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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 7)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 7)

Posted November 13th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 7: Draco


After we stepped in the teleporter, we were teleported to the next boss.

We arrived in another empty room.

“Has the boss not spawned yet?” Fucia asked.

“Dunno,” I replied.

“It’ll spawn sooner or later,” Jinx said.

Then a strange looking orange lizard the same size of me spawned in the middle of the room, standing on two legs.

“There it is.” Jinx pointed at it.

“It’s… smaller than I expected,” I said.

“Why, what did you expect?” Jinx asked.

“Like at least something eight feet tall maybe?” I shrugged as the lizard just stood there.

“Well, I’d expect it’s stronger now,” Jinx said.

“Well probably,” I said.

“Okay, so, instead of being sitting ducks, let’s beat it!” Jinx teleported in front of the lizard, and attempted to punch it. The lizard blocked the attack. Jinx took out a sword, and attacked back. The two of them were in a repeating combo of attacks.

As they were fighting, I slowly crept over to them.

Then, I stood behind the lizard, and suddenly grabbed it by the waist.

Before the lizard could react I slammed it into the ground before blasting it with plasma. Jinx jumped and stood next to me as the dust cleared off. The lizard was then standing there, completely fine.

“I knew I should’ve used blue plasma…” I muttered.

“Yep, not as easy as before,” Jinx commented, clenching his sword.

“Well at least it doesn’t die in one hit,” I said as I activated my Wrath technique.

The lizard began jumping around the room at fast speeds.

“Yikes, how do you hit that thing it moves too fast,” Jinx said, struggling to keep up with it’s movements. “Wait, I got this. Draco, charge up some powerful attack, I’ll catch the lizard and then shoot it.”

“Okay,” I said as I charged a large ball of plasma in between my hands. A Wrath fueled plasma beam in my base form should be enough.

Jinx disappeared from sight, and next thing I see is the lizard right in front of me, unable to move.

“HA!” I then shot out a medium sized beam of blue plasma that engulfed and pushed the lizard into the wall of the tower, causing a large explosion and a dust cloud to swarm the room.

Fucia then used wind to blow away the dust to reveal that the lizard was gone. All that was left was a small smoldering crater in the wall.

Soon after the teleporter in the center of the room lit up with a blue glow.

“Well that went well,” I said as I deactivated Wrath, returning to my base form. I’ll have to be careful about when I activate my forms. I may have a lot more stamina than Satu but my forms still drain quite a bit. I’ll have to use full power as only a last resort.

“Yeah. Caught it pretty easily, even though it moved so fast.” Jinx appeared, sheathing his sword.

“Well at least we didn’t need to try that hard to beat it,” I said as I approached the activated teleporter.

“It would be hard if it continued to move,” Jinx said.

“Yeah, but you two were able to beat it pretty easily after you caught it,” Fucia said, walking over to the teleporter as well.

“It’s a good method and it works. I’ll just have to catch all the bosses,” Jinx said.

“Well then I guess that means I shouldn’t worry about using my speed technique,” I said.

“Yeah, now let’s go to the next boss!” Jinx exclaimed.

The six of us then all stood on the teleporter and were transported to the next floor. This time the boss had already spawned. It was a giant fat pink blob.

“Hmm… I wonder what this one can do,” Fucia said as we looked at the blob. Then suddenly it stretched a part of itself at us. Specifically me. It’s blobby body solidified to become harder than a rock as it slammed me into the wall. Luckily I had activated my defense technique before it hit me.

“Well at least your question is answered,” I said from in between the blobby fist and the tower wall, it was a very uncomfortable squeeze.

“None of my attacks affect it!” Jinx said, slicing at the blob with his sword. But the blob just parted and joined back together every time.

“And brute force doesn’t seem to work either,” Fucia said as Hematite tried to punch the blob but it just absorbed the impact.

“So technical play it is then.” I then activated my Draco Eye level one in order to teleport out from between the wall and blob and next to Jinx before deactivating it and returning to base form. “It’s gotta be weak to something. Maybe some type of element?”

“But what element?” Jinx

“That's what we gotta figure out.” I then shot a beam of plasma at the blob, causing it to glow a bright orange. But seemingly no damage had been done. “Okay so it’s resistant to heat.”

“What about water?” Lavender suggested. She shot a wave of water at the blob, but it just made it moist, and did no damage. In fact, I think it made it a bit bigger. “Okay not water.”

Then suddenly the blob was crushed with a giant boulder but it just squeezed out, unscathed.

