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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 9)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Four: (Chapter 9)

Posted October 25th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 9: Saturn


“Well. Now we gotta recruit I guess!” I exclaimed to my friend Syren as we walked. Syren smiled at me.

“Who or, what, will we be recruiting? And how are we actually gonna find people…?”

“I don’t know, Lavender said to recruit people before he and Hiren teleported after Saturo. Pretty much what I understood… WE GOTTA GET OURSELVES AN ARMY!” I exclaimed.

“The real Saturo? Or alternate reality him?” Syren asked me.

“Uhh… the one that was with us earlier?” I answered. “I don’t know, I only know one Saturo.”

“Okay. Any leads on where he is?”

“No… I don’t think we’re supposed to look for him. Hiren and Lavender are doing that,” I said. “We’re supposed to recruit people.”

“Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay. Well, let’s recruit people!” Syren said excitedly. “…” he looked around. “Where do we start?”

“Uhh… We should recruit strong people.” I scratched at my hair. “Say, do you have any extra cubes?”

“Erm, I don’t think so?” Syren looked in his pockets. “Yeah, no.”

“Aw… I need some more to get back all my powers,” I said, “say… where do you think everyone else is at?”

“Well, judging we all spawned randomly… Will we all be in the same reality, and timeline?” Syren asked.

“Uh… I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“Well, is there a chance we swapped timelines?” Syren pressed.

“What do you mean… timelines? That’s where I’m confused.”

“Okay, so, you see… There are infinite timelines. And, so these have infinite realities, right?” Syren said. “But like, there’s rarely a power that can teleport people or things to the different timelines. If one instance like this did exist, I’d expect it to be here. But who knows. Anyway, in other timelines, things can be different or whatever, but the course of action is never the same, and in different timelines, things that existed in the other timelines never existed there. It’s all different.”

I tried to process all that. “Uhh… okay. Sounds confusing. But what I heard from others was that this is some type of realm that does have a different flow of time. So I think it could be a different timeline then, a different reality. But everyone in this realm is in the same reality, while like… my sister… is in a different reality.”

“Do you think there’s any way to get to different realities, and find your sister?”

“Not that I’m capable of. There could be but we’d have to ask around,” I replied.

Syren put his hand to his cheek and paused. “Hmm…” he thought for a moment and then continued walking. “I’m gonna try and figure that out.”

“Okay.” We kept walking for a bit. It was almost sunset. “It’s getting dark. Do we have any source of light?”


“Welp, we’re gonna have to walk blindly then,” I said. “Fun.”

“Or sleep.”

“But there are monsters,” I said.

“I have unbreakable armor. And katanas.”

“The monsters can bypass it somehow. Or so I’ve heard.” I said. “And if we’re sleeping then the monsters could catch us.”

Syren sighed. “Fine. Why can’t I ever get good sleep?” he scoffed.

“Because powerful guys like to put us in dangerous realms and take our stuff,” I answered.

“Or like to kill your wife and kids and then kill your next wife and kids and your whole family,” Syren shrugged.

“Yeah, maybe that too.” I nodded. “That’s oddly specific though. Wait, did you have a wife and kids? Twice?”

Syren laughed. “It happened to someone I knew, a long time ago. They’re gone now.” his tone was oddly harsh.

“Oh. Huh.” I said. I decided to start a conversation. “How’s life for you?”

Syren smiled and laughed again. “Oh. Here and there.” by this time he’d taken off his mask and put it away. “Mostly bad. Surprisingly it was nice recently.”

“You say that as we’re inside a game of pain and suffering.” I laughed.

“Recently was also a long time ago. But not as long ago as the person.” Syren said, looking at me.

“The person?” I raised an eyebrow, curious.

“The guy with two wives and all dead kids and suffering.” Syren smiled.

“I’m confused,” I said. I noticed he had tears in his eyes.

“I just said about the guy who had two wives and bad guys killed them, remember? That guy? The one who’s gone now.” Syren said, looking away.

“Was he like, your brother or something?” I asked, trying to understand why he was crying.

Syren coughed and rubbed his eyes. “Something like that.” he looked at his feet as we walked. “…what about you?”

“Hmm…” I thought. “Well, I was kidnapped as a child. And my mother was killed. Both me and my sister were taken away.”


“I never knew him. Only Phoenix did, but she was very young.”

“Mmm. I’ve been there. No father sucks. I wouldn’t ever do that to my kids.” Syren said.

“I don’t think… that he really had a choice,” I said.


“Mhm,” I said sadly.

“Oh.” Syren chuckled. “Yeah. I’ve been there too.” he looked up at the sky and the stars and moon as we walked.

“Just how many places have you been in?” I asked.

“Most of them. I’ll be in all of them sometime, I’m sure of that.” Syren sighed.

“How?” I asked.

“Eh. It’ll probably happen one way or the other.” he responded.

