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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 13) {Certain Content Warning: Nightclubs}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 13) {Certain Content Warning: Nightclubs}

Posted March 8th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 13: Locke


It had been a while since Mehrunes disappeared. I was in a hotel room with Teleyon, who was still asleep. Or, well, he used to be asleep. He finally woke up just now.

Teleyon looked around and saw me. “Locke? Where’s everyone else? What happened?”

“One, you almost died. You're welcome for stopping your bleeding by the way. Second, we’re in a hotel on Ertin, everyone else besides us, Mehrunes and his girlfriend and this Saio person basically all ran off in different directions,” I said. “Also this Dragon showed up but then we left it behind because laws, even though it couldn’t move.”

“Oh.” Teleyon looked around and then searched his pocket. “Hmm…”

“What are you looking for something?” I asked.

“Yeah! I found it.” Teleyon took out a small chip from his pocket. “I have all the important data stored here.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Too important to share,” Teleyon replied, fiddling with it.

“Whatever man,” I said, lying down on a bed. “You're lucky I haven’t fully grasped the technique of milling through people's minds for information. The best I can do so far is just read basic emotions and thoughts. Can’t dig into memories or anything yet.”

“I’m glad,” Teleyon said.

“Granted, I can always practice at any time. Heck I might be practicing right now, you wouldn’t know.” I shrugged. “Anyway, Meh has disappeared to gosh knows where so we’ll have to wait for him to get back to reveal you’re awake.”

“What happened to everyone else? Like Aurallia?” Teleyon asked. “We were supposed to look out for her.”

“I don’t know every detail. I was pretty busy when the situation was going on, either I was dealing with the enemy, or I was in a crater.” I shrugged. “The important thing is that Saturn and Phoenix didn’t get caught.”

“Hmm alright.” Teleyon then took out a laptop from like, nowhere, and he opened it up and starting doing something on it.

“Is that also something I’m not allowed to know about?” I asked.

“It wouldn’t matter if you did, because you wouldn’t know what it even says,” Teleyon replied, as he typed on the keyboard of his laptop.

“What is it a different language or a set of numbers?” I asked.

“It’s a code language that is very efficient for hacking,” Teleyon answered.

“Could’ve just said ‘yes’ or ‘yeah’ but that works too.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Teleyon chuckled.

Did he think our situation was a laughing matter?

“Where’s the fun in hiding from an international organization that wants to capture me, Phoenix and Saturn? Heck, they’re gonna kill me if they catch me most likely. I don’t see what kind’ve ‘fun’ you could find from this,” I said coldly.

“The situation isn’t fun, you misunderstand.” Teleyon shook his head. “The EFAI does have computers and functions with them. I could hack them and find information.”

“And you're sure you’ll be able to do that without them knowing?” I asked skeptically.

“Not without my hard drive,” Teleyon replied. “The problem is I don’t have it with me, it blew up with the facility. I’m gonna have to buy another one.”

“Okay,” I said.

“You wanna come along?” Teleyon asked, putting his laptop away.

“Pretty sure regardless of where I am located, I’m at risk of being captured,” I said before getting off the bed. “But if we at least go out into public there will be witnesses if they show up.”

“Oh, the EFAI won’t try anything where we’re going,” Teleyon said. “We’re headed to the Black Market. There it’s just business, if you don’t cause trouble, you’ll be fine. So the EFAI, even if they were there, I wouldn’t think they would attack you or try and capture you. Not if you stay in public.”

“Good enough.” I shrugged as I levitated my shoes over to me so I could put them on.

“Alright let’s go,” Teleyon said, as he opened the hotel room door and walked on out. “Give the key to the room to Mehrunes, since he checked them out under his name.”

“Alright,” I said, following him.

“Where is Mehrunes?” he asked.

“I did tell you he disappeared to gosh knows where. Who knows maybe he’s visiting one of the groups of others who split off from us. Or something. If anything I’m still wondering where Broshi’s brother disappeared to,” I replied. “Or maybe he’s looking for that one girl who got teleported away. That Arada girl.”

“Wait what? What happened to Arada?” Teleyon questioned.

“Well this group of five robo guys showed up and one of them grabbed her and then she just vanished and we don’t know where they took her.” I shrugged.

