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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 9)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Seven: (Chapter 9)

Posted February 19th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 9: Mehrunes


“So, are we gonna go to this hotel or not?” Broshi questioned.

“Duh,” I replied.

“Well, where is it?” Broshi looked around. “All I see is more people and towers and more dumb people.”

“It’s on like the other side of town,” I replied.

“Then why are we taking so long to get to it!?” Broshi exclaimed.

“Because Locke is slow.” I smirked.

“Oh yeah, you’re right.” Broshi snickered, looking down at Locke. “He’s also short.”

Locke just simply rolled his eyes and grunted.

“At least you’re not weak, Locke,” Broshi said, patting him on the head. “But you’re still not the strongest. That guy is the strongest.” Looking back, I saw Broshi was referring to his reflection.

“Untrue,” I replied.

“What, you challenge the strongest?” Broshi asked, cracking his knuckles.

“Nah I don’t wanna challenge Hematite,” I replied with a smirk.

“Yo!” Suddenly a portal appeared in front of us and quickly disappeared. Hematite appeared, holding Teleyon and Saio, just as I had mentioned him. “I heard the word ‘strongest’.”

“This is Broshi. He said it,” I said, pointing back at Broshi.

Hematite looked back at Broshi. He was slightly taller than him, so Broshi had to look up.

“What? This punk is the strongest?” Broshi laughed.

“Nah, I’m not the strongest,” Hematite replied. “I challenge the strongest though. Done it many times.”

“So you challenge me,” Broshi said.

“Heck yeah if you’re the strongest!” Hematite exclaimed. “Except not here, later. Right now, I brought these two, Teleyon and Saio. Sokanon and Zephyr never found them.”

“Zephyr is a DRAGON how did you not find him?” I asked.

“Oh shoot, so the dragon was Zephyr?” Hematite’s eyes widened. “I thought it was a person or something. Well, then, they got Zephyr.”

“How do you not tell someone that they have to look for a dragon?” Locke asked me.

“I thought he knew. Whatever. What about Sokanon?” I asked.

“I didn’t find Sokanon. Perhaps they took her too,” Hematite answered.

“I hope not. She was protective of Saio, if she’s still out there they’ll come looking,” I said. “Thanks for helping at any rate.”

“No problem,” Hematite said. “It wasn’t really hard. Though, the dude from the EFAI was weird. He wasn’t fighting me, he was just trying to get past me.”

“That’s because they’re not allowed to fight. Especially since this is Ertin. They’re not allowed to, idiot,” Broshi said.

“This is, again, Broshi and Locke. They’re also mutants,” I said.

“From the EFAI?” Hematite questioned, looking at them.

“Yes, from the EFAI,” Broshi said.

“You do look exactly like Draco though.” Hematite pointed out, looking down at Broshi.

“No duh, he’s my twin brother. But he’s the weaker one.”

“So you’re stronger? You should battle me sometime.” Hematite grinned.

“I will.” Broshi smirked. “And you’ll be the one that will lose.”

“I look forward to it then,” Hematite said with a grin.

“Idiot, why would you look forward to losing!?” Broshi yelled.

“Losing makes you stronger,” Hematite said. “Though, you don’t look that strong. The ripped clothing makes you look more intimidating, but you gotta work out man. Draco at least has abs, you’ve got nothing.”

“The frick is abs?” Broshi asked.

“It’s a muscle. And if you have strong abs and a six-pack, it means you’re fit,” Hematite explained. “Which in some cases means stronger.”

“Watch me get them then,” Broshi said.

“Good luck then.” Hematite grinned. He then turned to me. “Meanwhile, you wanna take these two? They seem to be passed out or in a coma or something. They’ll wake up eventually.”

“Carrying around knocked out people is not suspicious at all. Sure give em here.”

Hematite laughed as he handed them over. “It’ll be fine, people aren’t that nosey here. Or at least I think so. Good luck either way.”

“Thanks,” I said, with Saio and Tely slung over me.

