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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 10)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 10)

Posted November 19th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 10: Hematite


I was just fighting the giant strong dragon when it suddenly shrunk and destroyed itself. Draco and I just stared at it.

“That… doesn’t seem like an effective strategy, if it even somehow is one,” Draco said, clearly confused by it’s sudden self-destruction.

“Hmm…” I said, looking around the area. “I don’t think we’re alone. Someone else defeated it. I’m sure of it.”

“Seems like it,” Draco said as he was on guard as he glanced around the room, probably sensing for energy.

The portal then lit up. When we went to the other room, we saw that the boss was already defeated.

“There is something on the loose, and it’s defeating all the bosses,” I pointed out. The portal of this floor also lit up. Wow.

We moved on to the next floor, and the boss there was also defeated and the portal was lit up.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?” Jinx questioned. “Not complaining though.”

We moved on again, and it kept repeating. Until we reached a different room. This one was big too, but it had a giant void-hole in the ceiling. It was the last floor. We made it very easily.

Across the room we could see the other team, Saturo, Venom, Vender, Hiren, Plaster (who was missing an arm?), and Styreix. Saturn was with them too.

“Aha, hello there. And welcome to the final boss.” Dakrus appeared floating right under the void-hole in the ceiling. “Both teams have successfully made it.” Dakrus smirked. “Now, as you presume, I am the final boss. You all can fight me, even then you won’t win.”

Dakrus then was surrounded in a black aura.

Then he charged up a giant orb of darkness and tossed them at both teams. But the darkness disappeared all of a sudden. The same thing that beat all our bosses probably is doing something here. Heh.

“You’re gonna fight me, Dakrus,” A voice said.

In the middle of the room, looking up at Dakrus, was a man dressed in gray clothing and had black hair.

“Ah, Dakres.” Dakrus laughed. So the other man was Dakres. I remember him, but he was very different right now. There was no dark magic…

“Oh now it makes sense,” Draco commented.

We then watched as Dakrus and Dakres clashed into each other, shaking the tower.

“I shall kill you!” Dakrus screeched. “Why won’t you die!?”

Dakrus then was tossed to the ground.

“You’re slowly losing power,” Dakres said. “Your dark magic is fading, can’t you tell?”

“What, is causing this?” Dakrus questioned.

“It’ll be soon over. Everyone! The moment you see a bright light, jump,” Dakres said to the rest of us.

And then there was a bright light that appeared in the room. And so I did what Dakres said to do, I jumped.

I could feel myself being transported out of the dimension. I found myself in… a lab. With tubes and everything that a lab has all over. It’s a lab, duh. What else do labs have? Well there is a computer right in front of me.

“Oh hey, we’re out!” Draco said, appearing next to me.

“Yeah, we’re free now.” I said.

Suddenly, Fucia appeared over Draco, and fell onto him. “Finally after so long we’re out!” She said before getting off of Draco.

Suddenly, Aurallia and Jinx appeared above the two of them.

“Oh no,” Draco said.

They then fell onto Draco.

“Hey, we’re free!” Jinx exclaimed.

“Yay!” Aurallia exclaimed.

Then Saturn, Vender, and Hiren appeared and fell onto Draco.

“Oh poor thing,” Venom commented. I noticed he and Styreix had appeared too. Draco just grumbled from underneath the others.

Then Plaster appeared and fell onto him. “Oh yeah! I’m free!” He also was missing an arm.

I could faintly hear Draco growling from the bottom of the pile. Saturo and Lavender appeared shortly after, but didn’t fall onto Draco.

“Woo, we made it,” Saturo said. “Where’s Draco? Did he make it?”

“You six have ten seconds to get off of me,” Draco said from under the pile to the people on top of him. He sounded a tad peeved.

“Oh, oh sorry!” Saturn said, flying off of Draco. He then moved everyone else off of Draco with his mind. “Yay! We made it out!”

“Yeah, so great to finally be back in the real world,” Fucia said as Draco began to get up.

