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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 1)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1: Saturo


It’s been a few months now ever since the winter hit. We didn’t really do much except stay warm and talk, eat and drink, sleep, and everything we needed to survive. Food wasn’t that hard to get. Draco was able to keep the water from becoming freezing so fish was easy to get. And the cave was pretty warm in the day, but at night, or when Draco falls asleep, it gets cold. Because Draco is the one who kept it warm during the day, when he was awake.

I was able to get some blankets from a tribe though. With my speed I was able to go out there and not freeze to death. The tribe lent me some clothes, blankets, and pillows. I would snuggle with Lavender to keep warm.

Many people out there died though. They froze to death. Which sucks but we can’t really do anything about it. Sacrificial tribes took them anyway.

Which also made me wonder, what we would do if we came across one of those. Well I remember that that one guy Plaster was in one, but I’m not sure if he’s really… you know? He didn’t seem like the type of guy that would take dead bodies and sacrifice them for cubes. Oh, and yeah. They take living people, kill them, and sacrifice them for cubes. Or they could just do it with already dead people. It’s cruel. But it’s how Dakrus made it. Dakrus is the guy that put us into this realm of his. We can’t get out to the Real World unless we supposedly go into the dangerous lands and climb the tower. Except the dangerous lands is like a hundred times the size of the normal land. One piece of grass is a skyscraper. Well, it depends on how much the grass grows. When I went there it was way taller than me. And the trees were bigger. And the tower itself was huge. I would be able to make it to the top of the tower but I had other people that want to leave this place too. We had to work together.

Vender and Hiren were our source of cubes. Because Hiren could teleport, he’d go out and find cubes. So he brought a lot back. We really just gave them to Draco because he was our source of warmth. So Draco now has… I think all of his powers back? Because Vender and Hiren sure did bring a lot of cubes. It was cheap the way they did it, but in this realm, it doesn’t matter. Dakrus made no rules. So there would be no cheating. Which meant teleporting and grabbing cubes right from people’s bases wasn’t cheating. It was very efficient. I could also just run fast and take cubes too. But I already have all my powers back. Actually, let me see who has their powers.

So first Lavender… Lav had most of her powers back, but she said she didn’t need them all. Then Fucia only still only had her ice powers, due to Draco taking all the cubes. Draco has all his powers as far as I know. When Saturn and Syren made it here (which, they were freezing so we had to take them in fast to get them warm), they said they already had all their powers too. Hiren and Vender also had their powers. Seems that that is everyone in our tribe pretty much. Lavender wanted to expand and we would all try to escape.

As of now, we were still in our base, and have accomplished nothing in our goal. Well, we did survive. So that’s something. But we’re nowhere near to escaping.

Our food supply was getting low now. I had to go collect some more or find a tribe to supply us with some. So I went outside with my source technique activated. I see that… that… It wasn’t snowing anymore. The snow was melting too. Winter was over.

I zipped right back to the others to tell them the news.

“Guys!” I shouted. “The snow is melting!”

“Oh awesome! That means I don’t have to sit here with Wrath activated for the whole day anymore!” Draco exclaimed.

“Hey, you weren’t sitting all day, you did do some exercises,” I said.

“But like half of it was sittin which has give me maybe a tad too much energy to deal with since I have my powers back, I need to vent soon.” Draco said as he stood up and stretched.

“Well.” Lavender spoke up. “Since it’s not winter anymore, we could go to the dangerous lands and try to get out. If it fails, Saturo can bring us back to safety.”

“Well maybe blasting a giant creature in the face could help with the energy problem,” Draco said, still doing stretches.

“Yeah,” Saturn said, “maybe we should head there.”

“I think we should. We’ve been here for so long, we should make an attempt to escape this place,” I said.

“Yeah. I’ve been really homesick,” Fucia said as she stood up.

“But Syren is still asleep, do we just leave him?” Saturn asked, pointing at Syren who was asleep on the floor.

“Seems a tad rude to just leave em behind doesn’t it?” Draco asked.