“Are you good now? Cuz I gotta go have lunch,” Hematite then said.

“Yeah we’re good.”

“Cya then!” Hematite then disappeared into another portal. Those portals just popped up out of nowhere.

I just moved on and kept walking. Broshi, Locke, and Listy followed behind. We just kinda walked through towards the hotel. Soon we arrived at the hotel.

“Well here we are,” I said.

As the others looked at the hotel, my phone rang. I looked and saw it was Draco calling.

“Emaghrd,” I said, picking up. “Hello?”

“Hello Meh,” he replied.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Just wanted to tell you that we’re on our way to see if Broshi wants to train with me under a master,” Draco said.

“Wait what?” I asked.

“Yeah there’s a master that wants to train me, and Ich and I want to know if Broshi wants to train with me because Ich said he’d be a good training partner,” Draco said.

“Right. Why do I care?” I asked.

“Because it would mean you don’t have to deal with him,” Draco said bluntly.

“I also don’t have to deal with your dragon but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing,” I replied, equally bluntly.

“Fine then, don’t tell him,” Draco said before hanging up, sounding a bit peeved.

“What was that?” Broshi asked from behind. “Were you talking to my brother?”

“Yeah and he wants to know if you wanna train with him under the same master,” I replied.

“Hmm, alright,” Broshi said, before he thought to himself. “When and where?”

“Dunno,” I replied, “he hung up.”

“Wait, he’s coming… I sense him.” Broshi looked up at the sky. “Yeah he be coming here.” Then a cloud appeared in the sky, and it quickly came down to us. On it were Ich, Draco, and Fucia. “OI DRACO! YOU GOING TRAININ? WHEN AND WHERE, CUZ I AIN’T GONNA LET YOU SURPASS ME!”

“Light Planet and right now if you don’t get on the cloud,” Draco replied.

“SCREW Y'ALL, I’M GOIN TRAINING!” Broshi hopped onto the cloud with them.

“You have fun with that,” Locke said, still on the ground next to me and Listy.

“See ya later then, Locke.” Broshi waved as the cloud began to rise again.

“See ya,” Locke said.

Then they were off.

I shrugged. It didn’t matter either way to me.

? Draco ?

We now had Broshi.

“Alright, now to go to the Light Planet,” I said.

“Yep.” Ich nodded. “Then I’ll drop you off and head back to Lav’s house. We don’t have to worry about the EFAI for awhile.”

“Good to know,” I said looking back at Broshi.

He was sitting down criss crossed with his arms crossed. “He’s right though. The EFAI won’t try anything if Saturn weako and his sister aren’t around.”

“So how long should it take for us to get to the Light Planet?” Fucia asked.

“We’re already there. It’s in the same system so it’s not that long,” Ich said, as the Light Planet appeared in front of us.

“Oh good, now we just need to land near Lux City and Eyujin should show up. That’s what he told me,” I said.

“Well then I’ll just drop you off… You find the city yourselves cuz I haven’t been there,” Ich said, as we descended into the Light Planet.

“Fair enough,” I said before using my phones GPS and looking up where Lux City was.

Our cloud came down into a city, which was glowing. Broshi got off the cloud, and so did Fucia and I.

“Good luck! Cya later!” Ich said as the cloud began to rise again.

“Bye!” I said as me and Fucia waved. Broshi still had his arms crossed.

My screen lit up with a dot a few dozen miles away with an arrow pointing to it. It was the coordinates of the entrance to Lux City.

“Alright let’s get moving,” I said, beginning to walk in the direction of the dot with Fucia following behind me. It was miles away from where we were, so we should run or fly or something. Since this was the Light Planet, powers were allowed as long as they didn’t disturb anyone.

I looked behind me to make sure Broshi was also following before me and Fucia fly/run to Lux City. He was following us, with his hands in his pocket.

Knowing this, I then activated my speed technique while Fucia created her wings on her back before we began traveling to Lux City at high speed, making sure not to hit anything.

