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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 5)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 5)

Posted February 7th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 5: Saturo


We waited for the attack to hit, using the remainder of our power to defend ourselves. We probably knew we’d die or get severely injured from the impact, but we still tried.

The attacks were right in front of us, waiting to hit us. It's like everything was in slow motion. I was in my Voltaic form standing in front of Lav and Achikara, while Mehrunes was in his Full Star form in front of Listy. Locke was using the remaining power and energy he had to make a dome for protection. To try and reflect. But unless he got more energy he could only make one dome.

We waited for the attacks to hit. But they never did hit.

In front of us, the attacks were just there, floating in their places, like they were frozen.

Then I spotted someone in the sky. It was Ich, standing on a cloud, with Broshi there with him. Draco must’ve stayed back at Fucia’s planet then. Regardless, it was good to see they were here.

Ich, however, didn’t look very happy. As the cloud descended in front of us, he was surrounded in a green-blue aura.

Then the attacks from the mech were sent away, back at the mechs that shot them. The main mech, once again, absorbed it. Ich’s cloud then disappeared and Broshi landed on the ground, while Ich remained in the air.

“Someone explain what exactly happened here,” Ichoo then said.

“This guy came here with an army of little mechs that blew up all of the houses, the he had this team of five robo guys, one of which kidnapped Arada and took her to who knows where. And then he ACTUALLY showed up in one of those giant mechs, then he held some people hostage. Then he made the dragon really mad and was getting knocked around by him for a bit before being a sore loser and self destructing. And now he’s in ANOTHER giant mech and here we are,” Locke said quickly.

“You missed that me and Achikara were being held hostage,” Listy pointed out.

“Okay I skimmed some details don’t nag right now,” Locke said. “Do it AFTER we don’t die.”

Mehrunes shot a look at Locke. Locke shot one back.

“What?! Where is Achi!?” Ich then yelled.

“Behind Saturo,” Locke said.

Ichoo looked behind me and saw Achikara, while she still looked scared and was silent.

“The man in the mech kidnapped you and blew up everything?” Ichoo asked Achikara, looking at her seriously.

She just nodded back at him slowly.

“So he takes this too far…” Ichoo growled as he rose into the sky. “I’ll show him too far…”

Suddenly it got really windy and the sky began to darken, as thunder clouds formed.

“Newcomers?” Vindict then said, as Ich got into his sight as he flew up higher, “you’ll die with them then.”

Mehrunes came out of full star. “Ich, Saturn and Phoenix are in there too. Be careful or calm down. OR BOTH.”

Ich didn’t even look back down at Meh. “They’ll be just fine.” Lightning struck somewhere from the sky, and it got chilly as water also began forming on the ground.

“And you’re sure about that?” Mehrunes asked. “Positive, one-hundred percent?”

“No. One of you teleport and grab them once he’s off guard.” Ichoo’s aura flared as water flooded the area, hitting everywhere except for us, like there was a barrier of wind.

“Got it,” Locke said, with a nod.

Ichoo then looked over at Vindict’s army of mechs. There were more of them that came while we were talking. Sheesh, Vindict had so many.

“HAVE A TASTE OF DESTRUCTION, CRIMINAL!” Ich then yelled. Then the water blew towards the mechs, submerging them and sweeping them away. But then the water began to disappear, as a giant tornado formed, taking apart the mechs easily.

It was so loud that I couldn’t hear anything except for the raging winds caused by the tornado. I imagined Vindict’s face, looking all confused and scared that a giant tornado was ripping apart all of his mechs.

Mehrunes then looked like he was about to teleport to grab Saturn and Phoenix. And he went back into Full Star presumably learning from last time. He then disappeared, having teleported, before he returned with Saturn and Phoenix.

The tornado was still raging, destroying all of Vindict’s things. After a few moments, everything started to calm down. Ichoo was still floating in the air, but there was nothing left of the mechs.

“How…” then we spotted Vindict, surrounded in his yellow flaming aura, walk on over towards us. “How dare you destroy all my mechs! That will cost me a lot!”

Ichoo then landed on the ground in front of us, glaring at the man. Suddenly, Vindict jumped to attack us, but Broshi appeared in front of him and smashed his face into the ground, making another crater.

“YOU IDIOTIC FOOL! WORKING WITH THE EFAI WILL NEVER MAKE YOU RICH!” Broshi screamed at him, as he was surrounded in a dark red aura, his eyes burning like Draco’s Double Draco Eyes. “THE EFAI IS CORRUPT! AND YOU ARE TOO!” Dark vines were coming out of his back, and they grabbed Vindict’s throat. “I will kill you now! And I’ll enjoy it!”

