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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 11)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 11)

Posted March 2nd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 11: Mehrunes


It was now just me, Listy, Saio, Teleyon, and Locke at the hotel. I stuck Saio and Listy together, gave Locke and Tely one, and got my own room because I’m paying so deal with it.

Teleyon and Saio still haven’t woken up. Not that I care personally, it just keeps the voices off my back. Yeah, there’s more of them now. And I honestly hate it.

I managed to get hotel rooms that were all right next to each other, so I could keep tabs on everyone else. Again, not that I personally care. But goody two-shoes up in my head will throw a tantrum if I don’t.

I was just hangin out im my room, playing my video games on my phone to satiate the one voice in my head. Yes, there’s like ten voices, get off my back. Other than playing Ghoul Night, nothing was happening for once. Which was a relief because getting caught out with fugitives, knocked out people and a big sword isn’t exactly good for your reputation.

I died in my game and was then mildly upset because the boss on that room was dumb so I threw my phone gently onto the bed and got up to leave my room because I was bored.

I made sure to grab a room key, not that I need it I can teleport, and left my room out into the hallway. I spotted this guy with a white hoodie walking by. I watched him.

The guy then noticed me watching him, and he turned his head.

“What’re you lookin at?” He asked rudely.

“Am I not allowed to use my eyes?” I asked sarcastically and bluntly.

“I didn’t say that. I’m asking what you’re looking at,” The guy replied.

“Yeah and you asked rudely, do you expect me to take that from you? Here’s your answer, I’m looking at you,” I replied.

“Thank you for answering.” The guy then continued walking.

“What flavour of weirdo…” I thought to myself, suspicious of this hoodie punk, as I kept watching him.

The guy in the white hoodie then unlocked a door and entered a room at the end of the hallway, on the same side as my room, closing the door behind him. I looked around and walked over to the door, but not standing right next to it as I looked at it to see if I could see if there was a camera or some garbage.

There was none of that stuff. It was just a normal room. The thought crossed my mind, questioning myself why I was so interested in this weirdo in a hotel. But the thought passed as I kept snooping, trying to listen in to the room, with my ear next to the door.

“No way man, I’m not doing your stupid errands for you!” I heard the guy, who seemed to be talking on the phone. After a moment of silence, where he was listening to someone, he talked again. “Yeah, no, I have my own things to do. Like dealing with a specific someone.”

Dealing? Errands? What?

Then the door opened, and the guy had his hood off, revealing his black hair with white stripes, and his silver eyes as he stared at me.

“Mind your own business, scum,” he growled.

“No,” I replied. “I’m bored. Your business sounds better. How bout you tell be about it?”

“You’re bored?” the guy chuckled. “You’re quite a person. What’s your name?”

“I don’t give my name out to people who don’t give it first, bud,” I replied.

“I like that attitude, heh.” The guy grinned. “But alright, my name is Ocrus. What about you?”

“Mehrunes,” I replied.

“Hello there, Mehrunes, and you said you were bored?” Ocrus asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Then we can play a little game,” Ocrus said. “Of sparring.”

“Sure. Whatever,” I replied.

“We’ll have to do it later, though. Sparring isn’t allowed in public on Ertin,” Ocrus said.

“I know. I’m not stupid,” I replied.

“Glad to hear that. So why don’t you go get some sleep in the meantime then? Tomorrow we can spar. Unless you want to do that right now,” Ocrus said.

“Aight,” I replied.

“So is it a yes or a no?” He smirked.

“It’s a ‘I don’t trust you but sure why not can’t hurt anything’ only instead of saying that I just said aight because I couldn't be bothered to say that and then you asked so I had to,” I smirked back.

He then laughed. “You’re funny. Good thing you don’t trust me, if you did I would've thought you had problems. You can’t trust people. Especially in a dangerous galaxy like this one.”

“That’s the mentality and I choose to keep it,” I replied.

“Wise choice.” He then looked at me oddly. “You’re not from around here either, are you?”

“How can you tell, is it the distinct lack of trust or the obvious nothingness that can be seen?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m not from around here.”

“Thought so. You’re from another galaxy, not this one,” Ocrus said.

“Yeah, you just asked that and I just confirmed it,” I replied.

“Well, I don’t know how long you’ve been here, but I can assure you this galaxy is not the safest. Especially when you’re out there causing trouble like I am,” Ocrus said.

“What trouble are you causing, cause I just got away from some trouble that was caused and then where was some other trouble and- really my ‘friends’ just cause a lot of trouble.”

“Aha, well, I came to the galaxy searching for power, because I heard about these Ultimate Crystals that give you a lot of power,” Ocrus said.

“Yeah they’re pretty neat I guess,” I replied.

“‘Pretty neat’? They’re beyond neat! They are incredible tools!” Ocrus exclaimed. “It is the reason why I am the strongest one on my home planet!”