“Okay so earth doesn’t work either,” Fucia said before suddenly her hands lit up with lighting bolts. “Lets see how electricity does!”

She then blasted the blob with arcs of lightning. The blob absorbed it, staticing a bit. No damage was done.

“Hmmm…” I thought. So it wasn’t weak to any of those powers because of its rubbery-liquidy elasticity… So what would make it dry up if heat doesn’t work?

“I know what to do,” Aurallia then said.

“What’s your idea?” Fucia asked.

Aurallia jumped up and floated, surrounding herself with a light blue and purple aura. She then put her hands in front of her, and blasted ice at the blob. The ice began to freeze it slowly.

The blob tried to move away from the beam but it’s movements were all but halted. It slowly turned light blue and glossy. The air turning to vapor around it. Soon it was just a giant round ball of ice.

Aurallia then landed back down on the ground.

“So have we beaten it? Or do we need to like… smash it into pieces?” Fucia asked.

“It’s dead. Just frozen,” Aurallia replied.

I then saw the teleporter light up again.

“Regardless, we’re able to go on,” I said as I walked over to the teleporter. “So let’s keep going.”

? Saturo ?

So… the team is me, Venom, Styreix, Hiren, Vender, and Plaster. Not what I really had in mind, I wanted to be on Lavender’s team so I could use our technique we came up with. Or… that’s just an excuse. Whatever.

This team is good, except for Plaster. But we have a lot of strong people.

“Okay, yo,” Vender said. “We gotta do this. What’s the boss?”

“Your mom, nibba,” Plaster said.

“No you,” Vender said. “I suggest you hide your face from my sight until the boss gets here.”

“Boss is already here,” Styreix said, holding his scythe firmly.

I looked over and saw the boss. It was a big snake, engulfed in flames. It slithered over to us.

“Not bad,” Styreix said. His scythe glowed red and he charged at the snake. It spit fire at him, and he jumped over it.

“Okay, fire snake then,” Vender said. He surrounded himself in a purple aura and then blasted purple energy at the snake.

“Just kill it,” Hiren said. He teleported next to the snake, and struck it across into a wall. Styreix then jumped in the way and cut the snake in half. Venom came in and blasted it with toxic gas, getting the final blow and the snake then died.

“Ha! Take that snake!” Plaster said.

“This is still gonna be easy,” Venom said, cracking his knuckles. “I chose team OP.” He then looked at Plaster. “Meh, I would rather take Hematite than him… Team Slightly OP.”

“Shut it, nibba,” Plaster remarked.

“All of you just get onto the portal!” Vender said.

“Tell it to him, nibba!” Plaster pointed at Venom, who was the only one not on the portal. Soon we all got on and were taken to the next level.

“Okay, okay,” Venom then said. “Change of plans for now. Saturo, you’re taking this one on by yourself.”

“Wait what?! Why?” I exclaimed. I didn’t expect that.

“You’re being a lazy bum. You’re supposed to be strong, you train under Elec dontcha? So you should be fine,” Venom said.

“Yeah, dude!” Vender said. “Show us what you got!”

Styreix then made a red wall around everyone except me.

“We’ll watch from right here,” Venom said, smirking.

Then I could sense something behind me. I turn around and I spot a giant rock monster, with a giant hammer. It struck at me. I jumped out of the way, activating the source. I rammed me fist onto it’s rocky body, knocking it back into the wall.

It hit and fell to the ground. But it got back up, and looked me in the eye. I charged up electricity between my hands, and let it charge as it came at me. Then I blasted it at the monster, breaking bits of rock off it. Otherwise it didn’t do much damage.

It then grabbed me off the ground, and was crushing me. I struggled getting out of it’s grip. I saw the rock monster turned into metal, and then slammed me into the ground. Ow.

I kept getting slammed into the ground over and over again.

“GUYS!” I cried. “HELP!?”

“No, you’re on your own. I could get out of that easy,” Venom said, crossing his arms from inside Styreix’s barrier.

Oh, he’s doing that isn’t he. Great.

I then was thrown at their barrier, and I bounced right off. The rock monster grabbed hold of me again, and smashed me back into the ground. Then I had enough. I broke out of it’s grasp, and then unleashed a sword made of energy and cut through the rock monster. I then finished it off with a shockwave and disintegrated the remains with plasma.

Then Venom was clapping slowly from the barrier.

“You should’ve done that from the beginning. Stop hiding your power,” Venom said. The barrier disappeared, and they all stepped out. “If I see you doing nothing in any battle, I'll beat the shiz out of you.”

