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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 2)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 2)

Posted January 30th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the next chapter! boy oh boy do things happen... 


Chapter 2: Teleyon


After Ichoo had left to do his plan on Featherros along with Draco, Broshi, and Fucia. I was just returning to my office after breakfast, when something happened. Something that wasn’t supposed to happen.

I was just about to enter my office, and then it exploded. Right in front of me. All that was left of my office, and my VERY EXPENSIVE TECHNOLOGY!… was nothing but dust and broken chunks of metal. ALL MY STUFF! WHY!? I hope this is a dream.

But what was going on!? I had very important stuff, including video games, in there! Well. Good thing I had backup saves in my spaceship.


All of sudden, the garage, where my spaceship was, exploded. What the heck!?

“What’s going on!?” Arada came rushing out of her room. “What!?”

“I have no clue.” I shrugged. I should probably be taking this more seriously. I should go figure out what was going on.

I looked over at the front gate, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

There were giant mechs with guns and cannons attached to it, right at the gate. I then watched as a laser projectile came out of the cannon, hitting an apartment complex. Specifically the one that Sokanon and Saio were staying in. Except that whole building collapsed, and Mehrunes’ Diner broke down. There were clones in there, and they disappeared since that’s what happens to them when they die.

“ALRIGHT WHAT’S GOING ON!? WHY IS STUFF EXPLODING?!” I heard Locke yell all of a sudden, before he materialized in the sky. He seemed quite upset. The apartment complex he was living in was untouched though. At least for now.

“Oh my lord…” Arada then spotted the mechs out in the front. “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!”

“We are?!” I exclaimed.

“WHAT?! NO, YA THINK!?” Locke yelled.

“Hold on… why are we being attacked?” Arada asked, confused. “What did we do?”

I looked over at her, she wasn’t there at the meeting we had yesterday. So I explained to her what was happening. “Arada, Saturn and Phoenix are subjects of the EFAI, and they escaped. The EFAI pays criminals who capture them and bring them back to them.”


Then there was an explosion in the front yard, and the front gates were blown away by it. The mechs were getting closer. I also noticed that there were smaller mechs loaded with what looked like machine guns.

“Alright, I’m stopping this now,” Locke said as he made a blast of psychic purple energy, aimed at the mechs.

One of the mechs exploded and fell down, destroying the terrain it was on. There were a lot more mechs though. There were ten giant ones with the big laser cannons, and twenty smaller ones with machine guns. Suddenly, one of the smaller mechs jumped, shooting out flames from an exhaust pipe, and landed right in front of us.

It then pointed its guns at me. It was at this moment that I actually began to freak out. I was then shot a dozen times by the machine gun. I fell to the ground, feeling pain where I got shot. I felt myself get dizzy, and I could hear my friends’ screams and shouts before I passed out.

? Arada ?

Oh my lord, we were being attacked by criminals? Teleyon was already down, and looked like he was about to die. There was a mech right there, firing at us with a machine gun.

Locke then took it down with a big purple blast. That specific mech fell, but there were more coming. And they were coming quick.

“Teleyon!” I moved Teleyon out of the way.

I noticed Teleyon was bleeding in a lot of places, and probably had bullets inside of him. He would not survive…

I then noticed he was surrounded in a faint purple glow, the holes were still there but the bleeding stopped.

“There, I made a barrier that covered up the wounds. But he still needs to be healed. Get him out of here,” Locke said from above me.

“Alright,” I then picked up Teleyon and ran off towards the back. The only safe place was the training room, so that’s where I headed.

On the way, I saw Sokanon’s apartment… it was blown up into bits. Was she alright? What about Saio? I had to make sure.

Right away my questions were answered. From the rubble rose a black figure that looked out toward the chaos. It was holding in its massive hands a body. It looked like Saio’s, though I couldn’t tell if she was alive or not. But that black fuzzy beast was Sokanon.

Sokanon moved forward, looking as if she passed right through the broken bits of the buildings. She found a spot with little rubble, swept what remained out of the way, and laid Saio’s body on the ground. Then she looked up at the hoard of mechs and Locke fighting them, and practically disappeared as she sunk into the earth.

I could see her shadow moving across the ground swiftly, and then reappearing to take down a mech.

I quickly then took Saio’s body and put her and Teleyon in the training room, before closing its doors. The training room was made out of a very durable material, since people often went full out in there.

I returned to join Locke and Sokanon in fighting the mechs.

“So. The heck is that thing? Your mutated dog?” Locke asked me, pointing at Sokanon.

