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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 4)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 4)

Posted October 17th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 4: Saturo


Hours and hours have passed. We got very far from the village. Like miles far. Maybe fifty miles. It would take forever to get back.

It was almost dark. Atlas and I were eating. Fruits. Like apples and oranges and stuff. We were watching the sunset as we ate.

“Well, now the danger will appear.” Atlas said, standing up. “All types of monsters will try to take us down. They’re not all very dangerous. But they can kill you if you don’t fight back.”

I looked at my steel axe. “Should be good then.”

Suddenly there was a loud stomping sound. Atlas’s horse ran off in the other direction. I was nervous as we turned to face the sound of the stomping.

There was a giant… gorilla of some sort. It had horns. And a beak like a bird. It looked down at us. It was like, 10 times taller than Atlas.

“Well, tough luck for us.” Atlas said. “Now you have to fight!”

The gorilla striked with it’s fists at us. Atlas had already dodged, but I hadn't. I jumped out of the way, barely dodging. I turned around and attacked. There was a small cut on its hands now. Okay so it could be injured.

I looked up and saw that Atlas had climbed on top of it’s head. How’d he get up there!? I also noticed that there were a bunch of cuts all over its body up to its head.

Atlas stabbed its eyes and then jumped back down next to me, rolling over and then taking out a bow, shooting the gorilla through the head. It then slowly fell backwards, making a loud thud sound.

I just stared at it. Atlas pretty much took that thing out all by himself. I barely did anything.

“You didn’t do anything.” Atlas said.

“I know! You already took it out!” I replied. “How’d you even do that?!”

“It takes practice. And skill. I was one of the people who’s been here the longest. You’d think we’d train ourselves against the monsters.” Atlas said.

“Well yeah.” I said back. “But wow. You don’t even have any powers.”

“You don’t need powers. I could defeat someone who has powers without any powers.” Atlas replied. “I heard you were one of those people who had electric powers, no? I could beat you easily if I wanted to.”

“But I’d have a lot of speed. You wouldn’t be able to see me running.” I said.

“Speed is key to battle, but I could still hear you. And if not, I could attack you after knowing where you’ve attacked before.” Atlas said.

I doubted that, Venom was unable to dodge my speed.

“There’s a lot you don’t know.” Atlas said. “I’d have to see how fast you are to determine if I could beat you or not.”

“Well. I could get from here back to the village in seconds.” I said.

Atlas stared at me. “You’re kidding.”

“No, really, that’s how much speed I have. And that’s not even the limit!” I exclaimed.

“How could humans… go that fast?” Atlas looked like he was thinking to himself deeply.

“Well, Ultimate Crystals.” I said.

“Ultimate Crystals?” Atlas asked.

Then I figured out that he didn't know what those were. Where exactly was Atlas from? Where did Dakrus find him?

“You don’t know what Ultimate Crystals are?!” I questioned.

“Never heard of them.” Atlas said.

“You’re not from this galaxy then!” I exclaimed. “Dakrus left the galaxy… and did things out there. Did he bring villages and civilizations from other galaxies?!”

“How could a man travel through space?” Atlas questioned.

Wow now I felt smart. This guy was pretty cool and all but he didn’t have the same technology and powers that we did in the Ultimates Galaxy.

“Well, pretty much, spaceships. You know, like, boats but they’re closed and can fly through space. Like birds kinda.” I explained. “And Ultimate Crystals are crystals that give you a lot of power. Pretty much, any power you want. But you have to train to get stronger. Which is what I do.”

Atlas just stared at me. “That’s hard to believe.”

“Well, I wouldn’t blame you, you never seen it before.” I said. “But if we find a Power Cube I could use it to get my powers back.”

“I thought they gave people powers.”

“No, they give people back the powers they had beforehand.”

“That’s insane.”

“Lots of things are insane. If we ever get out of this realm maybe you could learn more about them.” I said.

“Realm?” Atlas asked.

Wow he really had no idea and he was here the longest.

“How old were you when you got here?” I asked.

“I was always here since I was born.”

That explains it then. Wow.