“Your wings suck,” Broshi commented towards Fucia, as he was right behind us with his black wings that came out of his back.

Fucia just ignored him.

“Seriously though, they’re not even real,” Broshi continued talking. “Fake wings.”

“And that matters why?” I asked.

“Mine are obviously better,” He answered. “Since they’re real.”

“And how is them being real make them better?” I asked.

“Cuz then they’re not fake. Duh,” He replied.

“That’s a stupid argument,” I said coldly as we kept moving. “Doesn’t even prove or disprove anything. Except for you and your misunderstanding of what those words even mean.”

“It doesn’t have to prove anything. Mine are better, period,” He said.

“Sure,” Fucia said.

“See, she even agrees.” Broshi grinned.

I simply mentally shook my head at my brothers utter lack of understanding sarcasm. Whatever lets him stay in his glass house I guess.

“So, who we training with?” Broshi asked.

“You wouldn’t know who they are anyway, you’d just learn their name,” I said.

“Still would be useful,” Broshi said back.

“Whatever, his name is Eyujin,” I said.

“Eyujin? What kind of name is Eyujin?” Broshi questioned. “Sounds lame.”

“And yours is somehow better?” I questioned back.

“The name Broshi is alright. If I could change my name, I would change it to something better,” Broshi replied. “Oh, and by the way I think we’re arriving now. Check your device.”

I looked down to see we were close to the dot and could see a city ahead of us. It wasn’t big and crowded like Bright City, Lux City was more calm.

“So where do we go now then?” Broshi asked, as we stopped moving and stood there.

“Ah, I see you’ve arrived!” Suddenly Eyujin appeared in front of us. “Welcome to Lux City, Draco! I see you’ve also brought friends.” He looked over at Broshi and Fucia.

“Yeah, this is my twin Broshi and my girlfriend Fucia. Me and my friends thought it’d be a good idea for me to bring them along to help with my training.” I nodded before introducing them.

“It certainly would.” Eyujin smiled. “Follow me! We’ll be heading to campus so stay near me.”

“Okay!” I nodded as we followed behind him.

Broshi then looked at Fucia and then at me in confusion, as we followed Eyujin. “Uhh Draco?” He looked over at me. “What is a girlfriend?”

“Hmm… how to explain it, well a girlfriend or a boyfriend in some cases, is basically someone you’ve grown close to and treat almost like a family member. They’re more then a friend. Which means that in a case like mine, I see Fucia different from say, Ich or Saturo,” I explained.

“Oh, since she’s weaker than them?” Broshi titled his head, looking at Fucia.

“Well no, that’s not what I meant. What I meant is that Saturo and Ich are my friends who are important to me yes, but Fucia is more important since she’s my girlfriend,” I tried to explain as Fucia simply laughed at my struggle to explain to Broshi.

“It’s a special relationship between two people that are of opposite gender,” Eyujin said.

“Or sometimes the same gender in certain circumstances,” I commented.

“And if it does well, it results in marriage between the two.” Eyujin looked back at me. “In the certain circumstances when one does not have a gender. There are some species out there that do not have genders. Humans do, and most aliens do as well.”

“Of course, the process of events to having a girlfriend/boyfriend is complicated. And hard to explain,” I said. “At least meaningfully.”

“Sounds stupid,” Broshi grumbled.

“*SIGH* Course it does to you,” I sighed before I just focused on walking.

“Well you see Broshi, species would die out if there was no way to reproduce. The process of reproduction is where the girlfriend/boyfriend part comes in, after marriage as well.” Eyujin decided to explain to Broshi. “They also have to love each other. It’s not a simple process.”

Love? Pfft.” Broshi shook his head.

“Trust me he doesn’t know or understand what that is yet,” I commented to Eyujin. “I’ll have to try and teach him it another time.”

“He seems different, yes. He’ll learn,” Eyujin said, as we continued to walk. “So Broshi, what is it you like then?”

“Fighting,” Broshi replied. “Beating people up. For good reason otherwise it just bores me.”

