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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 7)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 7)

Posted February 14th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 7: Hematite


After Mehrunes hung up his phone, I got up from my seat, stretching. He wanted me to check out and bring back the survivors of whatever attack happened. I might as well do so, since I’m interested to see what the EFAI even is.

“So you’re going to go there?” My older brother, Quartz Shiny, asked. He was sitting at his desk with his feet resting on the desk as well.

“Yep,” I answered.

“I don’t know about this, the EFAI is weird. I couldn’t find much information about it, a lot of things seem to be private.” Quartz looked at his desktop computer. “Yeah, not sure.”

“Whatever man, just get me there faster.” I rolled my eyes. He was being careful. He tends to do that when he deals with unknown things. Like the EFAI.

“Same place as last time?” Quartz asked.

“Yeah. Their training facility.” I nodded.

“Got it.” Quartz raised a hand and a portal appeared in front of me. On the other side of the portal was… the training facility. Except it wasn’t how I saw it last time. There was nothing left of it except rubble.

I walked in, and Quartz’s portal closed behind me. I looked around. This place was a mess. What in the world happened here?!

I looked around for the survivors that Mehrunes had mentioned. But then I spotted someone strange standing there in the rubble, carrying a blond haired boy and that girl Saio. I think the blond haired boy was Teleyon. Yeah, I’m sure it’s Teleyon.

But the person carrying them is what drew my attention. They looked like they were goth or something, because they had this black line that was going down vertically under their eye, and over their eye. They had red eyes and black hair, and were wearing this weird suit.

“Yo, whatsapp?” I waved at them. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl. Until they came closer, I could tell it was a male. “Yeah, if you don’t mind dude, I’m gonna take those guys.”

I then pounced forward, knocking the strange dude backwards, while I took Teleyon and Saio at the same time.

The dude looked at me and frowned. He then looked over at something behind me. What was he looking at? Turning my head, I saw a dragon, just laying there. Injured. Where’d that dragon come from? Ertin doesn’t have dragons out of all places. I mean there are a bunch of theories but still, not on Ertin.

“You with the EFAI?” I then asked the dude.

“…yes,” the dude replied.

“Well I don’t want you taking these people,” I said.

“I will take them.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” I smirked. “What are you gonna do? Fight me?”

“Indeed.” The dude then got this weird aura around him that did not look natural. It was white, and had these weird bubbles in it.

“Yo bro, take these guys for now,” I then said telepathically to Quartz back on the Rock Planet.

Then a portal opened next to me, and I dropped Teleyon and Saio inside before it closed. The dude with the weird soapy aura didn’t look happy about that, and he moved forward fast, connecting his fist with my chest.

I was knocked back, but I landed on my feet.

“Sweet you’re pretty strong!” I exclaimed. “This’ll be fun!”

I then jumped forward at the dude, hitting him in the chest. He made a “OOF” sound and went flying into some left over ruins, which then broke it. The dude then got back up and his eyes glowed red before he appeared in front of me again.

“What’s that supposed to be?” I asked, before I knocked him back again. He was fast but he couldn’t dodge my punches.

The dude just got back up again and appeared in front of me. He wasn’t even fighting. Maybe he wasn’t allowed to.

I tried to punch him again, but he dodged it this time. He then ran towards the dragon. What was with the dragon?

As I watched him, he seemed to be moving the dragon into a large spaceship with telekinesis. Maybe that was their dragon that they used when this battle happened. I mean, it explains all the destruction. I also noticed there was someone already inside the spaceship.

Now I just had to find this Zephyr guy and Sokanon. Mehrunes made this Zephyr guy sound different though. Get him on his feet? I was curious to see who this Zephyr guy was.

Where the heck was Sokanon though? Did the guy already take her? She wasn’t around at all, so I wondered. Looking around, I didn’t find this Zephyr guy either. Might as well just save Teleyon and Saio then.

My phone then buzzed all of a sudden, and I checked it. It was a text from the number that Mehrunes called me from, with a hotel location.

I decided I was going to meet him there, before I took off. Ertin had this weird law of no powers unless you’re on your own private property. So I had to walk normally. When I get to the city that is. I was gonna jump to it.

I then jumped into the air, moving towards the city Mehrunes was in. I noticed cop cars heading towards the facility area. Good thing everyone got out of there in time.

Soon I landed at one of the city entrances, and walked on inside.

? Ichoo ?

I was in a hurry when I sensed the EFAI staring down at us. I knew they were. I had sensed someone watching from space, and it was kinda freaky. I told everyone to run, and I grabbed Achi and the two siblings Saturn and Phoenix.

Saturn and Phoenix were being tracked by the EFAI though. Their blood was the tracker itself so we can’t do anything about it. But I knew how to get them off of the EFAI’s radar. They won’t be able to find them there.

I had practiced this a few times, so I could do it. I set down Saturn and Phoenix once we were far enough from the EFAI.

“What are we gonna do?” Achikara asked, looking worried.

“Ugh… what happened?” I then noticed Saturn and Phoenix were awake.

“EFAI attacked, facility blew up, you got kidnapped but we got you back, now I’m hiding you,” I summed it up for them as I focused.

