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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 4)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 4)

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by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 4: Hematite


“Ooouuu… Fighting full out!” Sadvak exclaimed. He laughed and his dark vines grew larger, pointing over at me.

I walked over towards him, my aura shining brightly as I brought my full power out. Sadvak was laughing hysterically.

“Power is fun… Hehehe… KILL!! MURDER!” Sadvak became surrounded in a bright red aura as his dark vines moved to attack me.

I blocked one of his dark vines with my elbow and punched the other one. But even with my full power, Sadvak seemed to be just fine fighting against me.

“Your full power is tasty…” Sadvak jumped forward and sliced across my chest with a dark vine. “More! Give me more!”

“You’re crazy,” I said. I knocked him back, but he caught himself with his dark vines. “I’ll defeat you for sure!”

Sadvak looked at me silently. Then he suddenly stabbed himself! With his dark vines! He fell to the floor, coughing out his own blood. Why the heck would he do that?! This guy is super messed up!

“*COUGH* Ugh…” Sadvak then looked up at me, and his eyes were normal like a humans, his iris red. “I’m… sorry about this… I have no control over the monster inside of me…”

The monster inside of him? Was his mutation that bad?

“I still have to stop you…” Sadvak ripped out a piece of his organ right from his body. Yuck… His body then healed completely after that, and Sadvak ate his own organ. His eyes then turned back into those of a monster. “Delicious! I wonder what you taste like!?”

Sadvak then suddenly grew larger, as a layer of dark vines surrounded his body. He became twice the size of me. What the heck happened to his DNA!? Oh my freaking gosh!

When Sadvak tried to attack me, I distanced myself from him. But I was suddenly caught by a dark vine, and Sadvak roared. I was stuck in the grasp of his dark vine. When did he suddenly get more powerful?!

Not that I’m complaining or anything… I love a challenge.

Flaring my aura, I broke free from Sadvak’s grasp, and punched him into the ground. The ground broke, and he went deep into the planet. I followed through and kept attacking him with a bunch of combos, knocking him deeper into the planet.

Then I hit him with one big blow that knocked him all the way to the core of the planet. The temperature increased dramatically as I went after him. I could hardly see, as we were now in the core of the planet.

Dark vines attacked me from all sides all of a sudden, and I realized he could still fight. I punched the dark vines, blocking them all with quick speed. Then I charged towards Sadvak, and punched him hard in the face. He went flying through the core, breaking out from the other side of the planet.

I went after him again, but this time he saw me coming and punched me in the face before he tripped me with a dark vine. As I caught myself, he landed a hard blow right in my chest. It didn’t do any damage except for knocking me into space again, since I had my Ultimate Crystal and my defense was high.

I shot myself back towards the planet, charging another punch. He saw me coming though and his dark vines wrapped around him in defense. I then punched him, hard, but he didn’t move from his spot. His dark vines had absorbed the blow.

“Fun!” Sadvak then commented.

Then he hit me with a dark vine, and I went flying back into space. He had taken my blow, having absorbed it, and used the energy to hit me with it. Okay so that’s something he could do.

Sadvak’s dark vines suddenly grew, stretched all the way to me, and attacked me. I dodged them and grabbed another, which I then tried to pull to bring Sadvak towards me. But I just got a dark vine… And I realized that Sadvak had cut it off.

When I looked back at Sadvak, I saw he was in front of me. He suddenly bit my shoulder, and even with my defense, he ripped out part of my shoulder.

“Gah!” I distanced myself from him once more, landing on an asteroid. I looked over at my shoulder and saw that he had actually taken a bite of my flesh.

“Delicious…” Sadvak looked pleased. More dark vines then came out from his back. “I want more!”

He came charging to bite off my flesh again, but I punched him in the jaw when he tried to take another bite. I then brought my hands together and blasted him into the planet.

He was engulfed by the energy, and he blew up along with the planet. And due to the destruction of the planet, more asteroids were added to the asteroid belt. I looked around to see if Sadvak was still around.

“Nice, you are a tough guy.” I then heard him behind me.

