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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 7)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 7)

Posted October 22nd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 7: Saturo


“Woah look at how tall that mountain is!” Saturn exclaimed, pointing.

“Yeah, that’s the tallest mountain on the island. At least, in the normal lands. Never been to the dangerous ones,” Hiren said.

We were walking to find my friends; and people to recruit. I walked beside Saturn and Atlas while Lavender and Hiren walked in front.

“Well folks,” Lavender then said, stopping. “We got company.”

In front of us we saw a guy with red hair, spinning a dagger on his finger.

“This isn't good.” Hiren said. “They’re the tribe that kill everyone. They take our dead bodies and convert them to cubes…” Wait what?!

“Yeah. The Muwatti tribe.” Lavender said.

The guy in front of us stopped spinning the dagger and threw it, catching it with his bare hands. “Sup. I’m Plaster. I’m gonna be wrecking yo’ booties.”

“Bet.” Lavender retorted. “Just try to come at me. Just try.”

“Tsk. You mocking me, nibba?” Plaster responded, pointing his knife at Lavender.

“Sure, you could say that.” Lavender smirked. He got himself posed in a fighting stance. “Really though, just try.” He then began to surround himself in a purple aura.

Plaster ran at him and threw the dagger. Lavender caught it and snapped it in half.

“I told you.” Lavender replied. “You got any powers anyway, fam? Cuz if so, you’re pretty dang weak to be part of the Muwatti tribe.”

“I do have powers nibba.” Plaster said. “And I’m gonna show you them once I kick your butt.”

“You’re just one dude.” Hiren pointed his hand at Plaster. “Boi.”

“Just one dude? You got that right nibba. I’m all y’all biggest fears, y’all greatest enemy. I’m the only motherfriccer that’s needed to beat y’all nibbas.” Plaster said. His attitude was… Interesting. That’s all I have to say for now.

“Then why don’t you show us your power fam?” Lavender asked. “C’mon dude. You scared? That your power is way below half my power?”

“Fricc nah. If I show all mah power, this whole island gonna blow up.” Plaster said. “Ain’t want that.”

“This youngster speaks very oddly.” Atlas commented. “I do not understand what he is saying.”

“Cuz I got the swag nibba and you don’t.” Plaster replied.

“I challenge you then!” Saturn suddenly said. “I only have one power right now though!”

“Bring it on nibba.”

Saturn pointed his hands at Plaster and surrounded him in a large green bubble. Then Saturn made one around his fist, and punched the bubble around him. It didn’t do much since Saturn only has his barrier powers back, and not his strength. So Lavender punched the bubble, and Plaster went flying away in the distance, screaming.

“Hahaha!” Lavender laughed at Plaster, high fiving Saturn. “You cool Saturn, you cool.”

“Haha thanks!” Saturn beamed.

I couldn’t help but laugh too. That was pretty entertaining to be honest. I didn’t sense much power from Plaster so I think he’s lying about the whole island blowing up if he used his powers thing. And he also got defeated so easily.

“That was quite the entertainment.” Hiren said, still laughing. “We should keep moving now though.”

We then started moving again. We kept going for a while and Lavender and Hiren told terrible jokes. Eventually…

“Guys wait!” Saturn then said.

“Hmm what is it?” Lavender asked, looking back.

Saturn pointed at a tree in the distance. Someone was sitting by the tree, sharpening something. When we walked closer, I realized it was Syren.

“Syren!” Saturn shouted.

Syren looked up from sharpening his katanas. “Saturn!” he shouted joyously. Syren jumped up, dropped his katanas, and ran over and hugged Saturn. “Oh, thank the Stars, I was so worried I wouldn’t find anyone.” he stepped back. “Where have you guys BEEN?!”

“Well we all spawned in different places… So there’s that.” Saturn answered, rubbing the back of his head.”

“Yeah, this realm thing works that way.” Hiren said.

Syren looked at Hiren. “Who’s that?”

“That’s Hiren.” Saturn said, “and that’s Lavender and Atlas. We made a truce with them to get powers back and to get out of this place.”

“Oh. Rad.” Syren held out his hand to shake theirs. “Howzit going?” he looked at Lavender. “Didn’t I hear the jagoff talking about you? Or maybe that was someone else.”

“Yeah ha ha…” I said nervously. “Someone else. That Lavender is a girl. This one’s a guy.”

“Oh…” Syren paused and looked at us through his mask. “Is this an alternate reality?”

“Pretty much. You seem to have found cubes too already, since you got all that stuff on you,” Lavender said.