“Where is… Syren?” Saturn asked. “And Sokanon? Shouldn’t they be freed now too?”

“Yeah, and what about all of the other people?” Fucia asked.

I then noticed that there was a portal right above Draco. And it was shaking, like something big was coming through.

Every one of us backed away from the portal, except Draco, who was about to answer Fucia’s question. And then, suddenly, a whole bunch of people fell onto him. Villagers and everything that was added to the realm that wasn’t originally there.

“Well at least my question is answered,” Fucia said as the people were looking around, looking very caught off guard. “You okay under there Draco?”

I could faintly hear Draco’s muffled screaming from underneath the hundreds of people. Now he was definitely mad.

“Oh hey, we’re free,” Tortuz said. I remembered that guy.

“Hmm,” Atlas grunted. Everyone was free!

I noticed the pile of people was quaking, and beginning to rise off the ground. Many of said people were panicking as it was rising. And more people were entering from the portal too, and falling onto the pile that had fallen onto Draco.

“GRRAAAAAAAARGGGGHHHH!” Draco screamed. He sounded furious.

“Ah! It’s that crazy person that destroyed a mountain!” some random person screamed. This alarmed multiple people and even more people started panicking as more people fell into the pile.

“You think he’s okay?” Fucia asked. She sounded a bit worried as now half of the people in the pile were freaking out.

“He’ll be fine. Just wait a bit and everyone will clear out,” I said.

Now people in their rush were getting off Draco, probably were scared of whatever was holding the pile up and screaming so loud it shook the ground.

“Alright, everyone!” a voice then said loudly. Everyone quieted down and looked over at the floating golden robed man. I recognized who it was, even though I haven't met him. It was Glare Relnitron! The creator of the first Ultimate Crystal tracker, and a scientist!

“Oh hey Glare!” I heard Draco say from underneath the people. He sounded much calmer now. “I assume you’re responsible for our escape?”

“Everyone move towards the big door over there! That’ll be your exit! The kind lady outside will help you out! We are on the Light Planet!” Glare announced. People began listening to him and moving off of Draco in a less frenzied fashion. After awhile enough people had moved that Draco could finally crawl out from underneath the mob of people and finally stand again. He looked quite relieved.

Glare then landed on the ground. “Hey! Don’t touch anything!” He then shouted at someone. “That’s dangerous!”

Eventually everyone got out, except for some people. It wasn’t crowded in this lab anymore.

“There,” Glare sighed a sigh of relief. “Why haven’t you left yet?” The original teams that we had that fought in the tower were the ones that haven’t left.

“Sokanon and Syren, we’re waiting for them,” Saturn said.

“Yeah, best we know that they made it out,” Draco said.

“Hm. Who are they? Describe them,” Glare requested.

“Oh yeah you’ve never met them! Man it has been a while since we trained with you,” Draco said. “Right Satu?”

“Indeed, it has been awhile,” Glare nodded. “Hopefully you’re doing good now that Dakrus is trapped again.”

“Yeah, we’ve been in there for months, almost a year even. Which makes me wonder, how long has it been out here?” Draco asked.

“It’s been a week since you entered, but everyone else that was in there have been there for longer. No one knew about this realm until Elec and I looked into it,” Glare replied.

“Wow only a week? Man time must’ve been slowed down a lot in there,” Draco said. “I wonder how the others have been while we’ve been gone. Ah man I forgot to change Fireball’s litter box I hope he fared okay…”

“Yes, you guys can go home now,” Glare said, “I have to clean up this mess.”

“Alright, well, bye then!” Venom said, waving.

“I have to get back to Bob and Ceol,” Styreix said, as he then teleported him and Venom away with those black particles.

“I… am going to get myself a new arm,” Plaster said, walking away to the big door that everyone else went through.

“What are you guys gonna do?” Draco asked, looking at Vender, Hiren, Jinx and Aurallia.

“I don’t know where I am so… I’ll stick around,” Jinx said, looking over at Aurallia. “Aura will too.”

