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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 1)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 1)

Posted May 1st, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 1: Ichoo


My space cloud flew through space, passing by many planets and stars. Achikara sat behind me on the cloud. I didn’t know if there would be any danger. My friend Mehrunes had called me earlier and told me that he and a group of bounty hunters had gotten some private files that they could use as evidence of the EFAI’s evil deeds. They just had to get those files to the Light Planet and present them to the Ultimate Council so that they could do something about it.

It just needs to get to the Ultimate Council… then they can fix everything. They have full authority to do so, and Dr. Mousha can get arrested. Then after that happens, my friends Saturn and Phoenix can finally come out of my Dad’s private realm and be safe. Yeah, my father is the Elemental Master of Wind. It’s very difficult to achieve that rank with all the overpowered competitors… So I’m very supportive and proud of my Dad for doing that. Though his job as the Elemental Master of Wind keeps him busy a lot of the time. So I don’t see him that much.

Achikara and I flew through space on my cloud. We were getting closer to where Mehrunes and the bounty hunters were. As we got closer, I could sense something strange… I focused a bit on it, trying to figure out what it was.

It was great power that seemed to be giving off evil energy… Oh no… They were being attacked! I had to hurry and help! Achi is coming with me though… I had to keep her safe too. Don’t want my fiancée in dangers way… I looked back at her, and she was just enjoying the ride.

“There’s danger ahead, Achi,” I said to her.

Her facial expression immediately changed. “You’re not leaving me behind, are you!? I’m coming with you!”

“I-I know! I’m just telling you, it’s gonna be dangerous…” I muttered.

Achi hugged me tight. “I’ll be fine. You’ll protect me.”

I smiled. “Right…” Though deep inside I didn’t know if I would be able to protect her. This could be very very dangerous, and practically suicide to go near. I had to bring out my full power, the fullest of my ability, in order to protect my girl and my friends. It’s what always keeps me training… I want power so I can protect those that I love.

But this… this evil energy I’m feeling… It may not be something I could go up against… and keep everyone safe. I don’t have enough power for this. Looking back at Achi, every part of my body was telling me to leave her behind, leave her somewhere safe. But that’s not what she wanted, so my body was arguing with me at the same time. I wanted her to be safe… but I also wanted her to have what she wants. And she wants to stick with me everywhere I go…

But it’s still unsafe. The closer we got to the danger, the more I could feel the evil energy. It was far beyond my power, I wouldn’t be able to protect her. What do I do…

Wait… I gotta prioritize this… what’s more important? Achikara’s wants or her health and safety? Obviously the latter one. I wouldn’t put her in dangers way, no matter the situation. I’ve decided… I would go by myself and try and save the others. That way I won’t have to worry about Achi and won’t need to keep watch of her. That way I can just keep an eye on my friends that I need to save. And Achi would be safe somewhere and wouldn’t be slowing me down.  

“Sorry Achi,” I then said to her. While she was confused on what I meant, the space cloud we were on seperated, going in different directions. She didn’t look too happy, but I had to do it. I looked away so I didn’t pity her.

Her cloud headed back home, while I headed straight into the danger. Okay. She’ll be safe now… Focus on the more important situation now. Taking deep breaths from the air that I’ve created, I then noticed an asteroid belt in the distance. I could see a planet under me too.

I entered the asteroid belt, moving past asteroids as I headed right towards the energy. I heard a shrieking sound that was almost deafening, as I stopped for a moment to get my focus back. It’s alright… I can do this. The enemy is powerful but I can do it… I have to do it. My friends are in danger… They would be dead for sure if I don’t do something…

As I got closer, I could see giant tentacles of some sort… Giant black tentacles destroying asteroids. Then I saw where the tentacles were coming from. It was a giant monster, with a large tail that spread out into many dark tentacles. In front of the monster was a spaceship… And I knew that my friends were inside it. I immediately let out my power, surrounding myself in a green-blue aura. I jumped off of my space cloud, flying to shield the ship from the monster.

But before I got to the ship, a tentacle grabbed it and slammed it into an asteroid. Dang it I was too slow! I pushed the tentacle that was grabbing the ship away, and succeeded in doing so, but another tentacle just grabbed it and shook it.

I then flew over to the spaceship, landing on top of it, looking at the monster. It was giving off powerful evil energy. I then finally spotted the eyes of this monster. I looked at his eyes, and they were red. It’s iris was in the shape of a black diamond.

“Hey! You!” I called out to the monster. “Stay away from my friends!”

The monster stopped shaking the ship and had his attention on me. I gulped. I could do this… I had to do this.

