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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 9)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Chapter 9)

Posted November 19th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 9: Saturo


“Hmm…” We all stood behind Venom. In front of us… was the King.

“I am the boss now,” the King said, smirking. “And I shall give you a rough time, eh?” The King had just explained how we made it past a lot of floors and were near the end now. I expected it to be harder but it's surprisingly easy… Well, with the team I had it was.

“Frick, frick, frick, I don’t like this…” Plaster muttered. Considering his tribe got murdered by the King… yeah…

“Hm. Well, Dakrus and I are running out of ideas for bosses. Better stop you here so you do not move on,” The King said, walking towards us and igniting himself in a yellow aura.

Venom stepped forward and surrounded himself in a toxic green aura.

The King then jumped towards Venom, and Venom jumped towards the King. Venom was then flung into the wall by the King. Styreix attacked and was also flung.

“Oh frick, frick frick…” Plaster was terrified.

The King then smashed Vender and Hiren’s heads together, knocking them out and tossing them aside. The King then walked towards Plaster and I.

“FRICK FRICK FRICK!” Plaster freaked out.

I steadied myself, focusing my power. The King stood in front of us, his yellow aura shining brightly.

I was trying to grab the technique, trying to activate it. But suddenly, I was whacked aside. The King was brutally beating everyone else up. I could hear Venom and Styreix screaming in pain.

“AHHH! HELP ME HELP ME HEEELP!” Plaster was screaming as the King was walking over to him.

Then the King made a sword of lasers in his hand, and cut off Plaster’s left arm. It didn’t bleed, as the sword closed the wound. Plaster was screaming.

“Pathetic.” The King proceeded and smashed Plaster across the room with his own arm. Then he vaporized the arm and turned towards me. “Are you going to run again? Because there is nowhere to run off to.”

I just stayed silent and stared at him. The King smirked. “Very well.” Then he leaped at me. I took action, activating the source quickly and kicking the King across the room, before proceeding to blast him with electric plasma.

The King coughed, but seemed to be barely harmed.

“I see, I see. A challenger.” The King said.

Suddenly, a red box barrier appeared around the King.

“*PANT*” Styreix appeared next to me, breathing heavily. He and I stood together, looking back at the King who was trapped now.

“Hm.” The King tried to punch the barrier, but failed to break it. “I see, a spell.” The King then exploded his aura, which shined brighter and had sparkles with it. Then he punched the barrier again.

“Agh!” Styreix screamed in agony, trying to stay up and keeping the barrier stable. The King kept punching, and Styreix fell to the floor. The barrier disappeared, and the King was free.

“Heh.” The King laughed, and appeared in front of us, before he picked up Styreix and tossed him at the wall.

“Hmph.” Venom appeared behind the King, and punched him in the back of the neck. The King fell, and Venom stabbed at him with his toxic sword.

The King was hurt this time. But when he got up, he looked over at Venom, and blasted him away with a small yellow comet. Then he turned towards me, and blasted a yellow comet at me.

I jumped over it, and nailed the King in the face with a kick. He fell back. I was very focused. The King then got up and shot a bunch of comets at me, but I dodged them all, and came up to the King and punched him in the gut.

I could feel energy coming up from inside me, perhaps I was getting close. The King then came towards me, and hit me. Dang it I distracted myself. The King then hit me in the stomach, which was very uncomforting. He then picked me up and threw me at the wall. Ouch.

“Well, I should start killing everyone.” The King went over and picked up Styreix.

I then jumped back up, and smacked him in the face, causing him to drop Styreix. I stood in front of Styreix like a shield. No one was going to die.

“Hm. You want to make this harder.” The King then took off his royal clothing. His aura got bigger and was giving off a lot of power.

He was much stronger than I was. But it didn’t scare me: well actually I’d be lying if I said that. It did scare me. But I was going to FACE my fears. I’ll fight him to get out of here, so I can be free.

I closed my eyes. I could feel the King’s power accelerating and growing bigger. I had to do it. I must gain the technique.

“Let me lend you a hand, buddy.” I heard Krydret’s voice, my Ultimate Crystal, he was back.

Then I felt different. I felt something appear in me, and my aura expanded, electricity surging all over. I opened my eyes, and the King looked at me, eyes widened.

“That is neat.” The King smirked.

I could see from the reflection in the King’s eyes, my hair had turned into lightning bolts, electricity. Looked cool. I like this form.

Then the King began yelling and grew more buff, and then exploded into an even bigger aura. He charged up a huge comet. He blasted it at me. I grabbed it and punched back, shooting blasts of lightning that pushed the comet right back at him. Then I appeared on top of him, and knocked him on the head, hard. It knocked him out.

The King then suddenly disappeared, and the teleporter glowed. I did it.

“Oh.” Venom then got up. “Sick form. And you beat the King too. Just how strong is that form?”

The form then disappeared, and I turned back to normal.

“Woo. Well, it’s not that strong. I’m just fast, so I was able to knock him out. I wouldn’t be able to beat him any other way,” I said.

“Ah, okay. I wanna see how I’d do against that form,” Venom said, smirking.

“Ugh.” Styreix then got up. “Oh, Saturo did it. Good job.”

“Thanks.” I smiled.

“Y-you…” Plaster then walked over, with an arm missing. “You could do that ALL ALONG!? WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT BEFORE MY ARM GOT CUT OFF!?” He didn’t look too happy…

“I couldn’t actually. I unlocked it just then, which was hard. I had to face someone strong to actually get it out,” I said. “Well. Now I feel different. Let’s keep moving.”

“Vender and Hiren are still knocked out.” Venom pointed out. “We’re gonna have to carry them.”

“Definitely not me,” Plaster said, pointing at his missing arm. “I’m not carrying them.”

Venom picked up both Hiren and Vender. “Fine, I will.”

