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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 10)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 10)

Posted February 25th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 10: Draco


It was Broshi’s turn up against Eyujin, to see how he does. As Fucia sat back with me near the wall, Broshi stood in front of Eyujin.

“Well?” Eyujin said, his arms wide. “Show me what you got.”

Broshi then activated his Broshi Eye, emitting a red aura as his dark vines came out of his back.

“Oh my, that is different,” Eyujin said, inspecting the dark vines.

“I’m not going to just fight you to see how I’d do,” Broshi said, getting into a fighting stance, it was of course different from mine, it looked more… aggressive. “I’m going to fight you to beat you.”

“Beat me? If you do beat me, then that means you don’t need training.” Eyujin laughed. “But alright. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Broshi then dashed forward towards Eyujin, sending punches and strikes towards him. His dark vines were also in on the attack, and Eyujin dodged all of them.

“Hmph, stop dodging! Fight me!” Broshi shouted. He then activated his Double Broshi Eye, and his other eye set aflame. “I can also use plasma!”

Broshi then charged up some plasma between his hands, and the dark vines were charging up plasma too.

“TAKE THIS!” Broshi yelled. He then shot a large blast of red plasma from his hands and dark vines towards Eyujin.

Eyujin simply blocked the blast with one hand. “Your blasts are weaker than Draco’s.”

“WHAT!?” Broshi exclaimed.

“He used a technique that multiplied his power by fifty times, that’s the reason. Your powers with those eyes of yours are the same, however. That is something you both share,” Eyujin said.

“I cannot let him be better than me!” Broshi growled. “I will beat you! With a different method!”

Broshi then released his power and let out a horrific noise. My eardrums were about to break from how loud he was screeching.

Eyujin was affected by this as well, and he suddenly smacked Broshi, sending him flying right into a wall. Broshi looked hurt from it, Eyujin didn’t hold back.

“…I apologize. You startled me.” Eyujin then noticed what he did.

Broshi just laid back on the ground near the other wall, unable to get up.

“That technique could be useful though. That’s something different that separates you from your brother,” Eyujin said, helping Broshi up. Broshi struggled to stand, since he had taken a powerful blow from Eyujin. “Though, I have decided. We’re going to work on making your bodies stronger!”

While he did almost break my ears with that form, I did notice it boosted his power. Not by fifty times, but still by quite a bit.

“I think I just need more training in general. I haven’t fought as much as these two,” Fucia said as she still had to help me stand up but I wasn’t sore and aching all over anymore.

“Ah, yes Fucia! What is your main power?” Eyujin asked, as Broshi had an arm around his neck. He didn’t look happy about his defeat either. If I were to time it I lasted about thirty seconds… he lasted around only fifteen before Eyujin had took him out.

“Well, my power is completely multi elemental. I can use any power. But I’m not too proficient at any of them sides healing. So I was hoping I could expand on my plasma knowledge some by training with you,” Fucia replied.

“Well, can you make plasma?” Eyujin asked.

“Yes.” Fucia nodded before making a sphere of plasma in one of her hands near instantly. “I can do some of the basics, but I can’t do stuff like Draco’s boosting techniques or giant beams and blasts.”

“Those just require energy to do.” Eyujin inspected Fucia. “Which… you don’t have a lot of.”

“I mean, if we’re able to get the energy problem solved, I could always tell you how to do those techniques and stuff,” I said.

“Yeah.” She nodded.

“Tsk…” Broshi then took his arm off of Eyujin’s neck, not wanting his support anymore, he almost collapsed in doing so however. “I… Train me so that I can become stronger!”

“That is what we’ll do,” Eyujin said with a smile. “We’ll be heading around the galaxy to focus on making your bodies stronger.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, finally able to stand without support, but I was still a little sore. “Do we need more space in order to do it? Or do you have a second reason?”

“It’s not about space,” Eyujin explained. “It’s about the environment.”

“So you're going to toughen their bodies through exposure to the elements?” Fucia asked.

“Yes!” Eyujin nodded. “We’ll begin with heading to the Ice Planet to help with immunity to cold temperatures, having plasma powers is no good if you can’t deal with different air and climate temperatures.”

“I guess it would also help against ice attacks as well,” I said.

“Well not necessarily. Ice attacks are different than temperature. They can still injure you since ice can be manipulated into objects.”

“I guess. But what about the freezing part? I mean, they’d still be able to potentially immobilize you but would the cold of it do anything to add to that?” I asked.

