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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 6)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 6)

Posted October 22nd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here's the next chapterrrrrRRrRrrRRrRrRrRRRRRRR (i'm great at rollin r's)





Chapter 6: Saturo


“Simple. There are some monsters that drop them.” Jaybird explained. “Otherwise, you can find them in dangerous areas most of the time.”

“Monsters drop cubes?” Saturn asked.

“Yeah. But they’re pretty powerful ones. It’s hard to beat them.” Jaybird replied.

“Then how did you do it?” Saturn questioned.

“I have a special rope.” Jaybird replied. “That’s how.”

“Woah.” Saturn turned to me. “Well, that’s how. What do we do?”

“Find more cubes. And find more friends, because together we’re stronger.” I said. “Jaybird, we gonna meet again maybe?”

“Once we reach it to the last stage.” Jaybird said.

“Last stage?”

“You don’t know anything about it, so, better not tell you.” Jaybird said, “but yeah, I’ll see ya.” Jaybird then walked off with a wave.

I noticed Atlas had disappeared too. Where could he have gone? I decided to look for him, until I found him just up ahead, getting food. Saturn and I walked over to him, as he then turned to us.

“We’ll keep on moving forward.” Atlas said.

“Can I come too?” Saturn questioned.



Soon, after we had everything gathered and all… We headed out of the town. Our next destination… I wasn’t sure what it was. I still had to find Lav and the others.

We followed behind Atlas for awhile. Walking past the forest and into a new terrain… More plains. We spotted another village, with more people.

Once we got there, someone who looked like a farmer.

“Hello travelers.” The farmer said, holding a farming tool.

“Hello.” Atlas said. “We’re passing through.”

“Where are you headed to?” The farmer asked.

“Nowhere specific.” Atlas replied.

“We’re looking for people.” I said.

“Oh? Who are you looking for?” The farmer looked down at me.

“Well… right now it’s someone named Lavender.” I said.

“Ah. you’re in luck. The tribe over that way.” The farmer pointed across the plains into another forest.

Woah! Lavender is there?! “Great, thanks!” I said, immediately heading towards the direction the farmer pointed at.

Saturn and Atlas followed behind me. I noticed Atlas sigh too.

After awhile, we reached the small village. There were many cabins made out of wood all over. But just as we began to get closer to the village, out of nowhere, a guy appeared in front of us. I looked at him, noticing he had black hair; an afro.

“Aye,” he said. “What are you all doing here?”

“Oh we’re just looking for Lavender,” Saturn replied casually.

“Hmph. Alright. Don’t try anything funny though.” The guy said. “Follow me.” He then turned around and walked. The three of us followed. It seemed weird to me… what exactly was going on here? What did Lavender do when she spawned here?

The guy with the afro lead us to a cabin. “Hey, Lavender!” he called out. “You have people wanting to speak with you!”

“Oh is that so? Let them in.” A different voice said. What? That was strange, the voice that spoke was the voice of a guy. When we walked in, we spotted a guy with purple hair standing in front of a stack of cubes.

Was that Lavender?

“Hey, you all lookin for me?” The guy with purple hair asked.

“You’re Lavender?” Saturn asked, looking oddly at him.

“Yeah, I’m Lavender.” The guy replied.


“I WAS ALWAYS A GUY!” Lavender shouted.

“This is the wrong Lavender.” I said. It wasn’t her, this guy… it was someone else.

“Oh, so you were looking for a different Lavender?” Lavender asked.

“Yeah.” I said. “She’s a girl.”

“Ooooooh, a girl you say? Is she hot?” Lavender asked. “I could use a girlfriend.”
“What?! No, she’s my girlfriend!” I retorted.

“You? Have a girlfriend? How can someone that looks like you have a girlfriend?” Lavender laughed. “Nah, fam, I’m just messing with ya, we cool bro, we cool.” He smiled.

Phew I was gonna dislike this guy for a second. But he seems cool. And he has cubes… that can be useful.

“So… What’re your names?” Lavender asked.

“I’m Saturo. This is Saturn, and Atlas.” I said.

“Saturo, neat.” Lavender nodded. “Oh. Yeah, Hiren, you can go now.” The guy with the afro (Hiren) nodded and left.

“So, Lavender.” I said. “How’d you get all those cubes?”

“Fought for them.” Lavender replied. “Except me and Hiren already got all our powers back, so we’re collecting them.”

