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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 8)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 8)

Posted November 17th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 8: Draco


We beat a few other bosses, so now it was going to get harder. Oh boy! All six of us were standing in the empty room, waiting for the boss to appear.

“I wonder what it’s gonna be this time,” Jinx said, his hand ready to pull out his sword.

“Could be anything really,” Fucia said. “Some of these bosses have been pretty random.”

“Yeah, but at least they’ve gotten tougher,” I said. So far I’ve only needed to use my Draco Eye level one to fight the recent bosses. But that could change.

Suddenly, a giant red dragon appeared in the room.

“Huh, that’s actually not that strange,” Fucia said.

“Definitely more impressive looking though,” I commented.

The dragon then roared.

“So who wants to go first?” I asked.

The dragon flew over with its wings, and attacked me with it’s claws.

“Fine then, we’ll let you decide,” I said spitefully as I then activated my Draco Eye and Wrath and punched the dragon into a wall.

The dragon jumped back and clawed me right at my chest. It looked mad.

“Oh I’m sorry were you expecting me to NOT punch you when you tried to claw me in half?!” I exclaimed with a glare as the claw marks on my chest healed cause of my technique. “Just cause I’m named after your kind doesn’t mean I’m gonna go easy.”

The dragon growled, and then smashed me into the ground. Then it picked me up and smashed me into the wall.

“Need help?” Jinx asked, as I was smashed back into the ground.

“Gimme a second,” I said calmly as I was smashed into the ground again.

Then as the dragon raised me up to slam me into the ground again, I quickly bit it’s hand, hard. This caused it to roar in pain and let me go. When I looked at where I bit it, I saw there was a burn mark because of Wrath superheating my attacks.

The dragon then jumped and crushed me into the ground. It was also getting bigger, I could tell.

“Man I know you're big but good gosh you are a heavy thing!” I grunted as I tried to lift the dragon up so it didn’t crush me.

But the dragon got bigger and heavier, and I had like a hundred or so tons on top of me and couldn’t move.

“Need help yet?” Jinx asked.

“Well, since I don’t want to go level two yet, sure you five go ahead,” I grunted as I continued trying to hold the dragon.

Hematite then punched the dragon off of me and into the wall before helping me up.

“This one is not gonna be easy, don’t underestimate it,” Hematite said, looking back at the dragon.

“I kinda noticed,” I said, dusting myself off.

The dragon then shot bursts of fire out of its mouth at us. Hematite pushed it back at the dragon. The dragon then walked over, growling.

“Hmmm… Maybe I should go level two…” I said, thinking.

Suddenly the dragon jumped over and smashed Fucia and Aurallia into the ground, which was followed by screams.

“Level two it is,” I said, as my aura flared and my right eye lit on fire.

I then rushed over to the dragon and threw it off the two of them, sending it to the other side of the room, before looking at Lavender and pointing at Fucia and Aurallia.

“Should we kill the dragon?” Jinx asked, appearing next to me and Hematite with his sword.

“Definitely,” I replied as I made a large ball of white plasma in between my hands.

“I tried to cut its head off, but it’s scales were too hard, and my sword is too small. Any ideas?” Jinx questioned.

“Well that depends on how heat resistant it is,” I replied.

“It’s very resistant to heat, as far as I can tell.” Hematite observed the dragon as it was walking back towards us.

“So then brute force? Or is there something else we’ll have to try?” I asked, prepared to activate Wrath if need be.

“Well, Jinx, you’re strong enough to cut it’s head right?” Hematite said.

“Yeah,” Jinx replied. “My sword just isn’t big enough.”

“Give it to me real quick.” Hematite said.

I decided to power down back to level one.

Jinx handed him the sword, and Hematite did something that made it much bigger, big enough to cut the head of the dragon clean off.

“Oh sweet.” Jinx took the sword back. “Okay then, this’ll be over soon!”

As the dragon roared when it was back in front of us, Jinx appeared above it and cut it’s head clean off. The head landed next to the now healed Fucia, and covered her with its blood.

“Ewwwww…” She said.

“Yeeaaah…” I said. “We should maybe clean that up.”

Suddenly, the dragon grew back it’s head. No wait… it grew another head. It now had two heads

“Oh great job Jinx, NOW IT'S NOT A DRAGON, NOW IT'S A HYDRA!” I exclaimed.

“Well how else can you kill that thing?!” Jinx questioned. The dragon then jumped and clawed at Jinx, but Jinx disappeared from there and appeared next to me.

“Well according to the mythology it’s from, we need to set the stumps of it’s chopped head on fire. But it's heat resistant so that won’t work. So we need to like… stuff something into the stumps,” I explained.

“Uh… stumps?” Jinx questioned, as Hematite punched the dragon back away from us. “What are those?”

“You… don’t know what stumps are?”

“What are they for dragons?” Jinx asked.

“The part of where a limb used to be,” I said. “Like a neck or arm.”

“Oh, so the part that’s left after I cut the head off? The bottom stuff?” Jinx asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“So… Do I just cut off the heads and stab my sword into the stump?” Jinx asked.