“Usually it depends. Plasma users can heat themselves up to keep warm, but some ice users can become really cold, that it’d nullify your heat regardless of how immune you are to the cold,” Eyujin explained.

“Huh,” I said. “Well I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to do much training for at least a few hours after doing Sparking Spirit times fifty. It just puts so much strain, granted that’s why we’re doing the training anyway.”

“Yes, exactly!” Eyujin said. “In the meantime, you’re going to rest. But not here.”

“Well, a training room would be an awkward place to rest, especially if other people come by to train,” Fucia commented.

“We’ll be resting on the Ice Planet,” Eyujin said. “Even while resting, it will be training.”

“What do you mean by that?” Fucia asked.

“You don’t need to move when resting,” Eyujin said. “We’ll be resting out in the cold on the Ice Planet.”

I had a feeling it wasn’t gonna be as simple as taking a nap.

? Ichoo ?

On my way back to Lavender’s house back on Ertin, I decided to check on Saturn and Phoenix in Dad’s realm. And so I opened up the portal to it once again and entered.

I was now in a forest in Dad’s realm. I searched around for Saturn and Phoenix, and I could sense their energy coming from a building. They must have found one of the buildings and are staying in them.

The building was a small wooden cottage in the middle of the forest. I flew down to the doorsteps and walked on in. Saturn and Phoenix were inside.

“Oh you’re back.” Phoenix saw me first.

“Yeah, I’m checking on you guys. How’re you doing? Need anything?” I asked, closing the door since it was a little chilly outside.

“No.” Saturo shook his head. “We’ll be fine. Just, we’re kind of bored.”

“Well… look around you might find something to do.” I shrugged. “As soon as we find Dr. He or another way to get your blood replaced, I’ll let you out of this realm.”

“Yeah, we understand that,” Phoenix said. “We don’t want to put anyone in danger.”

“And we also don’t want to be captured…” Saturn added. “Which is why we’ll stay here, where it’s safe.”

“Excuse me, Ich,” I then heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned my head and looked back, and standing there was my Dad.

“Oh hey Dad!” I said. “This is Saturn and Phoenix. They’re subjects of the EFAI and our facility got destroyed because people were after them. So I hid them here since they can’t be found here.”

“The EFAI?” Dad scratched his beard. He had a short brown beard. “That doesn’t sound right.”

“There’s a lot of things we don’t know,” I explained.

“The EFAI is run by Dr. He, isn’t it? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard about them,” Dad replied. “I’ll look into it. They can stay here in the meantime.”

“Thank you sir.” Saturn thanked him.

With Dad working into the EFAI, we’ll be able to solve this problem. It would still take time though, since Dad is an Elemental Master, he’s often very busy. But at least he is looking into it.

Soon after a little more chatting, I decided to leave the realm and go back to the real world, and to Lav’s house.

? Draco ?

Eyujin had taken us to the Ice Planet with his spaceship. He told us to follow him, and we did. We walked through piles of snow until we made it to a nice area. Eyujin turned to face Broshi, Fucia, and I.

“Alright now, students,” Eyujin said. “Take off your jackets. Boys, take off your shirts too. And Fucia, you’ll get changed into this special outfit. Broshi and Draco, put these shorts on.” He took out some clothing from his bag and handed it to us.

“Okay…?” I asked as I took off my jacket and took the shorts after taking off my shirt as well. It was really REALLY freaking cold out here.

“It’s freezing out here!” Broshi complained as he did what he was told.

“Keep yourself warm.” Eyujin smiled. “Fucia, since you’re behind them, you can give up whenever.” Fucia was just standing there, holding the clothes that Eyujin had given her.

“Okay,” She said. “But where do I change?”

“Boys! Look away!” Eyujin then said. “You’ll change here, Fucia.”

I nodded and turned away from them. Broshi just looked up at Eyujin, confused.

“Whyyyy do I need to look away?” He asked.

“Because people’s privacy,” I said.

“Well screw privacy,” Broshi grumbled.

“It’s because, Broshi, Fucia is not comfortable changing with people watching,” Eyujin explained to him.

“I don’t care if she’s not comfortable,” Broshi growled.

I then simply put him in a choke hold and forced him to look away.  Broshi of course, was upset at this and was trying to get out.

“Hurry Fucia, before he looks back!” Eyujin said, as he held Broshi down as well.