Sokanon didn’t respond, or even notice him. She smashed a mech into pieces with her claws. I started to use my powers too, summoning two swords that I then used to break another small mech.

“That’s Sokanon,” I then answered Locke’s question, as I then destroyed another mech. “She’s normally a human. She just turns into that when a lot of bad things happen. It’s a curse.”

“M’kay, good to know,” Locke said as he used his powers to tear a large mech in half. More and more mechs were coming. There was also a laser projectile that took down the apartment complex that I lived in… dang…

Sokanon then let out a shrill shriek that made me jump with surprise. She was destroying mech after mech, and suddenly she was turning to us, her eyes wider and whiter than before. On all fours now.

“Uh, Sokanon, there’s more coming.” I pointed behind her, as at least ten more mechs came forth.

Sokanon didn’t pay any attention. She became a shadow once more and ran right through me and Locke. As her shadow touched me, I felt a wave of horrible emotion, and tears burst from my eyes. I fell to the ground, having hardly any control over my body. It was incredible, and so hard to bare. I couldn’t move. Then, just as quickly as it had started, it was gone as Sokanon’s shadow left us.

“So her power is making people depressed?” Locke asked, seemingly unfazed by all that was going on today. Even though Sokanon’s shadow went into him, he was unaffected, while I was.

“HA! IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT FURBALL?!” Locke laughed, completely fine. “I’ve felt way worse than that.”

I could see Sokanon in the distance. She was hunched over the place she’d left Saio, looking for her. I shouted to her and told her that I had put her in the training room where it was safe. Sokanon then understood and went back to fighting mechs.

“Sokanon… she’s with us,” I then said to Locke. “Just to remind you.”

“Yeah I know. I’m just mocking her is all. No biggie.” Locke shrugged. He then blasted another mech down.

That mech also seemed to be the last. There were no more, not inside the facility, nor outside at the streets. I noticed Sokanon had disappeared though. I wonder where she went.

“That’s all of the mechs,” I then said.

“Sure it is,” Locke said, his powers still active.

“Well, Teleyon’s office got destroyed, the garage is destroyed… Oh my, while we were busy fighting, all the houses got destroyed… weren’t there people in there?” I said, as I scanned the area.

Locke’s eyes then glowed as he faced the destroyed houses.

“There’s no trace of energy in any of the craters,” Locke said.

My jaws dropped. “Are they dead!?” Everything around us was just rubble and craters, nothing was left fixed. Even Mehrunes’ Diner was completely destroyed.

“Or you know. They’re inside the main building training room. Where all of the energy is,” Locke said.

“Oh,” I said. “I put Teleyon in there, since that room is durable. I should check and see who else is in there.” I began walking towards the training room. I remembered I put Saio there too, but there were other people that lived here too, like Aurallia. Also Saturn and Phoenix themselves!

But suddenly, as I was walking, I fell back under Locke, who was floating.

“W-what?” I looked around for the cause but didn’t see anything.

Then, back where the mechs had came from at the front yard, were five figures, dressed in armor that looked like it came from those first person shooter video games that Tele played. One of those figures had his hands raised.

I was breathing quite heavily when I suddenly was launched right into that figures hands, and they had my neck grasped tightly. I suddenly couldn’t breathe, as the grip tightened.

I then was dropped onto the ground.

? Locke ?

So that Arada girl was out. Got wrecked pretty quickly. She was out in the front yard, with the five armored figures that were approaching. Guess it’s just me and Sockanan or whatever their name is.

Wait. That furry beast wasn’t even with me. What the heck?!

“Well, guess I should call that Saturo guy like Ich told me to,” I said as I then used my psychic powers to link to the guy named Saturo’s mind.

When I was about to do that, the five figures suddenly appeared in front of me, having me surrounded.

“Where are they?” One of them asked.

“Sorry sir don’t believe I know a ‘They’,” I said as I felt the link begin to form.

“Where are the EFAI subjects?” Another one asked. They all had blades attached to their arms, and they looked ready to kill.

“Ooooh blades, scary,” I said as I felt the link finally complete.

“Hello? Anyone there?” I then asked telepathically.

“Huh?” I heard a voice respond.

The five figures then stopped surrounding me and they stood in front of me, in a line horizontally. They looked like they were scanning the area. Looking for Saturn and Phoenix, probably. I myself didn’t know where they were, but I’d have to worry about that later, when these figures found them.

“Oh cool you are there. Is your name Saturo by chance?” I asked telepathically to whom I thought was Saturo. “Cuz if it is I really need your help with something.”

