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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 6)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 6)

Posted May 10th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6: Mehrunes


I can’t believe you’ve done this to me.


No. Never. Shut up. Go away.


Go die.

I just needed to leave. Leave the witnesses who bore my undying secret. I needed to collect my thoughts. Nigh impossible, but I had to try. I’m sure they at least thought that I didn’t remember anything from my time being ‘controlled’. A flat lie. One of many at this point.

You should really tell the truth more often.


Shut up both of you!


I hate all of you.


You guys are cool.

Aw thanks!

Potato salad!

But I’m tryna exist here, so if you could just leave me be, thanks.

I needed something to do, right now I was just walking around on… whatever planet this was aimlessly. There was a lot of mountains so I assume the Rock Planet. It was kind of cold too. Meant I wasn’t near an equator. Maybe I’m near a pole.

Oh, I know what to do. I’ll find my bounty hunter friends and see what’s up with that. So long as Rando didn’t spontaneously explode with the power of a thousand suns, I’ll probably be able to track him with the specialized tracker I have specifically for him.

Rando is basically impossible to track because his everything is random, which is why I literally stuck a tracker on him and hoped he didn’t randomly EMP everything like the random couch eating individual he is. So really all I had to do was get out my tracking device and hope he didn’t do anything to the tracker I put on him.

I pulled out my tracker and turned it on, the screen blipped to life. My tracker was functioning, Rando hadn't broken it or anything so I could track their location. They were somewhere in space. Whoopity doo.

May as well just teleport to them. They weren’t too far away, I just had to charge enough energy and then teleport right next to their ship, activate Full Star (since it was much easier to fly with it) and fly to the ship. Or, I could save my energy so I can use Full Star a lot and not pass out, and just teleport right into the ship. I just need to find and lock onto Rando’s energy. Which is easier said than done but whatever.

The spaceship itself’s energy is easier to track so I’ll do that. Since the tracker gave me their location, it was easier to track the energy since I could just focus on one specific spot. So that’s what I did.

After I locked onto the energy, I then teleported to the ship. I then found myself in the ship, and Rando was sitting down on the couch, sucking on his toe. At least I made it.

“Oh! Hey Mehrunes, you’re back!” Hamshere then spotted me, as he was sitting at the kitchen table munching on a snack. “Where’s List? You came alone?”

“Yeah I came alone,” I replied. “And it’s probably gonna be that way for a while, though I wanted to check in on you guys. See how things went.”

“All went well man,” Hamshere replied. “We got paid too. If you want some money, we’ll give you some. We’ve divided it.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“Kay.” Hamshere nodded. “Well, thanks for checking in on us. Everyone else is at Hematite and Quartz’s house, I’m pretty sure… Teleyon went back to the Space Station though. If you wanna check on him too, you can.”

“Yeah… I guess,” I replied. “Why’d he go back?”

“To get some people who got captured back. Dunno who.” Hamshere shrugged, eating his snack.

“I have a theory or two, but you don’t know any of them so it won’t matter,” I said.

“Yeah. Well, if you wanna go there, I’m sure we could drop you off,” Hamshere said. “Otherwise, we’re just goin’ to drop Red Rampage off on the Tech Planet.”

“Sure, you can drop me off and give me my cut of the cash, I’ll find my own way off the station when I leave,” I replied.

“Alright, I’ll tell Corpse.” Hamshere walked out into the pilot room for a moment and then came back with a bag. “Here’s your cash. 500 thousand Ultims. That’s a lot.”

“Yeah, it’s a lot!” I said with an excited tone. With that money I could do a lot of things…

“I’d suggest getting a bank account and depositing it so you don’t get robbed,” Hamshere said as I took the bag.

“Bud, I have several food stands around on different elemental planets. Do you think I don’t have a bank account?” I asked.

“Oh, then if you do, that’s great! You’re all good then!” Hamshere then left the room. “Lemme check up on when we’ll arrive.”

“Have fun with that,” I replied to myself, basically.

I then just stood there for a bit, doing pretty much nothing. Luckily, the voices in my head were quiet so I didn’t have to deal with them.

? Teleyon ?

I was about to get hit but Arada pushed me out of the way just in time. Lagi looked up at her, growling. He then proceeded in attempting to hit her with his red claws from his armor.

Arada jumped back and knocked him down the hallway with her feet. She then looked over at me and reached her hand down to help me up.

“This battle is not a battle you should be near,” Arada said as she helped me up. “You go and find Sokanon and everyone else, okay?”