After a few minutes of this Fucia finally announced that she had finished changing and that we could turn around.

“Haha!” we suddenly heard a voice that sounded like Mehrunes. We turned towards it and spotted three Mehrunes clones. Two of them had cameras. “We got that on tape!”

“And I got it in a photo collage!” another one said.

“I’m just here for the lols,” the last one said.

“We are Scree, Scraw, and Screw! Your pickle is now a shoe!” All three of the Mehrunes’s said at the same time, doing weird poses.

“……” I just stared at them blankly.

“Oh, I’m Scree, that one is Scraw, and that’s Screw,” one of them said, pointing. “You must be confused since we’re triplets.”

“We’re triplets, and definitely not clones,” Scraw said. “Trust me.”

“Mehrunes had us follow you just because, why not,” Screw said. “Otherwise, do you want to purchase this video and the pictures?”

“I’ll take one for free?” Broshi asked, sounding confused.

Scree then walked over and handed Broshi a picture of a pixelated potato.


I decided I was tired of these three so I just made plasma and shot a barrage of small blasts of plasma at them, intentionally almost hitting to ward them off.

“AH! WE’RE BEING ATTACKED!” They did then run off.

Eyujin watched as they disappeared. “Who were those three?”

“Don’t know them exactly but they definitely have something to do with this one guy I know named Mehrunes,” I said.

“Seems like they were trying to annoy you,” Eyujin said.

“That’s kind’ve his thing,” I said bluntly.

“Very well, I’ll make sure they don’t come back. We’re not training on annoyances at the moment.” Eyujin looked over to where the clones of Mehrunes disappeared at and kept watch.

“So now you just want us to try and keep warm?” Fucia asked. It was at this moment that I realized just how cold we were. It felt like my veins themselves were locking up.

“Yes, use your powers to keep yourselves warm!” Eyujin explained.

I nodded before me and Fucia then used plasma to radiate heat from our bodies to try and combat the cold wind. Surrounding ourselves in a white-ish steam like aura. Slowly I could feel myself become a bit warmer.

Broshi was watching us as he was sitting in the snow. He seemed fine, not cold at all. Guess one of his abilities from the DNA is cold resistance or something. Or maybe he’s just done this before. I could also see this black pattern on Broshi’s back, where the dark vines came out from.

It was like a giant tattoo.

“What are you looking at, huh?” Broshi noticed me staring at his back.

“Snow,” I said casually as I continued heating myself, Fucia did the same.

“Snow’s boring,” Broshi grumbled, crossing his arms.

“Indeed,” I said, done looking at him and focusing on heating myself back to a comfortable range.

I then noticed dark vines slipping out of Broshi’s back swiftly and he was building a snowman with them.

I then also noticed that Fucia seemed to be having more difficulty heating herself then I was, she looked more strained then I was. Eyujin was right about her having trouble creating energy to use plasma.

I then noticed Eyujin was taking a nap in the snow. He looked even less bothered then Broshi was. Well guess we won’t know when to stop.

The two of us then stood there in the freezing wind for what was probably ten minutes but it felt like an hour, it was getting hard to nullify the cold and heat my body up.

“You struggling Draco?” Broshi then asked.

“What do you think?” I asked back, shaking a bit because of the wind.

“I think you are.” Broshi laid back, holding himself up with his dark vines.  “Here’s a tip, ignore the fact that it’s cold. Pretend you’re in a desert or something.”

I just looked at him confusedly for a few moments before just rolling with it and tried thinking of a desert.

“Got it?” Broshi then asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Otherwise, I’m not sure, I don’t really get cold.” Broshi shrugged. “Maybe  it’s my genetics.”

“Considering I am getting cold, it’s most likely that,” I said as I focused on heat.

Broshi nodded. “Eyujin is taking a nap. We probably will be here for awhile.”

“Well eventually we’re gonna have to stop. We can’t exactly go forever and ever,” I said, looking at Fucia who looked more strained then before.

Eyujin then got onto his feet. “Alright, guys. I’m gonna go run some errands, and I’ll come pick you up later. Keep training!” He then walked away, waving goodbye until he disappeared from sight.  

Now all me and Fucia could do was just try and stay warm with our powers.

“So then, we’re on our own,” Broshi said.

“Indeed,” I said.

“You say ‘indeed’ a lot. It sounds stupid,” Broshi commented. “What, you trying to sound smart? You’re already smart you know.”

“Well thank you for the compliment,” I said.

