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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 8)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 8)

Posted October 24th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here's the next chapter! chapter 10 is the last chapter of this book too btw




Chapter 8: Saturo


Lavender, Hiren, Syren, Saturn, Atlas, and I walked; finding our way to our destination. We didn’t have a destination though. It was, well. We were looking for more people to recruit.

But then, I sensed something. Draco’s energy. He must've found some cubes. That’s good for us!

“Sorry guys, I’ll catch up with you later!” I told the others. I then activated my source and sped off into the direction I sensed Draco at. Then I reached the destination after awhile, and I spotted Draco and Hematite on a mountain. I found them!

“Hey guys!” I said, appearing in front of them.

“Hi Satu! I was wondering when you’d get the signal!” Draco said. “It was mainly meant for you after all, since your girlfriend told me to do it.”

“Wait… LAVENDER’S HERE?!” I exclaimed.

“Well, more rather in a hidden section of that cave about a hundred meters away but yes. Me and Fucia ran into her when we were looking for a new place to set camp since leaving Tortuz’s village,” Draco replied while pointing to a cave on the beach.

“Let’s go to her then!” I said. I was excited to see Lav.

“Then follow me,” Draco said as he led us over to the cave where we saw Fucia and Draco pointed to a deep pool of water. “If you swim to the other side of that, you’ll find Lav.”

“Seems awfully long, you won’t be able to hold your breath for that long.” Hematite said, looking at the water. “Oh, and hi Fucia.” He also waved at Fucia.

“Yeah when me and Fucia swam that we had to use other methods of not drowning,” Draco said as Fucia blushed a little It was also then that I noticed Fucia didn’t have a mask on anymore.

“Well, my speed powers don’t help much underwater… What was your method?” I asked. Since Fucia was blushing… “Is it what I think it is?”

“Well if you're thinking of sharing air then yes, that is it.” Draco said.

“No, like. We’re all sharing air right now. But like, you know…?” I replied.

“Well yeah.”

“Well to be fair, I could try using my ice powers to make a temporary tunnel through the water to get to the other side,” Fucia said. “Would be kinda hard though.”

“Would be. Just give Lav an indication that Saturo’s here. You two go back, and bring her back with you. If she has water powers, she’ll be fine,” Hematite suggested.

“Got it,” Draco said as he and Fucia went into the pool of water and disappeared for a few minutes.

“In the meantime, I gotta go. If you need anything, let out your energy and I’ll come when I sense it.” Hematite saluted me and then jumped off up into the air. I was able to release power, I got that much. I got everything but my axe.

Then Draco and Fucia returned. And with them, was Lav.

“Saturo!” she exclaimed. It was her, it really was her. Finally, I’ve found her!

“Lav!” I hugged her, even though she was soaked from the water. I didn’t really care. “I’ve been looking for you!”

“She knows, I told her that you've been gone looking for her for like a week,” Draco said.

“I’m just glad I finally found you.” I was still hugging her. I was relieved that she was safe. “Are you alright? Did anyone try to hurt you?”

“Well, yeah, there were these tribes that tried to kill me a few times,” Lav said.

“They what? Where are they, I’ll teach them a lesson!” I said.

“No, no, no! You should stay down for now!” Lav said. We had stopped hugging now. “I was thinking of making our own tribe and this being our base.”

“Oh? Well, I was with a few people… Syren and Saturn, I found them. And two guys named Hiren and Lavender,” I said. “Yeah, he was a guy and his name was Lavender.”

“Yeah, you betcha I am.” I heard his voice after I mentioned him.

Turning around, I spotted Hiren and Lavender. Saturn and Syren didn’t come, or were just not there.

“I can teleport, so,” Hiren said.

“Wait, so would they join the tribe?” Lavender (my Lavender) asked.

“Sure, we’ll join,” The boy Lavender said. “Except, this’ll cause some confusion, there being two Lavenders. So y’all should just call me Vender.”

Huh, yeah that actually works pretty well.