“Oh, yeah, I did…” he looked at his katanas on the ground. “It was really weird how I found them… I was in this other reality, or something, and it was all cycadelic… I was like, walking upside down, and everything was white. It blended together, the sky and the earth. And there were trees growing out of nowhere, like, really fast, and then dying and sprouting flowers, that died and faded away. It was insane.”

“Yeah that Dakrus dude is insane!” Hiren said. “Putting us through this Game of Pain and Suffering. Like… Wow. And takes our powers easily. He’s powerful. But he did give us a chance to escape. Wanna join the squad? We gonna find the escape tower in the dangerous lands and get the heck outta here.”

“Haha, yeah. I’ll join.” he said, and paused. “To be frank, I kinda forgot everything about this lif… the other reality when we teleported here. It’s kinda coming back to me in bits. I remember everyone, like you, Saturn, but kinda don’t remember a lot of you.”

“Short term memory loss?” Hiren asked.

“Well I mean like I don’t remember this life at all??” Syren said. “Being born, or anything past it since this reality.”

“Dang bro, you got some real shiz going on with you,” Lavender commented. “I mean, if we’re gonna be real, we all got real shiz goin on. So let’s start movin’ and recruitin’ to get outta this real shiz.”

“Okay.” Syren looked at me. “So, can you remind me like, what was going on when I met you?”

“Well, I wasn’t paying much attention but you were trying to kill Teleyon,” I said to him.

“Oh. Huh.” he said. “Oh, Stars, that’s right! I was! Also, we’re friends, right? I don’t… remember…”

“Yeah, we’re all friends here!” Saturn said.

Syren smiled. “Good. I don’t remember having a lot of-” he stopped. “Yeah. Good.”

“Yeah… what?” Saturn asked, raising an eyebrow.

Syren picked up his katanas. “So, we gonna go?”

“Heck yeah y’all nibbas gotta go through me again!” We turn our heads and see that Plaster was back, swinging his dagger in his hands.

“Oh, great, it’s him again.” Saturn said.

Syren laughed slightly. “Umm, who’s this jagoff?”

“The only jagoff here is you, nibba.” Plaster hissed at Syren. Syren laughed again. “Are you mocking me, nibba?! I’mma kick yo butt!”

“No, no, I’m not. Honest. It’s nothing, really.”

“BULLSHIZ! FIGHT ME NIBBA!” Plaster threw his dagger at Syren.

Syren grabbed the dagger in his hand and looked at it. “Uhh, am I actually gonna do this?” he looked at me and the others and threw the dagger on the ground.

“Yeah this dude is annoying.” Lavender said, shaking his head in disgust. “Wipe the floor with him.”

Syren nodded. “Will do.” and launched himself at high speeds in the air. He smashed down on the ground next to Plaster and swung his katanas at him aggressively.

Plaster barely ducked. “HOLY SHIZ!” He yelped. “THIS NIBBA FAST!”

Syren’s mask moved with his face, slipping into a narrow-eyed grin. “Cute.” he said, and swung his katanas again, catching him on the cheek. This time Plaster couldn’t dodge, and was hit by the katanas.

One second, Syren was there, another, gone. Then Plaster was on the ground, and Syren was on top of him, and Syren was holding his katanas to his neck. He laughed again. “It’s cute how weak you are.”


“You haven’t even seen my face,” Syren’s voice was smooth, slightly taunting. “Your excuses are pathetic.”


Syren kept one katana pressed against his neck while he slipped his mask off momentarily. “Say what you want, but I know ugly I really am.” he laughed again but it sounded sad. “Oh stars I’m so ugly man. Like you don’t even know I look like a burnt potato.

“If you gonna keep talkin with that mouth of yous, Syren’s gonna make you look ugly, Plast. You gonna be a burnt potato.” Lavender said, looking down at Plaster.

Syren pressed the katanas harder onto his neck so it was hard to breath, and drew blood.

“Yeah, be scared fam.” Lavender smirked. “Now you gonna run away and cry to yo mama, right?”

Plaster stayed silent.

“Mmm, betcha will. Should we let ya go then?”

“Oh, stop taunting the poor thing, Lavender.” Syren said. He took off his mask again and looked at Plaster. “Now, you run along and make sure you don’t bother us again, okay hun?” he said, and gave him a smooch on the forehead to scare the crap out of him. Or, something.

Plaster got up and ran. But then he turned around and yelled, “NIBBAS!” and then continued to run.