“Hmph,” I said. I guess I had to actually do something then.

“Anyway, let’s keep going then,” Venom got onto the portal, followed by everyone else. We then traveled to the next level.

“So what’s the boss this time?” Hiren asked.

“No clue.” Vender shrugged. “Look around for it.”

“It doesn’t look like it spawned yet,” Hiren replied.

“Yer right, nibba,” Plaster said.

It was then silent as we all looked around for the boss. I didn’t see anything.

“It’s not here,” Vender said.

“Wait, it might spawn soon,” Hiren said. Suddenly, Hiren went flying randomly.

“The heck?” Vender had watched Hiren fly. “Oh, it IS here! It’s just invisible.”

“Right. So this’ll be hard to… fight,” Plaster said. Suddenly Plaster went flying into the ceiling. “OW, FRICK YOU NIBBA!”

“Everyone go stand with Styreix!” Venom shouted. Hiren teleported to Plaster and teleported next to Styreix while Vender and I ran over.

Styreix hit the ground with his scythe and a red transparent barrier box appeared around us. Venom was left outside.

“What ya doin, Venom?” Vender questioned.

“Finding the invisible boss, duh.” Venom charged up energy and then shot acid at the ceiling. Then the ceiling started dripping acid rapidly, flooding the entire room with green acid.

We were safe since we were inside Styreix’s barrier.

“Huh?” Venom then said from outside. “The acid didn’t do anything.”

“How come?” Plaster questioned.

“I think that means--” Vender was saying, but was interrupted by Plaster getting punched in the face all of a sudden.

“OW!” Plaster screamed.

Then all of us were getting punched inside. I got punched seven times in the face.

“AHHHH IT’S INSIDE!” Plaster screamed.

When Styreix got punched in the gut, he went flying into his barrier, and the barrier disappeared. The acid was still present outside, flooding half the room.

“OH FRICC OH FRICC!” Plaster screamed as acid began coming at him.

I had followed Styreix onto a red platform made of the same material as the barrier, and Vender and Hiren had teleported to it with us as well. Plaster jumped before he was drowned with acid. He was close to the platform.

“OW! MAH BUTT!” Plaster screeched. It’s assumable what happened there… But he made it to the platform, rubbing his butt.

“How was your flight?” Vender asked him.

“Shut it, nibba,” Plaster retorted. “I think I know how to beat this guy.”

“Did you just assume the boss’s gender?” Vender laughed.

“SHUT UP AND LISTEN!” Plaster yelled. “Okay… so we can’t sense it, but we can feel it. I’ll have to like, get in it’s way and keep it there, and you guys can move on to the next level.”

“So, we leave you?” Hiren asked.

“It’s the only way,” Plaster said.

“Not bad,” Vender said. The acid had disappeared now and we were on the ground. “We just have to wait until the portal appe--OW!” Vender fell to the floor. “THAT THING IS FAST!”

“Thing? Are you assuming it’s a thing?” Plaster said.

“Everything is a thing. So shush,” Vender said back.

“Okay, okay, guys,” I then said. “I’m fast. I can catch it.”

“Good, you’re gonna do something for once,” Venom said.

I then activated the source and closed my eyes. Used all my senses to figure out where the boss was. I tried to focus on where the boss was, but the others were talking and it distracted me.

But then I heard something move, something else other than my team. I rushed at it, shooting a shockwave right at it. But it appeared to do nothing. Maybe it dodged.

“It’s fast,” I said to the others, opening my eyes. “Really fast.”

“Tsk, that’s annoying,” Venom said. “Styreix, you got that one spell?”

“Yes,” Styreix replied. Styreix then made a barrier around the whole room. He then looked over at me. “Do you know it’s size?”

“Uh… no.” I shook my head.

“The attacks it made, surely it’s as big as us!” Plaster said.

“Alright. Everyone make energy and surround yourself with an attack so it can’t come near you.” Styreix said. We all did as he said, and then another barrier, that perfectly matched our body outline appeared around us. “If it is our size, that should work.” Styreix then tapped the floor with his scythe, and the overall barrier began to shrink.

Then when it was very small, Styreix went insane, swinging his scythe everywhere. Afterwards, the portal to the next stage appeared.

“Got em,” Styreix then said, as the barriers disappeared.

“Huh, that’s a good strategy,” Vender said. “Well then let’s keep on moving!”




to be continued in the next chapter...



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