“No wonder you know the place so well. But you’ll learn more about the real world once we get out of here.” I said. That is if we ever do get out of here…

“Sounds good. Let’s keep moving.” Atlas said. We walked around the giant gorilla and kept moving forward. We had a mountain to climb across now. Yikes. And it was dark.

How would we climb a mountain in the dark? I couldn't even see Atlas’s face. There was barely any light, except for the moon and the stars.

But then Atlas lit up a torch. Now I could see his face.

“There are mountain lions.” Atlas said. “They’re afraid of fire so we’ll be safe.”

“How’re we gonna climb if we have to carry stuff?” I asked.

“I know a secret passage through an old temple in the mountain. It’ll take us through. We won’t have to climb, just walk.” Atlas replied.

“Oh, that’s useful.” I wondered what the temple was, since this was Dakrus’s realm.

Atlas then led me towards the mountain. He took me over to a large door, as tall as the gorilla from earlier. Atlas handed me the torch, and then he pushed the door open, struggling a bit. It was a heavy door I could tell.

Then he took the torch back and we went inside. It was an empty, large hallway.

“We cleared this place out years ago. So we could use it to get across the mountain easily.” Atlas’s voice echoed through the hallway.

“Really useful.” I would thank whoever made this if I found them.

We kept walking through. I wondered what would be on the other side. Suddenly, I heard something. The sound of someone walking. No. It sounded like something else. Not walking, but… Like a chain was attached to something and was pulled. I’m not sure how to describe it.

Then in front of us appeared a guy. He was wearing a white suit, and had a cyan wing-like cape. He had a black and blue mask that covered his eyes, but his mouth was visible. He had light skin, and goggles.

“Hey there,” he said.

“Greetings. Identify yourself.” Atlas said.

“I am not part of any clans.” The guy said, “and, you can call me Jaybird.”

“Bird? You’re not a bird.” Atlas said.

“I know. But you can call me Jaybird.” Jaybird said, “and you guys are?”

“Saturo,” I said. “And Atlas.” I pointed at him.

“You guys headed to the other side?” Jaybird said, “there’s a pack of mountain lions there. I could use your torch.”

I looked at Atlas and he nodded.

“We’ll go together.” Atlas said.

“Sounds good to me, lets go.” Jaybird said.

The three of us then walked down through the hallway. Soon we arrived at another door, just as big as the last one. It was closed.

“I closed it because of the lions.” Jaybird said.

Atlas handed me the torch. “Scare them off when I open the door.”

I nodded. Atlas proceeded in opening the door. He pulled it open by the handle, and I walked on out. There was a pack of at least ten mountain lions. I held up the torch and walked towards them slowly.

They growled and hissed at me but then ran away. Fire was useful.

“There we go,” Jaybird walked on out behind Atlas. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Atlas said.

“We could help each other out more.” Jaybird said, “what are you guys trying to do?”

“Find my friends.” I answered.

Jaybird nodded. “And how do they look like?”

“Well,” I said. “First one is a girl, dark brown long hair, blue eyes.”

“I’ve seen someone that fits that description. It could possibly be her.” Jaybird said.

Woah, I could maybe find Lavender now! I beamed. “Where did you see her?”

“In a village,” Jaybird answered. “It was somewhere over there.” He pointed to the left, past a few smaller mountains.

“Then we’re headed over there?” Atlas questioned me.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“There’s no shortcut there, you’ll have to climb the mountains.” Jaybird said. “I have my own goals I need to accomplish, so I’ll catch up with you guys later.”

“Alright.” I said. “You gonna meet with us?”

“At the village.” Jaybird replied. “I’ll meet you there and show you what I’ve got.”

“Got it.” I said, “let’s go Atlas.”

Atlas was already climbing up the mountain. He was already up there, he was a good climber. I ran and caught up with him, climbing up behind him.

? Draco ?

I woke up the next morning and sat up. The sky was still a bit dark. But I may as well get up anyway.

I stood up and looked over to see Fucia was still asleep.

I then walked out of the half finished house to get some fresh air and to stretch. The stars and the moon were pretty bright. It was neat, a nice view.

Then I faintly saw something in the distance. It was coming towards my direction, getting closer and closer.