“The EFAI took her then,” Teleyon concluded. “And probably took Aurallia too if she isn’t around.”

“Oh and I think they also got their hands on this big black and blue colored dragon and that big black mutant dog creature thing,” I added.

“So they also got Zephyr and Sokanon,” Teleyon said. “That’s three people and one dragon.”

“Their probably gonna use the dragon and Socka-whatever for DNA. Which could be a problem since the dragon was really strong,” I said.

“It won’t be much of a problem if no one gets hurt,” Teleyon said. I noticed he had his phone out. “The EFAI functions pretty smoothly, since it seems they’re trying to hide a lot.”

“Pfft, no one gets hurt. That’s like, the opposite of one of the only guarantees,” I commented. “You get hurt a lot.”

“Well, then that is a problem,” Teleyon said. “Well, I gotta hack into them first before we do anything. They are a big organization afterall, fighting against them when they have powerful mutants is suicide. We need to plan and strategize.”

“Who said we were fighting them?” Mehrunes suddenly walked towards us in the hallway, just as we arrived in the lobby. “Personally, I think it’s suicide if we confront them at all.”

“It’s only suicide if we do something they don’t like,” Teleyon said.

“Which I’m pretty sure includes confronting them,” I commented.

“Oh! Something they don’t like! YOU MEAN LIKE LOCKE! You mean like how we’re withholding someone they’re looking for?! WOW! It’s a good thing we’re not doing tha- you idiot of course we’re doing stuff they don’t like what do you even mean,” Mehrunes basically ranted with sarcasm.

“I mean, they had a criminal with a mech army show up at the facility simply because we had Phoenix and Saturn,” I added.

“Well alright then we’ll just ignore the fact that they captured Arada, Zephyr, Aurallia, Sokanon, and anyone else that they may have captured that we don’t know about,” Teleyon said.

“No one was ignoring it you numb-brain, but it’s not exactly like they don’t like the fact that they kidnapped our friends now is it?” Mehrunes asked rhetorically. “Which is what topic we were on.”

“I wonder how Broshi’s brother feels about what happened when he was gone,” I said to myself.

“I dunno but he got taken by the EFAI again and they’re probably gonna come looking for you,” Mehrunes said. “I went over to the Ice Planet with some guy who wanted to spar with me, which is where they were. So.”

“Wait Broshi’s brother got captured?” I asked.

“What? Oh. No. Broshi,” Mehrunes replied. “Everyone else was left alone other than Ocrus, the guy that wanted to spar with me, who wanted to get tested on or some nonsense.”

“Well that just sounds even worse,” I said.

“I don’t know a lot about what’s going on, that’s why I’m heading to the Black Market to get a hard drive so I can hack into them,” Teleyon said.

“I’ll come with. I’m bored anyway.” Mehrunes shrugged, he did look pretty bored as he just stood there.

“Alright, well, we’re gonna have to go to places before we can actually get there,” Teleyon said, turning to Mehrunes. “Mehrunes, check out of the hotel for us, Locke and I aren’t coming back.”

“We aren’t? What are we going off planet?” I asked.

“We’re not coming to this hotel again. The Black Market isn’t in the city,” Teleyon replied. “It’s outside in the middle of nowhere. Like a nightclub if you know what those are. Well, actually, to get there we’re going to have to head to a nightclub. I know people that can get us around.”

“Okay I guess.” I shrugged. It’d be better for me to keep moving anyway.

“Aight. I’ll check you out. I still have to pay for a hotel room though. For the time being.” Mehrunes shrugged. Mehrunes then walked off to check our room out.

“He’ll catch up with us,” Teleyon then told me. “Try and stay quiet as we  move around. We shouldn’t cause any trouble.”

“Alright,” I said quietly with a shrug.

Teleyon then headed out of the hotel, and pulled out his phone. He motioned for me to follow him. I walked out the door.

“You ready?” Teleyon asked. “I called an uber driver. That will be our ride.”

“Alright,” I said.

We were just standing outside for awhile until the uber driver arrived. The car the uber driver was driving was pretty small. I didn’t recognize the brand, but the car was colored silver.

Teleyon hopped on into the car, and I entered behind him. A man was sitting in the driver's seat of the car, and he turned his head over and looked back at us. He was wearing a cap and sunglasses, and he had brown hair.

