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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 12)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 12)

Posted March 5th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 12: Draco


The three of us stood there, waiting for either Broshi or Ocrus to do something.

“You sure you want me to go all out?” Ocrus asked.

“Yes, show me everything you got,” Broshi replied.

“Alright.” Ocrus then took off his white hoodie, revealing a black undershirt that he had on. His black hair with white stripes was visible, and I could also see his silver eyes. “Let’s get started.”

Ocrus then released a white aura and leaped at Broshi. They exchanged blows, moving Broshi backwards towards a mountain. Broshi then released his red aura, and punched Ocrus back to his original spot.

“Let’s take it up a notch, shall we?” Ocrus then said. He then charged up a plasma blast, and shot it towards Broshi.

Broshi activated his Broshi Eye, and knocked the plasma blast away from him and into a mountain.

“Oh?” Ocrus looked at his Broshi Eye. “Interesting! What is that?”

“It’s my technique, the Broshi Eye,” Broshi replied.

“Interesting!” Ocrus then jumped forth and they exchanged blows, until Broshi got knocked backwards again. “It’s not too powerful, however.”

“How do you know any of this?” Mehrunes asked.

“I can sense the power of it, it doesn’t give off a lot of energy,” Ocrus said. “Though it is possible it has more power than I sense.” Broshi sent a punch towards Ocrus and he blocked it. “Aha! See! Not that powerful when used against me!”

“Hey Broshi. Go full power, right now. Bet you still can’t win. I’ll bet money,” Mehrunes said. “A hundred ultims says you can’t win.”

“Who can’t win? Me or him?” Broshi asked, backing away from Ocrus who was emitting a white aura.

“You can’t win. You prove me wrong, you get the cash. You don’t, you get jack squat,” Mehrunes said.


“Then do it,” Mehrunes replied.

Broshi then activated his Double Broshi Eye, flaring his aura more. It turned from red to dark red. Mehrunes just sat there and smirked.

“Oh my, that’s quite powerful,” Ocrus commented.

“Quite powerful my butt, you weakling!” Broshi yelled, his dark vines appearing out of his back.

“Come on Ocrus, I believe in you,” Mehrunes said.

“He’s not much, I can do it.” Ocrus said with a shrug, not powering up at all as he looked at Broshi.

“WHAT’D YOU SAY?” Broshi charged up plasma from his dark vines, aiming it at Ocrus.

“I am going to beat you.” Ocrus said, as he then smirked. “With your own technique.” His eyes then glowed white as he looked at Broshi. “Oh? I can’t seem to copy your dark things from your back.”

“He’s a mutant,” Mehrunes called. “I don’t think the vines are a power.”

“Exactly. They are not a power, they are a part of my body,” Broshi said. “My mutated DNA gives me more power than you could ever have!”

“Interesting. Well, show me what you can do with those.” Ocrus surrounded himself in a brighter white aura.

Broshi then shot a big blast of red plasma towards Ocrus, but Ocrus just absorbed it. Then Broshi appeared in front of him, and sent attacks towards Ocrus. Ocrus couldn’t block them since he had like a hundred dark vines jabbing into him. Ocrus got hit a bunch of times and then backed off.

“Ha! I’m too fast for you.” Broshi smirked.

“You just have many arms. I can’t block them or dodge them since you have many of them,” Ocrus replied.

“Exactly, so you lose!” Broshi leaped forward to attack.

Ocrus then raised a hand, and froze Broshi in ice. The chunk of ice fell to the ground without cracking.

“You are pretty powerful, but you don’t match me in terms of power,” Ocrus then said. “I’ve learned all sorts of techniques and abilities thanks to my Ultimate Crystal.”

“And it looks like Broshi is encased in ice. I feel you, that sucks. But inevitably, you have lost,” Mehrunes commentated cheesily. “That leaves Ocrus as the winner and Broshi as a popsicle.”

Suddenly, the ice broke open, and Broshi was there with glowing red spiked up hair. He had a red aura around him and lightning bolts, it was Grade One Ascended.

“Man, I thought you were never gonna use that,” I commented.

“Please elaborate what ‘that’ is,” Mehrunes replied. “You have spiky hair by the way.”

“A new thing we found out we could do,” I said, “I’m still in my version of the form so that way I can use it without strain. It’s about twenty times better than Double.”

“Lemmi guess, you called it Draco Hair because you’re vain?” Mehrunes snickered.

“Actually no we called it Ascended Grade One because Draco/Broshi Hair sounds dumb,” I replied. “It’s called Grade One because there’s another form beyond it but it’s a bit much to handle at the moment.”

“Whatever. I wanna see this,” Mehrunes said, chewing on some popcorn.

Broshi and Ocrus were in a fighting struggle, and Ocrus seemed to have raised his power a bit so that he would match up with Broshi.

