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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 2)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 2)

Posted November 1st, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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here's the next chapter: I should name the chapters to make it more interesting




Chapter 2: Saturo


After a few moments of RUNNING FOR OUR LIVES, Draco and I were back in the safe lands, away from the Dangerous lands. We looked back at the dangerous lands, and there were still explosions going on, as comets started to fall all over it. It was crazy, no wonder it’s called the dangerous lands.

“Well… that could’ve gone better. We didn’t escape Dakrus’ realm, we almost died. And we didn’t get our friends out before getting back here,” Draco said gloomily as he looked back at the dangerous lands. “Really wished we coulda trained more before being stuck in a cave for three months, maybe we woulda been a tad more prepared.”

“You have a point,” I sighed. “We gotta go back for the others. But it’s risky and we could die.”

“Yeah,” Draco said as he thought to himself before his face lit up. He had an idea.

“We’re gonna have to go back in,” I said.

“Yeah, but first we have to find some people!” Draco said. “Three in particular!”


“Well I dunno if you’ve noticed but there are some people who entered this realm with us that we have yet to find or go in the dangerous lands with,” Draco said.

“Venom and Styreix?” I questioned. “Yeah but, finding them would be hard.”

“Well yeah, but we’re not gonna be able to do anything without help. Even if we train,” Draco said. “Plus there’s also Hematite.”

“Oh yeah, we could call him over,” I said. “But we don’t have much time, the others could be dead… at any moment.”

“Who?” Suddenly Hematite appeared right next to us, standing tall.

“Oh, there you are.”

“You released a lot of energy here, so I came,” Hematite said, turning to look at the dangerous lands. “What the heck, that place is huge! Is that the dangerous lands?”

“Yes it is. And our friends are stuck in there cuz me and Satu couldn’t beat a strong King guy from another dimension,” Draco said.

“Woah.” Hematite said, as another comet hit the ground and made another explosion. “Well, you better go save them before they explode.”

“That’s kinda the problem. Satu can’t control his speed enough to get in there and get everyone without being vaporized,” Draco explained. “He can only control like, half of it.”

“OH SHIZ THEN,” Hematite exclaimed. “I can’t sense anyone else in there, everything is very weird. Saving them is… kinda impossible.”

“Yeah that’s the problem. He has no energy signature. And the others don’t seem to radiate enough of it for us to track them from this far away,” Draco said. “We had to go like… fifteen miles in before we got to where we ran into the King guy.”

“And there’s weird waves of… whatever dimension stuff so nothing is real,” I added.

“EXACTLY! Nothing makes sense!” Draco added as well.

“Hmmm…” Hematite thought. “Well then, we gotta wait for the explosions to stop and then go in hoping they’re alive.”

“I…” I didn’t like the sound of that. It’s basically now just luck. “But Lavender is still in there.”

“And so is Fucia,” Draco added.

“We gotta go in and save them,” I said. “Waiting is going to be too painful because we don’t know if they’re alive or not.”

“Too dangerous buddy,” Hematite replied.

“I don’t really care, I gotta save her,” I said, facing the dangerous lands.

“And everyone else right? Or are you just in obsessed mode right now?” Draco asked.

“No but… I’ve gotta save her first. I failed once, and I can’t fail again,” I said, activating the source.

“There’s like a eighty eight percent chance you're gonna die. And that’s only going there, let alone coming back,” Draco said as Hematite nodded.

“I know the risks. And I’m going to risk it,” I said.

Draco just looked at Hematite and shrugged as I began charging up electricity.

“If you’re going in there, then,” Hematite said. “Be careful. Use what Elec taught you. Honestly if you weren't training under Elec, I wouldn’t let you go. But because you are, you have a chance if you use your training.”

“Yeah, you still have yet to use any of those things,” Draco said. “Now might be your best and only time to use them.”

“Yeah, I got this.” I think I did at least.

“I’ll give you a head start, good luck!” Hematite picked me up and jumped up high in the air, and spun and threw me towards the dangerous lands.

