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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 10) [Finding Draco's Location]

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 10) [Finding Draco's Location]

Posted May 15th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here's the next chapter! Woohoo! Finished with the 3rd series! 



Chapter 10 - Hematite

{Finding Draco’s Location}


Malum sniffed around the area. Jade, Ruby, and I watched him as we waited for him to find something. He was walking down the hallway of the EFAI Space Station. This place had changed. I heard Dr. He came back to fix everything. All I know is the EFAI isn’t evil anymore.

“This is the right spot, right?” Jade asked, looking at Malum and then at me.

“Yeah, Teleyon said this was the last place Draco was at.” I nodded. Malum continued walking down the hallway and we followed.

“Find anything yet, Mal?” Jade asked Malum.

Malum motioned for us to stop. I looked around and we were at section of the station where the space pods were. Not the garage for spaceships, but a small area with pods.

“Oh,” Jade then said. “He escaped with one of these then. Well, case closed then, we can’t find him.”

“Not exactly, not yet,” I said. “Malum, can you sniff out the path he took through space, so we can know where he is?”

Malum shook his head.

“Idiot, there’s nothing to smell in space,” Jade said. “We’re not gonna be able to find him.”

“Drat.” This didn’t work after all. That sucked, I thought we would have found him or at least got some trace of where he was… If I hadn’t thrown Draco in that specific direction, then maybe he wouldn’t have been kidnapped. If only I had thrown him in a different direction… then he would still be around.

Where is he? Where did he even go? I know he’s not in the Elemental System because I didn’t find any trace of his energy… Either he’s dead or he’s been kidnapped and transported to a different system. Assuming that he was alive, since Malum tracked down Draco’s scent, he was in a different system.

But which system? How were we supposed to find that out? The galaxy was huge and had billions of different systems… He could literally be anywhere. Finding him would be literally impossible.

“Well… let’s return home then,” Ruby then said.

Feeling like a failure, I walked with everyone back to my ship in the garage.


I dodged the attack just as it was sent, bolts of lightning flashing brightly as they tried to grab me. I swayed past them and appeared behind my master, Elec. My aura was activated, and I was using the Voltaic technique that Elec had taught me. My hair was sparking with electricity and was defying gravity. It looked like there were bolts of lightning coming out of my head.

I charged forward and hit Elec in the back with my fist, sending him flying across the room. But of course, since Elec was an Elemental Master and was overpowered, he easily caught himself in midair and came back towards me. He hit me harder than I hit him, and I crashed into the wall, destroying part of it.

My back hurt from that, but I got back up. It was what I was supposed to do.

I shot a shockwave of electricity forward at Elec, and he jumped up, avoiding it. He then landed behind me and knocked me into the ground. Ow.

He picked me up and launched me at the other wall, but this time I caught myself by kicking off of the wall. I flew back towards Elec, ready to attack. My normal fist doesn't do much damage or anything to him. So I had a different plan.

I was a meter away from Elec, and I summoned my Electric Axe. It was a gift I got a long time ago, and it actually does make my electricity stronger. Not just that but it was pretty powerful. Especially with all the energy I put into it.

My axe was charged with electricity, and I swung it at Elec, hitting him. He crashed backwards, but he still caught himself. Since he was way better at fighting than I was. The axe also didn’t cut him since his defense was high.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Elec then said. Unlike me, he looked completely fine and energized. And I was sweating. I wasn’t really exhausted though because my power provided me with a lot of energy.

“How’d I do?” I asked.

“You’ve improved a lot. I’m proud of you.” Elec smiled. “I’ll send you on some pretty difficult missions pretty soon. In a year or two, you could probably go on missions with me.” He patted me on the head.

“Thank you sir,” I said with a smile.

“You can go now,” Elec said.

“Okay!” I turned around to leave, making my axe disappear in the process. My hair also returned back to it’s normal blond color.

I turned around for a second to look back at Elec, but he had disappeared. He probably went back to his house or went to do something. I don’t really know where he went.

But yeah, now I was done with this training session so I could get back to Lavender. Ever since the old training facility got blown up, Elec decided to force me to train more and take it more seriously so I could prevent that from happening. And that’s what I had to do. I’ve gotten a lot stronger… but Ichoo was probably still stronger. Probably only because my powers aren’t effective against him… Otherwise, I would be pretty strong.