“Oh, y-yeah.” I nodded.

Lagi came back to attack, but Arada tripped him and knocked him into the wall. I quickly used this time to run away. Arada pointed at the direction that Sokanon and Aurallia were in so I ran that way. Arada then distracted Lagi as I zipped past them.

I checked my watch, for no reason at all really (just because I wanted to see the time I guess), and then looked back up at the hallway. I found a door that was open and looked through it. I found them!

In front of me was Sokanon and Aurallia, not inside of a cage but outside. There was another man with turquoise armor with them. He was holding Sokanon though and Aurallia stood beside him.

“Oh, h-hello again.” Aurallia then saw me and waved. The armored man then looked over at me.

“You need something?” The man asked me.

“Well, I was just gonna come here to help these two… Bring them back home,” I said.

“Ah. Well you can take Aurallia.” he man nodded at her and she nodded The man nodded at Aurallia, who nodded back before walking over to me.

“What about Sokanon?” I asked. “I was planning on taking her too.”

“Oh. Well, she's not alive. So… I'm afraid I can't let you take her,” The man said.

Wait, Sokanon was not alive?! She's dead?! What happened to her?!

“Wait, she's dead?!” I exclaimed.

“Yep. Cause of death is unknown. So I'm going to be taking her in to investigate. Sorry,” The man then began to walk out of the room.

? Mehrunes ?

“There ya go Mehrunes, see ya later,” Hamshere said. The ship had made it close enough to the EFAI Space Station that I could teleport.

So I did just that. I teleported into the facility and found myself in the middle of the hallway. There were people walking through the hallways, adults that had turquoise armor and mutants. Looked like they were taking them somewhere.

“Excuse me,” one of the armored men said to me. “Can you tell us how you’re associated with the EFAI?”

I looked up at the man talked to me. He was probably working with the Ultimate Council since he was here.

“Are you part of the Council?” I asked, just to make sure.

“Oh, no. We’re part of Ultimate Turquoise’s Corps, 2nd Division,” The man said. “You aren’t part of the EFAI, since your DNA is fine. What are you doing here?”

“Checking up on some friends,” I answered.

“Oh, alright. Anyone in particular?” The man asked.


“Oh, that boy. We’ll take you there then.” Another man walked up to me and patted me on the shoulder. I then was teleported.

I then find myself in a hallway. Teleyon was right in front of me. Beside him was that girl Aurallia, and in front of them was another man. And he was carrying Sokanon.

“Ack! Sokanon is putting off no energy! TELEYON WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I exclaimed.

“Oh hi Mehrunes,” Teleyon said, waving.

“Yes hello, good to see you how have things been, SOKANON IS LIKE, DEAD, WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I exclaimed again.

“I didn’t do anything, I just came here and found her dead. This guy right here is gonna investigate it,” Teleyon explained.

“Oh. Okay. I guess she was cursed and stuff. And all her friends died. And Saio is in a coma. And stuff. So… do you know where Arada is?” I asked.

“Yeah, she’s over that way.” He pointed down the hall.

“Lovely. I was just checking in to make sure you weren't dead as that one guy who got murdered by Sokanon that one time,” I said. “I’ll go check in in on Arada now.”

“She’s fighting Redkro so…” Teleyon said. “Basically, Lagi with armor. And not really Lagi cuz he acts different.”

“Lovely,” I said, and then walked down the hall.

After a bit of walking, I then found Arada fighting against a red armored Lagadag. He looked the same as I remembered, except he had this red death stare in his eyes. Oh yeah, and he had a tail. Cuz he’s a lagiafruth or whatever the heck it’s called.


“Oh hi Mehrunes,” Arada said, before she dodged an attack. “Lagi’s trying to kill me so. I’m avoiding that.”


“Okay, Elite Ancient Warrior Redkroahoda, you do know the person you’re possessing is named Lagi, we had a Watherbretage or whatever fight and then they signed a thing and stopped fighting because past mistakes exist and these Lagicarcorias literally don’t care about anything. So you should screw off back to your death and die some deadly death,” I said.

“Oh. So this body is called Lagi…” Redkro said. “This body is weak.”

“Yeah it really is so maybe you should go away,” I replied. “And like… not possess someone who literally wanted to do a whole lotta nothing his whole life.”

“I only appeared in this body, I did not possess anyone,” Redkro said. Seemed the fighting had stopped though now that we were talking.