“You fool think you can defeat me!?” Broshi yelled, as he kept throwing a bunch of attacks at Ocrus, from both his dark vines and his fists. Ocrus was able to block them this time, since he powered up.

“Careful Bro, your temper is showing,” I said. “Don’t burn yourself out with your anger.”

“I mean if he doesn’t go full out he can’t win and won’t get anything, and anger technically makes people stronger… sooo…” Mehrunes said.

“It also makes them act more brashly. Which considering this is Broshi, is already more brash then he needs. Besides, the only thing left he could possibly do is combine his Grade One with his weird monster form thing,” I replied. “He doesn’t have access to techniques like the ones I have.”

“Well. That’s his problem, let him learn the consequences the hard way,” Mehrunes said. “It’ll be the only way he’ll actually learn. Now shoosh. I wanna watch.”

I simply rolled my eyes before focusing back on the fight. Broshi and Ocrus were not paying any attention to Meh and I’s conversation, and were both fighting with a lot of power. I could tell because their punches were making the ground shake and making rocks float. Oh also lightning bolts, lots of lightning bolts.

“Very impressive, Broshi,” Ocrus then said. “You are strong, but not strong enough to beat me.” He then knocked Broshi into the ground.

“Oof, he spiked him like a volleyball,” I said.

“That’s gonna leave a mark,” Mehrunes added.

“You think he’s gonna be able to get back up and keep going?” Fucia asked.

“The guy has an ego bigger than Draco, Hematite, and me combined. The guy is defending his pride at this point he most likely won’t stop until he’s out cold, or has won,” Mehrunes replied.

“Or both.” I said.

Ocrus was looking down at Broshi now, and Broshi slowly got back up. Broshi then yelled loudly, as his aura got darker.

“Oh, is he gonna do what I think he is?” I asked myself.

Then Broshi released energy, his iris glowing red as his hair became more spikey and glowed bright red. And more electricity surged across him. He was gritting his teeth as his energy caused all of the snow around him for three feet to turn to steam. Then he yelled more as he looked like he was struggling to stand. He had entered the full Ascended form.

“I will beat you, fool!” Broshi then yelled, his voice echoing in a sort’ve mystical way. He jumped up towards Ocrus.

Ocrus was then knocked away into a mountain, and Broshi went after him, continuously attacking him with plasma blasts and punches and kicks as well as stabs with his dark vines. If I wasn’t already in Ascended Grade One, I’m not sure if I’d still be able to see them.

“I’m not missing out on this!” Mehrunes suddenly went into Full Star and flew after them.

I just watched him fly away for a few moments before weighing my choices of whether or not I should also follow. Then Ocrus was knocked back to where we were, falling into a pile of snow.

“This is the power that I sensed earlier!” Ocrus commented as he got up.

“Well it is five times more powerful than Grade One so that makes sense,” I said. “Otherwise meaning it’s a hundred times better than Double.”

“Boo!” Mehrunes appeared.

“Good try,” I said, patting Meh on the head before focusing back on Ocrus.

Broshi had flew right into him, and then hit him with five powerful blows with rapid speed before Ocrus was knocked back again. One of Broshi’s dark vines grew bigger, and grabbed Ocrus’s leg and knocked him into the ground behind Broshi, before another dark vine stabbed through his chest.

“Yikes.” Ocrus shot a powerful blast of plasma at Broshi’s back.

Broshi grunted and fell to the ground, weakened by the attack. Ocrus healed himself as Broshi struggled.

“Oh?” Ocrus looked at Broshi curiously. “What happened?”

Broshi then got back up, and screamed. It was that one attack that breaks people’s ears because of how loud it is.

“Welp, looks like the form is catching up to him,” I commented, covering my ears. “Also ow.”

Ocrus had also fell to the ground, affected by the scream. He was also saying something as he covered his ears, but I couldn’t hear anything since it was loud.

Broshi then stopped and looked down at Ocrus.

“Okay okay… you win,” Ocrus said, getting up. “You’re so loud.”

“Ha!” Broshi laughed before he returned to his normal form, he had a smirk on his face but he also looked utterly exhausted. “I beat you.”

“Yes, what attack was that?” Ocrus asked. “I couldn’t copy that either.”

“Again, it’s my DNA,” Broshi said.

“But you’re human, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but I was mutated and got modified DNA,” Broshi replied.

“How?” Ocrus asked.

“Well, an organization called the EFAI, which stands for Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction,” Broshi explained. “They take people and modify their DNA.”

“Ah!” Ocrus took out what seemed to be a phone and was most likely searching about the EFAI. He then sat down and seemed to be doing something on his phone.

Broshi stared down at him. “What’re you doing?”

“Contacting them,” Ocrus replied.

