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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 3)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 3)

Posted November 5th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 3: Hematite


“So,” I said. “Saturo.” He looked over at me curiously. Draco and I were sitting down waiting till Saturo recovered a bit so that he could stand.

“Yeah?” He asked.

“How ya doin?” I was gonna do the same thing I did to Draco with him. Same old therapist Hema for you. Helps me get to know the person better. Helps tie bonds.

“I’m… not so good. As you can see.” Saturo pointed to his injured leg. “And Lav’s not here to heal it.”

“Hm.” I knew that Lavender was his girlfriend. I never had one. So I’m inexperienced. But I know how to deal with it.

“Yeah that might take a bit. Shame you don’t have the Wrath technique I have,” Draco said, looking at Saturo’s leg.

“Lav is better than that,” Saturo remarked.

“But Wrath doesn’t require another person. Plus this isn’t a debate. It’s just a statement,” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Saturo sighed.

“You couldn’t save her?” I asked him.

“Nope… I’ve failed many times now,” Saturo said.

“You don’t know for sure if she’s actually dead,” I said. “Have some hope.”

“Not that easy…” Saturo muttered. “The explosion hit where she was, where I left her. Ouch, I left her.”

“You’ll save her,” I said. “You will.” He looked at me. “What? I’ve seen you. You’ll win. Just… You’ll do it.”

“Right… Nushot’s method…” Saturo said. “Yeah.”

“Mhm.” I nodded. “Well, other than that. How’s life?”

“It’s okay,” Saturo replied.

“That’s good. How’s your… childhood. How’s your everything?” I asked. “I just wanna get to know you a lil’ more.”

“Well.” Saturo breathed. “I was okay, I was a typical child on Hindro. Went to school. Did stuff. The usual. It’s much different than what you’d have done on the Rock Planet. Different cultures. For us life was all about money and work. Just money was the most important thing.”

“And you don’t think that’s important?” I asked.

“Well. Not anymore.” He replied. “After I left the planet to adventure, I went through some stuff. Became an Ultimate. Eventually got to be Elec’s Student. Surprisingly. But at some point Hindro was destroyed, it blew up. My parents never left it, because it was isolated from the rest of the galaxy. They didn’t have spaceships.” he paused. “And yeah. Blew up. Parents died. I became an orphan.”

“Sorry about that.” I gave him a little pat.

“It’s fine. I’m over it now,” Saturo said.

“So what are your goals?” I asked.

“Well. I need to grow more powerful so I can protect Lav. She’s like the only family I got left. You know… cuz I love her. And I wanna be with her forever. I’m accepted with her.” Saturo smiled slyly. “But she’s not here.”

“Ah.” So Saturo had rough times too. But he looked for happiness and found it in Lavender. That was good too. Good for him. Well, looks like Saturo has got himself a girl, but Draco and I are single. “Looks like you’re the only one with a girlfriend here.”

“Well yeah, unless you count Draco and Fucia as a couple.” Saturo pointed out. I looked over at Draco.

“Huh, Draco you’ve got a girlfriend?” I asked.

“Well I did at some point and I kinda do now. Sorta,” Draco said with a shrug, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Technically Uchiho doesn’t count cuz it never was official. You barely talked,” Saturo said.

“Neither did you and Lav at first. Besides it was going to be but… you know what happened,” Draco said with a slight glare.

“Right,” Saturo nodded. “But hey, you have Fucia. And you actually did ‘something’.”

“We don’t even know if she likes me that way,” Draco said. “It's just the rest of you assuming.”

“Well,” I said. “Do you like her that way?”

“I’d rather not be the focus of this anymore,” Draco said.

“That means he’s not sure,” I said to Saturo. “So you shouldn’t push on it. It’s not very nice.”

“I mean, I used to do that. I don’t anymore,” Saturo replied.

“Well yeah because me and Meh started doing it to you when Lav showed up in revenge,” Draco said.

“So you learned how others felt and stopped!” I said to Saturo.

“Yeah, pretty much.” He replied.

“Well be glad you both have someone, or a possible someone. I got no one,” I said. “I’ve always been single, and probably will be.”

“I guess some people just prefer to not have that. That’s fine,” Draco said.

“Hey, I got no one, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it. It’s just that no one seemed to like my personality. I do crazy things and fight overpowered people,” I said.

“I guess that makes sense,” Draco said.

“No, Draco, we’re supposed to say like, someone else is out there for him, there are other fish in the sea and stuff!” Saturo said. “There are plenty of people in the galaxy, it’s a huge galaxy with a population of over… ten billion trillions or something.”

