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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 3)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 3)

Posted May 5th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 3: Quartz


I landed the ship at the Ultimate Council Temple parking lot. It was pretty big, but not anyone can just park there. I took out my Pilot Licence, held the briefcase with the files in my hand, and headed out the door.

“So we just have to head inside?” Fucia asked.

“Once we get permission,” I replied.

When we made it out of the ship, a security guard walked over to us. I showed him my license.

“I also would like to speak with the Council, if they’re available,” I said to the guard. The Council had over a hundred members, so there would always be someone available if the others were busy. But it was polite to ask if they were available. It appeals to the guards and to the Council themselves.

“Yes, you may enter, Shiny.” The guard pointed at the Parking Lot entrance to the Temple.

“Come on, Fucia,” I said as I walked over to the doors.

“Right.” She nodded as she walked behind me.

There was another guard at the door, and he looked down at us. I held the briefcase with the files tightly.

“That guard over there gave us permission to enter,” I told this guard, pointing at the other guard.

The guard at the door moved out of the way, opening the door for us. The guards were always overpowered Ultimates. So they would know if I was lying and would deny me entree if that were the case.

We walked in and were in a large lobby room. It was pretty crowded inside. But let's see, we had to get to the Ultimate Council themselves…  I lead Fucia to the elevator, and we entered it. I pressed the button to the Ultimate Council Hall, and in a second, the doors opened.

We walked out into a hallway, and there were giant doors at the end of it. There were more guards there, except they were dressed in fancy clothes. The hall was also fancy and was made out of expensive material.

“This way,” I told Fucia, walking towards the giant doors.

She just followed behind me, she seemed nervous by all of the grandeur and guards this place had.

“Hello, Guards of the Council.” I greeted them. “Can we perhaps, speak with the Council? If they are available? We have a complaint.”

The guards nodded at us. “In a moment. Someone is in there.”

“Okay we’ll wait,” I replied.

I stood there for a few moments. I wondered how Hematite was doing. He probably was enjoying himself, fighting against powerful mutants. That’s so like him. Dr. Mousha would have also tried to stop me from getting to the Council. Except I used a portal and got there easily. If he tried anything now or near the Temple, he would get in trouble.

This was it though. We were at the Council right now and the EFAI will soon be gone.

The giant doors then opened, and a group of people walked out. I nodded and smiled at them, and they returned the favor. The guards then kept the doors open.

“You may enter.”

“Let’s go,” I said to Fucia, entering through the doors.

“Y-Yeah.” She nodded, she seemed even more nervous than before.

“It’s okay to be nervous. I was also very nervous the first time I confronted the Council,” I said to her.

“It is a bit much at first,” She said with a anxious smile and a laugh.

The Council Chambers were huge. There were large pillars of expensive material spread out throughout the room. We were walking on a long red carpet with jewels and gems at the sides.

Then we reached the Council themselves. They had chairs, spread out in the shape of a circle. There were many chairs, one for each member of the Council. The main Council that is.

Fucia and I stood in the middle of the circle of chairs. That’s where people usually stand when they confront the Council. I looked around at the members, and not all of them were here. I could feel their energies. They were insanely powerful.

“Greetings, Quartz Shiny,” one of the members, who was dressed in a white robe with golden streaks on it, said. It was Ultimate Osaid. “What brings you here today?”

“Fucia and I came here to present you these,” I said. I opened up the briefcase, and there were files inside. I took them out. “The E.F.A.I., also known as the Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction, and the EFAI, committed many crimes. I have these files that we’ve stolen from their Facility as evidence.”

“Stealing is bad, no?” Ultimate Osaid asked.

“Yes, but there was no other way. They hid their crimes. And successfully did so too,” I replied.

“For an example, they set up a hidden facility on my home planet Featherros and began kidnapping the children and newborns of the residents under my fathers rule. They were taking all of them in order to have more subjects to test on,” Fucia stated, probably to try and help our argument.

“Hmm… you are speaking the truth.” Ultimate Osaid looked down at the files in my hands. “May I see the files?”

I nodded, and pointed them at him. But the moment I did that, they suddenly caught on fire and I let them go.

“Oh, it looks like it was a booby trap,” Ultimate Osaid said. “Energy was left on it that was set to catch on fire when brought out. Or it had a timer.” Another member from the Council pointed at the files and it stopped burning.

I picked up the leftovers. “There is still this one.”

I looked at the files and read some of it, since I was curious on what it said.


Entry 1:

We’ve got some new DNA. We plan to conduct some tests with it. It appears to be very unstable. Most DNA is unstable. We’ve brought in fifty subjects to test. One of the mutant-nappers brought them in. He will be rewarded greatly.