I turned around quickly, and saw that he wasn’t a monster anymore. He was a normal human now, no dark vines came out from his back.

“I’ve given up. You’re too powerful to take down,” Sadvak said with a sigh. He seemed like a normal person now. “I could take you down if I had the time, but I don’t. I have to go.”

I then spotted an old man with a beard floating around in space, surrounded in a dark aura. You could hardly see the aura due to the darkness of space. I then realized… That was Dr. Mousha.

Sadvak floated back next to him and looked over at him. I watched, waiting for a sudden attack. I also waited for the right moment to do something.

“Let’s go, Sadvak,” Dr. Mousha said to Sadvak. “They must have contacted the Council by now. We must hide.”

“Right.” Sadvak nodded.

All of a sudden, I felt a powerful energy, much more powerful than Sadvak and Dr. Mousha combined. I knew this energy… This was the energy of a member of the Ultimate Council! Quartz made it!

“Hold it right there.” I then spotted the source of the energy. A man dressed in turquoise clothes, and had turquoise hair and eyes. It was Turquoise Shiny of the Ultimate Council!

Dr. Mousha turned and looked at the Ultimate Turquoise Shiny.

“Oh hello there good sir,” Dr. Mousha said, as Sadvak just stayed silent. “Do you need anything?”

“I’d like to ask you some questions about your choices involving the Research Facility for Evolution and Animal Interaction,” Turquoise said. I then noticed that Quartz was right next to him, crossing his arms. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all sir,” Dr. Mousha replied.

“Then is it true that you kidnapped adults and children, and fiddled with their DNA without their consent?” Turquoise asked.

Dr. Mousha nodded. “Yes.” Looked like he was telling the truth. Good for him. You can’t lie to an Ultimate Council Member.

“And is it true that the experiments caused many of those kidnapped people to die?” Turquoise questioned.

Dr. Mousha nodded.

“You do know what you did is illegal, correct?” Turquoise said. “Dr. Rakul Mousha, you are under arrest.”

“I won’t go down that easily, however,” Dr. Mousha said, as his aura of darkness flared brightly. “I have the DNA of a Chimæra of Darkness!”

Dr. Mousha then attacked Turquoise! The blow of the attack knocked me, Quartz, and Sadvak away from all the force! I caught myself though, landing on a asteroid. I looked up at Dr. Mousha and Turquoise. They were fighting now.

“You’re probably thinking ‘I want to fight them!’, correct?” I then spotted Quartz beside me.

“Oh, actually no. I’m amazed by their power. I would like to fight them though,” I replied. “Afterwards.”

“Of course.” Quartz looked over to watch the fight as well.

Dr. Mousha was the one attacking, and Turquoise was blocking his attacks. They moved so smoothly in space, shooting attacks all over the place.

“Enough fighting,” Turquoise then said, pointing his hand out at Dr. Mousha. A blast of energy then engulfed Dr. Mousha, restraining him from moving. “I’m taking you in.”

Dr. Mousha then seemed to give up.

“How many people are held captive in your facilities?” Turquoise then asked him.

“…Over a million. In most facilities,” Dr. Mousha responded, breathing heavily.

“Quite a lot.” Turquoise looked behind him, and there were suddenly over a hundred soldiers, dressed in Turquoise armor. And I could tell that it wasn’t just any armor… It was Ultaniam Armor. And Ultaniam was the strongest, hardest substance. Ultimate Crystals were made of it. “Men, track down all the facilities. Free everyone, and take in all workers to be questioned.”

“Yes sir!” And just like that, all of Turquoise’s men disappeared, having teleported to complete the task that they were assigned.

“Looks like it’s over,” Quartz commented.

“Well, not exactly, they still have to go and do all those things,” I said.

“No, I mean, the EFAI. It’s over with,” Quartz reworded what he said before.

“Not exactly,” Turquoise said, coming over to us. “Dr. Mousha has been arrested, as I’ve already taken him to prison. But the founder of the EFAI, Dr. He, should come back to fix his company. Afterall, it is his responsibility to do so.”

