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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 15)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 15)

Posted March 16th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 15: Ichoo


Achi and I walked down the stairs of the basement, entering Lavender’s two twin younger brother’s ‘lair’. They were troublemakers, or so I heard from Lavender and Saturo. But they weren’t that bad, right? When I first met them, they were good kids. Although that could possibly be because their parents were there…

“It’s so… dark down here,” Achi commented. She was right, it was dark down here.

“Careful, the stairs end here,” I told Achi.

“Okay…” She slowly walked down the last step.

We were now on the ground, yet it was still dark. The lights were off. No wonder we couldn’t see anything. Where were Lavender’s brothers?

“Muahahahahaha…” I then heard an evil sounding laugh.

“W-what’s that?!” Achi grabbed onto me, frightened by this sudden laugh.

“You have entered our lair…” A monsterous voice spoke. “You have brought DOOM upon yourselves!”

Suddenly, glowing red eyes appeared in front of us, and the lights turned on, revealing a skeleton.

“Ahhhh!” Achikara screamed, while I was not scared since I knew this was just Lavender’s brothers messing around.

“Hahaha!” Then the skeleton disappeared and two young boys were found there on the ground, laughing.

“You’ve gotten better,” I commented. “But it’s not very realistic.”

“Oh come on!” The boys stood up. “We scared your girlfriend!”

These boys were ten years old, and are twins. Their names were Amaranth and Laceleaf. Amaranth was the older one, older by two minutes. I couldn’t tell which one was which, but they made it easier by their hair color. Amaranth had purple hair, while Laceleaf had red hair. They dyed it, of course, their natural hair color was brown.

“Yeah, you should apologize to her,” I said, holding Achi close to me.

“Hmm…” The twins exchanged looks with each other. “Nah.”

“You two are savages,” I commented.

“Why do you think they lock us up down here?” Amaranth (or Amar for short) said.

“It’s because of the trouble we cause!” Laceleaf (or Lace for short) added.

“You can behave, you just choose not to when you don’t have to.” Because when I first met these two, their parents were there so they were behaving. But when their parents are absent, they just are savages that are hard to control.

“You’re right,” Amar said. “We just choose not to.”

“Why did you come down here anyway, Ich?” Lace questioned.

“You guys play video games too much. So I came to give you something else to do, get a break and exercise,” I replied. Achi was still right by my side, except she was no longer frightened.

“Okay, sounds good to us,” Amar said. “Why don’t you play a game with us then?”

“Depends on the game,” I said. “No spooky stuff, Achi doesn’t like those.”

“Y-yeah,” Achi added.

“We’ll just be sparring, like we did with Saturo!” Lace exclaimed. “He was very fast though. I don’t think you’re that fast!”

“I mean I could be fast if I wanted,” I said with a grin. “But you wanna spar? Alright, we’ll spar.”

“B-be careful though, all of you!” Achikara said, as she then sat far next to the wall where she would just watch.

“Alright, Ich, you’re powerful right? Almost as powerful as Nushot?” Lace asked.

I nodded. “He’s still stronger since he’s older and more experienced.”

“We took Nushot himself down,” Amar said. “You should be easy then!”

“You took my brother down? Really?” I asked. I didn’t believe them. Nushot was powerful and extremely hard to beat. His control over the wind was flawless.

“Just watch,” Lace said. The two twins got into fighting positions right in front of me. Then they activated their aura’s, which was the same color as their hair. “Take this!” They leaped forward to attack me.

I made a barrier of wind right in between us, and prevented them from getting close to me.

“That’s cheating!” Amar shouted.

“You said you beat Nushot though,” I retorted. “You should be able to get past this.”

“We did beat Nushot! Just not at this!” Lace exclaimed. “We beat him in a video game…”

“I thought so,” I replied.

“But if you’re gonna do that… then we’ll use our secret technique!” Lace and Amar did movements with their hands and then each of them pointed a hand out in front of them, Lace pointing out his right hand as he was on the left, and Amar pointing out his left hand as he was on the right. Their hands met in the middle, pointing right at me. “Activate! Super secret ability!”