“And you two?” Draco looked and Hiren and Vender.

“We got our club on Ertin, so,” Vender said with a thumbs up. “We can keep in touch!” Hiren then set his hand on Vender’s shoulder and they teleported away.

“What about you, Fucia?” Lavender then asked her.

“Yeah… does your family know where you are?” Draco asked.

Fucia looked uncertain. “I’m sure they’ll hear about it eventually and come looking. Maybe I can stay with you all until they arrive,” She said.

“Okay, that’s nice. We should go home then,” Saturo said.

“How do we get home though?” Fucia asked. “And where is your home?”

“Well we live at a facility on Ertin. Not quite sure on how we’re gonna get there though. Maybe call Tele or something?” Draco said. “Or at least call one of the others that wasn’t in the realm. Granted I don’t know if I got my phone back when we arrived soooooooooo… Wait do I even still have Plasmus? I hope he isn’t still on that one planet we were captured on.” Draco was now searching his pockets.

“That’s why you keep it absorbed, Draco,” Saturo said. “Do you have your necklace?”

“I did have it absorbed when we were captured,” Draco replied. “And yes the necklace has been here since we arrived.”

“So your crystal is with you right now,” Saturo said. “Why aren’t you wearing your necklace like you normally do?”

“Because I just wasn't,” Draco replied as he then put his necklace on. “Speaking of wearing things I really need some new clothes, old ones either got left behind or completely tattered. Aw man, and I really liked that jacket and scarf too…”

“Yeah, we all gotta get some… new clothes,” Saturo said.

“Want me to snap some?” I asked.

“You can do that?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, remember? I just snap, and my brother is contacted and he’ll make a portal to get some clothing here. Had to do that when Sokanon went beast and became naked,” I replied.

“Oh yeah…” Draco said.

“Speaking of Sokanon, where is she again?” Saturn asked.

“You have yet to describe her to me so I can find her.” Glare pointed out.

“Well…” Saturn said, thinking of how to describe her.

“Ah, nevermind. I found her.” Glare said, before he disappeared. Soon he reappeared. “She and the other girl are on their way.”

Suddenly, out of the portal came Syren.

“Oh, hey, it’s Syren,” Saturo said.

“Hi Syren!” Saturn said, waving.

“Hey, guys! That was… Yeah. That was interesting,” Syren said.

“Yeah and now you’re free,” I said. Just then, two girls fell out of the portal: Sokanon and Saio, haven’t seen them in forever.

“There they are!” Saturn pointed out. “Er-- Sokanon, where are your clothes?” Sokanon was naked. Again. Maybe she turned into the beast in there, and that’s why.

Sokanon looked up at Saturn and gasped. “Oh m-” she looked around frantically ran and hid in a corner. “Don’t look at me!”

“I gotcha, Sokanon.” I said, snapping and a portal opening above Sokanon, where clothes dropped. “Wear those.”

Sokanon put them on. “Thanks…”

“Other than that… Where’s Badok?” I asked.

“Badok… Is… Not here,” Saio said.

“So where is he then?” I questioned. “Still in there? Should Glare go grab him? Or did he die?”

Saio looked at Sokanon. “Uhh… Let’s not talk about it.”

“Oh well then. You ready to go home?” I asked them. I fished around in my pocket, and smiled. My spaceship was still there.

“Yes. I think we all are?”

“Alright, everyone, come outside and we’ll go home!” I said, going out the same doors that everyone else went out from.

“Can’t wait to see everyone again!” Draco exclaimed as he and Fucia followed me before his stomach growled. “I also can’t wait to actually eat something.”

When we headed outside, with everyone following behind, we saw that everyone else that was in the realm were figuring out where they were gonna go. I took out my spaceship from my pocket, made it bigger, and then hopped on in. At the driver’s seat, I looked back at my passengers. Draco, Fucia, Saturo, Lavender, Sokanon, Saio, Saturn, and Syren. After they got seated, I took off towards Ertin.

to be continued in the next chapter.... aka the last XD

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