“But Dr. He went into hiding. A bunch of his clones are out there so that the EFAI doesn’t find him,” I said.

“Dr. Mousha has been arrested, and the EFAI no longer operates. He can come back. We’ll find him,” Turquoise replied. “In fact, he will come back. His assistance will be necessary in shutting down the organization.”

“Right, of course.” I nodded. “Does that mean you’re busy…?”

“Of course I am busy,” Turquoise said. “I must finish with the EFAI. That is my duty, so you three should go home.”

Us three? I then realized that Sadvak was near us.

“Oh! No, Sadvak is a mutant from the EFAI!” I pointed out.

“Oh, is that so? Then, Sadvak, come with me for questioning,” Turquoise said.

Sadvak didn’t respond and he only stood there.

“Your boss has been arrested. You are a victim and I’d only like to question you,” Turquoise then said. “Now come with me.”

Sadvak then nodded and went over to Turquoise. Turquoise looked over at me and Quartz.

“Go home now, you two. I’ll take care of everything else,” Turquoise said.

“Yes sir!” I responded. I could always fight him some other time. Now I should go home… And I could finally have some of Ruby’s delicious cooking! Yes!

“Farewell Hematite Shiny, Quartz Shiny.” Turquoise waved as he then disappeared, taking Sadvak with him.

That’s when I spotted the bounty hunter spaceship. Quartz then made a portal for us and we appeared in their ship.

“Hey there!” Hamshere greeted us first. Corpse was in there, along with Corpse and Rando. Red Rampage was also there… and I was shocked to find out Red Rampage was actually a woman. She had long orange hair and was really pretty. Wow. Who would’ve thought?

“I got to the Council, and they arrested Dr. Mousha. We’re good to go,” Quartz said, taking out a briefcase. “Here’s your payment.”

Hamshere took it and opened it. He was then shocked. “HOLY SHIZ!”

“8 million Ultims.” Quartz grinned. “2 million for each of you.”

“Good call Hamshere!” Corpse patted Hamshere on the shoulder. “This paid greatly well!”

“Well, Mehrunes told me about it…” Hamshere thought to himself.

“Oh, he didn’t get a payment?” Corpse looked over at Quartz, and I looked over at Quartz too.

“Oh. I forgot about him, drat!” Quartz exclaimed.

“Oh, no worries. We’ll give him Rando’s payment. Rando doesn’t know how to use money,” Corpse said with a chuckle.

I laughed. “Yeah, haha!”

“Hold on…” Quartz then said. “Where is Teleyon?”

“Oh.” Red Rampage then spoke up. “He took a pod back to the Space Station. He says he has things to do, people to save. Sorry, Hematite, I was supposed to help you fight but Teleyon turned up. He asked for my help to get past the asteroids safely so I assisted him. I hope Sadvak didn’t give you too much of a beating.”

“Aww, shucks, no worries!” I replied. “I was just fine!”

“Oh really?” She smiled, holding her helmet in her hands. “That’s good then.”

“Does Teleyon need any help?” Quartz asked Red Rampage.

“Oh, no, if the Ultimate Council is already out there, he’ll be fine,” Red Rampage said.

“Yeah, we should go home, bro,” I said to Quartz. “I’m hungry.”

“Same,” Quartz agreed. “Well, we’ll be going then. Nice working with you all.”

“See y’all later!” Hamshere waved as Quartz made a portal to our house, which he and I then entered.

? Locke ?

Quartz had appeared in a portal, dropping Fucia off before he disappeared without a word.

Fucia told us that they had met with the Council and that they were dealing with the EFAI now.

“Well that’s good to finally hear,” I said with a sigh of relief.

“So now I guess it’s just a matter of waiting,” Fucia said as she sat down next to me.

“See, I told you there was nothing to worry about!” Sapphire exclaimed. “Everything is alright!”

“Besides finding people and these two waking up there’s not really much left to be concerned about,” Fucia said as she leaned back with a relieved smile.

“Yeah!” Sapphire beamed.