What I was trying to do was open up my Dad’s realm that I used for training. If Saturn and Phoenix went to the realm, then they’d be off the EFAI’s radar and won’t be found. It was the best idea for this situation.

I then successfully opened the realm, leaving some sort of crack in front of us. I wasn’t very good at the shape, since I haven’t practiced this enough. My portal looked like splattered paint that was shot out from a paintball gun on the wall. Yeah, that messy.

Achi already knew what to do since she walked into the portal. But Saturn and Phoenix looked confused. I pushed them through the portal with the wind, before I jumped inside myself. Once I was inside, the portal would close automatically. And that’s what happened.

Now we were just in random wilderness. At the moment we were on flat ground covered with grass wet grass. It must’ve rained here.

“Oh my god, the facility blew up?!” Phoenix was now freaking out.

“Yeah, it did.” I nodded at them. “But don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry!? How can you say that?! We put everyone in danger!” Saturn exclaimed. He looked pretty sad and angry. Angry at himself. And his sister.

“Yes, you did, but it’s not your fault!” I informed them. “The EFAI is the one to blame here. You did nothing wrong.”

“Yeah, nothing wrong, sure.” Saturn then went silent but still looked upset.

“You’re just going to have to stay here,” I said. “In my Dad’s realm. The EFAI won’t find you here. You’re safe here.”

“We have to stay here for the rest of our lives?” Phoenix asked.

“No, just until we find a solution to your blood-trackers. Until then, yeah, it’s what must be done,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s understandable…” Saturn sat down on the grass.

“I can’t spend much time here though. You guys good on your own?” I asked.

“Yeah. We’ll be fine.” Phoenix nodded.

“Time here runs normally, just so you know,” I said. “You won’t feel hunger here either. Or thirst. You still need sleep though, and will feel cold or hot. There’s some empty houses around just find one of those.” I had to get back and check on the others. Saturo also didn’t run when I told him to, so I had to check on him.

“Okay.” Saturn and Phoenix understood me.

“Alright, good.” I then focused and reopened the portal. Achikara went on in once more and then I followed her.

The portal closed behind me. We were back in the same place that I had opened the portal to in the first place.

“We should find Saturo…” Achi then muttered. “He saved me when you weren’t there…”

“We’re going to, Achi,” I told her. I was going to head on over to Lavender’s house. Their whole family just lived together, so my older brother was there too. I wanted all this madness to be over so I could just relax with my friends. Achi also isn’t herself when this kind of stuff happens. She doesn’t smile… I missed her smile.

Her smile was just beautiful and wonderful, and it made her look cute. Well, cuter than she already is. Okay, I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now. We had to go to Lavender’s house.

I then picked Achi up and flew off towards the house. I’d helped Achi get her Ultimate Crystal, but she still needed training to use the power. She was powerless. Thank goodness she somehow survived the attack.

Soon we arrived at the house. I walked on over to the front door with Achikara and knocked. It opened almost immediately and we saw Saturo.

“He made it!” Achi then exclaimed. “Yay!”

“Yeah, I can go at light speed with Voltaic, of course we’d make it,” Saturo said. “You guys wanna come in?”

“Yeah, thanks.” I smiled at him as Achi and I walked on inside. “Where’s Lav?”

“She’s taking a shower right now,” Saturo replied. “She’ll be here later.” He looked around us, looking for someone. “Where are Saturn and Phoenix?”

“I put them in my Dad’s realm, in a safe place,” I said. “They can’t be tracked there.”

“Oh, smart,” Saturo said. “Well, you guys can use the guest room.”

“Thanks…!” Achi beamed. There’s that smile. Seeing her smile made me smile. If Achi was talking, that meant she felt comfortable around Saturo. Well, she wasn’t talking a lot. She’s starting to feel more comfortable around Saturo.

“No problem!” Saturo smiled back at her.

Achikara was still smiling as she stood there.

“Anyway, Saturo,” I then said, getting to the important business. “We should tell my Dad and Elec what happened.”

“I tried.” Saturo sighed. “Elec is busy. Elemental Master business.”

“Oh, well…” I thought about what to do. “We’ll just have to hang in there. We left before the EFAI got there, so they don’t know about the people around Saturn and Phoenix. We should be safe. But stay careful just in case.”

“Arada is still missing though,” Saturo said the unfortunate truth.

“We don’t know where she is so… we have to hang in there in the meantime,” I said.

“Right.” Saturo nodded. He looked over at a hallway. This house was decently large since it was for a while family. “Make yourselves comfortable and at home! I gotta take a shower too.”

“Alright,” I said. Saturo got up and walked away.

Achi looked around the house. I’ve been here before, but this was her first time. She then looked over at me.

“Our room will be over here,” I said, as I got up. I led her through the hallway to the guest room. It was a nice, normal sized room. Not bad. It would do just fine for us. “Hey Achi, I’m gonna go real quick. I left Draco on Featherros, I gotta go pick him up.”

“Okay! Fine with me.”

Alright, works with me. Now I would head over to Featherros to pick Draco up. Hopefully nothing bad happens while I do that.







to be continued in the next chapter.... 

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