“It’s not like I wasn’t saying that,” Draco said.

“Oh, you were saying it to him saying that it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want it?” Saturo asked.

“I think…? Don’t quite get what the sentence means. Those doesn’t are very close together,” Draco said.

“Yeah I guess that did sound a bit confusing,” Saturo said. “Well, forget about it then.”

“What I meant so that it makes sense that there are gonna be people who don't understand him. There are people who don’t understand me,” Draco said. “People who don’t understand you. It’s normal and okay.”

“Oh,” Saturo said. “And then there will be people that like you and understand you.”

“Yeah,” Draco said.

“So we just wait for that then,” Saturo said.

“Yeeeeeep.” I nodded.

It was then awkwardly silent for the next few minutes. We just sat there. I could tell everyone else were thinking about something.

“So how long do we think it's gonna take before Satu’s leg is all healed up?” Draco asked.

“Dunno, how ya feelin Saturo?” I asked Saturo.

“It still hurts a bit,” Saturo replied. “I’m good sitting down and relaxing though. If I moved it would hurt more.”

“Well, it doesn’t look like the Dangerous Lands explosions are ending anytime soon. We should go back somewhere safer,” I said. “It’s getting dark.”

“So one of us would have to carry Satu then?” Draco asked.

“Yeah,” Saturo said. “But no, I’ll walk.” He got up, struggling to do so but got up.

“But you just said moving would make it worse,” Draco said.

“Gotta be strong.” Saturo winced.

“Pretty sure walking on a half broken leg is bad,” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Saturo nodded. “But I gotta get used to it or I’ll just be sitting for days.”

“But aren’t you supposed to let it heal? Trying to use that won’t make it better,” Draco said.

“It’ll make me better though,” Saturo replied. “I’ll just use it and wait to find something that can heal it.”

“Well it will once you actually heal it maybe. It might make that one leg a tad stronger I guess,” Draco said.

“Yeah,” Saturo said.

“Well regardless once we actually get your leg fixed the better we’ll be for it. Besides training is much better with multiple people to go up against, since they’ll have different strengths,” Draco said.

“Well in the meantime, let’s go get some shelter!” I said.

“Hmmmmm…” Draco used his wings to hover up into the air to search for a place for us to sleep the night.

“Found anything?” I called up to him.

“Well I can see both a cave, and what looks like an abandoned house,” Draco replied, pointing in two different directions.

“Which is closer?” Saturo questioned.

“The house. It's about a mile that way,” Draco said, pointing, “I’ll go check it out to see if it's actually as abandoned as it looks.”

“Alright, we’ll wait for you,” I replied.

“I’ll be back soon.” Draco waved before flying off.

Saturo and I waited for him.

After a few minutes Draco returned.

“Yep, no ones there. Hasn’t been for a while. It’s all dusty and stuff. But there’s no holes in the walls or roof so that’s good,” Draco said, landing on the ground.

“Alright, Saturo see ya there.” I waved and jumped over towards the house. After a few seconds I landed in front of the house.

After about a minute Draco showed up, landing and putting Saturo on the ground since he had carried him.

“I struggled so he just carried me,” Saturo said to me.

“Well having a guy with an injured leg walk a mile while the other two can fly/jump seems a bit rude,” Draco said.

“But it’d be training,” I said.

“It’d also take him like an hour to get here,” Draco said. “Maybe more.”

“Hmm fair point.” I crossed my arms. “Well, then we should sleep. Maybe train tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” Draco yawned.

? Draco ?

It was the next morning. Since we had gone to sleep around late dusk, I had woken up a bit after sunrise. I got up and left the abandoned house so I could do some stretches, because today was the first day of training. And also trying to find something or someone to fix Satu’s leg. Since no one else was awake I decided to go get some food. I flew into the air with my wings and wrath activated and sniffed the air. I could smell cattle. I flew off towards the smell and found a surprisingly large farm, with loads of fruit trees, wheat farms and tons of livestock. (Cows, pigs, sheep, etc)

“Hmmm… what am I in the mood for today?” I asked myself as I hovered over the farm, with the farm workers staring up at me and talking amongst themselves. They were probably wondering why a sixteen year old boy was floating above their farm with blade wings.

I then decided I wanted meat and fruit for breakfast and promptly snatched a basket and filled it with apples in one hand and began to pick up a full grown cow with the other and was about to fly away until I decided I didn’t want beef and set the cow back in it's pen. “Thanks for the apples!”

