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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 6)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 6)

Posted February 12th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6: Dr. Mousha


“What happened here, sir?” The voice of the mutant spoke behind me. I looked back at him and stared at him.

“Something has happened down there, obviously. But regardless, Vindict failed.” I looked down at the planet Ertin from the front window of the chamber.

“Yeah, he seemed to suck. A Criminal Mastermind? He failed to show that that is his real title.”

I looked back at him once more. He was one of my most successful projects, came out perfect just as I needed him to be. His DNA consisted of many powerful creatures.

“Why don’t you go investigate?” I asked the mutant.

“Yes sir, I will go do that.” He then headed to the door, to leave the room.

“Do not get caught. You know the rules with being out in society. If someone catches you, it’ll only be bad for you.” The mutant had the ability of infinite memory supply. He would recognize any escaped subjects, which is why I sent him. During Vindict’s battle, I had sensed a power that matched remarkably well with some of my subjects back here. It was very possible that it was another escaped subject. The mutant I sent will recognize whoever it was if they were truly a subject.

“Oh, I won’t fail you sir.” The mutant stopped at the door to insure his success and faith that I had in him. “The EFAI will for sure have the strongest army in the universe. We’ll be unstoppable, exactly how you wanted.”

“If the Ultimate Council finds out the truth about us, that would end bad. Make sure to be hidden, as much as you can.” The Ultimate Council must not learn the truth about my organization. Then they will for sure put an end to it and free all my subjects, all my hard work. Ever since Dr. He left the organization, I was in charge. I modified my own DNA, and began creating an army. An army that has the capability of defeating anyone.

But now there were other problems I had to face. One of my greatest achievements had gone to waste. I had contacted the Black Demise Organization Terrorist group, whom have claimed to have had the Chimæra of Darkness held captive on the planet Korrovez. The Chimæra of Darkness called itself Bainex, and the terrorists claimed that it’s gone mad. They reported to me that they lost it to another Chimæra, that it escaped. It was fine, however. I got my hands on it’s DNA, and tested it on a young man. I was furious when I heard that he had escaped along with his friends. The mutant responsible for his escape was imprisoned. I would have him executed, but he could come with great use later on.

I believe the mutant that let the mutant with Dark Chimæra DNA escape was called Folly. He has been in prison for a long time now. The mutant with Dark Chimæra DNA is believed to be called Guy. An interesting name, but they are just subjects. Names are given to ones that have none, otherwise they keep their names so that we can recognize them.

Furthermore, I also had to worry about Dr. He himself. He was still out there, hidden. If he reported me to the Ultimate Council, then that would end bad for the EFAI too. But he would not do that. I had powerful mutants all over the galaxy searching for him. But all they keep finding are clones, not the real Dr. He. Dr. He would not let his real self be found, therefore he must stay hidden. Dr. He was our biggest problem, other than the fact that many subjects have been escaping.

“Sir I’ve found a dragon.”

My eyes widened. The mutant I had sent down there to Ertin found a dragon? On Ertin? There were no dragons on Ertin. “Capture it.”

“Yes sir.”

That was rather strange. A dragon on Ertin?

“Get a sample of its DNA.”

“It looks like its an elemental dragon. The elements plasma and electricity are infused into it.”

A plasma electric dragon on Ertin? Now that was more strange.

“Capture it. We’ll conduct tests on it.”

“Yes sir.”

I was curious to why there was such a creature on Ertin out of all planets.

“There are two survivors. Everyone else is dead, it seems.”

“Or they’ve escaped.” The mutant siblings Saturn and Phoenix are still out there and must be recaptured. “Check the radar for the two escaped subjects.”

“They’re not on the radar.” Not on the radar? That must mean they’ve been killed in the attack.

“They are dead then. We don’t have to worry about them anymore. Bring in the dragon and the survivors, they’ll be questioned.”

“Yes sir.”

I was interested in this dragon.

“Sir! This weird black fur beast is attacking me! It doesn’t like that I’m taking one of the survivors!”

It was possible that this fur beast was the escaped subject.

“Bring it in as well.”

“Yes sir.”

There was a lot that I had to keep track of.



“I don’t know, they’re powerful.”

“Who. Are. They.” I must know who it is we’re dealing with here.

“His name is Hematite Shiny.”

A Shiny? That one large family from the Rock Planet? What was he doing there, and why would he be attacking us?

