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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 14)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 14)

Posted March 12th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 14: Saturo


“I’m back!”

I sensed Ichoo’s energy and realized he was back. I went over to the front door to greet him. He was standing there smiling, as he took his shoes off.

“Welcome back, Ich,” I said.

“Everyone else is doing fine. We don’t have to deal with the EFAI for quite awhile now,” Ich said.

“That’s good,” I replied.

“Say, where’s Nushot?” He questioned, looking around the living room. The living room was the first room people come across when entering this house. It was quite a big house.

“Nushot?” Nushot is Ichoo’s older brother. He’s married to Lavender’s older sister, Azalea, which made Ichoo and Lavender siblings in law. “Not sure. He’s not always home. He and his wife don’t live here with us, but they come around to visit every once and awhile.”

“Oh, okay,” Ichoo replied. “So, then, how’re you and Lav doing?”

“Oh?” I blushed. “Well, uhh… we’re doing good.”

“That’s good to hear!” Ich said. “It’s pretty nice being back and around my friends. It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, it sure has,” I replied, glad that the topic changed to something else. Lavender and I have our own private business we didn’t like to share… and the other cute side of her. When she’s around the others, she puts on her serious act. Otherwise when it’s just the two of us, she acts like herself. I’m the one who’s shy and just sits there usually. Lavender herself was not shy, not even at all. She was a strong girl.

“You’ve changed too,” Ichoo said to me. “You’ve grown… a lot more mature.”

“Yeah, and you also changed. You’re like a different person now,” I replied. “Because of your whole disorder thing…”

“All because of Achikara,” Ich said.

“Achikara? Right, she’s your girlfriend?”

“Kind of. She’s my fiancée,” Ich said, smiling. “We’re already engaged and will marry at some point.”

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed. “Dang, you’re farther than me in terms of relationships. Which one of you proposed?”

“I did,” Ich replied. “I’m a man, I’m not scared to do so.” He chuckled as he patted my shoulder playfully. “Unlike someone I know.”

“Hey, I’m not scared!” I snapped at him. “But… do you think I should ask Lavender?”

“Well, you two love each other, right?” Ich questioned.

“Yeah, we’ve been together for awhile now.” I nodded.

“Then sure, just wait for the right moment though. And buy her a ring too,” Ich said.

“Sounds good…” I wondered when the right moment would be.

“So, where’s your room?” Ich asked.

“Uhh, it’s somewhere in the back,” I replied. I didn’t want Ich seeing my room, that would be embarrassing since Lav and I slept together.

“Hey Saturo!” I then heard Lavender’s voice as she appeared behind me. I turned around and spotted her, having finished her shower since her hair was still wet and she was wearing clean pajamas. It was the cute ones that had the actual lavender flower on it. I haven’t really mentioned this, but Lavender actually smells just like lavenders. And so do I, since… Yeah. I also smell like lavenders.

“Oh hey Lav, you finished?” I said to her. “It’s my turn then.”

“Hi Lav!” Ich waved at her.

“Oh hey Ichoo, how have you been?” Lav smiled at him.

“Been doing well! How are you and Saturo doing?” Ich asked. I blushed, since he asked me that earlier.

“Oh we’re doing amazing, thanks for asking!” she answered him. “Now come on, Saturo, darling, you need a shower.”

My face lit up, I felt it turn red. “Lav!” I exclaimed. “Don’t call me darling in front of other peopleeee!” I whined. I was embarrassed as Lavender giggled to herself.

“Then go get yourself cleaned up!” She said to me. “We have things to do, you know?” She winked at me, and I just blushed more.

“Ooooh, you’ve got it good Saturo,” Ich laughed. “Where’s your family, Lav?”

“Dad and Mom are not home, but my brothers are downstairs in the basement. Playing video games, as usual,” Lavender replied.

Oh yeah, Lavender had two younger brothers that were twins. They were troublemakers, always teasing me and stuff. Their names were Amaranth and Laceleaf, also named after flowers just like Lav and Azalea. For short, we call them Amar and Lace. And Lavender’s Dad was named Cyclamen, and her mom was named Acacia.

“Are they grounded? Did they cause you trouble again?” Ich asked, titling his head.

“Yesss,” Lavender sighed. “I locked them in the basement, and put up an anti-teleport barrier so that they can’t get out.”

“Oh well, that sucks for them,” Ich said. “I think Achi and I will go play with them.”

“Go ahead, keep them busy,” Lavender said. “They shouldn’t always be playing video games either.”

“Which is where I come in,” Ich beamed as he headed down the hallway to grab Achikara before heading downstairs. “Have fun Saturo!” He winked at me along the way.