I then used my speed technique to fly all the way down to the beach, set down the apples and flew into the water. After a bit of looking I finally rose out from the depths with a giant fish. I then remembered I should probably get some milk for Satu’s leg so I grabbed the apples and fish and flew back to the farm, set the items down, ran into the farm worker’s house and grabbed a small bucket of milk from an ice box they had made. Guess one of them had ice powers. Neat.

Before they could do anything, I rushed out with the milk and grabbed the fish and apples and flew off back to the house. They must’ve been so confused. Poor guys.

When I arrived I had noticed that Satu was up.

“Hey Satu!” I landed a few feet in front of him and set down the fish and apples and handed the small bucket to him. “Got some milk for your leg bone.”

After handing Satu the bucket of milk, I promptly made a campfire and skewered the fish on a stick and put it over the fire to cook it.

After a few minutes it was nice and cooked. I then took a knife that was inside the house and (after washing it in a river since it was covered in dust) prepared the fish by removings it's bones and not so tasty parts like its stomach.

“Want some?” I asked, offering Satu a piece of cooked giant fish.

Saturo was just silent.

“Satu?” I asked. “Is that a no?”

He was still silent.

“Did you at least drink the milk?” I asked as I took a bite out of the piece of fish since he didn’t want it I guess.

He didn’t respond. He looked like he was thinking about something.

“Oh you're thinking bout Lav aren't you?” I asked as I took another bite of fish. It didn't taste too bad. Pretty good actually.

He still didn’t respond. He stayed silent.

“Very eventful conversation we be having here.” I said basically to myself as I took another bite of fish and then ate a chunk of one of the twenty some apples I had gotten.

And as I expected, Saturo remained silent.

I simply took another piece of fish and put it on a large leaf and slid it next to Saturo’s feet with an apple before I proceeded to eat my breakfast in silence. It was pretty good. Probably should've grabbed some bread though. Would’ve made it better.

Saturo suddenly was surrounded with bright sparks.

“HOLY!” I yelped as I fell over due to the literal shock of electricity coursing through my body.

The sparks then disappeared.

“Dang it.” Saturo grunted. “So close.”

“Close to what? Giving me a heart attack!?” I asked with a bit of anger as I dusted myself off and continued eating.

“The technique,” Saturo said. “It requires full focus. I was trying to get it again but I failed.”

“Well if you're gonna practice at least do it farther away from the house. One of your sparks almost lit it on fire,” I said. “Anyway there’s some food there next to your feet for you. That and the bucket of milk in your hands. I’d say be careful as it may not be pasteurized but from what you just did, I think that’s not a concern anymore.”

“Ha, yeah!” He laughed. “But thanks!” He ate his fish and drank the milk.

“Well it’s in all of our best interests that you're leg fix itself quickly. So getting milk seemed like a no brainer since it s bone fracture,” I said as I ate the rest of my first apple.

“What if that’s just a myth? What if milk isn’t good for your bones?” Saturo asked.

“Well it's either the milk or a lot of vegetables.” I said. “You choose. Besides, science has shown that as long as the milk is pasteurized it's fine to drink for millenia.”

“Oh alright!” Saturo said.

“Anyway, is Hematite awake yet?” I asked, eating more fish.

“Hm…” Saturo looked around. “Is he even around? I don’t sense him.”

“Well he was here sleeping when I left like… half an hour ago to get breakfast,” I said.

“So maybe he woke up.” Saturo shrugged.

“Which of course re-brings up the question of where he could be,” I said, trying to sense even the slightest trace of his energy.

“Maybe he went to search for people--- WAIT. DID THE COMET ATTACK THING STOP YET?!” Saturo suddenly asked.

“I HAVE NO CLUE, WHY ARE YOU BEING SO LOUD!?” I said back as I activated my wings and speed and flew over to the entrance of the dangerous lands. There weren’t any explosions.

“OOOOOOoooo!” I thought as I flew back to Satu.

“Hey Satu! There’s no more comets!” I exclaimed from the air.

Saturo suddenly just disappeared from his spot.

“……Oh no.” I said as I flew back to the dangerous land entrance as fast as I could. I saw Saturo was standing in front of it.

“Now Satu, let’s talk about th- and you're gone,” I said as Satu disappeared again.

I then sensed the air for Saturo’s energy just to confirm my guess. After a few seconds he appeared in front of me.

“King is still there though. It just seems that it’s calmed down a bit,” Saturo said. “Still can’t sense Lavender or anyone else though.”