I was on the Electric Planet right now. Lavender was somewhere in the city, waiting for me to finish. Now that I was finished, I was on my way back to her. I used my Source technique to increase my speed, so I was running across the planet at the speed of sound. I could go faster, but then I wouldn’t have as much control. So I tend to go fast enough to get me to my destination, and fast enough so I wouldn’t lose control and crash into something and hurt myself or others.

Soon I arrived at a city with a spaceport in it. Not all cities had them, only the big ones. And this one was a big city. It was called Volt City.

Once I made it into the city, I teleported most of the way so I didn’t bother anyone. I could sense Lavender’s energy, so I knew where she was. I soon arrived to her location.

She was sitting down on a bench. I turned off my Source technique and walked over to her with a smile. The two of us have been dating for quite awhile now, and our relationship was pretty good. Her family accepted me, and her Dad already calls me his son in law. Too bad my parents couldn’t meet her… since they’re dead.

I’ve gotten over that though. My new family was Lavender and her family. And my best friend, Ichoo, was Lavender’s sister Azalea’s husband’s younger brother, so he was closer to me than ever. Funny how things turn out like this.

“Hey Satu,” Lav said to me. “How’d you do this time?”

“Same as last time. He just said I’ve improved.” I shrugged.

“Well that is a good thing, isn’t it?” Lav got up from the bench.

“Yeah.” I smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “You want to have some lunch now or something?”

“We usually would… but something came up and our date will have to wait,” Lavender said. I looked at her curiously, wondering what it was. “Ich will come pick us up for it in a bit.”

“What? What came up?” I asked.

“Well, remember how Draco had gone missing? Yeah, Hematite found some more information about it, and we know that he’s not in the Elemental System. He’s out there somewhere else. And Fucia still wants to find him,” Lav explained.

“Huh. Yeah, I haven’t heard from Draco in a long time…” Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen any of my other friends for quite a long time… I’ve been hanging out with my girlfriend and with my master. “Well, how’re we gonna help?”

“Hematite said he’s gonna hold a small meeting about finding him,” Lavender said.


Just then, a portal appeared out of nowhere and it startled me. I stepped in front of Lavender just in case. But out of the portal came Ich’s head.

“Ich?” I asked.

“Sup Saturo! C’mon in!” Ich exclaimed. “This portal is like a shortcut!”

“Since when did you learn that?! You’re getting too much… You’re getting way ahead of me!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, no, this isn’t my ability. It’s Hematite’s Brother’s. His name is Quartz. Now come on!” Ich said.

“Alright…” Lavender and I entered the portal. We came out from another portal and found ourselves in a meeting room.

Hematite was sitting at the end of the table. Next to him was this other guy with white hair and silver eyes. He kind of resembled Hematite in looks so I assumed that was his brother Quartz… the guy with the overpowered portal power. Dang.

“Take a seat guys,” Hematite said. The portal closed behind us. Ichoo took a seat, and right beside him was Achikara, clinging onto him as usual. Lavender and I took out seats.

“Where’s Mehrunes?” Ichoo then asked.

“Dunno. He’s off doing his own thing and didn’t want to come,” Hematite said. “But you guys are the ones who knew Draco the longest so that’s why I called you specifically.”

Oh, that made sense.

“Anyway, Draco must have taken a space pod and left the Elemental System. Any idea where he went?” Hematite immediately started the meeting.

“Hmm…” I thought about it. Draco never talked about anything outside of the Elemental System that interested him…

“Well, we think he was kidnapped,” Quartz then spoke up. “So we really won’t know where he went, the kidnapper could have taken him anywhere.”

“Then how would we find him?” Ich asked.

“I honestly have no clue…” I shrugged. “But if he was kidnapped, we gotta find him and make sure he’s alright.”

“Any ideas on how to find him?” Hematite asked.

We were all silent for awhile, trying to think of something. How would we find someone that could be anywhere in this galaxy… ugh… It can’t be done!

“Yeah, it can’t be done. None of ya have the ability to find him,” Krydret, my Ultimate Crystal, said.

“Yeah, none of us have any abilities that can find him,” I said exactly what Krydret said, except out loud for everyone to hear.

“There is a way…” Ichoo then said.

“There is? What?” I looked over at him.

“We actually know someone who can help find him…” Ich smiled.

“Who?” I asked.

“Spill the tea!” Hematite exclaimed. “Who can find him?”

