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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 7)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Nine: (Chapter 7)

Posted May 12th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 7: Guy


“Yeah, sure Locke can come with us too,” Vivofit said over the phone.

“Nice, then we’re all good! Come pick us up!” I responded. Then the armored man hung up and took his phone back.

Malum, Locke, and I were going to go home now. Or well, Vivofit and Vulgon’s home was me and Malum’s home. And Locke is Malum’s brother so we decided to take him with us. He agreed to come anyway.  Vivo lived on the Tech Planet with his Mom. She was nice to us and she let us stay with them, and we got our own rooms too. This way, Quartz’s house won’t be as crowded.

“Here, I’ll take you to the garage where you’ll be picked up by your friend,” the armored man said. He then teleported all of us to the garage. “Stay safe!”

The three of us were then waiting in the garage. There were more armored people loading spaceships and unloading them, doing all sorts of work. Taking down an organization such as the EFAI would take a lot of work… I was just happy that they were shut down now. And that we were free now.

“Welp. Now it’s a lot less stressful being around for me,” Locke said with a sigh of relief. “Don’t have to be tense and on guard all the time anymore.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I nodded. “Do you know what you want to do with your life?”

“Never thought about it honestly.” Locke shrugged.

“Haha, yeah neither have we. We're too used to living a life where we're always on the run from the EFAI… we're used to danger,” I said.

“I guess so.” Locke nodded.

“We also should go pick up Timmy from Quartz’s house,” I said. “And take him with us.”

“Yeah,” Locke agreed.

Then I spotted a spaceship fly into the garage. Specifically, it was Vivo’s spaceship. He’d arrived.

The spaceship just floated there and didn’t land, and the door opened, revealing Vulgon at the door.

“Sup! Jump on in guys, Vivo can’t land,” Vulgon exclaimed.

Malum jumped onto the ship first, and I flew up there using my wings. Locke levitated and got inside too. After we all made it in, the doors closed and we took off.

“So the EFAI is done for now, huh?” Vivo asked, sitting in the pilot seat. “About time. We’re all safe now.”  

“Yeah, and could you go to the Rock Planet real quick, we gotta pick up Timmy,” I said to him.

“Oh sure, where?” Vivo asked, turning around.

“Uhh…” I turned and looked over at Locke. “I don’t know, do you know Locke?”

“Gimme a sec,” Locke said before he closed his eyes and seemed to be focusing hard on something.

This went on for a while. Maybe he was talking to someone?

Then a portal appeared and Timmy came out of it.

“Oh, well that saves us time,” Vivo commented as the portal closed and disappeared.

“Indeed,” Locke said as he opened his eyes.

“Anyways, next stop, home!” Vivofit exclaimed. The spaceship, Keiko, soared through space at light speed, heading towards the Tech Planet.

We passed many stars and planets but couldn’t see them due to our speed. Eventually, we arrived at the Tech Planet. It was a large planet embed in large metal plates. There were a lot of skyscrapers in the cities, as there are a lot of cities… The underground cities are cool too. This planet is basically exactly what it’s name is… There is a lot of technology there.

Keiko then arrived at Vivofit’s home, and he landed the spaceship (because he’s not allowed to crash here). We all got out and entered the home. It was a small apartment pretty much, made of metal. Metal was the commonly used material on this planet, the buildings and houses and everything was made of metal. It wasn’t easily flammable either, so that’s a plus.

“Mom! We’re home!” Vivofit yelled. His voice echoed throughout the house. There was no response. “Oh, well that means she’s not home. You guys can take the same room, with the two bunk beds!”

“Oh okay,” Locke said.

“You guys should also get passports, become citizens of the Tech Planet. That way you have identities now that you’re free!” Vivofit exclaimed.

“Passports?” I asked.

“Yeah, passports.” Vivofit nodded. “When Mom gets back, we’ll get those for you guys.”

“Oh. Neat,” Locke said.

“Though Mom would be you guys’ guardian,” Vivo said. “If you’re okay with that.”

“Yeah. That’s fine. She was nice enough to allow us to live here for quite a long time,” I said. “We can’t thank you enough for it.”