“Well, yeah okay. So you appeared in that body, and the infighting between your two factions I’m not going to try to pronounce has stopped, making your general appearance and presence useless at this point, so what’s stopping you from leaving Mister Lagi-the-wimpy-baby-that-can’t-fight-anything?” I asked.

“I… What?” Redkro was confused.

“The armor,” Arada said. “He exists in any body that has that armor on.”

“Yeah, I get that. I’m asking why he doesn't just take the armor off himself/Lagi,” I replied. “Cuz like, he doesn’t need to be here.”

“I can not take it off. This is my body now,” Redkro said. “And this WaterBreathe girl here is my target. War is not over between our two clans.”

“But… it is though. Isn’t it Arada?” I asked. “Didn’t you sign a thing?”

“Yeah, it is over. But Redkro, you’re from the past right?” Arada asked. He nodded. “That’s why, you see in the future there is no more war. We signed a thing and agreed to have peace. Your mindset is still from the past. You gotta understand that it’s over now.”

“I… it’s over? It can’t be. It’s not over until either side is all dead,” Redkro said.

“That’s true in some cases. However, sometimes in war both sides agree it’s in their best interests to stop fighting, ensuring their own survival and preventing  more resource use from furthering the war,” I replied.

“And that happened?” Redkro looked over at Arada and she nodded. “I see… so this is all a misunderstanding…”

“Yep,” Arada said.

“I apologize for attacking you then. If I do not have the WaterBreathe as my enemies, I will need new enemies…” Redkro said. “An Elite Warrior such as myself will need enemies at all times.”

“Then find a new enemy?” Arada said.

“I shall.” Redkro turned around and looked down the hallway. “Also… where are we? This place seems very odd. The future itself is very odd.”

“Well the people here were using creature DNA and experimenting on humans. And others,” I replied. “It’s in space. It’s a space station.”

“How impressive… to have finally gone out there and colonize…” Redkro said. “The future is impressive. None of my enemies are here anymore…”

But then, a man appeared in the hallway. He was dressed in a blue-turquoise robe of some sort, and he had turquoise hair and eyes. Redkro looked over at him.

“Turquoise…” He growled. “You’re still alive…”

“Oh?” The man looked down at Redkro (since he was in Lagi’s body, he was shorter). “Who’s speaking?”

“It is I! The Elite Warrior Redkro!” Redkro laughed. “I have taken a new body, which allowed me to travel to the future!”

“Ah. Redkro. Long time no see. It’s been quite awhile. More than a hundred generations,” the man, Turquoise, said.

“Yes… and how did you do it?” Redkro asked. “How did you come to the future?”

“Oh, I didn't travel to the future. I’ve been alive this whole time. I’m part of what is now called the Ultimate Council. Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Universe. And the Multiverse as well, though that idea was brought up long after you passed away,” Turquoise said.

Redkro looked shocked. “Unbelievable… You’ve been alive!?”

“Indeed.” Turquoise nodded. “It’s very amazing how much the galaxy has evolved over time.”

That man is blue! He is not to beh trusted!


“Well…” Redkro said. “You are still my enemy, even in the future. So I shall kill you!” He launched forward, attacking Turquoise.

Turquoise didn’t even budge as he froze Redkro in his spot. “I wouldn't try that. I’ve been alive for many generations, so my experience level is much higher than yours. My power is much higher than yours. You’re not fit to fight.”

Redkro growled. “I cannot accept this…”

“If you don’t wanna get deaded, you probably should,” I commented.

“You said the armor is what brought you? I’ll simply take the armor off then,” Turquoise said. He then brought his hand forward to the chestplate. He pushed against it, shining blue light and then stuck his hand through Redkro’s body like a ghost. Then he pulled his hand back, and the armor was off.

Lagi’s body was all that was left. His normal tail, blue shorts, and red tank top. They were dirty though. Probably hasn’t bathed in… years.

“Are you gonna take that armor Mister blue?” I asked. “I say Mister blue because I doubt my ability to pronounce your actual name.”

“Ah.” Turquoise nodded at me. “This armor shall be discarded. Redkro is long dead and is not fit to be here in the future.”

“Are you gonna destroy it?” Arada asked.

“Have you not heard me? I said I shall discard it. This is not the only armor that has been enchanted with the spirit of someone of the past,” Turquoise said. “I shall put them with the rest.”

“‘The rest’?” I asked.

“Correct. The rest.” Turquoise nodded.

“Alrighty then,” I said.

“You know this boy?” Turquoise then asked, referring to Lagi who was laying on the ground.