Then I felt some energy pass through my barrier, phasing through it, and hitting me before I could react. Something weird happened in my body… And then I opened up a portal to my Dad’s realm on accident. I didn’t even… do that. What? What did Lace and Amar do!?

“OOOH! LOOK A PORTAL! LET’S GO, ESCAPE TIME BABY!” Amar and Lace were excited.

“Wait, no don’t go in there!” I shouted at them.

But what did I expect? Them to listen to me? No, they just jumped right in, entering my Dad’s realm.

“Achi…” I looked over at Achikara, who was sitting at the side looking shocked. “I’ll be back.”

“Be careful!” Achikara warned me.

After nodding, I jumped in to go after the two twins. The portal closed behind me, since it’s designed to close after the one who opened it entered. I then appeared in the sky above a forest. I flew towards where I sensed Amar and Lace were.

I sensed they were near where Saturn and Phoenix were. I could definitely see why those two were trouble makers. Lavender and Saturo were right.

Soon I arrived at the house Saturn and Phoenix were staying at, and opened the door and walked right in. I found Saturn and Phoenix asleep on beds, and I spotted Lace and Amar there too.

“Guys!” I exclaimed.

“Oh hi Ich, you’re here too!” Lace was the one to notice me first. “Check this out!”

“Hehehe…” Amar laughed to himself as Lace stuck his hands out.

Suddenly, water generated right above Saturn and Phoenix’s heads, about at least five gallons worth of water. Oh no.

Then the water dropped, splashing right over the sleeping Saturn and Phoenix. They gasped and woke up, all soaked. Their beds were also soaked now.

“WHAT THE HECK!” Saturn exclaimed, finding himself all soaked.

“Haha!” The two twins high fived each other.

“You two did this!?” Phoenix growled at them, as she and Saturn got off of their beds since they were wet.

“We’re totally sorry,” Lace said, as he and his brother smirked.

“GET OVER HERE!” Phoenix engulfed herself in flames and charged at the twins.

But more water generated above her and fell, getting the whole floor wet and putting out Phoenix’s fire at the same time.

“Heh.” Amar and Lace snickered. They then generated water above Saturn. Saturn looked up and saw the water, and surrounded himself in a green bubble. When the water fell, it didn’t touch Saturn.

“Alright, you guys, you’ve had your fun!” I then stepped in. “Let’s go back home.”

“But we’re not done yet!” Lace whined.

“Seriously guys, go back now,” I sighed, as I opened up a portal back right at the door.

“Fine.” They finally gave in. “Let’s go then.”

“Alright, you guys go first.” I pointed at the portal.

“OKAY SEE YA!” Suddenly, they grabbed Saturn’s bubble and Phoenix’s leg and tossed them through the portal. My jaw dropped just as I realized what they did. “BA-BYE!” They then jumped through the portal. It all happened so fast since they were also Ultimates, they had abilities.

“Oh gosh…” The EFAI would be able to track down Saturn and Phoenix now. “AMARANTH! LACELEAF!” I jumped back through the portal, calling for them. As the portal closed behind me, I looked around quickly for Saturn and Phoenix and for the naughty twins.

I realized we were in a desert. Since I didn’t make the portal in the same place, we came out from somewhere else. It was also night time.

“AMAR! LACE!” I shouted their names to see if they could hear me.

“OVER HERE!” I heard them reply. I then saw them up ahead, with Saturn and Phoenix who looked extremely annoyed.

I quickly transported myself to them. “We have to get Saturn and Phoenix back in the realm! Or else-”

Suddenly, I was cut off.


I quickly moved forward and shielded the twins and Saturn and Phoenix, as an explosion happened right behind me. This was exactly what I feared.

“Or else that?” Lace suggested. “There’s a spaceship right behind you.”

“Oh no…” Phoenix murmured.

When I turned around, there indeed was a spaceship. The spaceship landed, and four guys came out of it. They were all armed with special guns, I could tell.

“That is not good. We should get out of here!” Saturn said.

I couldn’t make a portal to the realm in front of them or else that would give us away. I had to fight past them and run and then do that.