“Hope to see ya soon buddy!” Draco yelled.

Then I flew through the dangerous lands, right above the trees. Hematite could jump pretty high, and he could also throw pretty hard.

After moments of flying, gravity started to pull me down. I readied myself for the impact of falling, and caught myself onto a tree branch. A comet hit suddenly, and the tree was blown back. I kicked off the tree and headed towards the comet.

I released energy into my body and sped right at it, phasing through the destruction and getting to the other side. More comets were falling, there were like a hundred of them! If I had waited, this whole place would be in ruins and no one would be alive.

“Greetings.” I look up and see the King, floating in the air surrounded with sparkling yellow particles and a yellow aura. He was glowing so brightly, he was very shiny. “You have returned to meet your fate. Therefore be prepared for it.” He blasted yellow plasma at me. I jumped out of the way, closed my eyes and focused to bring out the technique Elec taught me. He said I was not ready for it. But I needed it now.

“What is it you are doing?” The King asked, appearing in front of me. I was knocked back from a blow, but I caught myself as soon as I hit the floor and jumped right back at him. I hit the ground with a shockwave and punched him backwards. Then I charged energy and blasted him with it. He teleported out of the way and in front of me, and blasted me with plasma again. I fell back once more, overwhelmed.

“How weak.” The King stood in front of me. “Is this your full power?”

I didn’t respond. Instead I charged up a ball of plasma and electricity and jumped at him, nailing him in the face with it. The King was knocked back, but caught himself in mid air. I went back to focusing on the technique. But nothing seemed to change in me, nothing reacted. A comet hit the ground somewhere and another explosion happened, and my focus disappeared.

I jumped out of the way of an attack then, and put all my energy into focusing on the technique. I felt power growing in me as sparks began to generate around me.

But I suddenly was hit with a powerful blow of plasma, knocking me deep into the ground, covered in rubble afterwards. I felt tired. All my energy I had put into using the technique, but it failed. I could barely move. But I had to. I had to find everyone else before they get destroyed by the comets.

I struggled to get up, but successfully got the rubble off of me. I climbed out of the hole, facing the king once more. I tried to come into sense. I took a moment to realize what was going on around me, as I looked around. Explosions caused by giant comets, destroying the terrain. Weird dimensions overlapping with each other at the same time. My energy level being very low. Lavender being out there somewhere, in danger from all the destruction. Syren and Saturn being out there in danger as well, and Fucia too. As I breathed, I looked over at the king. He was powerful. But I had to beat him to save the others, because he won’t let me go anywhere else. Or would he?

Looking around, everywhere else except for where the King was was being exploded by comets. This was the safest place. As the King stared at me, I looked for an opening to run through. My energy was running out, so I activated the source to give myself infinite energy. I felt more energetic and I spotted a small opening between the explosions.

I ran for it, escaping the King. I went full speed to pass through.

“Agh!” My leg was injured in the process. I lost balance and fell to the ground. Explosions were happening all over. I forced myself to get up and continue moving. I went slower since my leg was injured. Then I looked up and saw a comet was about to fall onto me.

Then another explosion.

? Draco ?

I sat outside the Dangerous lands with Hematite waiting for Saturo return.

It was mostly quiet as we sat there waiting. Watching the comets explode on the ground like mini hydrogen bombs.

“Are we really sure Saturo will be able to get through all of that without getting hurt?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Nah. But his energy is still there, I can sense it,” Hematite replied.

“Yeah, but it's fading,” I said. “Pretty quickly I might add.”

“He’s in mid battle with this King guy,” Hematite replied. “He’s using energy to fight so…”

“No, if that were the case then I’d be able to sense the energy spikes of him charging his attacks. There's no spikes of plasma or electric energy coming from him. Only the Kings attacks. He’s not fighting the King anymore. He’s running,” I said.

“NOW he is. He wasn’t before,” Hematite replied. “Get your timing right, dude.”

“Well sorry Mr. Exact I didn’t know my timing was the main concern in what I said,” I said. “Besides it doesn’t matter if he was before. All that matters is that he lost.”