The monster opened its mouth to speak, but all that came out was a loud shriek. But then the monster began to shrink, the tentacles disappeared. Then there was a guy covered in black goop floating around in space. Looking at him, he looked like he… was in pain. He had his hands on his head.

“GAH!” A dark tentacle escaped from his back and destroyed an asteroid. He then looked at me, his eyes still the same as when he was a monster. Those were not human eyes. “Your friends… They don’t have lives. Or at least, they won’t after I’m done with them.”

“Not if I’m here to stop you,” I retorted.

“Fun, fun…” Dark tentacles came out of his back, grabbing the spaceship. “Let’s see how well you can do that!”

Then he suddenly shattered the glass of the spaceship, and he was inside the ship. Oh no, I had to get in there too. I phased through the ship, appearing inside and spotting many people. The vacuum of space was already sucking the air out of here. People were going to die. So I focused my senses on keeping air inside as I fixed the glass.

“No fun!” The enemy smacked me and I crashed into the side of the ship. I couldn’t focus on saving the people inside the ship because I couldn’t get a chance to count them and figure out who I had to save. Luckily, they had all gotten out of the room when the enemy had came in.

“Stop attacking us!” I shouted at the enemy.

The enemy smirked. “That’s fine with me. I won’t attack you. I’ll just have some fun in killing you…”

“No! None of that either!” I remarked. “I won’t let you take anyone’s life!”

A dark tentacle came right at me, but I was able to dodge it. Which was a mistake because it pierced right through the wall of the ship, which let air escape. Luckily no one was here.

I then focused my energy and made a huge gust of wind, and shot it right at the enemy. He went flying out into the vacuum of space, crashing through the window that I had just fixed. I flew after him, charging a bolt of lightning. I then shot it right at him.

But he just blocked it with one of his tentacles.

“Wait… You are Ich, the one who is keeping Saturn and Phoenix!” The enemy then said, as his tentacles grabbed some asteroids.

“Yes I am, and I won’t let you touch any of my friends!” I said. He threw asteroids at me, but I dodged them and jumped off of another, flying towards him.

“I am Sadvak, commander of the EFAI military. It’ll be fun killing you.” The enemy grinned. I was about to punch him, but he blocked my punch with his hand, and then attempted to pierce my body with his tentacles. I barely dodged them, and then had to distance myself from him.

Sadvak then shot his tentacles forth, and they separated into many tentacles. I made a barrier around me to slow them down, before I shot myself up, getting away from them. I then pointed a hand at an asteroid, and shot it right at him. He got hit by the asteroid, but continued to attack.

That’s it… I just had to keep him busy so that my friends could get away. I can do this!

? Quartz ?

“Oh dannng, do you feel that, bro!?” Hematite exclaimed as he drove his spaceship through the asteroid belt.

I nodded at him, I could sense the energy of the mutant that was attacking the bounty hunter’s ship. This would be quite difficult to fight… Not to fight the mutant, but to keep the fragile humans safe. THAT was the hard part.

“Let’s get closer to the beast and fight it,” Red Rampage said. Oh, Red Rampage was also a bounty hunter. She found us when we were about to leave and we took her with us. She was a very skilled fighter… I wondered where she learned to fight.

“HECK YES! I WANT TO 1 v 1 THAT DUDE!” Hematite exclaimed.

“Hematite, we have to do this correctly. Meaning, we have to save the people in the ship,” I said to my brother.

“You do that. I gotta make sure that the mutant stays away from the ship,” Hematite said to me with a grin.

I sighed. “Okay.” Our spaceship then got close enough that the mutant and the bounty hunter’s ship were visible, as well as the asteroid debris. I could see the mutant crashing into their spaceship. Alright, I had to get them out of there.

I opened portals under all the life forms in that ship, or at least all the ones that gave off some energy. Then people fell into Hematite’s ship, all at the same time. I quickly closed the portal after everyone was here. I turned my head and looked over at them, counting them to make sure they were there. I spotted the bounty hunters, Corpse, Hamshere, Paulo, and Rando. So they’re all here, check… Teleyon, Mehrunes, and Listy were here, so check. The backup team, Locke, Lil’ Timmy, Guy, and Malum were here, check. And then that girl that was with Draco, whose name I think was Fucia, was here as well, check.

When I turned to look at Hematite, I saw he was gone and was flying towards the mutant in space.
“You forgot Saio, you don’t know her,” Mehrunes said. “She’s in a coma, in the bed.”