“Excuse me, sir.” one of the guys stepped forward. All of them had armor and a helmet on, that looked like it was designed for war. The one who stepped up took off his helmet, revealing his young face and light brown hair. “I am Raemon of the EFAI. You have two of our beloved subjects, and we have orders to capture them and take them home.”

“Everyone stay behind me,” I whispered to Saturn and Phoenix and the twins. They all nodded and stayed behind me. Then I looked over at this Raemon guy. “Why were you ordered to take them?”

“They’re too dangerous to be put out in society,” Raemon talked back instead of fighting, even though he was still holding his weapon. “None of the mutants have stable DNA. They’re all unstable.” He paused as he studied my facial expression, and I looked serious. “You know about the EFAI, since you’re not surprised with the information I’m giving you.”

“Yes, I know a bit, from what I was told.” I nodded, keeping myself in front of the twins and the mutant siblings.

“You know too much. You are suspicious. Saturn and Phoenix do not know this much information because they were not involved in our duties.” Raemon aimed his gun at me. “You’ve been talking with someone else. Which subject did you communicate with?”

It was Locke and Broshi that gave me this information. But I wasn’t going to tell them that.

“You don’t respond immediately. You have proven yourself suspicious. Identify yourself and the reason you are out here in the desert with two children and two EFAI subjects.” Now all four of the armored guys, including Raemon, aimed their weapons at me.

I was able to protect myself, but Lavender's brothers were young and Saturn and Phoenix weren’t trained. I had to protect them all, so I surrendered myself, raising my hands in the air. “My name is Ich.” I didn’t give them my real full name or my last name so that they don’t know who I am.

“Why are you out here, Ich?” Raemon questioned me.

“These two troublemakers ran out here, and I followed them to catch them,” I answered. Amar and Lace nodded, agreeing with me. I could tell from the look on their faces that they had no clue what was going on. But they saw the weapons the EFAI people were carrying so they were taking this seriously.

“Why are two EFAI subjects out here with you?” Raemon questioned. I had to come up with a good enough answer, quickly.

“They were playing with these boys. See, they’re wet, they were getting trolled by these boys,” I said.

“Yeah, that is true,” Phoenix agreed with me, as she looked down at her drenched clothes.

“We have records that Saturn and Phoenix were killed in an attack,” Raemon then said. “They should not be here and living. You’ve done something, Ich, and we do not approve of it. Turn in Saturn and Phoenix to us now and we’ll let this go.”

Oh man, decisions. I was glad that Achikara wasn’t here. She was safe. I was also glad that the portal back here didn’t take us to Lavender’s house, which means everyone there is safe.

“Sorry,” I then said to Raemon. “Friends are friends, and I don’t turn over friends to people like you.”

Raemon frowned. “You have one chance to hand them over, or else we’ll have to kill you and take them by force.”

“Did you not hear me? I said no-” I was about to just say it again into his face. But Saturn bumped into me and interrupted me.

“No! Take us! Take me! Leave those who didn’t do anything alone!” Saturn shouted. Phoenix looked surprised.

“Saturn?” I looked over at him questionably.

“Don’t get involved with the EFAI. They’re dangerous…” He muttered. “Just turn us over. We’ve caused you guys so much trouble… It’s not worth it…” He fell to his knees.

“Saturn…” I set a hand on his shoulder. “It is worth it. Friendship is a gift, and trust me, it is worth it. Don’t say things like that. You didn’t cause us trouble. The EFAI did. You’re innocent. And you’re also my friend, and I won’t give you up just like that. I won’t go down without a fight. Friends are supposed to care about each other.”

Saturn was silent as he looked down at the sand, frowning. Phoenix also looked sad now.

“How cute,” Raemon commented. “If that’s what you want, then, we’ll kill you and then take them by force.” His weapon charged a laser beam and it shot right at my head. I stopped the laser from hitting me with the wind, and shot it off into space.

“You heard me, I said I won’t go down without a fight!” I shouted. I charged towards Raemon, blowing his weapon and the other three guys’s weapons off to the side, disarming them. Then I punched Raemon in the gut, making a dent in his armor.

“OOF!” Raemon fell back.

“I’ll give you one chance to run back to your leader and report that you failed to capture them,” I said, standing tall in front of the fallen Raemon. The other three guys just stood back and watched carefully.

