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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 6)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 6)

Posted November 12th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6: Saturo


I wasn’t prepared for this. I can’t rap. Draco did do pretty well though, he thought up some good lines. Me, on the other hand, I can’t think up lines on the spot very well. But I did listen to what they were saying, so I might’ve learned a thing or two about rapping. Well, time to give it a shot.

The King stood in front of me, with his royal robes and crown.

“Okay, here goes…” I took a deep breath. “Yo it’s Saturo comin down the block, I’mma rap so good I’ll give you a shock. I’ll sweep down and grab you like a hawk, I’ll make your rhymes lose their legs, then they won’t be able to walk.” That was horrible.

The King coughed. “Not a bad start, I mean, it works. But my rhymes have way more perks. You cannot beat me, and you yourself know it. You are not a rapper, you are not fit. You should run from me again, before you get slit. By the almighty king, in his royal outfit.”

“Yeah, I give up.” I stepped back. “Or do I? My rhymes are gonna be so lit, it’ll make you cry. I’ll zap you in yer thigh, my rap’ll eat yours like a pie. And yeah, I used to be shy. But when you try and rap against me, you’ll just die. Yeah, I seem to be bad at this. But as Draco said, your raps are a hit and a miss, and look at you, you’ve got no queen. You’re just a braggy single king. I’ll zap you with electricity, complicity, I’ll deal with you with duplicity, multiplicity. All your raps were just brag, but I’ll sweep you like a rag. I train under a professional Master, go so fast, I’m so much faster. Escaped you easily, breezily, but I do appreciate that we do this peacefully. But in the end, you’ll just fall queasily.”

“You just said it yourself, you are just a student. But unlike you, I am not imprudent. You ran like a coward, running away from my power, trying to enter the tower. But you will not enter, not with I here. I also happen to have the ability to seer. I foresee your failure. You cannot win, not in a hundred years. I shall stab you all over with my laser spears, you shall die. And you cannot even cry. The hot fire of my raps will evaporate your tears.”

Wow, that was good. I think I did pretty well but… I don’t know what to say now. I thought about some words that rhyme that would work… But nothing came to me. I was now done.

“Okay, I’m actually done now,” I said. “Someone else go.” I backed up, and Plaster proudly jumped up.

“Yo, I’m Plaster! Hit ya like a blaster! You lil’ bench! I’ll wreck ya like a wrench! This rap’ll be Draco and Saturo’s revenge! You lil nibba! You ain’t got no supah hot fire! Your raps are nothin’ but a flat tire! While I stand up tall, standing in the spotlight, I’ll beat ya down so hard, you’ll be a little particle of graphite! I’mma keep rapping at ya until ya fall! We gonna see how you do in this brawl! You nibba bench shiz! You ain’t no whiz! You were the worst student, ya failed every single quiz!”

“You mistake me for a student, while I am the master of the masters, I am sorry to tell you, your rap was a disaster. And I see that your name is Plaster, but even so you are facing a castor. I cast spells, I make wells! Your rap skills and mine are parallel! A little math lesson for you, it means they will never meet. And I am going easy on you, I am being sweet. But you also know that you just got beat. I am the King, and you are just some spoiled meat.” The King made his comeback.

“Ouch, the King is lit at this. We can’t win,” Plaster said.

“So, you shall all fight me the other way then?” The King asked.

“No.” a voice then said. I turned and looked over and I saw… It was Hematite, Venom, and Styreix!

“Rap battle everyone? Sign me up, I will win. Venom son, you can skip the introduction. Take a step back, or else you’ll be done with. I use toxic powers, it’s my best function!” Venom suddenly rapped. Then he laughed. “Just kidding. Dudes, you don’t actually have to rap to get inside! The King was messing with you!”

“Wait, what?!” I exclaimed. So he made me look bad in front of people… FOR NOTHING!? I looked at the King and he was smirking.

“Yes, it was not serious. Rather very fun.” The King laughed.

I then heard a laugh from behind me, it was Draco under the tree!

“That was hilarious!” He exclaimed.

“You all didn’t do that bad, I have seen worse,” The King said.

“Yeah, and now you’ll let us into the tower?” Hematite asked.

“Yes. You may enter. The tower is the exit,” The King said.

“Yay!” Fucia exclaimed as Draco stood up.

“Finally gonna get to take a shot at this thing,” Draco said.

“However…” The King then said. “It is very challenging in there. So best of wishes to you all.”

“Ha! Move over, old man!” Venom said. “We got this!”

The King smiled, and then moved out of the way, revealing a door that was surprisingly not big. Venom stepped up and opened it, before looking back at all of us.

“Well, it’s time,” Venom said, “to escape this place. Who’s our team!?”

“We got… Venom, Styreix, Hematite, Jinx, Aurallia, Saturo, Lavender, Draco, Fucia, Plaster… That’s it,” Plaster said, counting everyone.

“Hold it!” Suddenly Vender and Hiren appeared. “You’re forgetting us!”

“Oh, and Vender and Hiren,” Plaster said. “So that’s 12 people. Good team?”

“It will work,” The King said. “There are people already inside the tower.”

“Wait, is it possible to teleport to the top tower?” Hiren asked.

“Of course not. You’ll see,” The King said.

“C’mon dudes, let’s enter!” Venom exclaimed.

We then entered the tower. It was time. Now we could escape. We were inside the tower now. It was big, not like a small tower. There were lights and everything. Otherwise it was a big empty room.

“Okay, so from what I know, there is a boss on every level of the tower,” Jinx then said.

“King said that there were people already inside. I see no boss. That means it’s already been defeated?” Styreix suggested.

“Maybe--” Jinx said. But then suddenly there was a green monster with a big hammer in the middle of the room. “Oh, they respawn.”