“What a strange youngster,” Atlas commented.

Syren burst into laughter and dropped his katanas. “The look on his FACE when I kissed his head was priceless!”

“Quality content.” Lavender laughed. “Good job, Syren! You cool bro, you cool.”

He finally stopped laughing and put his mask on. “Thanks, Lavender.”

“Yeah, no problem bro.” Lavender smiled. “Now that that’s out of the way, we can go now! Find more people and recruit!”

“Yeah, more squad members!” Hiren said. “Let’s go!”

? Draco ?

It was the next day, me and Fucia had finished packing any of the items we wished to take with us before we left.

I looked around at the house we never finished.

“I guess someone else could finish this if they want,” I said.

“Yeah,” Fucia said as we had both finished loading items into the bags Tortuz had given us.

We walked out of the half finished house and looked around to see which way we should head. There were four choices, the mountains in the east, the way Satu went, the plains in the south where we came from before coming here, the forest to the west where the other tribe was or to the north, unknown territory to us.

We could go to the mountains and try to find Satu but we don’t know where he went after crossing the mountains, going into the forest might not be safe because of that other tribe, and going into the unknown doesn’t sound very safe either. We also didn’t know if anyone had taken what used to be our previous camp.

After a while we decided to go north. Me and Fucia put on the armor we had gotten from the village and put picked up the bag we had packed and grabbed the swords and shields we had gotten.

“We’ll be leaving now, See ya Tortuz. It was nice seeing you,” I said with a wave to Tortuz as me and Fucia began walking north of the village.

“Good luck on your journey.” Tortuz waved back.

“Thanks. We’ll try to be safe,” Fucia said as we left the villages outskirts and were finally on our own. After walking through the forest that surrounded the village it opened up to a open dry crag-like area, with some trees and grass spread around in little patches. As far as we could tell there were no villages or settlements nearby. We continued walking for what seemed like a few miles before deciding to rest a bit. We sat down underneath one of the large trees spread out across the area, sitting in it's shade. We sat there for about ten minutes in quiet before one of us talked. “How long do you think it’ll be before we find people?” Fucia asked, sounding a bit concerned.

“I’m sure we’ll be fine,” I replied. “We just gotta stay optimistic.”

“Well yeah, but who says anyone even lives out here? There’s not really and soil or grasslands here that would be good for farming,” Fucia said.

“True,” I said. “But who knows, if we keep walking maybe we’ll leave this place and find somewhere more hospitable.”

“I guess…” Fucia said still sounding a bit worried.

“We’ll be fine I just know it,” I said positively.

“You sure?” Fucia asked.


“If you say so…”

We then stood up and continued walking north. The sun hung right above us as it was now noon.

After a few hours we eventually we had left the crag area and had in fact, noticed what sounded like waves. After a few more minutes we saw that we had arrived at a beach with black sand, most likely from a volcano that was probably nearby. We also saw a cave in the side of a large rock face that sat next to the ocean. We cautiously walked over to inspect it. We noticed that it was in fact not a cave but more so a lava tube that led to what seemed to be a deep pool of water a few meters in. I noticed that it seemed to still lead to somewhere under the water, and it in fact wasn’t too far away, but still a bit of a swim. I took off my armor and my bag and jumped into to see if I was right.

I could see that the water lead to another cave above water but it was a pretty far swim. I came up out of the pool and explained it to Fucia. We then got prepared to try and swim over, even though it could be very risky. As we both jumped in we both began swimming towards the other side. As we were going I noticed a opening above us that had an air pocket, I swam up and got my breath back. But as I submerged myself back into the water I noticed something. Fucia was struggling to swim, and she had a hand over her mouth. She was almost out of air! Frantically I swam over to her, unsure of what I was going to do. There wasn’t enough time to get her to the air pocket. I could only think of one thing to do. I quickly took Fucia’s hand off her mouth, put my mouth to hers and shared air with her so she could still swim. Of course. This was very surprising to Fucia and for about half a second we sat there in the water with her staring at me while her face was all red before she quickly swam to the other side since she had enough air while I used the rest of mine to go back to the air pocket to get more. As I began my swim back, I noticed that maybe I hadn’t taken enough air and suddenly began frantically paddling to the other side. Then suddenly Fucia jumped into the water having noticed I was drowning and we shared air again so to speak. We then both were able to make it to the other side and rose out of the water. As we got up we just kinda stared at each other for a few moments as we breathed, before looking away due to the awkwardness. It was then that I noticed something in this hidden cave section.