Raemon then slowly got up, and spit on the sand beside him. “Go back.” He then told the other guys. They nodded and went back into their spaceship. “And you, Ich. What do you think you’re saying, huh?” He then took off his armor, and threw it all to the side. He was wearing white clothing under it. “Here’s some info: The EFAI has an army of the best and most powerful mutants. And I, Raemon, am a part of it!” He then suddenly had an blue aura around him.

“Oh, so you’re Rank A,” I said, remembering what Broshi had said about the power of the mutants. It was a system he just made up on the spot to show how powerful Saturn and Phoenix were.

“I am one of the most powerful mutants!” Raemon shouted. “And you’re going to regret ever defying me or the EFAI!”

I got into a fighting position and carefully watched Raemon for his movements. He smirked.

Then he leaped forward and attacked. He moved so fast and so smoothly, but I read his movements and was able to block them all. Then he twisted back and aimed to kick at my head. I ducked under it and blew him back with the wind. As he flew back, I flew up into the air and sent a gust of wind that blew him right into the spaceship he came with.

Raemon growled and then teleported behind me, attempting to kick me. I turned around to block it or dodge, but he caught me off guard and punched me hard in the face, knocking me into the sand below.

“Hi Ich I came by to see- oh your fighting someone- oh they look like a mutan- actually I have some stuff to do over here so I’ma go now…” I spotted Mehrunes for a second, and then he left, walking away.

“Hold it, who is that and why are they he-” Raemon looked over at Mehrunes, and while he was distracted I landed a powerful punch on his face, knocking him far away.

He got back up, and charged forward towards me. But before he landed another hit on me, he moved out of the way of my attack, grabbing Saturn and Phoenix.

“WAIT I SLIGHTLY CARE NOW!” Mehrunes yelled from next to a cactus.

Raemon launched Saturn and Phoenix into his spaceship, but I made a wind barrier that prevented them from entering. Then Raemon lost focus of what he was doing, and looked over at Mehrunes. “Who are you, identify yourself.”

“ITS YA BOI SCREE, SCRAW, AND SCREW!” Three more Mehrunes clones appeared and yelled. “WE’RE HERE TO SING YOU A SONG!”

Raemon looked confused.


Raemon shook his head, looking disappointed. “This is not what I’m here to do.”

“OH YEA! YER TOO GOOD FOR ME YOU FRURUF?!” One of them (Screw) shouted. “RAP BATTLE LET’S GO!”

“…” Raemon looked confused again. “Pardon?”

“YOUR FACE IS A DISGRACE! YOUR RACE NEEDS A NEW PLACE! YOU LOOK LIKE A SHOE! WELL IT’S A PICKLE NOW!” Screw exclaimed, waggling his fingers with green particles around them, suddenly turning Raemons left shoe into a pickle.

I don’t know what they were up to, but they had Raemon distracted. This was my chance, I made a portal to my Dad’s realm and blew Saturn and Phoenix into it. While I was at it, I also shoved the two troublemaker twins in there.

“It seems like you are enCUCUMBERED!” A different clone (Scree) punned, with a massive smile.

“You make no sense,” Raemon commented.

“YO FACE MAKES NO SENSE!” Screw replied.

“LIKE HIS PICKLE SHOE!” Another clone (Scraw) added, turning his other shoe into a pickle.

Raemon jumped off of the pickles, looking confused.

“YOU SEEM TO BE IN A PICKLE!” Scree shouted.

“Because Saturn and Phoenix are gone,” The real Mehrunes called from his cactus.

“Huh?” Raemon looked around, and then looked at a device on his wrist. “They’re not on this planet. Interesting… I’ll have to report this.” He then jumped into his spaceship. They then just flew off, leaving without Saturn and Phoenix. That was close. I was able to get them back into the realm, but the problem was now they suspect more. And they know Mehrunes and I as suspicious people who are helping out the escaped subjects. It wouldn’t be safe for us.

“Thanks for the distraction, Mehrunes,” I said, flying over to the real one.