“Yeah, I am Saturo. What’s going on?” Saturo asked.

“An evil group of people is at the facility trying to capture Phoenix and Saturn to give to another organization called the EFAI for money. They’ve knocked out/possibly killed Teleyon, Arada and anyone in their houses. And Ich said that if I needed help I was to call you,” I replied.

Then I spotted lightning bolts right next to me. There was a boy standing there with blond hair and blue eyes, and he was sparking with electricity. Lightning bolts surrounded his body from head to toe.

“Oh cool you're already here,” I said.

Saturo looked over at the five figures. “What is going on?”

One of the figures stepped forward. “We request you hand over the ones called Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Oh, so that’s what you’re after?” Saturo responded. “Then I politely decline.”

“You give us the subjects, or you die. We will kill everyone here,” The figure said. “And we know that there are some people being kept in that building.” They pointed to the training room.

“Congrats you can sense energy,” I said. “Anyway we’d like to ask you to leave the premises now. You’ve made quite a mess. We don’t want to make you into another one. It’d take a while to scrub you off the walls and street. Can’t let the guests be seeing that.”

The figure who seemed to be the leader looked back at the other four. He then nodded at them, and one of the figures jumped back to where Arada was, and picked her up. Arada then disappeared.

“Where did you take her?” Saturo then asked.

“We will turn in more people to the EFAI to become subjects,” the leader figure said. “The one you call Arada is gone for you now.”

I could then hear whimpering coming out of the destroyed houses. I sensed someone’s energy appear, and I knew someone was there, alive.

“Hold on just a second,” Saturo then zipped over to the house and came back with a light purple haired girl that also had ears? She looked hurt too. “You okay, Aurallia?”

“No…” Aurallia murmured silently, barely audible.

Saturo then looked up at the five figures. “You monsters. Everyone here is innocent.”

“Hand over Saturn and Phoenix. Now,” The leader figure said.

“Don’t even know where they are, and if I did, I wouldn’t give them to you,” Saturo replied. “You’ll be okay, Aurallia, I’ll have Lav heal you.”

The five figures then pointed their arms at Saturo, and blasters formed. Saturo glared at them. Then they fired at him, but he was long gone before he got hit. He must've taken Aurallia to safety, because I then sensed Aurallia’s energy in the training room.

There was also a small crater where Saturo used to be standing.

“Where are the ones you call Saturn and Phoenix?” The figures then looked up at me, demanding for Saturn and Phoenix.

“Heck if I know man. All I know is that you’ve all wasted your one chance of leaving here with your bones intact,” I said, glaring at them as a purple aura flared around me.

“We don’t know who you are, but we will not hesitate to kill you. And if not kill you, offer you to the EFAI.” All five figures pointed their arm blasters up at me.

“Good to know,” I said, standing there with my arms crossed.

“Where are Saturn and Phoenix.” They demanded.

“Not going with you is where they are,” I replied as my hair then turned from blond to light purple as I released a bit more of my power.

The leader figure looked back at the other four. “Search the rubble.”

They nodded and were off looking in the rubble of the destroyed houses. The leader figure then shot out a thick black blast out of his arm at me.

I simply shifted to the left to dodge it. Took no effort.

Then the leader figure was suddenly on the ground, and I saw Saturo in front of him, electricity coursing through him.

“You want me to handle the other four? Or do you need help?” I asked him.

Saturo looked up at me, one of his feet resting on the leader figures back. “I’ve paralyzed him. He won’t be moving anytime soon. But I found Saturn and Phoenix in the rubble, their energy was just very low. I put them in the training room. Taking them away to somewhere else would endanger more innocent people, so we’re keeping the battle here.”

Saturo then smashed his fists into the ground and the other four figures came crashing into each other right above the leader. Saturo then made a shockwave and paralyzed all of them.

“Locke, these guys are robots. Just destroy them now,” Saturo then said.

“Kay,” I said. I simply made a bubble around each of them before crushing them into gumball sized balls of scrap.

“There,” Saturo then said. “So let’s see then. Lavender is inside the training room healing people. Teleyon is okay, Aurallia is too. Saturn and Phoenix are knocked out, she says.” He seemed to be in telepathetic contact with whoever Lavender was. “But Arada is missing.”

“Yeah. Also wasn’t there those two people? Mehrunes and Listy or something?” I asked.

“Yeah… I don’t sense them at all. And they weren’t in the rubble,” Saturo replied.

“Hmmm… Do you think they were weak enough to die from those explosions?” I asked.