“John Ceno,” Ich said.

Oh crud, yeah! John could find him!

“John has the power where he can look through anyone’s eyes at any time, no matter how far they are as long as they are in the same dimension/realm. He just has to see them in real life with his own eyes at least once to do it. He’s seen Draco already so he could find him!” Ich exclaimed.

“Oh! That’s a sick ability! How do we contact John?!” Hematite asked.

“Well, we haven’t spoken to him in awhile,” Ich said. “He’s been searching for his Dad for a long time… We can just call his name and hope he looks through one of us and sees us calling him.”

“Alright. Hey John!” I then called out. “Yo John! We need you!”

“Wait, you said he could only see through people's eyes. You never said he could hear everyone else speaking.” Quartz pointed out.

“Oh,” Ich said. “Hmmm…”

“We have to find John then,” I said.

“And how do we do that?” Ich asked.

“Not that hard, he’s probably in the Elemental System. I still remember how his energy feels like. I just gotta look for him on each planet,” I said.

“Alright, then let’s do that.” Quartz got up. “Come with me Saturo.”

“Alright, we’ll be back if we didn’t find him,” I said, mostly to Lavender. She nodded as Quartz made a portal.

“Check this planet first,” Hematite said. “The Rock Planet.”

“Right.” I focused my senses and tried to search for John Ceno’s energy. But I didn’t sense anything… he wasn’t on this planet. “He’s not here.”

“Alright let’s go then,” Quartz disappeared into his portal.

I then jumped through the portal. I came out from the other side of the portal. I landed on a rocky red floor that was giving off some heat. I looked up and recognized the planet… The Fire Planet.

I then searched for John Ceno’s energy. I didn’t find any sign of him on this planet though. I turned to Quartz. “Not on this planet.”

“Alright, moving on then.” Quartz made another portal and we hopped on through.

We tried a few other planets, the Light Planet, the Ice Planet, the Toxic Planet… The Tech Planet… The Water Planet… Then we reached the Dark Planet, aka the Planet of Darkness…

I sensed John’s energy right when I hopped out of the portal.

“Oh! He’s here!” I said to Quartz.

“Great, let’s get to him!” Quartz said.

“I’ll use my speed and find him, follow me!” I activated the source and ran off towards where John’s energy was.

I could feel Quartz following behind, keeping a good pace. Huh. How was he able to keep up with me? Maybe his portals?

I avoided crashing as I sped up. John wasn’t very far, but he was at least a few hundred miles away.

As I ran, I reached the ocean. Instead of running on water, since that was very difficult to do… And it doesn’t work like you’d think, like the TV shows back on Hindro showed. You can’t really run on water. At least not very easily, since it’s a liquid.

So I jumped over the water instead. Yeah, I jumped over the entire ocean. Since I was going fast, I was able to. I landed on the shore on the other side of the ocean, and continued running on land.

Then I slowed down and came to a complete stop. In front of me was a giant dark castle.

“Oh, he’s inside there?” Quartz appeared beside me.

“Yeah, I sense him inside…” I replied.

“That’s the King of Darkness’s castle. What the heck is he doing there?” Quartz questioned.

“Well, his Dad is part of the King’s army. Specifically, his Dad is a general,” I explained.

“Oh, dang.” The two of us just gazed at the giant castle. It was an incredible castle. There was a lot of overwhelming energy in there, making John’s energy harder to spot. “Well, I wouldn’t suggest going in there. It’s dangerous.”

“Yeah, I don’t think we should either,” I said.

“Try and release your energy and get his attention. So he comes to us,” Quartz suggested.

“Alright.” I released my cornflower blue aura.

I maintained my aura for a few moments. But John didn’t move or come to us. He remained in his spot.

“That… did not work.” I looked over at Quartz.

Quartz scratched his hair. “Yeah, that leaves us with no other choice… we gotta get inside that castle.”

Oh crud. Entering the King of Darkness’s castle… all sorts of dangers await us. To be honest, I was pretty frightened.

Suddenly, Quartz made a portal in front of us. “Safer way to get in, c’mon.” He hopped into the portal. I activated the Source and entered the portal as well. We came out the portal. I looked around and we were in a huge room, the ceiling was twenty meters high. The stone used for the walls and stuff were also this black rock that gave off this shadowy effect.