“You’re welcome Ich. How did Saturn and Phoenix get out, if you don’t mind my asking?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Lavender’s younger brothers took them out,” I sighed. “That’s who the other two identical boys that were here were, Lavender’s younger brothers.”

“Troublemakers?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yep,” I answered. “Hard to control, they’re also Ultimates.”

“Yikes,” Mehrunes said. “Well, we’re lucky that went as well as it did. Even if it shouldn't have happened at all.”

“Yeah. But now the EFAI suspect us, so trouble will most likely come for us two since we’ve been spotted with Saturn and Phoenix,” I said.

“You’re right. I've actually already transferred my Ertin Credits to Listy, so she’s paying for her and Saio’s room. I checked myself out of the hotel, and now I have to either associate with no one, or you.” Mehrunes nodded in agreement. “We’re still gonna have to be careful. I suspect that not everyone will fall for ‘my’ tricks.”

“Yeah. We’re lucky Raemon did,” I said. “He only paid attention to you because you were a new person spotted with their subjects. Next time they won’t pay attention to you as much, they still have to identify you.”

“That was the plan in Team Scree over there.” Mehrunes motioned to Scree, Scraw, and Screw. “But you’re right about why they paid me any attention. You’re most definitely defined as a threat at this point. They’re just gonna look out for me, with any luck.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “They’ll be after me, since I’m the one who knows where Saturn and Phoenix are. I’ll be staying away from you guys then, since it won’t be safe.”

“Sounds good. I think I’ll hang out with Rando’s crew, you remember them right?” Mehrunes asked. “Pretend to be a hireling. They’ll leave me well enough alone. Probably.”

“Yeah, you can do that,” I replied. “Just stay hidden for awhile, and if anyone who may be part of the EFAI is seen near you, hide or take them out. Preferably don’t kill them, since they’re probably just innocent and are working for the EFAI… Just like, knock them out or something.”

“Yeah,” Mehrunes agreed. “I suppose then, I won’t keep in touch for now. I wish you luck.”

“Thanks.” I smiled. “I also think that, Saturn and Phoenix are just two subjects that have escaped. There are many more, probably, so that’s why they’re not focused on us. But we also have Locke and Broshi. The more subjects we have, the more we appear as enemies to them. We should definitely stay hidden.”

Mehrunes nodded, and looked like he had news to share. “So about them… Broshi got taken back with another guy, I was on the Ice Planet with Draco when that happened. And Locke is in hiding, I slightly stalked Tely when he went to the Black Market. We have neither of them anymore,”

“Oh?” I was surprised with this information. But it made it easier on us, having to only worry about the weaker mutants Saturn and Phoenix. “Then we don’t have to worry about them. You can go with Rando’s crew, take Listy with you. Saio too if you have no place to put her. Otherwise, tell Saturo about what happened. I won’t be heading back to Lav’s house since it’s dangerous. Tell him to tell Achikara about what happened too, so she knows.” I paused for a moment. “If anything, just tell everyone what happened. I’ll be… moving around. I think I may leave Ertin and have the EFAI follow me somewhere else. Because right now, I doubt they left. They’re probably watching us right now. I’m 100% sure they’re not listening though, so we don’t have to worry about that. But either way, I’ll have them follow me, you go into hiding and tell everyone else the news.”

“Right. You remember, I’m going with Rando to make it seem like I’m just a bounty hunter, and I’m not involved in the subjects much?” Mehrunes asked.

Oh yeah. “Right! That’s a good plan.”

“Well if they’re watching not listening, we need to put on an act, no?” Mehrunes smirked. “I’ll pay you back.”

“Good idea!” I exclaimed. “Let’s do it.”

Mehrunes reached out his hand like he was expecting payment, subtly, I felt my pocket get heavier. I smirked, and pulled out the money, which was Ertin Credits not ultims. I then handed it to Mehrunes, making it seem like I was paying him his bounty. Because he was going back to Rando, who himself is a bounty hunter. It would trick the EFAI perfectly.

Mehrunes took the money and nodded, immediately pocketing it and walking away, before the Scree’s disappeared, and he activated Full Star and flew away.