“It’s just that you keep saying it a lot. It’s annoying for some reason.” Broshi shrugged.

“Pretty sure you find it annoying due to repetition,” I said before noticing that Fucia was shivering. The white-ish aura she had was fading away.

“Oh yeah you’re right.” Broshi nodded. He then got up and stretched. “How you feeling, Draco?”

“Alright. Not warm, but not cold either,” I said, looking at Fucia concerningly. She seemed to be losing heat faster then she could gain it. She was running out of energy.

“You could help her get warm,” Broshi suggested. “Cuz Eyujin didn’t say we couldn’t.”

I nodded before making a sphere of pure energy and floated it over to Fucia.

After she absorbed it she was able to maintain the aura again and wasn’t shivering anymore. But she seemed too weakened to say anything in return except just smile at me a bit.

“I still don’t get relationships,” Broshi sighed, as he was watching us.

“You’ll encounter it eventually,” I said before Fucia and I focused again on staying warm.

“Will I though? I doubt it,” Broshi retorted.

“We’ll never know until it does or doesn’t happen,” I said calmly.

“Hmph,” he grumbled. “What about love? How does that work?”

“It’s… hard to explain,” I said. “I mean there’s a chemical formula associated with it that causes the feeling but the event that causes it and the feeling itself are infinitely harder to explain.”

“Why do people love?” Broshi asked.

“It makes them feel… complete I suppose,” I said. “Humans are a species that usually depend on social interactions to maintain proper health so they want to  love someone goes along with that I guess.”

“Do you love someone?” Broshi asked.

“Well it depends on what kind of love you're referring too. There’s different kinds, there’s love as in relation to activities or objects, family love as in relatives and siblings or parents and then there romantic love which is where you develop a connection with someone who isn’t a family member. Like what Eyujin was talking about,” I said.

“Tell me all of them,” Broshi said.

“All of the different types?” I asked.

“Yes. Tell me what you love, all types,” Broshi said. “Tell me what love is.”

“Well for the first type, activities, it would be things like eating and breaking limits I guess, or fighting strong opponents for fun. And hanging out with friends,” I said.

“Ah, so for me it would be fighting,” Broshi said. “What about the next one?”

“Well that would be for family. So for example my pets Fireball and Zephyr would be in that category. Or our little sister Draelin,” I said. “She would also fall into that category.”

“Next?” Broshi asked.

“Well that one is romantic or infatuation. For me it would be Fucia but you wouldn’t really have a point of reference for that,” I said as I noticed Fucia looked embarrassed over the topic. Guess she didn’t expect that from me.

“Why is her face all red?” Broshi asked, pointing at Fucia.

“It can mean a lot of things,” I said. “She happens to be embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed?” Broshi questioned. “Why?”

“Probably because I talked about her without her expecting it,” I said.

“So, you love Fucia?” Broshi asked.

I nodded in response. “Yes.”

“What about you, Fucia?” Broshi looked over at Fucia.

“I like him… a lot,” She said awkwardly.

“Like? Is there a difference between like and love?” Broshi looked confused.

“Well, like is just appreciating something. Love is appreciating something a lot more than liking it. It’s like different levels.”

“Oh, so Fucia appreciates Draco, but Draco appreciates Fucia a lot more than her,” Broshi said, putting the pieces together.

“You forgot about the ‘a lot’ part,” Fucia pointed out.

“Wait, so like a lot is equivalent to love?” Broshi asked.

“It could be seen as that, yes.” Fucia nodded.

“Hmm… alright. And… why do you love each other?” Broshi questioned.

“Because we like each other for who they are I suppose,” I said.

“And we connect to that well,” Fucia added.

“I think I understand now,” Broshi said. “It sounds nice. A nice thing to have. Though a guy like me won’t experience it.”

“Well we don’t know that,” I said reassuringly. “I mean, you haven’t been out in the galaxy to live your own life for very long. Maybe only a year. It’s too early to make assumptions.”

“I won’t be able to.” Broshi looked down at the snow in front of him. “After my year break is over, I have to go back to my EFAI life.”

“Hmmm…” That was a good point.

“I don’t have a future like you guys do,” Broshi said. “My future is filled with killing, kidnapping, and anything the EFAI tells me to do.”

He was right, we did want to take down the EFAI but it’s very unlikely we’d ever be able to do that in a year.

“I’m glad you brought me to train, even though this is too easy for me right now,” Broshi then said. “But I gotta get stronger so I can take down the EFAI.”

