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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 1)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 1)

Posted October 12th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

next book chapter one..... different than you'd expect.




Chapter 1: Hematite







But. Mostly suffering.

Daily torture.

Every time it’s something new. Something painful. Sometimes it’s repeated. But it doesn’t matter. It’s all just pain, pain, and pain.

I was powerless in here. I was nothing.

Just a normal human.

A normal powerless human. No powers. No Ultimate Crystal. No anything. Just pain and suffering. Just pain and suffering.

“Just pain and suffering…” Dakrus came back into the darkness. He was singing. “Pain and suffering… Just pain…! And suffering!”

He then walked on forward in front of me. I was attached to the wall, bars around my arms and legs to prevent me from moving.

He looked at me. I was terrified.

“Hematite Shiny.” He then said. “What shall it be today? Shall I burn you alive? Whip you? Stab you with needles all over?”

I was still very injured and beaten up from yesterday. I couldn’t even speak. It was worse, the pain… because here I’m a normal human, and pain affects me much more than it did when I had my powers.

“Maybe I’ll drown you again.”

It was horrible. Everyday he would kill me. But then he would somehow bring me back just to kill me again. My body couldn’t handle it. All this suffering. All this pain.

“That’ll be it then.” Dakrus snapped and the room began flooding with black water.

I was terrified as the water level rose, slowly making it to my head. Without my powers I couldn’t hold my breath long.

“Haha, sike!” Dakrus threw a thousand needles at me.

I screamed. The pain was unbearable. A thousand needles were in my body. Dakrus enjoyed watching me suffer. I wanted to destroy him. But I was powerless.

I could only suffer.

? Saturo ?

Pain and suffering, just pain and suffering. Dakrus comes in to my room singing that stupid song.

He then glared over at me.

“You will have the most pain.” Dakrus said. “Your friends are all suffering now. Your girlfriend… Draco… I cut their heads off. Multiple times. I have the most power here. I control time here. You cannot defy me. No one can.”

I glared back at him. I hated Dakrus. I hated him so much.

“Hate me all you want, fool,” Dakrus read my mind. He had all the power here. “I’ll just keep on killing you.”

He then zapped me with electricity. It HURT! A LOT! My powers were gone! My own power… was turned against me.

“Pain and suffering, just pain and suffering!” Dakrus whipped me with blades.

I screamed. It was very painful.

“Hehehehe! HAHAHA!” Dakrus kept at it. I felt more and more pain as my blood spilled.

Then I passed out when I saw fire coming out of Dakrus’ hands, towards me.

But then I opened my eyes. Where was I now? What happened to me? I saw Hindro… A nice view on Hindro. I was looking out at the sun, at the beach on top of a hill. The sound of the waves comforted me. I didn’t feel the pain anymore. This was probably a dream…


I heard my name being called out.

“Who’s there?” I called back.

“It’s me, Saturo.” I spotted someone floating towards me from the horizon.

“Who’re you?” I questioned. They then floated down in front of me. I studied their features. Green clothes, white hood. Brown hair.

It was my best friend. Ichoo Qeezixyx. He patted my shoulder.

“Never give up on your dreams.” He spoke softly. “Never give up. If you give up, it will be over. Keep fighting.”

“I can’t.” I said. “I’m powerless now. The Eternal Darkness realm… it’s all just suffering… I only feel pain. It’s like this view… it’s amazing. All I was able to see was darkness…”

“Don’t give up. Fight. Even if you are powerless.” Ichoo said.


“Fight!” Ichoo yelled. “This evil cannot be continued! It has to end! This pain! This suffering! It needs to end! You have to end it!”

“I can’t.” I felt a tear fall down my face.

Ichoo looked at me. He also had a tear on his face. In fact, he had more than I did. He was crying for me.

“There is always a way.” he then said. “When darkness rises, there will be light to bring it back down to be balanced. There can be darkness. But there must be light. There can be light. But there must be darkness. They are to be balanced, my friend.”

“Yeah…?” I said.