“Timing is very important, bro,” Hematite said. “Even before. In general, timing is the secret to success, even if you’re weaker. If you time it right, you can win.” He laughed. “Guess it’s not really a secret then.”

“I don’t even see why I bother trying to talk to you guys anymore about this stuff, I’m never correct either way.” I said as I laid on my back.

“Because you learn from people,” Hematite said. “I told you that timing is important, so you learn it and execute it! That’s why you talk to us. Even I learn stuff from you. We all learn from each other.”

“Oh yeah what could you have possibly learned from me?” I asked skeptically.

He shrugged. “Nothin yet to be exact. Eventually, though.”

“Sure you will,” I said.

“It depends, but everyone learns something at every moment.” Hematite looked over at the dangerous lands, at an explosion.
“Well that’s just kinda how the brain works,” I said.

“Exactly. So that proves my point,” Hematite replied. “Because that’s how human brains work.”

“It’s not like I was disagreeing with you,” I said as another explosion went off. It had been about ten seconds since the last one.

“Wait, yo, I can’t sense Saturo anymore,” Hematite then said suddenly.

“Been like that for about half a second,” I said, still sitting on the ground.

“Mhm, yeah,” Hematite responded, jumping into the dangerous lands.

“Oh so we’re doing this now.” I activated my Dragon Speed technique and flew after him with my wings.

“No, it’s already done.” Hematite was on a branch, with Saturo in his arms. Saturo was injured, his leg was messed up, and he looked exhausted. “He’s passed out. Won’t be waking for awhile.”

“I assumed.” I landed on the branch next to him.

“Too much destruction is going on, dang. We can’t do any saving for a long time, based on from what I see,” Hematite said.

“Although from what I can tell from here he's not aiming anywhere near the castle. Just the area surrounding it. So at least there's that,” I said.

“The castle is already destroyed.” Hematite pointed out.

“There's still that section over there,” I said pointing at a part of the castle that was somehow unscathed. “The rest is completely blown up though so you're right about that.”

“Well, if we’re lucky they could be in there,” Hematite said.

“They might. There’s gotta be some reason that he hasn’t blown up that spot,” I said.

“Or it could be because he can’t blow it up because it’s in a different dimension, or as Saturo described it, a different wave,” Hematite suggested.

“Maybe, the only way we’d be able to find out is to either touch it or to try and attack it,” I said as another comet hit the ground far away. “And I don’t think announcing our presence is a good idea with a mini KT extinction going on around us.”

“Yeah, not a great idea. A better idea is to wait till it’s over, if it ever does stop.” Hematite looked up at the sky. “From the looks of it, it won’t stop anytime soon.”

“Well let’s just hope that when Satu wakes up and his leg gets fixed that he doesn’t immediately try to run in again. Regardless of duration,” I said. “We’d need to be prepared rather than just running in blindly twice.”

“So there’s comets and the King to deal with. That’s what we know for now,” Hematite said.

“We also know he doesn’t radiate power energy in the normal sense, and has a lot of sparkles,” I added.

“Let’s head back and plan.” He jumped down the tree and ran back to the safe lands.

“Yeah.” I nodded and flew after him.

Once we made it back, he set Saturo down, and looked back at me.

“So the King’s power probably comes from another dimension, that’s why we can’t sense it,” Hematite said.

“Yeah, we also know that somehow he’s able to interact with multiple dimensions since he has guards he can interact and see that we can’t,” I added.

“Dimensions are overlapping in there constantly. We could possible travel through them and escape that way.”

“Of course, we’d have to deal with the king, let alone mention the fact that me and Satu want to get our friends back,” I said.

“Yeah. That’s the disadvantage of traveling with a team. You have to be ready to lose them or else it’ll come in a flash, just like that.” He snapped his fingers. “If you’re alone, it gives you an advantage of not needing to save people. But travelling in pairs or with a group gives you a higher chance of survival due to teamwork.”

