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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 5)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 5)

Posted November 7th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 5: Saturo


Breathing. I focused on breathing, taking deep breaths. I could feel my surroundings. My eyes were closed, I was blind for now. All I could use were my other senses: feeling, hearing, and smelling. All that would be useful for me in this situation were hearing and feeling.

Then I heard a wave of water fly in my direction. Following the sound waves, I could tell where there was no water present. I leaped into that direction, dodging the water that I could not see.

Then I sensed more water coming from behind. I jumped over it, landing behind where the ground was wet. I knew that because I could feel it.

Then I heard water coming from all over. There was no escape, I could sense that I was in a dome of water. I focused, listening to everything. Then I jumped. And when I landed, I was dry.

“Good job, Saturo!” Lavender then said. “You did it.”

I opened my eyes, and saw Lavender standing in front of me. I smiled.

“You found the little hole I made and successfully jumped through it,” Lavender said. “Well done.”

“Thanks, Lav.”

She then walked forwards towards me. “How come you still can’t get that technique working?”

“It’s harder than it looks,” I said. Even when using the method that Nushot taught me, I couldn't get it. Probably because I couldn’t imagine it anyway. “And it can be pretty destructive. I won’t be able to control it.”

“Well, after we get out of here, this realm, we’ll go on a small vacation, okay?” Lav said.

“Y-yeah that sounds nice,” I replied. A vacation with Lav did sound very nice.

“Otherwise, what other training did you want to do?”

“I think I’m fine,” I said. “I wonder when everyone else would get back, then we could take the team and attempt to escape again.” Then I sensed someone’s presence. I turned and looked over to where I sensed it and spotted someone.

It was a girl, who had two different colored eyes. One was light purple and one was light blue, and she had long light blue hair. I noticed she also had ears… like a wolf.

“Oh, hi there!” Lav greeted her first.

“Hello…” she seemed nervous.

“It’s okay!” Jinx appeared next to her. “This is Lavender and Saturo! They’re with us.”

“Oh.” the girl said.

“Yeah, uh, this is Aurallia,” Jinx said, pointing at the girl.

“Nice name, Aurallia,” Lav said.

“Thanks,” she responded. I was curious about the ears. Aurallia then caught me staring at them. “Oh. Yeah, I have ears. I’m a werewolf.”

“Oooh.” Huh, a werewolf.

“ANYWAY,” Jinx then said. “We gotta get going. I got my friend, so now we can get moving, yeah?”

“Draco and Fucia still haven’t come back,” I said.

“Well. We gotta find them then,” Jinx said.

“Or, we can let them find us,” I said. I released some energy, hoping Draco would sense it and come.

? Draco ?

As me and Fucia were training agility by dodging each others attacks, I suddenly noticed an energy pulse off in the distance. I would’ve said something but I then got hit by a wave of electrified water from Fucia.

“Wait! I think that’s Satu,” I said as I got up and dried myself off before Fucia could do another attack.

“Wonder what he wants…” Fucia said.

“Well we’re just gonna have to go look,” I shrugged as we both then began to fly to the energy pulse.

As we got closer, we noticed it was underground in a cave. The same place as last time.

We then flew through the cave until we reached the not super foggy spot. We saw Satu, Lav and Jinx as well as a girl with blue hair and wolf ears.

“Huh, she must be a werewolf or something,” Fucia said as we landed in front of them and our wings disappeared.

“So what was the call for Satu?” I asked.

“We got a team, so we’re ready to go,” Jinx said.

“Oh, great,” I said.

“So I’ll teleport us up to the tower,” Jinx said, “okay?”

“Okay,” Fucia said.

Then we were teleported. We were now standing in the open, in front of the giant, tall, tower. We spotted someone standing in front of it.


“Oh it’s Plaster…” Saturo muttered.

“You mean like the kind that makes up casts?” I asked. “Also why is he so loud?”

“NIBBA WHAT YOU SAYIN?” Plaster ran up to me.

