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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 1)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 1)

Posted January 29th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here's the next booooook! chapter un!



Chapter 1: Ichoo


I got ready fast, almost in just a few seconds right when I woke up. I wanted to save Featherros, and Fucia’s Father’s Kingdom. They were in grave danger. And I wanted to save them.

I startled Achikara with my speed when I woke up.

“Aah!” she screamed.

“It’s just me, Achi, it’s okay,” I told her, as I gave her a quick hug. “But I have to go, okay?”

She looked at me with her green eyes and frowned. “Why?”

“There are people that I need to save,” I said to her.

“But I don’t want you to go! You always do this! You take off to save people!” Achikara wasn’t the happiest at the moment.

“Achi… I will be back as soon as I finish, okay?” I said to her in a soft voice. “Just stay here. Can you do that?”

“Yeah… I can…” She looked down, and some of her natural pink hair blocked her eyes.

“Thank you Achi, you’re the best.” I quickly kissed her forehead. “I’ll be back soon, alright?” I got up and headed towards our bedroom door.

“Okay… love you…” Achi called from behind.

“Love you too, Achi.” I smiled back at her. She was still laying in bed.

I then closed the door and quickly headed out our house door. I saw the fountain down below right in front of Mehrunes’ Diner. But I had no time to lose. I walked over to Draco’s house and knocked on his door. Our houses were right next to each other, it was an apartment complex.

“Draco! Fucia! Broshi! We gotta go!” I called as I knocked. Last I checked, Broshi was staying at Draco’s place.

The door then opened to reveal Draco and Fucia who looked like they had both just changed, but Broshi wasn’t there.

“If you're wondering, he’s still asleep,” Draco said, reading my mind. “We’ve been trying to get him to move for the past five minutes.”

“We don’t have time to lose, where is he?” I asked. “Want me to come in and grab him?”

“If you want,” Draco said, opening the door more to let me in before pointing down a hallway, “His room is to the left at the end.”

“Alright,” I said. “In the meantime…” I pointed a hand down at the ground below and formed a cloud. “Get on that.”

“Sure,” Draco said as he put on his backpack before he and Fucai both sat on the cloud next to each other.

“Also make sure that you brought food! I haven’t had breakfast!” I said to them, just as I entered Draco’s house.

“Right,” Draco said with a nod. Afterwards, I heard what sounded like teleporting, probably him teleporting to the diner to grab some food, likely without Meh’s permission.

Meanwhile, I was standing in Draco’s living room. To my left was a hallway that led to the bedrooms, and I walked through the hallway, before I spotted Broshi’s room. Thank you whoever put ‘Broshi and Locke’ on the door, otherwise I wouldn’t know which it was. The door was closed, however. I opened it and walked in.

I spotted a queen size bed, and Broshi was laying down, covered up with a blanket and looking all comfy. Locke was also there sleeping.

“Broshi, we don’t have time,” I then said. “Come on.”


I sighed. “Do it on the way.”

“No.” Broshi covered his face with the blanket.

“Yes, Broshi. Bad things are probably happening as we speak. We don’t have time to lose!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t care. My sleep is more important.”

“Broshi. Get out of the bed,” I said.

“Nope. Can’t make me,” he retorted.

“Yes, I can,” I remarked. “And I will if you don’t get up in the next three seconds.” He didn’t reply, and I was now starting to act like a parent. “Three.” Broshi didn’t respond. “Two.” Still didn’t. “One. Alright.”

I then blew the blanket off of Broshi, giving it to Locke. Then I carried Broshi with the wind and brought him out of the room.

He groaned. “Screw you.”

“We have to go,” I simply said.

Then we went out the door after passing through the living room. Draco and Fucia were on the cloud, waiting. I set the sleeping Broshi down, and made the cloud bigger so that there was room, with at least a foot separating each of us.

“Alright, and we’ll be off,” I then said.

The cloud then ascended up into the atmosphere. Draco and Fucia watched as we then made it into space. Fucia looked worried at first.

I was providing oxygen for us to breathe, and heat to keep us warm as we then were all the way in space, and could see Ertin behind us.

“Enjoy the view,” I then said with a smile. “This is better than a spaceship. This compared to a window is really different.”

“Yeah…” Fucia said.

Draco also seemed interested but he looked… groggy.

“You alright Draco?” I asked as my cloud zoomed through the stars, picking up speed.

“Nothing bad. Just a bit tired. Nothing unusual,” Draco said, rubbing his eyes.

“Alright good!” I said. I looked back past Draco, and Broshi was just laying there, still asleep. I decided to just let him sleep, and looked over at Fucia. “Hey Fucia, do you know where Featherros is located?”