I just groaned at him, my face heating up from all the blushing that I’ve done. Ich laughed before he disappeared in his room, before he came out carrying Achi, who was also blushing. When she saw me looking at her, she covered her face with her hands and sleeves.

“Hehe, bye Saturo,” Ichoo said.

“Bye,” I replied.

But then Achikara got out of Ich’s arms and ran up to me, with her head looking down at the ground. She was nervous.

“T-thanks for saving me, earlier…” she muttered. “I r-really thank you for that…”

“Oh, no problem Achi, it’s fine!” I told her. “That’s what friends do, save each other!” Lavender smiled, as she was standing right next to me.

Achikara nodded and then walked back to Ich, who was smiling as he then held Achikara’s hand. Together, they went on downstairs to the trouble twins lair. Good luck to them.

“Anyway…” Lav then said, turning to me. “Go take a shower already! Sheesh, you’re so slow!”

“R-right!” I then zipped over to our bedroom. It had an attached bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. I quickly got myself cleaned up, since Lav kept nagging me to do so.

? Draco ?

Eyujin still hasn’t gotten back. Fucia and I were still out here, barely dressed, in the middle of nowhere here on the Ice Planet. It was freezing, but I used my powers to heat myself up to stay warm. Fucia wasn’t very good at it, so I was helping her stay warm too. Until now we had been practicing her charging energy with her crystal and so far it’s been going smoother than we both expected. She picked up on it quite quickly in the last few hours since we started.

I had also all but gotten accustomed to the power of Ascended grade one. Now the only training I could probably see doing right now besides helping Fucia would be getting used to the different levels of the Sparking Spirit. But maybe I should save that for until after we both get used to the cold and get our clothes back.

So far Fucia was practicing charging energy and then using said energy to create larger attacks than she could usually create.

She had done attacks varying from giant torrents of fire to barrages of lightning bolts. All of these attacks were usually aimed at a giant rock or a tree.

If it weren’t for the constant snowfall covering everything in a blanket of white, the surrounding area would be covered in charred craters. From what I could tell so far, while she hasn’t had any actual combat training before this, Fucia seems to have a lot of natural talent at this. Granted it seems to be a slow unlocking process of said talent.

During this time I had mainly just been floating around her general area to make sure that I could generate heat near where she was as well as to observe the results of her attacks.

Of course with all of the constant energy and expelling of said energy Fucia had gotten pretty tired.

“Hey Fucia, how about I take a shot at launching an attack?” I asked, noticing that she clearly needed to lie down for a bit.

“Sure… go… ahead,” She said as she then sat down on the ground as I landed nearby, facing towards a large hill.

I decided that the best way to test out just how much power my new form could dish out, would be the fire a Novannhilator at the highest power I can muster, but not enough to knock me out because if I did get knocked out… well then Fucia  and I would most likely freeze to death.

First, I stretched both of my arms out in front of me, my palms facing my target, in this case, the hill. I then brought both of my arms in close to my chest, with my palms facing each other and make a highly concentrated sphere of plasma from both of them before fusing them together. This begins the countdown as the plasma sphere will now rapidly build up power and energy the longer I hold it. Now all I need to do is make sure my hands remained in this cupped position facing each other, as not doing so would most likely cause the beam to shoot off in the direction that doesn’t have a hand in the way.

I simply stayed in my spot, charging of the sphere of plasma quietly, as I don’t actually need to say the whole No-Va-Nni-Hi-La-Tor charging up thing. I mainly only did that just to give it a bit more flair. As I’m charging, of course, my aura is growing in size rapidly and ferociously, like when I first used it on Hematite, rocks were levitating, the ground was shaking, the snow was turning into steam all over the place and I looked like I was engulfed in a giant blue geyser of fire.

I could tell the attack was almost ready, as I began to notice storm clouds begin to generate in the sky and lighting was crashing down at a regular rate.

Then, a few seconds later, my aura died down and the immense pressure of the sphere faded. It was ready, this was the most I could charge it at my current level without knocking myself unconscious.

I stood towards the hill with my right side facing it, ready to open my hands so that their palms would both face the hill and I’d be able to tell how much damage that would do.

I stretched my arms out at the hill, feeling the plasma sphere begin to grow in size.

“Hey guys, I have returned!” I then heard Eyujin’s voice.

Before anything could be said the entire area was engulfed in blue light and the ground shook violently like an earthquake as what sounded like a supersonic jet taking off right next to me as the beam of my attack shot out at the hill, engulfing it in a giant fireball of cyan plasma fury. This, of course, immediately caused a giant explosion.


There was high power winds blowing in every direction and rubble flying everywhere. This is because Eyujin made me focus a bit less than I should’ve had.

“…” I then spotted Eyujin standing at the side next to Fucia. “Woah, I did not expect to come back to this.”