“You can fight. Believe in yourself. Believe in your Ultimate Crystal. Fight for yourself. Fight for your loved ones.” Ichoo said. “Don’t die. I’m too far away right now. I cannot help you. You can only help yourself.”

“It’s not impossible.” I turned to my right. I saw my smiling father, looking down at me and patting my head. This was a dream.

“Dad!” I exclaimed.

“Saturo, my son. Believe in yourself. Believe in your powers. Believe that there is, indeed, good in every single being.” He ran his hands through my hair.

“And with that,” Elec then appeared to my left. “It can be done.”

“Save yourself, Saturo.” My mom appeared in front of me.

Everyone was telling me… to believe… to fight… to get rid of the darkness that is causing me pain and suffering…

Maybe it could be done… I’ve already failed Lavender… Her dad would hate me now, I had let her die…

“Wake up.” Suddenly I awoke.

My body was fine. And I was sitting down on a chair. In front of me stood Dakrus, crossing his arms.

“Saturo…” I looked to my right. I found Draco, bleeding a puddle of his blood onto the ground.

“Draco!” I shouted.

“Pain and suffering. Just pain and suffering.” Dakrus smirked evilly.

I hated that song. I hated Dakrus.

I tried to punch him. It was a big mistake. My hand came clean off, and I felt pain again. But then it healed. Draco healed. Dakrus healed us.

Only to give us pain again.

“Honestly, this is getting boring.” Dakrus sighed. “Bye. For now.”

He then disappeared. Draco and I were injured, but not too injured.

“He's gone.” I said. “For now.”

“I still have yet to get used to not being almost indestructible.” Draco commented. “It’s been a very slow adjustment.”

“I'm not used to feeling pain either.” I said. “I think, we're going to get used to it soon.” I was surprised that Dakrus just left us. I wasn't alone for once now, Draco was here with me. We'd just suffer, the two of us.

“Oop visions getting blurry. Think Imma die of blood loss again in a few minutes.” Draco said. “Third time so far.”

How can he sound so casual about that? I hate it! And he talks about it so casually… Granted Draco has been casual about everything ever since he started training harder a few months ago. I wonder if this realm will break him. He seems to be the only one that still has some confidence… Ichoo, Dad, and even Elec told me to be like Draco in that dream… but I couldn’t. I didn’t see any sign of hope. So I remained hopeless.

“It’s gotten quite boring to torture you all.” Dakrus appeared again. “I have an idea, which you might enjoy.”

Might enjoy? Yeah right.

“And what exactly *COUGH* might that be?” Draco asked weakly as he coughed out blood but he still had a bit of a smirk on his face.

“It’ll be like a video game. Only, a little different since it’s reality.” Dakrus said. “You will be put on an island and you must find a way to survive. If you die, then you’ll be dead for good. I won’t bring you back.”

“Sounds very interesting. *COUGH*.” Draco said before he coughed out more blood.

“That way, it’ll be better.” Dakrus said, “for all of you. Let us begin now, then shall we?”

“It’s your decision.” Draco replied still with a slight smirk on his half crimson streak covered face. “We can start whenever you *COUGH* wish.”

Dakrus then waved his hand at Draco, and Draco healed. “You’re gonna need to start off healthy for this. Well. You’ll have to find your own food.”

“Okay…” I said.

“If I ever make a change of rules or something, I will make someone let you know. But now… Welcome to Survival Island!” Dakrus said.

Suddenly all the darkness disappeared. Draco and I were on a small boat.

“Around the island there will be cubes. These cubes will let you use some of your powers if you find them! That’ll be fun! Hahaha!” I heard Dakrus say. “Good luck!”

Draco sat down on the boat and started paddling towards the island. I took a paddle and helped.

“This is a lot more tiring than usual.” Draco commented.

“Of course it is.” I said, paddling along.

Soon, we finally reached the island. We got out of the boat, and got onto the island. We were at a beach.

“We’re gonna need to survive now.” I said. “We should find food.”

“Alright… we should be careful. If you find any berries, don’t eat them until I see them so we can tell what berry it is. Gotta make sure we don’t die via berry poisoning.” Draco said as he then began picking up rocks.