“It’s pretty far out. Somewhere in the farther left corners of the galaxy. It has two red moons if that helps,” Fucia replied.

“How big and what color is the star that it orbits around?” I questioned. I had my cloud shift it’s route to head towards the area I thought would be where Featherros was located.

“Uhhh yellow, a bit above average size,” Fucia replied.

“Got it.” I watched as we flew past the stars, going at light speed. It would take a while to actually get there moving at light speed, because of how lightyears works, so I had us teleport most of the distance.

After about five minutes, we slowed down. I was looking down at a red and orange colored planet, that had two red moons. It fit the descriptions.

“This it?” I asked Fucia.

“Yeah.” She nodded, looking relieved to see her home planet.

“Now where is your Father’s Kingdom?” I questioned, as my cloud descended into the atmosphere of Planet Featherros.

“Well if you're referring to his main castle then it should be somewhere past that mountain range,” Fucia said, pointing off at a far of row of tall mountains.

By this point Draco had become less groggy and was simply taking in the surroundings. Broshi… was still asleep.

I navigated through the mountains. Featherros was beautiful, and it looked like it was autumn since all the plants and leaves were red, yellow, or orange. The bushes were those colors, tree leaves were those colors, and even the grass was one of those colors. None of the plants were a specific color, just everything was colorful. The dirt and rock were normal though.

Eventually, a kingdom came in sight. It had walls surrounding it, and a bunch of houses and buildings inside. In the middle was a giant palace.

“That’s the place,” Fucia smiled as Draco simply stared at the castle in amazement. He must’ve never seen a castle before.

Then we descended into the kingdom, floating only a foot above the ground right in front of the castle. The kingdom seemed… empty. Not a lot of people were walking around outside.

I then made the cloud disappear, and we landed on the floor on our feet. Except Broshi, he fell on his face. Luckily, the face planting seemed to be enough to actually wake him up.

“…ow…” Broshi got up and rubbed his face. “Oh. We’re back here.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s empty. Is that normal, Fucia?”

“Definitely not. This is supposed to be one of the ten most populated towns on the planet,” Fucia said worriedly as she looked around.

“Well, where is your Dad?” Broshi asked.

“He could be in the castle. Besides that I’m not sure,” Fucia said.

“Well then let’s get in this thing,” Broshi said, cracking his knuckles as he walked towards the castle gate. It was a big door too.

“Welp time to be on our toes,” Draco said as he flared his energy up a bit.

But suddenly, an arrow flew at Draco, headed towards his head. I stopped it with wind, looking up to see where it came from. Then the gates opened, and men with medieval-like armor with swords and shields came out.

They were about to attack us, as they were yelling out their battle scream, but didn’t. Instead, they stopped moving, as they were looking at Fucia.

“The princess… The princess is back!” One of the soldiers then yelled. After that, there was a lot of chanting and cheering.

Draco, obviously, looked upset that he almost got pierced in the head. Broshi just smirked. We were then surrounded by all the soldiers, as they continued chanting and cheering.

“Princess!” a soldier, who looked like he was the commander of the army, got onto his knees in front of Fucia. “We’re glad to have you back.”

Fucia looked a little embarrassed. “Well, I have been gone a while.”

“Yes, you have,” the commander said. He stood back up, and I could see his face underneath his helmet. He had light skin and brown eyes. “King Teloiven was awfully worried. You must come inside quick! It is not safe out here! Would you like me to walk you, m’lady?” He offered his arm.

“It’s okay, we’ll be fine,” She said, walking inside by herself. We followed behind, as the rest of the soldiers were giving us weird looks.

“As you wish, m’lady,” the commander said. When we were inside the castle, which looked really fancy and had paintings and plants, the gates closed behind us.

Draco simply looked around, amazed again. Broshi just walked with his hands in his pocket, not looking impressed at all. Pretty much the opposite of Draco.

“Princess Fucia,” the commander then said, as the rest of the army disappeared to somewhere. It was now just the four of us, plus the commander. “We’ve contacted your father. He is on his way.”

“Good, I can’t wait to see Dad again,” Fucia said as she stood next to Draco.

“How old have you become now, m’lady?” The commander asked. He was a little taller than Draco and Broshi, who were taller than both me and Fucia.

“Almost 17,” She replied.

“Ah! Well then, you must already know that you should begin searching for a husband!” The commander then exclaimed. “Since you will be given a kingdom of your own to rule on Featherros!”

“Yeah…” Fucia said, she seemed embarrassed.