Ruby had left the room to do something and Sapphire stayed put to watch over us. Us being Guy, Malum, Timmy, Listy, Mehrunes and Saio. Mehrunes and Saio were laying down on the couches while the rest of us were just sitting on them.

“So how long has Mehrunes been like that?” Fucia then asked, looking at the unconscious Mehrunes.

“Ever since he got here,” Sapphire answered. “My older brother brought him through his portals. And that was like, a while ago.”

“Who knows when he’ll wake up.” I shrugged.

“Maybe he’s already awake and is just sitting there.” Sapphire grinned. “Or, well, laying there. But that doesn’t really matter. But since the EFAI has been dealt with, you guys don’t have to stay here anymore.”

“That’s true,” Guy said. “Can you take us back to the EFAI space station?”

“Why would you want to go back there?” Sapphire asked.

Guy exchanged looks with Malum. Malum nodded.

“Malum wants to look for his brother,” Guy said. “So me and him’ll go find him.”

“Oh, well okay then, I guess…” Sapphire replied. “Ask Quartz to take you there when he gets back.”

“Okay,” Guy said as Malum nodded.

“He should be back soon,” Sapphire said. “Right now he’s… talking with people. Oh, he’s coming back!”

A portal then appeared and Quartz stepped out, beside him was Hematite.

“Oh! What’s up?!” Hematite greeted us once he saw us.

“Not much, you?” Listy asked.

“I’m great! The EFAI is done for now…” Hematite said. “Hey Saph! I’m hungry, where’s Ruby?”

“Cooking,” Sapphire replied, before pointing at Guy and Malum. “Oh! And Quartz, these guys want to go back to the EFAI base thing to look for a sibling.”

“Oh, alright.” Quartz opened up a portal in front of them.

“Thank you, Quartz,” Guy said.

“No problem. And since the EFAI is shut down, you can come back easily,” Quartz added.

“Right.” Guy nodded before he and Malum jumped into the portal. After they were gone, the portal disappeared.

The second they left, Mehrunes sat straight up like, really quickly. He had a creepy smile on his face, almost murderous. Wait. Oh… no…

Mehrunes grabbed a knife from out of nowhere and lept, literally lept, at the nearest person, which happened to be Saio.

Before he could stab her, I froze him midair with my psychic powers. He was visibly annoyed as he suddenly activated Full Star and turned into energy. Which I haven't learned how to grab yet, so Mehrunes dropped the knife into Saios chest. This all happened in like three seconds.

As those past few seconds were happening many people were freaking out.

“Yo Mehrunes, you good bro?!” Hematite questioned.

Mehrunes turned solid and tried to punch Listy, who was prepared and flipped him into the couch standing up, and pummeled him with punches until he disappeared.

“That’s not Mehrunes,” Listy replied. “That’s a maniac voice that’s in his head.”

“A maniac voice? Last time I checked, voices couldn’t move,” Hematite said. “You mean it took over him?”

“Yeah. It’s driving him literally insane and he didn’t want anyone else to know. Because he’s Mehrunes,” Listy replied.

I then coughed when she mentioned the whole not knowing thing.

Listy looked at me. “Did you know?”

“Maybe…definitely?” I replied.

“Well either way, I’ve dealt with it before. He’s not gonna stop till he wins the mental duel, or gets knocked out. Usually the latter,” Listy said.

Mehrunes suddenly appeared back in the room, still in full star, and lept on the still knocked out Saio and ripped the knife from her chest, and threw it at Sapphire.

Sapphire stopped the knife in mid air. “Uh, no.” She tossed it aside. Mehrunes was visibly annoyed again, and he glanced at Hematite. Mehrunes then bum rushed and punched Hematite in the chest. Surprise, it did nothing at all.

“So we just have to knock him out, right?” Hematite asked Listy as he looked down at Mehrunes.

“Yeah, but he can’t feel pain or take harm in Full Star, he’s not exactly smart, just murderous. So we have to get him out of that with some kind of threat to his well being,” Listy replied with a nod.