There was a fireplace, but this cave was pretty small. As Fucia inspected the fireplace I looked around the rest of the small cave to see if there was anything else of interest.

“Oh, hey,” there was then a voice. Turning to see, it was a girl; her dark brown hair soaked. Specifically, it was Lavender. Wait… OH SNAP!

“Lav! So this is where you’ve been!” I exclaimed.

“Wait who is this?” Fucia asked.

“This is Satu’s girlfriend that he left to find. Her name is Lavender but I call her Lav,” I explained. “And Lav this is Fucia, me and Satu ran into her when we spawned here about a week ago or so.”

“Oh! So she’s friendly!” Lav said.

“Well yeah. Anyway how long have you been here? Satu has been looking for you for like, a week!” I said.

“I’ve been here. No one can find me here very easily, so it’s a nice hideout. Everything needed for survival is nearby. You just have to swim to get to a lot of things,” Lav said.

“Well considering your powers, if you had a cube that shouldn't be hard,” I said. “Me and Fucia had to use an interesting method in order to get over here without drowning.”

As I said that I noticed Fucia’s face had gone red again.

“Interesting method? Yeah, it’s too far of a swim, how’d you do it?” Lav looked at me questioningly.

“Well we ‘shared air’ you see.” I said while pointing at my mouth. “We used an air pocket as well.”

Fucia was now covering her face in embarrassment at the whole situation.

“Ohhh… Neat, it does work out well,” Lav replied. “But Fucia, you’re blushing!”

“That’s probably because it's kinda weird to get randomly kissed underwater by someone who is just your friend for all I know,” I said.

“Then she would just be disgusted, but she’s blushing.” Lav said, “maybe she likes you. You two would be a good couple maybe.”

“Well I mean you can assume that I guess but let’s not get crazy. We don’t know what Fucia thinks.” I said as Fucia was still covering her face.

“What do you mean…! That’s not crazy,” Lav said. “What do you think, Fucia?”

Fucia just whispered quietly, clearly not wanting to answer the question as she covered up her blushing face.

“It’s okay, it’s only the three of us.” Lav patted her on the shoulder.

Fucia took her hands off of her face and just sat there while Lav comforted her.

“We’re in a realm of Eternal Darkness,” Lav said, slightly changing the topic. “Nothing really matters, does it? We’d all just end up dead. Or we could continue life in here.”

“Yeah…” Fucia said.

“It’s good to find people we like to have around us to comfort us,” Lav said. “To help us get through this all.”

“I know…” Fucia said.

“So… find people that comfort you,” Lav said. “Find friends and such. I’m here if you need help; Draco is a good friend and he’ll help too.”

“Indeed I will,” I said with a smile.

Fucia just sat there quietly for a few moments before she smiled, “Thanks Lav.”

“No problem!” Lav smiled. “We’re all your friends here!”

“Yeah!” I added.

“We need each other; especially in this game. People aren’t going to always be nice, they’ll kill; they won’t care since it’s kill or be killed. I heard a rumor saying Dakrus would free the tribe that is the last standing. So people are killing,” Lav explained.

“And it's better to spend time in here with people who care about you and you care about them then sitting alone to avoid conflict,” I added.

“Yeah, I’ve been alone hiding from this tribe. A lot of tribes are aggressive and they try to kill you. Have you seen any of those?” Lav asked.

“Well there was this tribe that attacks anyone with cubes near the village we came from,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, those guys are the War Tribes participating in the Cube Wars. The other tribes are sacrificial tribes, they kill people to gain cubes. If its not to gain cubes, it’s just to reduce the amount of people playing the game; so that they could escape,” Lav explained.

“Yeah I know,” Fucia said.

“Mhm. So there’s a small chance of survival,” Lav said.

“So friends are very helpful,” I said.

“Well, they increase your chance of survival,” Lav added.

“Well yeah,” I said, feeling like she was undermining my point.

“So they do help a lot,” Lav said, “anyway, Draco, do you know where Saturo is?”

“Well he left towards the mountains with this guy named Atlas like a week ago in search of you and the others. Haven’t seen him since,” I replied.

“We should use this place as our base, make sorta a tribe of our own,” Lav said. “And find Saturo. If he gets his speed powers back, then he can find us pretty easily.”

“Yeah. Or if I get my speed back I could find him and the others,” I added.

“There aren’t any cubes around here,” Lav said. “But did you find any cubes so far?”

“Well Fucia has one of her powers back in the form of ice powers and I’m able to shoot plasma now but that's it,” I answered.