“Woah hey don’t do that,” Mehrunes said.

“Why not?” Ocrus asked, looking up at Mehrunes.

“Because we’re harboring kidnapped people that we saved from them and contacting those guys will just be bad news for everyone, you imbecile,” Mehrunes replied. “Now drop the phone.”

“You should have said that earlier, cuz I already contacted them,” Ocrus said, as he got up and put away the phone. “And they’re coming here. At least that’s what I was told just now, someone is coming cuz I filled out a form.”

Then out of nowhere, a man in a white suit with a white lab mask appeared, having teleported here. He looked around, and Broshi just grunted.

“Which one of you is Ocrus?” The man asked.

“That would be me.” Ocrus stepped forward.

“You may come with me. We currently would like to test something, and you would do just fine for it,” the man said. “Oh!” He then spotted Broshi. “Broshi! What a surprise! How is your vacation going?”

“Good,” Broshi replied.

“You should come back for a check up,” The man told him. “You haven’t had one for awhile.”

“Hmph.” Broshi growled.

“Come on, you and Ocrus are coming with me. We got things to do,” the man grabbed both of their shoulders. Then, before either of them could resist, they disappeared.

“And that’s the end of that,” Mehrunes said, nonshalontly.

Fucia and I just stood next to him, we had no words for what just happened.

“Well at least Broshi is still on the EFAI’s good list,” I then said, trying to find a silver lining to this before realizing me and Fucia had to think of something we could do until Eyujin comes back. I was still practicing my Ascended Grade One form but it already seemed like it barely put any strain on my body.

So we could focus on something else.

“I know what we could do,” I said. “I could teach you how to work with energy more effectively!”

“Really?” Fucia asked.

“Sure! I was able to learn it pretty well through mostly experience. And the initial concept isn’t too hard,” I said. “Really you just need to learn how to mentally tell your crystal to start producing energy, then from there you can modulate how much you need made and if you have too much, you just release it in either an attack or by simply turning it off if it’s not too high. Once we get that down, we’ll just need to train you in energy control and expanding your limit of energy storage.”

“That doesn’t sound so simple,” Fucia said, a bit concerned. “What happens if you overload on energy?”

“Oh well, you know when me and Broshi were talking about combining this form with the Sparking Spirit?” I asked.


“Well the main reason why I can’t do it yet is that there is the fear that the enormous amount of energy created might… cause me to explode. Or faint. Most likely faint. Unless it’s times twenty. Then I’d probably die after or while letting out a giant nuke like blast of energy.”

Fucia now looked very concerned.

“But stuff like that only happens at high levels, the worst that’ll happen to you is falling unconscious for a few minutes,” I said reassuringly.

Fucia looked a bit less worried.

“We can practice a bit before trying to figure out what we're gonna do about food since Eyujin is gone,” I said calmly.

“Who?” Mehrunes asked.

“The person who’s training us, his name is Eyujin,” I said.


“Yeah,” I said back.

It was then quiet for a moment.

“I have nothing interesting to say,” Mehrunes then said, breaking the silence. Fucia and I didn’t really have much to say either, so we just stayed quiet. Though, I wondered if I was going to see Broshi again. I guess we’d just practice energy training till someone comes back.

? Broshi ?

The brat Ocrus that I beat walked next to me with a grin. The EFAI worker that was in charge of watching me was the man I was following. He had teleported to the Ice Planet and grabbed me and Ocrus and took us back up there, back at the facility.

The big one in space. Yeah, that one. It was a giant spaceship sort of thing. Ocrus had contacted them after I mentioned the EFAI, and apparently he filled out a form. He basically volunteered to have modified DNA. And the EFAI accepted him.

“This place is big,” Ocrus commented. We walked behind the EFAI worker, through metal hallways.

“No duh,” I retorted. “We perform all sorts of experiments here and need a lot of space.”

“That is correct,” The EFAI worker said.

Then I spotted someone walking through the hallway. I recognized who it was, and oh crud. It was a man with gray hair, and a face that looked hostile, one that could probably kill from far away. It was the Boss of the EFAI, Dr. Mousha.

“I’ll take it from here,” Dr. Mousha told the EFAI worker.

“Yes sir.” The EFAI worker then walked off, leaving Ocrus and I with Dr. Mousha, the freaking leader of the EFAI.

Dr. Mousha looked over at us. “Hello gentlemen. You must be Ocrus, is that correct?” He looked down at Ocrus.

“Yes, I am,” Ocrus replied.

“We could use you as a subject. We have gathered some new DNA and would like to test it on someone,” Dr. Mousha said.

“You can test it on me!” Ocrus exclaimed. “I’d like to have some powerful DNA.”

Dr. Mousha looked at Ocrus suspiciously.

