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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 2)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 2)

Posted May 4th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 2: Hematite


“Kill… destroy… TORTURE!” Sadvak was going crazy as dark vines exploded from his back.

Ich was too close and wouldn’t be able to dodge the dark vines since there were too many. So I jumped off of an asteroid, shielding him with my body. The dark vines hit me, and to my surprise, it actually injured me. Despite my high defense…

I smirked. If he could hurt me even when I have high defense, then he was strong. This was going to be a fun fight.

I grabbed one of his dark vines and tossed him into a large asteroid.

“Thanks for that, Hematite,” Ich thanked me for saving him.

“No problem,” I replied. “Let’s keep going!”

I launched myself through space and towards Sadvak, nailing him hard in the chest while he was trying to get off of the large asteroid. I didn’t hit him too hard, luckily, so he didn’t go flying all the way through space. The large asteroid only cracked.

But that triggered something in Sadvak and one of his dark vines pierced right through my gut. My blood spilled out, floating around in space which was unusual.

“Hematite! Are you alright?!” Ich exclaimed, as I distanced myself from Sadvak so I could stop the bleeding.

I ripped off part of my shirt and tied around my injury to stop the bleeding. It hurt a bit, and it would get in my way as I constantly feel a stingy pain in my gut. But most importantly, he was able to injure me! I should stop holding back and go full out on him, that would be an epic fight. Though, if I hit him with my full power, he would go flying through space. I should find a planet somewhere around here to fight on…

As I was looking around for a planet in this asteroid belt, a dark vine attacked me. But I punched it and it went the opposite direction. I then punched at Sadvak, and the force of my punch shot him away. I then turned to Ich.

“Hey Ich! Let’s move this battle to a planet!” I called to him, as he was dodging Sadvak’s dark vines. “It’s hard to fight in space!”

“Okay!” Ich looked back at me. “There is a planet over there!” He pointed over at a planet. I looked over at it, it was a sandy color and seemed to be more like a moon than a planet. Regardless, it worked.

“Let’s go!” I then jumped off of an asteroid and headed towards the planet, softening my landing as I landed on it. It didn’t have an atmosphere, so I could see the asteroids and everything in space.

Soon, Ich landed next to me, looking quite exhausted.

“You okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah… just tired. He’s very strong,” Ich said.

“If you want, you can go. I’ll handle him on my own,” I said to him. Thinking about it, me fighting Sadvak in a 1 v 1… Now that sounded fun.

“No! I have to keep going, to save everyone!” Ich exclaimed, shaking his head.

“No need, bro. Quartz already took them away from here,” I informed him. “Everyone is safe. You can get to safety too.”

“Now hold on, I didn’t say anything about anyone leaving to safety!” Sadvak landed in front of us on the planet, dark vines exploding from his back. Those things were unstable weapons. They ripped through my skin too. They were indeed very powerful. Just what happened to this dude’s DNA? “You two began fighting me… AND YOU WON’T GO ANYWHERE UNTIL I’VE BATHED IN YOUR BLOOD!”

Creepy, weird, and very uncomfortable. Ech.

“Not cool man. I’ll fight you, sure, but that’s going too far,” I said to Sadvak.

He attacked, his dark vines crushing the ground in front of us. Ich stuck his hands out and blew the rocks that were generated from the ground crushing right at Sadvak. Those rocks got destroyed though.

Sadvak then rushed forward, and pinned Ich to the ground before stabbing him with his dark vines repeatedly. Ich was bleeding, so I punched Sadvak to knock him away. But he blocked it with a dark vine, and looked up at me with his inhumane eyes.

“You’re in my way.” Sadvak smiled and then I was pierced with dark vines again, and my injury from before got worse. Blood poured out from my torso and arms, dripping to the ground.

He was really strong. But I had to do something about my injuries or I was going to die of blood loss.

“Okay, uh, Ferric. I need you again.”


I then absorbed my Ultimate Crystal, and my injuries were immediately healed. I punched Sadvak, and he blocked it with his dark vine, but he was knocked off of Ich, flying to the other side.

I then looked over at Ich. And oh gosh… I didn’t realize what had happened to him. I was blinded with Sadvak’s power and by my excitement to fight him… that I didn’t realize Ich here got utterly wrecked and was now bleeding on the floor. His injuries were baaaad. A lot of blood and misplaced bones and organs. Sadvak was crazy!

Now I had to get him some medical attention… the fight was not important. After he’s safe, then I can avenge him by fighting Sadvak.

“Good thinking, Hematite. Let’s go to the nearest actual planet and help him,” Ferric said. “And then you can fight Sadvak.”