“Well you’d need to stuff something into each stump. If not then the stumps will each grow two more heads,” I said.

“I can’t stuff something in both stumps at the same time though,” Jinx said.

“We could use more then just your sword. Like rocks,” I said.

“Okay so I cut the heads off again, stab the sword into one of the stumps, and you put rocks into the other-- where would you get rocks,” Jinx said.

I simply pointed at Fucia and Hematite.

“Oh, Hematite and covered in dragon blood girl,” Jinx said. “Hey Hematit-- Oh.” We then saw that Hematite was playing ping pong with the dragon and the wall. The dragon looked irritated.

“Yeah, I heard your plan. We gonna do it?” Hematite asked, as he punched the dragon in the gut and knocked it back at the wall.

“Yeah!” Jinx said. “Let’s go!”

Then the dragon came back at Hematite, and he knocked it to the ground. Jinx passed by and cut off both heads, and stabbed his sword into the stump. Hematite shoved a carved sharp rock into the other. Then they landed back next to me.

“Ha!” Jinx exclaimed.

But suddenly, the dragon grew four heads back, and the rock and the sword landed in front of us.

“Well. That failed,” Jinx said, picking up his sword.

“Eh. Maybe we should’ve set them on fire.”

“But it’s fire resistant!” Jinx exclaimed, as Hematite went back to playing ping pong with the dragon.

“Hmmmm…” I thought as I realized I was getting hungry via my stomach growling. We’ve been in here a while.

“Yeah, we’re gonna need another plan,” I overheard Jinx say over my thinking about food. I have a bit of a problem when it comes to my race and power and my metabolism. I really should focus… But I’m so hungry!

Wait… I was able to burn it when I bit it earlier in Wrath right? So that means it's not completely heat proof! Or at least not as much as we think!

I could tell Hematite was still fighting the dragon and Jinx was talking to me, but I wasn’t focused on it. I wanted food. And I also wanted to beat the dragon… What to do… Wait… I could just cook the dragon! Wait no that sounds crazy…

“Okay, ahem, guys? Want me just to get this boss over with?” Hematite asked.

“Huh what?” I asked, snapping out of my hunger fueled thoughts.

“This boss is taking a bit long, should I just defeat it and move on?” Hematite asked.

“You could’ve done that this whole time?” Fucia asked. I noticed that she must’ve cleaned herself off at some point.

“Yeah, I could but that’d be boring for the rest of you,” Hematite replied, punching the dragon into the wall again.

“Too be honest I think Draco is more focused on food then beating the boss at this point so go ahead.” Fucia snickered.

“Got it.” Hematite then surrounded himself in a white aura and punched through the scales of the dragon, going inside and ripping it apart. He then came out, without a single drop of blood on him. And the dragon was dead. “Just rip it apart from the inside, it’s not that durable inside.”

“Well at least I’m not hungry anymore,” I said uneasily as there was blood all over the walls, at least not much hit us.

“Huh. Good call, Draco,” Jinx said to me.

“Yeah,” I said as the teleporter then lit up.

“Yeah, not a lot of us really have to do much,” Jinx said. “Aurallia did nothing really. Actually nothing at all this time.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining.” Aurallia shrugged.

“Well we may as well keep going,” I said, walking over to the teleporter.

“Can Hematite just beat all the bosses for us?” Jinx asked. “Saves the rest of us time and effort.”

“Well that depends on how hard the bosses are. And if Hematite wants to,” I said.

“I don’t mind. I’d really like it if there was a very very very strong boss. I’ll take it on my own,” Hematite said.

“Sweet okay,” Jinx said. “Cuz I’m the best at surviving, but I can’t defeat them. So you do that, I’ll keep everyone else safe. Does that sound good to everyone?”

“I guess that’s fine,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, that works for me,” Aurallia said.

“Yeah, do that, Hematite.” Lavender nodded.

“Well there it is,” I said, looking at Hematite. “Shall we continue now?”

“Yeah, sure,” Hematite replied with a smile.

We then all got onto the teleporter and moved to the next room. The boss seemed to be there already because Hematite jumped across the room all of a sudden and bashed something.

“Done,” Hematite then said, as the teleporter then lit up.

“Uhh…” Jinx said. “That was fast.”

“That’s Hematite for you,” I commented as I walked over to the lit up teleporter.

“Remind me not to upset him, he’s way too fast for me,” Jinx said.

“Well hopefully you wouldn’t need a reminder,” I said as we all teleported to the next room.

Hematite then jumped again and seconds later the teleporter lit up.

“Done,” Hematite then said again.

We then teleported to the next room. This cycle of Hematie beating all of the bosses in a few seconds repeated for a while. Until we then made it to another stage, where Hematite froze in his spot.

“Uhhhh… is he okay?” Fucia asked.

“I dunno, ask him.” Jinx shrugged.

“I am okay, yeah,” Hematite said. “But look at who the boss is.” We looked over at the boss. It was… the King?