“I’m saying you're loud. And annoying.” I said as I looked down at him.


I simply looked at Saturo while pointing at my clenched fist before pointing at Plaster. Wondering if it’d be okay if I punched him. Saturo shrugged in response, which meant it wasn’t a yes or a no. It was my decision.

I simply decided not to punch him and instead just picked him up and tossed him a few dozen meters behind us before pointing at the entrance of the tower.

“NIBBA DON’ TOUCH MEH!” Plaster ran back in front of me. “YOU WANNA GO, NIBBA!?”

“Well that depends, how far do you feel like flying today?” I asked calmly, trying to walk past him but he kept cutting in front of me.


“Sure you are,” I said.


“Nah, I’m good right here,” I said, trying my best to not punch him to the other side of the dangerous lands. “Now, we’re trying to get into the tower, so could you please move?”


“Plaster was weak before. But then he is alone here in the Dangerous Lands. He would have had to manage somehow…” Saturo said.

“Oh really?” I asked.

“THAT IS RIGHT, NIBBA! I FAKED MY WEAKNESS BEFORE FOR THE LAUGHS, NIBBA!” Plaster shouted. He really is loud, yeesh.

“Could you not scream all the time? Or at all?” I asked as I covered my ears.


“Being loud doesn’t make your tasteless insults any more effective.” I said with a shrug, “not that they were that accurate anyway.”


“Actually I’ve seen quite a few,” I said. This guys attempts to annoy me are petty compared to the stuff Meh and the others have done. “Used them to see how I look when I change clothes in the morning and stuff.”


“Hey guys,” I said turning to the others, “do I look hideous to you? Personally I think I look fine.”

“Ask Fucia.” Saturo just pointed to Fucia. Jinx and Aurallia went with the flow and pointed at her too.

“I think he looks fine,” She said. “Nothing wrong.”

I then looked back at Plaster. “So, any more useless insults you got to say? Or can I just head inside with my team?”

“Oi, she said you looked ‘fine’. She just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings,” Plaster said, not yelling this time.

“Sure Castman. You think that,” Fucia said as she rolled her eyes.

“C’mon! What do you actually think?” Plaster asked Fucia. “Spill the truth out, nibba!”

“I think he looks great. It’s that simple,” she said calmly.

“No, you gotta reveal the truth,” Plaster said.

“But that IS the truth, I think he looks great,” Fucia said.

“Ah, sucks then.” Plaster patted my shoulder like he was sad for me.

Now I was just confused by this guy.

“She said you looked great. Not hot, not anything that is really something,” Plaster said.

“Hey Satu, would there be negative consequences if I attacked this guy?” I asked.

“Yeah. You’d give away our location and the King will come,” Saturo replied.

“Ah rats,” I said. “Well then what do I do with him? He’s not budging! And he’s acting like Meh, only louder, and more crude.”

“I’m acting like you?” Plaster asked.

“No, Meh is the nickname for this guy we know called Mehrunes, most people don’t like him,” I said.

“Why not?” Plaster asked again.

“Because they find him annoying and mean,” I replied. “Anyway could you please move? We kinda need to climb that tower behind you.”

“Ohohoho, nibba, ya ain’t gonna make it. Ya gotta beat the king guy first, whom, is powerful,” Plaster laughed.

“Ah man,” I said, glancing at Satu. “Well that put a wrench in everything.”

“Then we have to fight him again?” Saturo questioned.

“I mean probably,” I said. “How else do we ‘beat’ a king? In chess? Volleyball?”

“Ya beat em in a rap battle,” Plaster said.

I just stood there processing that, was he actually serious? Or was he being annoying again?

“Nah dude, ya actually have ta beat him in a rap battle,” Plaster said. “Or you have ta fight him at full power, which ends miserably. My entire tribe, came to escape and they died. So rap battle is the easy way out. Y’all can rap?”

“Not quite sure,” I said, looking at the others.