“Oh! Can we get them then?” Saturn asked.

“No, why would I give them to you? You’re a bunch of strangers.” Lavender replied.

I thought of something. “Well, you guys are the only people here with powers, right?”

“Just me and Hiren.”

“Saturn and I both have useful abilities,” I said. “How many cubes do you have?”

“A few tens.” Lavender said. “It’s enough to return one person’s powers; if they’re an Ultimate.”

“My powers are Electricity.” I said. “And the Master of Electricity, Elec, is my master.”

Lavender looked at me, shocked. “Yo, what!?”

“Yeah, so, I’m powerful.”

“Dang dude. Well. If you sign a contract with us… well, if you truce with us… Maybe I’ll give you the cubes.”

“Sure dude, why not? Better to be peaceful than violent!” I said.

Lavender scratched his head. “Well… uh… lemme think about it. Have you used a cube before?”

“Yeah, I got speed back. But I need agility and stuff to actually put it to use.” I said.

“Well. I don’t see why not… If you’re gonna team with us.” Lavender said. “You know, the way to win and get out of this game is to go into the dangerous lands or whatever and make it to the tower. This tower goes all the way up into the sky and apparently the exit is up there. So, we’re gonna need a big team of powerful dudes to actually get far in that thing. Then we can get the heck outta the dodge.”

“That sounds… like a plan,” Atlas said. “I wonder what it’s like out of this world. Let’s gather an army and head to this tower.”
“Yeah. So, truce?” Lavender asked, sticking his hand out towards me for a handshake.

“Yeah.” I shook his hand.

“Great.” Lavender smiled. “Then, you can take the cubes. Saturn you gotta wait till next time.”

“That’s okay I could barriers for now.” Saturn replied.

I looked over at the cubes.

“Go on Saturo.” Lavender said to me.

I nodded. I went over to the cubes, grabbing one of them.

“What power would you like?” The cube asked me.

“All of them. If it’s enough.” I said.

“There’s enough to get all except one. Choose a power you don’t want to get.”

I thought for a bit. What do I not need at the moment? “Uhh… Summoning my axe.” I could fight without my axe so I didn’t need it. It’s also better to not rely on weapons because if you lose them, your opponent would have a big advantage.

The cubes then glowed and turned black. I felt my powers all return, except for the summoning the axe. But I felt normal either way.

“They’re bombs now,” Lavender said. “Could be useful.”

“Yeah, we know,” Saturn said.

“Heh. I guess the best strategy to get powers is to truce with someone that has a lot of cubes.” Lavender laughed. “But really, they’re not that rare. When people get powers it gets harder.”

“Well… We should do something now.” I said, changing the topic. “Let’s look for my other friends; to recruit to our army.”

“Smart.” Lavender said. “Then let’s go.”

Lavender lead us out of the building we were in, and we met with Hiren outside. He nodded with a smile at us.

“New squad.” Hiren said.

“Yep.” Saturn replied. “New squad members!”

“Let’s start moving then.” Lavender led us out of the village.

? Draco ?

I woke up to see it was morning again and that I was still wrapped in a blanket. I also noticed that Fucia was gone, probably off to get breakfast.

I got up and put away the blanket in the house and then began walking around the village looking for something to do.

Then suddenly I heard what sounded like trees cracking and falling to the ground far off in the distance. The ground began to shake. The other residents had clearly noticed as some were frantically running around or running into their houses. Amidst the chaos I saw Tortuz.

“Hey Tortuz! What's going on?!” I asked loudly so he could hear me.

“Find out yourself. Look around.” He simply replied.

I then heard a loud snap as a tree fell and revealed a giant boar, probably around 20 feet tall. And then there was another one, and another. There was like, five of them.

One of the boars proceeded to begin attacking the houses of nearby villagers, easily tearing through the wooden structures with their tusks.

Everyone was running, trying to escape the boars attack.

I looked around to see if there were any soldiers appearing to fight the boar when I remembered, these people didn't involve themselves with war, course they don't have a military.

As I stood there wondering what to do I noticed something on the what looked like the leader boar, who was around 35 feet tall, on its chest was some sort of green glowing object… It was a cube! I looked around me, I had to help somehow, then I saw the blacksmith’s building.

I ran in, grabbing and putting on armor and a steel axe before the smith could say anything and ran back out. About time I finally put my aerthian genetics and training to use.

