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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Prologue)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Five: (Prologue)

Posted October 29th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Prologue: Teleyon


It was pretty quiet. Arada, Tango, Lauren, Bella and I were in the diner having dinner. Mehrunes’ clones were doing their thing. Mehrunes… wasn’t on the planet. He left without telling us anything so we have no clue where he is. And Listy was in her room. Pixel and Tasla weren’t here anymore. People were still sad about all the deaths that happened.

“It’s so much quieter here now,” Arada said.

“Yeah…” Lauren sighed, “it kinda makes me wish Tango and I had spent more time with everyone else…”

“Why? Isn’t you two alone in your room good enough?” Arada questioned. “If you know what I mean?” She winked.

“We’ve spent like a year here and we’ve spent basically no time with anyone else,” Tango said, ignoring Arada’s comment, “and we’ve spent most of our lives with each other.”

“Yeah. And I spend my time playing my video games,” I said.

“Is that a good thing?” Lauren asked me.

“It’s not a bad thing. I’m the pilot so I only hang out with them if they ever needed a ride,” I said.

“And you don’t wish at all that you had spent more time with them all?” Lauren asked, “since you can’t anymore?”

“I mean, what happens, happens,” I replied. “Sometimes I guess I do. But not really, because I didn’t have time to hang out with them.”

“Tango and Lauren have time,” Bella said, “they just only spend it with each other.”

I noticed the water in Bella’s glass slosh a little, before her cup tipped over, spilling water in her lap. Bella looked at Lauren, embarrassed.

“Lauren, can you help?” Bella asked.

Lauren waved her hand at the water and it all moved back into Bella’s cup.  Bella quickly reached over and turned her cup right-side up.

“Well you guys have fun, I’m going into the city,” Arada said, standing up and leaving the diner.

“I’ll be in my office if you need me,” I said, standing up as well.

? Mehrunes ?

I knew what my friends were doing because my clones tell me they’re eating dinner. Meanwhile, I’m on the Rock Planet, training, and thinking. I set up a food stand here about a day ago, it's been doing okay considering it’s a new stand. I had a genius idea to bring people in; free food the first time you order something.

Although I haven't trained in forever, I remembered what I needed to do, I wanted to get Half Star higher than half. I need to draw more energy, focus more on it. If I can get to Full Star, I’ll be even more powerful, and I can train harder.

It’s been about a day back at home, I haven’t stopped training. I left my clones out because if I didn’t my friends would have to make their own food, and that’s something I would pay to watch.

I was sitting in the middle of nowhere, focusing on the energy. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, but it worked the first few times. I saw the star and focused, focused on drawing energy, everything around me went mute as I tuned it out, focusing on the star. Focusing on drawing more power, more energy. Sitting in my Half Star form, trying to draw more power. Overall it was exhausting.

“Hey Mehrunes!” a voice interrupted my focus.

I sighed and opened my eyes, deactivating everything as I stood up and looked to where the voice came from.

It was a guy with this green suit and cloth over his face, hiding it.

“I have so many questions,” I said. “And the first one is who are you and how did you find me?”

“You were training and I tracked you down from your energy,” the guy said, taking off the cloth from his face. “And, it’s me! Ich!”

I raised an eyebrow. “Yeah. Sure. Prove it.”

“How do I prove it?” He asked.

“I’ll ask you a question,” I said. “What was my most powerful ability, and when did I first use it?”

“Uhh… I dunno.” He scratched his head.

“Yeah, I don’t know the second half either,” I said. “Just do the first thing. Other than that I suppose names are okay.”

“Alright! Well, I’m not actually here in person yet,” Ich said. “I just made a transmission to make myself appear before you.”

“Cool,” I said. “Why me though, cuz I was training and so you could find me?”

“Yeah, because I was able to track down your energy!” He said.

“Right,” I said. “Also you're different. Do tell.”

“I was on a very long mission. It was to get over my disorder, so, I’m over it now. It actually took like two years to do so, but since time is different all over the galaxy, it wasn’t that long here,” Ich explained.

“Wow, two whole years and getting over a disorder,” I said, suddenly shifting gears. “Did you get a girlfriend yet?”

He laughed. “Why do you ask?”