“Yeah. Hold on, lemme call her.” Vivofit took out his phone and called his Mom. She picked up after a while. “Hey Mom, we’re home! Guy, Timmy, and Malum came back with us. The EFAI’s been shut down by the Ultimate Council, so they’re free. I thought about getting them some identity files so that they can be normal people. I just need you to--Yeah, I landed the ship Mom! I know I’m not allowed to cras--Yes Mom--Oh yeah also Bob has been replaced with Malum’s younger brother Locke. No we don’t know where Bob is. Yeah, the council is helping all the other subjects. When will you be home? Oh okay. Bye then!” He then hung up and looked back at us. “She’ll be home in an hour so, we can just relax now.”

“Oh. Well that sounds nice,” Locke said.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

It was pretty nice, being free and safe. Not having an organization tracking you everywhere you go and trying to hunt you down.

? Hematite ?

“So who’s staying again?” I asked.

“Well, Saturn, Phoenix, Saio, Listy… Actually, I think she might go stay with Mehrunes,” Sapphire said, trying to think. “Yeah, probably those three then. Dad would be okay with that, right?”

“Hopefully,” I replied.

“Yeah.” Sapphire nodded.

We were standing in the hallway, while Ruby was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. Quartz was also helping her.

“Well, I’ll go show those three the room they’ll be staying in.” Sapphire sighed.

“Okay.” I watched her walk down the hallway to do what she just said she was going to do. I then stretched my arms.

“Hey Hematite.” Quartz then appeared in the hallway. “How’re you putting up?”

“Pretty good,” I replied.

“I have a surprise for you,” Quartz said, smiling. “If you want to see it… Come with me.”

My head turned to face Quartz. A surprise!? Heck yes, I love surprises! I wonder what it is! “A surprise, huh? What is it?!”

“Follow me.” Quartz smirked and walked down the hallway.

I followed him, feeling the excitement in me building up. What could the surprise be!? As we walked, I realized where we were headed…

The training room. What was in the training room!?

We then approached the big chamber door of the training room. It was a big room that was made of durable material so that our powers didn’t break it. We walked in and I was excited to see what the surprise is.

“Here he is,” Quartz then said.

In the middle of the training room, there was a man standing. Not just any man… it was a man dressed in golden white robes… It was Ultimate Osaid of the Ultimate Council! Oh my freaking gosh, one of the members of the freaking council is here!

“Hello Hematite Shiny,” Ultimate Osaid then said, smiling.

“Your prize for helping out with the EFAI stuff is you get to spar with him,” Quartz said to me.

Excitement ran through my veins. I get to spar with an Ultimate Council member! I was so shocked and happy that I was speechless… Ultimate Osaid and Quartz were just watching me as I was standing there.

“Well? You wanna spar with him?” Quartz asked.

“O-of course!” I exclaimed. “FERRIC, GET OVER HERE MAN!”

“YA-YEET!” I then absorbed my Ultimate Crystal and let its power soar through my body.

“Alright, don’t hold back at all!” I said to Ultimate Osaid.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“A hundred percent! It’s not everyday I get to fight a Council Member since you guys are busy, so give me your all!” I exclaimed. Hehe this was gonna be a great battle.

“Alright, very well then.” Ultimate Osaid extended his arm out. “A barrier would be necessary so we don’t destroy your house. I don’t think Emerald would be happy, would he?”

“No, he wouldn’t,” Quartz said. “But we do have a system set up. Nothing will escape this room.” He pressed a few buttons on the wall and the walls filled with energy.

“Oh. That is a neat feature,” Ultimate Osaid commented.

“Yeah it is, isn’t it?” Quartz smiled. “Anyway, let’s see how you do Hematite!”

“Yeah! You ready?” I asked Ultimate Osaid.

“Whenever you are,” he replied with a smile.

“Alright!” I released all of my power, legit all of it, and surrounded myself in a thick gray aura. The air thickened as I then charged forward to attack Ultimate Osaid. I sent a punch at him with extreme speed, aiming to hit his face.

Ultimate Osaid just dodged right out of the way easily. I continued sending punches and kicks and all sorts of attacks right at him. He just dodged them all, like he saw all the attacks coming before they even came.

Then he attacked, knocking me back with his right palm.

“Anything else you got?” Ultimate Osaid asked.

“You gotta attack too, man! I said to go full out!” I whined. “You’re holding back!”

“Of course I’m holding back. You would cease to exist if I went full out,” Ultimate Osaid replied.