As I left the building on of the smaller boars spotted me and charged at me, I jumped out of the way before using the axe to chop a gouge in the boars shoulder. It turned to hit me with it's tusks, but I ducked underneath it, before hitting it over the head with the blade of the axe, causing it to fall to the ground dead. One down. It was then that I saw one of the boars get impaled with a spire of ice, killing it. It was Fucia!

Now only three boars remained, two regular ones and the leader against me and Fucia.

Fucia used her ice powers to quickly move over to where I was so we both faced the boars.

The two small boars charged at us, their mass filled the whole pathway, there’s no way we could dodge.

Fucia however made ice on the ground which caused one of the boars to slip and crash into the other, stopping their charge long enough for me to run in and get a few cuts on them before they got up. Fucia then used her ice powers to make a spike of ice that stabbed right through one of the boars, killing it. The boar I was fighting tried hitting me with it's tusks, I was able to dodge before swiftly chopping it in the head, killing it. Now there was only the leader. But something seemed off about this boar. Suddenly the bodies of the other boar’s disappeared into smoke! And the leader boar was suddenly surrounded in a aura of dark energy as the ground beneath us began to crack and split open. The power cubes must give these things powers obviously.

Me and Fucia dodged over the cracks wherever they formed as we charged towards the boar. Fucia shot blasts of ice at it, but they had seemingly no affect. When she tried to freeze it solid, it easily broke out, this thing was super powerful.

By this point we had gotten close to the boar and I tried to shop it with the steel axe, it left a cut but it also seemed to be hard for the axe to break it's skin.

Me and Fucia continued attacking it for what felt like hours.

“Pretty impressive.” Tortuz appeared to be there. “I don’t mean Fucia, no, but Draco.”

I didn't have time to reply when suddenly the boar hit both me and Fucia with its tusks, sending me flying backwards next to Tortuz but Fucia was knocked to the ground unconscious only a few feet next to the boar. Luckily I wasn’t hurt too badly because of the armor I had put on.

As I got up I saw that the boar was beginning to walk towards Fucia, which is when I saw the glowing object on its chest. Hmmmm…

I then ran over, just as the boar was about to crush Fucia. But before it could, I threw the axe at its face, causing it to get stuck, casing the boar to step back and reel in pain. As it did I picked up Fucia and ran her back over next to Tortuz. It was then that I noticed that when the boar hit her it had shattered her mask. But there was no time for that now. I had a boar to take out. And I knew just how to do it.

I ran back towards the boar, who glared at me with red glowing eyes, clearly not thrilled having a steel axe embedding in it's cheek. It swung it's massive head at me but I slid under until I saw it, the glowing object. Before the boar could do anything, I jumped up and grabbed the cube. It was embedded in its chest, with all of my strength I ripped it out. Causing the boar to squeal in pain as I held the cube on my hands.

I then heard it speak to me.

It asked what power I wanted.

“Shooting plasma.” I said.

Immediately after I suddenly felt a rush of power inside of me as I was surrounded by cyan embers.

I turned to face the boar.

“Hey Tortuz, I hope you guys aren’t too picky with food.” I said.

“Why do you say that?” He asked.

“Cuz there’s gonna be a lot of cooked demon pig when I’m done here.” I said with a smirk as I made a ball of plasma in between my hands.

I then shot it at the the boar, engulfing it in a large beam of plasma.

Soon after all that was left was a large, steaming boar corpse.

I then walked over to it's head, tore out the steel axe in it's head and then stood on top of the fallen beast. Just in time for the villagers to leave their houses to see if the attack was over.

Fucia had also woken up from being knocked unconscious.

“Hey, this man here saved you, give him thanks.” Tortuz said to her.

“Thanks Draco.” She said calmly as she stood up. It was now I could actually see her face, she had blue eyes. Her hair was a reddish purple color.

I also noticed her face had gone red when she, immediately after saying thank you, realized her mask was gone as it had been destroyed when the giant boar hit her. She then proceeded to cover her face with her hands in a vain attempt that no one could see her face. It was kinda funny. I simply snickered as I climbed down the dead cooked boar and walked over to where everyone else was to help inspect the damages.

“Why are you covering your face?” Tortuz asked Fucia.

“Reasons.” Fucia said quickly, still covering her face.

“What are you shy?” I asked with a laugh as I walked over.