“Only rapper I know… is John Ceno. Otherwise, I don’t know how to rap,” Saturo said.

“I’ve never done it before,” Fucia said.

“Me too,” I said.

Jinx and Aurallia just shook their heads.

“Well, y’all give it a shot,” Plaster said. “The King will appear soon… YO! KING! WE GOT PEOPLE WANTING TO RAP TO ENTER THE TOWER!”

Suddenly, the King guy appeared in front of the entrance to the tower, with his royal robes on and his crown.

“Greetings.” The King said. “You must already know that you have to rap to enter the tower to escape. As this young man has told you already… If you fail, you could die in my hands of my true form and power. But you all have a chance, if one of you beats me, you all shall live. So. Let’s see what you can do. You there.” He pointed at me. “Come forth. Rap battle me.”

Oh dear I was not expecting that. I could feel my brain going haywire in panic as I stepped forward.

“Come along. We do not have all day,” The King said. “You go first. Quickly. Proceed to doing so.”

I just stood there, thinking of what to do.

“You are taking long.” The King said. “I shall start off then.” He took out a device and turned on some lit beat. He then started rapping.

“Come on man, you should have gone faster. My rhymes are about to hit you, as if they were a blaster. Metaphor in your face, losing every day, you can not win against me, no matter what you say! Because I am number one, and you are number… Wait, there is none! Rap battling against you, it is not even fun!” The King roasted me. “Your turn.”

“Hmm… I was not prepared for this…” I said as I thought to myself. “But I think I’ve got something.” The King looked at me, ready for what I had in mind.

Then I started rapping what I thought up.

“You think you’re the top but to me you're a flop. That's really your best try? Please, I’d rather die. Think you can take the heat? By all means take a seat. Think you’re the best at singing? Please, you got me cringing, you may be a king but you got no zing, you’re a ruler coming up short, with all of your petty retorts.”

I did it!

“Not bad, not bad at all.” The King nodded, then rapped back. “My retorts are better than anything you could do, and your hair, it is less than a shrew, and yes I will throw in inequalities too. My rhymes are just starting to brew, if only you knew, to back out while you still can. If you were judged by your rhymes, you would be a very bad man. The only car you would be able to afford is a used Sedan, while I am rolling these bills, making money, half a mil, per second I must add, rhymes are equivalent to heat, I would heat you like a grill.” The King smirked. “Your turn, have you got a comeback to that?”

“What use does your money have in a place like this? All of you're verses are just a hit and a miss, once we’re done with all these bashes I’ll spread your rap’s ashes. You're a grill with no coals, you're a king with no goals, and you're field’s covered in holes, think you can take me? I’d like to see you try and break me. I may be new, but I’m better at this than you.”

“Time to actually get started.” The King stretched hands and cracked his knuckles. “It is a good thing that my rhymes a hit and a miss, because perfect things only happen once in a bit, I do everything perfectly, as if it were a practice skit. When I rap against you, I rap with real gentle stillness, but when you rap against me, it is as if you have a severe mental illness. Look at you, with your whack rap again, why do you not explain, my rhymes hit you harder than a train, and it is too bad for you that you do not have a brain, I eat you and I spit you out, you know what I am all about. No pain, no game. That is my nickname. All the haters fall back, or else I will attack. Hit you with my large comets, your rhymes are just vomit.”

“Oh please I’ll hit you in the gullet, faster than a bullet. You’ve got comets, while I got stars, losing this battle, is all that you are. Your stillness won’t save you when I rend you like a hurricane. You may try to win the match but you’ll never win the game. I seem sick to you? Please I almost hurl at the sight of you. You’re rhymes’ll never hit, not like they ever did. Now get off the stage. You're sounding like a kid.”

You know, I did not think I’d do this well. Not complaining though.