“Yeah,” Saturn walked over to him and picked him up. “I’ll carry him then.”

“Okay, so we’re ready to go,” I said. “Let’s get out of the base. Lav!” I looked over at Lavender. She nodded and hopped onto my back, I was gonna carry her. “Alright! So I can run fast, so follow my energy. Draco you can fly so you carry Fucia, and Saturn you can also fly, so you carry Syren.”

“Got it!” Draco said.

After all of us made it outside, we saw that the snow did melt. We were ready to move. Draco then made his bladed wings appear before picking up Fucia by the waist and activating his speed technique so he could kinda keep up. He and Saturn then lifted off into the air above me and Lav.

“Alright let’s go Satu!” Lav said with a smile.

“Yeah buddy lead the way!” Draco called from above.

I nodded, and activated my source ability, surrounding myself with electricity. Then I zipped towards the direction of the dangerous lands. I could sense Draco and Saturn flying behind me.

After running for a bit, I stopped. In front of me was the dangerous lands, once again. It was dark inside and it was an oversized terrain.

“Oh my. You weren’t kidding when you said it was giant,” Lavender said, looking at it.

“Yeah it’s huge.” I nodded.

“Very…” Lavender got off of my back. “And the tower?”

“Deep inside. I had to go full speed for a bit to actually reach it fast.”

“Wow. That’s… very big indeed.”

“Yeah, so we’d still have to go full speed to make it inside,” I said.

“No, save your energy,” Lavender said, “you’ll need it incase something bad happens so we can escape.”

“Oh yeah, okay.” I said. “So we’ll have to walk? That’s a long distance for walking.”

“How long?”

“Very. It’ll take five days I think to get to the tower by walking,” I said. “And we would need food and water. We should pack some stuff if we’re gonna walk.”

“Is there none inside?” She asked.

I recalled what I paid attention to when I ran through. “Well… I remember yeah. There’s a huge river. And giant fruits. One fruit would be good for all of us.”

“Then it should be fine,” Lavender said. “We’ll just have to really work together to survive.”

Then Saturn and Draco arrived with Fucia and Syren, who was still asleep, somehow miraculously.

“Woah…” Saturn looked at the dangerous lands in awe.

“You could make a hammock with one of these grass blades!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Saturn exclaimed.

“Well… you guys ready to go in?” Lavender asked nervously.

“Probably as ready as I’ll ever be,” Draco said.

“Okay let’s go…” Lavender walked into the dangerous lands, with the rest of us right behind her. We were walking through giant blades of grass.

“How long is this gonna take?” Saturn asked.

“Long time,” I replied.

Then suddenly we heard a loud growling sound. And then loud footsteps afterwards.

“Oh no, what’s that?” Saturn asked.

Then a giant squirrel appeared in front of us, looking down at us. Lavender was in front, and she made a large wave of water and motioned it towards the squirrel. When it was hit, it ran away.

“Oh it doesn’t like water,” Saturn observed.

“Yeah that’s what I thought,” Lavender said. “So it ran away when it got wet.”

We continued walking for a while. Then we made it out of the grass and into just dirt. At least we could see where we’re going now.

“Wow there’s giant trees everywhere,” Saturn said.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

This was going to take a loooong time. We just kept walking in silence for a long time. I couldn’t keep track of the time it took either. Eventually Saturn and Fucia stopped walking.

“Guys, I’m tired… Let’s rest for a bit.” Saturn sat down beside a tree.

“Sure,” Draco said as we stopped.

“Ah, thanks,” Saturn said. We rested for awhile. But then, of course, a monster appeared. How do I know? I heard footsteps again.

Then when it came close, I saw it wasn’t a monster. It was a mouse. And it was pretty big, of course. Except it didn’t seem to care about us so it walked right past us.

“Byyyyyye mooouuuuse,” Draco said, waving as it walked away.

“Hiiiiii moooouuusee,” Saturn then said. Another mouse was right behind it. Except this one stopped and looked over at us.

“Hello!” Draco waved at it.