“Probably not.” Saturo shook his head. “They might be wherever Arada is.”

Then there was a sudden large clang sound. Over by the front, there was an even bigger mech.

“OH COME ON!” I exclaimed as I powered up more and my hair turned a darker shade of purple.

“That is one giant machine,” Saturo said, looking over at it. “I can’t generate enough electricity to take that all down. It’s like the size of an entire tower!”

I then made a giant blast of psychic energy and fired it at the mech to test how durable it was. There wasn’t even a scratch left where it got hit.

“That is not good at all,” Saturo commented.

“How perceptive of you,” I replied.

The mech came closer to us, and was a hundred meters away. It was pointing one of the weapons at the training room.

“Don’t worry, that is very durable. It can take on Elec’s attacks, so it will stay put,” Saturo informed me.

That made me more confident. But still a little skeptical.

“But all these guys are doing is sending machines at us,” Saturo said. “Maybe they’re normal humans and can’t fight. That’s why they sent machines.”

“Course that still leaves the question of how we destroy said machines,” I said as I powered up more and my hair became an even darker shade of purple.

“Let me check,” Saturo said.

He then sped forward toward the mech, attacking its leg. None of his attacks did anything, however. He then jumped back next to me.

“It’s absorbing attacks. It’s not just a machine. This one has an Ultimate inside,” Saturo said.

Suddenly, the large mech disappeared, forming into a man. I inspected the man, and he was tall and had orange hair. The man floated down and as he got closer, I saw that he had scar on his left eye. This man then landed down in front of me and Saturo, frowning.

“I have to do everything myself, don’t I? Useless bots,” The man said, talking to himself.

“And who are you?” Saturo asked.

“I am Vindict Shooru, criminal mastermind. I’m the one behind all this madness, which, will end if you give me Saturn and Phoenix,” the man said.

I simply glared at him quietly.

“Are you not going to cooperate?” Vindict asked. “Because we can always do this the hard way. I know that Saturn and Phoenix are in your training room, and I will go over there and take them myself.”

I simply looked over at Saturo.

“Well,” Saturo said. “We can’t just let you take them.”

“So hard way?” Vindict raised his eyebrows.

“For you.” Saturo’s hair suddenly changed, sparking into lightning bolts. There was still some hair but it was pointing upwards, since there was so much static electricity.

Saturo then leaped towards Vindinct, clashing fists with him. There was some force from that that it it pushed some of the rubble away from them. They clashed for awhile until Vindict fell back.

“How do you have that much power?” Vindict questioned.

“He’s probably trained by someone super strong or something,” I commented.

“Nah, I just specialize in beating up criminals who do unjust things,” Saturo said.

“Sure Saturo,” I said. “We’ll go with that.”

“Hmm,” Vindict looked around. “You’ve seemed to have missed someone.”

Saturo’s eyes then widened. “Oh no! Achikara!” He then zipped off.

Vindict then smirked as he began walking towards the training room. I had to try and do something. But then Saturo appeared with a pink haired girl in his arms, blocking Vindict’s path.

“Ooooh look at that,” Vindict said, looking at the girl. “I kind of regret having shot that building.”

“That’s good but not good enough,” Saturo said. I could tell he wanted to put Achikara where it’s safe, but he didn’t want Vindict to follow him.

Suddenly, Vindict struck Saturo in the face, knocking him all the way back, right into the training room outer wall. Saturo had dropped Achikara, and Vindict picked her up.

“I can still make money off of others,” he said. He then stomped his feet and the giant mech from before appeared behind him. He jumped up into the mech, setting Achikara inside before he jumped right back out. Saturo was back up and clashed with Vindict again. Vindict didn’t seem to be struggling against Saturo, and was able to push him back.

“Locke, a little help please!” Saturo said.

I then made a large beam of psychic energy and shot it at Vindict, to help push him away. It knocked Vindict away from the training room.

“Hmph.” Vindict then looked down at his wrist. “I don’t have all day.” He then tapped something that seemed to be a watch, and he was surrounded by a flaming yellow aura. My eyes widened, because an insane amount of energy was coming off of Vindict.

“No…” Saturo said, breathless. “That’s way too much energy to have just like that…”

Vindict then smashed Saturo into the ground, forming another crater. Vindict then headed towards the training room.

I then tried to grab him with psychic energy before trying to throw him. He jumped towards me and knocked me into the ground.

“Don’t try to stop me,” Vindict said as he then entered the training room, as Saturo and I were just laying in craters. “Or else I will kill you.”

to be continued in the next chapter...
wowie zowie things happened!

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