I then looked around. I was at the desert, now alone. I knew that the EFAI didn’t leave for real, they only made it seem like they left. They were still here and watching me. I closed my eyes, and focused on sensing. I could sense Mehrunes flying away. But I could also sense… someone else. Someone who was likely from the EFAI, tailing him. See, I knew it.

Then the other people of the EFAI, Raemon and two other guys that were with him (since the fourth one is tailing Mehrunes) were watching me. I could sense their spaceship was just hidden somewhere. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it. They must have something that made them invisible.

Whatever, I wasn’t going after them. I was going to have them tail me. Then I could withdraw more information from them later, after I corner them. I planned on going to someplace private, somewhere where people aren’t living at. I could go overkill and just do it in space…

Shaking my head, I summoned my space cloud and jumped onto it, riding it up into space swiftly like a hoverboard. I looked behind me to see if Raemon and his crew were following me, but I didn’t see them. Their spaceship was still invisible. I could sense their energy there, they were present.

I could phase through into their spaceship by transforming into air and see what they’re doing. Nodding to myself, I made that my plan. After I got into space, I created a projection of myself flying on my space cloud. I turned completely invisible, transforming to air, and then I flew backwards towards where I sensed the spaceship was.

I watched my projection speeding up in the distance, flying past stars. Meanwhile, my real self was heading right towards the EFAI spaceship. When I felt that I was right there in front of it, I phased through.

And bingo. I was inside the ship, still invisible. Looking around, I seemed to be in the storage room of the spaceship since I saw a lot of boxes around. There were cardboard, metal, and plastic boxes. I was curious on what was inside, but I ignored my curiosity. I had to figure out more information on Raemon and the EFAI.

I walked over to the door, the exit of this storage room, and phased through it easily since I was just air particles.

“We’re currently following him,” I heard Raemon’s voice.

I hid my energy, so that they won’t sense me. I observed my surroundings. Raemon was sitting down in a chair, next to him was the other guy while the third guy was piloting the ship. Raemon was the only one without armor, since he left it behind. The other two had armor on.

“Find out where Saturn and Phoenix are and bring them back,” I heard a voice talking on the computer of the spaceship. It sounded like a man.

“Since they disappeared from the radar, I think they’re in a different dimension,” Raemon said. Dang it he was right about that. But no one else other than me and Nushot, and my Dad know how to access my Dad’s training realm.  

“That’s very likely. Explore this Ich person further and then report back to me,” the man talking to Raemon through the computer said. “If you run into problems, Saturn and Phoenix aren’t on the radar so they shouldn't be a problem. Just kill Ich and he won’t cause us trouble.”

Yikes, they were gonna try to kill me.

“Yes sir,” Raemon said.

“Then also watch out for that bounty hunter. He may know about us too,” the man said. “Get rid of anything that could be a threat.”

“Yes sir,” Raemon replied. “We’re following Ich right now. He may know that we’re following him, but it won’t matter after we catch him. We’ll make sure to figure out how he knows about us.”

“If you need to, you can call in Keyon to look through his mind and figure it out. That is if you can’t get any information out of him,” the man said. Oh, who is this Keyon guy? I’d have to be on the lookout for him… “That should be enough for now. Contact us later if you need to. Good luck, Raemon.”

“We won’t fail the EFAI,” Raemon said with a nod. Then Raemon tapped a button and the call ended. I was hidden perfectly well right there in their spaceship. I had my projection flying through space. I was currently deciding on which planet I should take this fight to.

I couldn’t let anyone get hurt. I had to get far away from Ertin so that Achikara would be safe… I’ll head out of the Elemental System in general. Then I just had to fight and protect Saturn and Phoenix.

I got this… I don’t need to be in their spaceship anymore. Being around them is risky since there’s a chance they would find me. So I flew back out towards my space cloud and got rid of my projection. I looked behind me, but couldn’t see their spaceship. Since it was invisible from the outside.

These guys weren’t that much of a threat to me. But I wasn’t so sure that they weren’t powerful since we were on Ertin. Raemon must have been holding back his power. So the real battle would happen once we’re out of the Elemental System…

For some reason, I had a bad feeling that things wouldn’t go as smoothly as I planned…

To Be Continued…

book is over, next one coming out soon

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