The mouse just stared at him. Then it ignored him and followed the other mouse. Then suddenly a giant owl zipped down and picked up the mouse, while the other escaped.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Draco said. He then swiftly flew up and knocked the owl out of the sky. The mouse fell back down to the ground. The owl seemed very mad and attacked Draco.

“You what?!” Draco said as he punched it into a giant tree, causing it to snap in half, regardless of its size. The owl then flew away.

“Why’d you do that?” Saturn asked. “Poor owl!”

“Because it tried to eat the mouse!” Draco argued from above us.

“Oh. BUT THE POOR OWL!” Saturn said. “It needs to eat, right?”

“I don’t really care. I care more about the mice right now.” Draco said as he floated down on top of the giant mouse’s head.

“Can you tame it?” Lav asked. “We could ride it and go faster.”

“Why are we even walking when we could fly? And Saturo can just run,” Saturn said.

“Yeah,” Draco said as he patted the mouse on the head before it ran off with it's mouse friend.

“Because I need to save my energy,” I said. “Or else if anything bad happens I can’t get us back to safety.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘bad’ anyway?” Draco asked, using finger quotes.

“Well if there’s monsters for instance? We just ran into animals, but nothing dangerous yet,” I replied. “Nothing that Dakrus made special.”

“Uhhh… Guys? Is that something that Dakrus made special?” Saturn asked nervously as he pointed behind us.

“Hm?” I looked behind me. There was this… odd creature that looked like… a spider of some sort, except it had horns. And it was also big. Much taller than us.

“What… even is the point of the horns?” Draco asked.

“Because this one is pretty horny compared to other spiders,” Saturn commented.

“You're sounding like Meh. Stahp that,” Draco said, pointing at Saturn as he was still floating.

“But can Meh do this?” Saturn asked. He floated up into the air, surrounding himself in a green aura. He then made a big barrier around the spider and shrunk it down, crushing it.

“Well he can’t crush things. But he can float with a green aura,” Draco said with a shrug.

Saturn shrugged. “It’s something.”

Then we made it to the river. It was big. I should stop calling everything big now, we’ve already established everything is super naturally huge.

“Is this the part where me and Saturn do the flying thing?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, that’s probably better than swimming,” Lavender said, looking down at the river.

“Probably,” Draco said as he and Saturn floated down to start picking up people to take over.

Draco picked up Fucia first and flew over while Saturn had Syren. But suddenly, a fish jumped out of the water and bit Fucia’s leg, causing blood to spill out.

“HOLY FRACK!” everyone exclaimed, except for Fucia who was screaming since a giant fish was trying to eat her and Draco. (I didn’t say anything either, nor did Lav. It was just Draco and Saturn)

Draco then quickly ripped the fish in half, before carrying Fucia while calming her down, over to me and Lav. After removing the rest of the fish’s head that was biting her leg, Lav healed her.

“Alright this time-” Draco said as he picked up Fucia and this time flew up much higher and activated his speed technique, “Let’s not get attacked by a fish.”

“Yeah,” Fucia said.

Draco then quickly and probably successfully flew to the other side along with Saturn. However, the other side wasn’t visible to Lav and I.

“How much energy?” Lav asked, looking over at me.

“Plenty,” I replied. I didn’t feel tired at all so I had energy. And I didn’t feel very energetic so I don’t have too much energy.

“So are you gonna run across or do we come get you two?” Draco yelled from the other side even though I could barely see him. He was like a speck.

I then picked up Lav and ran across the river to the other side.

“Alright, now which way?” Draco asked.

I looked around. There was fog so it was hard to see now. “Uh…” Dang it… “I don’t know, this looks different…” I swear I knew which way it was, I was still paying attention last time I ran through.

As everyone else looked around, I walked forward. There was a lot of fog that I couldn’t see anyone else anymore.

“Guys?” I called out. No response. It worried me. “Guys, are you there?” Still no response. “Lav? Draco? Saturn? Fucia? Anyone?!”

