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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 5)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 5)

Posted October 22nd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 5: Hematite


War Zones. I had to find them. I rode the horse across the lands, in search for war zones. In search for cubes.

Then I came across an army. I slowed down. This army was different. They rode horses and had swords. But they had something else.


I stopped my horse. One of the men from the army came towards me on his horse.

“Hey you.” He said. “Do you have powers?”

“No. I have no cubes.” I replied.

“If you did, how powerful would you be?” He questioned.

“Very powerful.”

“We’ll recruit you. You must work for us and we’ll give you cubes.”

An opportunity. I saw an opportunity.

“That sounds good to me.” I said.

“Sir!” an army man shouted. “There are two others behind him!”

“Get them away.” The man, the leader, said. “Fire warning shots.”

One of the guns fired a bullet into the sky as a warning shot.

“They’ve gone away.” The same army man said.

“Good.” The leader turned to me. “On your horse. We’re taking you in.”

I nodded and got onto my horse. I wondered who it was that was following me.

The army took me back to a base. There were towers and men on top with guns. This must be the strongest army that doesn’t have powers. And they wanted me for more power.

The took me inside. It was big and there were a lot of people inside, all men, all warriors. Some army members stayed outside, surrounding the base.

The leader looked at me. I studied his features. He looked like a strong man, and he had black hair and a short black beard. Everyone had armor.

“I am Bystol.” He said, “I’m the leader of this clan you see before you.”

“Yes.” I simply said. “I am Hematite.”

“We have gathered many cubes with our advantage in guns.” Bystol explained as we walked, “however we have no one that has powers. We could use you.”

“Sure. I’ll help you out.” I said.

“Good. Then I shall take you to them.” Bystol led me down stairs into a ditch. Then I saw many cubes, stacked in front of me. They were all different colors.

Bystol then took out a pistol and pointed it to my head. “You must pledge allegiance to the Baril Tribe first.”

I hesitated.

“You must do as we say, fight for us.” Bystol said. “You shall be our weapon.”

“The way I am now, I agree. But after I gain my powers, I may not.” I said.

“We’ll deal with you after.” Bystol said. “Don’t make me regret this.”

“I’m sure it would go better.” I said. I stepped forward and took a cube.

“What power would you like?” A voice spoke in my head.

All of them, I said. I picked up cube after cube, and I felt myself gaining my powers back. Soon, all the cubes had been used up.

“Now we have some explosives.” Bystol looked at the used cubes. “Now. How do you feel?”

I felt different… wait… what happened? My head felt weird. My body started to feel normal again.

“Bystol, was it?” I asked.


“You gave me the cubes, so, I’ll help you as much as I can.” I smiled.

Bystol patted me on the shoulder. He was about my height.

“Good.” He said. He then shot his gun upwards. “Attention everyone! We have Hematite, our new member of our tribe! His powers will be useful to us!”

Then everyone started to cheer. I heard someone yell, “show us your powers!”

And soon everyone was yelling, “show us! Show us!”

“Alright! Let’s go outside!” Bystol smirked.

Then, next thing I know, we all moved. I was now outside the base, in the back, where people did target practice. Lots of people were looking at me, and Bystol was right next to me. They also had me take off my armor! Which was fine.

“Now, lets see.” Bystol said. He took out his pistol. He then shot me.

But I caught the bullet with my fingers.

Bystol smirked. “Good! He’s immune to our firearms!”

“Well, you never tried to hit me, I caught it. You never tested my skin.” I said. Bystol nodded and then shot me again. This time I let it hit me, and it bounced off.

The crowd exploded, yelling, cheering, and all that.

“Wonderful!” Bystol laughed. “We need to see you in action!”

“So you want me to fight a battle for you?” I asked.

“Yes!” Bystol exclaimed. “Next battle we fight, you’ll come with us!”

I have him a thumbs up with a smile. “Got it. But for now, can I go collect more cubes?”

“Of course! The more powers you get, the better!” Bystol said.

“Alright, thanks!” I then jumped up high into the air, leaving the ground and becoming two hundred feet above the ground.

I scanned the area. The island was big I couldn’t see the whole thing from up here. But I could sense other people’s energy. Everyone had energy, whether they had powers or not. Those with powers had more energy.

I didn’t sense anyone with any more energy. Perhaps maybe that specific power wasn’t fully back yet. Well then, I just had to get it back then! More cubes to find!

? Saturo ?

I was exhausted. We had just made it across all the mountains, and I was breathing heavily and sweating. Atlas, on the other hand, was fine. He didn’t look tired at all.

“The village should be just ahead,” Atlas said.

“Finally…” I muttered.

We walked across the forest. We saw a wooden wall after a few minutes of walking, that stretched across the forest, it was the village.  No, it wasn’t a village. This was a whole town!

“We made it!” I said.

“Yes. We did.”

We then reached the gates of the town. A small door opened up, and we saw an armored guard. He was young, and when I looked closer I realized… I recognized him!