I showed him the picture of Saturo and Lavender kissing.

“I want to know if Saturo beat you to it,” I said.

“He probably did, though I’m not sure because of the time,” Ich laughed. “But, yeah, to get over my disorder, I had to experience different emotions and stuff. Before I was practically emotionless, and I would space off at times.”

“I noticed, actually technically speaking, I kinda knew you were off the whole time, running with Draco and Saturo who had emotions and feelings, while you said like a few sentences then sat in silence,” I said, “I just thought you were shy, though. I didn't know you had a disorder. Hey, did you know all our friends are dead?”

“Yeah, they didn’t train enough,” Ich said. “I’ve been training for two whole years though.”

“Actually I find it strange, because Draco and Saturo were super powerful, they should have at least been able to escape, but instead everyone got dumped into a void and I don’t feel good about that. Dakrus doesn’t seem the neat freak guy,” I said.

“Well what do you expect from an evil entity?” Ich responded. “I don’t think they’re dead cuz I talked to Saturo. They’re on the verge of death.”

“I knew you knew something,” I said casually. “It’s good to know there’s still some hope, hey maybe when you get back, my new food stand chain will have taken off and we can buy stuff.”

“Ooooh, you started a business?” Ich asked. “Selling food? Hey did you ever consider being an Ultimate Chef?”

“That’s a thing?” I asked.

“Yeah! Remember Glare’s friend Kan? His wife was an Ultimate Chef!” Ich said. “So she made amazing food!”

“Hmm. I’ll consider it,” I said. “However you’ll be glad to know I beat you to a girlfriend as well, despite my charming personality.”

“Well you don’t know if you beat me or not,” Ich said, smiling, “I’m not here yet.”

“Oh, so you DO have a girlfriend!” I exclaimed.

“Kind of, yes. I mean, I like her and I had to save her from some dungeon so I’m her protector now,” Ich said. “But she is pretty shy.”

“So she’s shy, was locked in a dungeon, and you’re her protector,” I said. “Sounds to me like you had a lot to do on your adventure.”

“Yeah, it was quite the adventure. Met a lot of people, fought a lot of bad guys too. Yeah, I don’t like bad guys. I think I just became… well actually there is a side effect to my adventure and cure to the disorder. Now I’m too emotional,” Ich said.

“Hah. That’s fun,” I said. “You go from no emotion to too much emotion. Love it. Say, when ARE you getting back?”

“I don’t know how long it would be for you, but for me, in about three days. Lightspeed is hard to maintain, dude,” Ich said.

“Yeah, I know, you’re talking to the guy who tried to build a spaceship on multiple occasions,” I said.

“Well I can’t fly a spaceship,” Ich said.

“Yes I know,” I said. “So… you homesick after two years?”

“A bit, yeah. I wanted my ‘girlfriend’ to meet you guys,” Ich said.

“I think meeting me will be worse than not meeting me,” I chuckled.

“Why?” Ich laughed.

“In all seriousness? When Draco ‘died’ I kinda went back to that kinda mindset I had when I first met you, I’m not very nice, I tease everyone, and Slithers is somewhere in the diner eating all the snake food. I’m basically just a jerk again,” I said.

“You don’t seem like a jerk to me,” Ich said.

“That’s because I left the facility a little over a day ago,” I said. “I made a food stand with the help of Legion and trained for a day, trying to up my Half Star. I haven’t had anyone to be a jerk to, it’s how I was before I met you even. I’m just kinda numb.”

“Oh I see,” Ich said, “well, you’re training to up your Half Star? I have a few tips if you want!”

“Yeah. Sure bud,” I said.

“Well… If you’re doing it in training, clear your mind and just think about what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Give it a few tries and you’ll get somewhere at least,” Ich said, “otherwise if you’re mad at something, if you release the anger and turn it into power you can do a lot.”

“Okay, thanks man,” I said.

“I can help you train right now too. Transmissions are real, they’re like your clones except they work for far distances,” Ich said. “It’s pretty much a cloning technique!”

“Okay sure, but how are you gonna help me?” I asked.

“We could spar,” Ich said.

“Doesn’t sparing refer to boxing?” I asked.

“It’s also referred to as a friendly battle,” Ich said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said. “Sure man.”

