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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 11)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 11)

Posted November 20th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 11: Draco


Hard to believe it's only been a week since we disappeared. I wonder what the others have been doing while we’ve been gone. I wonder if they even know we’re alive.

“By the way, I’m just gonna drop you off, then I have to go run some errands,” Hematite then said, as he piloted his spaceship.

“Okay, sounds fine,” I said as I looked out the window.

“I wonder how Phoenix is doing.” Saturn wondered, looking out the window at the stars while resting his cheek on his palm.

“I bet she’s been worried about you.” I smirked.

“Yeah.” Saturn nodded. “Probably.”

“Hey Hematite, can you drop Saturo and I to my house?” Lavender asked Hematite.

“Sure!” Hematite replied. The spaceship then pulled into the atmosphere of Ertin, and Hematite landed it in front of Lavender’s house. He had to land places precisely because of Ertin’s laws.

“Thanks, bye guys!” Lavender grabbed Saturo’s hand and they ran out of the spaceship and to the house.

Hematite then drove the spaceship back up and to the facility. He landed and we all got out. “Cya!” He then drove off again.

“…” We then spotted Phoenix, Saturn’s older sister, in the yard.

“Hey hey,” Jinx said. I forgot he came along! Him and Aurallia.

Then Phoenix ran over and hugged Saturn, with tears in her eyes.

“Told you,” I said.

“Yo what in the heck is all this noise,” Arada then came out of her room. “Oh, that’s a lot of people.”

“Welcome back guys!” Teleyon came out of his office. “Wow, some new people too. Well, guess what? While you were gone, we had some more rooms installed so more people can stay.”

“Yo, we get rooms?!” Jinx exclaimed.

“We still have to save them, so you gotta share a room, get a roommate,” Teleyon replied. “For instance, I share a room with my computer.”

“Then who will I stay with?” Fucia asked.

“I’m not sure,” I shrugged.

“Well, Aurallia will stay with me then,” Jinx said.

“Hold up, Draco,” Arada said, jumping down from her room and in front of Fucia. “You didn’t introduce me.”

“Oh this is Fucia. We met her in the realm,” I said.

“Fucia, sup, I’m Arada,” Arada greeted her. “You wanna room?”

“Well I am staying here so yes,” She said.

“You can take Saturo’s old room then,” Arada said. “Otherwise, we’re actually thinking of resetting the rooms.”

“What do you mean by reset?” I asked.

“Like, organizing them and stuff. I was gonna shove Mehrunes and Listy into a room because we need more space,” Arada answered.

“Speaking of Meh and List. Where are they anyway? I am mighty hungry,” I said looking around.

“The Mehrunes clones went off to make food stands, so none of them are here. You’re gonna have to call Mehrunes, or look around for List,” Arada said.

“Rats.” I then fished around in my pocket and found the phone had re-appeared finally. “Gimme a second.”

I then typed in a phone number and pressed the call button before holding it to my ear. I waited for a few moments before finally the other end picked up.


“Hi Meh, how ya been?” I asked.

“Who are you again?”

“Oh right I almost never call you, this is Draco, you know the guy that’s been presumed dead for the past week? Granted maybe it's been more or less than that for you since you don’t seem to be around here,” I said. “Anyway where on the galaxy are you?”

“I highly doubt you’re Draco.”

“What, do I need to do a test or something?” I asked.


“Like what?”

“I dunno. How am I supposed to know? Do it yourself.”

“Hey you’re the near unemotional popcorn diner enthusiast I’m trying to convince. You come up with a test,” I retorted. “I don’t got the time or the lack of an near uncontrollable hunger to think of a test. Seriously I could go for like… three tables of full course meals right now. But all of your clones are gone so that’s actually gonna cost a bit.”

“I’ll be there in like an hour.”

“Thanks Meh,” I said.

“Yeah yeah. Just make sure that when I get back Arada doesn’t decide to kick me out for crashing into the ground.”

“I’ll try,” I snickered. “Bye sorta best buddy.”

I then hung up.

“Hey yo so Meh’s gonna be here in like an hour, and he’s gonna crash so make some room and also don’t act surprised,” I said, turning to face the others.

“Crash? Will we have to clean it up?” Arada asked.