I simply just awkwardly stared at him and Fucia as steam came off my hands as the wind died down and the rubble was no longer flying at mach three. Luckily, no one got hit.

“That… was more extreme then I imagined it would be,” Fucia commented.

“It certainly was more powerful than the one he used on me,” Eyujin said. “That could be your special attack, Draco! A finishing blow!”

“I mean, I always thought of it being like that,” I said as the dust settled and I noticed that Eyujin had just noticed my new, slightly spikeir, blue glowing hair and my higher energy level. “It’s just that when I first came up with it, it took so much out of me that if I used it outside of a tournament setting or against a single opponent that I know will be beaten by it, I couldn't use it as much as I can now. Granted, the one I just shot there was one that I put around seventy percent of my effort into. I can use ones that take less out of me now.”

“That’s good! You’ve gotten better!” Eyujin said. “Also, you’ve seemed to have used a different technique this time.”

“Yeah, it's a level beyond Double that me and Broshi figured out. There are two stages of it that we’ve discovered so far, Ascended Grade One, the form I’m in right now. And Full Ascended which is about five times stronger than this one, it also gives it tons more energy and speed as well. Grade one here is about twenty times better than Double which of course means that Full Ascended is around a hundred times stronger than Double,” I explained. “I’ve basically all but mastered using this form in the time you’ve been gone. Unlike Full Ascended, it barely drains an ounce of energy to maintain for long periods of time. Full Ascended takes a lot out of a person real quick in exchange for it’s huge power and speed boost.”

“Then it should be used with caution,” Eyujin said.

“Yeah. I was thinking that whenever you would come back that I would try practicing with the Sparking Spirit as well, as unlike my other techniques I haven’t practiced with that one nearly as much, which is why it strains more when compared to my other techniques at the same level like Wrath or Speed.”

“Hold on, I need you to explain what all your techniques do. I don’t know them by their names, you see…” Eyujin said, scratching his head.

“Oh right,” I said, powering down so that I’d be able to show differences easier.

“So first of there's ‘Dragon’s Wrath’,” I said before I was covered in a red glow and my eyes glowed red and I felt myself get a bit bigger, I could also feel the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I also could hear, smell and sense objects via changes in the wind a lot better. “This technique boosts mainly my attack power while making me a bit more hardy as well as giving my highly enhanced senses as well as superheated skin and a slow but effective healing factor.”

“Ah, I see. You named this technique Dragon’s Wrath? Where does the dragon part come in?” Eyujin questioned.

“Well that comes from some of the ability it gives me, for example, my sense become comparable to that of a dragon, I can hear things from up to five miles away and smell things from twice that distance. And I can sense movement even when my eyes are closed due to vibrations picked up from the hairs on the back of my neck. But the more obvious ones is that I’m able to shoot plasma out of my mouth without any harm to myself and I can roar at a maximum frequency around or higher than 250 decibels.”

“Ah, I see!” Eyujin exclaimed. “What about the other techniques?”

“Well next there's ‘Dragons Scales’,” I said as the red glow vanished and my senses returned to normal. I felt slightly heavier and I was surrounded in a blue force field like aura that hung close to my skin. “This one, while it lowers my speed a bit, it drastically improves my endurance, stamina and resistance to attacks. So far from what I can tell the worst injuries I’ve sustained with this have been cuts and blood splotches. No broken bones though. I’ve also noticed that if an opponent hits me when I have just this itself activated, it seems to weaken their next attack by a noticeable margin.”

“Ah, I can see why you called it Dragons Scales. Because many dragons have tough scales,” Eyujin replied. “What other techniques do you have?”

“Well besides Sparking Spirit and this one technique I haven’t fully gotten the hang off, there’s Dragon’s Agility,” I said as the forcefield vanished before my feet were bathed in a deep blue, flame like aura and I felt significantly lighter and more energetic, but felt a bit more frail. “This technique focuses on my speed and reaction times. It also allows me to make illusionary clones that can act like me but don’t actually have a physical presence. However, it does lower my resistance and in order to attain the speed my weight goes down some so my attacks don’t have as much ‘oomph’. Something I should add as well though, recently I learned how to activate some of the traits of my techniques individually. Also I can add each of them together to make me more powerful in all categories overall.”

“I see, very useful.” Eyujin nodded. “What about Sparking Spirit?”

“Well you’ve seen this one before,” I said as I deactivated Agility before shooting a plasma sphere into the air before looking back at Eyujin. “So what multiplier do you want me to use to show it off?”

“Let her decide, she hasn’t done anything yet.” Eyujin pointed at Fucia.

“How about… fifteen?” Fucia suggested.

“Alright. That works,” I said before making the sphere crash down towards me. “SPARKING SPIRIT TIMES FIFTEEN!”