“Okay good you’re not dead,” I said with a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, no, I’m not dead,” Saturo said. “My leg still hurts though.”

“Well we should head back to the house now. And try to find Hematite,” I said.

“We gotta find the others too. Maybe this time be more sneaky and not run into the king,” Saturo said.

“We could. But is it a good idea at this time?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I hate that I can’t sense any of them though, ugh.”

“So do I.” I agreed.

“Well, then, I’ll wait here. Can you go search for Hematite?” Saturo asked.

“Sure,” I said, taking off into the air with full powered Dragon’s Speed and zoomed around, searching for Hematite’s energy.

I then sensed it.

I immediately sped towards it. Then I saw Hematite on the ground.

I floated down to him. Wondering why he was out here.

“Hey Hematite!”

He turned around. “Oh hey Draco.”

“Whatcha doin out here? Satu sent me to find you since the comets stopped falling.” I said, landing next to him.

“Ah, alright. I was searching for people,” Hematite said.


“More people, or skilled people. We could use some to fight the king,” Hematite replied.
“Ah. Well Satu is thinking about being sneaky and trying to get to and/or past the castle sneakily,” I said.

“You two could do that. I’ll find a team,” Hematite said.

“Well I guess it’d be good if I helped him even if think it's not that great of an idea.”


“Well hopefully I’ll see you later.” I said, rising into the air.

“Yes, see ya!”

I then flew back to the dangerous lands to tell Satu. I explained what Hematite was doing and that he was probably going to be gone for a while.

“Ah okay,” Saturo said. “That sounds like a plan.”

“So do you still want to try going in or should we wait?” I asked.

“We should go,” Saturo said. “You can carry me again, and we can fly, just fly away from the King.”

“Okay.” I reluctantly picked up Saturo under his arms and then, cautiously flew into the dangerous lands.

“Alright, go as fast as you can that way.” Saturo pointed.

“Got it.” I said as I activated my full speed technique again and flew off with Satu in tow.

“Slow down once we make it to where we were before we were separated,” Saturo said. As I approached the area where the fog showed up I slowed down. Saturo looked around, using all of his senses. “Fly through it.”

“You sure?” I asked. “Hundred percent?”

“No, but before we were going slow and the King captured us. So go faster maybe,” Saturo said.

“Okay…” I said as I went full throttle and zoomed through the fog.

Then we made it to a big cave, which got less foggy the more we went through. Eventually we reached a fogless, though dark, spot in the cave. I also could feel something in the air.

“Do you sense that?” Saturo asked.

“As much as I can breathe the air.” I said.

“Someone’s down here.” Saturo looked around and pointed. “A fireplace!”

I flew down with Satu so we could investigate, being prepared to fight/run at any moment.

“Hey!” a voice then spoke.

Being so high tense, I immediately went Draco Eye Level one, causing the cave to shake a bit.

“Woah, woah!” the voice said. “Calm down, I’m just like you, trying to escape!”

Me and Satu looked around, I still had the Draco Eye activated just in case. I used its night vision to identify the voice. But I couldn’t see it although I could hear it.

“I’m just invisible, guys!” The voice said. Then a figure appeared out of nowhere. A dark skinned guy. “My name’s Jinx!”

“GAH!” I exclaimed, spooked into Draco Eye Level two. Understandably I was high strung in this place. My transformation would’ve probably blown the whole cave up if I hadn’t kept it under control at the last moment.

“Hi Jinx.” Saturo waved. “I’m Saturo, this is Draco. Sorry he’s almost blew up your house twice.”

“Oh, it’s not my house,” Jinx said. “Who would live in the dangerous lands? It’s just that this place is safe so I often teleport back here. By the way, if you’re Saturo and Draco, there are people here that talked about you.”

“Oh is there now? How many are there?” I asked.

“Two. Said their names were Lavender and Fucia,” Jinx replied.

I looked down at Satu to see he was smiling, also crying but mainly smiling. I of course was smiling as well.

“Where are they?” Saturo asked.

“Just down ther-- WOAH.” Jinx was interrupted with Saturo zipping right past him. “THAT’S FAST!”

“Yeah that’s kinda his main thing,” I said, flying down after him. “Heck that’s not even his fastest since one of his legs is messed up. That should be fixed soon though.”

“Wow,” Jinx said.

“I-K-R?” I said as I landed on the ground to see Saturo with Lavender, and Fucia in the back.

It was a mini reunion.






to be continued in the next chapter...

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