“Where to?” The uber driver asked.

Teleyon showed him something on his phone. “Go to here.”

“That’s pretty far away…” The uber driver seemed unsure.

“I can pay for it, don’t worry,” Teleyon dug his pockets and took out some ultims. “With ultims, I don’t have any Ertin Credits on me.”

“That works.” The uber driver took the ultims, looking pleased. Then he began driving towards the place that Teleyon showed him.

Teleyon then sat back and put his phone away. “How long will it take to get there?”

“An hour, if we use the freeway,” the uber driver said, setting up the destination on his own phone using a GPS.

“Okay,” Teleyon replied. “Seems reasonable.” He turned to me. “We’ll just sit tight until then.”

I just nodded. Teleyon sat back and took out his phone, playing some game on it. I just kind of sat there as we traveled. The uber driver and Teleyon had a conversation every once and awhile.

We drove on the freeway where there were a lot of cars and trucks and all sorts of vehicles. But then I noticed that we drove into a private driveway.

“Stop right here,” Teleyon then said. “Thanks for the ride!”

The uber driver unlocked the doors, and Teleyon and I got out of the car. Then the uber driver drove off back to the freeway. Looking around, we were on a gravel road. It was also quite dark since it was night.

Teleyon used his phone as a flashlight and walked down the road. I followed him quietly. Soon, a building appeared in sight. It was quite big and there was nothing outside… It looked pretty empty. As if there was no one there. If I were here alone or for a different reason, I would not be comfortable here. I wasn’t comfortable either way, but I was able to be calm since I knew why we were here.

Soon we made it to the building. There were doors and there was a man standing at the door. Teleyon walked on over towards that man, and I followed silently.

“Hey,” Teleyon then spoke to the man. “We’re here for the nightclub. Don’t question us, and this guy here may be young but he’s powerful. And I’m Teleyon.”

The man looked over at Teleyon, and I saw he had on goggles and black cloth covering his mouth. He then nodded, and opened the door. There was loud music playing inside, and as we walked in I saw many people. They were dancing and messing around, and there were some sitting and drinking in the back as well.

“Okay, we’re in,” Teleyon then said to me. “Stick by me.”

I just nodded. Teleyon then nodded back and led me past a lot of people, back to where people were seated and drinking at a counter. Then I spotted this one man who was sitting with people and laughing. Teleyon was looking at that man so I wondered if that was who we were looking for.

We then walked up right in front of the man, and he turned to face us, looking away from the people he was chatting with. He had black hair and was wearing a leather jacket. He was also smoking a cigarette.

“Heh hey! Teleyon! Long time no see, eh?” The man then said once he noticed us.

“Hello Fumard,” Teleyon replied. “I need to get to the market.”

“The market?” Fumard looked over, a questionable look on his face as he exhaled some smoke. “What do ya need?”

Teleyon nodded his head towards the back of the room.

“Excuse me, folks,” Fumard then said with a laugh to the other people as he got up. “Got business to deal with.”

The people nodded and Fumard walked over to the side of the building where there were not as many people. Teleyon and I walked over with him.

“Alright, so, what do you want from the market?” Fumard then said, sounding serious. “Cuz it better be important or pay well. Cops are investigating and we had to hide. It’s gonna be hard getting in there.”

“My home got attacked and blew up, I lost the hacking hard drive. I need another one,” Teleyon explained.

“Ah, so that’s what ya need? It’s not worth it trying to get to the market then,” Fumard said. “I’ll lend ya mine. I do expect it back. If I don’t get it back, you won’t live to be an adult.”

Woah this man just threatened Teleyon.

“Don’t worry about it Fumard, I’ll give it back. I just need it since I’ll be hacking into a companies database. A big company, called the EFAI,” Teleyon replied.

“The EFAI? You don’t mean the… Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction or whatever bull it is, do ya?” Fumard narrowed his eyes, exhaling more smoke. “That shiz is loaded! Freaking Dr. He or whatever, hacking them could make ya millions if you get important data! That can be sold for tons of ultims.”

“Yeah,” Teleyon said. “I’m trying to figure out more stuff about them.” He turned towards me. “Locke here is a subject of the EFAI.”