“Okay, Vender,” Lav said. “You can join our tribe.”

“Where are Syren and Saturn?” I asked him.

“Left them behind. Hiren just teleports me and him, that’s his limits. Besides, they agreed to stay back and work together to recruit,” Vender explained.

“Oh how nice.” Draco said.

“Aye, yo, you didn’t introduce me,” Vender poked at me.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “Guys, these are Lavender, who we call Vender now, and Hiren. Vender and Hiren, these are Draco, Fucia, and my girlfriend Lavender.”

“Nice to meet you all,” Hiren said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you too,” Draco said back with a smile as well.

“Alright, well…” Lav said, “the base is kinda hard to get to. It’s underwater, the path.”

“No worries. We’ll just not enter. But we’re part of the tribe, the outside protectors.” Vender waved it off. “Cuz there ain’t no better tribe to be in other than the one that has a student of an Elemental Master!”

“Man you just can’t stop mentioning that can you Satu?” Draco said to me.

“Hey, it helps our cause!” I retorted.

“Doesn’t change the fact that if we both had all our powers I’d be as strong as you.” Draco smirked.

“In strength only. In terms of strategy and speed and agility, I’m much better,” I replied.

“You do remember I have a speed technique right? I’m just less agile than you,” Draco said.

“Your speed technique is much slower than mine!” I remarked.

“That cuz you've got lightning powers!” Draco exclaimed.

“Thats cuz he trains under an elemental master, kay? Now shush.” Vender said, stopping the argument. “Everyone is strong based on what they do. Heck, I don’t got no Elemental Master to train me but I could beat Saturo any day. He’s just more advanced because of his master. It’s how it works.”

“It’s useless to argue about power; there’s only one way to prove it,” Hiren added, “and we don’t have time for that.”

“Those two are right,” Lav then said. “You two should stop bickering about that.”

“Yes ma’am.” I nodded.

“Yeah,” Draco said.

“Anyway, yeah. You two can be outside guards.” Lav said to Vender and Hiren. “Everyone else, we can go back inside the base.”

“Are you like, the leader of this tribe now, ma’am?” Vender asked.

“Yes.” Lav nodded. “I’m the leader.”

“I think she’d be a great leader,” I said. “What’s our tribe called?”

“No clue,” Draco said.

“We should call it, the Venders,”  Vender suggested with a wide grin.

“But that only applies to two of us,” Draco said.

“Then, the Cool Venders,” Vender suggested. “Cuz we all cool.”

“I guess that works,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, but no, it’ll be something else; we’re not an actual tribe yet,” Lav said. “For now we just have to survive, as usual.”

“Yes ma’am. We’ll protect the base if anyone comes near then,” Vender replied. “In the meantime, do y’all need any more cubes? Hiren can go teleport and steal some.”

“I wouldn’t mind have more of my powers back but it depends on who wants their powers back the most,” Draco replied.

“I mean Hiren and I got all ours back; thanks to Hiren’s teleportation. Literally found only one, gave it to Hiren, and got the rest by teleporting. Saturo took the remaining ones for us, and we can go get more.” Vender said, “oh, we might as well bring Saturn and Syren here too. Saturn could use his powers back. But yo, who else?”

“Well the only power of mine I’ve gotten back is ice powers. So getting another cube would be appreciated,” Fucia said.

“So one for Fucia, a few for Saturn, and how many would ya want Draco?” Vender asked.

“Hmmm… I guess it depends on which of my powers and abilities would be most useful right now,” Draco said as he thought to himself.

“Well, what’s the plan ma’am?” Vender asked Lav.

“Really just survive… And fight and win against the tribes that attack us. If we want, we can attack them but it’s better not to unless they attack us,” Lav replied.

“I can spy on them,” Hiren suggested.

“Yeah that’ll be helpful.”

“Mkay ma’am, Draco we’ll just get you a few.” Vender said, as Hiren grabbed his shoulder and they disappeared.

“Got it,” Draco said.