“I mean maybe. Could take like… three to five minutes to pick up. Depends on the method. Anyway I’ve noticed a distinct lack of a cat, dragon and little sister out here,” I replied, looking at everyone outside. “Why is that?”

“Yeah, about that…” Arada said.

“Yeah…?” I asked, a bit more worried.

“Zephyr is still here, but Fireball left. And your sister isn’t around either,” Arada said.

“And where did they go? Or do you not know?” Now I was both worried and a bit upset that while being gone for only a week so much has changed.

“No clue where they went, they didn't say.” Arada shrugged.

“Oh great.” I growled.

“But yikes, it’s too crowded here. Shoo people, go do something!” Arada said. She clearly didn’t like crowds.

“But you didn’t give us a room yet,” Jinx said, as he and Aurallia stood in front of Arada, waiting.

“Oh, right, follow me.” Arada then walked off with them to get them a room. Saturn and Phoenix went off to do something with Sokanon, Saio, and Syren. So it was just me and Fucia standing there, since Teleyon went back into his office.

Then Arada returned. “Phew, yikes, good thing that’s taken care of.”

“I guess,” I said as I then sat on the ground. I was tired, hungry, and in a bad mood. Also all of those boss fights were starting to catch up. Most of my body was stinging.

“So…” Arada then said. “You want your own room, Fucia?”

“I mean I guess. Better to have my own for now then anything,” Fucia said.

“That’ll take time to set up, so,” Arada pointed up at the sky. “It’s getting dark. You want to share a room with someone?”

“Wait woah hold on!”

We turned to see Listy.

“Someone please tell me why dead people aren’t dead,” Listy said.

“Well ya see,” I said before taking in a large breath of air. “Turns out we got sent to this realm place where we were tortured and then subjugated to a giant survival game for almost a whole year, then we teamed up with some other people like Fucia here and went into this tower and fought a load of monsters, then we ran into Dakrus at the top but then Dakres showed up and fought him and then Glare made some sort of light appear and then we all jumped into it and then we ended up at Glare’s lab and then Hematite drove us here,” I said in one breath.

“Okay and who’re your new friends?” Listy asked.

“Well there’s Jinx and his friend Aurallia who are gonna live here now. And Fucia,” I replied.

“So, what are Fucia and you an item? Why are you still out here?” Listy asked. “You KNOW Meh is gonna take advantage of this right?”

“Well I mean we kinda are I guess,” I said as Fucia shrugged. “But we’re out here actually to wait for your boyfriend to return. Because I am like, super hungry,”

“Buddy, you joking? Cuz he left you something in your room,” Listy said. “I dunno what it is, but it’s a big box.”

“Oh did he now?” I asked.

“Yeah he did,” Listy said. “Mentioned something about when he comes back, I didn’t believe him at the time.”

“Huh, guess I’ll go look at that,” I said as I then used most of my remaining energy to activate my Draco Eye to teleport to my room. Where I found a large box on my bed. Picked it up before teleporting back outside. Most of the energy I would use for combat has been drained. Now all I can do is normal bodily functions. I set the box on the ground. There was a little bowtie on top keeping it together.

“I wonder what’s in it,” Fucia said as I tugged at the bow. Finally I managed to untie it. The box opened up and revealed raisins. Lots of boxes raisins.

“Huh. why raisins?” I asked as I picked one box up.

“I don’t know,” Listy said.

I then opened the top of the box. Yep. Raisins.

“Eh, better than nothing,” I said as I tore off the top of a box of raisins and poured all of the raisins into my mouth and chewed them. They’re still raisins. But they aren’t that bad. Could be worse. Could be carrots. I hate carrots with a burning passion.

“Well, I’m gonna go sleep.” Arada yawned as she then left.

“You do that,” I said as I continued to eat the raisins. Really wish I had something like meat or bread to go with this. Now it was just me, Fucia and Listy outside. The sun then set, and the lights turned on. They had a light sensor to know when to turn on. But it was now night.

“So…” Listy said. “How’s life?”

“Oh you know, been on the near verge of death a few dozen times in the past ten months. How have you been?” I asked, eating another raisin.

“Honestly, Meh ran off to the Rock Planet to do something, I don’t remember. So I’ve been pretty bored,” Listy said.

“Well at least that explains why he isn’t here,” I said.

“Yeah,” Listy said. “He wanted to set up food stands. That’s what it was.”

