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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 4)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 4)

Posted January 31st, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 4: Saturo


Ugh… that Vindict guy pretty much cheated… I was standing in front of him, in my Voltaic form too, when he pressed something on his watch and got a ton load of energy from it. Energy that he transformed into power that he used to smash me into the ground.

I was currently laying in the crater. Vindict also hit Locke and knocked him into the ground, forming another crater. He was a powerful criminal.

“If any of you try and stop me,” Vindict said, as he walked towards the training room doors. “I will kill you.”

I slowly got up from the crater I was in, a little beat up. I could still fight.

I watched as Vindict walked towards the door, but he never went inside. Someone stood at the door, stopping him. It was Lavender.

“You’re not going to come in,” Lavender said to him.

Vindict laughed at her. “Get out of my way.”

I swear if he hits Lavender… I will get up there and beat him up, no matter how powerful he is.

“I told you, didn’t I?” Lavender rasped at him. “You’re not going to come in. Don’t even try. Or else.”

“Or else what?”

“Or else your very blood will spill out of your body slowly,” Lavender threatened, raising a hand and pointing it at Vindict’s chest.

Vindict looked at her seriously for a second. But then he laughed again.

“You can’t even last a second facing me,” Vindict then said, raising his hand and charging up a blast.

“Try me,” Lavender said seriously. Water rose in front of her, and came forth like a wave, pushing Vindict back.

Vindict growled, jumping away from the water. Lavender was glaring at him. Vindict suddenly made an odd sound, that sounded like a grunt of pain, and he fell to his knees. Lavender walked forward, her hands emitting a red aura.

“Shoot, you weren’t kidding…” Vindict cursed under his breath as he struggled to get back up. Even with the high amount of energy that he had, Lavender still got him pinned to the floor.

That’s my Lav! As Lav was messing around with Vindict’s blood, I was able to get back up and stand beside her. I charged up an electric blast, and pointed it at the struggling Vindict.

“Now we’ll give you a chance to leave,” I said. “Otherwise, we’ll have to beat you.”

Vindict didn’t respond. He only continued to struggle on the ground. He still had that flaming yellow aura around his body, and he still had a ton load of energy to use.

Vindict then yelled, like a battle cry, and slammed his fist into the ground, exploding and making a crater. Lavender backed off, while I searched for Vindict. When the dust cleared out from the crater he made, he wasn’t there anymore. I looked up and saw him floating, his yellow flaming aura still flaring with energy.

“You’re just going to make this harder on yourselves,” Vindict said, as I stood next to Lavender in front of the training room entrance, “give me Saturn and Phoenix and I will leave you alone.”

“Sorry but,” I said, looking up at the criminal, “we don’t give out friends like that. Especially not to people like you.”

“Then you’ll have tragic deaths,” Vindict clapped his hands together, and he became surrounded with a large yellow sphere of energy.

He then flew towards the training room, and I jumped up to stop him. But he tossed me aside and successfully made it into the training room.

Lavender followed him inside, and I got up and went on in too. The training room was a decently large empty room, with a high ceiling, made of white material. Except for the ground, that had normal dirt. Under the dirt was the same white material though. I spotted Saturn and Phoenix in the very back corner of the room, along with Teleyon and Saio. None of them were awake, however.

“There they are,” Vindict walked over towards them.

“Hold it right there.” I then appeared in front of him.

“What did I tell you?” Vindict growled. “Sheesh you’re as annoying as a fly.”

“I’m gonna have to agree, honestly,” a voice said. It sounded like Mehrunes.

Mehrunes then appeared in the training room. Vindict and I both stopped to look at him.

“Seriously, Meh? We’re kind of under attack right now,” I said. “He’s trying to take Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Yeah well I was trying to have a nice day out of the complex with Listy and you are blowing up my alerts. AND MY ALERT SYSTEM!” Mehrunes explained, showing us his phone that had like a bajillion notifications.

“Well, everything got blown up except for the training room, and Zephyr’s room,” I said, “since they’re made of special material…”

“Yeah I know, I’ve been living here for as long as you have,” Mehrunes growled.

Vindict then attacked me again, and I dodged. I didn’t even realize that my Voltaic form had gone out, and I was back to normal. No wonder I kept getting swatted like a fly.

“You missed,” Mehrunes commented.

Vindict then stomped on the ground, making another explosion that knocked me backwards. There was a small crater in the dirt, revealing the special material white floor.

“Give me Saturn and Phoenix, and I will leave,” Vindict said, his body still raging with an immense amount of energy.