“Well, what about that technique? Where you clone yourself a bunch of times and divide your power every single time. You should just do that,” I suggested.

“I already have.”

“Do it again then! Do it to the point where you can fight all out without having to hold back!” I said.

“Very well.” Ultimate Osaid then did something and he appeared to be transparent for a few moments. “There,” He then said after he finished.

“Sweet, now come at me!” I exclaimed.

Ultimate Osaid then appeared in front of me, sending a punch into my gut. I increased my defense at that point and reduced the knockback from his attack. I then launched myself forward, headbutting him in the chest.

Ultimate Osaid was knocked back into the wall, but he jumped off of it, leaving a trail of golden light as he moved. He then shined a light and blasted plasma at me. I caught the plasma and squeezed it between my palms, before I teleported behind him and connected the plasma with his back.

An explosion occurred then. After the dust wore off, I saw Ultimate Osaid was standing there with his aura activated. He also had a staff in his hands, with a shining, radiating crystal that was colored golden-neon-yellow on the tip. It was his Ultimate Crystal.

I then charged all my power into a punch and sent Ultimate Osaid flying into the wall. He then teleported next to me, and knocked me back with his staff. His attack was then followed with a bunch of other blows, and I felt pain all over my body. This was great.

I then saw his next attack, as he was about to knock me into the wall again. As he swung his staff to attack me, I grabbed it from him and hit him in the chest with my knees. That knocked him back and away. I was now holding his staff… Holy crud this thing was soaring with power… But I couldn’t use it so it was fine.

Or could I?

“Yo Ferric! Is it possible to use this staff’s power?” I asked my Crystal.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. But you can’t use that other Ultimate Crystal,” Ferric replied. “Cuz you can only use me, bruh.”

“Right.” I then decided to use the energy in the staff. I charged a blast and sent it towards Ultimate Osaid.

He dodged the attack and put his hands together as he then pointed it at me. He was trying to get his staff back. Ha, no!

As he sent a blast towards me, I jumped over it. I was about to land in front of Ultimate Osaid but he sent another attack at me. I moved to the side in midair and hit Ultimate Osaid in the right side of his neck with his own staff.

The staff was surprisingly sharp. It gave Ultimate Osaid a cut.

“You’re not bad,” Ultimate Osaid commented. His bruise then just disappeared, like it was never there. “If you train a lot and grow even stronger, you could come work with us.”

“Oh yeah, than--” I started. All of a sudden, Ultimate Osaid knocked me back and took his staff back.

“You were distracted. Never be off guard in a fight,” he said.

He was right. “Yeah, my bad.”

“Anyway, this sparring match is over. I have to do something,” Ultimate Osaid said.

“It's not over until there's a winner!” I exclaimed, jumping to attack.

But I was stopped in my spot, and I couldn't move. Then I was flung to the ground, and I connected with the ground. The impact made a thump sound.  

“There, you lost now,” Ultimate Osaid then said.

“W-what?! You could have won this whole time?! Were you holding back again?!” I exclaimed, shocked.

“Yes I was, sorry,” he replied with a smile.

“Didn't you make clones? How many did you make?” I asked. He let go since I lost and I was able to get up again. Which, I did.

“I divided my power ten thousand times,” Ultimate Osaid said.

“Ten thousand?!” And he defeated me so easily too! Holy crud… the Ultimate Council was way out of my league…

That didn't mean I’d give up, I'll still push my limits and be able to land a hit on a council member at full power…

“Heh.” Quartz laughed in the corner of the room, like he knew what I was thinking.

“Anyway, I shall be going now. Turquoise is requesting to meet with me,” Ultimate Osaid said. “See you guys later.”

“Bye Ultimate Osaid!” Quartz waved.

“Thanks for the fight!” I added.

“You’re welcome.” Ultimate Osaid smiled one last time before he disappeared.

I then looked over at Quartz.

“Well, you lost miserably. Take this as a lesson to not challenge Ultimate Council members,” Quartz said to me.

“But the point is to challenge powerful people! That way I get stronger!” I exclaimed. But that logic was flawed when it came to Ultimate Council members. They were simply too powerful.

“Some people are too powerful that fighting them is suicide,” Quartz said. “And as your older brother, if that ever comes, I won’t let you fight.”