I tried focusing on it to see if I could tell what it was. It was near invisible until it entered the moonlight. I saw a man on a horse, with armor and a sword.

I stood there wondering if he had noticed I was there. I was still mostly in the shade of the half finished house unlike him. And our house was not inside the village, but outside it near Tortuz’s house.

The horse came to a stop as it came closer to me. The man got off the horse, and sat down beside the house.

I watched him, wondering what he was doing. He was just sitting there. Next to a house that didn’t even have a roof and half of it's walls. Maybe he was sleeping.

I grabbed my makeshift axe and slowly crept out of the house, watching him closely as I moved.

As I walked slowly across the grass, the horse snorted at me.

I simply ignored it and walked over to examine the sleeping man.

I of course couldn’t see his face because it was both dark and he had a helmet on. And he seemed to be sleeping.

I stood there wondering what to do.

I decided, rather than waking him up, to take his sword so he was less of a threat. The horse snorted at me again.

I then took the sword and it’s sheath and headed back into my house and hid it under the pile of lumber in the back corner of the house.

I checked to make sure both the man and Fucia were asleep.

I then sat on top of the pile of lumber to keep watch of the sword since I wasn’t tired.

I sat there for a few hours. The sun had gone up now.

“Yo.” The man had woken up, and I realized he wasn’t a man. It was Hematite.

“Hello.” I said from atop the pile of lumber.

“Looks like you’ve come into this realm too. It sucks to not have my powers.” Hematite said.

“Indeed it does.” I replied.

“Yep.” He said. “Well. Do you have any food around? And where did my sword go?”

“There's some apples in that tree over there. And your sword is under this pile of lumber.” I said.

“I’m gonna need it. I’m gonna ask around for the location of the War Zones, then I’m headed to get some cubes. I’ll need my sword.” Hematite said.

“You're not going on your own are you?” I asked as I picked up the sword in its sheath from underneath the lumber. “That seems awfully dangerous even with a sword, armor and a horse.”

“It doesn’t matter.” he said. “I got them alone in the first place. Even without powers, I know how to fight in battle.”

“That doesn’t mean you're not gonna get killed.” I said, still holding tightly onto the sheathed sword.

“If I get killed, so what? It’s worth the risk.”

“Look I get that you and Satu want your powers back but since when has going alone ever been a good strategy when competing with groups of people? Especially when they could have ranged weapons. Heck they may even have primitive guns.” I said.

“Without my powers, I’m literally not the same person. I’m a stranger to you.” he said. “You can’t even call me Hematite anymore.”

“Fine then I’ll call you Clark, I don’t care. Having powers is nice but you need to know how to get by without them. I was able to.”

“I wasn't. He took away my genetics. I naturally had powers since I was from the Rock Planet, part of the Shiny family.” Clark said.

“Yeah and I naturally had the ability to light my eyes on fire and yet I’m not complaining about that.”

“It’s not the same. For you it’s just eyes. For me it’s my personality. It’s everything that I used to be. Without it I’m... This thing.”

“And because of that you're desperate enough to get potentially gunned down, chopped to bits, or turned into a kebab for it.”

“I want myself back. I’m fighting for myself. That’s why I need to get lots of cubes. I’ll need at least a hundred to become normal.” Clark said.

“And you got to that number how?” I asked.

“I know my powers, or, Hematite’s powers.” Clark said. “And his genetics and all. All of them need to be returned to return to normal state.”

“That’s gonna take you a while.” We heard a voice say as the air became cold.

“It is. But since the War Zone is where most of them are, I can get more.” Clark said.

“Well you can’t go alone. That’s a death sentence.” Fucia said as she stood up.

“So be it. Give me my sword please.” Clark said to me.

Fucia took the sheathed sword from my hands and handed it to Clark before the two of us began heading outside the house with Clark still inside. Soon we saw him riding away on his horse.

“……You're gonna make us follow him aren’t you?” I asked.

“Not like you have a choice.” Fucia said.

I sighed as Fucia made a ice flow beneath us and it raced off in the direction Clark went.

to be continued in the next chapter....

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