“Weird.” The way I was thinking about it… he could be in a situation where he had a dead father and only a mother. But then he could be in a situation where he has a dead mother and only a father? That would be all of them, wouldn’t it? “Yeah… Well. My mother’s name was Tanisha.”

“Yeah? Mine was…” he paused. “Wait, no, I didn’t have one.”

“Did you have a dad? Or are you an orphan?” I questioned.

He thought for a second. “Uhh, orphan? Yeah. Orphan.”

“So like me,” I replied. “Cuz my mom got killed when we were kidnapped.”

“Guess so,” Syren said. “No parents is rough, huh?”

“Well, we were kidnapped and put into this facility; where our genetics were modified which made us mutants. We adjusted and became independent,” I said. “Well, sorta. Phoenix, since she said she was older, made herself the boss. It annoys me a lot.”

“Aha. I knew a girl who was kidnapped once. She came out of it with new friends, the kidnappers… It was nice.” Syren nodded. “Of course it doesn’t always turn out that way. Are your powers from being kidnapped?”

“Pretty much. It’s in my genetics. But Dakrus, the dude who put us in this realm, can somehow take the genetics way like they’re nothing. I’m scared to see what else he’s capable of,” I replied.

“Woah, really? Cool.” Syren said. “Can he take away, like, mental disorders? Or cancer?”

“Yo sorry to bust into the convo, but yes I can,” a sudden voice spoke out of the sky.

Syren put on his mask. “Oh, cool.” Syren raised his katanas. “With like magic? Or a ritual or something?”

“Yes, Dark Magic,” Dakrus’s voice replied.

“Like instantly or something?” Syren asked.

“Yes, while it does have some side effects since it’s Dark Magic.” Dakrus’s voice responded.

“Is it just like gone or something? Poof, no more, you don’t have it?”

“Yeah, I just get rid of it entirely,” Dakrus’s voice said.

“Nice,” Syren said.

“See, with that personality of yours,” Dakrus’s voice said. “It’s a reason why I didn’t take your powers.”

“Haha, oh yeah? What about it?” Syren looked at the sky.

“You do not… How do I say this… You do not hate. And you do not fear. Even though I have all power here, you do not fear me like the others do. Neither does Saturn; although it’s only because he hasn’t seen what I’m capable of.” I gulped when Dakrus said that.

Syren laughed. “Yeah. I’m not afraid of death.” his voice was sharp.

“Indeed you are not. Death cannot do much to you. Death can’t do much to anyone. It is just lacking life. But you can still do things once you’re dead. Just not in the way you would think,” Dakrus’s voice said.

“Heh. Oh, can you now?” Syren said, as if it wasn’t really a question.

“You think I am alive? I do not possess the same type of life that you do,” Dakrus’s voice said.

“Mhm. Yep.”

“I am some sort of entity made of evil.” Dakrus’s voice said.

“Yeah? I’m some sort of entity made of pain.” Syren shrugged.

“Not entirely. You’re something else. You’re different than say, Saturn here. We’ve met before,” Dakrus’s voice said.

“I’m sure we have.” Syren said. “If you can do what I think, then for sure, we have.”

“Yes.” Dakrus’s voice said. “Nice talkin to you, now you guys can get back to the game. It’s possible to beat. Unless I change the rules. Saturn, you can have your powers back for not interrupting our convo. See ya.”

I felt my powers going back to me.

Syren watched the sky and said very quietly, I could barely hear him, “See you in the next life, pal.”

“…” I was silent for a bit. “Well I’m glad my powers are back.” I realized it was night so I used my powers and my body let out a green glow so we could see. I did question what Syren and Dakrus were talking about. I was silent cuz I was thinking about it. Syren’s last words to Dakrus were… interesting. Let’s go with that. It makes me wonder about all the things that Syren has said to me. My assumption on what it is going on with Syren is also interesting.

“Aye yo!” Suddenly, Hiren and Lavender were back. “Syraterns!”

The two of them had appeared right in front of us.

“Syraterns?” Syren said. “How’d it go?”

“We found new members. And we can bring you two back there to the new base,” Lavender said.

“Oh. Rad.” Syren said. He took off his mask and smiled at Lavender. “Where’s the base?”

“All the way over there.” Lavender pointed over across at a mountain. “Behind that mountain.”

“Huh, never saw that.” Syren said, looking out in the darkness. “Anndddd I can’t see it now.”

“Yep. It’s night.” Lavender replied. “We were gonna get some cubes, so we’ll do that. After we bring you two back to base.”

“You told us it’s over there. But I want to go there on my own.” I said. “See what’s along the way. Ya know?”

“Huh, yeah sure.” Lavender grabbed onto Hiren. “See ya later then.” The two of them disappeared, teleported.

Syren walked ahead of me and pointed his katana toward the mountains. “Wanna race there?” he asked, looking over his shoulder at me.

“We could. Or we could walk there and talk.” I said, smirking. “Cuz I mean, I can fly so it isn’t that fair!”