Saio? She was in a coma, so that explained why I didn’t sense her energy. People don’t often give off much energy when they’re in a coma. I had to figure out where Saio was the old fashioned way, by going to the ship. But going to the ship would leave everyone here unguarded. Hematite and I had identified the two mutants out here, who Red Rampage told us were Dr. Mousha, the leader of the EFAI himself, and Sadvak, who was the commander of the EFAI army. She said she found some information inside the space station.

“Where is she specifically?” I asked Mehrunes.

“She’s upstairs in the bedroom,” Mehrunes replied.

I tried to imagine how that would look. I had to do this right, or else bad things could happen. I took a deep breathe and focused, and I was able to get a small hint of energy coming from the ship. That must be Saio. I opened up a portal under the energy, and a girl fell into Hematite’s ship.

“That her?” I double checked with Mehrunes.

“Yep, you got her,” Mehrunes replied.

“Good.” I then looked out the window, and saw Hematite was over there, fighting against the mutant. There was also someone else over there that I didn’t recognize. I could tell it was a male.

“Oh hey Ich is over there!” Listy exclaimed, pointing at the male I was inspecting.

“Don’t care,” Mehrunes replied wearily, laying on the floor of Hematites ship.

So that guy’s name was Ich… He had impressive energy and was keeping up with the mutant. Though the mutant’s energy was much higher and unstable, Hematite was there so Ich should be fine. Unless Dr. Mousha decides to join in the fight. He was currently hiding, even I couldn’t sense his energy.

“Quartz!” Teleyon then called. I turned my head and looked back at him. He was handing me a briefcase.

“Red cheese!” Rando exclaimed all of a sudden.

I ignored him and asked Teleyon, “are those the files?”

“Yes they are! Put them somewhere else! Away from here! And if we don’t make it out of this mess, then you could give them to the Council!” Teleyon said.

“Nonsense. We’re all going to make it out alive,” I assured him. “I can promise you that.”

“W-well, do it anyway!”

“Okay.” I shrugged and took the briefcase, opening a portal to my house and transporting the briefcase there. I closed the portal afterwards.

“How’s it going on out there?” Red Rampage then asked.

“Not bad. It looks like they’re keeping Sadvak busy,” I said with my arms crossed as I looked out the window. Sadvak’s dark vines were huge and were all over the place. The bounty hunter’s spaceship was damaged but still functionable.

“Quartz, you think you could take Paulo’s ship somewhere?” Corpse then asked me. “Somewhere that’s not here?”

“Yeah.” I opened a bigger portal that the ship could fit through, and transported it to my houses’ garage. I accidently took an asteroid with it though. But eh, it’s fine. After the ship was gone, I closed the portal. Everyone and everything was going to be just fine. Good thing Hematite and I didn’t leave and decided to follow them.

“Thank you, Quartz! You’re a lifesaver!” Corpse was relieved. He probably had some special cool gadgets in the ship that were expensive and didn’t want to lose them.

I then had an idea. “Hey you guys, any of you just want to… get out of here? I can just transport you all to my house.”

“I think we should like… get the files to the Ultimate Council though…” Listy replied.

“Yes, I can do that. But I should get you guys to a safer place. Dr. Mousha is out there and he’s going to attack Hematite’s ship,” I said.

“BANANA!” Rando shouted.

“Alright, everyone hop in!” I opened up a portal to my house in the middle of the ship. “And if one of you want to come with me to the council, you can stay behind. Oh. And if you see my sisters, tell them that I brought you there to get away from danger.”

“Alright,” Hamshere said, before he and his bounty hunter fellows entered the portal (he had to carry Rando because Rando wasn’t cooperating). The other mutants, Guy, Malum, Locke, and Tim also went on in.

Listy picked Mehrunes and Saio up, apparently Meh had passed out, and jumped into the portal as well.

I closed the portal. Then I realized Fucia was still here.

“Oh. So you wanna go to the council with me then?” I asked her.

“I don’t see why not.” She shrugged.

“Alright.” I looked over at Red Rampage. “You can go out there and assist Hematite and Ich.”

“I’ll do that.” Red Rampage jumped out of the spaceship. She jumped out, using her jetpack to move towards Sadvak.

I then sat down in the pilots seat, before making a portal right in front of the ship. Hematite was there, so he could get Red Rampage and Ich to a planet after the battle. The portal I made would take us to the Light Planet. I quickly drove the ship through the portal, appearing in space above the Light Planet. The portal closed behind us, and I drove down towards the Light Planet. I could see other spaceships coming and leaving the planet.

“Alright, let’s go,” I then said as Hematite’s spaceship entered the atmosphere of the planet.




to be continued in the next chapter

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