“Neat. They’re also mildly sentient but just gloss over that it’s fine,” I replied. “I dunno about me, though. Kinda been forgoing training a little.”

“Pfft, you’re weak,” Ocrus said.

“Says you,” I replied. “I’m still more powerful than like half of the people I aquantince myself with.”

“And how powerful are those? If they’re from this galaxy and actually have trained till they couldn’t move, then they must be strong,” Ocrus said.

“I’m man enough to admit when I’ve been beat,” I simply replied. “Fine, but it doesn’t help that I’ve been galavanting about without a ‘master’ for the three or so years I’ve been around here.”

“Oh you don’t need a master to be powerful. I learn from my opponents,” Ocrus said. “Every time I fight one, I learn something from them.”

“Whatever you say my guy,” I replied.

“Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be staying here much longer. You wanna go spar with me?” He closed the door and flipped the card key in his hands like a coin.

“Sure,” I replied. Of course, not being dumb, right now two clones of mine will be telling the other two conscious people where I’m going. Just in case.

“We’ll be off to the Ice Planet then. Just because,” Ocrus smirked. “Why not?”

“Agreed,” I replied. “Say, do you mind telling me who you were talking to?”

“Just some random guy who wants me to do something for him,” Ocrus said. “Not important. I get that a lot from some people.”

“It might be important to me. For reasons,” I replied.

“Well, it’s not.” Ocrus walked down the hall to get to the lobby. “Hold on lemme check out.”

“It might be. You don’t know my life,” I replied, not following him.

“Neither do you.” Ocrus then disappeared for a few moments. Then he came back. “Come on, we’re heading to the Ice Planet.”

I followed him. He then stopped in front of me, and took out a device from his pocket.

“Teleporters are more efficient than spaceships,” he said.

“And are less definite on where you're going, therefore easier to lure and capture people. We don’t have any grievances right? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before,” I replied, skeptically.

“No, you haven’t. But I am going to test your power and see if I should learn from you,” Ocrus said. “You agreed to this.”

“I agreed to spar, clearly you are insane,” I replied. “Or overcompensating for something.”

“And we can’t spar here on Ertin, so I’m taking you somewhere where we are allowed to spaw. I won’t hurt you. I simply just want to see how powerful you are and decide whether or not I should learn from you,” Ocrus replied. “You could be very powerful and are just hiding your power.”

“Probably not honestly,” I replied. “I have no clue what I’m doing half the time so who really knows? Maybe I’M the psychotic murderer here to kill you. No one knows.”

“Exactly. And I am one that takes risks.” Ocrus gripped my shoulder and pressed a button on the device. And in a flash, we teleported somewhere else. It was a big chamber that looked empty. “This is where I spar with people. I got durable material, hard to find and was expensive, but it is perfect for sparing. Welcome to my… Training Facility!” He raised his arms dramatically, and then added, “for me of course.”

“Obviously,” I replied.

“Anyway, let’s see what you got.” Ocrus got into a fighting position.

“Aight,” I replied, also getting into a fighting position.

“We are on the Ice Planet, that is where my facility is,” Ocrus said.

“How convenient,” I replied.

“So how powerful are you?” He asked.

“Couldn't tell ya. The voices in my head don’t wanna,” I replied with a smirk.

“Well, I need to know a basic level of power so I don't accidentally kill you,” Ocrus said. “Let's see, on a scale of 1-50, 1 being the weakest and 50 being the strongest, how strong are you?”

“Downwards of twenty, probably,” I replied. “I don’t exactly keep track, sorry my guy.”

“Well that's something. Show me your moves, then,” Ocrus said.

“Full out?” I asked.

“Yes, you can go full out,” Ocrus said with a nod. “So things stay interesting.”

“Aight,” I replied, as I dipped into Half Star and then full. I then started to mass produce those stupid glowy purple stars that I’ve been training with to make better then forget exist.

“Oh sweet, you’ve got something!” Ocrus exclaimed. “Very flashy and stylish. I like it.” He then charged his energy, preparing for a counterattack.

I shrugged and brought my pointer finger and thumb pressed together across my lips, saying that I can’t speak, since I couldn’t talk in Full Star. I then sent my horde of stars at Ocrus.

Ocrus jumped and dodged them, while shooting a blast of plasma at the ones he couldn’t dodge. They exploded upon impact, before disappearing and leaving dust where it used to be.

“Is that all?” Ocrus asked.

I shook my head and smiled at him, casually walking towards him as my arm slowly morphed into a plasma straightsword thing. Yes I don’t know what to call it either.

“Oh! That actually looks cool. I’m going to learn that.” Ocrus inspected the plasma streightsword thing carefully.