“Yeah… since if we die here, we’ll be dead for real…” I said. “We have to be very careful and help each other out!” I wondered where Lavender was…  

“Setting up camp should be our first priority as well as finding food.” Draco said as he then took one of the larger rocks he had found and began hitting it against one of the palm trees and eventually had damaged it enough to knock off chunks of thatch and wood.

“Okay, you can do that.” I said, “where should we set up?”

“Well we’ll need a spot protected from the elements, like underneath a hanging cliff. Like… That one.” Draco said as he pointed at a cliff that was about 150 meters away. “But we’ll head there together. If we run into the others the rule will be that no one can be left alone. We don’t know what could be on this island.”

“That sounds good.” I said. “And then if we win and survive… what then?”

“If you win and survive… Then I won’t torture you any longer. And, you’ll live. If you lose, then that means you’re dead.” Dakrus’ voice spoke, but his body was not present. “Your real bodies are fine, but if you lose then they will die.”

“Then we have to keep each other alive.” I said.

“Hmm hmm yes…” Dakrus replied. “Now I’ll be silent. Have fun.”

I guess this was kind of what Dad said, that there was good in everyone. Dakrus wasn’t exactly killing us anymore. I was actually able to stand, and breath. Although I feel weak, because I don’t have any of my powers. Draco at least had the advantage of his heritage as an Aerthian and their natural strength.

Right after I heard the sound of a tree falling to the ground and saw Draco proceeding to chop the fallen palm tree into small pieces via the axe blade like rock he had found. Man was I lucky that I started off with him, he knew how to do this stuff. I was being useless.

“Should I go look for some food?” I asked him.

“Yeah go check out those bushes. Don’t go to far though, and don’t eat any until I’ve examined them.” Draco said as he continued to chop the palm tree.

“Got it.” I nodded. Then I looked around for any food. I spotted the bushes that Draco talked about, and walked over.  

There were a few purple berries on it. I inspected them. Maybe they were poisonous or venomous… I was scared that if I touched them they would kill me or give me rashes. Afterall if I died here… I’d be actually dead.

So just in case I took a leaf and picked the berries with it. I then walked back to Draco and showed him the berries.

“Hmmm… these are interesting. These berries are technically poisonous, but the worst they can do to humans is put them to sleep for a few hours. But only if ingested. We could use these for something, leave the leaf right there please Satu.” Draco said.

I set the leaf with the berries down where Draco told me to put them. “How do you know so much about berries?” I asked.

“I read a lot of books, two of which happened to be on emergency survival situations and recognizing plant matter,” Draco answered.

“Wow. Well then I’m lucky I started off with you.”

“I guess you could say that.” Draco smirked.

I felt my stomach growl. I was hungry. “We’re going to need water too. We can survive without food for a longer time, although we’ll get tired. But we’re going to need some water.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to find like a pond or stream. Because obviously we can’t drink ocean water. That would make it worse.” Draco said.

“Shouldn’t we make our base next to a water source?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Draco said as I noticed he had taken a vine off of a nearby jungle tree and used it to wrap up the pieces of wood of the palm tree so he could carry them. There were two piles. Draco was carrying one.

“I’d also think we could make some tools and stuff.” I said, doing what Draco did to pick up the other pile of wood.

“Yeah, but it would be better if we used branches rather than these wood chunks. But first let’s find camp and water.” Draco said. I nodded as we began walking into the forest, carefully watching our step to not cut or trip ourselves. We didn’t have shoes so, we needed to be careful. The only clothing we had were our normal clothes, which were dirty and ripped. Draco just had his shorts and undershirt. I only had my pants and undershirt as well. Lucky for us it was actually pretty warm. If it snowed… yikes… I don’t want to die freezing.

“So question.” Draco said as we walked. “You know those crystals Dakrus mentioned right? If we find one, who gets to use it?”

“You mean the cubes?” I replied. “Maybe I could use it, and gain my speed. Then if we meet others I could use it to find them and stuff.”