The subjects have been placed in the test tubes. We’ve started the experiment. We hope to see good results.


Entry 2:

Five of the subjects have died due to the unstable DNA. The other forty-five are still breathing. We look forward to good results from this experiment.


Entry 3:

One of the subjects woke up during the operation. It was unstable and exploded. We are down to forty-three subjects left. We shall wait a few days before checking up on this experiment.


Entry 4:

Four days have passed, and many subjects have died. The rest have woken up. There are twenty living. We’ve fed them our Jalgija Liquid. They’ll be kept track of.

The subjects are behaving violently. We predict their new DNA is the cause of this. We’ve had to tranquilize them multiple times.


The rest of it was burned except for one. I looked over at it.


Entry 24:

One subject has survived. Their mutation was a success! This experiment is a success!


“Yeah, these are the files.” I handed them to Ultimate Osaid.

He looked at the files, and raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, Dr. Mousha?” Ultimate Osaid said. He looked at the other members.

“He was Dr. He’s partner,” One of the members said. I think his name was Turquoise. The color of his clothes supported that. Actually, now that I look at him… He was Turquoise Shiny. One of my ancestors.

“Yeah, and Dr. He left the EFAI because of the laws they were breaking,” I added.

“And perhaps he was threatened so he didn’t report him,” another member said. I recognized this member, it was Lugest. He was the ‘mysterious’ member of the Council.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“We’ll look into it,” Ultimate Osaid said. “Volunteers?” He looked over at his fellow Ultimate Council Members.

“I’ll go,” Turquoise Shiny said. Oh, wait, even though he’s my ancestor, I’m supposed to call him Ultimate Turquoise. It’s respectful.

“Very well, Ultimate Turquoise.” Ultimate Osaid nodded. “Quartz Shiny, Turquoise here will assist you.”

“Thank you very much, Ultimate Osaid.” I did a little bow out of respect. “Oh, and uh… The bounty hunters that got the files…”

“Ah, they would like a payment? Of course.” Ultimate Osaid smiled. “Did they tell you a specific amount?”

“Well…” I started.

“How many bounty hunters were there?”

“Four. Corpse, Hamshere, Paulo, and Rando,” I said.

The briefcase then floated up and was suddenly filled with a bunch of Ultims.

“There. 8 million Ultims. 2 million each,” Ultimate Osaid said.

Dang that is a lot of Ultims… Fucia looked surprised as well. And considering my house, that was quite big and expensive, costed around 100,000 Ultims… Wow.

“Thank you, sir,” I said, picking up the briefcase.

“You two must have also done a lot. Would you like a reward?” Ultimate Osaid asked Fucia and I.

“Hmmmm… could I get Ultims as well? I’d like to help my father pay for repairing the kingdom on Featherros,” Fucia said.

“Ah, repairs? Consider it done.” Ultimate Osaid looked over at another member of the Council, whom I did not recognize.

It was a woman. She snapped her fingers, which were surrounded in a soft glow. She then smiled and looked back at Ultimate Osaid.

“Your father's kingdom has been repaired,” Ultimate Osaid said to Fucia.

“Oh, well thank you,” Fucia said before doing a bow of respect.

“And would you like anything, Quartz Shiny?” Ultimate Osaid looked over at me.

“Well… Not really,” I replied. “But my brother Hematite does. And he’s actually busy fighting some mutants. He kept them busy so that we could get here.”

“Ah, and what does Hematite Shiny want?” Ultimate Osaid asked.

“He wants a battle. With you,” I said. It was true, Hematite would want to fight with a member of the Ultimate Council. Overpoweredness excites him.

“Oh? He may have it. Afterwards,” Ultimate Osaid replied with a smile.

“Alright. Thank you very much! May we go now?” I said.

“Yes you may.”

I picked up the briefcase and walked back to the doors. Fucia followed me. Soon we made it out, and I spotted Ultimate Turquoise standing outside, chatting with the guards.

“Ah, there you are,” Turquoise said, looking over at us. “Let’s go deal with the EFAI’s crimes.”

“Yes. Hematite is fighting a powerful mutant named Sadvak right now, and Dr. Mousha is around there somewhere,” I said.

“I’ll find Dr. Mousha. After I arrest him, we’ll head to the facility and fix the problems. Free the mutants in there,” Turquoise said.

“Sounds good,” I replied. “Also, you’re Turquoise Shiny, right? One of my ancestors?”

“Well, yes. I’m your Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather. Or one of your cousins grandfathers. I’m not quite sure. It is a big family after all,” Turquoise said with a smile.

“Yeah.” I chuckled. “Well, let’s go arrest Dr. Mousha.”



to be continued in the next chapter... 

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Thanks! I will try to publish them :)


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