“Yeah, but we’re not exactly buddy buddy,” I replied.

“Ah. I shall take him then.” Turquoise then picked up Lagi.

“You can probably just put him on the Water Planet, he’s not exactly avid to train or… do anything. Ever,” I said.

“He is a minor after all. Many teenagers don’t like doing as they’re told. But he’ll learn,” Turquoise said.

I coughed. “He uhh… also has kids there. Unless they all died…”

Turquoise looked back at me for a second. He was silent as he thought about what I said. Then he walked along. “It’ll be investigated.” Was all he said.

“Alright that's good, one less thing I have to keep up on,” I commented.

“You two should hurry up and get out of here. After we’re finished cleaning up here, we’ll be transporting the station to a planet,” Turquoise said as he walked.

“Is your transporter not fit for organisms? Because if not I see no reason why we can’t be here when it happens,” I replied.

“It’s private territory,” Turquoise said.

“Fair enough,” I replied.

“You can find one of my men and have them take you home,” Turquoise said. “Otherwise, farewell.” Then he disappeared.

“Well that happened,” I commented.

“Yeeeeep,” Arada commented as well.

“So what’s been going on with you?” I asked casually. “You kinda got taken… and then…?”

“Not much. Got tested on. Let them take some of my DNA to make people able to breath underwater. Except now they’re out of business so it doesn’t matter,” Arada replied.

“Yeah, I guess it wouldn't matter now,” I said.

“Mhm. We should probably get out of here now. Catch up with Tele,” Arada said. “See if he got Sokanon and Aurallia yet.”

“Sokanon is dead, and he had Aurallia,” I replied casually. “So. Yeah. Let’s go catch up to him.”

“Hold up, she’s dead?!” Arada exclaimed as we began walking over to where Tele was.

“I know right? They don’t know why, but she is. So I guess that’s a thing,” I replied.

“Weird… First she kills her friend, another goes missing, and now she herself dies… Is she actually cursed?” Arada asked.

“I think so. But hey, now that she died, maybe Saio will get herself together and wake up from her coma and do something with her life.” I shrugged.

“I’ll make sure to teach her stuff then, and actually get her a crystal,” Arada said.

“That sounds lovely,” I replied.

“Though we need a new home. Ours is kind of gone now,” Arada said.

“Only a lot,” I replied. “It was exploded.”


“And then melted,” I said. When my memory suddenly joged. “Wait, we need to find Zephyr!”

“Zephyr? Why, what happened to Draco’s dragon?” Arada asked. Right, she was taken before that happened.

“Apparently he was taken along with Sokanon after we ran away from the scene. This bounty hunter guy melted the training room and his area, and he got a little upset and started attacking the mech he was in and we didn't take him with us because he’s a dragon,” I explained. “So I’m willing to bet he’s here. Because I know the EFAI took him.”

“We could ask Turquoise’s men then,” Arada said. In front of us, Teleyon and Aurallia were walking behind the man holding Sokanon’s body. “Hey Teleyon! We’re back!”

Teleyon turned around. “Oh, how’d it go?”

“It’s over with,” Arada replied.

“So about that dragon…” I tried to get Arada back on topic. “Yo! Dude-that’s-carrying-Sokanons-dead-body! Has anyone happened to find a plasma electric dragon around here?”

The man turned around as well. “Yes, we have. It’s been transported already.”

*SIGH* Come on, man! Why’d you go and do that?” I asked. “And how do I get Zephyr?! It’s kinda my friends dragon that was gifted to him. And stuff.”

“Ah. Well then tell your friend we have him, and he can get him back later,” the man said. We were all walking down the hallway now.

“I don’t know where Draco is!” I exclaimed.


“Ugh! This whole debacle is annoying!” I exclaimed, ignoring the voices.

“You should go home and rest then,” the man said. “We have everything under control, so you don’t have to worry. I’ll have someone come take you home.”

“Define home,” I replied.

“Wherever you live. Do you not have a home?” The man asked.

“It got destroyed so we’re homeless right now,” Arada said.

“Didn’t you get teleported to Quartz’s house, Meh? So we can just go there. Where the others are,” Teleyon said.

“Yeah, you guys can go there although I’m not sure they have space, I’m not going back there. I’m not in the mood to deal with more than five people. If I can just get dropped off on the Rock Planet I’ll be just fine thank you,” I replied.

“Yeah, how about that then? Just take us to a hotel on the Rock Planet,” Teleyon said.

“Will do.” The man nodded.



to be continued in the next chapter

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