“Yeah, but mine could be used if we happen to run into anything not so friendly. Or if it gets super cold. Fire and plasma are some of the last things animals want to get hit with,” Draco said. “Though for the time being your speed would prob be more useful.”

Right after Draco had stopped talking we arrived at an opening with a lake, filled by a waterfall, with a overhanging cliff over a nearby alcove.

“This place looks good.” Draco said as he examined the water. It was decently clear.

“Yeah, it’s moving so it’s safe to drink.” We set down the wood. “We can camp here.”

“Yeah,” Draco said as he then took the two piles of wood and moved them underneath the hanging cliff so we were protected from and rain that could fall.

Draco then took some of the rocks except for his blade rock and made a ring before setting some of the wood and some dead dry leaves in the middle. Draco then took two small rocks and scratched them against each other, causing sparks.

Soon he had made a fire, he then took out one of the wood pieces, careful not to burn himself and handed me what was basically a makeshift torch.

“See if you can find and berries in those bushes. If it sounds like something is near prepare to use the torch to scare it away.” Draco told me. “Don’t go to far.”

“Okay.” I nodded. With the torch in my hand, I walked over to some bushes.

I inspected the bushes and it looked like it had raspberries. It looked like it. Except blue. But I had to make sure they were raspberries. Or at least they were edible.

I used the same method as before, wrapping the berries in a leaf. I picked about twenty of them before I headed back to camp.

“I found some blue raspberries!” I said.

Draco inspected the berries. “Well these aren’t blue raspberries, but they are Azuberries, perfectly safe to eat.” Draco said after he examined them closely. “And to touch.”

“Azuberries? Never heard of them.”

“That’s because they mostly only grow on islands, they're a tropical berry. Plus most people just think they’re blue raspberries. Like you did.”

“Ohhh. I see.” I picked one up and washed it in the lake. We set our camp five feet away from the water so it was accessible. After I washed it I ate it. It didn’t taste bad. It was pretty good since I haven’t eaten in so long. It was also kinda sweet.

I then noticed Draco had picked more Azuberries from the bush so now we had around fifty of them.

“We should save them so we don’t run out.” I suggested.

“Yeah but it's kinda hard to preserve fruit without a fridge or cold. Neither of which we have.” Draco said as he washed five of the berries and ate three. He handed me the other two to eat so we were even.

I took them and ate them. “Too bad there’s no one with ice powers, then if we got a cube we could preserve fruits.”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded. “I do wonder what the limitations of the cubes are. Like how much power to we receive?”

“He said one of our powers.” I replied. “I think… we’d have to wait to find one to see.”

“Hmm… So like, I could either get my wings or plasma powers? Or is it like a skill tree and I need to get fire or electricity instead?” Draco asked as he thought to himself as we then sat next to the fire as the sky begun to get dark. “I guess we’ll just have to find one. By the way you should put that makeshift torch back in the fire, it's about to burn your hand.”

I dropped the torch back in the fire. “He wasn’t very specific about the rules. So I don’t know.”

“Well of course he wouldn’t tell us everything. He wants this little show to be as entertaining as possible. Best way to do that is to leave the participants in the dark.”

“Fun.” I commented. I realized the sun was now setting. “It’s getting dark.”

“Yeah.” Draco got up and began picking off large leaves from nearby trees and laying them down into two piles. He spread them out into longer thin sheets.

“Not a bad bed to be honest,” I said.

“Well anything beats getting your Z’s by not being alive.” Draco said as he then got two large handfuls of ferns and crushed them into pillow like shapes and handed one to me.


“No prob. We gotta work together, so may as well make sure everyone gets a good sleep.” Draco said with a smile as he laid down on one of the plant beds he had made.

I looked up at the moon. This place seemed realistic. It was like… well it was a realm. But it wasn’t all that bad to be honest. We just had to survive. Maybe Dad was right. There is some good in Dakrus.

Suddenly, I heard a faint howl from the distance. I turned to look at its direction.

“The heck was that?” Draco asked as he sat up cautiously and looked in the direction of the howl as well.

There was another howl, louder than the first. Then we heard footsteps, something was running in our direction.