“Right.” I went over to pick Ich up but he was just in too much of a mess that I couldn’t actually pick him up. How was I supposed to do this!? Wait… maybe I could try healing him. But I wasn’t good at healing, I could NOT heal those injuries. I could hardly heal a broken arm, let alone that! Gosh, those looked real painful… this is my fault… this could have been avoided… poor Ich, he’s not fit to fight against Sadvak… He shouldn’t be here… no…

No… this isn’t the first time this has happened… I’ve done this before, been blinded by fighting someone powerful and didn’t recognize that the people with me were truly in danger…

Hematite you selfish prick…

Do something! Help Ich! Forget Sadvak and his overpoweredness! Ich is dying, he could even be dead right now! Gah! I’ve misread the situation… this Sadvak guy was the real deal. He doesn’t fight like I do… he fights and brutally murders his opponent…

I had to get him somewhere. But where? How? Wait, I could contact Quartz! Tell him to open a portal to our home and then someone could treat him! That’s it!

“Hey Quartz, open up a portal right next to me to home!” I spoke to Quartz telepathically.

“I’m currently headed to the Council. I don’t know your situation but sure.”

A portal opened and Ich fell through. Now that he was somewhere safe, I could fight… I had to be careful next time though. Not everyone is as strong as I am. I can’t just trust them to take care of themselves.

“Oh he’s gone. Then you’ll be his replacement, eh?” Sadvak returned to face me.

“From here on out, you’ll be the only one getting utterly wrecked.” I activated my aura, and with my Ultimate Crystal power, I turned to face him. “I was excited to fight you because you were strong, but you’re not only strong, but you’re a true monster. You’ve nearly killed Ich… I didn’t know him but he was still fighting with me, and as my co-fighter, he meant something to me. I won’t go easy on you anymore. I’m going full out. Prepare yourself!”

? Locke ?

We all went through the portal and arrived… Somewhere. Looked like some sort of building. Not like and office or factory but… a place where people lived.

I checked over everyone around me. Looks like that girl Fucia stayed behind. I guess it wouldn’t hurt if someone stayed with Quartz besides his brother and Rampage.

Looking around some more, I noticed that we were alone in this place. I hadn’t noticed anyone besides me, Timmy and his group and the bounty hunters. At least not yet. Granted I hadn’t sensed for energy yet but maybe we should all just wait till someone notices our presence.

“Our ship is here, so we might as well get going, right?” Hamshere then said to his other fellow bounty hunters.

“I guess you could.” I shrugged.

Corpse, Paulo, and Rando entered their ship. It had been transported here anyway, so that it wouldn’t get damaged. As they were in the ship, Hamshere looked around for an exit. After finding a button that opened the gates, he got onto the ship and they left.

Probably to go with Quartz because they wanted their payment. Since they were bounty hunters.

That left the EFAI mutants, Guy, Malum, Timmy, and myself. And also Listy, Mehrunes, and Saio. Except Saio and Mehrunes weren’t awake. I suppose they could just wait with us. It’s not like they were a main part of the bounty hunters group at the moment anyway, or they would’ve at least taken Listy and Mehrunes.

I simply just sort of ‘float sat’ in mid air, my legs crossed as we waited for something to happen. Eventually, someone had found us. A girl with long blue hair entered the room. She had blue eyes and was wearing a white shirt with a blue skirt. Her white shirt showed a bit of her right shoulder too. I guess that was the style.

“Uhh…” She looked around at us. “Who are you guys? And what are you doing here?”

“Well do you know someone named Quartz? He teleported us here to get us away from danger,” I replied as I stopped floating and landed on the ground softly.

“Oh, Quartz brought you here.” The girl looked around at us once more, inspecting us more vividly. “Is he doing something dangerous again?”

“Him and his brother Hematite actually,” I said. “It’s a bit of a long story. Depends on who’s perspective you’re asking.”

“It’s normal for Hematite to endanger himself, but Quartz doesn’t usually do that. Are you guys… you guys are a part of the EFAI nonsense, right?” The girl asked.

Nonsense? What does she mean by nonsense?

Malum nodded quietly.

“I see.” The girl breathed. “Well you guys can stay here until that’s over.”

“Thank you.” I did a little bow.

“Yes… thank you very much.” Guy joined me in my little bow, and Timmy decided to as well.

“Oh no problem!” The girl said. “You four… are mutants, right? Cuz none of you give off the same energy as humans do.”

“Yeah, we’re EFAI mutants,” Guy said.