“That’s kinda why people do it,” I said. “Anyway, if I’m gonna do anything during this time it's probably gonna be to train, we never did that before heading to  the dangerous lands. All we did was do exercises to keep us in the shape we were in before arriving here. So we never grew in power.”

“What would you do to grow in power?” Hematite asked.

“Do stuff like train my agility, my speed. Try to get a better hold of my full power Draco Eye level two. Stuff like that,” I replied. “Granted it’d be easier to do with a partner.”

“Want me to help you out with that?” Hematite asked.

“Sure, that’d be much better then doing it by myself,” I replied.

“Yes it’ll help you more. Alright, then, let’s do that until Saturo wakes,” Hematite said.


“Alright, let’s go,” Hematite said. “Start your training.”

“Yeah. But where should we go? We wouldn’t want to blow up someones village or anything by accident. That’d be bad.”

“We’re not near any, the dangerous lands are right there.” Hematite pointed out.

“Eh.” I shrugged. “Fair enough.”

“So we can do it right here,” Hematite said. “Now let’s see what you got.” He clapped his fists together.

“Okay then.” I then focused for a few moments before I suddenly erupted in a aura of white fire that shook the ground and singed all of the nearby plants to dust.

“Is that your best?” Hematite asked.

“Well I mean I still have to apply my techniques,” I said.

“Alright well your move now,” Hematite said.

“Okay,” I said as I applied my techniques to boost my power, speed and defense before I rushed at Hematite at high speed.

Hematite held his arms in front of him in defense. I then threw dozens of  half full strength punches at him at high speed. He blocked them all. I then tried to trip him with a sweep kick. He just jumped over it. I could tell he was watching me closely.

“He’s gonna hit me now isn’t he?”

Then he twisted over and hit me with his palm, launching me.

I then flew like… five miles away into a mountain. Causing a giant hole that almost went clean through it. Luckily for me, it didn't hurt too much. Although I couldn’t really move. Buried under rubble and all that.

I then flared my aura, causing the mountain to basically explode into giant flaming boulders. One of which almost crushed a village. The residents were understandably terrified.

“Sorry about blowing up your mountain and almost crushing you all, that’s my B,” I said apologetically before flying back over to where Hematite was.

“How was your flight?” He asked with a smirk once I came back.

“Oh, you know, saw the sights, found a mountain, crashed into the mountain, blew up the mountain with my aura, almost crushed a village with flaming boulders, you know. Nothing unusual,” I replied with a smirk.

“Niceeee,” He replied. “By the way, do you have any special attacks?”

“Well I mean… I kinda have one I’ve been practicing but that’s about it.” I shrugged. “I could show you it if you like.”

“Yes, let’s see it!” Hematite said with a smile as he backed up a few hundred meters.

“Okay, let’s just hope it's not too much of a doozy for the island and its inhabitants.” I said as I stretched my hands out forward towards Hematite and created two large plasma spheres in front of them before combining them together and pulling my hands away so it was next to my side as the new more powerful orb began to grow in power.

“Nooooo…” I said as the sky began to darken.

The ground began to quake.

The large sphere grew bigger and glowed brighter.

The ground shook and lighting bolts raced across the sky. Mainly striking around where we stood. Like an omen of a disaster. The sphere glowed to the point of being like a micro sun and radiating electricity and sparks.


Then arcs of lightning shot out of the plasma sphere. Razing the ground as they went, one flew past Hematite but he didn't even flinch. By now half of the island was most likely shaking like a super earthquake, probably terrifying the citizens out of their minds and making them think that maybe Dakrus had activated another event.


Hematite simply stood across from me nearly half a kilometer away, a big smile on his face, as varying sized chunks of the ground around us began to lift into the air, defying gravity.

“Sick.” he smirked.

“Well at least you think it looks cool. After all this basically me putting my all into a ball and hurling it at you,” I said with a smirk as I strained to maintain the sphere. If I messed up, the sphere would just explode into a mini supernova and might take out half of the island. Which would be bad.