I couldn’t sense anyone either. But I could sense something else, something strange. Like the feeling of being watched. I could sense that I was being watched. I continued to walk through the fog. This is probably where the danger starts…  

“Hey.” I then heard a voice. It came from in front of me. I couldn’t see who or what it was because of the fog, so I walked forward to see. But I saw no one. This was odd.

Getting sick of not being able to see, I let out some of my power and forced the fog around me to move away. I then saw that everything had shrunk. It wasn’t giant anymore. It was normal size. What exactly was going on here?

“Why hello there.” I then saw that I wasn’t in a forest but in a cave. In front of me I saw a weird man in front of me seated on a thrown. “They call me the King of the Dangerous Lands.”

Now this was new.

“And, you are Saturo, I believe?” The King asked. I looked at his features. He had thick black hair and was wearing a gray robe.

“Yeah,” I answered his question.

“You and your friends were found by my men as trespassers,” The King said. He was fiddling with his fingers. “And we have captured you and brought you to my castle.”

“Oh,” I said. But then I have trespassed before! Or was I going too fast for them to see me? I guess that’s probably likely. “So, are we supposed to not trespass?”

“Yes and no.”

“Yes and no?” What did he mean?

“You are not supposed to but you can, so you can,” The King said.

“Where’s everyone else?”

“Captured. All trespassers are captured and are executed,” The King said.

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” I said.

“It is not like you can do something about it. You’ll be captured too. In fact, you are already captured.”

I then looked down and saw I was handcuffed. And my legs were in chains too.

“Throw him with the others.” The King waved his hand.

Then I was suddenly thrown into a cell. It was weird because I was in the room with the king but then I fell back and suddenly appeared in a cell. And I was still chained. Great. This didn’t go as well as it should have. We should have used my speed and ran past this.

“Hey, Saturo!” I heard Lavender’s voice from in front of me.

I looked forward at the cell in front of mine, and Lavender was inside there, chained as well.

“This wasn't really according to plan,” I said to her.

“You came in last, but hey. I don’t think these chains are special, they seem to be normal.” Lavender looked down at the chains that we on her.

“Then why haven’t you escaped already?” I asked.

“Because.” she pointed down the hall of cells at a stone face? It was in the wall and looked like it was ancient of something. “It’s a trap. The cages are the only safe places.”

“I could still get us out,” I said. “I just have to get these chains off me, then use my speed.”

“Saturn, Syren, and Draco are somewhere else. They’re not here in the cages,” Lavender said. “I don’t even know what to do.” She sighed.

“Okay.” I concentrated my power into one arm and destroyed the chains, and then destroyed the rest one by one. “I know what to do.” I activated my source and zipped into her cage and freed her from the chains. Then I ran in a random direction, getting out of the prison. After a bit we made it to somewhere back in the wild and I jumped up onto a large tree branch. I set Lav down.

“Well we’re now free.” She said. “But what about everyone else?”

“I don’t know, I’ll look for them. Stay right here, okay?” I said, and then I ran right back. I’m consuming energy, yeah, but it was needed.

As I ran I sensed Draco give off some of his energy, letting me know his location. I ran toward it. Then I stopped running, and appeared in front of him. He was standing in the courtyard of the castle, which was normal sized. It was very empty though.

“Hey Draco!” I said, “found you!”

“Oh hey Satu!” Draco said, waving. “I was wondering when you’d show up!”

“Yeah, something weird is going on here,” I said. “It feels off.”

“Yeah…” Draco said.

“First off… why there’s no guards or anyone here. Just the King.” I thought about what I saw.

“Yeah… a king would have at least some guards…” Draco said. “I mean… from what my energy sensing tells me no one else is here besides you, me and the others who are somewhere else.”

“Maybe the king is powerful enough that he just needs to be alone.” I thought about it, because he imprisoned me without moving from his chair.

“Maybe. You would have to be pretty strong to live in a place called the dangerous lands,” Draco said.


“Which brings up the question of why he even cares that we’re here. I mean, it’s not like we’ve done anything to him,” Draco said.

“That’s why I thought this was very off.”