It was just Lav, Draco, Fucia and I now. “So…” I broke the silence, “should we enter the base?”

“I don’t see why not.” Draco shrugged as he and Fucia turned to enter the deep pool of water and entered it, disappearing.

Lav nodded at me and followed. I took a deep breathe and then jumped. The water felt nice, it wasn’t cold; it was decently warm. I saw Draco and Fucia ahead at an air pocket. They exited the air pocket and moved on again as I swam. Fucia then stopped and Draco went back to the air pocket for a few seconds before he returned to Fucia and sealed his lips over hers and gave her air. That worked well and Fucia made it to the end; came back and gave Draco air and they made it to the base.

I didn’t know that Draco had a girlfriend now. And I’m not… the same so I don’t need to make fun of him. I had made it to the air pocket now with Lav.

I breathed. “How do we get there, the same way?”

“Yep,” Lav replied. “Let’s do this.” She took a deep breathe and swam. I waited for awhile and then took a deep breathe, and went under water. I swam over to Lav who was halfway there, and gave her my air. She used the air and moved forward to the base, got some air, and came back and gave it to me. Together we then made it back to the base.

I breathed once I stuck my head out of the water.

“So how do you feel after your first swim over here Satu?” Draco asked as I got out of the water.

“It was alright, the water was warm,” I replied, as Lav got out of the water too. “What about you?”

“It was awkward the first time but me and Fucia have gotten used to it by now,” Draco replied as Fucia nodded. “Course I assume it wasn’t as awkward for you two since you're a couple.”

“Wait, so you guys aren’t a couple?” I asked.

“Well we might be possibly. We don’t quite know,” Draco said as Fucia shrugged.

“Oh. I think you’d be good together,” I said.

“Well I guess we do have the whole opposites attract thing with the Plasma and Ice,” Fucia said.

“Yeah,” Draco said. “Plus we’ve become good friends recently.”

“So your main power is ice?” I asked.

“Well I mean, I don’t technically have one. I was just their first one I picked when I found a cube,” Fucia replied.

“So then what are your powers?”

“All of the elements,” Fucia said calmly.

“All of them?” I asked. “So you could use electricity?”

“And fire, and ice, and plasma, and psychic, and everything else,” Fucia said while nodding.

“She’s multi-elemental, pretty much,” Lav said, “but the power she uses the most would be the one she’s best at. So like Draco would be way better at plasma and you’d be better at electricity.”

“Yeah,” Draco said.

“Oh yeah, Elec mentioned that once.” I nodded. “That’s cool. Pun intended.”

Draco and Fucia just slowly clapped with a half smirk on their faces.

“Ha! See even your personalities match!” I pointed out.

“Well mostly.” Draco said. “We do have some differences.”

“What’s your differences?” I questioned.

“Well she’s shier then I am, She’s also more strategic,” Draco said.

“And he’s more steadfast and rushdown-like,” Fucia said.

“I mean, you guys still match,” I replied, “so it works out!”

“Well it makes sense, you and Lav have things in common. So do Listy and Meh,” Draco said.

“Noooo, Listy isn’t a jerk,” I retorted.

“That doesn’t mean they are exactly the same, genius,” Draco said back.

“Well duh. You know what I mean.” I replied, “speaking of Meh, be glad he isn’t here. We don’t want him knowing about Fucia.”

“I dunno what he’d care about more, me and Fucia or the fact that you and Lav kinda half kissed underwater,” Draco said. “He’d be out of his mind.”

“We’re already together so we kiss either way. He’d probably care more about the fact that you and Fucia half kissed underwater,” I responded.

“Eh, he likes taunting you more because I’ve stopped having as strong of a reaction to his teases in recent times,” Draco said.

“Did you two argue this much before you got to this realm?” Fucia asked.

“Hey we’re not arguing right now, we’re just having a conversation,” I told her.

“Yes, but it kinda sounds like an argument.” Fucia said with a shrug.