“For cripes sake can you ask ANY other questions?” Locke asked as he appeared next to us, finally back from his crater bed. He definitely looked a little worse for wear.

“New player joins the fight!” Mehrunes commentated.

“This is taking longer than it needs to,” Vindict sighed.

“Indeed, you refuse to take a hint and get off our property,” Locke said.

“This is private property sir, I will have you arrested,” Mehrunes joked.

Vindict didn’t even laugh, he just stared at all three of us. Lavender was in the back guarding Saturn and Phoenix.

“I don’t care if it’s private property. It’s mostly gone now,” Vindict said. “Now just give me Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Has he kept saying this for the past however long he’s been here?” Mehrunes asked. “It’s really annoying because you’re clearly not gonna give him Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Congrats, you understood it faster than him. Gold star,” Locke said as his hair glowed a dark purple.

“How old are you again? Cuz it seems like too young to have that much sarcasm or purple hair personally,” Mehrunes said.

“Eleven. And trust me, I’ve been through plenty to have this much sarcasm,” Locke said.

“Hey, my phone died because of all the alerts I didn’t clear out. So now I’m slightly peeved,” Mehrunes said. “More so than usual.”

“Hold on guys, where’d he go?” I questioned. Vindict wasn’t standing where he used to be standing. “DANG IT YOUR TALKING DISTRACTED US!”

“Yell at me some more. See what happens,” Mehrunes retorted calmly.

“Not a good time,” I said, looking around for Vindict. Lavender was fine back there, but…

Saturn and Phoenix were gone.

“…well that happened,” I then said.

“He seemed to have taken them while you were distracted. And he didn’t even move,” Lavender said, as she walked over.

“Wow that’s too bad. Are we done here?” Mehrunes asked.

“No. He’s not gone yet,” Lavender replied. “I locked the door when we all got in. He can’t get out.”

“What if he can teleport?” Mehrunes suggested.

“The material the training room is made out of doesn’t allow teleportation,” Lavender explained. “He can’t get out. So he’s stuck here with us.”

“Then he’s around here somewhere!” I exclaimed, looking around.

“Tsk.” I then spotted Vindict standing on the ceiling, holding Saturn and Phoenix in his arms. “You’re all annoying.”

“And you totally aren’t but who cares about our opinion?” Locke mumbled.

“Even me?” Mehrunes asked.

“Which one of you has the key to the door?” Vindict questioned, looking down at us from the ceiling.

“I have like fifty keys on me at the moment,” Mehrunes said. “So it’s hard to tell.”

“Hmm.” Vindict thought to himself. “How about this then. If you do not unlock the door, that red haired girl outside that you call Listy will die.”

“You’ve confused me, explain yourself.” Mehrunes’ eyes narrowed.

Vindict smirked. “My men are all outside. They closed the highway near here, and I’ve got war machines out there. The one you call Listy will die.”

Mehrunes weighed his options. This was already getting worse and worse. Everyone was silent because we knew this was a hard decision to make. Whoever had the key didn’t say they had it. But Vindict was probably guessing that Mehrunes had the key.

Vindict stared down at Mehrunes carefully, as he held Saturn in one arm and Phoenix in another.

“So what will it be? Listy’s death, or Saturn and Phoenix’s capture?” Vindict questioned.

“Lav.” Mehrunes looked straight at Lav. “Give.”

Lavender nodded, understanding Mehrunes well. She didn’t toss him the key, but walked over to hand it to him so that Vindict wouldn’t snatch it. So she had the key… made sense since she locked it. Should've thought about that, but with all this going on, I didn’t.

“Here.” Lavender handed Mehrunes the key.

Mehrunes walked over to the door without saying anything.

“So you chose to take Listy and give me Saturn and Phoenix?” Vindict asked, still standing on the ceiling upside down.

“It’s a choice about who I care about more,” Mehrunes said, without looking back at Vindict. “They won’t know I chose Listy over them regardless.”

“Yes, they won’t know anything. They’ll just wake up in the hands of the EFAI the next day,” Vindict replied. “They were easy to knock out. They were down after your homes exploded.”

“I’ve been watching for longer than you might think,” Mehrunes said, still not looking at Vindict. “What about the other girl.”

“I have both the one you call Listy and the one you call Achikara held captive in my War Mech,” Vindict said. “I can off them if needed be. I won’t get paid as much for them.”

“I don’t trust people like you. You said opening the door means they don’t die. But are you actually going to release them?” Mehrunes asked, still not looking at Vindict.