Before any of us could stop him, he exploded the area they were at, making an even bigger crater than before. A lot of things then happened and Broshi was yelling “DIE!” over and over again. It was like… “DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!”

After the dust cleared out, there was no more of Vindict. Just Broshi standing there, breathing heavily.

“He’s dead!” Broshi then yelled back at us, clearly still mad. “Nothing is left of him!”

“Not even his watch?” Mehrunes asked.

“Nothing,” Broshi growled.

“Huh. Well,” Mehrunes said. “Now what.”

Ichoo’s aura faded and he went back to normal. “The cops will arrive soon. I’ll explain to my Dad what happened here and I’ll have him deal with them. We should get out of here. Go somewhere safe.” He looked over at Mehrunes who was carrying Saturn and Phoenix. “And get their trackers out of their bodies.”

“So… is anyone gonna heal the dragon or…?” Locke said, pointing at the injured Zephyr. “He’s kinda the reason we were able to stall for so long.”

“That’s gonna take a bit of time,” Lavender said. “I’m not very good at healing.”

“Take him to a hospital or something!” Broshi yelled, clearly still mad.


“NO, AND I DON’T CARE!” Broshi yelled.


SHUT! UP! WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE LEAVING!” Mehrunes shouted, as he dropped Saturn and Phoenix on the ground.

“He started it.” Locke pointed at Broshi. “He yelled first.”

“Shut up. I don’t care,” Mehrunes replied. “I ended it. Now I’m not babysitting these two, someone else take them.”

“I’ll take them.” Ich volunteered. “I’ll get the blood issue fixed.”

“Good. Now do we have to go off-planet or do we just need to vacate the area?” Mehrunes asked.

“Flee the area,” Ich said. “Achi and I are staying over at Lav’s house, but the rest of you are gonna have to get a hotel or something.”

Lavender nodded. Ich could always come and stay since, well, he technically was her brother in law. Lavender’s older sister was married to Ich’s older brother. On the plus side, he could hang out with me since I live there too.

“What’s a hotel?” Broshi asked, sounding a little mad. At least he was beginning to calm down.

“It’s a place where you pay to stay in a room for a certain amount of time,” Mehrunes replied.

“I’M NOT PAYING JACK SQUAT!” Broshi yelled. Nevermind about the calming down.

“Broshi we didn’t have money to pay with in the first place,” Locke commented.

“And I also have a stand on this planet, so I can pay.” Mehrunes face-palmed.

“Okay, Mehrunes will pay for my room,” Broshi then said, crossing his arms. He wasn’t surrounded in a dark red aura, but he still had a red aura.

“You know we need rooms too, right?” Locke asked.

“No you don’t. You can sleep out on the streets,” Broshi retorted. “Well, except for you Locke. You can share a room with me.”

“Look around!” I said. “There is only you, Broshi, and Locke! Since Saturn and Phoenix are going with Ich. Actually, wait, we’re forgetting Teleyon and- HOLD UP THAT PLACE GOT DESTROYED! ARE THEY OKAY!?”

“Oh NOW you worry about that,” Locke said. “Still waiting for you to remember Arada had been kidnapped.”

“This is all chaos,” Ichoo commented.

“I’ve dealt with worse. Recently,” Mehrunes commented.

“Where did they take Arada?” Ichoo asked.

“Heck if I know,” Locke said. “They never told us. Just said she’s not here anymore.”

“Maybe they were lying, because she wasn’t in any of the mechs,” Ich said.

“Who said they didn’t take her somewhere else on the planet or somewhere else?” Locke pointed out.

“Probab-” Ich said but then stopped. “Guys. GET OUT OF HERE. NOW!”

“OH NOW WHAT?!” Locke yelled.

“It doesn’t seem to be any criminals or anything. I think… the EFAI themselves are coming,” Ich said, looking at the sky. “Yep, definitely the EFAI. SPREAD OUT! GO TO THE CITY! JUST GET OUT OF HERE!” He then picked up Achikara, and Saturn and Phoenix with the wind before he flew off.

“Broshi, Locke, meet us at the city,” Mehrunes said, grabbing Listy and teleporting away.

“Right,” Locke said grabbing Broshi before disappearing. Broshi was yelling “GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME I CAN TELEPORT ON MY OW-” before he disappeared with Locke.

But oh crud, I was now left with Lavender. But Teleyon and Saio were still inside the remains of the training room, and there was also Zephyr I had to deal with. Crud, I couldn’t risk staying here.

“Let’s get out of here, Satu,” Lavender said, grabbing my hand. “Now! Whatever is coming is coming!”

Panicking, I activated my Voltaic form and the source, grabbed Lavender, and sped off into the distance.




to be continued in the next chapter....

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