“Well if he can’t feel pain, threats won’t do any good!” Hematite said. “Does this have a time limit? Does it wear off?”

Listy shrugged. “He barely told people he HAD this form, for all I know he’ll sit there permanently. Except when he turned it on and off, so it’s probably a time limit.”

While we were talking, Mehrunes was just casually dragging Saio away.

“Excuse me can you not?” I asked as I then pulled Saio away from his grip with my powers.

“That poor girl, she’s been out for how long?” Sapphire commented.

“Uhh… like hours,” Listy replied.

“Well we should save her from Mr. Murderous Mind,” Sapphire said. “Just cuz, we don’t want any death in our house.”

“Well then do that. He’s the maniac that wants to kill her, and he clearly isn’t dumb enough to continue an assault on Hematite,” Listy said.

“Or any of us Shiny’s, it seems,” Quartz added.

“Guess word of Shiny’s gets out to even him,” Listy commented.

Mehrunes was clutching his head, luckily, instead of stabbing Saio who no one was watching.

“So wait, how does he get out of this murderous voice thing? Is there any way we can help him beat it?” Hematite asked.

“I dunno man! I’m not a mind person, I just know what he told me and what I’ve done, and if you hadn't noticed I’m not exactly good at doing mind stuff,” Listy replied with a hostile tone, as she was staring down Mehrunes whose hand had turned into a sword.

Mehrunes charged Listy with a punch, she instinctively went to block it, but his sword hand stabbed her right through the stomach, and sent her flying into a wall. He kept going and charge tackled me before I could react, knocking me to the ground rolling off of me still rushing at Listy.

“Do you guys want our help?” Hematite then asked. “I could restrain him.”

“Yes, please do,” Listy said, barely dodging Mehrunes’s charge. He disappeared into energy and suddenly turned back and landed on his back in the middle of the room. His Full Star flickered off as he clutched his head and screamed an inhuman scream.

Hematite then captured Mehrunes in a headlock. He then hit Mehrunes in the back of the neck, and Mehrunes fell over.

I then set Saio down from where she was floating before levitating over to Mehrunes and poking him with my foot. Since he didn’t move, it was safe to assume he was out cold. Again.

“Okay that’s been settled,” Hematite then said. “He gonna wake up normal this time? Shall I wake him?”

“Go ahead. If he goes all stabby stabby again you can just slap him again anyway,” I said as I floated out of the way.

Hematite then leaned down and tapped Mehrunes on the forehead, and Mehrunes’s eyes jolted open.

“GAH! WHO ARE YOU! WHAT?! HUH?! Oh. I’m so confused.” Mehrunes sat up slowly. “Wha happened to Saio? And Listy? And the couch? And why is my dag-oooh…”

“Well Listy and you broke the couch By that she used your face to break it. The rest was you though,” I said as I floated over to him.

“Are you good, Mehrunes? Is that the real you now?” Hematite asked, poking Mehrunes in the head. Mehrunes batted at his hand.

“Yes it’s me now stop poking me before I whine about it!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“You kinda already are,” I pointed out.

“Okay, I wasn't gonna like punch Hematite, because he’s Hematite, but I sure can beat you up if you keep being as snarky as I am,” Mehrunes replied.

“So does that mean you’d beat yourself up then?” I asked.

“Depends, now doesn’t it? So how about you fill me in on my memory lapse where I’ve clearly stabbed at least two people,” Mehrunes replied.

“Well after you did that and you're face broke the couch, Hem just kinda smacked you unconscious for half a minute before waking you up again. And then here we are,” I said.

Mehrunes clapped his hands together. “Riveting story I commend it, but like who’s that?” Mehrunes asked, pointing at Sapphire.

“That’s my older sister,” Hematite said. “Her name is Sapphire.”

“Sup.” Sapphire waved. “We also have another sister, my twin, Ruby.”

“Alright cool, at least I know where we are now,” Mehrunes commented.

“Yeah, we’re at my house,” Hematite said with a nod. “Oh yeah, Saph, are Mom and Dad home?”