“Isn’t…” I said to her, before looking at Draco. I didn’t say it out loud because I didn’t want to embarrass her any more in front of this guy.

“Technically we aren’t even engaged. So maybe we should wait to bring it up,” Draco said in my mind. Fucia nodded, so he must’ve said it in her mind as well.

I nodded as well, understanding what they meant.

“So, big guy, where’s King at?” Broshi then said, looking at the commander.

“He is on his way,” the commander replied.

“Make him come here faster. I’m getting bored,” Broshi said.

“Now that’s quite rude, young man,” the commander responded. He didn’t look the happiest due to how Broshi was acting.

“I’ve been here before, and I don’t remember seeing you.” Broshi looked up at the commander, smirking. “Or wait. I might've. But I don’t pay attention to weak brats.” The commander opened his mouth in surprise to what Broshi had said.

I then noticed Draco jab his brother in the side before quietly scolding him, I couldn’t hear them. Broshi of course looked angry but at least he stopped being rude. For now.

“Fine,” Broshi then said after Draco had quietly scolded him, “you’re not weak.”

“I am one of the best swordsman on Featherros!” The commander said.

“Best swordsman my butt, I have freaking swords coming out of my back,” Broshi then said. Dark, sharp, vine like things stretched out of his back. There were a lot of them to count.

“Oh my…” the commander stared at them.

“I’m bored, as I said before. Big boy, show me your sword skills. Prove you aren’t weak,” Broshi then said, getting into a fighting stance.

“Uh, Broshi, I don’t think the King would like to see stuff destroyed when he gets here,” I said.

“Shut up! Big boy! Bring it!” Broshi rasped, as he jumped at the commander. The commander reached for his sword in response, but didn’t take it out. I froze Broshi in his place with wind, restraining him. “Tsk! You got lucky.”

Broshi’s dark vines went back into his back as he walked backwards away from the commander. The commander’s facial expression showed that he didn’t think highly of Broshi.

I could also tell that Draco was very upset at Broshi and was apologizing to the commander for his brother being, and I quote, ‘an impatient prick’.

After a while of Broshi’s mean comments and me having to restrain him again from trying to pick a fight with the commander, there was a voice.


Then I saw an older man enter the room who also was taller than Draco and Broshi. He was wearing a tattered royal cape and armor underneath, with a beard that was a mix between purple and white.

“Dad!” Fucia exclaimed.

Fucia then ran over and hugged the man.

“So thats King Teloiven…” Draco said.

“Yep,” Broshi said. “Ugly, right?”

Draco then immediately hit Broshi upside the head. He was clearly having difficulties ignoring his brother’s rudeness.

“Oi! King Teloiven!” Broshi then walked up to the man hugging his daughter. “Aren’t you gonna say hi to me? A welcome back maybe?”

“Oh, Hello Broshi,” King Teloiven said. “How have you been since you left?”

“Been fine. How’s the EFAI going?” Broshi asked.

“Not well obviously,” King Teloiven said.

“How’s the situation?” Broshi had his hands in his pockets.

“People have been disappearing every day. We only have a vague at best idea of where they could’ve been taken to,” King Teloiven replied.

“I’ll find them,” I said, stepping forward. “My name is Ichoo Qeezixyx, son of the Elemental Master of Wind.” I introduced myself.

“Really? Thank you,” King Teloiven said before looking at Draco and Broshi. “And they are?”

“We’re Draco and Broshi Saurashido your highness. We’re here to help Fucia and Ich with the EFAI situation,” Draco said, taking a knee as Broshi simply rolled his eyes at Draco.

“Yeah,” I said to the king. “We came to return Fucia home and to deal with the EFAI. Broshi, Draco, and I will begin searching for their lab immediately.”

“We’ll let you all catch up in the meantime,” Draco said standing up next to me.

“Also,” I said, looking over at Broshi. “One of us has to stay in case the EFAI tries to capture Fucia or the king.”

“Nope! Not me. Make Draco stay,” Broshi said, pointing at his brother.

“But if the EFAI sees you working against them, wouldn’t that be bad for you?” I reasoned.

“Shoot, you’re right,” Broshi grunted.

“Haha!” Draco fistpumped. “See you later Fucia!”

“Bye Draco and Ich!” Fucia said.

Draco and I began our way back to the gate. “If Broshi misbehaves, tell me and I’ll deal with him when I get back,” I said. Broshi just growled silently.

“Got it,” Fucia said as she stood next to her father.

“Stay safe!” I looked over at King Teloiven. “We got this, your highness!”

“Thank you all. I hope you do well,” he said.

I smiled back at him. Then Draco and I made it out the gate and out of the castle, as it closed behind us. There were two guards at the gate that were inside that closed it.