I then was bathed in a thick red aura with red electricity coursing across me. It wasn’t too hard to handle, but still was a bit hard on the body. I could feel all of the extra energy and power flowing through me.

“Ah, so you shoot out energy into the sky and then absorb it after it multiplies by the number of your choice, and your energy level increases by that amount?” Eyujin questioned.

“Basically yeah, whenever I use it it’s a matter of mathematical guessing. I have to decide in less than ten seconds if the multiplier I pick is one I can handle. But while it does put a lot of strain on my body at levels beyond twenty, it has a lot of payoff. It basically multiples all of my battle traits by the number I choose. So for example right now I’m fifteen times stronger and faster than I would be in my base form. The only thing it doesn’t multiply is my stamina, but that seems self explanatory as to why it doesn't.”

“And your other technique, the one you called Ascended?” Eyujin asked. “Is it like your eye technique in terms of what it grants you, just stronger as you’ve said before?”

“Well I guess you could call it a technique but yeah, it’s a level after double which itself is a level after Draco Eye so yes it’s stronger.” I nodded as I deactivated the Sparking Spirit and felt a bit tired. I really needed to practice with it and get used to it’s strain.

“I see. You have quite the repoitar of useful techniques,” Eyujin said. “You should work on your stamina and get your body stronger. Since some of your techniques put strain on you, that’ll be what you’ll work on. You can’t learn any of my techniques until your body gets stronger, like the technique of making plasma far away.”

“Right.” I nodded.

“So that’ll be what you’ll work on,” Eyujin said. “Say, where is Broshi?”

“Oh well, he met this Ocrus guy, they fought for a while then this EFAI guy showed up and they both went with him somewhere. Don’t know where he is now, for the past few hours it’s just been me and Fucia. Speaking of which she started training to charge energy and use it for stronger attacks. She learned it pretty quickly I might add,” I said as Fucia looked a bit proud of herself.

“Ah, well that’s good, Fucia!” Eyujin said. “You don’t have a main power, do you? Oh wait, it was multi-elemental, correct?”

“Yeah.” She nodded.

“Multi-elemental is a tough power because it’s all of them,” Eyujin said. “While any Ultimate is basically multi-elemental, they choose to have a main power because focusing on one will make you stronger. Like Draco and I, our main power is plasma. That makes our plasma powerful and effective, while your plasma would be weak. I would suggest, Fucia, choose three elements that are your favorite and focus on them.”

“Hmm…” She thought to herself.

“Then those three elements that you chose would be effective, depending on how much practice and training you’ve had with it,” Eyujin said.

“Alright,” She said as she was still deciding which elements to pick.

“Otherwise, we’re heading back. It’s around my sleeping time,” Eyujin motioned his hand and pointed towards his spaceship.

“Does that mean we get to have our clothes back?” I asked as Fucia stood up. She seemed to be counting powers, this seemed to be a tough decision for her.

“Of course you’ll get your clothes back! What, you think I’m gonna leave you stripped?” Eyujin replied as he entered his spaceship, before he threw a pile of clothing over to us. I then realized that Broshi had gone off with only shorts, since his ripped and dirty clothes were right here…

Granted they were ripped and dirty so it’s not like he’d look much better.

“Are there separate rooms we can change in?” I asked.

“Uhh…” Eyujin murmured as the spaceship doors closed, and we were inside, “they’re being used for storage.” he sat down on his chair in front of the steering wheel.

“Closing eyes it is then,” I said as I then sat down and covered my eyes. “Fucia you go first.”

“Right,” She said before I simply sat there with my eyes closed and my hands over them for a while until she said she was done and she was in her clothes from before again.

We then switched places and I got back into the new clothes Glare had made me.

“Glad to see you have modesty,” Eyujin said. “And that none of you are perverts. Lucky for you, getting power is the only thing you need to learn then.”

“Well that’s good to know,” I said as I sat down next to Fucia as the ship lifted off the ground.

“You guys sleepy?”  Eyujin then questioned as the spaceship flew up into space, moving out of the atmosphere.

“Kinda,” I said, stretching, while Fucia yawned a bit. “I mean we’ve been training and stuff half of the day so it’s a bit expected.”

“Well, I can try and get two dorm rooms for you, but it’d be easier if I could just get one and you share a room. Up to you guys,” Eyujin said.

“Hmmm…” we looked at each other. “I guess it wouldn’t be too big of a deal outside of the clothes changing problem. Unless the bed is like, tiny.” Then there would be two.”

“I guess we’ll see when we get there then,” Eyujin replied.

“Yeah,” Fucia said as we lied against our chairs, waiting for when we would land.



to be continued in the next chapter... 

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