“Oh?” Fumard looked over at me curiously. “A subject? Yo kid, what’s the EFAI like? I heard about some of their discoveries. A bunch of freaky shiz they created.”

“Yeah they’re kinda the worst people ever,” I said coldly. “They kidnap, modify the DNA of and then use people to complete their goals.”

“Sounds like they play dirty,” Fumard said. “That would completely ruin their reputation. Dr. He don’t do any of that shiz, you tellin’ the truth kid?”

“They took me and my brother away when we were just little kids. They spliced my DNA with that of some psychokinetic alien,” I said before floating a few dirty dishes (cups) around me. “It wasn’t a pretty process. Lots of blood, unconsciousness, the only reason I can even remember that much is because the DNA gave me enhanced memory.”

“People do all sorts of things for the sake of science, kid. Dr. He wouldn’t, so it’s hard to believe ya,” Fumard said, exhaling more smoke before taking in some more smoke from his cigarette.

“That reminds me, the only reason why they don’t know where I am right now is because when me and another escaped subject named Broshi were on the Rock Planet, we ran into one of his clones. And they removed the tracker blood that the EFAI puts in it's subjects. That’s the only reason why they haven’t followed us here yet,” I said.

“I dunno kid, you’re soundin confusing,” Fumard said, before he looked over at Teleyon, raising his eyebrows.

“Dr. He isn’t in charge of them anymore,” Teleyon said. “He left the organization in secret, someone else is in charge.”

“Ah, now it makes sense,” Fumard said. He looked down at me, exhaling more smoke. “So, Locke kiddo, you wanna do somethin about the EFAI?”

“Not like there’s anything else I would know to strive for in this society,” I said.

“I got access to a lot of people,” Fumard said. “We can make a deal. I can help take them down if there’s something in it for me.” He nodded towards the back of the room. “Teleyon, get my briefcase, the hard drive is in it. Hack into them.” Teleyon nodded and he was off. Fumard looked down at me, his cigarette between two of his fingers. “Kiddo, you’re a mutant with special abilities. You say ya don’t know what to strive for in this society? Consider my offer. Work for me, and I’ll keep ya hidden from the EFAI.”

I’d be a liar if I said I don’t have many better options. But I don’t know for certain if this guy can actually do what he’s promising. For all I know he may just hand me back to them if they offer him a better deal then we do.

“Think about it,” Fumard said. “You’d be useful to me, and I’d be useful to you.”

“How can I be sure that you won’t just hand me back if they offer you a better deal?” I asked sternly.

He laughed. “And do they even know I have ya? No, they don’t. They can’t offer me nuthin’ if they don’t know about ya.”

“True,” I said. “What exactly would I have to do for you?”

“Mmmmmm you’ll have to learn a lot first. My life isn’t a simple one, and neither is yours. I dunno what you’d do yet, I’ll have to put use to you somewhere if you accept my offer.” Fumard tossed away his cigarette since it was used up.

“Well I can learn anything pretty quickly thanks to my DNA. Plus my psychic powers improve pretty quickly. There’s a lot I could do,” I said.

“Can ya… control people?” Fumard questioned, taking out a pack of cigarettes from his jacket. “Make them do certain things like accepting offers?”

“Well while I can basically control every part of the human body, from tendons to bones, which means I’m pretty good at stopping/potentially torturing people if they don’t comply, I still have a bit of practice left when it comes to the whole controlling the brain thing, but if I get some people to practice on I should be able to learn how to do in no time flat,” I answered.

“Then there ya go. I’d use ya as a bodyguard and my negotiations assistant.” Fumard smiled.

“Sounds good, but keep in mind I can do other things. I’m psychic Swiss Army knife if you will. But that job sounds like a good fit for my abilities.” I smirked.

“Great. You’re hired.” Fumard lit himself another cigarette with a lighter. By now Teleyon had also returned with a briefcase. “Yo Teleyon, your friend here is now working as my bodyguard.”

“Huh?” Teleyon looked over at me, looking kind of surprised. “Really?”

“It’s best if I stay as little out of the public eye or around people as possible until the EFAI gets shut down. Can’t risk them knowing where I am. Which unfortunately means that the more time I spend traveling with you and your friends, the higher the risk as it’s quite likely they already have your faces in some sort of database somewhere,” I said.