“Ahahaha!” Venom leaped and punched the monster right in the face. It went flying and was ripped apart into little pieces.

We all just stood there silently.

“That was way too easy,” Draco then commented.

“I think it gets harder the more we go up,” Jinx said.

“Look, there’s some sort of teleporter that takes us to the next level!” Hiren pointed.

“Les go dudes! Escape time baby!” Vender said. We all got onto the teleporter, which was in the middle of the room where the monster spawned.

“I wonder what the next monster will be,” Draco said.

We then got teleported to the next level. It was the same room. Probably all of the levels will look the same, now that I think of it.

There was no boss yet, which meant it was gonna spawn soon. I didn’t even get to see the boss, because the moment it was here, Styreix attacked it and it was defeated.

“Looks like it’s way too easy,” Venom said, “let’s get outta here!”

? Hematite ?

This was way too easy. We kept going floor by floor, destroying every boss in one blow. We still didn’t know how many levels their were. We just had to keep going until we made it to the end.

“Have we kept track of which floor we’re on?” Draco asked as we reached a new floor. He looked really bored. “Cause I lost count.”

“Nah fam, we passed like 20 levels now,” Vender said. There were 12 of us total, so it was hard to keep track of who was where and what they were doing. So I focused on whoever was talking or did something in my field of view.

“I hope that we’ll eventually reach bosses that don’t die immediately,” Draco said. He looked so bored.

“We’ll reach the hard ones eventually, Draco,” I told him.

“Hopefully,” he said.

Then, this level’s boss appeared. It was a big tortoise with a spiked shell that stood on all four of its legs.

“Oh hey that looks like the final boss of that one platforming game I played. How fitting,” Draco said.

“The question is, will it die as easily as the other ones?” Hiren questioned.

To find out, Venom shot a blast of acid at it, and it didn’t affect it. The tortoise got into it shell, and spun around at a fast speed, coming towards us to attack.

“Okay, guys! Serious game starts now!” I shouted. The tortoise was only a foot away from me when a red see through wall appeared in between us. The tortoise bounced back.

“It may be serious, but there’s a lot of us,” Venom said, “we’ll still take it out fast.” As Venom was talking, the tortoise was destroyed by Styreix.

“Lot’s of us are trained too,” Vender said. “This’ll still be easy.”

“Another boss down, huh,” Saturo said. “I didn’t even do anything yet.”

“Because it’s easy, dude. We got strong people on our team,” Vender said.

“Not for long. The higher we get, the stronger the bosses will become,” I informed them. “Also, I don’t see the portal to the next level.”

“What, how come? We beat the boss,” Vender said.

“I’m not sure. It’s confusing,” I said. I really was confused on what was going on. It didn’t make sense, we just kept moving up levels, destroying the boss, and moving on.

“Ahem,” the King then appeared in the room. “You all seem confused. All the bosses have been easy. Therefore, Dakrus and I are going to make a change.” He paused and smirked. “You can keep going on forth at different paces, because with you all together you will defeat everything pretty quickly. So, we are going to separate you because that is quite fun indeed!” He laughed. “But, we’ll still let you have your team so you stand somewhat of a chance. There are 12 of you. Split into 2 teams.”

Saturo and Lavender held each other's hands. “We’re gonna be on the same team, so if you take one of us, you take both of us,” Lavender said.

“Well first we have to decide what teams!” Vender exclaimed.

“Let’s just do team captains and pick,” Venom said. “I nominate myself as a team captain.”

“Oh, we’re doing that? Who’s the other team captain then?” Vender questioned.

“I nominate Draco,” Jinx said, pointing at Draco.

Venom patted Draco on the head, he was a bit taller than him. “Okay, Draco, you will be the other team captain. The choices of people are Styreix, Saturo and Lavender, Hematite, Jinx, Aurallia, Plaster, Fucia, Vender, and Hiren. I’ll take the first pick. I take Styreix.”

Styreix stood next to Venom.

“I’ll take Hematite,” Draco said.

I walked over and stood next to him.

“Hmmm, I’ll take… Hiren,” Venom said, and Hiren went and stood with them.

“I’ll take…Aurallia,” Draco said. She went over and stood with us.

Venom looked at who was left, trying to decide. “Vender.” He then said, and Vender went and stood with them.

“I’ll take Fucia,” Draco said.

Now all that were left were Saturo and Lavender, Jinx, and Plaster.

“Hmm, Plaster looks weak, but we already have a teleporter.” Venom said, “just, just get over here Plaster,” Venom said.

“Hey, I ain’t weak, nibba,” Plaster said as he stood with them.

“Then I’ll take Jinx,” Draco said.

Now all that were left were Saturo and Lavender.

“*SIGH* We can’t be together, can we?” Saturo said.

“Nope. Get your butt on my team, student of Elec,” Venom said. “Draco your team will have Lavender.”

Then everyone was with their team. Venoms team contained Styreix, Hiren, Vender, Plaster, and Saturo. And Draco’s team contained me (Hematite of course), Aurallia, Fucia, Jinx, and Lavender.

“Good, good. Now then, you shall be split to different arenas. The way it works is different now. The teleporter will appear after a certain amount of time, and you can go without defeating the boss. So, easier right? Good luck!” The King waved and then disappeared. In his place appeared two portals. Well, they were more like round plates on the ground that would transport you somewhere else.

“Well,” Venom said, “our team will take one. You guys take the other.”

“Got it,” Draco said.

Venom and his team went off into their teleporter, and disappeared.

“Alright you all ready?” Draco asked.

“We should be,” Jinx said. “Whenever you’re ready, we’ll go.”

“Well then let’s get going then,” Draco said.

to be continued in the next chapter.....

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