As the thunder and lighting roared on and more of the ground shook I could tell the sphere was almost ready. Just a bit more. I knew that despite all of the power this attack would have I knew it’d probably wouldn’t even knock Hematite out. But it’d at least make a mark if it hit.

Then I could feel it. The ball was completely charged. I knew this because it suddenly released a wave of power the blew away all of the floating rubble and uprooted trees before it sat in my hands, in perfect balance. It was finally done. It was a small star in between my hands.

“You ready?” I asked.

“I’m always ready.” He smirked.

“Well then here it comes!” I said as I pointed my cupped hands and the ball at Hematite and yelled. “NOVANNIHILATOOOOR!”

Then for a single moment everything went white. All I could feel was the feeling of what oblivion would look like to anyone weaker than Hematite as the beam rushed out at near the speed of light. A giant arc of white plasma that lit up the sky like the sun was gonna crash. The forests around us for miles were ignited and vaporized in an instant and the ground glowed red hot. The beam raced forward, it’s power unrelenting. There was probably only two people on this island that could withstand this beam and not be severely injured. The beam went forward with nothing that could stop it. As the beam faded from my hands and I could finally do more then freeze in place and breathe, I could finally see what it had done.

I saw Hematite was withstanding it with his hands. He was taking the energy and compressing it into a small ball, like a marble. He then had a small star in his hands. I just floated there, panting as my Draco Eyes vanished and I slowly fell to the ground, exhausted. I could still maintain consciousness but only barely. I couldn’t move, and I could barely hear and see.

“That was sick,” Hematite said. “I have a lot of your energy compressed here now. Let’s see, where’s the King at.” He looked into the Dangerous Lands. “Let’s see a small supernova, shall we? Just more destruction to what’s already there.” He then threw the small star marble right into the Dangerous Lands, shortly after a small supernova the size of the comet explosions was in sight. “Perfect shot. And he doesn’t even know where it came from.”

I simply smiled as I watched the explosion dissipate, still too weak to move. I just simply panted as I laid on my stomach on the recently burned ground. All I could do is laugh in my head at how confused the King must be that he was just hit with a mini supernova out of nowhere as Hematite walked over to help me up since I, as mentioned earlier could not move.

“Need some energy?” Hematite asked.

It took all my effort to do a little nod. Hematite made a small orb of energy and lent it to me. I absorbed it and finally had enough energy to move and speak, not enough for plasma or techniques or anything. But I could move and stuff.

“So what do you think? Was it less or more than you expected?” I asked.

“I don’t know what to expect so I prepare myself for anything,” Hematite replied. “Now I know your level, so I would know what to expect next time.”

“Oh cool,” I said. “Probably gonna take like an hour or two of rest before I can really do anything else. By the way, Saturo was out of the way of that whole thing right? Would kinda suck if I accidentally vaporized him.”

Hematite shrugged. “He’s fine, still passed out though.”

“Okay. Well let's take a break now. We can train a bit later.” I sat under a tree. Thoroughly winded.

“Alright! You hungry?” Hematite asked.

“Very,” I said quickly as my stomach rumbled.

“Food is hard to get on this island. And it doesn’t give off energy so it’s hard to track.” Hematite chuckled.

“But it does give off something else.” I activated one of the traits of my Wrath technique and sniffed the air. I may not be able to boost my power but I can still use its side effects thankfully. “There’s some that way.” I pointed off in the distance.

“Ooooh, you can tell where it is.” Hematite said. “What food is it?”

“Bread… apples… broccoli… and beef. Ooooh and sugar bread!” I said after sniffing the air some more. “Approximately fifty miles away. So like… five of your jumps.”

“Or just one,” Hematite said.

“Or one.” I shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter how many,” I said. “I’m just hungry.”

“Alright, I’ll get ya some food.” Hematite then jumped off to the distance.