“So to keep us safe… you’re staying away from us?” Teleyon questioned. “That’s actually very true. Smart move Locke. Despite your age, you’re pretty intelligent. Color me impressed.”

“Good luck with your hard drive. Now that me and the siblings are hidden, if the EFAI encounter you, you’ll be able to tell them that we simply ran away somewhere. Maybe even add something to make it sound like we didn’t like you or something. Just to get across that you wouldn’t know where we went. Just make it seem like we disappeared from existence for all you guys know,” I said.

“Sounds good,” Teleyon said. “Good luck to you too.”

I waved him goodbye as he walked away to leave, taking the briefcase with him. Soon he exited the building.

“So, what exactly will my living quarters be? Do I just sleep on the ground?” I asked Fumard.

“Nah,” Fumard said. “You'll get a room or something. I don't stay in one place, don't even got a house. Usually I stay with someone I know, and there'd most likely be a place for you.”

“Alright then. When’s my first day of work?” I asked, curious of how much time I had left to practice.

“Well I'll be leaving this place in an hour.” Fumard took out a device from his pocket. “If this lights up and vibrates, then it means I need ya. Just stay close by.” He handed the device to me.

I analyzed it's design before putting it in my shirt pocket. If it ever went off I can easily teleport to his energy and deal with whatever is going on. Considering his current energy level, it’s hard to know if he has a crystal or not so I’ll have to make sure not to take any chances.

“You're free to do whatever in this building for an hour.” Fumard walked back over to the group of people he was chatting with earlier.  

I walked to a wall that was opposing the group but was still far away and leaned against it. I could faintly hear them talking about something but couldn’t make most of it out. They laughed too. Quite a bit. It looked like they were enjoying themselves.

It was going like that for awhile until someone walked in and headed straight towards Fumard. They looked suspicious, and were digging for something in their pockets.

I narrowed my eyes at them, I could tell my hair was beginning to float upwards and starting to glow as I kept a close eye on him, ready to make a barrier or teleport at a moments notice.

The suspicious person talked with Fumard for a bit. Fumard was pretty calm and was still laughing, until the person pulled out a gun, pointing it right at Fumard's head.

Immediately, I grabbed the persons gun wielding hand with my psychic powers, using them to force him to drop his weapon before levitating them and tossing them against a wall.

The music had stopped playing and everyone was looking over at the person. Fumard smirked.

“I hope you all learn from this!” He then said loudly to everyone in the building.

I began to walk over to them, angling my direction towards the person of suspicion. I then stood in front of Fumard, my arms crossed as I glared down at the still grounded man. I was not about to let some common thug ruin my chances of security.

“See, this is my bodyguard, Locke. Don't mess with him,” Fumard said. “Locke, dispose of the attacker, will you?”

“In what way would you prefer?” I asked, uncrossing my arms.

“Just don't make too much of a mess,” he replied.

I nodded before forcing the man to stand with my powers before making him slap and punch himself in multiple places at his full force. People laughed at him and the music resumed as if nothing happened. After a few minutes of making the man hit himself, I got tired of doing it and simply decided to teleport him to some random location on the planet. Regardless, he won’t be seen for a while. “Threat has been neutralized. He won’t be showing up again for a while since we’ll be leaving soon.”

“Good work.” Fumard smiled. I also overheard some people talking about me and how amazing I was.

“If anything the man got lucky. If he had actually done some damage, he would’ve been sent off with more then just some bruises and a loss of pride,” I said, facing towards the crowd of people with a sinister glare. “Don’t be fooled by my age and size, I can do some really bad stuff if I want to. I can cause your muscles to grind your bones to powder if I wish. Or I can simply make you snap your own neck. So don’t cross me or my employer. Ever.” Fumard smirked. “And before any of you ask, no regular weapon is gonna hurt me. So don’t bother with basic bludgeonings or guns like that guy. I can stop almost any weapon I want with my powers. It’s as easy as flicking a switch.”

“Whatever, kid,” some random guy in the crowd of people said.

“*COUGH COUGH* We’ll be going, then,” Fumard said, getting up as he tossed his used cigarette away. “Let’s go, Locke.”



To be continued in the next chapter...

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