“Got DNA from different creatures of course though,” I added.

“Cool! Or, well, not. I don’t know what the EFAI actually does,” The girl sighed.

“You could argue the powers themselves are pretty neat and useful depending on how much of it you have, but… the actual acquiring of and manifesting the DNA properly is… a process to say the least,” I said as the four of us all became visibly uncomfortable from the topic.

“Doesn’t sound fun at all,” the girl said. “Well, at least you’ll be free after this is over!”

“Yeah, as long as Quartz, Hematite and some of the others get the evidence to the council in time. I’m sure it won’t be too much longer,” I said as the four of us looked a bit more hopeful.

“He’ll get there, don’t worry about it,” the girl assured us.

“By the way I just noticed, you never told us your name,” I pointed out.

“Oh! Right, I haven’t!” The girl exclaimed. “I’m Sapphire Shiny!”

“So you're one of Quartz’ sisters then?” I asked.

“Yes I am!” Sapphire smiled.

She’s certainly positive.

“Anyway, since we’re going to be staying here, I recommend we get these two somewhere to lie down,” I said before levitating the unconscious Saio and Mehrunes over to where the five of us were standing, Listy walked over to our group by herself.

All of a sudden, a portal opened up in the room, and out of the portal came… a beat up body that I couldn’t even recognize due to all of the blood. Bones were sticking out and organs were falling out, it was a very disturbing sight. It landed with a mushy ‘flop’.

We all just sorta… stared at it for a few moments. Then the screaming between some of us started to happen. Mainly me and more so Timmy. Sapphire did scream too.

“Wait… that’s… That’s Ich!” Listy then said. “He needs medical attention immediately!”

“Oh my gosh, he’s gonna die!” Sapphire exclaimed. “Ruby! Ruby get over here quick!”

“What’s going on?!” A girl that looked exactly like Sapphire, except she had red eyes and red hair and a red skirt, came running into the room. “Oh my gosh! What happened!?”

“I don’t know! Heal him!” Sapphire pointed at Ich’s body.

Ruby ran to it, and inspected the body. “Oh my gosh, it’s terrible… Hold on, I’ll save him…” She then pointed her hands at him, and was engulfed in a bright red aura, and Ich became surrounded in the same aura. He slowly was getting healed.

Sapphire walked over to Ruby. “Can you fix him?”

“Yeah, I should be able too. He’s lost a lot of blood though,” Ruby said.

The screaming had died down now by this point, now we were all just watching.

“Can’t you make some blood, sis?” Sapphire asked Ruby, looking quite worried.

“Yeah… that’s what I’m doing,” Ruby replied. All the disturbing sights had disappeared by now, and Ich was put back together. After a few moments, he looked completely fine. Ruby sure was a great healer.

“There…” Ruby’s aura disappeared and she set her arm down.

“So… is he just unconscious now?” I asked, wondering whether to poke him or not.

“Seems like it.” I didn’t have to poke him since Sapphire did that for me. “He’s alive though.” She even checked his pulse.

“Is he also part of the EFAI nonsense?” Ruby asked, looking down at Ich.

Still with the nonsense again.

“Probably,” Sapphire told her sister.

“I mean, kinda.” I shrugged. “He just sort enough showed up as we were escaping. I think Mehrunes called him or something, I don’t know.”

“Mehrunes is that guy.” Sapphire pointed at Mehrunes who was lying unconscious next to Saio. “Wow, we have three unconscious people.”

“Wow indeed.” Ruby nodded. “Well, I’m gonna wake this one up.” Ruby kneeled down beside Ich’s head, and tapped his forehead.

Ich suddenly opened his eyes and jolted up to his feet, breathing heavily. He looked around and then realized where he was.

The Shiny’s certainly were an interesting bunch when it came to powers at least.

“Woah, calm down, you’re okay!” Ruby said, backing off from Ich. “I healed you, you’re perfectly fine now!”

Ich calmed down. “Where… where am I?”

“You’re in our house garage. Rock Planet, near the North Pole,” Sapphire said.

“It’s where Quartz lives,” I said, tapping Ichs shoulder.

He turned and spotted me. “Locke!”

“Yeah, it’s me.” I nodded, before gesturing to the others. “Most of us are here actually.”

“I almost died… Sadvak was super powerful, I was able to withstand his attacks for awhile but then he started to surpass my abilities and then I couldn’t block his attacks anymore…” Ich said.

“Sounds rough man,” I said.

“And then I was in a lot of pain… I don’t remember what happened then, I passed out and I thought I was dead…” Ich muttered. “Wait… Where’s Hematite?!”