It was also empty. Which made it pretty spooky.

“Which way is he?” Quartz whispered.

I closed my eyes for a moment to help me focus on just sensing John’s energy. I then opened them and pointed at a wall.

“Alright let’s go,” Quartz whispered. He made a portal and we went through. He continued making portals and we were going in and out portals all over the castle. Then we reached a certain area.

The prisons. It looked like a dungeon, and there were cells on the sides of this hallway-like room. And I sensed John’s energy in here.

“He’s here!” I whisper-shouted at Quartz. He made all his portals disappear and walked through the hallway, looking into cells as he walked.

I walked past him towards John’s energy and then turned towards it. Inside of a cell, I spotted John Ceno, chained to the wall with cuffs over his hands and legs.

Why was he in this prison though?

“That him?” Quartz asked in a whisper voice.

I nodded.

“Psst! John!” I then whisper shouted at John, trying to get his attention. He looked up at me. Then he looked surprised.

“Saturo? What the heck are you doing here?” John asked.

“We kinda need your help for something, but it looks like we’ll have to help you first,” I replied.

As I spoke to John, Quartz made a portal and walked into the cell with John.

“What? Who’s this?” John looked up at Quartz.

“I’m Quartz,” Quartz replied. “I’m gonna free you now. But first, do tell why you’re in here so I know what danger will come.”

“Troubles with my father…” John said. “He put me in here.”

“Oh. So it’s personal,” Quartz said. “Will he come after me if I free you?”

“Not if he doesn’t know. You gotta get out of here right when you free me,” John said.

“We’re taking you with us then.” A blade with a silver aura came out from Quartz’s sleeve, and he struck the chain. The chain snapped and John was startled.

“Holy…” He looked up at Quartz in shock. “How did you…”

“I have ways, I am a Shiny after all,” Quartz replied. “Now come on.” He made a portal for right under John and John fell in. He made me another portal that I used to get back too.

All three of us appeared back on the Rock Planet, with Hematite at the table. Ich, Lav, Achi, and everyone else looked over at John, who was still chained and was sitting on top of the table.

“What the frick?!” John exclaimed. “Oh. Uhhhh, hi.”

“Why are you chained…?” Ich asked.

“Uhhh, problems with Dad,” John said. “Yo Quartz, uh, can you help?”

“Sure.” Quartz then struck the chains and John was free.

“Sweet fam,” John jumped off the table. “Thanks a ton for helping me.”

“Yeah, now could you help us please, Mr. John Ceno?” Hematite questioned.

John cracked his knuckles. “Sure, what do you need?”

“We want you to find Draco for us,” Hematite said.

“Find Draco? You mean that bushy haired kid? Sure, no problem,” John said. He closed his eyes to use his power so he could see through Draco’s eyes. “Oh! I found ‘em.”

“Where is he?!” Ich exclaimed.

“It looks like… that one house you guys went to that one time,” John said.

“What one house? That doesn’t help much,” I said.

“Well, on that one planet where you saw Lime again. And also Draco’s sister came along with y’all then,” John said.

Wait, I knew what he was talking about…

“That’s planet Aerth!” Ich beat me to it. “Draco is on his home planet!”

“Awesome! I’ll go tell Fucia!” Hematite exclaimed.


I was walking through Lux City, taking a break from training to get some fresh air. The people knew me now and always said hi, which was nice. Life was pretty good here on the Light Planet… it was very peaceful and it had better technology than my home planet Featherros.

But I’ve been pretty lonely. Eyujin always had work he had to do, and Yasach was busy a lot of the time. I usually hung out with Zephyr. Being around Zephyr reminded me of his owner… Draco. I was still worried about him. He’s been gone for a month now without contacting me at all. Was he dead? What happened to him?

Hematite hasn’t gotten back to me either… He said he would find Draco for me, but he hasn’t found him at all.

I sighed as I continued walking.

But all of a sudden, Quartz’s portal appeared in front of me and I stopped walking. Out of the portal came Hematite.

“Fucia! Fucia!” Hematite looked pretty excited. His hair also got longer, one of his bangs blocked his left eye.

“What is it?” I asked.

“We *HUFF* we…” Hematite seemed to be out of breath.

“What is it?” I asked again.

Hematite caught his breath and then looked down at me with a smile.

“We found Draco,” He then said, loud and clear.


To Be Continued In The 4th Series…


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