Dang… decisions…

“If you let me take Saturn and Phoenix, yes. I will release them.” Vindict took a moment to think before he replied. “I promise I will release them.”

Mehrunes turned to glare at everyone else. We all just looked back at him quietly, not knowing what to say. “You had better.” Is all that he said to us as he unlocked the door.

Vindict smirked before he immediately was out of the room.

“Alright, let’s follow him!” I shouted, as I zipped out of the training room.

I arrived outside, and there was a giant mech war machine out here. There were… like… seven of them… dang… he wasn’t kidding…

As Locke, Lavender, and Mehrunes arrived next to me, we looked up at Vindict floating up towards the giant mech war machine in the middle, with Saturn and Phoenix. Once he entered, he came back out, as he promised, with Achikara and Listy.

Vindict landed on the ground and dropped them on the floor. They were awake, and Achikara looked scared while Listy looked like she was being very cautious.

“There,” Vindict said, as I went over and helped Achikara up. “Just as I promised, I’ve released them.”  

“It appears you have,” Mehrunes said.

“Now that you’ve given me what I wanted, I will leave,” Vindict said, as he began to float back up to his war machine. He was still giving off that yellow flaming aura. “Pleasure doing business with you.”

“Mmhmm,” Mehrunes said.

Once Vindict had gone back inside his war machine, we could hear him still talking through what probably was a microphone, and the message was transferred outside to us with a speaker.

“However…” Vindict’s voice said. “You are going to cause me problems since I’ve blown up your home.”


“Oh, I will get out of your sight. Since I’ll be sending you to your graves,” Vindict’s voice said. All the war machines began to charge a big laser beam out of a giant cannon, and they were all aimed right towards us.

Locke simply looked at the cannons, a smirk on his face like he knew something.

“Yeah, Locke? What’s your plan?!” I asked, freaking out. Because I knew not everyone here was that durable.

Achikara was still terrified. Ich wouldn’t be happy…

“I got’s a plan to deal with the lasers so they don’t do any damage to us,” Locke said in my mind.

“Yeah? What?” I asked.

“I can make reflective barriers that can reflect any projectile,” Locke said.

“Good plan.” I nodded. Lavender was healing Achikara’s wounds. It looked like she got them from when the houses exploded, but they weren’t that bad. She seemed to be, at some level, durable.

“Goodbye,” Vindict then said. Then all of the cannons stopped charging and they fired. A big projectile of laser came rushing towards us.

“Goodbye indeed!” Locke said, before he suddenly made a multi colored dome around all of us before the lasers hit.

The lasers bounced off of it, and shot up to space. Some of them went in random directions, I couldn’t keep track of where they went. But what was important was that it had worked!

Vindict seemed to notice that it didn’t work, and a different cannon began to charge up another laser.

“There’s more coming!” Lav shouted.

But it didn’t seem to be aimed at us. It was aimed at… the training room. Or rather, Zephyr’s room.

“I’m teleporting him into space now I don’t care,” Mehrunes said. He then disappeared, teleporting away. When he came back, he didn’t look too happy. “Freaking dude didn’t let me touch him.”

“Dang,” I said.

Just then, a huge laser shot out at Zephyr’s room. It wasn’t like the last one, this one was continually shooting extremely high temperature lasers. And then, surprisingly, it started to melt.

So the training room was durable, but if it was hit with enough heat, it melts.

The training room itself was hit with the laser and melted down too…

“ROOOOAAARRR!” Then there was a loud, ear shattering, roar. The plasma electric dragon Draco had as a pet, Zephyr, appeared out of the melted room. Zephyr raised his wings, and flew into the sky, lightning bolts surrounding his entire body.

I bet Vindict didn’t expect that to happen. I could imagine his terrified face.

Zephyr glared down at the mechs, clearly furious. Then he shot out a giant blast of plasma from his mouth, completely taking down one of the mechs.

He then landed on the ground in front of us, causing it to shake, he towered twenty feet above us as he was standing on his hind legs. His tail wrapped around us like a shield. He growled at Vindict and his mechs.

Vindict then shot at Zephyr, injuring Zephyr’s tail. That made Zephyr more furious, and he shot out another giant blast of plasma that took out ALL of Vindict’s mechs. In one shot.

All except for one. The big one in the middle that seemed to absorb it.

“I’ll give that one to you, I did not expect to see a dragon here out of all things,” Vindict commented.

Zephyr simply stared up at the mech as I noticed Lav was healing his tail. Lav just always knows whenever someone is hurt. She told me she had a pain sense in her head, so she knows when someone is hurt.