“Well considering Quartz didn’t seem to teleport him here along with you, I’d assume… still with the thing you were fighting,” I said.

“I should get back to him and help him!” Ich exclaimed.

Ruby and Sapphire looked at Ich with a frown. They had the same exact posture, with their hands to their hips. They were so alike.

“Are ya sure? You did just say he surpassed your limits. I mean… he did some BAD stuff to you man. Blood pouring and bone poking out and exposed muscle. Ech…” I shuddered.

“Yeah,” Ruby added. “It’s suicide to go fight that Sadvak guy. If you do, I’m not healing you again.”

Ich looked down at the ground. “I… I didn’t help at all. Everyone else went to the station and got the files… But I didn’t do anything. I was useless…”

“Well not entirely. You were able to stall him for a bit weren’t you? That counts for something,” I said.

“Stalling isn’t the same as defeating him… or taking him away… or anything like that…” Ich muttered.

“Still helps,” I said reassuringly. “Victory isn’t always about defeating someone, especially not in a team effort.”

Ich stayed silent, still looking at the ground.

“Think about it like this. If you hadn’t shown up, we probably wouldn’t be standing here. Or at least not all in one piece,” I said with a smile.

“Yeah…” Ich said, finally looking up. “You’re right…”

“I know you're upset but you have to try and stay positive,” I said as I then gave Ich a hug. “Most things that matter usually aren’t even about personal victory. Stuff like making sure everyone’s okay or even just making sure everyone stays hopeful can mean a lot.”

“Thanks Locke…” Ich said. “That helped a lot…”

“No problem man. Now, we should try to get Saio and Mehrunes somewhere to lie down while we wait for Quartz and Fucia to reach the Council,” I said as I made Mehrunes and Saio float off the ground again.

“We shouldn't just hang out in the garage either,” Sapphire said. “Follow me!” She and her sister headed to a door.

We followed behind them, I made sure not to make Saio or Mehrunes bump into the door frame on the way through.

Sapphire and Ruby lead us through a hallway to a room. This house was pretty nice, and was fairly big. Soon we arrived to a room. Seemed to be the living room, had a coffee table, couches, and a TV.

“You can set them right there,” Sapphire said, pointing at a couch.

I nodded before carefully setting the two of them down on separate couch cushions. It seemed like it’d be a while before they’d wake up. Now mostly what was left was to wait or talk about things.

I decided doing another head count wouldn’t hurt.

“So Listy, do we have everyone accounted for who could’ve come to the station? I mean Fucia is with Quartz. But is there anyone besides her who isn't here?” I asked as we all took seats.

“Uhh…” Listy looked around. “Well the bounty hunters left… Hematite and Red Rampage are fighting Sadvak… I’m sure that’s it. Wait no! Draco used to be with us!”

“He was?” I asked.

“Yeah, the last time I saw him was when he teleported me to the ship. Then he disappeared,” Listy replied.

“Huh, maybe he got left behind at the station when we were all leaving?” I said.

“Probably,” Guy said. “I don’t remember him… being there.”

“Well from what Listy said I guess he was kinda by himself for the most part, or maybe he was with Fucia, but she’s not here at the moment anyway, she’s with Quartz,” I said. “I wonder what his current situation is.”

Malum moved his hands, speaking in sign language.

“Malum says he made it out of the station. So he’s alright,” Guy translated.

“How does he know that?” I asked.

“He has a powerful sense of smell. He knew when he was in there since he could smell him. Though, he says the smell disappeared after awhile,” Guy replied, looking at Malum who was moving his hands. “That he took a pod and escaped.”

“I wonder where he sent the pod. I hope he can take care of himself,” I said.

“He should be able to,” Sapphire commented. “You don’t need to worry about him. If he made it out, he’s fine.”

“I guess you're right.” I sighed as I leaned back against the couch.

“We really don’t have to worry about anything actually. Hematite will defeat that Sadvak guy, and Quartz is probably meeting with the Council right now. Everything works out!” Sapphire said with a smile.

“Yeah, I guess we could always just call Draco to see where he is and have someone go and get him later,” I said.

“He’s not in danger, is he? There’s no need to worry about him. Just relax. You’ve been through a lot, so stop stressing yourself out!” Sapphire exclaimed.

“If you say so.” I shrugged.

“All of you should just relax and chill! Take a nap, watch TV, just forget about all of this EFAI nonsense! It’ll be over soon!” Sapphire said, a bright smile on her face.

Very positive indeed. I guess I might as well relax and just wait for all of this to be over.




to be continued in the next chapter.... 

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