“Nooo…” Fucia said quietly as she tried to walk away from the conversation with her hands still on her face.

“You should tell your companions these reasons,” Tortuz said. “We’ve already seen your face. There’s nothing to hide anymore.”

Fucia then sighed before taking her hands off of her face and turning towards me and Tortuz, “I cover my face because I don’t want people to think I’m different because of who I am outside of this realm. And cause I’m a tad shy.”

“I don’t want people to think I’m different or to know who I am outside of this realm either,” Tortuz said. “But cuz you’re shy is pretty valid. What are you outside of this realm, a princess? A queen? A prince even?” Tortuz laughed. “Cuz you can’t be anything else that you wouldn’t want people to know about. Royalty makes sense.”

Fucia sighed in defeat again. “You're right, I’m a princess.” She said solemnly.

“What planet? There aren’t many planets that have a monarchy. At least not in the Elemental System. Are you like, the King of Darkness’ daughter or something?” Tortuz asked.

“No I’m from a planet called Featherros.” Fucia replied.

“Featherros… Never heard of it. Must be far from the Elemental System,” Tortuz said.

“Yeah it's a few star systems away,” Fucia said.

“What’s the population of your planet?” Tortuz asked.

“A few billion. We got about the usual amount of people for a planet our size,” Fucia replied.

“Interesting,” Tortuz said.

While they had been talking I had taken off the helmet of my armor, it was then that I had realized how tired and sweaty I was from fighting those monster boars.

“One of the other reasons probably why most people haven't heard of our kingdom is that we remained neutral during the war a few years ago.” Fucia said as I continued taking off the armor since I didn’t need it on anymore at the moment. “Do attacks like those Boars happen often?”

“I hope not,” I said.

“If Dakrus wants it to, it will,” Tortuz said.

“Oh yay.” I muttered as I looked around at the damage the boars caused, some houses were crushed, and the cracks in the ground were still there, some were a few meters deep. “Wonder how long it will take to repair all of this.”

“Not too long.” Tortuz said. He stuck out his hand and with a snap, everything was back to normal. “Powers are useful.”

“Indeed they are.” Fucia said.

“What kind of power is that called?” I asked.

“Well. It could be called creation,” Tortuz said. “Even though it’s fixing.”

“So then… Recreation?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty much!” Tortuz replied.

“That’s pretty interesting,” I said.

“Yes. Some people have the power to destroy, while others have the power to create. Not out of nothing though, no, you need supplies,” Tortuz said.

“Makes sense.” Fucia said as I then began testing what I could do now via the cube. First making some embers.

“Anyway, you two could battle pretty well. There would be people interested with you joining their tribes,” Tortuz said. “If you’re interested in joining one, that is.”

“Hmmm… We could.” Fucia said as she thought to herself, meanwhile I was now practicing make orbs of plasma.

“Yes. If you do want to, you should head out to look for some. There’s many so,” Tortuz replied.

“Well I guess your village wouldn’t be much different if we were to leave,” Fucia said as I was now practicing making beams of plasma and shooting them into the sky.

“We’re just pacifists,” Tortuz said. “We want no part in the war. We’re just living with how this realm is shaped. While others are fighting so they can be freed.”

“True. I guess we could start looking tomorrow.” Fucia said as I nodded.

“Good plan.” Tortuz gave us a thumbs up.

“I guess plasma wouldn’t be too shabby of a power to have on your side in a war. Just wish I had some of my other abilities, Then I’d be super powerful.”

“Get cubes then.” Tortuz said. “And don’t underestimate your opponents. Lots of people here are different.”

“Trust me, I know not to underestimate things. With all of the training I’ve done with Satu and the rest before getting here.” I said.

“Good,” Tortuz said. “You’ll continue to meet challenging foes everywhere you go. It’s good to know that.”

“Well that's good to know, because facing challenging opponents is one of my favorite things to do.” I said. “Although usually I do it with the power to break mountains with my bare hands. So that might make it a tad harder.”

“Then you could wipe out tribes,” Tortuz said.

“True. Plus if I had all my abilities, I’d be immune to bullets. And cover the island in only a few moments via speed and flight. And some other things.” I said. “Of course it’d probably take a lot of cubes to get all of that back.”

“Yes, it does. If you wanted them all back, you could find someone who has many. Greedy people do all sorts of things to get them.”

“Sounds good.”

to be continued in the next chapter.....

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