It was Saturn!

“Saturn!” I exclaimed.

“Oh. Saturo! Hi there!” Saturn smiled. “Just a second, I’ll let you in!”

The gates then opened, and Atlas and I walked on in. Saturn closed the gate after us, then turned to us.

“You’re alive!” Saturn said.

“So are you!”

“Yeah! But it’s been pretty rough. I have no powers, and it feels different. Like, my genetics… were altered back.” Saturn looked at his hands. “Wish we had some power cubes.”

“Yeah, we haven’t found any yet.” I replied.

“We? Who else did you find?” Saturn asked.

“Well, just Draco.” I said. “And you from the people I knew before.”

“And who’s this?” Saturn looked up at Atlas.

“Atlas.” I answered. “He knows the island well. And he’s strong.”

“Nice!” Saturn exclaimed. “Well, we gotta find Sokanon. And Syren, Saio, and Badok too.”

“Yeah, but this place is huge it’s nigh impossible to find them without powers.” I said.

“We just need a cube then.” Saturn replied. “But anyway! Welcome! I found this place and they took me in, and I’m working as a part time guard.”

“Nice.” I said. “Have you um. Seen Lavender around here?”

“Lav? Hmmm…” Saturn scratched his chin. “No, I don’t think so.”

Dang it. There are many girls that have dark brown hair and blue eyes, not just Lavender. That’s why Jaybird thought wrong.

“Yeah, I think I’m the only one who actually came to this town.” Saturn said.

“Oh, well, then I’m sorry for that!” Jaybird appeared, gliding down with his wing-cape into the town. “Must've been someone else.”

“Mhm…” I muttered.

“Well.” Jaybird took out something from his belt. It was… two cubes!? “I found what I was looking for. You can have them, I already got my powers back.”

“WOAH!” Saturn exclaimed. “Okay, so one for me, one for Saturo!”

“Go ahead.” Jaybird smirked.

Saturn took one of the cubes. He looked amazed as it then changed into a black cube from a white cube.

“That’s a bomb now.” Jaybird grabbed the cube with a blue rope and tossed it far away, where it exploded. “Here, Saturo, take one.”

I took the cube and inspected it.

“What power would you like?” I heard a voice speak in my head. I could choose an ability now.

“Speed.” I said.

Then the cube turned black, and Jaybird chucked it away just like he did with Saturn’s. I felt… faster now.

“Thanks!” Saturn thanked Jaybird. “Now I can make my barriers!”

“Good for you! It’s nice to help the new people out.” Jaybird said. “Saturo, you got a power?”

“Speed.” I smiled.

“Nice, nice.”

“I’m going to go outside and test it out,” I said. “I’ll be back.”

I left the town. I wanted to use my speed. So I looked ahead of me, and ran. I went fast, appearing back at the mountain in seconds. But, I couldn’t stop. I only had speed. My agility and control still sucked.

I painfully struck myself into the mountain. Ow.

I needed another cube to get my agility back. At least I could go faster. I just have to make sure nothing is in my way so I don’t injure myself.

I then heard Saturn laughing as I dusted myself off.

“You ran into a rock!” He appeared running over to me. “But are you okay?!”

“Yeah.” I replied. “I just can’t control the speed. I’m not sure how fast I could go either. I’d rather not try to see, because I can’t control it.”

“I can’t fly either. I can just make barriers.” Saturn said.


“Well. The sun is rising.” Saturn said. “What should we do? Go look for more cubes?”

“Yeah…” I thought to myself and I realized something. “I wonder, how did Jaybird get the cubes. We should ask him.”

“Yeah! Let’s do that.”

We started our way back to the town.

? Draco ?

“Are you sure following Clark is a good idea?” I asked Fucia as we raced across the ground on an ice flow.

“I just wanna know how close this base he’s going to is.” Fucia replied.

“But they have guns though.”

“We’re not getting that close. Just close enough to see it.”

“That’s still kinda close.”


Then after racing for a few minutes Fucia had us stop and she rose us up above the trees on a pillar of ice. From up here we could see a large fortified settlement, as well as a group of people entering its walls.

“That’s the place.” I said.

“Seems like it.” Fucia said as she then looked around.

I could barely see the beginnings of the village we were from off in the distance.

“So from what I can tell this tribe is around 7-8 miles away from the village.” Fucia said.

“Thats a lot closer than I expected.”

“Same. We’ll ask the leader of the village if they know about these guys.” Fucia said as the ice tower lowered back down to the ground before she made another ice flow and we raced back in the direction of the village.

Once we arrived, we saw Tortuz sitting nearby.

“Hey Tortuz! We have a question!” I exclaimed as we got off the ice flow and ran over to him.

He looked over at us, awaiting the question.

“Do you guys know about that tribe about 8 miles to the north? With the primitive rifles and handguns?” Fucia asked.

“The Baril Tribe? Yes.” Tortuz replied.

“What are they like?” I asked.