I just stared at him for a few moments.

“Whatever man,” I then said. “I’m gonna go check up with everyone else.”

“Alright,” Quartz replied. He turned off all the mechanics of the training room and opened the door for me.

I then walked out of the room and headed over to the living room where everyone else was. Or so I thought that was where everyone was. I only found Fucia sitting in the living room all alone. Saturn and Phoenix had gone somewhere probably.

Oh, Saio was still there laying on the couch. So it was just Fucia and Saio.

“Hey, where’d everyone else go?” I asked Fucia.

“They followed Saph to their rooms,” she replied.

“What about you? You’re not staying over?” I questioned.

“I’m going back to Eyujin and stay there. That’s what Draco and I had been doing for a while,” She replied.

“Ohh. Wait, who’s Eyujin?” I asked.

“A dragonologist at the University in Lux City, on the Light Planet. He’s been training the two of us,” She replied.

“Oh, well Quartz can get you there,” I said. “Except, where even is Draco?” I remember feeling his energy back at the station, but then it just disappeared. And Draco disappeared too.

“We still don’t know.” Fucia shrugged with a frown.

“I’m pretty sure that everyone got out of there… Do you want to go back to the station and ask the dudes about him with me?” I asked. The people working for Ultimate Turquoise would have found him if he was still at the station.

“Wouldn’t hurt to try,” She said as she got up off the couch.

“Alright,” I said. “Hey Quartz, get me a portal to the station. I wanna check something real quick.”

“Check what?” Quartz replied mentally.

“There’s a person missing. Everyone got out except for Draco,” I said.

“Oh alright.” A portal then appeared in front of me and Fucia.

“There we go,” I said. I walked into the portal and appeared on the other side, which was a hallway in the EFAI Space Station. Fucia appeared out of the portal a few moments later and the portal closed behind her. “Now we just gotta find a worker.”

“Right.” She nodded.

I looked around for energy of any living creatures and I sensed one coming down the hallway. This whole facility was filled with energy, dang.

“There’s so much energy everywhere,” Fucia commented. She noticed it as well.

“Yeah, that’s all of the workers from the council fixing this place up,” I said. Then I spotted a man in turquoise ultanium walking down the hallway with some mutants with him. “Hey! I need some help!”

The man’s attention was brought over to me. “Yes, what do you need?”

I looked over at Fucia.

“We’re looking for someone named Draco,” Fucia said, she then gave the man a description of what Draco looked like. How tall he was, his hair color, stuff like that. “We’re wondering if you saw anyone like that around here.”

“Let’s see…” The man tapped the device in his ear. “Looking for a guy named Draco.” There was a pause for a moment, as he was listening to the people.

We both waited for him to finish.

“Well, no one has seen the Draco you’re looking for,” The man then said.

“Oh,” Fucia said, sounding disappointed. “Okay.”

“Yeah, sorry,” The man said. “Do you need anything else?”

“Well, I don’t,” Fucia replied.

“Alright. I’ll get back to my duty then.” The man looked back at the mutants following him. “Let’s go.”

They then all walked off through the hallway.

“Well. I guess I can go back to Eyujin now,” Fucia said to me.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Hey Quartz, we need a portal to Lux City on the Light Planet.”

“Why am I your main source of transportation?” Quartz sighed mentally from our home on the Rock Planet.

“Because you’re much faster. And my ship needs gas,” I replied.

Quartz mentally sighed again. “Alright. This is kind of training for me anyway.” A portal then appeared in front of us.

“To where Eyujin is,” I told Fucia as I walked through the portal. I appeared on the other side, which was in Lux City. It was all glowing and there were a lot of buildings and people. This was a pretty nice city.

Fucia then came out of the portal and the portal disappeared.

“Alright. I’ll be on my way,” She said to me.

“You know where the University is right? Cuz I don’t,” I said.

“I do.” She nodded.

“Alright, well see ya then! I’ll probably be looking for Draco, so if I find him I’ll tell you,” I said.

“That’d be nice. Thanks,” Fucia said with a wave before she began walking away.

I waved back as she walked away. After she disappeared into the crowd of glowing clothed people, I decided I would start my search for Draco. He kind of just disappeared though, so how was I supposed to find him? His energy was gone too.

But… where could I start?

to be continued in the next chapter....

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