“Nope, they aren’t,” Sapphire replied.

“Ah okay, good. That means we won’t have to explain what happened,” Hematite said, relieved. “Hey wait a minute… I sent Ichoo here, where is he?!”

“Oh, Ich? He was here, Ruby healed him. But then he disappeared into some realm. Said he had to check on something,” Sapphire said.

All of a sudden, a portal that was different than Quartz’s appeared, and Ich came out with Saturn and Phoenix.

“Oh hey, more people,” Sapphire said.

“I brought them out!” Ich said. “This is Saturn and this is Phoenix. With the EFAI gone, they can come back out.”

“Oh uh… hi,” Saturn said. He seemed kind of nervous with everyone looking at him.

“Anyway guys, uh… now since the EFAI is gone, you can leave. Quartz here can take you guys home,” Sapphire then said.

“Oh, about that,” Ich said. “We don’t have a home. It got blown up.”

“And I never had one really to begin with.” I added.

“Oh.” Sapphire thought for a bit. “Well uh, I’ll ask our parents if you could stay over. If you have nowhere else to go.”

“Thank you,” Ich said. “But I have a place to stay. I don’t think anyone else does though.”

As they were talking something felt off about the surroundings. Someone was missing.

“Where did Mehrunes go? Did he turn invisible?” I thought as I glanced around, sensing the air with my powers to see if it detected something.

I sensed something near the door. I then used my powers to grab whatever it was and floated it towards me.

“So, whatcha doing?” I asked (Assumably) Mehrunes, who was invisible.

I didn’t get a response from him, he was probably hoping the others would think I’m weird and talking to air.

“Hey guys, I think Mehrunes was trying to sneak somewhere and he refuses to talk to me while he’s invisible,” I then announced to the others. “If you don’t believe me then just pour like paint or something on what I’m holding here with my mind.”

“Oh?” Ich turned around, facing me instead of Sapphire (since he was talking to her). “Mehrunes is here?” Ich then reached his hand towards what I was holding and it clearly ran into something physical. “Oh he is! Well, I just talked with Sapphire, and she said you guys could probably stay over until you find a new home. I won’t be staying here though.”

“Well that’s fine. Anyway, Mehrunes where were you sneaking off to? By yourself at that,” I asked the invisible Mehrunes again.

“Why would I tell you if I felt the need to be secretive about it?” Mehrunes asked bluntly.

“Because I really don’t feel like reading your mind right now. Too crowded in there anyway to read anything,” I said bluntly back.

“Good for you. Put me down,” Mehrunes demanded.

“Then tell me where you were going,” I demanded right back at him.

“Just leave him be, Locke. He’s Mehrunes,” Ich then said. “He wants to go somewhere. Doesn’t matter where. He’ll be back later.”

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes before dropping Mehrunes on the floor.

“I’ll punch you in the face later,” Mehrunes said,

“Already have a scar there anyway, So I don’t really care.” I retorted.

Mehrunes’s footsteps could be heard running, followed by the door opening and closing. Then he was gone.

“Anyway…” Ich said. “Hematite and his siblings are being nice enough to give you guys a place to sleep. I’m gonna go though.” He turned to everyone else. “Bye everyone!” Then he disappeared. Again.

“Okay so, who’s staying here?” Sapphire then asked, “better to get this figured out right now.”

“Too many people shouldn’t stay though, I don’t think that would be allowed,” Quartz said.

“True. So like, we could probably take a few people,” Sapphire said. “Let’s give them a choice, who wants to stay?”

“Hmmm, well which one of us has the least options?” I then asked the others.

“Me and Guy and Malum can stay with Vivo and Vulgon like before,” Timmy said. “So I have an option.”

“We… Don’t have a place,” Saturn said, talking for himself and for Phoenix.

“And I… am not sure personally.” I shrugged.

“What about you, Listy?” Sapphire asked, looking over at Listy.

“I mean, normally I would stay with Mehrunes, but he’s enough of a wildcard that I don’t even know if he’s even gonna check in with me.” Listy shrugged.