“Oh. Hmm… Are you able to let your energy out?” Lav asked. “Like, make it visible for others to sense it from far? Cuz you could go out and do it, and Saturo could possibly have gotten cubes and would sense you, and come over.”

“You mean like, shoot a beam into the sky? That could be risky,” I said, thinking.

“Yeah, that’s why you should get more cubes first.” Lav thought to herself.

“Yeah like, at least enough so that I can fight without having to worry about being shot. So like… if I got my dragon wrath technique back,” I said.

“Your wrath? You mean the one that increases your defense, so that bullets would be useless?” Lav questioned.

“Well Wrath is the one that boosts my defense and attack and also gives me a healing factor, meaning bullets while they could possibly hurt would just get popped out and healed,” I replied. “The one that makes me entirely immune to bullets at my current power would be my dragon scales technique.”

“Wrath… So that would need three cubes,” Lav said.

“Yeah, one for the stats and the other two for the abilities…” I said.

“So, with wrath you could go out and release your energy, have Saturo sense you… and if anyone else senses you and attacks you can fight back,” Lav said.

“Yeah and Wrath also would allow us to know if anyone is nearby since it heightens my sense as well.” I added.

“Oh, then that’ll need four cubes…” Lav said, “one cube gives back one ability, or strengthens one ability.”

“Yeah… Which brings up the question on where we’re gonna find four cubes,” Fucia said, finally entering the conversation.

“This place was a jackpot for cubes,” Lav said, “so it won’t be much of a problem.”

“Was?” Fucia asked.

“When I got here, I looted it. I got my powers back, and I hid the rest,” Lav replied.

“Oh nice!” I said. “So you have all of your water and flora powers back?”

“Most of them. Only the needed ones,” Lav said. “But… We can get Draco Wrath, so four cubes, one for attack, one for defense, one for healing, and one for senses. I could probably add another in for agility so you can move more freely.”

“Yeah, that’d be nice,” I said.

“Alright, just let me get them.” Lavender dived into the water, leaving Fucia and I alone for a few moments.

“Do you really think Saturo will see the beacon?” Fucia asked.

“I dunno. We just gotta hope he does. And that he assumes it's from me.” I replied as Lav reappeared.

“Okay, I got five cubes.” Lavender got out of the water, with five cubes.

I then took the five cubes and had them give me my wrath technique and agility. I felt more power coursing through me.

“Alright, all done,” I said.

“Okay. Do you know how to let out just energy? Not everyone can sense energy, but everyone can see a beacon,” Lav said.

“Yeah, I’ve had to learn how since I started using my Draco Eyes more often,” I replied.

“Draco what?” Fucia asked, confused.

“It's these forms of mine that boost my power and also light my eyes on fire.” I quickly explained. “Anyway where exactly should I release the energy for people to sense?”

“Slightly far away from here,” Lav said.

“Got it. Now I need to get out.” I said looking at the water entrance.

“Fucia can help you out,” Lav replied.

“How exactly?” Fucia asked.

“Well, how’d you get in here? Same way. You’ll just have to go with him,” Lav responded.

Me and Fucia looked at each other awkwardly before sighing.

We then went under water and got to the other side via our ‘method’ and looked outside the cave for an area for me to release energy.

“How about at the top of that hill over there?” Fucia suggested pointing at a tall hill a few hundred meters away.

“Yeah that could work,” I said as I then ran over to the mountain. After a few minutes I finally made it to the top.

“Alright. Now to release the energy,” I said as with a loud roar I activated wrath and then began to release a lot of energy in pulses that would go for miles. I stood there for a few minutes, sending out pulses of energy, unsure if I was supposed to get a response or not.

Right after that, someone landed from the sky next to me, it was Hematite.

“Yo, Draco. I sensed your energy!” Hematite said.

“Oh hey Hematite! Haven’t seen you in like a week!” I said. “I was sending out energy to see if Satu could sense it. But hey at least you're the first person to show up.”

“Ah, he’ll sense it probably. I was pretty far and I sensed it,” Hematite replied. “You got your powers back? Same dude! Except some War Tribe gave me them and I have to serve them now. But I can serve my friends too, so, if you ever need help just release your energy!”

“Well I only have my plasma shooting powers and wrath technique back. Which isn’t much compared to all I have.”

“That’s not bad, it’ll probably keep you alive.” Hematite smiled.

I started to talk with Hematite as we waited to see if Saturo came or not.

to be continued in next chapptterrrrrrr!!!

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