“They’ll only cause you problems if you have cubes.” Tortuz answered. “We don’t have any so they leave us alone. Other tribes that are collecting cubes are their enemies. Pretty much, the most powerful tribe is the one that has the most cubes.”

“Well they just took Hematite to their base to give him back his powers if he allied with them so that could be good or bad.” I said. “Especially if they got him near his full powers.”

“Wait. Go back.” Tortuz said.

“What do you mean?” Fucia asked.

“You’re talkin’ about someone I don’t know.” Tortuz replied, “who’s this Hematite dude?”

“Oh he’s this really powerful guy I know, he’s from a large family of powerful people called the Shinys. He said that in order to get his powers back he’d need a hundred cubes, and according to what you said about this other tribe about stealing power cubes, he may be back to near full power. Which could possibly be a big problem since he’s so strong.” I explained.

“Oh. Shiny. Hematite Shiny.” Tortuz scratched his head. “Yeah, that family has some cool powers. But, if he’s with the Baril Tribe, then they could become one of the most powerful tribes on the Island.”

“One of? You mean there’s a tribe with people more powerful than Hematite?” I asked.

“There could be. There are a lot of people here, dude.” Tortuz responded. “And it’s a big island. I haven’t gone around everywhere, especially into the dangerous lands.”

“Fair point. But still it could be a big problem if we ever try to get cubes. Because Hematite cares about his powers a lot. Like, a lot.” I said. “So he might steal cubes from people who find them. Which could include us.”

“But we don’t have any cubes.” Tortuz said. “If we just not involve ourselves with the cube nonsense, we won’t be attacked. Which is how our village is still up.”

“Well then I think me and Satu may cause a problem for you.” I said.

“Then leave.” He simply replied.

“Okay.” I said with a shrug, beginning to turn away.

“Either that or you’ll have to keep it very well hidden. Or, just use the cubes when you get them. Then there’s nothing to take.” Tortuz said.

“That sounds like a better idea.” Fucia said.

“Yes, you could do that instead.” Tortuz stood up. “But if you want to become involved in the Cube Wars, then, you should find one of the War Tribes and join.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Fucia said.

“We can talk about it to Satu and see what he thinks.” I said as Fucia nodded.

“Yeah. Just don’t die.” Tortuz said.

“Well that’s a given.” I said as me and Fucia walked over next to our half finished house and sat down and waited for Satu.

We waited there for a while.

In silence.

“Wonder how far away Satu is.” I said.

“Yeah.” Fucia replied. “He might be miles away since he left about three to four days ago.”

We waited there for another half hour in quiet. The sun was starting to descend slowly towards the horizon.

“I wonder if he’s okay.” I said, breaking the silence once more.

“He was with that Atlas guy, I’m sure he’s fine.” Fucia said calmly.

More silence. Probably only there for a hour or two but it felt like a month.

The sun was half set, the sky was a deep purple mingled with fading orange, with little specks of stars peeking through the purple abyss.

The air began to chill.

With the winter months approaching in only a month or two, staying outside during the night was riskier every time. Now there was monsters and also hypothermia and frostbite.

Soon the sun had set completely. The sky was near pitch black except for the waning moon which barely kept the area lit.

The air felt frigid.

I noticed I could begin to see my own breath.

This feeling felt alien to me. I hadn’t felt this in years.

I felt cold. That feeling that makes your hair stand on end.

Before coming here cold was never a worry. I could heat myself up with my plasma powers. But here, I didn’t have those. Feeling the cold made me realize, I didn't feel right before hand. I was just ignoring it. It felt like a chunk of me was gone. Something internal. Something I hadn’t noticed until now. Maybe I was just ignoring it. A piece of my very being felt absent. There was a hole. Enough had been taken to be noticeable, enough to feel wrong. Like something had slowly chipped away at me. Bit by bit. I felt cold. It felt like something had been put out. Extinguished. That fire. Without that fire I was cold, I was slow, I was brittle, I was frozen.

For the first time in a while. I was completely cold. I looked at my hands, barely lit by the moonlight. They felt numb. Same with my feet.

I then thought about Fucia. With her having ice powers she’s probably completely fine here in the cold.

I then noticed something, Fucia had gone somewhere. She wasn’t sitting next to me. I looked around to see if I could tell where she went. I had only been looking for a few moments when suddenly I felt some sort of cloth get draped on me, a blanket.

Then Fucia sat back down next to me, taking the blanket so it was wrapped around the both of us, with there barely being enough room to fit the both of us. The two of us were right next to each other. Shoulder to shoulder, in the cold, wrapped in a blanket made of giant wolf pelt.

Soon after we sat against one of the walls of our unfinished house and Fucia fell asleep. After a few minutes I felt normal again. I wasn’t numb. I wasn’t cold. And as I drifted off to sleep next to Fucia. I felt a feeling I hadn’t felt in what felt like ages. I felt warm. Whole. Correct. I simply smiled as I fell asleep.

to be continued in the next chapter.....

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