“Okay, then how about you, Saio, Saturn, Phoenix, and Locke stay? I think that’ll work well,” Sapphire said.

“Sounds good,” I said.

“I’m good with that.” Listy nodded.

“Okay, when it’s time to sleep, or whenever you want to sleep, I’ll show you your rooms,” Sapphire said. “So, if you’re hungry, Ruby made lunch.”

“OH, YES! I’m starved!” Hematite exclaimed, as he then disappeared somewhere in the house in a flash.

I just laughed a bit. “I guess eating some food wouldn’t hurt right now.”

“Kay, whoever wants food, follow me,” Quartz said, walking in the direction that Hematite had gone in.

I followed after him. He led me to a dining room, and Ruby was in there with Hematite, and they were eating. Noodles, I see.

“Locke will be joining us for dinner,” Quartz said as he took a seat.

“Oh, alright!” Ruby gave Quartz a plate full with noodles, and she gave me one too.

“I don’t think I’ve ever actually had noodles before,” I commented as I sat down with my plate.

“These ones are Ruby’s special noodles with her secret sauce!” Hematite exclaimed, before stuffing his mouth with more noodles. “You won’t have them anywhere else!” He had a satisfied look on his face. “AWWW DELICIOUS!”

Seeing this I then took a bite of the noodles to see what they tasted like. Chewing, my taste buds debated on its flavour. It was really good, the best food I’ve eaten ever… Granted from my experience with actual ‘food’ that’s comparing it to like, five other dishes but it was still REALLY good! Definitely better than Mehrunes’s cooking, I can say that for sure.

“Compared to the five other actual meant for human dishes I’ve had before this, this is certainly the best thing I’ve eaten!” I commented as I ate another bite of noodles.

“Yeah, Ruby’s a great cook,” Quartz said, eating his food.

“I can tell,” I said, chewing.

“Where’s Saph? Is she not gonna eat?” Hematite asked, looking around the dining room and seeing that his other sister was not there.

I just shrugged while eating another bite.

“I think she didn’t want to leave everyone else alone, in case they misbehave or anything. Because we don’t know half of the people there,” Quartz said.

“Eh, I’m sure Listy, Saturn and Phoenix won’t cause trouble,” I said.

“There’s already a broken couch, our parents are going to be mad,” Quartz said, looking over at me.

“I mean that’s technically Mehrunes’s fault since he went all murderous and stabby and stuff which led to the couch getting destroyed.”

“We’re just gonna have to fix it before they get back,” Ruby said, as she took a seat.

“Is fixing things another one of your guy’s many abilities? Or do you actually mean like using tools to fix it?” I asked.

“Ruby is the fixer-upper,” Hematite said, pausing between bites. “Fixes people, objects, really anything.”

“Well how long would it take to fix a couch that’s been broken in half by Mehrunes’s face?” I asked.

“A few seconds, probably.” Ruby shrugged. “I should go do that now that dinner’s finished.” She got up and left the room.

By now, Hematite had finished eating. He got up and stretched. “Say, Locke, what are you gonna do now that you’re free?”

“That is a VERY good question,” I said. “Frankly, besides finding my former family who I barely remember, I really have no idea.”

“You want to go back to the station and look for files? Possibly find out who your family is?” Quartz asked me.

“We could. But now that I think about it, won’t the files get picked up by the Council anyway?” I asked.

“They may pick them up. If you see them there, you can ask them and they could help you find your family,” Quartz replied.

“True,” I said as I finished my food.

“So you wanna go do that? Find your family?” Quartz questioned.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try,” I said as I got up from my seat.

“Alright, you can come back when you’re tired. Since we’ll be providing you a place to sleep,” Quartz said. He snapped his fingers and a portal appeared next to me.

“Thanks,” I said before I headed towards the portal.

As I jumped on in, I wondered if I was going to find my family or not. And if I did find them, how would they treat me or how would they react to me? It’s not like I looked that weird compared to a normal human but still. It made me think quite a bit…

to be continued in the next chapter.... 

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