“Alright, your move first!”

“Right,” I said. I thought for a second, he’d be expecting basically anything. I threw some purple bombs at him because purple bombs are the best. Clouds appeared around them and they were blocked.

“I remember that attack,” Ich said. “Do you have anything new?”

“No not really, but I can do this,” I said, charging my newfound attack. And no, it’s not a projectile, well not technically. I suddenly launched myself into Ich at high speeds, punching him in the stomach.

“Oh, that is new!” Ich said, taking the attack on.

“Yeah. I dunno what it’s supposed to do though,” I said. “I guess I can use it in tandem with other stuff.” I started charging something else up because I figured out charging stuff is a good idea. This time, however, I shot out a gaggle of purple stars. Now what I knew that Ich didn’t is that these stars shot lasers instead of suicide bombing, and I also activated Half Star so they were more powerful.

Ich jumped up quickly, dodging the stars and floated in the air, watching me closely.

“Did you learn to see invisible people yet?” I asked.

“You don’t need to see them if you can sense them.” Ich smiled.

“C’mon man it’s your turn to do something,” I said.

“I can do lots, which?” Ich asked. “Before I had one main power which was wind. Now I have three main powers. Wind, water, and electricity.”

“I really don’t care,” I said.

“Well…” Ich generated a lightning bolt in his hand and then swung it at me like a sword. I blocked it my Katana while ducking.

We had a sword fight for a bit until Ich blew me back with a gust of wind.

“That’s not cheap at all,” I said. “Hey, wanna see something I rarely show to anyone?”

“Sure!” Ich exclaimed.

“Okay,” I said, I sheathed my katana and spun the sheath, and it glowed a dark green before I stopped it. I then pulled out a Katana, covered completely in magical runes and stuff like that.

“Woah.” Ich looked at it. “What’s that?”

“This is my first ever Katana, and its covered in magic I put on it,” I said. “It’s the type of special to me where you pass it down through generations to your children and so forth. I basically never use it, despite what it can do for me.”

“What can it do?” Ich questioned, a curious look on his face.

“As far as I know, its unbreakable, and it can change its form into any other sword. I also found out a while ago one of these runes has the side effect. It assists my powers, so this sword will get more powerful as I do. Or I suppose anyone holding it,” I said. “This is what I have left of Edgar.”

“Woah, that’s cool,” Ich said. “Who exactly is Edgar, anyway?”

“Right. I suppose I should tell you,” I said. “Edgar was my only real friend back at my planet, and he left. So, after a year or two, I built my space suit and went after him, the only reason I’m in this galaxy is because I know he’s here, and here he was. That time I disappeared and let you to that prison planet? It was Edgar, and he taught me the Star technique.”

“Oh! So you’re just going wherever Edgar is?” Ich asked.

“Right now? I wanted to isolate myself from the others and set up a food stand on basically every planet while training to get better uninterrupted, I’m not powerful enough to get Edgar, see if he just left, it would be more or less okay, but he went insane,” I said. “And he’s more powerful than me.”

“Don’t you want to get more powerful than him? Or at least catch up?” Ich asked.

“I do, that’s why I’m training,” I said. “And I’m isolated because I need to keep everything in check. I don’t want to revert fully, and if I don’t have contact with the insensitive people back home ignoring the death, then all the better.”

“Ah okay! Good luck with your training then!” Ich said.

“Thanks, safe travels to you,” I said.

“Haha, yeah, it’s not safe!” Ich laughed. “It’s very dangerous what I’ve come across out here.”

“I believe it,” I said. “Okay so just as a mention, I probably won't be back home in three days, so you can check in with Arada, Tango, Lauren, Fireball, Zephyr, Draelin, Tele and Pheonix, someone you haven’t met, and then you can come find me, or not. It’s all the same to me.”

“I’m gonna take more than three days,” Ich said. “I’m very very far.”

I shrugged. “I have a lot of stuff to do. Odds are I’ll be gone when you get back. Weather or not you take three days.”

“Well, I’ll come look for you then,” Ich said. “Leave your energy open for me to find!”

“Sure,” I said.

“Okay!” Ich exclaimed. His transmission of him then disappeared.



to be continued....

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