“Well I’m sure Eyujin will have a lesson that actually applies to you after me and Fucia are done with mastering how to deal with different temperatures,” I said.

“In the meantime, you said something about there being another level after Double.” Broshi looked over at me. “What is it? And how do I get it?”

“Well I was able to tap into it for a bit by rising my power output in Double to it's absolute max. But I don’t know if you’d be able to handle it. I mean, it knocked me out within four seconds of using it, which means it’s easily more than fifty times as powerful as Double is. Since I can maintain Double with Sparking Spirit time fifty for ten seconds. And I didn’t just collapse, it knocked me out cold. I’m not sure you’d be able to handle it either, at least not without us getting more training.”

“I’m sturdier than you,” Broshi said. “I took a full power blow from Eyujin and got up after. I can give it a try and see how long I’ll last.”

“Yeah but keep in mind when he hit me I was already on my last legs. I had strained my body to a point you’ve probably never felt. There was so much energy coursing through me the heat caused my sweat to instantly evaporate,” I said. “Not to mention I wasn’t really using any technique to boost my defense.”

“Yeah, well, do you have rapid regeneration when near death?” Broshi asked. “Cuz I do. That’s how I didn’t die.”

“Well one of my techniques do allow me to regenerate in a way that can even fix broken bones if you give me a few minutes. Plus our transformations heal us a considerable amount when we activate them anyway,” I said. “But anyway, if you're gonna try it, make sure you're not too close, we don’t know what damage that amount of energy can cause.”

“Alright.” Broshi got up and took a deep breath, and I could see the carbon dioxide coming out of his mouth because it was so cold. “So, how do I do it?”

“First you need to start building energy by going through each level via energy generation. So you’d have to start in base and go through Level one and then Double gradually rather than in a instant, that would actually make you lose stamina and a little energy in the process if you do it that way,” I said.

“Alright, I’ll give it a go.” Broshi walked away to distance himself from me and Fucia. He then began to generate energy. “I’ve never tried this before.”

“Well then enjoy your first time trying it,” I said as Fucia and I watched him.

He then continued generating energy, and he was surrounded in a red aura. His eyes were closed as he focused. Then he opened them, and his aura flared. His Broshi Eye activated. The ground shook as a result. He continued charging up power with his Broshi Eye activated.

Then he activated his Double Broshi Eye, and his aura flared even more, shaking the ground even more, causing chunks of it to break off and float in the air around him. He was close…

Then he continued charging even more, before he let out a loud scream. His hair then suddenly began to stand on end, spiking up and flashed red for a brief moment, bolts of lighting streaked off of him as it did.

“YAAARRRRRGH!” He then released his energy, causing the area around him to break off the ground completely, floating around him. He’d done it. His hair was glowing red, and bolts of lightning surrounded him. He looked at himself with a smirk.

I then began to count the seconds. One. He was still up. Two. Looked fine. Three, four, five, six, seven… He was more durable afterall, huh. After about fifteen seconds, he turned back to normal. But something seemed off.

“Well?” Broshi asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Well that certainly looked like it,” Fucia commented. “Granted Draco’s hair was cyan.”

“Yeah…” I said trying to figure out what I thought was off about it. “But something seems different.”

“What?” Broshi asked. “Did I not tap into it completely? Cuz you said you passed out after.”

“Yeah, that and when I transformed there was floating rocks and lightning yes but… it was more vicious and explody at first. The energy was higher. Yours didn't have that. The energy level is certainly higher yes, far higher than Double. But it seems like it's only twenty times higher than Double. While when I did it it felt like it was a hundred times bigger. Maybe you tapped into some sort of… grade one version of it or something. Which is still impressive mind you.”

“Yeah, now that I think about it, your hair was less spiked up than Draco had, like there wasn’t as much power going around. It was still quite impressive however,” Fucia commented.

“Maybe if I practice it more. That didn’t really exhaust me, so I probably didn’t do it right,” Broshi said.

“Well hey, now you have something to match my Sparking Spirit times twenty. So congrats on that bro,” I said with a smirk.

“I still gotta get the real thing,” Broshi replied. “Here let me try again.” He then went to focusing on his energy again. “Any tips to getting to it?”

“Hmm… did you try to amplify the transformations themselves?” I asked. “Like, push the forms themselves to their limits before transforming? I mean, when I did I remember my Draco eyes glowing white.”