“Oh no.” I said, picking up the torch.

Draco had in the meantime snapped of a long sharp branch from a tree and was brandishing it like a spear.

We stood up facing the sound. Soon… We were looking up at a giant, ugly, wolf. It was drooling disgustingly. It was about ten feet tall, and it looked terrifying.

“Uhhh…” I looked up at it. It didn’t seem to fear the torch. “This may be a problem…”

“My my mister wolf what sharp teeth you have.” Draco commented.

The wolf growled at us. Then he opened his mouth, and went to eat Draco. Draco used the spear to prevent himself from being eaten, the top of the spear on the top of the wolves mouth going to its bottom jaw, it was keeping it pried open.

“SATU! PURPLE BERRIES NOW PLEASE BEFORE I GET NOMMED!” Draco yelled as he also used his hands to keep the mouth open.

“Right!” I grabbed the leaf with the purple berries while Draco kept the wolf distracted. I then chucked them into the wolf's mouth.

Draco then took a vine and removed the spear and tied the wolves mouth shut.

“NOW EAT YER FRUIT!” Draco yelled as he sat on top of the wolfs top jaw to keep it shut.

After a moment, the wolf fell over. I looked at it cautiously. “Did we kill it?”

“Well, you know how I said one can put a man to sleep for hours?” Draco said.

“Did it fall asleep then?” I asked.

“We chucked thirty five of those things down it's maw. It’s definitely dead.” Draco said as he put his hand on its throat and found no pulse. “Granted it seems as though this one was very old. These things in their prime prob wouldn’t fall so easily.”

“Then we’re safe.” I said.

“AND WE HAVE A SOURCE OF PROTEIN FOR A WEEK! And pelt too!” Draco exclaimed.

“We can make jackets!” I said.

“Huzzah!” Draco exclaimed as he fist pumped. “And we did all of that without powers!”

“Yeah!” I said. “But if that thing was out there, there could be more. Maybe we should find a cave.”

“So like that one behind the waterfall with a potentially mysterious glowing object?” Draco said as he pointed behind the waterfall.

“…” I looked over at the waterfall, and you could faintly see a small light. “There probably is a cave. Let’s check it out…”

“Yeah, we can worry about skinning and butchering the giant wolf later.” Draco said. He had taken his branch spear and lit it with the campfire so we had a second torch and a weapon.

We slid behind the waterfall and entered the cave cautiously. The light that we saw was a small fire.

Draco squatted down and looked at the tinder inside.

“Most of this is half charred, whoever made this made this maybe only made it an hour ago, so like twenty minutes before we came to this lake.” Draco said as he stood up. He then briefly went outside the cave and came back a minute later with another tree branch and handed it to me. “Be on your guard, we don’t know how many people Dakrus has kidnapped and placed on this island besides us.”

“True we don’t know how many people are in this void realm thing,” I whispered as I took the branch. Then I nodded, ready to go inside.

“Then let’s go.” Draco whispered as we re-entered the cave.

It was pretty small, and it was round-shaped. There was a fire in the middle. Draco and I walked in, torches in one hand, spear/club in the other.

We walked in farther into the cave before suddenly a rock flew right past my head at high speed, nearly grazing my cheek.

“So they’ve got a sling or slingshot of some kind.” Draco said.

“Oh my,” I whipped around and faced the direction that the rock came from.

There stood a girl our age wearing nothing but a black shirt and shorts, I would describe more but she appeared to have her face covered by a mask.

“Nice mask you got there, why do you have it?” Draco asked.

“Why do you two not have one?” She asked back.

“We just got here on the island like, an hour ago.” I answered.

“Only an hour? You two sure are new.” The girl said.

“Yeah we were tortured for awhile by Dakrus but then he decided to add us to this game thing.” I said.

“Pffft, people captured by him have been here for years. You two probably were only captured like two hours ago in real time.” The girl said.

“Really? Does the time here flow the same as the Real World or is it different like the Dream World?” I asked.

“Well considering that I’ve been here for about a week. Even though I was captured by Dakrus only two days ago, yes. It does go a lot slower.” The girl said.