“Boy, you better run, because you are on your deathbed. After I am done with you, you will be left bleeding red. If you try and fight back, I will be here, after I win, I shall wait for another volunteer. Who ever it shall be, prepare to have fear. Because after I am done with Draco, he will just be a souvenir. Oh what is that, Draco has a tear! Do not worry, it is okay, I can manage all this play, but if you stay any longer, you shall be slayed. So you should turn around, and just obey. You already know that I am the King, and you, I am better than you at everything. Now stay any longer, and you shall be hanged by a string.” The King rapped back.

“So, you wanna be violent huh? Very well.” I took a deep breath, my Wrath technique making my eyes glow red. “I’ll burn your innards to ash, I’ll grind your bones to powder, the cannibalistic savages, will use your skull to eat their chowder. What's a king against a dragon, a title vs a beast? The only certainty is that your burned corpse will give the rats a feast. What do you have to show for you're supposed monarchy? Your riches? Your clothes? They don’t mean a thing. Despite what you claim, you're a pretty poor king. I’ll try to make this easy, as easy as failure can be. But there's no bars you could spit that could possibly compare to me. Now toss away your robe and hang up your crown, because the only achievement you’ve got, is burning your whole kingdom down.”

“Oh, now that was indeed quite good,” the King said, clapping his hands. “If that is the best you can do, then you might as well leave. If you stay any longer, you shall be thieved. Your raps against mine, you cannot even conceive. All you ever can accomplish is underachieve. Now take your raps out, I have already achieved, success. And you are just naive. And by the look on your eye, I can tell you disbelieve. But of course, you just always misperceive. I can tell when I win this battle, you will be bereaved. Now take your rhymes and get out, otherwise I will have you blown out. Take a look around fool! You should get educated, go to school! You are nothing but dirt, while I am a shining jewel! And I apologise for being so cruel. But you will never ever be cool. You say that you are a dragon, but come on man, ride home in your wagon. I am the all powerful King! I have my riches, and my golden ring! Someone as dumb as you should produce no offspring.”

“You again with your jewelry, stop it with this foolery. You’re stuck in the dark while I’m in the spotlight. Why even bother trying, to win this fight? You think you’re so grand, honestly you're super bland. You think I underachieve? Buddy, I ain’t even tryin, I’ll laugh when you’re inevitably on the floor, cryin. Try and roll the dice, the victory cake, you won’t get a slice. I could burn you with a single touch, but that may be too much. You’re already looking grilled, if you keep going you’ll end up killed. I tried to be nice, but I’d get a bigger challenge from the mice. So unless you’re the suicidal kind, you’ll let us pass for your peace of mind. Now please, move along. This petty squabble you’ve caused has gone on for too long. Now leave, cause we’re done. You may be a king, but you aren’t number one.”

“You do not seem to understand why I am the ruler. You are just learning how to rap, you are a preschooler. We all know that I certainly am cooler. While you try to rap, but are just a drooler. I am the King here, of the colliding dimensions, trying to fight me will rise up the tensions. Do not even try to mention, anything that makes you sound better, you will just get detention. And since you keep trying, you might as well get a suspension.” The King then paused because I yawned. I got tired of thinking up rhymes and stuff. And I was bored. I prefered the other type of battling, where I can punch things and shoot lasers.

“That was good,” The King said. “You can rest. Who shall go next?”

“HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmSatu.” I said, pushing him.

“Wait, what?” Saturo said. “No, I can’t rap!”

“Well too bad, take the scrap cuz I’m gonna go take a nap,” I said with a yawn.

“Draco, please, no don’t do this. Have Fucia go! Not me!” Saturo said.

“I already quitted,” Fucia said as I laid under a tree about to fall asleep.

“Plaster, let him go!” Saturo pointed at Plaster.

“Nah. You go,” Plaster said.

“Saturo, step up,” The King said. “Rap battle me.”

“Okay, I’ll try…” Saturo said, thinking to himself as he stepped up.

“I’m sure he’ll do fiiiiiiiine.” I thought before I fell asleep. “ZZZZZzzzzz...”






to be continued in the next chapter.... we'll see how saturo does and stuff XD 

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