“I saw that Broshi here was pretty powerful because of his DNA. I want DNA like his,” Ocrus explained. When Dr. Mousha was silently walking, Ocrus asked, “Do I have to pay for it or something?”

“No,” Dr. Mousha said. “It does not cost money. It costs something else… You.”


“You have to work for the EFAI if you’re going to be given such DNA,” Dr. Mousha said. “Especially if you want a powerful one.”

“Do I get paid though?” Ocrus asked.

“Oh, yeah, a lot. We make a lot of money,” Dr. Mousha said. “You don’t need to know how.”

“Well I agree then,” Ocrus said. “I’ll work for you in exchange for powerful DNA.”

“Very well.” Dr. Mousha led us into a giant chamber. “I’ll have you ready to be mutated in moments.”

Inside the chamber there were a few workers, and inside of a giant cage was a dragon. It had blue scales and black spikes going down it’s back. It was also like, ten times the size of me. Probably more since I’m looking at it from far.

“Woah, a dragon,” Ocrus said, looking at the dragon.

“We’ll be testing it’s DNA with your body,” Dr. Mousha said.

“Alright.” Ocrus nodded.

Dr. Mousha called for one of the workers and told them about Ocrus, their new subject. The worker then took Ocrus away to be mutated. I was now left with Dr. Mousha.

Dr. Mousha was just standing there beside me, looking at the caged dragon.

“Tell me, Broshi,” Dr. Mousha then said. I shivered, wondering what he was going to say to me. “What have you been doing lately?”

“I uh… Was on vacation.”

“Were you?” Dr. Mousha looked down at me.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Obviously you were. But where did you go?” He was on to me for some reason. “And whom did you meet? You were with people when we found you.”

“Why would you care about that?” I questioned. “Aren’t I just another one of your subjects?”

“Answer the question, Broshi,” Dr. Mousha said. “Who were you with?”

“My twin brother,” I answered. “And some girl named Fucia. Also this Mehrunes guy.”

“And where were you before?” Dr. Mousha asked.

“On… Ertin,” I said. I had to stay quiet about Locke otherwise they would find him and he would suffer.

“Well, you see Broshi, we’ve hired criminals on Ertin to retrieve subjects that escaped,” Dr. Mousha then said. I knew that because I ran into two of them. Oh crud, I could tell things were getting bad. “And one of them sent me footage of an attack. You killed him, didn’t you?”

“…yes…” I nodded.

“There was also footage of your partner, Locke, on the scene,” Dr. Mousha said. “And the two sibling subjects called Saturn and Phoenix.”

Crud he knew everything.

“How come you didn’t capture them?” Dr. Mousha asked.

Well I just fricked up now. I had to make something up that sounded convincing so that I could be free again and not get a punishment.

“Sir, I had to gain their trust, you know?” I said. “So that when they least expect it, I can capture them and bring them back.”

Dr. Mousha looked at me carefully. “Why so hesitant?”

“What… what do you mean?” I asked.

“If that was your plan, you should have said that from the very beginning,” Dr. Mousha said. “But you did not. You waited until I questioned you.”

“I was nervous,” I lied.

“You don’t get nervous, Broshi. You are the last subject to get nervous.” Dr. Mousha started walking back into the hallway. “Come with me.”

I followed him silently. We walked through the hallways, and I wasn’t so sure if we were actually going somewhere.

“I was thinking about whether or not I should put you in my army,” Dr. Mousha said. “You aren’t very powerful, but you could be useful to them.”

I was surprised when I heard this.

“Meet Kobat.” Dr. Mousha motioned his hand in front of him. There was a guy standing there, who had black hair and red eyes. He had black lines that went from above his eyes to below. He was wearing a white suit that looked like a robe, that looked like it was made of a soft material.

“Hello there,” Kobat looked at me. “You are Broshi. It’ll be nice working with you.”

“Uhh yeah. Sure,” I replied. Kobat was standing there with his arms crossed.

“You may go back to your work, Broshi, you know what to do. Kobat, you should assist him.” Dr. Mousha walked away without another word. I was left with this Kobat person. I also had to go back and capture Locke, Saturn, and Phoenix. That was my duty now.

And this Kobat guy apparently is here to assist me with it. I was sure that Dr. Mousha didn’t trust me to do this alone, since he had this guy go with me.

“I’m part of the leader’s army,” Kobat then said to me. “So I am powerful. I will deal with you if you betray us.”

“That’s the last thing I would do,” I said with a growl.

“Then let’s go find the three subjects that you failed to capture,” Kobat said. “They don’t have their trackers anymore, it seems. Saturn and Phoenix are probably dead, but maybe they somehow got their trackers out. But we must find Locke.”

“Right,” I said. “Well, then, we can go do that.”

“Then let’s head on to the space pods.”

to be continued in the next chapter...

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