Draco and I then flew upwards, looking around the kingdom.

“Alright hmm…” I scanned the area. “I sense the people’s energy, it’s low but there. They’re hiding in their houses.”

“Yeah. Seems like Ultimates aren’t a common thing here. Can’t sense any energy higher than a normal persons. Except…” Draco said.

I then froze. “Did you sense that?” I asked Draco, “there was a higher energy for a second and then it disappeared.”

“Yeah…” Draco said as he seemed to be trying to remember where exactly it came from. He looked over at a small bit of landscape seeing if he could pinpoint anything.

I then spotted someone walking down the street. They suddenly then just disappeared! In less than a second! Just, gone, out of sight.

“Woah, okay, I think I know what we’re dealing with,” I then said to Draco, as we continued looking around. “It’s not teleportation. It’s speed. Not Saturo’s kind of speed, where you can see electricity wherever he goes, it’s the stealth kind of speed.”

“Yeah… Which means it's harder to trace unlike Satu’s, since his has the energy trail of lightning,” Draco said.

“Which also means catching them is impossible,” I said, looking over at Draco.

“Yeah… that’s a problem,” Draco said.

“I have an idea though,” I said. “It will work.”


“We let ourselves be captured. Of course, not actually. Just, you go and walk in the streets, and when you disappear, release your energy and heat yourself up, use whatever techniques to get free,” I explained. “And I’ll follow your energy and give you support. That way we’ll also know who’s capturing the people.”

“O-okay…” Draco said, sounding a bit unsure.

“Alright, go stand there.” I pointed at the place the last person that disappeared used to be. “Pretend like you’re scared and don’t want to be captured.”

“Okay…” Draco said as he then began walking down the road, pretending to look worried and cautious. But somehow not cautious enough. I didn’t know he could act that well.

Suddenly, just as I expected, Draco disappeared. I then later on sensed his energy way up ahead in a forest. The level seemed around his first Draco Eye’s power. Easy to pinpoint.

Quickly, I flew over towards his energy. I looked down into the forest and saw the cyan glow of his Draco Eye. I landed next to him, and he was in a fighting position, looking around.

“Told you it will work,” I said to him, as I looked around cautiously.

“Didn’t really doubt you but anyway, the moment I was grabbed, I activated my Draco Eye. This guy is fast. We’re miles away from the kingdom,” Draco said.

I looked around but didn’t see anyone. “Hmm… Now he knows we’re here and looking for him.”

“Mhm.” I heard a voice. I rapidly looked over to where the voice came from, and it was a… tree? “I’m hiding right now. But yeah. You’re gonna get in the way.”

“Why don’t you show yourself?” I asked, being cautious. Draco was looking over at the tree cautiously too.

“Sure, I guess.” Then someone appeared in front of the tree. It was a guy with brown hair, wearing a black suit. He also had a scaly tail. “Hi. I’m Bob Brown.”

“Wait a minute…” Draco said, narrowing his eyes. “You were that guy that captured me once thinking I was Broshi!”

“Yeah, yeah, you know me,” Bob said, rolling his eyes. “That was long ago though. I don’t really care for that now. I was on the Reaper Planet, about to become a Reaper along with Malum when I was suddenly recaptured by the EFAI. They took me in, punished me for escaping and stuff. Now I’m working for them.”

“Is that so?” I said. “Where’s their lab?”

“Why should I tell you?” Bob remarked. “I’d rather not, thanks. I gotta get back to capturing more people. After clearing out the citizens, then I hit up the castle.”

Draco glared at him.

“I honestly don’t care, but I get a lot of good stuff for doing this,” Bob said. “So please don’t get in my way.” His skin turned white, and his tail did too. “Yeah, I change color when I feel certain emotions. White means I’m serious.”

“Good for you,” Draco said. He was serious too.

“But I guess I can tell you some things, since it won’t matter to you anyway, I’ll be gone before you can touch me.” Bob turned back into his normal color. “I’ll just tell you this: I’m the only one assigned to this place. So you’re just dealing with me.”

“Good to know,” I responded.

“Uh huh. Anyway, I’ll see ya later.” And just like that, he was gone.

I looked over at Draco.

He seemed less angry but still serious as he stood there quietly. He simply just looked back at me.

“Alright, we should head back,” I said, as I then floated up in the air, ready to fly on back.

Draco, however, was still on the ground.

“You… wanna stay out here?” I questioned.

“No it’s just that I can’t really fly well any more,” Draco said from the ground.

“How come?”