I wish I could actually talk in Full Star so I could respond to things like this, but I can’t. Meanwhile I sped up and drug the sword on the ground, clearly preparing for an upward right to left strike. Ocrus’s eyes then glowed for a second, and then he had the same plasma streightsword thing coming off of his right hand.

Neat. I was still a few seconds away so I watched his plan to block my strike. He then sliced his plasma blade forward, making an energy wave that headed my way.

I knew stuff he didn’t still. I cut myself and split in half, dogging the wave by making it go between my two halfs, and teleported both halfs behind him and stabbing my sword through his chest, with a smirk of course. It injured him, but he grabbed my energy body and tossed me across the room.

Then he looked at his injury. “Dang, you gotta be careful, you could kill someone with that.”

I nodded, knowing full well. However I didn’t know about the energy wave thing, that’s good.

I thought very carefully about my next move. And I smirked. Ocrus seemed to have healed himself.

“Alright, what else do you got?” Ocrus then asked, facing my direction.

I put both of my hands together in front of me, and then took them apart growing a orb of energy in between them. The further I pulled my hands, the bigger the orb. I then clapped my hands together, and the orb exploded into a laser that shot out at Ocrus.

He stuck out his hands in front of him and shot a blast of plasma at it, pushing it back at me. I put my hand out and shifted the beam around my body, throwing it back at him again. He then just exploded, and plasma shot out everywhere. Then I spotted him behind me, charging another attack.

I just kinda smirked and turned around. He then shot out a beam of plasma right at me. How many times do I have to show that this isn’t gonna do jack squat? Apparently some more.

I put one hand out and extent it into a sort of shield, absorbing the plasma. I shrugged at Ocrus, and put my hand out and then raised it like it was in a notch.

“You want me to try harder?” Ocrus questioned.

I nodded.

“Got it.” He then charged up more energy and rushed forth, shooting a punch right at my chest. He hit me and I went flying to the other side of the room. I turned into energy and reformed behind him, punching him in the back. It didn’t seem to affect him as much, since he just turned and kicked me back to the other side of the room. “It seems you don’t have that much strength in your attacks.”

I modeled a dumbell into my hand, dropped it, and then made an ‘x’ with my arm and shrugged.

“Wait, do you sense that?” Ocrus then stopped and looked like he was paying attention to something.

I tried to sense what he was sensing as well. It was… someone’s energy, that felt familiar to Draco’s.

“I’m gonna check it out,” Ocrus then said. I deactivated my technique.

“Wait, I’m pretty sure I know him,” I replied. “Please, allow me.”

“You know him? Then we can go together,” Ocrus said.

“Alrighty then,” I replied.

? Draco ?

“Alright. First try at Grade One,” I said as I took in a deep breath and made sure I had done enough stretches.

“You said last time you fainted, right?” Broshi asked. “You won’t be able to do much now since your body can’t handle it.”

“Well actually, the one I fainted from was the full thing. Since I didn't know there was a stage in between. Remember? You only reach the full Ascended form after I told you what happened to me,” I said.

“Oh right. I forgot. Yeah you can do that one. Just don’t go full power when doing so,” Broshi replied.

“Try and see if you can somehow limit the amount of energy you're generating after your hair spikes up and the electricity starts to show,” Fucia suggested as her and Broshi watched me from a few dozen meters away.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

I then began to slowly build up energy in my base form, I could feel it begin to rise and bubble upwards, slowly at first. Then, my Draco Eye activated, causing the ground to shake a bit. The rate of energy charging began to accelerate, less than a minute later I reached Double, causing the ground to shake more violently. Chunks of the ground began to float around me and the snow near my feet began to turn to steam. Sparks of electricity appeared and disappeared across my body. The energy began to charge up even faster.

Then, I began to feel a tingling surge of power flow through me, and I could see small lightning bolts begin to jump across my body like when Broshi did it. As I built up more and more energy, the ground shook harder and harder, more and more pieces of the ground began to float, growing bigger as it went along. Then I could feel it, electricity coursing all over and I could see out of the corners of my eye, my hair begin to spike up and rise and faintly flash a cyan shade.

“It’s starting to happen!” I heard Fucia exclaim.

“Yeah, it is,” Broshi agreed.

By now the energy felt like it had reached a boiling point. It was a burning, focused surge of power. I could feel my body begin to tense up, my muscles felt like they swelled a bit. As if my body was preparing itself to handle the new reservoir of power. I slowly began to let out a low drawn out growl of a yell as I tried to control the energy output so I didn’t go so far as to reach full power. The lightning bolts began to appear more and more and zipped around frantically. The ground was shaking intensely. Keeping the energy in check was difficult, like trying to keep a cork fixed that was sealing a geyser. Then, as if I just knew, I could feel a sort’ve mental click in my mind and the energy became easy to control.