“Hmm, no I haven’t. I usually only do that when I really want to do it. Like when I killed that mech attacker dude,” Broshi replied, as he continued to charge his energy. It started off similar to before, his Broshi Eye appeared first and shook the ground. But then he didn’t move on to Double, he released more and more energy and his aura became dark red.

Then after he charged even more, he moved on to Double, his aura dark red. Then the lightning bolts began to appear, and he continued to charge.

Then he released his energy with a yell.

“YAAAAARGH!” His hair spiked up and turned red, and the area around him exploded again. This time he looked like he was struggling to keep the form a bit. This time the energy output was much higher, the heat radiating was causing the snow to evaporate but due to the wind it would freeze again so it was like he was making a storm front just by screaming. Then the lighting bolts shot out more and more. He seemed even more strained.

“You're almost there just a bit more!” I said loudly so he could hear me.

He then released more energy, and his dark vines came out of his back, and they weren’t black anymore, but rather red. Lightning then shot off the ends of each vine, like they were lighting rods. Maybe he was trying to use it to help the strain a bit. It seemed to be helpful since he was able to stand without shaking now.

He then looked at himself, before looking over at me with a smirk.

“I think I got it now,” He said. “I’ve spread the energy out so I can take it.”

He was taking it better than I did, probably because of the dark vines being involved. But I noticed he was still shaking, his legs looked weakened.

Now we count. One. Still standing. Two, he was shaking more. Three, four, five… He was beginning to fall, but he yelled and got back up, shaking the ground. That gave him a few more seconds. Then suddenly, right as I reached ten, a giant burst of red plasma and lightning shot out of his back viciously and Broshi’s eyes widened before he screamed and collapsed onto the ground. His hair returned to it’s normal less spiky self and it faded back to a blackish brown color.

“Ugh… I got it though…” Broshi said, lying on the ground, still shaking. It was similar to how I was after using Sparking Spirit times fifty. “It does put a lot of strain.”

“Yeah, but hey, you held it six seconds longer than me. And it was certainly the real thing. It was at least a hundred times stronger than your Double,” I said.

He then slowly tried to get up, struggling a little at first before he got up onto his knees, he spat on the ground, leaving a small red dot in the white snow. “Think I can take out the EFAI with it?”

“Dunno. We don’t know what their strongest soldier is. But if it's stronger than even that then it must be horrifying,” I said, going over to help him. “But hey, maybe when I’m done not trying to freeze to death, maybe I can have another shot at doing it, at least see if I can get that false version you got before a few minutes ago.”

“False? How’s it false?” Broshi asked, “it’s still the real thing, just weaker.”

“Well it isn’t the real thing then is it?”

“But it’s not fake. It’s just not full power,” he said.

“Well do you have a better name for it?” I asked skeptically.

“Uhh… Hair Technique Level One and Two,” Broshi suggested.

“How about we go with… Ascended Grade One?” I asked. I liked the sound of that.

“Ascended? Ohhh I get it, since we’re ascending past our limits,” Broshi said, liking it too.

“Yeah, it makes sense. Since it also isn’t eye related. And Draco/Broshi Hair just sounds dumb. So we’ll call it Ascended Grade One and Ascended Full Power. Although I guess once we master Ascended Full Power it’ll just be Ascended,” I said.

It was then that I noticed something. I wasn’t focusing on my aura anymore. yet I was fine. I then also noticed that Fucia didn’t have the aura either and she was okay. We got used to it.

“After I master Ascended, I’ll try taking out the EFAI. Starting with the leader, Dr. Mousha…” Broshi said.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to take him down? We don’t know what he could’ve done to himself. He might be unbelievably powerful,” I said as me and Fucia sat down in the snow since we were used to the cold now.

“Even if I can’t, at least I tried. I’ll die a proud warrior, who actually tried to fight his way away from the organization that corrupted him,” Broshi said, sounding proud of himself.

“I guess you're right,” I said.

“So when is Eyujin gonna come back?” Fucia asked.

“Who knows, but hey, if he doesn’t come back for a few hours, by that point I should be rested enough to try another shot at going Ascended since the day before the tournament,” I said.

“Sounds good to me,” Broshi said. “We should at least master Grade One before he gets back.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

Now all that was left was for me to rest via a nap, and then I’d be able to try and master at least Ascended Grade One. I walked over and leaned against a frozen tree and fell asleep.




to be continued in the next chapter...

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