“Mostly the arguments are with Meh, cuz he tries to be a smartbutt. Or he did. Now he’s just a jerk who’s pretty weak since he doesn’t train.” I replied.

“You dunno, maybe he’s trained while we’ve been stuck in here. He did teleport away before Dakrus got us after all,” Draco said.

“Even if he did train, you’d still beat him,” I added.

“Well if he was training without a master yeah. I mean I still have yet to get one to teach me,” Draco said. “Plus, who knows how long we’ve been in here.”

“We don’t know how long we’ve been in here. But we do know we’ll be in here for the rest of our lives,” Lav said.

“Well that sure brought down the mood,” Draco commented.

“But she’s right,” I added.

“Well at least now I know I have the most optimism.” Draco said, sitting down.

“Hey, staying here forever isn’t pessimistic. I’m okay here, I just have to deal with it,” I remarked.

“I never said it was pessimistic. Just that it's a bit of a downer,” Draco said back.

“For you, yeah. I’m not ‘downed’ by it,” I retorted.

“Thats because sometimes you’re to low down to notice the drop,” Draco commented.

“You’re too high to realize the truth,” I said back. “We can’t do anything here but live by Dakrus’s rules. And we’re not going to get out unless Dakrus allows it.”

Draco was silent as he thought to himself.

“It’s okay, we have no clue how this place works so it’s not possible for us to get out on our own,” I said.

“Well at least you’ve gotten that part,” Draco said contently.

“Yeah, we would have a chance if Elec were here since he knows a lot.”

“Well I’m sure he’s doing something in order to get us out,” Draco said.

“If so, then we won’t be here forever,” Lav said.


“Because Elec is an Elemental Master; he knows more than just the element of electricity. That rank has things that must be known to get it. If that makes sense,” Lav said.

“I mean it does, but the way you worded it confused me a bit.” Fucia said.

“Yeah, I confused myself too.” Lav scratched her head. “I was trying to say… Like, Elemental Masters have to have superior knowledge than just the element that they mastered.”

“Ah okay,” Fucia said.

“Yeah.” Lav sat back against the wall of the cave. We sat there for a few moments in quiet. I went over and sat next to Lav, and smiled at her. She smiled back. Even when my situation is pretty tough, all I needed was Lav. Just being here with her makes me happy. Even though it’s in Dakrus’s realm. I didn’t hate him as much since Lav was here with me; safe and sound.

“I’ll protect you next time…” I muttered to her.

“Yeah.” She replied. “I can always count on you; but I can protect myself. Dakrus is just too powerful.”

“Sure, he is. But I can still beat him, if he tries to hurt you again.”

“He will. But for now just focus on… A plan. We need some sort of plan for survival,” she said.

“I heard that in the dangerous lands there was a tower; if you go up the whole tower you can leave the realm,” I said, “we should go there. I have speed.”

“Who knows if it’s accurate? Maybe it’s just a trap. And there are a lot of monsters of giant size in those lands; yeah there are multiple. It’s called the dangerous lands, there’s more than one.”

“Yeah. I could go check it out.”

“You should, yeah. But it’s risky even with your speed you could die. I should go with you.”

“Then, sometime we should go,” I said.

“Mhm,” Lav said, “you train under Elec. Use his teaching.”

“I’m not allowed to show too much. And there are things I am not allowed to do either,” I said.

“This isn’t the real world, so wouldn’t you be allowed to?”

“Maybe. But Elec specifically said not to because I wasn’t ready for it; I can’t control it. I’d go crazy,” I said to her.

“Do it in the dangerous lands,” Lav said, “would that work?”

“Probably.” I nodded. “Okay, love, I got it.” I then kissed her on her forehead. We were speaking quietly so Draco and Fucia didn’t hear. I was pretty sure they were having their own conversation.

“It’s night now, we should get some sleep.” Lav then said, and then kissed me, “night, Satu.” I smiled. It was cold in the night and warm in the day, so Lav and I used each other to stay warm as we then slept.

to be continued in the next chapter.....

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