Syren narrowed his eyes and then put his katana down and shrugged. “Sure. What do we talk about? We’ve already talked about our lives.”

“Yeah. I’m not sure. I like to have conversations with people, but I’m horrible at starting them,” I said, as I walked beside Syren.

We didn't speak for a minute. “What about oatmeal, huh?” Syren said, breaking the silence.

“Oatmeal? What’s that?” I questioned.

“How do you not know what oatmeal is?” Syren turned to me, walking backwards.

“Is it… those little rice things? That are made of oats?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s…” he put his katana’s away and started gesturing with his hands. “Like, oatmeal. Oat seeds that were dried and processed, and put into like, milk and stuff and cooked.”

“That sounds pretty good. Never tried it though,” I said.

“I have to make you some when we get back to yo- our timeline.” he said. “It’s like, really good. Like, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of it good.”

“Wow it does sound… amazing. I haven’t had much ‘good’ food, because at the facility I was in, they fed us this weird substance,” I replied. “How does oatmeal taste?” I was curious.

“Have you had milk before?” Syren asked me.

“Yeah,” I replied, “they would let us have some if we behaved.”

“And bread?”


“So, imagine like, a hard bread that wasn’t stale. And then you have warm milk. And you mix the two together, and voila! Delicious oatmeal.”

“Just that? It sounds pretty good.” I said, “but I heard… that people add other stuff like sugar and cinna-something to it too to add more flavour.”

“Cinnamon. Yeah. It tastes pretty good.” Syren smiled. “And then, there’s this other food you need to try, it’s called spaghetti. Or, no, you had that with Mehrunes… Then you need to try Pizza!”

“Oh I’ve heard of pizza. It comes with a lot of toppings too!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! Exactly!” Syren said. “It’s really good.”

“Is it your favorite food?” I asked.

“No. Honestly I don’t know what my favorite food is.” Syren shrugged.

“Oh.” I replied, “well my favorite food is… I don’t really have a favorite either. I like anything that’s NOT the substance thing.”

“Ha. You probably don’t like dirt.” Syren joked. “Or human.”

“Probably not, yes.” I nodded.

“I wonder why we haven’t encountered any monsters?” Syren thought aloud.

“Huh, yeah. And I’m glowing so wouldn’t that attract them?” I wondered.

Syren shrugged and looked around in the dark. “I could run around and try and find some.”

“Alright!” I replied.

He was immediately out of sight. A few seconds later there was a rumbling, and I could see a faint light coming toward me. And then I heard a low screaming. And then Syren passed me. “Found one!”

I looked for the monster, and then saw a giant wolf, over 12 feet tall.

He stopped right behind me and aimed his katana’s at the wolf. “Wanna fight it?”

The wolf growled as it walked towards us. I looked over at Syren. “Yeah, or it’ll eat us!”

Syren ran at the wolf and ducked under it. He cut its stomach, and it snarled at him. He ran back toward me from behind the wolf, leaping onto its back, kicking off its eye, and landing beside me. The wolf growled in anger. I charged up my energy and blasted it at the wolf. It yelped and ran away.

“I guess it hates heat so my energy scared it off,” I said, looking at my hand.

“I guess so. Or because I cut its stomach and kicked its eye. But probably your heat.”

“Or both!” I exclaimed.

He shrugged. “Mhm. Anyway, onward to the mountains!”


But then suddenly, a loud stomp shook the ground. We turned and spotted a giant creature of some sort with horns and one eye. It was over sixty feet tall.

“Uh oh…” I muttered.

“Well,” Syren said. “I’ve fought about forty evil jerks at once, and like a war or something, but I have never fought someone this tall.”

“I don’t think that THAT is a someone,” I said, looking up at it’s giant eye.

“Beg to differ.” Syren said, and stared up at it.

“Are monsters someones?” I asked, looking over at Syren.

“Yeah.” Syren said without looking at me. He dashed at it, swung his katanas at its left foot, and dashed back to me. “Dang it’s huge.”

“Wow your katana just scratched it… How are we gonna fight this thing!?” I questioned loudly. I floated up in the air and charged up energy. I blasted the green energy at the cyclops-giant. It barely did anything. It just fell back a bit. “Syren! It did nothing!”

“Yeah, I see that!” Syren shouted as he launched himself toward it in the air. He disappeared, reappeared on its shoulder, and slashed the eye. Then he disappeared again, and reappeared in a few different places around it, slicing violently, then landing beside me.

The cyclops-giant cried out when it’s eye got slashed, but everywhere else it didn’t budge. My jaws opened. “Oh! It’s weakness is its eye! Good job Syren!”

Syren smiled. “Heh, yep! Definitely what I thought too.”

With a smirk, I charged up my energy again. This time, I blasted it right at the eye. The cyclops-giant fell onto its back, crying in pain.

“Good job, Saturn!” Syren shouted.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, high fiving Syren. “We did it!” We laughed. “Now back towards the mountains we go!”

to be continued in next chap...

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