“HRRRRRAGH!” I yelled as I then released my aura, scattering the rubble it was levitating, allowing Broshi and Fucia to see me clearly.

It felt similar to the full thing, yet more tame. It was weaker yes, but it still was around twenty times stronger than Double.

I glanced down at my hand, see I was surrounded in a aura of lightning.

It was an interesting sensation. I felt calm. Which was odd considering how tense going Double makes me. It felt like I had become used to the form in less than a minute of transforming into it.

I then noticed Broshi walking towards me. “Well, you did it, so good job.”

“Yeah, it’s weird how… natural it feels,” I said as I just looked at myself in my new form. “Like as if I’ve done this a hundred times before.”

“Well, the eyes also felt natural. And we both have it. So it must be something that is actually natural,” Broshi said. “Maybe all Aerthians have it. Who knows.”

“Well yeah but like, the eyes had a certain ‘pressure’ you know? This form seems to lack a large percentage of that,” I said. “Although, I’m not sure if other Aerthians can do this. I’ve never seen anyone do something like our ability in all of the fights I’ve seen on TV.”

“Then it must be a special thing for us,” Broshi said.

“I guess,” I said as I then practiced throwing some punches at the open air, my arms darted forwards and back at incredible speed. In less then five seconds I had already thrown well over a hundred and fifty blows.

“I think Eyujin would be impressed,” Broshi said with a grin.

“Yeah.” I nodded before and idea struck me. “Imagine how he would react if one of us fought him with this form combined with Sparking Spirit? I mean, doing the math, it would only take a Sparking Spirit times three to outclass my Double Draco Eye times fifty.”

“It’d probably knock you out for good though. Too much pressure,” Broshi commented.

“Yeah, the energy may feel calmer than the eyes, but there is still a lot of it. But I can always see what that combo does after Eyujin teaches how to control energy and toughen our bodies,” I said, still thinking about the idea. Imagine how strong this with only a Sparking Spirit times ten would be! Doing the math that’s around two hundred times stronger than Double! Not to mention it also speeds up reaction time and speed and agility. Of course if a mealy times three could hospitalize me then a times ten would most likely kill me at this point in time.

“Anyway, you gonna go back to normal?” Broshi asked. “Or are you gonna stay in Ascended Grade One?”

“I mean, I could stay in it to test how long it takes before any significant strain shows up,” I said. “Although maybe I should turn it off for now until Eyujin gets back or when we decide to practice the transformation so it’s quicker and more efficient.”

“Yeah. That one doesn’t strain at all once you get the hang of it,” Broshi said.

“Well then that’s what I’ll do. It’d be best to master this form quick anyway so that it’ll be more helpful,” I said, deciding to stay in the form. Still not feeling any strain from it.

“Hello there!” Suddenly a guy in a white hoodie with black hair that had white stripes appeared. And next to him was… Mehrunes? It was the real one, since he had the Ultimate Crystal.

“Uhh… Hi Meh,” I said, confused. “Who’s this guy?”

“Hello, I am Ocrus. I sensed power here and came to see it. I was training with Mehrunes here,” the guy said.

“Wait, by power do you mean someone else or do you mean me when I was transforming a minute ago?” I asked.

“Well, you do have some power,” Ocrus said, looking at me. “But the one I sensed was stronger.”

“How much stronger?” I asked.

“You probably sensed my power,” Broshi said, walking up to him. “Since I am the strongest one here.”

I mean he did go full Ascended a while ago.

“That is great to hear!” Ocrus said, ignoring my previous question, and just paying attention to Broshi since he spoke up. “I would like to spar with you, then.”

“Sure,” Broshi replied.

“Although I find it odd why you don’t have a lot of clothes on, especially on this planet,” Ocrus said.

“That’s because of the training our master is having us do,” I commented. “To make us resistant to cold. Granted Broshi is already immune to cold so he didn’t need to do it anyway.”

“Huh? Who is Broshi?” Ocrus asked.

“The guy you want to spar with…?” I said confused, pointing at Broshi.

“Ah, his name is Broshi.” Ocrus nodded.

“And I’m Draco and this is Fucia,” I said.

“Hello there, it is nice to meet you,” Ocrus then said.

“Nice to meet you to. Now are we gonna fight or what?” Broshi asked, getting impatient.

“Oh, yes, we will. How powerful are you, may I ask?” Ocrus questioned Broshi. Both of them had their hands in their pockets.

“Powerful enough to whoop your butt,” Broshi retorted.

“So how much of my power should I use?” Ocrus asked.

“All of it. Bring it on.” Broshi smirked as he got into a fighting position. The same aggressive looking one he used against Eyujin.

“Fun,” Mehrunes commented. “You gonna die.”

“Ominus,” I commented as the three of us stood a ways away from where the fight would occur. I wondered how this would go.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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