“Get back to your ship. Come back.” The mutant better get back here fast.

? Mehrunes ?

“I’m hungry, can I get some food?” Broshi asked. We were walking in the city, finding a hotel to sleep at when it gets dark.

“I guess disintegrating people makes you a little hungry eh?” I snickered. “Sure, you find a place and I’ll pay for it.”

“Thanks.” Broshi walked with his hands in his pocket, while Locke walked next to him like a normal person. “Why does Listy have red hair?”

“Good question. That I don’t know the answer to,” I said, looking at Listy who just kinda smirked. “Everytime I ask she doesn't tell me.”

“And I’m not gonna tell you,” Listy snickered.

“She could have maybe dyed it,” Locke suggested. “With red hair dye.”

“I know! I say that too, but she always dodges the question if I bring up things it might be,” I said. “Honestly it’s a little annoying.”

“I thought we were gonna get food,” Listy said.

“I don’t know what places have food,” Broshi said. “Hey! That person has food! Where’d they get that?!”

I looked at where Broshi was looking. There was a person with a burger that looked it came from a fast food restaurant.

“Looks like fast food to me,” I said. “There’s probably one nearby then.”

“So I have to catch it? I’m fast enough,” Broshi said.

“No, the point of fast food is it’s cheap, half-decent food that’s made very quickly so you can eat it sooner. It’s not a game of catch and eat,” I said.

“That sounds good, let’s do that,” Broshi said with a grin.

“If you eat anything like Draco eats, it’s probably a good idea,” I said. We walked over to the fast food restaurant and went inside the building. There was a short line.

“So, can I get that huge burger?” Broshi pointed at the sign on the top of where you take orders, that showed the menu. “I’d like fifty of those for now.”

“Ohhhhhh… so you do eat like Draco…” I said, as I looked at the menu. “How much are they?”

“No wait! I want that double one!” Broshi pointed at a different one. “It’s 6.99 Ertin Credits, it says. Or bucks or dollars, whatever they call it.”

“And you want fifty,” I said.

“Actually I’ll take sixty,” Broshi changed his mind. “65!”

“Excuse me, what would you like to order?” The cashier then asked, no one was in line anymore.

“I want 65 of those double burger things,” Broshi said.

“Coming right up.” Surprisingly they had that many. “Anything else?”

“Uhhhh extra extra extra extra large fries,” Broshi said.

Hah! I finally got through! Me! We need to call Hematite! So we make sure our friends don’t die!

How did you get back?

I’m basically your conscious. You can’t get rid of us buddy! Now call Hematite! Use the phone you st-


Borrowed from Teleyon.

“Hey, I’m gonna make a call real quick, try not to completely ruin my bank account, we still need a hotel,” I told Broshi and Locke.

“Broshi doesn’t promise,” Locke said, talking for Broshi.

“He’s right.” Broshi smirked.

“You had better, or else we won’t get to sleep in a hotel,” I replied.

“Hmph, well then how much food can I get that will still have enough money for the hotel?” Broshi asked.

“You have ordered about four hundred and fifty credits in food. Let’s call it quits for now okay?” I said.

“Okay,” Broshi agreed.

I took out the phone that I borrowed from Teleyon and scrolled down to Hematite, dialing the number. I waited for him to pick up, which luckily, he did.

“New phone, who dis,” I heard his voice say.

“It’s Mehrunes,” I replied.

“Oh? Mehrunes! Sup buddy, how’s it goin?” Hematite asked through the phone.

“Look I need to ask you something. So some insight, our complex got attacked and we’re hiding out and most of us have been spread out. I want you to check in on the complex because the EFAI might be there, and we left Teleyon, Saio, Sokanon and Zephyr. And I would prefer them alive.”

“The EFAI? You mean that one organization thing? What’s wrong with them?” Hematite asked. He clearly did not know much about them. “Oooh, they’re an organization that study other creatures and animals and stuff. Thanks, bro.” He appeared to be chatting with someone else. “Yeah, so, what’s with the EFAI?”

“Hah. They actually make mutants with experimentation and kidnap people. Broshi, Locke, Saturn and Phoenix are all examples.”

“Kidnap people? That ain’t good. But who are Broshi and Locke?”

“You don’t know em. They’re with me, we’re in the city, so when you pick Tely, Saio, and Sokanon up I can take care of them. But you’ll have to deal with Zephyr,” I said.