“Thank you.” I sat under the tree and thought what I should do to improve myself. Clearly I needed to get better at maintaining energy so that I don’t KO myself every time I used the Novannihilator. I also needed to get better at agility and speed. Plus getting tougher and stronger isn’t a bad idea. Suddenly I had an idea. I could achieve most of those things if I figured out how to do and maintain one thing. Go beyond my full power Draco Eye Level Two. But how? How would I know if there even is a level beyond it? I’ll just have to figure that out when the time comes. And also when Hematite gets back with the food. Whenever that is.

Sooner or later he returned with food. He handed it to me, it was all the things I mentioned.

After eating most of it and taking a quick nap, I was fully re-energized and ready to actually train since Hematite had seen my limitations. Of course Saturo still had yet to wake up.

“Soooooo.” Hematite stretched. “How ya doin?”

“Feel great!” I exclaimed as I used Wrath to make sure any remaining wounds were healed before returning to my base form. “All full of energy again!”

“Yeah, and in general, how ya doin?” Hematite asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Like, how’s life. How was your childhood. How was your everything,” Hematite said, “how ya doin. I wanna get to know you a lil’ more.”

“Ooooooooooh, well life has been good cept for the whole stuck in a doom dimension thing. My childhood was kinda terrible since my parents were Aerthians that were obsessed with strength and despite that didn't bother to actually train me since I lost like an arm wrestling match or something,” I said, taking a sec to breathe. “Then they kicked me out, I found and adopted a kitten, named it Fireball, ran into this alien named Lime with a spaceship who took me to the elemental system, met Satu and his friend Ich and after two years of adventures and almost dying three times, now I’m here. That basically the super short version. Unless you want me to mention more. Like that prick Folly and my evil twin brother Broshi and Lagi’s Dad’s tournament where he tried to kill Lagi and his girlfriend and then Lagi turned evil for like half an hour because he had like vampire armor.”

“Well I don’t know many of the people. I’m focusing on you. What affects you, like… Everyone has something big in their life,” Hematite said. “I talked to Mehrunes too. We all have feelings, ya know?”

“Well with Meh, you coulda fooled me. But I guess the biggest problem is that technically except for my little sister and that previously mentioned evil brother who I don’t even really count, I don’t really have any family that isn’t a cat or dragon,” I replied.

“How does that make you feel?” Hematite asked.

“Well at first it made me feel unwanted. Like something was wrong. Heck, before I met Ich and Satu I could count the number of friends I had with my closed fists,” I replied.

“Ah. So you were lonely for most of your life,” Hematite said.

“Basically, until I found Fireball like two weeks before I got kicked out,” I said.

“Yeah, even animals can make you feel unalone.” Hematite nodded.

“Really the only thing keeping me going was this one dream I had of me being surrounded by blue fire and me smiling like I was home, with a necklace with a glowing crystal,” I said.

“So that’s what made you move on!” Hematite said. “Your desire to make the dream come true!”

“Well that and the fact that every now and then I get it again and it changes a little bit every time. First it showed me with one my eyes ablaze. Then with a gauntlet and it kept getting more clear. It predicted the future every time,” I said.

“Yes, the Dream World is amazing.”

“Then it showed my wings, my boots, my second eye, the techniques white aura when combined. Everything,” I said.

“Sweet,” Hematite said. “So what’s your main goal? What is your purpose?”

“To become the best I can be, to be better. To prove the ones who misjudge me all wrong. And to find where I belong. Where I should be,” I replied.

“Where do you think you belong?” Hematite asked.

“I’m not sure. There have been times where I feel like I was close but something didn’t feel right. One time I even asked if I even knew what all I was to the others.”

“Yeah. But you’re doing well, keeping a positive attitude. Others should be optimistic like you,” Hematite said.

“That’s what I told Satu. That seems to be one of my notable traits from what I’ve noticed.”

“Mhm. Even when you’re in tough times you stay positive. Have you always been like that?”

“Well, there would always be these points where after suffering a terrible loss whether it be in battle or in terms of someone I knew I’d wonder if I really could do what I promised myself. One of those times still sticks with me.”