Draco then showed me his messed up wings from his fight with Jasper. “The best I can do now is awkwardly half float through the air with wind,” he said.

“Oh.” Then I had an idea. “Well, you don’t need to fly then. Bob was going in that direction, so something must be there. Head on there. I’m gonna make a wind barrier around the kingdom so that he can’t get in anymore, then I’ll join you in heading towards that direction.”

“Alright,” Draco said as he then absorbed his Ultimate Crystal and activated his speed technique and headed down the way I pointed.

I flew all the way back to the kingdom as quickly as I could, moving swiftly with the wind. Once I made it back, I stopped and floated above the kingdom. Then I raised my hands, pointing them at the walls of the kingdom. Then I created a large barrier of wind and expanded it, covering the whole kingdom with a wind dome.

That should do it. I looked down at the people who were walking out on the streets, to see if they were still being kidnapped. And I saw the person walking still disappear. Even though I had a wind barrier put. Hmm… So that meant that Bob could teleport too.

This was a problem because that made Bob near impossible to catch. His speed was insane and he has amazing stealth. No wonder the EFAI sent him to capture the whole kingdom’s population.

That meant I needed a different plan. I flew down to the ground, on the street that people disappeared on, and set my feet down. I made a barrier of wind around me.

“You thought that would stop me?” I spotted Bob standing in front of me. “I can teleport.”

I had to think of something to do that would stop him. I just looked at him, and he looked back at me. His skin changed color to a light brown shade.

“You know, I am going to stop you. You’re kidnapping innocent people,” I then said to him.

“Can’t stop me, you’re too slow,” Bob remarked.

I then quickly made a barrier of wind around him, keeping him from moving. Just as he was about to teleport, I tried to knock the oxygen out of his lungs. But it didn’t go as I planned.

“I don’t usually breathe, I’m mutated from a space lizard. My skin cells perform cellular respiration, but I don’t breathe.” Bob smirked, and a scythe appeared in his hands. He then cut teleported out of the wind barrier, and struck at me with the scythe.

I dodged and shot him back with wind, and he shot out an energy wave from his scythe at me. I reflected it back at him, and he dodged.

Okay this was difficult, I needed another plan. I shot Bob towards me with the wind, and attempted to hit him hard on the head, trying to knock him out. But black particles appeared and he appeared behind me, and hit me instead.

I couldn’t summon any storms since we were in a city, innocent people would get hurt. I had to get Bob out of here. So I focused on making a tunnel of wind that was powerful enough to shoot Bob out of the kingdom.

But before I could do that, Bob was gone. Drat, he was way too fast and stealthy. I decided to just go back to Draco, since I couldn’t do much here. Maybe we’d find the lab ourselves and just start returning the kidnapped people back home.

I took off, making the wind dome disappear since it wasn’t doing anything to stop Bob. I flew at full speed in the direction that Draco had gone, I could sense his energy. I spotted Draco standing behind a big tree. I flew down to him, landing on the ground. I could sense energy… but it was really dim.

“Should be somewhere around here. I sense something,” Draco said to me, as he looked around.

“There.” I pointed to a flat area where there were no plants.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “How should we approach it?”

“I’m pretty sure the lab would be underground right there. I sense the energy of the citizens, so they must be being kept there,” I said. “Bob is busy bring them in, so he won’t stop us.”

“Yeah,” Draco said. “We still don’t know how to get rid of him though.”

“Right, which is a problem,” I agreed. “Let’s focus on bringing the kidnapped people back, then.”

“Yeah…” Draco said.

I then walked down into the empty dirt area, and looked down for any door or something. I didn’t find any, however.

“I think we’re gonna have to teleport in,” I said to Draco.

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

We then focused on the area we wanted to teleport to, and then teleported. Right under the dirt. I looked up, looking around. It was a lab. The tiles were white, and were all over. There was a closed door in front of us, no windows. I looked behind us, and spotted… cages. They were normal cages, and there were Featherros citizens in them.

“We found them!” Draco exclaimed.

I then noticed that they were all sleeping. Or knocked out. Hopefully not dead… I mean, I could sense their energy so they were alive.

“Okay, we gotta get them out,” I said. “It doesn’t look like they’ve been mutated. This looks like they’re just kept here until they’re ready to be tested on.”

“Right,” Draco said as he examined the cages for a way to open them.

“The keys are over there,” said a voice.

I looked over at where the voice came from, and spotted a cage. Inside was a girl with white hair, and a white scaly tail. Looking over at her, she had red eyes too.

“Wait a minute…” Draco then said. “Ivory!?”






to be continued in the next chapter... 


Quite a long chapter, this was, huh? XD

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