“Alright, I can do that,” Hematite replied.

“Thanks,” I said.

“So at the training facility right? What do you want me to do with whoever I find?” Hematite asked, making sure.

“Yeah, and I want you to bring Saio, Tely and a Sokanon to me, and make sure that Zephyr at least gets on his feet and can move mostly fine. I’ll text you the hotel we end up staying in,” I replied.

“Got it,” Hematite said.

“Now I have to go back to paying for Draco’s twins food. I’ll be in touch,” I said.

“Oi Mehrunes! You gotta come pay!” I heard Broshi call for me. “The final price is 454.35 Ertin Credits. For my meal only. I dunno about everyone else’s.”

I hung up and walked back over to the others.

“Well you two need to order as well,” I told Listy and Locke.

“I’m good,” Listy replied. “I had a sandwich while we were running in terror.”

“I’ll just have the chicken tenders with just extra large fries and a soda,” Locke said, looking at the menu.

“Alright, go sit down while I pay,” I said, begrudgingly.

“Okay.” Broshi went and sat down along with Locke and Listy. I turned to the cashier.

“What’s my total?” I asked.

“460.34,” the cashier said.

“Huh, my meal was only $5.99,” Locke commented from where they were sitting.

“Do you have change for a five-hundred?” I asked the cashier.

“Yes,” the cashier replied, getting the change ready from the cashier machine.

I stuffed my hand into my pocket and got my wallet, taking out a five-hundred to pay for Broshi’s unhealthy eating and giving it to the cashier. After I got back my change, workers had five plates with Broshi’s meal, and took it to where they were sitting. Each plate had thirteen burgers on it. There was also a huge bucket of fries. Like… a popcorn bucket from cinemas. Filled with fires.

“This doesn’t look like the picture,” Broshi said, looking at his food which was inside of a cardboard box.

“It usually never does,” Locke said.

He then ate the entire box. “I mean, it doesn’t taste that bad.” He then began to devour the rest of the burger boxes, with the burgers inside them. After a few moments, all of the burgers have been consumed, along with their boxes, by Broshi.

“What about these…” Broshi then examined his buckets of fries. He took one out and ate it. “Not bad either.” Then he picked up the bucket and dumped the fries all into his mouth. After he finished with the fries, he crushed the bucket down and ate it too.

Locke had returned the trays because otherwise Broshi would have eaten them too.

“Honestly I would have told you you shouldn't eat the cardboard, but it’s probably more nutritious than anything they actually serve here,” I said, watching Broshi eat more than Draco eats. Because he eats everything.

“What is nutritious…?” Broshi questioned, a look of confusion on his face.

“The actual good stuff you get from food,” Locke replied. “Since all you ate was cardboard and fast food, you probably only got a little. Mostly salt.”

“Oh. Well it doesn’t matter to me as long as I don’t have an empty stomach,” Broshi said with a shrug.

“It’s gonna matter to me if I keep having to buy you food,” I sighed.

“Well I don’t have money,” Broshi said. “But sure. We gonna go to this hotel or whatever it was called?”

“Yeah I found a flyer. It looks okay,” I said.

“Can I see the flyer?” Broshi asked, standing up as Locke had just started to eat his food since he just got it.

“Yeah,” I said, handing him the flyer.

Broshi looked at the flyer. “They have free food! Let’s go to this one.”

“That sounds suspiciously like an expensive hotel,” I replied, looking at the price of the rooms.

“Then find a cheap one with free food!” Broshi said.

“Well that’s not gonna happen. There’s like three hotels in town,” I replied. “That are worth spending money on. Let’s just go there.”

“Sure, whatever,” Broshi shrugged. “Yo Locke, you gonna finish that?” He then looked at Locke’s food.

“I literally just started,” Locke said, a chicken tender in his hand.

“I know. But are you gonna finish it?” Broshi asked.

“Yes. I am,” Locke said bluntly.

“What about the box.”

“I need that to hold my food,” Locke said, eating his food.

“I know, but I mean after you finish, can I have the box?” Broshi asked.

“Sure,” Locke said, rolling his eyes.


As we waited for Locke to finish I texted Hematite where we were staying and mentioned we weren't there quite yet. He didn’t text back though. I wondered how things were going back at the ruins of the facility.




to be continued in the next chapter....

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