“Oh cool, I was wondering if he’d ever do that,” I said.

“Yep.” Listy took a box of raisins. “So… Fucia, you shy or just prefer to be quiet?”

“Both really. Not that comfortable with new people,” She replied.

“Yeah I can understand that,” Listy said.

“So how much longer till your friend arrives?” She asked.

“I don’t have a watch,” Listy said.

“About half an hour,” I said, looking at the phone time.

“So does Fucia have powers?” Listy questioned.

“Yeah, I can do a lot of things actually,” Fucia replied.

“Right, so you gotta remember, if there’s something about you that you DON’T want Meh to find out, you gotta work pretty hard at it,” Listy said. “Assuming there is something.”

“Why…?” She sounded concerned.

“Cuz he’s some kind of secret hoarder and doesn’t respect people privacy, yet,” Listy said. “So, yeah. Keep your secrets away from him.”

“Ah crud I forgot about that,” I said. Mehrunes is gonna have field day when he gets back. Sine there’s so many new people for him to spy on.

“Yeah,” Listy said. “Hey, if you need help with it, you can always ask. I’m not afraid to lie to Meh.”

“Granted it’s not like he’d have the bravery to push too much anyway when it comes to you,” I snickered.

“Heh. Yep,” Listy said, taking another box of raisins.

“Although I still can’t believe Draelin and Fireball would just leave,”

“Pixel and Talsa left as well, Pixel went to Cyrus’s lab, Talsa went with him,” Listy said. “I dunno where Draelin and Fireball went to, although they couldn't have gotten far.”

“Well yeah, Zeph is still here so they didn’t take him. And Draelin definitely doesn’t know how to drive. The main factor is basically when they left,” I said, lying down on the grass and looking into the now star filled sky. “I assume they probably left because they thought I was dead, yeah?”

“Probably. When Meh gets here you can probably ask him about this stuff, he said he set up cameras around the facility,” Listy said.

“Well then I’ll have to ask him later then,” I said, looking at the time on my phone. Twenty minutes till Meh arrives. Unless he miscalculated how long it’d take him to get here. Not that it matters, I got as much time as I need.

Then suddenly, there was a light in the sky, that was crashing down right at me. I couldn’t tell if it was Mehrunes, the energy was different. As it got closer, I could tell it was emitting a dark green aura. I was distracted by it that I didn’t notice it was GOING TO LAND ON ME.

And then it did, it crashed right into me. And it hurt my head, and I could tell I was bleeding. A lot. And it also wrecked the front yard.

“Oooowwww…” I said weakly from under the dirt and whatever crashed into me.

“Welcome back to the living! Have some dirt for your mouth!”

“How ironic that you welcoming me back to living nearly killed me,” I growled as I climbed out of the hole and dusted myself off before Fucia healed me.

“Ooooooo! Who’s your girlfriend?” Mehrunes smirked.

“My name’s Fucia,” she said calmly as I just nodded as I poured dirt out of my shoe.

“And the newbies are who?” Mehrunes asked. “Or should I figure that out.”

“Their names are Jinx and Aurallia,” I replied as I rubbed the dirt out of my hair.

“I smell myself a secret already,” Mehrunes said. “Whatchu got?”

“Que?” I asked. Finally cleaned myself.

“You and Fucia,” Mehrunes said. “Get yerself a secret, I knows it because your toes are full of dirt and everyone with dirt in their toes has a secret. Obviously I’m just wasting your time at this point, I’m sure your hungry?”

“Extremely,” I said. I was desperate for food.

“I’m a bit hungry too,” Fucia added.

“Well then you better get to the Diner in less than 9.2 seconds or else Draco will be there first and half the food will be gone,” Mehrunes said.

“Only half? Really?” Fucia asked skeptically.

“Hey you never know what being whatever you were does to someone's appetite,” Mehrunes said.

“Ahem,” Listy coughed. “You guys know, that he means there's already food in the diner right?”

“You mean one of us didn’t know that?” I asked as me and Fucia were already entering the diner.

“Boo hoo,” Mehrunes said. “Roo roo.”

We then walked into the diner area and took a seat. Fucia sat at one end of the table while I sat at the other end.

“I found a potato.” Mehrunes appeared next to the table, his voice sounded funny. “It’s staring at us.”

Listy took Meh’s potato. “No.”

