I hate all of you.

No you don’t!

Listy punched me in the arm, bringing me back to reality, albeit painfully.

“Should we go look for that punk that was following me?” I asked Hamshere, pretending like nothing was wrong.

“We could, or we could wait for him to show up again before we make our move,” Hamshere answered.

I then had an idea.

“I’m gonna step outside, it’s really stuffy in here,” I said as I got up, and shot them a wink as I walked away.

I pulled out my phone and instantly replaced myself with a clone, while I teleported a few feet away as my new clone, I like to call him ‘Fakerunes’ because he perfectly mimics my everything, walked out the door with his phone out.

I teleported outside and stood invisible a few feet away, as I watched Fakerunes lean against a wall in a nearby ally. Perfect bait. Meanwhile I kept my guard up and tried to sense any threats coming towards me or my clone. Mostly me.

But nothing happened. No threats seemed to be coming. But waiting is a valuable skill. A skill I shall now demonstrate to myself.

Repositioning to a completely different vantage point on top of a nearby roof, I continued to watch, sense and wait. No one seemed to come still. So I waited. Still alert. No one seemed to even pay attention to Fakerunes.

Which is what I wanted. Continuing to wait, and repositioning again, I remained patient. Yet there was still no one. Maybe the guy following me isn’t trying to hurt me, and is just watching?


Shut up.

I replaced Fakerunes with myself and put my phone away, walking back into the Bounty Canteen. I took a seat, wondering when Teleyon would get here.





to be continued in the next chapter....

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