“That and the fact that he captured me and I’ve just been sitting here with nothing having happened,” Draco said. “If we’re being such heinous trespassers you’d think we’d be dead by now, some of us. But I can sense the others and they’re fine.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Something weird is going on.”

“Well we won’t figure anything out by staying here,” Draco said.

“What should we do? Where should we start?” I asked.

“Well we could either get the others or try to find some information by exploring the castle with our speed techniques. Or both,” Draco said as he thought to himself.

“Or we could… face the king.”

“Or that. We got three options.”

“So which are we gonna do?”

“That is the question. I mean, the king was able to capture all of us pretty easily even if we weren’t prepared. So fighting him could be pretty dangerous even with the two of us,” Draco said.

“It doesn’t seem he can catch my speed, or he would’ve done so,” I suggested. “So that can be our escape plan.”

“Yeah, plus since it’s just you and me, we don’t have to worry about leaving anyone behind in the fight and can get them after if we succeed,” Draco added.

“But the question is… how do we find him. He doesn’t give off any energy!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, he could be anywhere. So finding him could take some time if we plan to search without expending some energy with the Source and Dragons Speed,” Draco said.

“Hmmm…” I looked around at the castle. “Even the castle seems out of place.”

“Yeah, when you first came here you didn’t mention a castle. So either you didn’t see it or maybe it wasn’t even here when you arrived the first time.” Draco looked around as well. “Which also brings up the question on why someone would even want to live here.”

“Yeah,” I said. “But how are we gonna find him…”

“Judging from the size of the castle, without using our speed technique could take a long time.” Draco flew into the air to see the whole size of the castle.

“What if he was just in his throne room?” I wondered. “That would save us a lot of time. Draco, do you know where the throne room is?”

“Well, I’mma go out on a limb here and assume it's the giant room in the center of the castle with a glass roof that has very fancy looking chair,” Draco said, pointing off in the distance. “And of course. There are no visible guards. That really makes this whole scenario feel a lot less dramatic.”

“Okay let’s go.” I activated the source and zipped across to the top of the glass roof. Shortly after, Draco appeared and landed next to me. We looked through the colorful glass roof down at the throne. I was right, the King was sitting down there. Just sitting.

“This seems suspicious… He’s not doing anything,” Draco said looking through the glass.

“Yeah I never saw him move from his throne,” I said.

“My gut is yelling at me that all of this might be a trap. Either that or I am very hungry.” Draco’s stomach growled quietly. “Or both.”

“Probably both, you eat a lot,” I commented.

“Hey Aerthians with plasma powers need a lot of calories, m’kay?” Draco replied. “Anyway, what do we do now?”

“Well if it’s a trap, we’re gonna need an escape plan. We can rely on my speed?” I suggested.

“Well either that or we try to temporarily blind him with a bright flash of light from our powers,” Draco replied.

“I mean for escaping, we’d do that while fighting,” I said. “But for escaping I can use full speed and get us out of there.”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded. “So how exactly will we enter? I don’t think he’s seen us yet. Unless he has invisible eyes on the top of his head.”

“We can break in or enter through a door. If they’re locked, I can phase through the walls with speed and get in.”

“Well I can do that too. Granted I’d need to go Draco Eye Level two first before using Dragons Speed and by that point the door would’ve been incinerated by the energy so it wouldn’t really matter.”

“Breaking in it is then,” I said. I then punched through the glass, shattering it, before Draco and I hopped in, landing in front of the King.

He had a emotionless yet shocked look on his face.

“Oh, the prisoners have escaped,” He said. “You are some special prisoners then.”

“Well I was standing in the middle of a courtyard with no guards but whatever.” Draco shrugged.

“Nonsense, there are guards everywhere.” The King shook his head.

“Are they invisible?” Draco asked.

“They are as visible as I am,” The King replied.

“You sure? Then point at one,” Draco said.

The King looked around the room. He pointed over at someplace for just a second but then stopped and shook his head. What was going on? Draco looked at me and we both shrugged as the King looked around the room.