“Uhhhh…” was all I could say as we stared at the King.

“You are on the 92nd floor. There are 8 more floors, including this one. They are all very hard,” The King said.

“So does that mean…?” Fucia began to say while looking at the King.

“Well, Dakrus said not to have everyone escape. So I am going to exterminate a few of you,” The King said.

“Oh no…” I said quietly.

“What about you fight me first, and if you beat me, you can exterminate everyone else?” Hematite suggested.

“I accept,” the King said. “You are just a mere weakling. It will not take any time.”

“Oh you’re in for a fun game then. You’re strong right?” Hematite asked.

“Of course. The strongest here,” the King replied.

“Show me what you can do then,” Hematite said. “Everyone else… Stay out of the way, okay?”

“Yeah, I will stay out of your way for sure. I want to live,” Jinx said, backing into a wall. Lavender and Aurallia were all in the back with him now, while Fucia stayed next to me.

“Hey, Fucia,” Hematite then said.

“Yeah?” She asked.

“Zap me with some electricity.”

“Okay…?” She said, confused before she shot multiple bolts of lightning at Hematite.

Hematite absorbed them, and then exploded an electric aura with lightning.

“Ha! Now this is my Magnetic Form! The force of magnetism will be on my side, the King is in for a fun game,” Hematite said, standing across from the King.

Me and Fucia simply backed up a few steps before looking towards the two, ready to watch the fight.

“Interesting,” The King said.

“Hey, King. Got any iron in your blood?” Hematite then asked.

“Of course, we all do.” the King replied.

“Exactly.” Hematite smirked, pointing his hand at the King. Then the King started bleeding from a lot of places, as a small ball of iron appeared in Hematite’s hands. “It’s mine now.”

The King grunted. “That is a cheap move.” he growled.

“There are no rules in battle. We just have to defeat you,” Hematite said. “How much force can you take? Also, if you get knocked out, do we win?”

“If you defeat me, I will be teleported away by nature. So yes,” The King replied. Hematite then threw the small metal ball at the King’s head with a powerful force, knocking him out. The King then disappeared as he said, and the portal lit up.

Hematite’s aura disappeared and he went back to normal. “There, that was easy. See, in fights, strategy is also useful to beating powerful people.”

“Guess so,” Fucia said.

“So the bosses are all gonna be hard now. I can deal with it, if you guys wanna stay here,” Hematite said. “Or wait, it resets… That won’t work then.”

“Yeah, guess we’ll just keep doing the same thing,” I said before me and Fucia began to walk to the teleporter.

“Alright!” Hematite replied. “Strategy then, or brute force. How much electricity can you charge, Fucia?”

“Well I can charge up a lot, but probably not as much as someone like Saturo can. But I can do quite a bit.” She replied as static surged between her fingertips.

“Take a few minutes to charge, then shoot it at me. I’ll destroy everything else the same way. Then we can escape,” Hematite said.

“Okay.” She then began to focus and the static turned to sparks and small bolts.

After a few moments she had made a large ball of electricity in between her hands that looked like she had a bit of trouble keeping in one spot.

“This is about as much as I can do with focusing in one spot without help,” She said.

“Okay, shoot it at me!” Hematite exclaimed.

“Right!” She said before she shot the entire blast directly at Hematite. Hematite absorbed it and turned into his Magnetic Form again.

“Okay, this’ll last another round,” Hematite said.

“Guess I should rest a bit then,” Fucia said as she looked a bit tired. “Whew…”

“Yeah. Draco, take care of her,” Hematite said.

“Right,” I nodded as I helped Fucia stand.

“Cuz I’m gonna need a source of electricity to get magnetised to end this faster,” Hematite said.

“Yeah, and Fucia’s probably better at using electricity then I am. I haven’t used it much since learning how to use plasma. Same with fire,” I commented. “So I’m probably super rusty.”

“Same, I haven’t learned electricity. Even if I did, it won’t help, I can’t absorb my electricity,” Hematite replied.

“Yeah,” I said as by now Jinx and the others had walked over to the teleporter.

“Okay, let’s go,” Hematite said, stepping onto the teleporter. We all followed and found ourselves in the next stage. There was another dragon, this time it was much much bigger, it took all the space of the room.

Hematite pointed his hand at it, and began to bring in the iron from it’s blood. “Oh. It has no iron it seems.” Hematite then jumped, and let out his power, before punching hard through the scales of the dragon, and destroying it from the inside.

But then the dragon healed.

“Oh shiz,” Hematite said. “This’ll be harder.” He then ran out of electricity and went back to normal form.

“You still think you can take it solo?” I asked.

“I could. Got any more electricity though?” Hematite asked. “Fucia?”

“Not much…” she said still a bit tired.

“Hmm, well stay back and stay alive, the boss is gonna try and kill you,” Hematite said.

“Well that is its job,” I said as I flew Fucia over next to the others who were once again next to the wall.

Hematite then leaped at the dragon, resuming to battle it.

to be continued in the next chapter.... 

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