“I think we’re gonna have to help the dragon with that mech,” Locke said.

“You’re right,” I said. “Hey Zephyr!” I then called out to the dragon.

Zephyr looked down at me, his shadow blocking the sun.

“Here, use this!” I then, after activating Voltaic form, shot out a blast of electricity covered with lightning bolts into Zephyr’s body. His body then exploded with static electricity. The spines running down his back glowing a golden yellow. I’d have granted him use of the source.

Zephyr then patted me on the head with the end of his tail lightly before looking back at the giant mech.

“Go get him, Zeph!” I said. Energy attacks were absorbed by the mech, but physical attacks would most likely beat it. Zephyr probably knew this too.

“ROAAAAAAAAR!” Zephyr roared before he charged at the mech, going fast enough to disappear from view.

A moment later the giant mech was knocked back, and Zephyr wasn’t even in sight. Due to the source, he was moving faster than the human eye can track.  Then the mech became repeatedly battered with claw marks that dug deep into its metal structure, glowing red with heat.

“ARLIGHT NO MORE!” Vindict was freaking out that he was getting beat by a dragon that moved too fast for him to even see. Which was even more scary with who Zeph inherited power from, which was Glitter, the legendary Chimæra of Electricity, a creature that could shape shift into any organism it wanted. Guess that practice he’s had fighting with Draco helped too, with his plasma side.

Speaking of which, for a split moment I could see Zephyr appear and create a blast of electrified plasma in his mouth before placing it in his right hand and using it to amplify his strike before disappearing again and suddenly the mech had a giant glowing hot hole in its side, causing it to almost fall over from the force.

“ENOUGH!” Vindict shouted, struggling to fight against the dragon.

But it still seemed like he couldn’t catch Zephyr due to his immense new speed. Zephyr just dodged all the attacks, and deep claw marks continued to appear on the mech.

“I think all that’s left now is the finishing blow,” Locke commented.

But then as Zephyr was attacking, I spotted Vindict jump out of the mech with Saturn and Phoenix. And suddenly…


The entire mech exploded, self-destructed, and Zephyr roared in pain from the explosion.

He then landed next to us, covered in singes and scrapes from the shrapnel. Zephyr was visible on the ground, and one of his wings looked injured. He couldn’t fly now.

And then another giant mech appeared. Oh great. How many mechs did Vindict have?! He was wasting so much money just on getting Saturn and Phoenix, and killing us so that we wouldn’t try and sue him or arrest him! Does the EFAI pay that much for escaped subjects!?

Another problem was that with Zephyr in that condition it would take a few minutes for Lav to heal him fully. Which means we somehow needed to stall until he could get up.

“Playtime is over, kids,” Vindict then said, as seemingly EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS WEAPONS pointed at us and began to charge.

Locke tensed up as we looked at the weapons. He looked frustrated.

“Well this is really bad…” Lav muttered, as she stood by my side.

Then Vindict’s mechs fired at us, all sorts of dangerous weapons flying in our direction. Zephyr tried to stand, but he only was able to be in front of us due to his massive size. Zephyr shot out a giant beam of plasma in defense right at the weapons.

However it didn’t get rid of all of them. I heard an explosion and Zephyr roared in pain. Then when the dust cleared out, Zephyr fell over on the ground. Near Lav but still far.

“Well this party certainly is gonna end well,” Mehrunes commented furiously. He was standing in front of Listy, protecting her.

Zephyr was only able to breath and groan in pain next to us. Without healing, there’s no way he’s moving soon.

“Stop trying to fight and die already,” Vindict said. More mechs appeared from the sky, and they all began to charge all of their weapons.

We had no defense now. And we couldn’t run, because if we did, innocent people will be in danger. We had to keep the fight here on our property.

The only people left to try and fight him was Locke, Mehrunes and me. Lavender and Listy could fight too, but they weren't strong enough to take him on. Not alone at least.

“And now, this is goodbye for real,” Vindict said, as his weapons charged completely.

Then they fired, coming right at us at full speed.

We had no defense at all, we were certainly doomed now.

All I did was jump up in front of Lavender and Achikara to defend them, and Locke did his best with making a large multi colored dome around us all. It’s clear he had used up most of his energy to maintain his form as he seemed to be straining hard to keep the dome up. That purple hair form of his must use up a lot of stamina.

Mehrunes had also activated his Full Star form, as he stood in front of Listy.

And now we just waited for the attacks to hit.




to be continued in the next chapter... 


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