“Right food whatever,” Mehrunes said, his voice returning to normal as his clone brought out platefuls of food. “Draco let’s set a new record yes?”

“May as well try,” I smirked as Fucia watched the clones lay down plate after plate of food on the table. This is why I sat at the other end. Soon the whole table was covered in dozens of plates of varying dishes of food. Meat, soups, rice dishes, everything.

“So we got like…” Mehrunes looked at his phone. “Three more three course meals if you need it.”

Fucia then looked at Listy, “is this normal?”

“Yeah this happens a lot,” Listy said. “They have a lot of stuff like this, they keep score and everything.”

“The point values are as follows!” One of the clones announced. “A small plate is worth one point! A large plate is worth five! And a platter is worth seven. Bowls are worth two, four and six depending on size. Drinks are not worth any points.”

“Let’s see if Draco can beat his previous high score of 956 points!” another clone said, talking like a sports game announcer.

“956?!” Fucia exclaimed.

“Yeah I remember that day,” Mehrunes said. “I ended up having to pause the timer and make even more food. Thrice. But this time I’m prepared!”

Listy then pressed a button and the end of the table Fucia was sitting at split off from the rest and her and the table moved to another spot of the diner, with its own food on it. Then a new table appeared to replace it and clones placed more food on it.

“I’m gonna take this time really quick to gloat about how I knew that vortex thing was fishy and I knew you would be back,” Mehrunes said. “Because I did.”

“Good for you, speaking of fish these look new.” I pointed at a platter of shrimp and crab cake kebabs that was a few feet away from me.

“Yeah man. I was hoping you'd notice,” Mehrunes said. “I set up food stands, as you've probably heard, so I have a little extra cash to throw around on new stuff.”

“Oh nice,” I said, cracking my knuckles. This was a nice way to be welcomed back, with food. “So, can I start now?” I was starving.

“Clone number four, countdown please,” Mehrunes said.

“Five! Four! Three! Two!” The clone counted. “One! MUNCH THOSE MUNCHIES!!!”

And in a moment I was off, I grabbed utensils and began eating the food in front of me at lightning speeds, in only a few moments I had finished ten plates of food.

“OI CLONES! GO START ON MORE!” Mehrunes shouted, clearly not expecting me to have eaten so fast. By the time he had finished speaking, a third of the table was just empty plates and bowls.

“It’s kinda fascinating to watch isn't it?” Listy commented.

“Where does it all even go?” Fucia asked. “And how doesn’t he choke?!”

“Nobody is really quite sure,” Mehrunes said. “All I know is that he would be flat broke if it wasn't free food.”

“Yeah. Probably,” I said in between bites. By now over half of the table was cleaned of food. And it had only been about fifteen seconds! Some clones came by and cleared the empty plates and filled the space with more food.

“So far Draco is at 250 points!” one of the clones announced.

“As you can tell, Draco eats a lot of food,” Mehrunes said. “I would like, calculate how much he eats versus everyone else but I’m too lazy. And the numbers are too big to be lazy. He eats like five pounds as a snack.”

At the current moment I was eating a platter of ribs. As I was eating the meat off of the bones so quickly it probably sounded like my mouth had became a buzzsaw as it tore the meat off.

“So at about this point, he’s getting enough energy back to use powers…” Mehrunes said. “Su uhh… fun. Yep.”

“You thought he was eating fast now?” One of the clones said as I was now able to activate Dragons Speed. “YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN!”

I then blurred from view and suddenly all of thee food seemed to just vanish like they had been snatched by a ghost. The timer instantly stopped.

“See what I mean?” Mehrunes said. “He eats like fifty bears on steroids.”

“Order up!” A clone yelled as another table came up from the ground, and clones filled both of them with food.

“We got six more tables ready,” Mehrunes said. “Somehow I still doubt it. Clone number four!”

“Five! Four! Three! Two!” Clone number four counted “ONE! CONTINUE MUNCHING THOSE MUNCHIES!”

I then activated Draco Eye level one and ate even faster. All of the food on the table just immediately vanished at once. Of course there was a second table and the first was instantly filled by teleporting clones.

“Draco has hit the one minute mark!” A clone exclaimed.

“I swear I’m gonna build a stadium out back and fill it with tables and just have Draco eat out there,” Mehrunes said.