“They are everywhere,” The King then said.

“That’s odd. You pointed for a second but then stopped,” I said.

“Plus, if they are as everywhere as you say, then why have they done nothing to stop us? You sure you got all your marbles dude?” Draco asked.

“They flow through a different rift,” The King said. “You flow in another. They cannot stop you for that reason.”

“Some guards,” Draco said, an unimpressed look on his face.

Suddenly I felt a weird wave pass through the whole castle, and for a second two guards next to the King’s throne were visible. But then they disappeared as the wave disappeared as well.

“Ooooo ominous,” Draco said.

“This is… some weird dimension stuff. What if Dakrus’ Dimension is interacting with another?” I wondered, it would make sense.

“It might. Though then again… how would the king guy know that this is the Dangerous Lands? Maybe Dakrus told him? Who knows…?” Draco said with a shrug. “But at least we know that he does in fact have guards.”

“This area is called the dangerous lands as there is danger because of the dimensions that interact with one another in a distinct level,” the King said.

“Oooooooh! That makes sense,” Draco said.

“That… probably explains why it’s so much bigger here!” I said.

“Yeah!” Draco nodded.

“However when dimensions collide, destruction could happen,” the King said. “I would say you leave now, back to where it’s safe.”

“Well then we’d kinda need to get our friends first and also we kinda came here for a reason anyway sooooooo…” Draco said.

“Yeah, to leave Dakrus’s realm,” I nodded. “And since dimensions collide here, it probably explains why it’s our way out.”

“That would make sense,” Draco said, turning to me, “so should we just skip this and grab our friends and leave or what do you want us to do?”

“You don’t have a choice,” The King said. “You’re stuck in my rift now.”

“Well isn’t that just convenient,” Draco said sarcastically.

“Yes,” then he did something unexpected. He stood up. “And now that I know that you are not ordinary…”

Draco and I backed away in response. He just looked at us.

“Yes,” he said. “You are not ordinary, but just how far can you go?” Yellow particles appeared around his hands.

“That's a pretty vague question,” Draco said as he stood next to me.

“But the answer is as clearer than water itself,” the King said, his hands glowing brightly as he then began shooting lasers. They came at our direction, but I dodged it the moment it was close. Draco dodged as well. “Hmm. I see you are more than what I thought.”

More? That was more? That was barely anything! Just what happens in that dimension that the King is from?!

“How much did you think we were?” Draco asked.

“Hmm,” the King said. “Perhaps I underestimated you.” he then surrounded himself in yellow particles before he made an explosion around him. We were pushed back.

After the smoke cleared, the whole area where the explosion occurred had disintegrated. Except for us of course.

“Now then,” the King’s voice said as he then became visible floating in the air as the smoke cleared, “let us see how you deal with this.” Comets fell towards the castle, many of them in the sky.

“Hey that’s like Meh’s move.” Draco said.

Lots of explosions happened. Draco and I had to get out of the castle because it collapsed.

“Granted, his is a lot weaker than the king’s,” Draco added. “Doesn’t have as many explosions.”
As we stood on top of the parts of the castle, which was all in ruins now, the king floated down in front of us.

“Okay so he’s strong,” I said, “we’ll have to actually fight now.” I ran at him, and punched him. Shortly after I realized I missed, and he had dodged behind and hit me in the back of the neck, sending me to the ground. However while he had done that Draco had kicked him in the back, sending him into the rubble before helping me up.

“Tsk,” the King got up and dusted his royal robes off. “You are a pain.” He surrounded himself with a yellow aura, and then blasted a big blast of yellow plasma our way.

“Pretty sure Satu’s neck thinks you are too,” Draco said as he countered the beam with his own. The King’s beam was bigger and was overpowering Draco’s.

“C’mon Draco, use your eye,” I said to him.

“Oh right, HA!” Draco said as he activated Draco Eye level one with Dragons Wrath activated, causing his beam to become nearly twice the size of the King’s and much more powerful, pushing his back.

Then Draco’s beam beat the King’s, causing him to move with it. After the beam disappeared, the King came back in front of us.