“Man, people have been here for years? How many people are here?” Draco asked.

“Dunno. Hundreds. Maybe thousands. Dakrus may have only had that spell for a few weeks but he’s captured entire civilizations worth of people with it. Just to play this game.”

“Wouldn’t it be a curse then?” I questioned.

“No it’s a spell. This is all under his control. A curse gives the user some control, yes. But a spell is completely under their will.” The girl said.

“Well I know he used Illegal Dark Magic.” I said, “probably the reason why we have no powers here. Unless we find the cubes he talked about.”

“That would be correct. The magic he used has been banned for millennia after there was a huge war between the magic users.” The girl said.

“How would you know that?” Draco asked.

“When you’ve lived a life like I did before I got here. You learn a lot of stuff.” the girl said as she began walking away from us.

“That’s true, we all learn different things. By the way, how big is this cave?” I asked. “Like… the entrance and fire is right here. Where are you going?”

“This cave goes on for about another thirty five meters. It’s pretty big past the entrance. And I’m not going anywhere. I’m just going to go harvest that wolf you two killed. Because clearly you two aren’t much of a threat despite bringing that thing down.” The girl said.

“Who even are you?” I then asked. “Like, what’s your name?”

“Fucia. Now come on that pile of pelt ain’t gonna cut itself.” Fucia said sternly.

“Okay, let’s go Draco.” I said. “We can help harvest the pelt and make jackets. Do you know how to sew Fucia?” I then asked her.

“Yes, we can use some of the plant fibers to stitch them together.” Fucia replied as we reached the giant wolf corpse. Draco and I had brought our torches for light.

I then felt the area get suspiciously cold before I saw that Fucia had made a large knife out of ice and was beginning to cut apart the dead giant wolf.

“Woah, you found a cube already?” I said.

“Yeah. Only got to pick one of my powers though. So I went with ice for it’s all roundness.” Fucia replied as she continued harvesting the wolf, focusing mainly on that rather than talking.

She then made two more knives and handed one to me and Draco. Which meant she wanted us to help. And so we did.

We then soon harvested all of the meat of the wolf and the pelt. All that was left was the bones, which we could also use for something.

“Let’s take it back to the cave.” I suggested.

“Yeah,” Draco said as he picked up the pelt and also took one of the wolf’s leg bones with him.

Me and Fucia carried the meat into the cave with some very large leaves, because I didn’t want to be covered in the blood. Eventually, we were back inside the cave with all the stuff.

“Hmmm… we need something to cook the meat on without burning it…” Draco said as he laid down the large pile of pelt and the leg bone he had collected.

“We can make some sort of stick thing, and just have it hanging over the fire.” I suggested. I then took some sticks we had collected and created legs for a larger stick to be set on. “Then we just have to stick the meat on.” I demonstrated by taking a piece of meat and putting it on the stick. I set it over the fire to cook.

We kinda just sat there then for a few minutes, rotating the stick every now and then. It was pretty slow.

“So… Fucia,” I then said. “We’re working together now, the three of us, right? Form a truce?”

“Well it’s basically impossible to survive on this island alone unless you’ve somehow lucked out when it comes to finding cubes. So sure, may as well.” Fucia replied.

“Sounds good. I’m Saturo by the way.” I introduced myself.

“Uhhh… Guys? Not to alarm you but… the meat’s on fire.” Draco said, interrupting the conversation.

I looked over and saw that the meat was on fire. I quickly took it off the stick. It was hot so I dropped it. It took awhile and then the fire went out.

“At least it’s well cooked,” I said. I sat down. I was sleepy. “I’m tired. I’m gonna sleep.” I went to the corner of the cave and laid down on my plant-bed.

“Okay I guess.” Draco said as he then ate the piece of meat since I didn’t.

“I’ll be lookout.” Fucia said.

“Got it.” Draco said as he laid down on his bed.

I just had to trust Fucia. Hopefully she doesn’t kill us in our sleep. It was silent. I was pretending to sleep just in case Fucia tried to kill either me or Draco.

Eventually I drifted into sleep for real.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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