“Let’s move on,” Styreix said, as we all stepped onto the teleporter and moved on to the next arena.

Another empty room, not surprised. We then saw the boss, it was about our size, and was a creature of some sort. It… is hard to describe, other than it had a body, and ears on its head. And arms and legs and all that jazz.

The creature opened its mouth and shot out a green laser at us. We jumped out of the way, dodging it. Venom leaped forward at the creature and knocked it into a wall, and Styreix teleported behind it and sliced at it with his scythe.

The creature then roared and exploded a green circle barrier around itself for protection. Then it teleported out and smacked at me into the ground. I then snapped, and my aura flared. The creature attacked me again, but I blocked it and sent it into the wall. Then I charged up a shockwave and sent it at the creature.

The creature fell to the ground, defeated. I walked towards it to finish it off, but it started to change shape and form. It shrunk down and became… a human.

“Ow…” The human got up. It was… Saturn?

“Saturn? What are you doing… here?” I asked.

“Huh, what? What happened?” Saturn was confused.

“It seems, you were made into one of the bosses,” Styreix said.

“Oh, huh,” Saturn said. “That’s odd.”

“Not really, they said they were running out of ideas anyway,” Venom said, “so it kinda makes sense.”

“How much do we have left now?” Vender asked, having woken up now. I looked and saw that Hiren also woke up.

“We move on,” I said, “and get out of here!”

“Yeah!” Saturn exclaimed.

We all then got onto the teleporter and moved on. When we got there, the boss was already there… Wait…

I spotted the other team there. It was Draco, Hematite, Jinx, Aurallia, Lavender, and Fucia. And… Syren was there too?

“Clones,” Hiren said. “They’re clones of them, so we have to fight them.”

“How would you know they’re not real?” Vender questioned.

“If they were real,” I observed. “They would talk to us. But they’re attacking us!” I jumped up, dodging as the Draco clone shot plasma at me.

“Gotta take them down then!” Venom said, as he destroyed the Lavender clone as Styreix destroyed the Syren clone.

“This is easy, why are they all weak?” Vender questioned as he destroyed the Aurallia clone.

“Careful, they aren’t ALL weak.” I cautioned them, referring to Hematite.

The Draco clone then activated both Draco Eyes, going at full power. Styreix surrounded him with a barrier, and Saturn made one around the Draco clone on the inside, shrinking it and crushing the clone.

Then Styreix ripped apart the Fucia clone. Now all that were left were the Jinx and Hematite clones.

Venom jumped at the Jinx clone, but it disappeared.

“What the…” Venom looked around for it and jumped over at it.

“That one is hard to catch,” Styreix said. “It moves fast and is very agile.” He looked over at the Hematite clone. “And that one… broke my barrier once.”

“We’ll see what we gotta do,” Venom said, as he caught the Jinx clone in acid and melted it down. “Now just the Hematite clone.”

Venom surrounded himself in his aura, and punched the Hematite clone in the face. The Hematite clone jumped back, and pushed away from the wall right back at Venom. Venom was knocked all the way back next to us.

Styreix surrounded the clone with a red barrier. The Hematite clone tried to break out but couldn’t.

“Didn’t you say he broke out of it once?” Vender then asked Styreix.

“He was going at light speed,” Styreix smirked. “Here, he isn’t.”

“Well how do we defeat him?” Vender asked.

“Put acid on the inside.” Venom said, as acid began to flood the inside of the barrier where the Hematite clone was. “Piece of cake.”

“I… don’t think that worked,” I said, “it looks like he turned his body into some rock that the acid can’t melt.”  

“Frick, then what do we do?” Plaster asked, I forgot he was here. He also had only one arm so that sucked for him. The King was pretty brutal.

“Well, possibly try to destroy him in another way.” Venom said, as the acid disappeared. The Hematite clone also disappeared…

“Where did it go…” Plaster said.

I then sensed it behind Plaster, and sped over and blocked the attack that was going to hit Plaster. The Hematite clone was very durable. I probably had to use the technique.

I activated the technique, surrounding myself with electricity and changing my hair into electricity as well. The Hematite clone was then flung back as I hit it, but I also felt as some electricity was absorbed by it. I looked over at the clone and it had a electric aura too. Which was… different.

The clone stuck its hands out, and I felt weird.

“What the fri--” Plaster was saying before he had random holes in his body. “AHHH!” He screamed.

I then realized what was happening… Hematite became a magnet and was taking the iron from our blood. Everyone started to bleed as the iron left us. Even me.

I focused and was fighting back. He used magnets so I did too. I pulled back the iron, it was like a game of tug of war. I then used my full power, and pulled the iron back into their right spots. Then I charged up a punch, and hit the Hematite clone in the head to knock him out.

But it just hurt my hand. That skull is HARD. Even with my full power, it didn’t do damage. The Hematite clone jumped to attack, but it was suddenly trapped in a red box.

“It’s too durable, so we gotta wait until the teleporter activates,” Styreix said.

I turned back to normal. “Right.”

And so that’s what we did. The Hematite clone was trapped, no acid there to let it escape with it. We just waited until the teleporter lit up and moved on!

The next room was different. It had a huge empty void hole in the top of the room. It looks like we made it to the exit now!

“Oh we made it!” Vender exclaimed.

“Not yet.” I said. “We have the final boss.” I was sure of what the final boss was…

“Aha, hello there. And welcome to the final boss.” Dakrus appeared floating right under the huge hole in the ceiling. “Both teams have successfully made it.”

I looked across the room and spotted the other team, Draco, Fucia, Jinx, Aurallia, Lavender, and Hematite. We both made it.

“Now, as you presume, I am the final boss. You all can fight me, even then you won’t win,” Dakrus said. He then smirked.





to be continued in the next chapter....

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