“Aerthians like us usually develop their brasher fight desiering tendances around our age. Granted, our culture usually cultivates it sooner,” I said. “I’m an exception since I wasn’t exposed to as much of our culture due to… family preferences. Really I’ve only been excited for fights ever since I turned 16.”

“Ah I see.” Eyujin nodded. We were now in what seemed to be the campus, since there were a bunch of people around carrying books and stuff. There were buildings around too. Not all of them were glowing, which seemed to be because they weren’t made out of materials from the Light Planet.

“You know. Normal buildings look weird when everything else is glowing. Makes it look a tad odd compared to everything else,” I commented.

“Yes, indeed,” Eyujin replied with a smile. “Anyway, we’ll be heading into the training room. Right this way!” He led us to a building, and took us inside. It was sort of like a gym.

There were two people inside sparring against each other. They moved fast and looked experienced, like they knew exactly what they were doing.

“May I use the training room for a bit?” Eyujin asked aloud.

“Sure thing, Eyujin.” They picked up some towels and wiped their sweat as they walked by us, smiling at us at the same time.

Now it was just us in this big training room. It wasn’t like the one that we had at our facility. It looked better, it wasn’t just dirt and walls. The walls and the ground had a nice pattern on them.

“Now,” Eyujin walked over to the middle of the room before turning his body to face us. “Shall we begin?”

I then simply smiled before setting my backpack down next to the wall before walking out to the center of the room.

“Draco’ll go first,” Eyujin said to Fucia and Broshi. “Then you guys can go. I gotta start by testing you all individually.”

“Kay,” Broshi said. He sat at the wall, leaning against. Fucia sat down beside him, looking at me, she just gave me a thumbs up when I looked at her. They were gonna watch.

I faced towards Eyujin and got into a fighting stance, thinking of what my first move should be.

We just stood there for a bit, I was waiting to see if he’d make a move.

“Come on,” Eyujin said, his arms wide. “Show me what you’ve got. You’re on attack mode here.”

I simply took a deep breath in and out to focus before I launched my first flurry of kicks and strikes at him. Of course I was in base form so I don’t have high hopes of these connecting but it’ll help me gauge Eyujin a little. Course my disadvantage here is that he was watching the tournament so he’s seen a lot of my moves.

Eyujin had blocked all of my strikes. “Not bad, but not good enough for Ultimate standards.”

“Yeah, you're right,” I said before absorbing Plasmus and activating my three techniques before sending out hundreds of more punches and kicks all aimed at different points of the body. I could start to feel the ground shake a little now from the energy output.

“Much better.” Eyujin grinned as he blocked the blows. “Your main power is plasma, isn’t that right?”

“It is,” I said s I kept throwing kicks and punches and Eyujin kept blocking. “Lemme guess, you want me to show you a bit?”

“Yes. Use them,” Eyujin nodded.

“Alright then,” I said as I then shot out a flurry of fast plasma spheres out of my hands at Eyujin point blank.

Eyujin had just taken the hits and wasn’t damaged. “How do you generate plasma? Do you know?”

“By heating up the air?” I replied, confused by the sudden stop in the fight. “I mean it’s the fourth state of matter. So it’s made via temperature.”

“Right, you’ve got that part down.” Eyujin nodded. “Do you know how to control the plasma?”

“Well I can make it into certain formations and shapes. And I can wrap it around my body,” I said.

“So you’ve got that down too.” Eyujin scratched his chin. “Then do you know how to… hmm… what do you want to know?”

“Well I mean, I can only make it in between my hands mostly. Is there something I can do about that?”

“Ah! Yes! You know the way you make plasma already, since you do it with your hands. And how do your hands feel when you make plasma?” Eyujin asked.

“Hot. And tingly. Because to make the plasma I have to use electricity to heat up the air by running it out of my palms and fingertips,” I said.

“Same with any other body part! You just have to focus your energy and you can make plasma. Though, it would be harder to shoot it since some parts don’t have much aim…” Eyujin said.