Eventually I went ot level two and now the food was disappearing before he ended on the table. Eventually we reached the twenty seconds mark.

“ALRIGHT BOYS, BEGIN THE DESSERT ROUND!” One of the clones exclaimed two seconds before the clones began bringing out ice cream and pudding and cakes and more sweet and sugary stuffs. None of them would survive. Eventually it was ten seconds before the round ended. Suddenly at the middle of the table appeared a giant chest made of chocolate, filled to the brim with gems made of rock candy and chocolate coins.


I began to eat the chest, first I ate the gems, then the chocolate coins, then finally I finished eating the chest. Then I heard the ring of a bell.

I then reverted to my base form, but first I grabbed a toothpick before I laid on the empty table. Thoroughly full. I, of course, was not any heavier. Somehow.

“And his score is… 1879 points!” A clone exclaimed. “It’s a new record! Nearly double his last score!”

I could hear Listy clapping and saw her standing next to Fucia who just looked confused.

“I honestly have no idea how he eats the choco chest it’s basically made for fifty people,” Mehrunes said. “Like actually. Either way, good job Draco.”

“Thank you. By the way, the new dishes you made, they were really good. Although you should add a tad more salt to that soup with the noodles, beef, and fish.” I said casually as I picked my teeth with the toothpick.

“You got that number seven?” Mehrunes asked a clone with a notepad.

“More salt to the soup,” The clone said.

“Oh and add more cheese to the fettuccine!” I added.

“Good,” Mehrunes said. “Write that down too.”

“Right,” clone number seven said, writing on the notepad.

“Yo, Fucia, you gonna eat something?” Mehrunes asked Fucia.

“Oh right… I’ll have a small chicken stew please,” Fucia said, remembering she hadn’t ordered.

“We have one of those made actually,” Mehrunes said, as a clone brought her her food.

We simply waited until she finished.

“You’re a pretty good cook Mehrunes.” Fucia wiped her mouth with a napkin.

“Thanks,” Mehrunes said. “It’s why I thought I could get away with food stands, and I did.”

“Well at least you’re starting a business for the future,” I said before I let out a small burp.

“Yeah I guess,” Mehrunes said. “Don’t have to be as stingy with Ultims as well.”

“Yeah. Anyway I really should go to bed,” I said with a yawn.

“Where’s Fucia sleeping?” Mehrunes asked.

“Good question, where can she sleep?” I asked specifically looking at Listy.

“I dunno. Where can she sleep?” Listy said.

“I don’t have any preferences on sleeping arrangements,” Fucia said.

“Well then why don’t you sleep in the same room,” Mehrunes said.

“Would there be enough room?” I asked.

“I don’t think it matters,” Mehrunes said. “Why.”

“Well I mean, I don’t think most of the beds have enough room for two people to comfortably sleep in,” I said.

“You just gotta snuggle up,” Mehrunes said, as all the clones disappeared except for one, who was cleaning.

“……” me and Fucia just looked at each other skeptically.

“What?” Mehrunes asked, smirking. “Are you not an item?”

“I mean, kinda?” I said as Fucia just shrugged. “We’re kinda half way I guess.”

“There’s two of you,” Mehrunes said. “You’re both in agreeance on this, and your doing it at the same time. Your both half sure, therfour there is one sureness. Your close enough really.”

“Fine,” I said before me and Fucia headed for the stairs that led to the rooms.

“Hey you gonna give me a pic of you kissin or do I have to work for it?” Mehrunes called.

“You’ve already made successful food stands, what’s a little more work to you?” I asked with a smirk as I looked at him before heading up the stairs.

“Eh. Not much.” Mehrunes peered down at me from the top of the stairs. “Just wanted to give you the option.”

“We’ll be fine for now,” Fucia said as we walked past him.

“For now,” Mehrunes said. “But not forever.”

“So?” I asked as I opened the door to my room and Fucia walked in.

“Remember, there’s always a hole in every plaaaaan!” Mehrunes smiled widely as he disappeared into thin air.

“Yeah, just like how there are holes in your understanding of privacy,” I said before closing the door.

Me and Fucia then each took a half of the bed and a pillow and went to sleep. It was cramped, and awkward. But it’s the best bed I’ve had for months.

It’s good to be home.


To Be Continued…


end of this book!!! 

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