“Oh.” Hematite patted me on the shoulder. “Yeah. But you did it. Good job!”

I smiled. “Yeah, I did.”

Hematite nodded. “Yeah. Lots of people call me that one friend who is also a therapist. But I guess I just became that way due to my experiences.”

“Well they're not wrong,” I said.

“Yep. I usually just ask people how they’re doing. Because what they show on the outside could be totally different than on the inside,” Hematite said.

“Yeah, and by the way, you know that dream I mentioned earlier?”


“Well I had something similar to it a month ago in this realm,” I said.

“What was it this time?” Hematite asked. “New moves? Another eye?”

“Well it showed me with my current full power engulfed in blue fire for a few short moments before suddenly I absorbed all of it. Even the fire on my eyes. And my hair stood on end and glowed cyan and my power grew by like tenfold! Then I started dashing around at high speed doing all of these neat moves that I don’t know and eventually it ended with them shooting like a super powerful version of my Novannihilator at a giant ball of dark energy falling from the sky and then it just ended,” I said.

“Oooooh! So you’re gonna work to achieve that?” Hematite said.

“May as well. Now I don’t now the energy level of that King guy. But I bet if I unlocked and mastered whatever form or technique that was. I could beat him for sure!” I exclaimed.

“From what I hear, it’d take a long time to achieve it,” Hematite said.

“Well granted it did take me almost a year to master my Draco Eye level two. And we’ve had no signs of the form appearing yet,” I said with a nod.

“But if we are here long enough… Well, also if I don’t beat the King myself, then it’s possible,” Hematite said.

“Plus even if you do, it’d be nice to have that to show for when we get back!” I said.

“Yeah.” He smiled. “Wonder when Saturo will wake. Should I wake him up?”

“You could try. Maybe he could train too. Wouldn’t be a bad thing if he did,” I said.

Hematite got up and walked over to Saturo, who was laying down on the grass. He clasped his hands together, and then pointed them at Saturo.

“…What are you doing?” I asked as we stood there for a few moments with nothing happening.

“Tryna see if he’s dreaming. Then I could try to use magnetism to wake him up,” Hematite explained. “Cuz, you know how the Dream World is an overlapping layer to the real world? Magnetism has something to do with it too. So since I mastered it, I can use it to bend through and wake him up to reality. Cuz we know he’s asleep, he passed out. He’s not in a coma.”

“Well yeah. I just didn’t know magnetism could do that. Wait… can’t plasma ultimates use magnetism? Neat,” I said, thinking to myself as Hematite did his magnetism dream thing.

“Technically any Ultimate can use magnetism, they just have to practice,” Hematite replied. “It’s actually a pretty cool skill if you wanna learn it.”

“Well yeah!” I exclaimed.

“Alright, I’ll teach it to you as part of your training!” Hematite replied. Afterwards, Saturo suddenly woke up. We watched him breathe for awhile.

“Welcome back Satu!” I said.

“W-what happened?” He asked, looking around and realizing he wasn’t in the Dangerous Lands anymore.

“Well you kinda got rekt by an explosion and broke your leg so me and Hematite got you before you kicked the bucket. Oh also, Hematite is gonna help us train!” I replied.

“O-oh.” He looked at his hands and clenched them. “I failed though. I tried to use the technique but I was close but failed…”

“Well everyone needs to improve at something. Heck, I shot a mini supernova at Hematite and not only did it do no damage, he caught it and hurled it away! And I was completely exhausted!” I said.

“But Hematite isn’t the bad guy,” Saturo said.

“Oh well I did that because he wanted to see what I could do before he trained me,” I said.

“N-no! I mean, he isn't the bad guy. Losing to him won’t harm you. But for me… it would,” Saturo said.

“Well yeah. Doesn’t change my point but yeah,” I said.

“Well, we can sit here and rest for awhile,” Hematite said. “Then, Saturo, we’ll train a bit. Okay?”


“Yeah, once we train, we’ll be more prepared!” I said.

“R-right…” Saturo responded.




to be continued in the next chapter.....

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