“Okay… but what do I do in case I can’t move my body for example? Is it possible for me to like… make plasma that isn’t near me?” I asked.

“That’s some advanced techniques. You won’t be able to do it at your current level,” Eyujin said, looking at me seriously.

“Well at least I know it’s possible,” I said. “Anyway, now what do you want to see me do? One of my other techniques or forms or something?”

“Show me your full power,” Eyujin said.

“So you want the absolute most I can do?” I asked.

“Yes. I’ve got to know what your limits are so that we can work to increase it,” Eyujin answered with a nod.

“Alright. Well, you won’t be able to see it for very long. I can only handle it for about ten seconds,” I said before making a sphere of plasma in my hands before shooting it upwards. I then activated Double Draco Eye. I then stretched one arm upwards towards the ceiling.

I took in a deep breath.

“SPARKING SPIRIT TIMES FIFTY!” I yelled before the sphere came back down and was absorbed into my body. I noticed that the cyan streaks along my jacket began to shoot out white flames like they did a few days ago.

What happened next was a giant bright flash of red energy and light that filled the room, shaking it violently.

“Tch…” I growled as I strained to maintain the energy and power I had just received.

“Good. Now attack.” Eyujin motioned his hand towards him, telling me to attack.

I only had about ten seconds.

“RAAAAGH!” I screamed as I rushed towards him and blinding speed sending out thousands of blows and hundred of plasma shots and medium sized beams. I had around five seconds now. Best give it my most powerful shot. I was going so fast it was like time slowed down.

“NO-VA-NI-HI-LA-TOR! I yelled as I then fired a massive beam of red plasma point blank at Eyujin.

Eyujin had blocked it with a plasma beam of his own, the clash felt like it was gonna tear everything apart. “Wonderful! You’re not a beginner at all, you have great potential!”

That was great to hear, but right now I had to get rid of all of this energy.

“RAAAAAAAAARGH!” I practically roared as my red aura was amplified by the Wrath technique and I pushed all of the energy into the blast. I was gonna be so tired and sore after this. The Sparking Spirit just is so straining. Granted that is its cost for it's multiply boosts in power it gives me. That and I’ve only been practicing with it the past few weeks. Before that the last time I used it was against Broshi. And even then it was only like a times three.

Eyujin suddenly disappeared and my blast won over. Eyujin was behind me, and he suddenly smacked the back of my neck, causing me to fall. Granted I was already gonna collapse. But that sped it up a bit.

“Ugh…” I groaned as I was collapsed on the floor, my muscles felt like they were contracting and expanding uncontrollably, I couldn’t move one bit.

“And to think that while this only temporarily paralyzes me, that one transformation knocks me out cold. I’m so far from reaching that,” I thought.

“You’re quite proficient already,” Eyujin said, floating down to the ground beside be.

“Th-thanks…” I muttered, I wasn’t gonna be able to fight for a while, even after being healed by Fucia. I’d basically shot out all of today’s power out of me.

“Alright, I think I know what we’ll work on,” Eyujin then said.

“Good… to know…” I said. “Little help? I can’t move…”

“Get back up! What’s the matter?” Eyujin asked.

“I have basically just pushed my body nearly to the point of destroying itself… My muscles can’t even move by my command anymore their just… ‘pulsating’ wildly…” I groaned.

“Ah. Then what we’ll work on once you’re better is making your body stronger.” Eyujin smiled. “Fucia, you may assist him.”

Fucia then walked over and helped me up and took me next to the wall where my backpack was before healing me. Every part of my body ached and stung. It was like a hundred times worse than the strain Sparkin Spirit times twenty does. That’s why I didn’t use it in the tournament. I’d be too tired to go on even if I did win.

“Now, then, Broshi, let’s see what you’ve got,” Eyujin said, looking over at Broshi.

Broshi smirked. “Gladly. Just so you know, I’m stronger than Draco.”

“You’ll have to show me.” Eyujin smiled.

“Oh I will.” Broshi approached Eyujin.





to be continued in the next chapter....

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