“My my, you are more powerful indeed,” the King said.

“Best not to take your opponent lightly,” Draco said.

“However I must see how far you can go before taking you two more than lightly,” the King said. He then surrounded himself in yellow sparkling particles. “Let us see how you do this time.” Larger comets appeared in the sky, falling down all over the place. I had activated the source and dodged them. Draco used his speed technique to dodge as well. Then I came behind the King and sent a shockwave at him. He jumped up, dodging it, and then shot a comet at me. Crud, I couldn’t dodge it. Instead I shot blasts of plasma mixed with electricity at it, preventing it from touching me. Afterwards, I jumped back next to Draco.

“I’m surprised he can dodge you. You sure you're going full speed Satu?” Draco asked me.

“No, full speed is too hard to control when battling. Only Elec can do it,” I replied, “I’m going fast but I’m still visible.”

“Ah,” Draco said. “So we’re gonna have to not rely on you being faster this time unlike when we were outside of the dangerous lands.”

“Yeah, full speed will be our escape,” I said, nodding.

“Pay attention when fighting,” the King’s voice said, blasting Draco and I backwards. “Or else the opponent will take advantage of you.”

He did take advantage of us. He hit us but didn’t kill us. “How come you didn’t kill us then?” I asked. “Are you… teaching us?”

“He might be,” Draco said with a shrug.

“Indeed,” the King said. “Recruitment for guards. One in this rift, at least.”

“Oh,” Draco said.

“However if you fail to best me, you will be killed.” He was still surrounded in sparkling yellow particles. “So you better bring out your full power now.”

“Alright,” I said. I was gonna save some energy so we could escape, though. I then focused my energy and surrounded myself in bolts of lightning. Draco activated Draco Eye level two, but it wasn’t full throttle since his eyes were covered in blue fire and not white and he didn't have his technique’s auras. “This is the first time we’ve done this since getting stuck here,” Draco said as he lightly flared his cyan aura, vaporizing the rubble around us for at least three hundred feet. “Feels good to have all of myself back. Only part missing is Plasmus.”

“Ah I see.” the king nodded his head, impressed. “Very well. Let us see what you got.”

Draco and I ran at him, shooting a lot of our power at him at a fast speed.  He was hit and knocked way back into a tree. He kicked off it and came right back at us. Before he could attack however Draco grabbed him and slammed him into the ground before throwing him at me for a follow up. I sent a punch at him, filled with a lot of electricity, which should paralyze him. The King landed on the ground, rolling a bit before he stopped.

“I am very impressed.” The King then got up. “You have got some power, indeed. But if that is your full power, then you are too weak.”

He then floated up in the air again, and surrounded himself in a yellow aura mixed with the sparkling particles.

“He has so much yellow particles, he’s like a micro sun,” Draco said.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

Just then I was nailed in the face. I fell back a bit, I didn’t even see it happen. Looking over at Draco, the same thing seemed to have happened to him. But the King didn’t move from his spot.

Draco then sat up and spat a bit of blood out of his mouth on the ground before wiping it off his face. I jumped at the King, attacking with a bunch of punches. He blocked all of them, and then uppercutted me upwards. Then he appeared up above me as I flew up, and knocked me back to the ground.

“You cannot win any longer,” The King said. A giant comet appeared above in the sky, with the same weird wave dimension stuff happening, making it multiply.

“Oh no,” I said, as I got up. “I don’t think we could win this. Not against that.”

“Yeah that’s a bit much,” Draco said, appearing next to me.

“Maybe we should--” I was interrupted with a HUGE explosion, like a nuke, as one of the comets hit the ground somewhere else.

“Sorry couldn’t hear you over that GIANT EXPLOSION THAT COULD MOST LIKELY KILL US!” Draco said loudly.

“YEAH WE SHOULD GO!” I exclaimed as a comet came towards us. I activated full speed, grabbed Draco and ran for it.

I could only hear loud explosions as we tried to escape.




o be continu 


in the next 




what happened there ._.

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